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  • Neotropolis! (Builds and Setting)

    Neotropolis, the city of the Future! I'm having fun having a Science! neo-Silver age campaign setting and working to branch it out in different directions. I'm a big believer in working with players to make the best games that we can and I've been very lucky so far.

    Dexter Lancaster, Samaritan, played by kenmadragon
    Detective Chris Everette, played by Evolucion (image only)
    Kate Ory, Celestial, played by CaptainChaos
    Marie Wagner, Shadowwalker, played by Psistrike
    Martin Stevenson, ANUBIS, played by BuckeyeFan
    Xian Wu Long/ Jimmy Woo, played by kenmadragon
    Shu Jin Zhiang/ Bin Zhiang, played by flynnarrel
    Quiet Sister pan Shan-lee/ Mei Liu, played by TheClassDunce
    Wen Zhou/ Jessica Zhou, played by CaptainChaos
    Gao Lao/Shaun Lao Michaelson, played by Gnalthor
    Tao/John, played by catsi563

    Retired PCs:
    Thomas Burge, The Shrike, played by IronEden
    Grant Summers, Hardlight, played by Weyrd
    Emma Charlotte Lasher, E-Lass, played by Batgirl III
    Jiao Long, Dragon's Breath, played by Praetorian Guard (also lots of information for wuxai setting)
    Cindy Cormick, Gizmo Girl, played by Psistrike
    CADIE, played by Hound

    Important NPCs:
    Ariel Dukes
    Doctor Primen
    Golden Phoenix (THE Chinese restaurant in town)

    Glimpse of Tomorrow
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    Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

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      Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

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        Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

        Name: Thomas Burge
        Alias: The Shrike
        Role: Rogue/Crowd Control

        Thomas Burge, better known in his own circles as "The Shrike," is a boisterous, hard-fighting cyborg that hunts bounties to help pay for the staggering student debt of his childhood best friend, the illustrious biomedical genius, Puja Patel. While he himself dropped out of community college in his first year, he was thrilled to see Puja accepted into the prestigious Neotropolis Institute of Technology. Thrilled, that is, until he learned about the breathtakingly huge tuition loans her family had borrowed from criminal loansharks.

        It's funny how quickly things escalated after that. Thomas was already a bail hunter with a bit of money, but he wasn't talented enough to go after the really big bounties that could help his friend. And so he pitched the idea of bodily enhancement to Puja, and what started as a few simple modifications blossomed into a cycle of full-body reconstruction. The more bounties he collected, the more bits of him got shot off, the more machinery Puja needed to plug up the holes. These days you can't throw a dart at Tom without hitting something made of metal, and when you work with your hands, having two spines can come in handy.

        Fortunately, Thomas doesn't regret his decision to become so heavily modified. He leads a fast-paced, exhilarating life where he gets to punch people's lights out, and his best friend is well on her way to becoming a wildly successful inventor. While being a high-profile cyborg with one of the world's most dangerous professions can be daunting, Thomas wouldn't give it up for the world.


        Abilities -40pp
        STR 4 (+1 Enhanced)
        DEX 5 (+1 Enhanced)
        AGI 3
        STA 3
        FGT 3
        INT 2
        AWE 2
        PRE 0

        Defenses (6pp)
        3+ 3 = 6 Fortitude
        2 + 3 = 5 Will
        3 (+3 Power) = 6 Dodge
        3 (+3 Power) = 6 Parry
        3 (+5 Power) = 8 Toughness Impervious 5

        Unarmed: +3
        Ranged: +5
        Guns: +7

        Skills (16PP)

        2 Athletics (+6)
        2 Acrobatics (+5)
        4 Stealth (+7)
        4 Investigation (+6)
        4 Perception (+6)
        4 Insight (+6)
        2 Sleight of Hand (+7)
        3 Technology (+5)
        4 Persuasion (+4)
        3 Vehicles (+8)
        Ranged Combat: Guns +2

        Advantages: (10PP)
        Connected (Lowlife)
        Equipment 6 (30 EP)
        Benefit: Wealth 1
        Precise Attack (Ranged, Cover) 1
        Language (Hindi)


        Augmented Body (22PP) - Thomas' enhanced musculature grants him a number of physical advantages, such as immunity to small arms.
        Enhanced Strength 1, Enhanced Dexterity 1,Impervious Toughness 5, Enhanced Parry 3, Enhanced Dodge 3, Speed 2

        Enhanced Imaging (4PP) - Thomas' eyes have been modified with heat-tracking scanners and night-vision augmentations.
        Senses 4 (Tracking Infravision, Darkvision)

        Integrated Tools (7PP) - These tools, cached in Thomas' body, keep him out of tight situations. These are not alternate effects.
        Grappling Hook[3pp] - Elongation 4 (Limited to grappling hook, requires attack check to use) linked to movement (swinging) 1
        Cutting Torch [3pp]: Damage 1, Penetrating 1, Weaken (Toughness) 1
        Integrated Toolset (1pp) Feature: Enhanced Advantage (Improvised Tools)

        Arc Cannon, Easily Removable (25-10PP = 15PP) - Thomas' favorite weapon for bounty hunting, the Arc Cannon fires charged slugs that electrocute its targets.
        Stun Cannon[24] – Ranged Cumulative Affliction (Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitate) 8
        AE 1: Shock Cannon [24] – Ranged Damage 6, Penetrating 6 (versus conducting), Multiattack

        Equipment List:
        Utility Belt [22 EP]
        GPS [1 EP]
        Concealable Microphone [1EP]
        Mini-tracer [1EP]
        Handcuffs [1EP]
        Lock Release Gun [1EP]
        Camera [1EP]
        Commlink [1EP]
        Gas Mask [1EP]

        Utility Belt Details [22 EP]

        Tear Gas Pellets: Ranged Cloud Area Affliction 5(Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed and Vision Impaired, Stunned and Vision Disabled, Incapacitated) • 20 points.
        Sleep Gas Pellets: Ranged Cloud Area Sleep 5 (Resisted by Fortitude; Fatigued, Exhausted, Asleep). • 1 point.
        Smoke Pellets: Ranged Cloud Area Visual Concealment Attack • 1 point.


        Complicated Biology: Thomas' heavily modified biology makes him almost untreatable by non-specialist doctors. Most missions end with a trip to Puja for repair, as she is the only person who knows exactly how Thomas' biology works.

        Attached: Thomas' lifelong friendship with Puja Patel of the Neotropolis Institute of Technology is an important person in his life. He'd do anything (as evidenced) to help her out of a bind, and she's also one of the only people who knows Thomas from before his modifications.

        Wanted: Thomas' profession of kidnapping criminals and handing them over to the law has earned him a number of enemies.

        Extended Information

        Personality & Behavior

        Thomas is rowdy, friendly, and is incredibly into his job as a bounty hunter. He sees his exciting lifestyle as a sort of redemption for his childhood spent in the dour suburbs of Neotropolis, and a way to make up for his past academic failures. He is driven by the need to prove himself in light of this plain upbringing, and the resultant braggadocio makes Thomas appear larger-than-life, though it just as often gets him in way over his head. He loves people, and in a group he wants to be in the center of everything. Thomas is ruled by his feelings and by his personal connections, and while he thinks of himself as a fundamentally good person, he lacks a moral 'code' and thinks that friendship weighs more heavily than anything else. He legitimizes his profession by focusing primarily on dangerous criminals and by avoiding killing, but his lust for adventure makes him easy to talk into the wrong side of the law (see Marco, below).

