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World Of Freedom: Freedom City Setting Updates

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  • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

    Originally posted by Arkrite View Post
    Well, it's official, the Psions could destroy the Albright crew whenever they felt like it.

    You know, if they survive each other ;~)

    Psion's grandchildren all basically want away from him.

    His brother's grandchildren are basically setting up to take over and crush anybody who gets in the way.

    And then he brought in Fiend... a guy who loves inflicting pain into a place where he's got almost no oversight keeping him from lashing out at people.

    The Psions are a powder keg waiting to go off! And that doesn't take into account the rest of the new troops that Old Man Psion brought in.
    Isn't that always the way with bad guys?


    • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

      Originally posted by Arkrite
      Well, it's official, the Psions could destroy the Albright crew whenever they felt like it.

      You know, if they survive each other ;~)

      Psion's grandchildren all basically want away from him.

      His brother's grandchildren are basically setting up to take over and crush anybody who gets in the way.

      And then he brought in Fiend... a guy who loves inflicting pain into a place where he's got almost no oversight keeping him from lashing out at people.

      The Psions are a powder keg waiting to go off! And that doesn't take into account the rest of the new troops that Old Man Psion brought in

      Which is pretty much where I see them given Pappy Psion's control freak tendencies.

      The last couple members, Rampart & Amend are coming shortly but they're pretty much unchanged aside from a couple bits about Amend's friendship with Jump and their thoughts on Toni's leaving the Psions.

      I've got a couple things in the works that I want to do with the Psions.....hopefully I can pull it off.


      • Ironheart

        Strength 16
        Stamina --
        Agility 0
        Dexterity 0
        Fighting 9
        Intellect 0
        Awareness 2
        Presence 0

        Skills: Expertise [Magic] 6 (+6), Insight 6 (+8), Intimidation 12 (+15), Perception 6 (+8), Ranged Combat [Thrown] 12 (+12)

        Advantages: Close Attack 3, Improved Feint, Improved Initiative 2, Power Attack, Startle

        Powers: Golem Traits:
        Growth 6 [Strength +6, Toughness +6, Intimidation +3, Mass +6; Dodge/Parry -3, Stealth -6] (Extra: Permanent); (Feat: Innate)
        Immunity 57 [Critical Hits, Fortitude Effects, Interaction Skills (Limited [Half Effective]), Magic Descriptor (Limited [casted spells])]
        Protection 10 (Extra: Impervious 14)
        Senses 3 [Darkvision, Low-Light Vision]
        Toxic Breath Weapon: Weaken Stamina 10 (Extras: Area [Cloud] 2)

        Feats Of Super Strength:
        -Groundstrike: Damage 14 (Extra: Area [Line]); (Flaw: Limited [Targets must be on same surface as Ironheart])
        -Shockwave: Affliction 14 [Vulnerable, Defenseless; resisted by Fortitude] (Extras: Area [Burst], Progressive); (Flaws: Limited Degree, Limited [Targets must be on same surface as Ironheart])

        Offense: Initiative +8
        Melee Attack +12
        Ranged Attack +0 // Thrown Attacks +12

        Defense: Dodge +9
        Parry +9
        Toughness +16* [*Impervious 14]
        Fortitude N/A
        Will +10

        Costs: Abilities 32+ Skills 14+ Advantages 5+ Powers 117+ Defenses 17= 185 pts.

        Height: 12’
        Weight: 5,000 lbs
        Hair: None
        Eye Color: Diamond White

        Disability: Like normal Iron Golems, Ironheart is Stunned for 3 rounds when struck with an electrical-based attack.

        Background: A golem created by Baron Twilight, he decided to use a black gemstone called the Tear of Shadows as the “heart” of the construct instead of the normal ritualized diamond. That alteration in the otherwise normal creation process resulted in the golem gaining self awareness, as the Tear of Shadows was actually a prison for a lesser demon imprisoned centuries ago and somehow the golem is accessing fragments of the demon’s personality (though it is a separate and distinct identity). Ironheart then turned on its creator and managed to force its way to freedom, having since gone on to become “hired muscle” in the mystical community as it seeks to become flesh and blood no matter who it has to work for and what they might want it to do.


