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World Of Freedom: Freedom City Setting Updates

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  • Challenger

    Strength 8 (2)
    Stamina 8 (2)
    Agility 8 (2)
    Dexterity 8 (2)
    Fighting 8
    Intellect 2
    Awareness 4
    Presence 3

    Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+10), Athletics 2 (+10), Deception 11 (+14), Expertise [Current Events] 8 (+10), Expertise [Medicine] 6 (+8.), Expertise [Soldier] 12 (+14), Insight 9 (+13), Intimidation 10 (+13), Investigation 6 (+8.), Perception 9 (+13), Vehicles [Air] 2 (+10), Vehicles [Land] 2 (+10), Vehicles [Water] 2 (+10)

    Advantages: All-Out Attack, Benefit 2 [Ambidexterity, Security Clearance], Assessment, Close Attack 4, Contacts, Defensive Roll, Evasion 2, Improved Critical [Unarmed] 2, Improved Defense, Improved Feint, Improved Trip, Luck [Determination] 2, Power Attack, Precise Attack [ranged; cover], Ranged Attack 4, Takedown Attack, Tracking

    Powers: Super Soldier Treatment:
    Enhanced Strength 6
    Enhanced Stamina 6
    Enhanced Agility 6
    Enhanced Dexterity 6
    Enhanced Advantages 6 [Great Endurance, Move-By Action, Quick Draw, Second Chance (Fortitude Checks), Seize Initiative, Uncanny Dodge]
    Leaping 3
    Speed 3

    Sonic Pistol: (Removable –6 pts) [28 pp]
    Sonic Beam: Ranged Damage 11 (Extra: Penetrating)
    -Sonic Stunner: Ranged Affliction 11 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Cumulative)

    Offense: Initiative +8
    Melee Attack +12 // Unarmed Damage +8; critical 18-20
    Ranged Attack +12 // Sonic Pistol Damage +11

    Defense: Dodge +11
    Parry +11
    Toughness +9*/+8 [*Defensive Roll]
    Fortitude +10
    Will +11

    Costs: Abilities 34+ Skills 28+ Advantages 26+ Powers 88+ Defenses 15= 191 pts.

    Real Name: Nathan Ross
    Height: 6’ 3”
    Weight: 240 lbs
    Hair: Grey
    Eye Color: Blue-grey

    Family Ties: Challenger is Megastar’s grandfather, though the young hero has only recently been made aware of it. Their relationship is somewhat strained as a result.

    Normal Life: Challenger’s identity as Nathan Ross isn’t public knowledge.

    Old Solider [part 1]: Challenger bases most of his teaching style on the drill instructors he had in boot camp. Basically imagine R. Lee Ermey with super powers teaching the kids at Claremont.

    Old Solider [part 2]: Challenger spent the majority of his career as an operative for the American Government. Even though he’s been retired for over a decade he is called upon from time to time to deal with a “unique” or “special” mission.

    Responsibililty: Challenger has been juggling his work as hero and part time government operative with being married his entire career. Sometimes his wife, Lauren, has to accept that his work will always come first.

    Sense of Duty: Challenger feels that his experiences, training and abilities make it his job to properly train the students to become better heroes.

    Background: Nathan Ross was one of the first wave of heroes from WWII, taking part in a government experiment to make super-soldiers based off the serum that gave the Patriot his abilities. Upon gaining his powers and a brief time spent training in tactics and soon was given the costume and weapon that he be became known for as Challenger. He operated mostly in the European Theaters of war and worked several times with the Allies of Freedom, becoming good friends with most of the members. Not being able to avenge their deaths at the hands of Nacht-Krieger is something he’s regretted for the majority of his adult life. After the war Challenger went on to continue working for the American Government, performing covert missions over the years as he settled down in his personal life; getting married, having children and such things.

    Nathan stayed active for several decades, though the ways war was waged changed severely during that time, he eventually “retired” from field duty and spent several years being in-charge of a group of “super-agents” (all of whom had minor powers and loads of training). Finally during the 80’s he became fed up with the double standard of how things were done in his home town of Freedom City, where he was one of the few heroes who could avoid any troubles with the law if he used his powers in public due to his status as a government operative. So he retired and started to spend more time with his family, which by this point included grandchildren. When his first granddaughter, Emily, began to manifest her powers Nathan took the lead and started to train her in their use, much to her dismay. His idea of training is very similar to boot camp styles of older times, though he did “take it easy” on Emily due to age and gender (he’s still old school in his thoughts on women, though it‘s eased in his later years). Eventually Emily was deemed “as trained as she can be” and though it was during the end of the Moore Years she eventually made her way into the world of heroes (calling herself Shattersky, as she had developed gravity powers), though she did manage to find another teenage hero, Bugout, who was slightly more….hyper than she was. They had some minor success dealing with the mob and the gangs, keeping their drug trades and violence managed. They were lucky enough to stay low-key enough to stay mostly off law enforcement’s radar, especially with the original FORCE Ops and the duo of the Eye of Justice and Evening, but they made a difference in many lives dealing with street crimes.