        Notable NPCs

        Puja Patel: Puja is Thomas' lifelong friend, the two having met in elementary school and bonded over their mutual love of comic books and video games. She is a kind-hearted and brilliantly intelligent woman ruled by her imagination and insatiable curiosity. Like Thomas, her ambition tends to get her in over her head, as evidenced by her less than legal loan arrangements, but her wits and position keep her afloat. She is currently working on her doctorate degree at NIT, and wants to help develop medicines and robotic solutions that will advance the field of prosthetic science and human enhancement.
        Motivations: Doing Good/Recognition. Personality: Brave, trusting, social, empathetic, rational

        Ian Karlamov: Dr. Karlamov is a medical researcher at NIT, and he's short of a few scruples. He leases out his operating theater and medical supplies to Puja and Thomas in exchange for a cut of Thomas' bounties and prototypes of Puja's research. He goes out of his way to help the two, but nobody knows what he's using all of that money and technology for.
        Motivations: Unknown. Personality: Polite, discreet, shrewd, independent

        The Police: While not a single NPC, Thomas' relationship with the police is complicated at best. While he's a licensed bounty-hunter and takes on perfectly legal missions, his services aren't exclusive, and the police are forced to turn a blind eye to his underworld dealings, illegal operations, and propensity for collateral damage if they want to keep getting his bounties. He's been solicited to join the police force, so that the law can have more oversight over his actions, but Thomas always declines their offers.

        Notable Bounties

        Ogress: Ogress is an eight-foot-tall hulk of a super-mutant who, until recently, ran the car-jacking, drug-smuggling, street-racing gang known as "The Tribals." In a show of one-upsmanship, Thomas challenged her to a street-race, and, being totally outclassed, wound up lighting up her car with the Arc Cannon instead. Ogress survived the crash and was taken into police custody, but the explosive incident has soured Thomas' police relationship, and Ogress intends to continue running her gang from prison.
        Motivations: Power, pride, belonging. Personality: Temperamental, stubborn, clever, loyal Powers: Super-strength, super-size, hypnosis.

        Babel: This hacker extraordinaire is the reason that Thomas' body is no longer connected to the internet. Guilty of phishing, insurance fraud, and the leaking of confidential information, Babel finally earned himself a public bounty when he rerouted a shipment of nuclear missiles to North Korea by taking remote control of the high-tech, nearly autonomous, freighter that was carrying them. The shipment was interrupted by military intervention, and Thomas was able to track down Babel by claiming to seek 'upgrades.'
        Motivations: Superiority, games, narcissism Powers: Talented hacker. Possible 'machine control.'

        Marco: Thomas' most recent windfall didn't come in the form of a person at all, but in the form of an extremely rare Tibetan Mastiff, Marco. Thomas received a mysterious bid for the kidnapping of this dog, and the ensuing hunt had him breaking into the ninety-sixth floor of a Dubai mega-hotel. After subduing an army of private guards, he smuggled the dog to Greece, where he dodged customs and coast guards, and booked passage on a sketchy freighter back to Neotropolis. The whole job made Thomas a boatload of money, but he has no idea who the dog really belongs to, or who was insane enough to pay him to kidnap it.


        Kate Ory: While Shrike and Kate haven't formally met, Shrike keeps tabs of Kate's articles for a few reasons. One: to learn about new technologies he might want added to his body, and two: because new technologies tend to mean new villains. He holds her in high esteem, and has already prepared interviews for the day when his cyborg body breaks the news.

        Celestial: Shrike has been working hard to uncover the whereabouts of Armageddon, the supervillain who appeared around the same time as Celestial. While he hasn't made much progress yet, he's made a connection between the similarity in power and scheduling of the two supers, and he's trying to hunt down Celestial for more leads.

        Jiao Long: The first meeting between Jiao Long and Shrike was explosive, to say the least. When Shrike was mistaken for a cybernetic assassin in the vein the Steel Serpent, Jia-li, the Golden Phoenix restaurant where the two found each other soon erupted into a table-flipping brawl. The fight continued until, after being accused of being an agent of Dr. Sing, Shrike revealed that he had really arrived to investigate that very doctor in an effort to capture one of his lieutenants.

        Quan Wei: Shrike has an agreement with Quan Wei. He keeps his hands off any people that work with the Golden Phoenix, 'encourages' his colleagues to do the same, and in exchange receives a reliable ear into the underworld of Neotropolis. Criminals are fast to turn on bounty hunters, so establishing the restaurant as safe ground has been a godsend.

        Grant: Shrike only knows Grant as the delivery boy for the Golden Phoenix who has a bizarre bounty on his head. Shrike isn't interested in collecting, and Quan Wei even encourages him to keep an eye for Grant's safety, but this hasn't stopped Shrike from trying to crack the mystery of why a small-time delivery boy is wanted so badly.
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          Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)


          Abilities: 60
          Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 4, Intellect 2, Awareness 1, Presence 1

          Skills: 9
          Close Combat: Unarmed 2 (+6), Insight 4 (+5), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 4 (+5), Ranged Combat: Throwing 6 (+6)

          Advantages: 5
          All-Out Attack, Eidetic Memory, Interpose, Power Attack, Withstand Damage

          Powers: 40
          Powers And Abilities Far Beyond Those of Mortal Men
          Supersonic: Flight 9
          . . AE: Super Speed: Speed 9, Quickness 9
          Super Strength: Power Lifting 2
          Invulnerable: Impervious Toughness 10, Immunity 7 (All Environmental, All Suffocation), Immunity 2 (Disease, Poison) [flaws: Half Effect]
          Superior Senses (AE of Strength Damage): Senses 8 (See Notes); Immunity 2 (Own Slam Damage) [flaws: Half Effect; feats: Accurate]

          Defenses: 11
          Toughness 10, Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 10, Will 6

          Abilities 60 + Skills 9 + Advantages 5 + Powers 40 + Defenses 11 = 125

          Motivation - Do the Right Thing He's a Paragon. And as a hero, he sorta has a standard to uphold. You know, doing the right thing, being a model citizen and all that. Sure, it's his hero-identity that needs to do it, but Dexter feels the need to be good when he's just plain old Dexter too.
          Secret Identity The hero known as "The Samaritan" is in truth the new college freshman, Dexter Lancaster.
          Relationships: There are a bunch of them...
          Damn Clark Kent Effect For some reason, Dexter's is protected by a Clark Kent effect. While this is good in some cases, unfortunately, he has no control over the Clark Kent effect. Any effort of Dexter's to reveal his identity to another person results in tongue-tying (people seem to hear something else) or some manner of Cassandra's Curse. Dexter doesn't know how to get around this, which is annoying because he can't even ask for help because of his super-hero-ing.
          Like a God The power in Dexter is unimaginable. Incalculable. Many have attempted to "understand" him, yet find that his existence defies all understandings of the world. And in this world, his abilities make him superhuman. He isn't cybernetically enhanced. No external energy source powering him. He isn't sorcerous. But he is... like a god. Men weren't meant to ride with clouds between their knees. So much power... for so young a man. And his powers are growing. One shudders to think what he might be capable of in the future.

          Build Notes:
          Superior Senses
          Super Hearing: Senses 3 (Extended Auditory 2, Ultra-Hearing)
          Multispectral Sight: Senses 4 (Extended Visual 2, Infravision, Ultra-vision)
          . . AE: Microscopic Vision: Senses 4 (Analytical Microscopic Vision 3)

          Dexter isn't like most superheroes. He was always a little... different. Sure, he was a normal kid growing up. A little above average brains. Pretty quick on the uptake. Didn't really impress anyone though. In a city that was filled with burgeoning geniuses and known for it's intellectuals and technological/scientific giants, Dexter was only a bit above average. And that was his childhood.

          Things didn't really get weird until he began breaking things as puberty hit. People kept telling Dexter he didn't know his own strength - and he really didn't. Doors always slammed too loudly, glass broke if he held it tight, he cracked the floor when doing pushups, etc. Things only escalated from there.

          He soon found that he didn't feel pain as much anymore. The doctors were very confused when he began to refuse needle injections (he didn't want them to see the needles bending at the touch of his skin) and that he didn't feel pain when handling broken glass - heck, it never even broke the skin. Didn't take long before he soon began to fly. Boy, was that weird. Still, made high-school a lot more fun.

          As most would do, Dexter sought answers. His parents had none. For one, he couldn't come outright to tell them he seemed to have super-powers. It was weird. Every time he told them he had powers, they seemed to be hearing something else, something mundane. Incredibly frustrating didn't begin to cover his feelings. He tried to do some digging. What with the modern level of technology, one wouldn't think it too hard to figure out.