        • Darkstar

          Strength 8 (0)
          Stamina 8 (0)
          Agility 2
          Dexterity 2
          Fighting 6
          Intellect 4
          Awareness 4
          Presence 0

          Skills: Deception 12 (+12), Expertise [Computers] 7 (+11), Expertise [Current Events] 3 (+7), Insight 6 (+10), Intimidation 12 (+12), Perception 6 (+10), Persuasion 6 (+6), Ranged Combat [Shadow Bolt] 8 (+10), Stealth 10 (+12), Technology 7 (+11)

          Advantages: Close Attack 4, Daze [Intimidation], Improved Feint, Improved Initiative 2, Luck [Determined Recovery], Luck [Skillful], Move-By Action, Power Attack, Precise Attack [ranged; cover], Startle, Task Focus [Technology: Electronics]

          Powers: Superhuman Strength & Toughness:
          Enhanced Strength 8
          Enhanced Stamina 8
          Protection 2

          Shadow Imps: Summon 5 (Extras: Controlled, Horde); (Feat: Multiple Minions 4 [16 total], Sacrifice)
          Shadow Energy Manipulation:
          Dark Gate: Teleport 6 (Extras: Accurate); (Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Increased Mass 3 [400 lbs])
          Draining Blackness:
          Ranged Weaken Stamina 10 (Feat: Slow Fade 7 [1 hour])
          -Dark Whip: Strength-Based Damage 2 (Feats: Extended 5, Improved Critical 2)
          -Shadow Bolt: Ranged Damage 10

          Offense: Initiative +10
          Melee Attack +10
          Ranged Attack +10

          Defense: Dodge +10
          Parry +10
          Toughness +10
          Fortitude +9
          Will +10

          Costs: Abilities 36+ Skills 27+ Advantages 15+ Powers 111+ Defenses 19= 208 pts.

          Real Name: Nolan Michaels
          Height: 5’ 10”
          Weight: Unknown
          Hair: Blonde
          Eye Color: Blue

          Burn Out & Fade Away: Darkstar must use his Draining power every day to sustain himself or else he begins to suffer a -5 penalty to all of his powers every day following he doesn’t feed on life energy. If he were to burn through his powers then he suffers a -1 to Stamina instead.

          Motivation ~Revenge: Darkstar feels that Langston Albright abandoned him and left him to the tortures he was forced to live through, so now Darkstar seeks to avenge himself by taking away certain people and things that are important to Albright.

          Background: The Albright Institute has been known to take custody of children whose powers are either too out of control or too dangerous to those around them for a few years now. Keisha Nelson is one example, taken in by Langston Albright himself because her family was simply unable to cope with her uncontrolled teleporting and willingly made Langston her guardian.

          Nolan Michaels on the other hand was one of the other kinds of children, ones who were a danger to any around him. Nolan developed the ability to drain living creatures of their bio-energy to sustain himself and unfortunately, the young boy was unable to control his powers, resulting in the deaths of both his parents when he was five years old. Nolan was then quickly brought into the care of the Albright Institute where the doctors developed a suit that held his power in check though it deprived him of physical contact with those around him and soon Nolan started acting out in frustration. Mostly tantrums with more yelling than anything else but he showed an early predilection for rebelling against those responsible for raising him.

          Soon enough Nolan was started on a training program to teach him control of his powers as well as being taught by a series of tutors that were brought in specifically for the children being cared for by the Institute. It was at this point that Nolan met Keisha Nelson and the two quickly bonded over their mutual love of thumbing their nose at those in charge with pranks (it also helped that Keisha healing powers that allowed her to survive any accidents Nolan had with his powers). Over the next few years the pair became close friends, spending a good portion of their time together. Keisha did a lot to relieve a good deal of the alienation that Nolan suffered from because of his powers and how he had to be treated because of them and despite some hardships overall Nolan was becoming happy with his life.

          That happiness was shattered when Taurus decided he was tired of waiting on the Institute to share with the medical community about the effects of Terminus Radiation on human DNA (the old Bull was looking for options in further developing the DNAscent Process) and sent his agents to capture both Keisha and Nolan.

          Fortunately Keisha was able to make good her escape by teleporting away but Nolan wasn’t as lucky; he was captured, drugged and then taken to one of the many hidden laboratory/workshops of the Labyrinth where he was subjected to all manner of invasive tests and painful procedures over the following years that slowly turned him from a mostly normal boy who was somewhat scared of his powers and highly frustrated by them into a very angry young man who wanted nothing more than revenge on those he felt had wronged him.

          The tests done by the Labyrinth scientists caused Nolan’s powers to mutate in response and he slowly managed to develop a level of control over them until he finally freed himself as the scientists had become more and more lax in the security measures used against him and were unaware of his increased control and power. Nolan took his revenge on everyone he could find in the building, leaving a wake of bodies behind him.