    Then the Terminus Invasion happened. Nathan dusted off his old costume and did much to help keep all the heroes organized, his leadership skills coming into play more than his actual powers (though he did manage to deal with several Omegadrones on his own. He has one of their power pikes hanging as a trophy). Unfortunately though Emily and Bugout weren’t as lucky. They gave their lives protecting a group of civilians from some of the escaped criminals from Blackstone, it was simply a case of their being overpowered by more experienced and vicious men and women. Nathan retired heartbroken following that crushing loss, to this day he is still estranged from his son over Emily’s death. Though his daughter didn‘t completely agree with her brother she did see his points on the matter but she didn‘t blame Nathan for Emily‘s death, though she feels he could have done more to prevent it from happening and didn‘t have much to do with Nathan either. For several years Nathan was a hermit, living in his home without going out, though his wife stood by him during those tough years.

    Eventually Duncan Summers reached out to Nathan and what he proposed was simple: train the students at the Claremont Academy in a manner he saw fit to be better prepared for life as a hero. Summers saw that Nathan had a talent for training and respected the man for his past work during WWII and had seen the results of his training with Emily. It was no small task, it took years of work on Summers’ part; eventually time had healed much of Nathan’s grief and guilt and the fact that his grandson (his daughter’s child) had gained powers of his own and had become a student at Claremont.

    Nathan has found that he enjoys working at Claremont, the students challenge him in all manner of things, in ways he never thought possible. He realizes that he still has much to offer them and he’s willing to use lots of “tough love” to make sure they take it. Most of the time Nathan is dressed in black BDU pants, a white tee shirt with a ballcap sporting his “colors” (the theme used in his Challenger costume of old: a star over a blue & silver background) and his sonic pistol in a shoulder holster.

    In his first two years at Claremont Challenger’s pet project was Megastar, the young paragon was in need of some serious discipline and Challenger was just the man to give it to him. What most people doesn’t realize, aside from Headmaster Summers that is, is that Challenger is trying to connect with his grandson in some way since he’s not really been involved in his life since he was born. For his part Megastar (Chris Beck) had no idea of his relation to Challenger for the majority of that time, but that was more due to his mother’s insistence that Nathan not reveal their relation to one another himself. It had been Nathan’s choice to not be part of Chris’ life early on and now that he’d decided to reach out she wass all for it, but wanted it done in slow steps as to not alienate Chris. Nathan had agreed to those few stipulations but it didn‘t end well as Chris still managed to discover that Challenger was kin to him thanks to a time-traveling trip to the 1980s that lasted for a few weeks. For several weeks Megastar didn’t attend Challenger’s class and avoided his grandfather every time they were in the same room. It wasn’t until Megastar was injured fighting his Anti-Earth counterpart, Darkstar, when the Next-GEN went to Anti-Earth following their trip through time and he was left confined to a bed for a long recovery period and was physically unable to get away from his grandfather that Challenger confronted Chris and a long, involved (and sometimes tense) talk that the two of them came to an understanding.

    Since the graduation of the senior class, which for the most part was the members of the Next-GEN (aside from Bolt), and the start of the new school year Challenger has been focusing on his other students. Giving special attention to the members of the new Next-GEN, which means special classes for them on top of their normal sessions with him including bi-weekly ‘field trips’ into Freedom City to learn the basics of fighting street crime (which Challenger is somehow able to relate to the likes of the Crime League).


    • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions & Claremont Students

      I like the story of Living Dead Girl, and I might use her in my stories!


      • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions & Claremont Students

        How does her spine twist like that? It looks like its gotta hurt.
        Is that pose suppose to be sexy? Because it looks more painful to
        me than anything else. I swear that comic book artists should
        be given a basic course in human female anatomy before being able
        to draw one.

        Although her build is nice (build as in stats).


        • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions & Claremont Students

          Originally posted by betterwatchit
          I like the story of Living Dead Girl, and I might use her in my stories!
          Thanks. Hope you have as much fun as I did when I used her in my last table-top game.

          Originally posted by HustlerOne View Post
          How does her spine twist like that? It looks like its gotta hurt.
          Is that pose suppose to be sexy? Because it looks more painful to
          me than anything else. I swear that comic book artists should
          be given a basic course in human female anatomy before being able
          to draw one.

          Although her build is nice (build as in stats).
          Thanks, Trance is from Champions New Millennium setting. Heavily inspired by the 90s style of comics so I'm sure that's where her apparent immunity to spinal injury (only 1 rank!) comes from.


          • Night Man

            Night Man:
            Strength 3
            Stamina 3
            Agility 5
            Dexterity 5
            Fighting 6
            Intellect 3
            Awareness 3
            Presence 4

            Skills: Expertise [Criminal] 2 (+6), Expertise [Saxophone Player] 6 (+9), Insight 3 (+6), Intimidation 2 (+6), Investigation 2 (+5), Perception 3 (+6), Stealth 2 (+7), Vehicles [Land] 2 (+7)

            Advantages: Equipment 8

            Powers: Permanently Dilated Pupils: Senses 2 [Darkvision]
            Polymath: Variable 3 [15 pt pool; Skills & Advantages] (Extras: Increased Duration [Continuous], Free Action)
            Stimulated Mind:
            Enhanced Dodge 3 (Flaw: Limited [Only against those Mind Reading works on])
            Enhanced Parry 3 (Flaw: Limited [Only against those Mind Reading works on])
            Immunity 1 [Need for Sleep]
            Mind Reading 8 (Extras: Area [Burst], Increased Duration [Continuous]); (Feat: Improved Initiative); (Flaw: Limited [Degree of Contact is only Surface Thoughts], Limited [Only picks up violent/evil thoughts], Permanent, Quirk [Does notwork on those with no sense of moral wrong])

            Offense: Initiative +9 [+5 without Stimulated Mind]
            Melee Attack +6
            Ranged Attack +5

            Defense: Dodge +13*/+10 [*Stimulated Mind]
            Parry +13*/+10 [*Stimulated Mind]
            Toughness +7*/+5**/+3 [*Costume & Defensive Roll/**Costume]
            Fortitude +9
            Will +9

            Equipment: Night Man Costume: Protection 2 [Subtle] (3 ep)
            Night Man Mask: Infrared Lenses, Telephoto Lens (2 ep)
            Thieves Tools: Feature 1 [+2 to related skills] (1 ep)
            Man Of The Night Arsenal: (14 ep)
            Taser Plates: Affliction 5 [Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; resisted by Fortitude]
            -Bolos: Ranged Affliction [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized; resisted by Dodge]
            -Pepper Spray: Affliction 4 [Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Vision Unaware; resisted by Fortitude]
            -Smoke Bombs: Ranged Cloud Area Attack Visual Concealment 2
            -Strike Plates: Strength-Based Damage 2 (Feat: Improved Critical)

            Motorcycle [uses stats given on page 172 of Heroes Handbook] (10 ep)
            Headquarters [Playland-At-The-Beach] (10 ep) Size: Large; Toughness: 8; Features: Communications, Computer, Garage, Holding Cells, Laboratory, Secret, Workshop

            Costs: Abilities 65+ Skills 10+ Advantages 11+ Powers 53+ Defenses 21= 160 pts.

            Real Name: John Domingo (Johnny Domino; stage name)
            Height: 5'11"
            Weight: 190 lbs
            Hair: Brownish-red
            Eye Color: Brown

            Identity: The fact that Johnny Domino is actually the masked adventurer known as the Night Man.

            Motivation ~Responsibility: The Night Man feels that it is his duty to use his powers and skills to protect people from the "things that go bump in the night".

            Relationship: He is close with his father.

            Background: Johnny Domino grew up in an entertainment park called Playland-At-The-Beach - which closed fifty years ago, his father was the nightshift guard there, making sure there was no degradation of the closed rides or theft of equipment; the place was considered a landmark, to be kept in the best possible state.