          Unfortunately, Dexter couldn't figure out why. Sure, a bunch of heroes (and villains) seemed to have powers very similar to his. But they were either experiments or exposed to some special catalyst, or used technology or something. Dexter wasn't experimented on to his knowledge, nor was he exposed to a catalyst, nor was he skilled enough to use technology to give him super-powers (or simulate having them).

          Unsure of what to do with a lack of an origin, Dexter just figured it must be some manner of cosmic mishap. Who knows if there was a God, but if there was a God, it looked like God had just given him these gifts without asking or even offering a peek at the instruction manual. But to the young man, that didn't really matter. What mattered to Dexter was the present. And if bulllets bounced off his skin and he could life cars with his bare hands, and he could Fly? Well, maybe he should use those gifts. Become a hero to those in need. Save people who need saving.

          Be a Good Samaritan.

          Relationships Expanded

          Dexter's parents - Kenneth and Linda - are quite a pair. A seemingly normal couple, Kenny works as a professional consultant and private contractor for a wide variety of major science and technology companies. His scientific eccentricities ensured Dexter his name, and led to their move to Neotropolis - as well as Dexter's enrollment in University near the technological city. Linda is an apparently average housewife who holds one of the best bake sales in the neighborhood, and maintains her life as a blogger and novel writer as she manages her family. Dexter is the oldest child of four, his two little sisters and one brother encouraged to look up to him by their parents. While Dexter would rather not be their role model (just in case he messes up or does something wrong), they are still close to him. June is the elder of the sisters, and quite the intelligent kid with dreams of being a doctor. Madeleine is the younger sister who happens to like the spotlight. Timothy is the youngest child and a budding scientist. Kenneth Lancaster could not be prouder of his "inquisitive" son though he does try to hide his disaproval of Dexter for lacking his scientific drive.

          Kenneth and Linda Lancaster have their secrets as well, secrets in their past that they haven't spoken of since their children were born.

          Charles Renoir is Dexter's good friend and the scientific friend that Dexter's father always liked. Charles is at the same University as Dexter, and the two live on the same dorm room floor, though they aren't roommates. Charles is a skilled engineer, but has the unfortunate habit of shirking his studies in favor of seeking out heroes and similar.

          Dexter's roommate is Michael Bauf, a young actuarial sciences student minoring in linguistics at the University. His relationship with Dexter has been cursory so far: they don't really know each other well, but are amicable nevertheless.

          Priscilla Standish is a spunky (and self-proclaimed "adorable") young student at the University who has caught Michael's eye. She hangs out around Dexter and Michael's room sometimes, and though she and Michael haven't known each other too long, they joke around like they're old friends. And while Michael is interested in Priscilla, it's unsure whether the young woman returns the feelings - at least, as far as Dexter can tell.

          Originally posted by Original Build
          Abilities: 56
          Strength 10, Stamina 10, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 2, Intellect 2, Awareness 1, Presence 1

          Skills: 10
          Close Combat: Unarmed 4 (+6), Insight 4 (+5), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 4 (+5), Ranged Combat: Throwing 6 (+6)

          Advantages: 4
          All-Out Attack, Eidetic Memory, Interpose, Power Attack

          Powers: 37
          Supersonic: Flight 9
          . . Super Speed: Speed 9, Quickness 9
          Bullet-proof: Impervious Toughness 10
          Space-worthy: Immunity 7 (All Environmental, All Suffocation)
          Fast Healer: Regeneration 1

          Defenses: 13
          Toughness 10, Dodge 6, Parry 6, Fortitude 10, Will 6
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            Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

            PL 8 120/120pp

            Gender: Male
            Height: 5'9"
            Age: 28

            Abilities: (22pp)
            Str: 0
            Sta: 1
            Dex: 3
            Agl: 2
            Fgt: 1
            Int: 0
            Awe: 2
            Pre: 2

            Combat: (26pp)
            Dodge: 2 + 6 = 8
            Parry: 1 + 7 = 8
            Fort: 1 + 8 = 9
            Will: 2 + 5 = 7
            Tough: 1 + 7 = 8

            Unarmed: +2
            Hard-light Weapons: +8
            Ranged: +6
            Hard-light Thrown: +8

            Skills: (23pp)
            Acrobatics: 1 (+3)
            Athletics: 4 (+4)
            Close Combat (Hard-light weapons): 5 (+6)
            Deception: 5 (+7)
            Expertise(Streetwise): 6 (+6)
            Insight: 3 (+5)
            Perception: 4 (+6)
            Persuasion: 2 (+4)
            Ranged Combat (Hard-light Thrown): 2 (+5)
            Sleight of Hand: 4 (+7)
            Stealth: 3 (+6)
            Technology: 7 (+7)

            Advantages: (7pp)
            Close Attack 2
            Ranged Attack 3

            Powers: 42pp

            Hard-light Holographic Projectors composed of self-replicating Nanobots controlled by sub-dermal telepathic relay:
            Hard-light Holograms: Create 8 (Extras: Movable, Precise, Stationary, Subtle) (3pp/rank + 2) (26pp)
            -AP: Holograms: Illusion (Visual) 8 (Extra: Independent) (1pp)
            -AP: Holographic Streaming: Remote Sense (Visual) 8 (Extra: Simultaneous) (1pp)
            -AP: Hard-light Weapons: Damage 8 (Reach) (1pp)

            Flight 5 (Flaw: Platform) (5pp)
            Sustained Protection 7 (7pp)
            Feature: Quick Change (1pp)

            Enemy - The Black Syndicate: The criminal organization Grant betrayed. They are not happen with him.
            Identity - Grant and Hardlight are 2 different people.
            Motivation: Doing Good - Rules and regulations don't really matter, just doing what is right and helping those who need it.
            Secret - Stolen Tech: Hardlight's powers come from stolen tech, a fact that could cause him trouble if said corporation discovered it's use and could prove the connection.


            Grant Summers has always held the belief that the "haves" have a responsibility to help the "have nots." Some may argue this is because he has been an member of the "have nots" for most all his life, but he ignores those people. As an orphan, living in an over-crowded and struggling orphanage, he was witness to many instances where the well off turned a blind eye to the suffering of others. He felt that it was his calling, his duty even, to help the rich (karmicly speaking) help those less fortunate. A restaurant owner shoos some hungry kids away from his establishment, Grant would "procure" a meal for them from the restaurant's kitchens. A real-estate mogul evicts dozens of poor tenets, Grant would fence one of the mogul's priceless pieces of art for him to help finance the tenets' move.

            Of course if your actions continually skirt what is considered "legal" you eventually wind up with the wrong crowd. Grant was approached by some, to be honest, less than reputable looking men to ask for assistance in breaking into a private research firm. Grant was not one to judge on appearance (at least of the less fortunate), so he decided to hear them out. According to them, this research firm was on the verge of a medical discovery that would save thousands, but were going to market it privately and end up only saving hundreds. This cause was exactly the kind of thing that Grant stood for (and in retrospect a "red flag" for being lied to.)

            Getting them all into the facility wasn't much of a challenge for Grant, but things started to take a turn when they got inside. First there was the fact that Grant noticed that his co-conspirators appeared to be armed. This was supposed to be a simple in-and-out while the staff was away, no one was supposed to be hurt. When he brought this up, they told him it was merely a precaution and they didn't intend to use them, but he hardly found that reassuring. The next wrinkle came to light when they reached their destination. It was clear that the lab they were breaking into wasn't researching anything medical, unless you counted testing the amount of damage you inflict on a corpse with experimental firearms as medical research...which Grant didn't. It was clear he had been played and that he was helping some very bad people. Lingering by the entrance as the others entered, Grant located an alarm panel and activated it once all were inside. Diving quickly out of the room as the room sealed it self off, Grant trapped the other inside. As he ran from the door he could faintly make out their screams of anger and the occasional gunfire.