          After that first outburst Nolan then settled down somewhat and take the time to get caught up on things that had had happened since his abduction and learned about the program the Albright Institute started for teens afflicted by the Terminus Radiation. Feeling betrayed, abandoned and replaced the angry teen decided that his best way to get revenge on Langston Albright for abandoning him all those years ago, is to specifically target the teens that the older man had replaced Nolan with. Besides, Keisha was part of that group and he needed to pay her a visit as well, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

          Shadow Imps:
          Strength 1
          Stamina 2
          Agility 1
          Dexterity 1
          Fighting 3
          Intellect 0
          Awareness 1
          Presence 0

          Skills: Athletics 6 (+7), Close Combat [Claws] 2 (+5), Insight 4 (+4), Perception 4 (+4), Stealth 4 (+9)

          Advantages: Defensive Roll, Improved Initiative

          Powers: Shadow Imp Physiology:
          Immunity 18 [Acid Damage, Aging, Cold Damage, Disease, Fire Damage, Poison]
          Leaping 2
          Movement 2 [Wall-Crawling 2]
          Senses 2 [Darkvision]
          Shrinking 4 (Feat: Innate); (Flaw: Permanent)
          Claws: Strength-Based Slashing Damage 2

          Offense: Initiative +5
          Melee Attack +3 // Claw Attack +5
          Ranged Attack +1

          Defense: Dodge +6
          Parry +6
          Toughness +3*/+2 [*Defensive Roll]
          Fortitude +5
          Will +3

          Costs: Abilities 18+ Skills 7+ Advantages 2+ Powers 35+ Defenses 13= 75 pts.
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          • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

            Yikes. We're going to have our work cut out for us to take Nolan down


            • Lash

              Strength 3
              Stamina 3
              Agility 3
              Dexterity 3
              Fighting 6
              Intellect 2
              Awareness 2
              Presence 3

              Skills: Acrobatics 7 (+10), Athletics 3 (+6), Close Combat [Whip] 4 (+10), Deception 6 (+9), Expertise [Current Events] 1 (+3), Expertise [Criminal] 7 (+9), Insight 6 (+8), Investigation 2 (+4), Perception 6 (+8), Sleight of Hand 7 (+10), Stealth 7 (+10), Technology 3 (+5)

              Advantages: Agile Feint, Chokehold, Defensive Roll, Equipment 4, Evasion 2, Improved Defense, Improved Initiative, Quick Draw, Precise Attack [close; cover], Ranged Attack 3, Takedown 2

              Powers: Custom Steel Whip: (Easily Removable -6 pts) [9 pp]
              Deadly Lash: Strength-Based Damage 3 (Feats: Improved Critical 2, Fast Grab, Improved Disarm, Improved Grab, Improved Hold, Improved Smash, Improved Trip, Reach 3)
              -Swashbuckler's Swing: Movement 1 [Swinging] & Speed 2 (Limited [Only while swinging])

              Offense: Initiative +7
              Melee Attack +6 // Whip Attack +10
              Ranged Attack +6

              Defense: Dodge +9
              Parry +9
              Toughness +7*/+6**/+3 [*Armored Costume & Defensive Roll/**Armored Costume]
              Fortitude +7
              Will +7

              Equipment: Armored Costume [Protection 3; Subtle] (4 ep)
              Smoke Grenades [Ranged Cloud Area Concealment Attack 4] (12 ep)
              -Lock picks (1 ep)
              -3 ep free

              Costs: Abilities 50+ Skills 24+ Advantages 18+ Powers 9+ Defenses 19= 120 pts.

              Real Name: Michael "Mike" Braddock
              Height: 5'11"
              Weight: 171 lbs
              Eye Color:

              Identity: Lash's true identity as Mike Braddock is a secret.

              Motivation ~Greed: Mike is all about making money, a lot of it.

              Quirk ~Skirtchaser: Lash seemingly cannot stop himself from hitting on nearly every woman he meets.

              Background: Mike Braddock has been a criminal since he was a teenager, starting out with petty theft and shoplifting. That soon turned into robbery and burglary, but Mike wanted something more, to make his jobs easier and his payoff bigger. One day he was out on a date at a traveling circus and saw a lion tamer act. Impressed by the whip, but also by the skill the man used it with - it was flashy and unusual, Braddock realized he’d found the way for him to get more out of his work and he reached out to Fabricators Inc., who designed a custom steel whip for him. After Braddock practiced for weeks, and designed a costume, he became Lash - a daring thief.