            While in Vietnam Domino’s father had been impressed with what rigorous training could do for a man, and as a result he tried to learn everything he could to raise his son as best as he could, and made him train hard in both sports and scholarly school subjects. This continued after Johnny’s mother died, keeping father and son quite close, even to this day. Johnny went on to become a successful sax player and all around free-spirited cool cat. However, one day while he was walking in Golden Brick Row the Silver Storm happened. But unlike so many others, Johnny wasn't altered by the Storm itself, instead he was hit in the head by a fragment of debris sent flying by one of the many rampaging Stormers and was rushed to an hospital in the aftermath. Doctors weren’t able to remove the fragment, as it might damage Johnny's brain though the only lasting effect was that his pupils were permanently dilated, making his eyes sensitive to light.

            The other effects only appeared later, after Johnny had been discharged with a clean bill of health.

            While the world learned that many of the people who were at Yellow Brick Row had gained superhuman powers (with some of them banding together afterwards as the Strangers) Johnny discovered he too had gained metahuman abilities: he could see in the dark, he didn’t need to sleep anymore, and he could hear evil thoughts. After some hesitation, Johnny began to act against those with evil thoughts first stopping a burglary then trying to prevent a murder. He failed, however as the serial killer, who called himself Deathmask, killed a waitress called Ginger. The guilt of failing to prevent her death now drives the Night Man to become a better crime fighter.
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            • Re: World Of Freedom: the Night Man

              Wow, Night Man. This brings back some memories! TV show wasn't that bad, either, as I recall. And a damn good fit for Emerald City, too. Does this mean we're going to see The Strangers? Hardcase, maybe?
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              • Re: World Of Freedom: the Night Man

                It's Prime time!


                • Re: World Of Freedom: the Night Man

                  Originally posted by Kaisius View Post
                  Wow, Night Man. This brings back some memories! TV show wasn't that bad, either, as I recall. And a damn good fit for Emerald City, too. Does this mean we're going to see The Strangers? Hardcase, maybe?
                  I'm working on the Strangers now though they're not going to the cannon line up. I'm debating about Hardcase as he'd need a bit of work to fit i in given he was active a couple years before everyone else.
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                  • Re: World Of Freedom: the Night Man

                    well, hardcase had that whole celebrity hero thing going, making him a prettier version of rocky


                    • Re: World Of Freedom: the Night Man

                      Oh yeah, that angle for him was a natural way to go. Kinda like Wonder Man's solo comic where he was working in Hollywood as a stunt man turned actor but a better actor.

                      My issue was more trying to figure out how to give Hardcase his powers since in the Ultraverse he was part of a Jumpstart (the event that most Ultras got empowered by over the years) that happened years before the "main" one that created the Strangers (and Night Man by proxy) as well as a number of others. I'm debating about expanding how much Tellax's nanotech has spread in the U.S., perhaps subtly infecting people across the country when they unknowingly come into contact with it.

                      In other news I recently picked up the Watchguard book, and if you haven't read it then you should be. It's well done with around 40 or so characters that have a good number of ways to work them into a setting, which I'm also in the process of working on, so some of those will be showing up here too (though they'll have some reworking on their powers and backgrounds to suit my tastes and fit into my WOF setting.


                      • Re: World Of Freedom: the Night Man

                        I have vague memories of the Night Man show. Cool build.

                        Any plans to build out the Day Man; fighter of the Night Man?
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                        • Re: World Of Freedom: the Night Man

                          Originally posted by Nevius View Post
                          I have vague memories of the Night Man show. Cool build.
                          The show was alright for what it was - a show about a guy called the Nightman. Otherwise they really didn't follow the comic AT ALL.

                          Any plans to build out the Day Man; fighter of the Night Man?


                          • Re: World Of Freedom: the Night Man

                            So for a long time I've held onto character builds in my PM box until I was ready to post them or I didn't want to give things away in the current games I'm running. But I've found that the new board has a limit as to how many PMs can be held and since I'm about at my limit I guess I am going to have to just post several of them earlier than I'd planned. Not too huge a deal considering that some of these characters won't come into play until a good deal later, so for now I won't be including their histories until they do make an appearance in-game.