            The downside of using the facilities alarms to trap those thugs, was that now the building security was on high-alert. Getting out of the building was proving to be much harder as he had to keep ducking down different corridors avoid the responding guards. Close to being cornered, Grant finally found an unlocked door and ducked through it. Backing away from the door in the darkened room, Grant bumped into some sort of apparatus. He heard the whirring of some servos and then felt a sharp pain in the back of his neck as he was injected with something. Judging that he had just come from a weapons lab, being injected by some unknown substance obviously disturbed him. He didn’t have time to freak out thought, as voices could be heard outside the door. Darting into an alcove under a lab station, Grant squeezed himself as much into the corner and shadows as he could.

            Don't open the door, don't open the door… he thought. He heard the door opening. Don't come in, don't come in... A pair of footsteps could be heard moving through the room. Don't look under the desks, don't look under the desks… "Check under the desks…" Oh come on! Grant closed his and wished and wished that they wouldn't see him and then notice as very tiny disc, the size of an insect, hovering in front of him. Light shimmers out of it, from a wall of it at the edge of the alcove, just before the guard duck down to check under it. Staring straight at Grant the guard shrugs and say "He not here, let's move on."

            After hearing the door shut he leaves the alcove and looks back and sees, as he should, an empty alcove. Bending down he sticks his arm into the alcove it disappears at the edge, hidden behind an image of the empty alcove. That tiny disc had projected a hologram that had hidden him from the guard. Having a bit more time (since this room had been cleared) he was able to look around and discover that this was a lab for producing hologram, both hard-light and regular, and the disc was a mini projector. The injection he had received was the control mechanism that allowed the user to mentally control the projectors. After a little bit of practice Grant started to get the hang of controlling the projectors and was able to use them to sneak out undetected.

            Having ruined the plans of a major criminal organization and stealing confidential tech from a major corporation, Grant was forced to relocate...immediately. But the change in scenery would allow him to reinvent and use this new tech to help even more of the less fortunate. Neotropolis, the center of science and progress, seemed like a good place for him to be able to use his new found tools and not attract too many questions.

            Grant's NPC Connections:
            Carole and Amy Redmond - Mother and Daughter stewards of St. Michael's orphanage, a local Neotropolis orphanage. Grant makes many visits to the orphanage to interact with the kids and drop off donations of food, clothing, sometimes even money. Carole see his kind heart and graciously welcomes him each time. Amy doesn't exactly trust him as she can never get a straight answer on where he gets all the donations, especially when living on a delivery guy's pay. That, of course, doesn't stop Grant from hitting on her. Both Carole and Amy view Hardlight as a hero of the city.

            Mikayla (the free-spirit), Jason(the protector), and Fritz(the oddball) - Three orphans at the orphanage that have taken a particular shining to Grant and he to them. He can see bits of himself in each of them and wants to help guide them in a good direction (better than his own), while at the same time teaching them to enjoy life despite its hardships. Should go without saying that these young children idolzie Hardlight. (Children and hero worship?! Get out of town!)

            Chris Everett(police officer, good friend) - Grant has made many late night delivery runs to the police station and in that time became good friends with Detective Chris Everett. The meet for drinks often now, maybe even catch a game when Chris can pull himself away from work. Chris will admit that Hardlight has done some good for the community, but overall just considers him a nuisance.

            Quan Wei (Employer at the Golden Pheonix) - Quan Wei runs the Golden Pheonix, a successful Chinese restaurant and, unknown to most, a successful "import/export" business. Quan employs Grant to carry out deliveries of food and sometimes...other items. In addition to providing an income for living expenses, the job allows him to fence various "acquired" items and give him contacts in the community for future jobs. Quan doesn't think anything of Hardlight.

            The Black Dagger (Mickey Peterson) - The Black Dagger is one of the top ranking assassins in the Black Syndicate. He has been charged with find Grant and brining him back alive (but not necessarily in one piece) so that the leader of the syndicate can make an example of him (Grant's little stunt cost the syndicate millions.) In truth the Black Dagger is Grant's childhood best friend, Mickey. Grant and Mickey did almost everything together, even their various capers...except for the last one. When Grant skipped town, the syndicate came looking for him and only Mickey's promise to help them find him stopped them from burning down the orphanage. Over the years the Black Syndicate has twisted Mickey in their star assassin and fostered a burning hatred of Grant in him.

            Hardlight/Grant's PC Connections:
            Hardlight - None
            Grant - Since Grant works at the restaurant below where Jiao lives, they have met and talked on several occasions.

            Dragon's Breath:
            Hardlight - None
            Grant - None

            Kate Ory:
            Hardlight - Kate wrote the story that called Hardlight's hero status into question after she witnessed him (as Celestial) fleeing the scene of a crime (see connection to Celestial.) The story only had circumstantial evidence, as she couldn't reveal more with jeopardizing her own secret identity, but it was enough to polarize the community with some believing he is a crook while others believing he is a hero.
            Grant - Grant has delivered Chinese food to Kate on many "all-nighter" deadline rushes. He has paid many compliments to her writing, especially her piece on Hardlight, calling it "Masterful!" He also flirts some because, you know, she's female and he's Grant (it also often helps with tips.)

            Hardlight - Kate was attending a tech demonstration when alarms began to sound in the facility. Ducking to the side as people evacuated she went to investigate as Celestial, this allowed her to be the only one to see Hardlight flee the scene with some medical prototypes. She gave chase but, unfamiliar with Hardlight's powers, he was able to mislead her with his holograms and lose her.
            Grant - None

            Thomas Burge/The Shrike:
            Hardlight - No one has put a bounty on Hardlight (yet), but thanks to Kate's article The Shrike has his eye on Hardlight, studying him so that he might have an easy pay day once someone does.
            Grant- As a bounty hunter he has problem seen the bounty on Grant at some point, but bringing a delivery guy who spends his free time helping an orphanage to a crime syndicate would, at the least, not seem enough of a challenge for him if not just seem wrong to him. So he's ignored it for now.

            Dexter Lancaster:
            Hardlight - He has probably heard his father mention, if not complain, about Hardlight (being part of the science and tech community)
            Grant - None

            Hardlight - None
            Grant - None

            Emma Lasher:
            Hardlight - None
            Grant - None

            Hardlight - None
            Grant - None
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              Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

              Original Character
              Power Level 8 ( 120 PP)

              Strength 1 Stamina 0(10) Agility 6 Dexterity 3
              Fighting 2 Intellect 3 Awareness 3 Presence 4

              Agile Feint, Attractive (1), Benefit (Fame [1], Wealth [2]), Equipment (1), Evasion (1), Improved Defense, Languages (English, French), Set-Up, Sidekick (6), Takedown (1), Taunt

              All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Power Attack

              EQUIPMENT [ 5 EP ]
              • Commlink (1 EP)

              Trendy Downtown Loft (Headquarters) [ 4 EP Total ]
              Size: Tiny (-1 EP)
              Toughness: 6 (0 EP)
              Features: Communications (1 EP), Computer (1 EP), Fire Prevention System (1 EP), Laboratory (1 EP), Living Space (1 EP)

              Close Combat (Unarmed) 11 (+13), Deception 8 (+12), Perception 5 (+8), Persuasion 4 (+8), Stealth 2 (+8)

              Meta-molecular Bodysuit (Array, 45 PP Base; Extras: Indestructible; Flaws: Removable [-1 per 5]) [ 37 PP ]

              • Elastic Lass Elongation 5 (250', +5 Grab Checks); Enhanced Ability 10 (+10 STA); Insubstantial 1 (Fluid; Flaws: Absent Strength, Concentration, Increased Action [Move]); Leaping 5 (250'); Movement 2 (Safe Fall, Slithering) [ 36 PP ]

              • Plastic Pugilist Damage 1 (Strength-Based) [ 1 PP ]

              • Rubber Wrestler Enhanced Advantage 6 (All-Out Attack, Chokehold, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Power Attack); Enhanced Ability 1 (+1 STR; Flaws: Limited to Grabs); Extra Limbs 1 (Extras: Sustained ) [ 8 PP ]

              Dodge (6) Base 0
              Parry: (6) [i]Base 4/i]
              Fortitude: (10) Base 0
              Toughness: (10) Base -
              Will: (6) Base 3

              Attack: 13 Effect: 3 Total: 16 (Unarmed)
              Attack: - Effect: 8 Total: 8 (Grab Checks)

              Dodge: 6 Tough.: 10 Total: 16
              Parry: 6 Tough.: 10 Total: 16
              Fort.: 10 Will: 6 Total: 16

              ABILITIES [ 44pp ] + SKILLS [ 15 pp ] + ADVANTAGES [ 18 pp ] + POWERS [ 37 pp ] + DEFENSES [ 7 pp ] = 120 PP TOTAL

              Fame: E-Lass maintains a secret identity as Emma Lasher, and is fairly well-known fashion model.
              Relationships: Emma has had some romantic entanglements, but nothing long-lasting as yet.
              Secret Identity: As standard genre convention.
              Weakness: Extremely high temperatures can cause E-Lass to melt (forcing her into her insubstantial shape) or freeze her solid (causing paralysis).