              Since then, he's always pulled jobs for money, avoiding any real violence - except for when some random hero is trying to take him down in the middle of a heist.
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              • Stormfront

                Strength 2
                Stamina 3
                Agility 3
                Dexterity 3
                Fighting 7
                Intellect 0
                Awareness 2
                Presence 3

                Skills: Deception 9 (+12), Expertise [Con Artist] 6 (+9), Expertise [Weather] 10 (+10), Insight 8 (+10), Intimidation 6 (+9), Investigation 4 (+4), Perception 6 (+8), Persuasion 7 (+10), Ranged Combat [Dangerous Weather Array] 3 (+10), Sleight of Hand 6 (+9), Stealth 6 (+9)

                Advantages: Defensive Roll, Fascinate [Deception], Favored Environment [Airborne], Improved Taunt, Ranged Attack 4, Taunt

                Powers: Windriding: Flight 6 (Feat: Move-By Action)
                Wind Shield:
                Enhanced Dodge 2 (Extra: Sustained)
                Enhanced Parry 2 (Extra: Sustained)
                Protection 6 (Extra: Sustained)
                Self-Acclimating: Immunity 2 [Environmental Cold, Environmental Heat]
                Localized Rainstorm/Snowstorm: Environment 6 [Visibility (-5 modifier), Extreme Heat (Alt. Effect: Extreme Cold), Impede Movement (-2 ranks)] (Extra: Selective [mix-n-match effects])
                Dangerous Weather Array:
                Mini Blizzard: Ranged Cold Damage 10 (Extras: Alternate Resistance [Fortitude], Area [Burst] 2); (Flaw: Reduced Range)
                -Gusting Winds: Move Object 10
                -Hail Storm: Ranged Bludgeoning Damage 10 (Extra: Multiattack)
                -Lightning Bolt: Ranged Electrical Damage 12 (Feats: Improved Critical, Indirect 3 [any point in a fixed direction])
                -Localized Tornado: Ranged Air Damage 10 (Extra: Area [Shapeable])

                Offense: Initiative +3
                Melee Attack +7
                Ranged Attack +7 // Dangerous Weather Array Attack +10

                Defense: Dodge +10*/+8 [*Wind Shield]
                Parry +10*/+8 [*Wind Shield]
                Toughness +10*/+9**/+3 [*Wind Shield & Defensive Roll/**Wind Shield]
                Fortitude +8
                Will +8

                Costs: Abilities 46+ Skills 24+ Advantages 9+ Powers 107+ Defenses 17= 203 pts.

                Change Is Hard: Stormfront manipulates the weather but he can't turn the Sahara into the Arctic with a snap of his fingers-such a massive change
                would require a lot of time and energy. Also, when he changes the weather, it affects weather in nearby weather systems (which can reveal his crimes).

                Looks out for #1: James is very selfish and suspicious of others, to the point of being paranoid.

                Public Identity: The fact that Stormfront is James Hailey is a matter of public record, and he is a wanted criminal.

                Background: James Hailey’s mutant power to manipulate the weather originally manifested as the ability to make it rain when he was just eight years old, he was taken in by his uncle, a con-artist 'reverend', who taught the boy the tricks of graft, cheating at cards, and that all that mattered was making money and putting yourself first over the course of several years.

                Eventually James broke away from his uncle, since he was the one with the real talent anyway, and became a supervillain in an effort to get greater wealth. Calling himself Stormfront, he bedeviled cities all over the Western part of the United States with strange weather patterns only to run afoul of Captain Thunder in his time before being a part of the Freedom League.

                Now a days he's one of the fringe members of the recently expanded Crime Union but has a hard time working with anyone because of his cynical suspicious nature which is now starting to get him less and less work through that organization and leaving James out in the cold so to speak.


                • Goma

                  Strength 3
                  Stamina 4
                  Agility 6
                  Dexterity 6
                  Fighting 7
                  Intellect 1
                  Awareness 1
                  Presence 1

                  Skills: Acrobatics 0 (+12), Athletics 0 (+6), Close Combat [Unarmed] 3 (+10), Deception 7 (+8), Expertise [Science] 6 (+7), Sleight of Hand 0 (+12), Stealth 0 (+12), Technology 4 (+5)

                  Advantages: Benefit [Crime Union member], Benefit [Wealth], Defensive Attack, Improved Defense, Improved Taunt, Improved Trip, Language [Base: English; Spanish], Move-By Action, Power Attack, Ranged Attack 2, Taunt