                            • Neosaurus

                              Strength 6 (10)
                              Stamina 6 (10)
                              Agility 2
                              Dexterity 2
                              Fighting 4
                              Intellect 1
                              Awareness 2
                              Presence 2

                              Skills: Athletics 4 (+10/+14), Expertise [Current Events] 4 (+5), Expertise [Survival] 6 (+8.), Intimidate 11 (+13/+15), Investigation 6 (+7), Ranged Combat [Thrown Objects] 6 (+10), Stealth 9 (+7), Vehicles [Exotic] 5 (+7), Vehicles [Land] 5 (+7)

                              Advantages: All-Out Attack, Benefit [member of Star Guard], Close Attack 6, Fast Grab, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Initiative, Languages [Base: Saurian; Galactic Standard, Lor], Power Attack, Ranged Attack 2

                              Powers: Seljuk Physiology: (Innate)
                              Seljuk Senses: Senses 3 [Olfactory (Acute, Tracking), Low-Light Vision]
                              Seljuk Size:
                              Enhanced Advantages 1 [Great Endurance]
                              Growth 4 [9 ft tall: +4 Strength, +4 Stamina, +2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge/Parry] (Extra: Permanent); (Feat: Innate)
                              Saurian Teeth: Strength-Based Damage 2 (Feat: Improved Critical 2)
                              Saurian Tough: Impervious Toughness 6

                              Monstrous Size: Growth 4 [15 ft tall: +4 Strength, +4 Stamina, +2 Intimidation, -4 Stealth, -2 Dodge/Parry]
                              Tougher The Bigger He Is: Impervious Toughness 4 (Flaw: Quirk [Limited to ranks of Growth in effect])
                              Giant Fists & Feet: Damage 10 (Extra: Area [Burst]); (Flaw: Limited [Only useable while Monstrous Size is in effect])

                              Offense: Initiative +6
                              Melee Attack +10
                              Ranged Attack +4 // Thrown Objects Attack +10

                              Defense: Dodge +8/+6* [*Full Size]
                              Parry +8/+6* [*Full Size]
                              Toughness +6/+10* [*Full Size]
                              Fortitude +9/+13* [*Full Size]
                              Will +9

                              Equipment: Star Guard Uniform [Commlink, Immunity 2 (Environmental Cold, Environmental Heat)]

                              Costs: Abilities 34+ Skills 19+ Advantages 15+ Powers 55+ Defenses 24= 146 pts.

                              Honor: Neosaurus follows a code of conduct when it comes to battle and won't take advantage of an opponent (attack from behind, use cheap shots or underhanded tricks).

                              Responsibility: Neosaurus is bound by his oath as a member of the Star Guard to protect the Supreme Praetor, the other members of the Senate and the Republic itself.

                              Background: Later to come....


                              • Martinex

                                Strength 2
                                Stamina 5
                                Agility 2
                                Dexterity 4
                                Fighting 4
                                Intellect 4
                                Awareness 2
                                Presence 2

                                Skills: Athletics 5 (+7), Expertise [Science] 8 (+12), Insight 6 (+8), Perception 6 (+8), Ranged Combat [Bio-Thermal Manipulation] 6 (+11), Technology 8 (+12), Vehicles [Air] 4 (+8), Vehicles [Exotic] 5

                                Advantages: Close Attack 4, Language [Base: Pluvian; Galactic Standard], Power Attack, Ranged Attack, Speed of Thought, Teamwork

                                Powers: Organic Silicon Skin: (Feat: Innate)
                                Immunity 5 [Environmental Cold, Pressure, Suffocation, Vacuum]
                                Protection 5 (Extra: Impervious)

                                See In Absolute Darkness: Senses 2 [Darkvision] (Feat: Innate)

                                Bio-Thermal Manipulation:
                                Heat Blast: Ranged Heat Damage 11 (Extra: Penetrating); (Feat: Precise)
                                -Ice Blast: Ranged Cold Damage 11 (Extra: Penetrating); (Feat: Precise)

                                Offense: Initiative +4
                                Melee Attack +8
                                Ranged Attack +5 // Bio-Thermal Manipulation Attacks +11

                                Defense: Dodge +12
                                Parry +12
                                Toughness +10* [*Impervious 5]
                                Fortitude +7
                                Will +9

                                Costs: Abilities 50+ Skills 17+ Advantages 9+ Powers 55+ Defenses 27= 158 pts.

                                Real Name: Martinex T'Naga
                                Height: 6’1”
                                Weight: 455 lbs
                                Hair: None
                                Eye Color: Black
                                Unusual Features: Body covered in a crystal-like substance that has facets which refracts light and produces various colors

                                Equipment: Star Guard Communicator [Commlink]

                                Responsibility: Martinex is bound by his oath as a member of the Star Guard to protect the Supreme Praetor, the other members of the Senate and the Republic itself.

                                Weakness: Martinex’s Bio-Thermal powers are not infinite, and he will tire from overusing them or by using them at maximum intensity several
                                times over a short period of time.

                                Background: Later to come.....