              Real Name: Emma Charlotte Lasher
              Occupation: Adventurer (Fashion Model)
              Date of Birth: April 1, 1997 (Age 17)
              Base of Operations: New York, NY
              Height: 5'5" (1.65 m)
              Weight: 110 lbs. (50 kg)
              Measurments: 32-23-34 (32B)
              Eyes: Brown
              Hair: Brown
              Race: Human
              Identity: Secret
              Religion: Anglican (non-practicing)
              Legal Status: Citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record; resides of the United States under student visa.

              Emma Charlotte Lasher (born April 1, 1997) is an English model and aspiring actress. The daughter of Gwen Jones, a Swansea solicitor, and a Brian Lasher, an French-Canadian airline pilot. She rose to prominence after she was discovered in 2011 at the age of 14 by Miranda Dukes, the founder of Tempest Model Management, at JFK Airport in New York City.

              She would go on to have campaigns for a variety of designers including Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel. Long before her modeling career began was cast as the "I Want Chocolate Milk Girl" at the age of nine, in a series of commercials for the Greater Cardiff Dairy Council. Otherwise having acted only in school plays.

              While working for the Tempest agency, Emma became fast friends with Ariel Dukes, the introverted daughter of Miranda Dukes. Despite the five-year age gap, the pair bonded deeply. A child prodigy and the "plain jane" daughter of a fashion icon, Ariel had always felt isolated. After her father's fatal car accident ten years ago, she'd basically retreated into her studies and science projects. Her chance meeting with Emma had drawn her out of her shell.

              One year ago, Ariel and Emma uncovered evidence that Miranda Dukes and her agency were a false front for an international terrorist organization (a la HYDRA or H.I.V.E.). In addition to laundering funds and providing cover for international travel by key personnel, the agency planned on brainwashing it's models into assassins. The duo stole back the prototype meta-molecular fabric that Tempest had constructed (using Ariel's formula!) and sabotaged the operation. Miranda Dukes hasn't been seen in public since.

              The pair quickly decided that Emma needed to embark on a career as a superhero. Convincing her parents and her agency that she wanted to transition from modeling into acting so she enrolled at Neotropolis State University to study theatre and dance. Always there for her BFF, Ariel enrolled at nearby Neotropolis Institute of Technology, pursing chemical engineering. The girls have turned the duo's downtown loft into a "command center," which really just amounts to a false wall in one walk-in closet for storing Emma's bodysuit, a small chemicals lab, and a top dollar IT setup.

              ► Ariel Dukes stats and possible connections to other PCs coming soon!
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                Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

                Thomas Burge/The Shrike
                Neither Emma nor Ariel have had any meetings with the Shrike; However, as a chemical engineering graduate student at Neotropolis Institute of Technology, Ariel Dukes has occasionally shared lab space with Puja Patel. The two have bonded over the impossibility of finding a decent curry in this town. Emma has met Patel, but not had much interaction with her other than a brief "hello."

                During Emma's first weeks of rooftop patrols, she punched out a couple of muggers and rescued a cat from a tree. Nothing too exciting or spectacular... But on her fourteenth night out in costume she had a run in with the infamous Ogress and her Tribals. E-Lass managed to stop them from 'jacking the Porsche they had targeted, knocked out a pair of gang members for the police to collect, but Ogress herself escaped after the two brawled inconclusively.

                Dexter Lancaster/Samaritan
                Dexter and Emma have had a few classes together, where they've been friendly but haven't really become friends. Emma finds the quiet, thoughtful, and reserved Dexter to be kinda cute. Unfortunately, he seems to only have eyes for Priscilla Standish.
                Samaritan and E-Lass have only crossed paths once. He was extremely helpful in saving all those people from the hotel fire (Emma knows she wouldn't have been able to rescue more than the handful she did.) But his self-assured nature and "aww shucks, no thanks necessary, ma'am" confidence just kinda irritated Emma. He was pretty good looking though. If only she could meet a guy with Dexter's personality and Samaritan's looks, that'd be the perfect guy!

                Grant Summers/Hardlight
                Emma and Ariel are frequent customers of the Golden Phoenix, being college students after all, although they are intensely disappointed by the subpar curry. Grant has flirted with Ariel a bit and Emma teases Ariel constantly about her "crush" on the hunky delivery guy. They have had no interaction with Hardlight.

                The Black Syndicate
                This may have been the organization that Miranda Dukes and the Tempest Agency were a front for. So far, Ariel's internet investigations have only turned up a small bit of chatter about something called "Project Prospero" as the code-name for her mother's brainwashed model-assassin plan. But the rumors about the Black Syndicate's use of orphans for similar purposes lines up with that M.O.; E-Lass is interested in uncovering more information about the group.


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                  Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

                  ARIEL DUKES
                  Power Level 5 ( 30 PP)

                  Strength –1 Stamina –2 Agility –2 Dexterity 0
                  Fighting 0 Intellect 5 Awareness 3 Presence 2

                  Benefit (Wealth [2]), Eidetic Memory, Inventor, Language (English, French)

                  Deception 2 (+4), Expertise [Chemistry] 10 (+15), Investigation 10 (+15), Perception 2 (+5), Persuasion 3 (+5), Technology 5 (+10)

                  Dodge (–2) Base 0
                  Parry: (0) Base 0
                  Fortitude: (–2) Base 0
                  Toughness: (–2) Base -
                  Will: (3) Base 0

                  ABILITIES [ 10 pp ] + SKILLS [ 15 pp ] + ADVANTAGES [ 5 pp ] + POWERS [ 0 pp ] + DEFENSES [ 0 pp ] = 30 PP TOTAL

                  Disability: Although her genius intellect, technological prowess, and considerable wealth allow her to live a full and independent life, Ariel has relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. RRMS causes impairment of muscular coordination, blurred vision, and makes her prone to severe fatigue. She relies on crutches in daily life.
                  Responsibility: To E-Lass and generally doing good.
                  Introvert: Although her friendship with Emma has drawn her, somewhat, out of her shell, Ariel is uncomfortable in social situations and especially awkward around attractive men.

                  Real Name: Ariel Constance Dukes
                  Occupation: Graduate Student
                  Education: Bachelor of Science, Oxford University (Balliol College)
                  Date of Birth: May 20, 1992 (Age 22)
                  Base of Operations: Neotropolis
                  Height: 5'8" (1.73 m)
                  Weight: 123 lbs. (56 kg)
                  Measurments: 34-25-35 (32C)
                  Eyes: Blue
                  Hair: Blonde
                  Race: Human
                  Identity: Public
                  Religion: Catholic
                  Relationships: Miranda Dukes (mother; deceased)
                  Legal Status: Citizen of the United Kingdom with no criminal record; resides in the United States under student visa.


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                    Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

                    Jiao Long, the Dragon's Breath!