                  Powers: Flow Through: Insubstantial 1
                  Resilient Body:
                  Immunity 40 [Physical Damage] (Flaw: Limited [Half Effective])
                  Protection 9 (Extra: Impervious 11)
                  Enhanced Skills 7 [Acrobatics +6, Athletics +3, Sleight of Hand +6, Stealth +6]
                  Elongation 5
                  Stretchy Legs:
                  Leaping 4
                  Speed 1
                  Elastic Attacks Array:
                  Wraparound: Affliction 10 [Hindered & Vulnerable, Defenseless & Immobilized; resisted by Dodge/Damage] (Extras: Extra Condition, Linked [to
                  other Affliction]); (Flaw: Limited Degree) & Affliction 10 [Vision Impaired, Vision Disabled, Vision Unaware; resisted by Fortitude] (Extra: Linked [to other Affliction])
                  -Big Spiky Fist: Strength-Based Damage 7 (Feat: Improved Critical)
                  -Spiky Body: Strength-Based Damage 2 (Extra: Reaction)
                  -Bounce Attacks: Deflect 7 (Extras: Redirect, Reflect); (Flaw: Limited [Physical attacks only])

                  Offense: Initiative +5
                  Melee Attack +7 // Unarmed Attack +10
                  Ranged Attack +8

                  Defense: Dodge +7
                  Parry +7
                  Toughness +13* [*Impervious 11]
                  Fortitude +9
                  Will +7

                  Costs: Abilities 58+ Skills 7+ Advantages 12+ Powers 85+ Defenses 12= 174 pts.

                  Real Name: Harvey Pepper
                  Height: 5'11"
                  Weight: 202 lbs
                  Hair: Black
                  Eye Color: Brown

                  Quirk ~Can't Shut Up: Goma loves to taunt other people-even those much more powerful than him.

                  Motivation ~ Greed: Goma is a lazy guy, and using his powers to steal is just about all the work he has in him.

                  Identity: So far Goma has kept the fact that he is actually Harvey Pepper a secret.

                  Weakness: Goma takes 50% more damage from cold attacks, and he is more susceptible to poisons than most other people.

                  Background: Harvey Pepper was an ordinary guy, a little lazy, a little too flirty at the workplace, but otherwise just a chemical engineer of no real importance. Until an accident involving two unstable compounds and a semi-liquid plastic substance altered his body, turning him into a malleable, rubber man.

                  Harvey quickly turned to a life of crime, operating in Freedom City mostly which has frequently put him in conflict with Johnny Rocket. He's also a peripheral member of the extended Crime Union, and has on occasion taken crime-for-hire independent of them.
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                  • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

                    Originally posted by Shock View Post
                    Yikes. We're going to have our work cut out for us to take Nolan down
                    Well, I did build him to be a threat to the group all on his own. So that makes sense.

                    Plus I've got a couple power stunts in mind for him to use in a fight, so yeah. He should be a hard fight for the Albrighters.


                    • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

                      All things considered he's not as terrifying as he could be.

                      Personally I'm just giddy, my selection in powers have finally paid off: We're finally running into mooks who can't hurt Richard ;~)


                      • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

                        Wouldn't Richard potentially be vulnerable to Nolan's Weaken Stamina? I don't see anything on his sheet that would prevent that power from hurting him. Sure, Richard has an above average chance of making the save (Fort 11 vs. Power Rank 10), but other than that slight edge I don't see Richard having a huge advantage.

                        Besides, since most attacks we face are Toughness based, it seems a little disingenuous to gripe about Richard's vulnerability to attack when he's sporting a level of toughness T-man wouldn't even permit me to give my PL10 paragon. Most attacks that could hurt Richard could splatter the rest of us.


                        • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

                          I was talking about the imps. Their attack won't go over his impervious.

                          Nolan is a threat to everybody, at PL10 he can do some good damage and on top of that he's got power attack so he can do some real hurt to Richard too. Otherwise he wouldn't really be a threat to the entire team.


                          • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

                            Oh yeah...them. All I can say about the Imps is, it's a good thing I spent the points to give Sunstorm the variable (fire, light, radiation) on his energy projection or the Imps would be as invulnerable to him as Richard is to them.

                            How embarrassing would that be?


                            • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

                              I forgot Sean could do that. I just assumed he'd focus on blowing Nolan to kingdom come.

                              Of course now all I can think of is "Hey guys, remember that time Sean started throwing around Radiation and we all went sterile?" ;~)


                              • Re: World Of Freedom: the Psions plus Odds & Ins

                                With our group, would that necessarily be a bad thing?