                    Jiao-long, Dragon's Breath - PL 8

                    Strength 3, Stamina 4, Agility 6, Dexterity 3, Fighting 9, Intellect 1, Awareness 4, Presence 1

                    Agile Feint, Assessment, Defensive Attack, Defensive Roll, Languages 1, Power Attack, Ritualist, Skill Mastery: Acrobatics, Takedown, Trance, Uncanny Dodge

                    Acrobatics 5 (+11), Athletics 2 (+5), Close Combat: Iron Dragon Style Kung Fu 4 (+13), Expertise: Chi Healing & Herbal Medicine 6 (+7), Expertise: Eastern Philosophy & Religion 4 (+5), Expertise: Martial Arts & Training Techniques 3 (+4), Insight 7 (+11), Perception 5 (+9), Treatment 6 (+7)

                    Final Secrets of Master Shi Xing Shien
                    . . Focused Strength of the Dragon Spirit: Strength-based Damage 4 (DC 22; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Penetrating 7, Variable Descriptor: close group - Chi, Fire & Mystic; Fades)
                    . . Imperceptable Advance of the Dragon Style: Affliction 7 (1st degree: Fighting Impaired; Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Fighting Disabled; Defenseless, Resisted by: Parry; Overcome by Will, DC 17; Extra Condition, Insidious; Limited: Conditions only apply against Steel Dragon, Limited Degree)
                    . . Sinuous Strength & Grace of the Dragons Coils
                    . . . . Enhanced Ability: Enhanced Strength 2 (Linked; +2 STR; Limited to Lifting)
                    . . . . Grace: Movement 3 (Linked; Safe Fall, Wall-crawling 2: full speed; Limited: Wall Crawling: Horizontal Movement Only [2 ranks only], Limited: Safe Fall: 30' Height or Less [1 rank only])
                    . . . . Power: Leaping 2 (Linked; Leap 30 feet at 8 miles/hour)
                    . . . . Speed: Speed 1 (Linked; Speed: 4 miles/hour, 60 feet/round)

                    Initiative +6
                    Focused Strength of the Dragon Spirit: Strength-based Damage 4, +9 (DC 22)
                    Grab, +9 (DC Spec 13)
                    Imperceptable Advance of the Dragon Style: Affliction 7, +9 (DC Fort/Will 17)
                    Throw, +3 (DC 18)
                    Unarmed, +13 (DC 18)


                    Enemy: Jiao-long has made a bitter rival of both his father, the Mandarin, his organization, the Han Dynasty, and his twin sister, Jia-li, the Steel Serpent. And while she hesitated to take his life; she is her father's daughter and will not fail a second time.

                    Honor: Eight common attributes of the xia are listed as altruism, justice, individualism, loyalty, courage, truthfulness, disregard for wealth and desire for glory. The code of xia also emphasizes the importance of repaying benefactors after having received deeds of charity, or grace from others, as well as seeking vengeance or revenge against those who have wronged or harmed ones master, friends, or family.

                    Identity: Jiao-long keeps his identity as the Dragon's Breath a secret from the community, and his few friends. He also tries to conceal his past to avoid having to reveal the truth of his parentage to those who may not understand.

                    Motivation: Responsibility: Jiao-long is the last living student of the Glorious Master Shi Xing Shien, and has been entrusted with the Sacred Scrolls that hold the final secrets of his teachings. While taught to maintain a harmonious spirit, and follow his spirit, Jiao realizes that he was training to become a champion of the Celestial City of Seven Gates. As he has fled the city in an effort to locate, and redeem his twin sister, he struggles to maintain a balance between his personal goals and his responsibility to the venerated masters of the Celestial City.

                    Power Loss: Early in his training, Master Shi Xing Shien discovered that Jiao-long's chi was imbalanced due to the yin focused nature of his birth. To help the young man balance his chi and access the spiritual energy that was coursing through his being, the venerated masters performed a ritual, tattooing Jiao-long with a mythic dragon that wraps across his chest and shoulders with it's head over his heart, it's mouth open as if spewing fire. When he gathers large amounts of CHi, these flames dance and flicker across his chest. A physical blow to the heart, sufficient to Daze or Stagger him would disrupt his energies, and he would be unable to call upon the Secret Techniques of Master Shi Xing Shien until he had meditated and gathered his chi once again.

                    Relationship: He also has strong feelings for his sister, Jia-li, and is very conflicted about any confrontation with her, wishing to redeem her rather than directly confront her.

                    Relationship: Mia Leung, the sister of one of Jiao-long's friends in the Jade Falcons has recently begun attending Neotropolis University. She has been friendly, and flirtatious with Jiao-long, but he has yet to recognize her actions for what they are.

                    Responsibility: Jiao-long maintains a strong sense of duty to the chinese-american community in Neotropolois. By association, he works with a youth gang, the Jade Falcons, and tries to help the members walk a path of enlightenment, despite the temptations of the Tongs and other organized criminal families.

                    Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), English

                    Dodge 9, Parry 11, Fortitude 7, Toughness 5/4, Will 9

                    Power Points
                    Abilities 62 + Powers 14 + Advantages 11 + Skills 21 (42 ranks) + Defenses 13 = 121
                    Earned Experience: 1
                    Expertise: Martial Arts & Training Techniques (2 Ranks)
                    Lux Aeterna, the last light of Atlantis, a man intimately familiar with the arcane, and eldritch places in the world was investigating the activities of the Mandarin, the last surviving Emperor of the Han Dynasty. The Mandarin, years previous, had kidnapped and coerced leading figures in the scientific community, specialists in human genetics and cloning, for reasons unknown. His Glorious Majesty, the Celestial Son, the Master of Ten Thousand Years, Divine Ruler of the Middle Kingdom, Emperor Han, called the Mandarin by the rest of the world for obvious reasons, was assembling a cabal of scientists to establish a legacy.

                    The man, born in 4th century China, who had united the seven kingdoms, wanted a line of succession undiluted by lesser blood, born from him and him alone, and he had assembled a cabal of scientists to do so. He had extended his own life through his mastery of his internal Chi, and found that with his mastery of Chi he could disrupt the flow of that same life energy in others. This coupled with his millennium of searching the world for secrets, the arts of poison making and the mysterious Lotus blossom, the secrets of alchemy and transmutation and a century ago the technology of ancient Atlantis. It was this last that brought him to the attention of his most bitter rival, Lux Aterna.

                    With the rise of technology, and the age of wonders, there was a new breed of men, the so called super human. And so the Mandarin wished to create a legacy of his own, a Dynasty to rival seven kingdoms of his birth, and so he gathered the men of intellect and wisdom to help him establish that legacy. The products of this secret cabal were Jiao-long, the dragon, and his twin sister, Jia-li, the beautiful, though their birth brought him immeasurable joy and pride, he was not a kind father, or loving. Jiao-long and his sister were trained from an early age, birthed in a sterile unforgiving light of science; they grew to children through a series of tests, physical and mental. These tests and challenges, gifts from their father, sought to train their bodies, their minds, and so too, their spirits. Through exhaustion, pain, suffering and even torture they learned the boundaries of their physical being, and sought solace and peace in the quiet moments shared between a brother and a sister. They endured this childhood for years, the presence of their father during those years measured in mere moments, a fleeting nod of the head, a word, a gesture. Never loving, never caring, but often with approval. For he was their Emperor, and their father, and such was his right.

                    Lux Aeterna eventually discovered the Mandarin’s secret compound, hidden in a valley in northern China, and confronted the immortal Emperor. He dared armies of stone sculpted automatons, replicas of Han Dynasty soldiers, entire clans of fanatical warrior monks, sorcerous wards, and alchemical traps, and in the end, with his mystical might was able to force the Mandarin to flee through a hidden panel, with his daughter Jia-li. As Lux Aeterna watched his immortal foe flee, he was left to consider the fate of the young boy, a child of six years, without a mother or family to guide him on a path of enlightenment, he could grow to be a terrible foe, like his father.

                    Lux Aeterna, soon came upon his answer. In his studies of all things occult, and arcane, he had discovered some time ago, the Celestial City of Seven Gates. On the shadowed slopes of Mount Shaoshi sat the Shaolin temple, but known to few, it was connected through ancient rites to the Celestial City through an ancient gate, preserved from the time of the seven kingdoms. And so Lux Aeterna approached the venerated masters of the Seven Gates to seek admittance of the young boy, Jiao-long. The venerated masters were aware of the Mandarin, for he had once measured amongst their ranks before he betrayed them and was forever expelled from the Celestial City.

                    And so it was that the masters expressed great concern that Aeterna would bring his offspring to them, these millennia later. That was, until one of the masters, Shi Xing Shien spoke. He would take the young boy as his student, the first student he had taken since he was betrayed by the boy’s father. Master Shi Xing Shien was able to discern that the boy’s chi was out of balance, that a boy created of man, but not of woman would be disrupted. As such, in the first year of Jiao-long’s training Master Shien devised an ink, formed from the Lotus blossom that bloomed at the feet of Mount Shaoshi. With that ink he devised a pattern, and concealed the pattern in a dragon, a dragon which would coil around the boys heart, it’s breath over his heart chakra. This tattoo would restore balance to the young man, and enable him to tap into the deep reservoir of chi that Master Shien could sense in him.

                    For years he trained diligently under Master Shien, and for each test he passed, so too did he fail. But unlike his father’s cruel disapproval, Shi Xing Shien would remind him that each failure was but a step on a path that ultimately led towards enlightenment. And so it was, that while Jiao-long had lost his sister, and mourned that loss deeply, he fell to love Shi Xing Shien, as both Master and father.

                    Emperor Han, like Master Shien, soon discovered that Jia-li’s chi, much like Jiao-long’s, was disrupted due to the lack of a birth mother. His solution was rather more harsh, he used his new found love of western technology to harmonize her life with intricate mechanical devices, cybernetics and nanotechnology. And so it was that Jia-li, the beautiful, became the Steel Serpent. And so it was that as Jiao-long trained to walk the path of enlightenment, and become a better man, his sister walked the path of the assassin, trained to take from men what the hold most precious. Light and dark. Brother and sister. Yin and Yang.

                    Years later, with the assistance of her father, the Steel Serpent, Jia-li, penetrated the Seven Gates of the Celestial City, and crept through it’s darkened streets searching for her brother. Her intent, at her father’s orders, to kill him, and take her place as her father’s sole heir. In time, she found Jiao-long, and as she watched him the years she spent in pain and suffering, with him as her only companion came back to her, her love for her brother and her blood stayed her hand. When she saw Master Shien enter the room, she saw her brother treat this man as a father, he had replaced their own father with this imposter. Her rage fueled her, her mechanical soul compelled her, and she sprung to attack her twin’s father figure, so she could bring her brother back to her father and spare him the Emperor’s wrath.

                    Master Shien, sensing her presence long before her attack spun and confronted her, in the ensuing battle her cybernetics proved to shield her from Master Shien’s chi attacks. Her body, her mind, and her reflexes were programmed with the instinctual knowledge of a thousand warriors, and she was able to defend against Shien’s feint’s, flurries, and counter strikes. As the armed host of the Celestial City gathered, Master Shien gave his beloved student one final look, and as he did so the Serpent struck, delivering an absolutely devastating attack to Shien’s seat of power, his heart chakra. Seeing the arrayed forces of the Celestial City before her, she fled by means unknown, and escaped to face her father’s wrath for failure. Jiao-long ran to his crumpled masters body, where with whispered dying words Master Shien imparted his final secrets to the young man.

                    For the next two years, Jiao-long trained furiously, utilizing the final secrets of Master Shi Xing Shien. The venerated masters summoned the young man, and in a secret audience they presented him with the sacred scrolls, the final teachings of the Dragon Shi Xing Shien, and asked that he become the eternal champion, defender of the Celestial City and it’s Seven Gates. Jiao-long refused, for he wished to enter the world of man, and find his sister. As Master Shien had restored balance to Jiao-long’s chi, so too did Jiao-long wish to restore balance to his sister, Jia-li.
                    The venerated masters, though saddened at the young man’s refusal, permitted him to keep the sacred scrolls, and told him that the Seven Gates would never be closed to him.

                    And so Jiao-long entered the world of man, humble and naοve to the ways of men, strong of body and mind, enlightened of spirit. He spent months searching the world for his sister, for hints of the Mandarin’s Dynasty, until finally he discovered one of his chief advisors, a Doctor Tzin Sing had established a corporate firm in the city of Neotropolis. Jiao-long travelled to the city, and once there imbedded himself in the Chinese community, eventually serving as a healer of sorts. Afforded a small apartment over the Golden Phoenix, a well established Chinese restaurant, exchanges his herbal remedies, and Chinese healing techniques in exchange and barter for his humble lifestyle.
                    Real Name: Jiao-long Han
                    Occupation: Adventurer (Manual Laborer)
                    Education: Home Schooled; High School Equivalency
                    Date of Birth: August 17, 1995 (Age 19)
                    Base of Operations: Neotropolis; Small loft & Rooftop Garden over Golden Phoenix
                    Height: 5'8" (1.73 m)
                    Weight: 167 lbs. (75.8 kg)
                    Eyes: Brown
                    Hair: Black
                    Race: Human; East Asian
                    Body Cast: Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon)
                    Identity: Secret
                    Religion: Taoism
                    Relationships: The Mandarin, Emporer Han (father, estranged); Jia-li (sister, estranged); Master Shi Xing Shien (mentor; deceased); Quan Wei (ally, employer; Golden Phoenix); Grant Summers (co-worker; Golden Phoenix); Kim-ja Leung (associate; Leader of Jade Falcons); Mia Leung (associate; younger sister of Kim-ja Leung; probationary member of Jade Falcons)
                    Legal Status: Citizen of the People's Republic of China with no criminal record; resides in the United States under a work visa.
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                      Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

                      Doctor Primen

                      Brilliant computer scientist/mathematician at NIT- works in the deep end of facial recognition and neurocognition

                      Comes to the Golden Phoenix every Sunday evening with a handsome much younger man (her son), ordering from the real Chinese menu in Cantonese with a slight Hong Kong accent


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                        Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

                        Glimpses of Tomorrow NIT Talks

                        A series of talks from the best and brightest held at NIT, scientists, technologists, business and political leaders involved in development
                        Several major developments announced over the years
                        Often a source of good reporter bits
                        Students are required to attend X sessions per year- many attend far more than that- seating can be competitive
                        Security presence varies, mostly in case the Presentation tries to escape


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                          Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

                          Detective Chris Everette?


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                            Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

                            Mr Fix


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                              Re: Nobody Be a Hero! (Builds and Setting)

                              Celestial - PL 8 121pp
                              Katherine “Kate” Ory
                              Profession: Freelance Science and Technology Journalist
                              Age: 32 Brown hair, Brown eyes Height: 5' 7"

                              Celestial - PL 8

                              Strength 0, Stamina 3, Agility 1, Dexterity 2, Fighting 0, Intellect 2, Awareness 2, Presence 1

                              Attractive, Contacts, Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 1, Evasion, Great Endurance, Investigative Reporter, Ranged Attack 6, Well-informed

                              Acrobatics 2 (+3), Expertise: Reporting 10 (+12), Expertise: Technology 6 (+8), Investigation 6 (+8), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 8 (+9), Technology 2 (+4)

                              Celestial Energy: Damage 8 (DC 23; Increased Range: ranged)
                              Bright as a Star: Cumulative Affliction 8 (Alternate; 1st degree: Impaired, 2nd degree: Disabled, 3rd degree: Unaware, Resisted by: Fortitude, DC 18; Cumulative, Increased Range: ranged; Limited: One sense: Vision)
                              Cosmic Snare: Cumulative Affliction 5 (Alternate; 1st degree: Hindered and Vulnerable, 2nd degree: Defenseless and Immobilized, Resisted by: Dodge, overcome by Damage or Sleight of Hand, DC 15; Cumulative, Extra Condition, Increased Range: ranged; Limited Degree)
                              Repulsion: Move Object 8 (Alternate; 6 tons; Limited Direction: Away)
                              Eyes of the Night: Senses 1 (Ultravision)
                              Flight: Flight 8 (Speed: 500 miles/hour, 1 mile/round)
                              Speed: Speed 5 (Alternate; Speed: 60 miles/hour, 900 feet/round)
                              Quick Change: Feature 1

                              Cell Phone (Smartphone), Computer, Undercover Shirt

                              Initiative +1
                              Bright as a Star: Cumulative Affliction 8, +8 (DC Fort 18)
                              Celestial Energy: Damage 8, +8 (DC 23)
                              Cosmic Snare: Cumulative Affliction 5, +8 (DC Fort/Will 15)
                              Grab, +0 (DC Spec 10)
                              Repulsion: Move Object 8, +8 (DC 18)
                              Throw, +8 (DC 15)
                              Unarmed, +0 (DC 15)

                              Motivation: Doing Good: She uses her abilities to fight crime because it is the right thing to do. Kate tried to ignore her abilities and as a result, some people were hurt due to her inaction. It was at that moment she realized she needed to use her abilities to help others and to prevent people from hurting innocents.

                              Motivation: Recognition: She loves the attention she gets when in costume especially from the media. While she enjoys writing, it does not bring her the attention she craves.

                              Responsibility: As a freelance Technology Reporter, Kate has a lot of freedom to travel and set her own work schedule most of the time. She still needs to attend seminars, product unveiling, scientific demonstrations, and other similar events in order to get stories to write about. Without stories, she doesn't get paid. Since Celestial has occasionally made an appearance at these events, Kate's writing has attracted more national attention from other sources besides magazines and journals catering to those interested in science and technology.


                              Dodge 8, Parry 8, Fortitude 8, Toughness 8/3, Will 8

                              Power Points
                              Abilities 22 + Powers 38 + Advantages 16 + Skills 20 (40 ranks) + Defenses 26 = 122


                              Growing up in Florida, Kate was always a good student but not exemplary. She has always had an interest in science and technology, wanting to know not only how something worked but why. Even though her grades were not in the top 10% of her class, she easily got into an excellent university based on her gender and interest in science. During her junior year, a friend convinced her to write an article for the school newsletter. She reluctantly agreed, feeling like it would be a waste of time. Kate was astonished when it was actually published. Shortly after, she started writing a monthly column, answering reader questions about new and existing technology. It became very popular and this caused Kate to consider switching majors to Journalism. After discussing the idea with her advisor, she did exactly that. She continued to read up on new technology and scientific discoveries.

                              After graduation, Kate started submitting articles to various magazines and publications in an effort to get hired. None of them offered her steady employment but several did publish her articles. Kate figured that if she couldn’t get employment with one publication, she would just write for all of them. This produced a steady, if not impressive, income. It was enough to live on and provide her with a few luxuries like dinner at a nice restaurant from time to time.

                              After a few years of doing this, some of the publications began to pay her to attend new technology announcements, scientific demonstrations, and even tour some labs to provide her with material for her articles. Kate really enjoyed this type of work because it allowed her the opportunity to travel. It was at one of these scientific demonstrations by a couple of grad students that her life changed even though she wouldn’t realize it at the time. At the demonstration for a new type of renewable energy, something went horribly wrong. The device exploded, severely injuring dozens of bystanders and seemingly killing both grad students. Kate spent weeks in the hospital and in physical therapy. After her recovery, she returned to work, not knowing that the exploding energy that had entered her body had altered her molecular structure.

                              Kate clearly remembers the day she found out she was different. She had been walking around downtown Neotropolis listening to music on her iPod and thinking about an upcoming assignment. She walked out into traffic and into the path of an oncoming truck. She was brought to her senses when she heard the loud horn of the truck blaring mere yards away from her. Without conscious thought, she instinctively tried to leap out of the way. She failed in her effort. The actual result of her attempt was something far beyond her wild imagination. The next thing she knew, Kate was miles away, hurtling through the air at unbelievable speeds. After she calmed down and crash landed, she just sat and thought about what had just happened. She realized that she was now different than she had been, she could fly. She wondered what else she could do. Over the next several weeks, she experimented and tested her new abilities in her spare time. She debated if she should tell anyone and what she should do with her powers. She knew that some people in her position would don a mask and tights and fight crime. She ruled out that option. It was definitely not something she was interested in. For now, she decided she would just hide her powers.

                              Everything went well until she unexpectedly found herself in a hostage situation. She was attending a well-known tech show in Las Vegas when a large group of masked gunmen burst in. They rounded everyone up and demanded they hand over all their valuables. Anyone who resisted was assaulted by the gunmen. Some of the booth babes were dragged off to other rooms for unknown reasons but Kate could surely imagine what they had in mind. After a while, one of the gunmen grabbed Kate and dragged her off into another room. He started trying to tear her clothes off but Kate resisted. She was hit hard but she vowed to herself not to give in. Calling upon her new powers, she unleashed a blinding flash of light. With her captor temporarily unable to see, Kate took the opportunity to run from the room. She found herself in a corridor with many room along it. She ran down the hall and chose a door at random. It was a storage room full of costumes of various types. Suddenly an idea came to her. While she had initially rejected the idea of donning a costume and fighting crime, this situation seemed like a good time to try. She picked and chose a few different pieces of costumes and made a makeshift facemask with a scarf. Faking confidence she didn’t possess, she ran out of the storage room and back to towards the main hall. Before she got there, she found a cell phone and called the police. After quickly relaying the situation to them, she dropped the phone without hanging up.

                              Kate felt that a dramatic entrance was called for and blasted the doors down. This achieved the desired result of gaining the attention of the criminals. Within minutes, all the gunmen were disarmed and unconscious. One of the reporters asked Kate her name. She hesitated for a moment before thinking of her favorite brand of tea. Kate almost said cinnamon apple but instead replied “Celestial”.

                              The next day the story was all over the media. Her employer called her and asked for a first hand account of the incident. Kate was happy to oblige and spun an amazing story of heroism and bravery by this new hero called Celestial. Kate was interviewed as a witness by several local television stations as well as national networks. She found she loved the attention and figured she could feed this feeling by becoming a hero.
                              That night, while Kate was relaxing in her hotel room doodling costume ideas on the hotel stationary, a news story came on the tv about a new supervillain that appeared at a university science lab. The reporters added that this was the same lab that had been destroyed in an accident months earlier. This caught Kate’s attention and she turned the volume up. She soon understood that this new villain had appeared at the same lab that she had been at. Was it possible the emergence of this new villain and her own powers were related? It certainly seemed to be more than just a coincidence. This new villain was calling itself Armageddon and seemed to have energy powers much like her own, only much more powerful. Kate suddenly had a bad feeling about this.

                              Some of the publications and internet sites she has written for include Scientific American, Wired, Popular Science, Discovery, CNET, Stuff, TechRadar, Popular photography, several women’s magazines, and many others.

                              Kate’s family includes parents John and Laura, brothers Edwin and Gary, and sisters Elizabeth and Dawn.

                              Old College friends include Sherry LaFountain, Andy Weeks, Adam Makos, Beth Alexander, Julie Martone, and Grace Williams. She has several casual friends whom she has met while on business. Kate does not currently have a boyfriend and has not had a steady one since college when she caught him cheating on her with Marcy Silverman, a Women’s Studies major.

                              PC connections:

                              Hardlight: Kate was covering an event when the alarms suddenly went off causing most of the audience to run. Kate quickly found a safe place to change and went to investigate as Celestial. She discovered the hero Hardlight leaving the scene and gave chase. He managed to elude her by using illusions. Kate wrote about seeing Hardlight leaving the area but couldn't divulge too many details without risking revealing her own secret.

                              Grant: Kate has ordered late night take out from the Golden Phoenix restaurant. She knows Grant only as the delivery guy. He seems nice and is always friendly and compliments her often, likely to get a bigger tip, which seems to work all too often. Kate has no idea if he is in a relationship or not and really doesn't know if she is ready for anything more than an occasional casual date.

                              Doctor Sing: Kate has interviewed the brilliant Doctor a few times at the request of various publications and internet tech sites. She finds him charming and even accepted an invitation to lunch with him.
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