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  • Mrdent12s Character Collection

    A collection of all the PCs I created.

    Coby Doyle: A powerful telepath from a rift game.
    Nathan Natas: A young show controller with shadow servants.
    Riley Jenkins: A former slave now a tracker/regenerating humanoid cat.
    Nicholas Kozloz: A poker playing gravity controller.
    Matthew Jones aka Smiley: A smooth talking emotion controller.
    Rex McBain aka Wolf: Wolverine type mixed with a dog.
    Edmound Dantes aka The Count of Monte Cristo: As the name implies, Edmound Dantes if he had illusion based powers.
    Arthur Pewty aka Number 2: Emotion controlling media personality.
    Charlie Rose and Fredrick: A powerhouse parasite bonded person.
    William Barnes: Probability controlling history graduate student.
    Dracma Kalis: A pleasure seeking half demon.
    Franco De Winter aka Night Watchman: A half demon artist.
    Lucas Wright aka Wildcard: Gambit clone.
    Solomon: Religious darkness controller.
    Karen Stone(Real Name Elizabeth Stein): A mossad trained assassin masquerading as a reputation manager.
    Edward Bontiful: A teleporting French Ex sniper.
    Marcus Cranston: A street level version of The Shadow.
    Avery: A luck controlling obsessive gambler who is cursed to always lose.
    Renault Bernard: An ex CIA agent vibration controller turned billionaire private intelligence firm owner.
    Tommy Doyle aka Express: A former bareknuckle boxer turned messenger speedster.
    William: A fire controling monk.

    Autumn Wind aka Leaf: One of my attempts to make a River song inspired character.
    Arthur Doyle: A darkness controller who is opposed to a light controlling brother.
    John Stein(Seraphim): A light controller who is opposed to a darkness controlling brother.
    Sandra O'Leary(Ghost): A thief who can turn insubstantial and throw knives well.
    Adam Jones(Tempest): A weather controlling anthropology grad student.
    Damian Monroe(Outcast): A night crawler type character in a dystopian mega city.
    Drafi Dinicu aka The Jester: A highly acrobatic jester who can create knives as well as throw them well.
    The Last Musketeer aka Constantin Dubois:A WWII era magical suit wearing hero.
    Arthur Pewty aka Number 2: A laid back, charismatic telekinetic leader who is afraid of goats.
    Alexis Ross aka Shifter: An animal shape shifting animal behaviourialist.
    Charlie Rose(Human) aka Fred(Vodun): A person revived by a symbiotic creature making him a super strong regenerating zombie.
    Francis Sforza: A highlander inspired character with a magical sword.
    Leaf: PL 8 River Song type bonded with a slug by science.
    Edward Drake: Romani with crow raven wings and ability to talk with dead.
    Finian O'Toole:
    Trixie "Blur" Schrodinger: A quantum field controlling street level thief.
    Ronald Green: A bad boy teacher who is a mix of Angel and Wolverine.
    Nick Wright aka Maverick: A Deadpool inspired exfbi agent turned superhero.
    Luca Romancik aka Cerebral: A super genius telepath.
    Matthew "Lou" Burke: The wolfman in a Hell Boy inspired universe.
    Jesse: An undead bounty hunter from the Civil War era who uses fear as a weapon.
    Ricky Drake: A gambling, drinking, and womanizing mystic cursed with immortality.
    Max: A former black ops soldier with survivalist/wilderness skills.
    Dylan Hall: An investigative journalist with a powerful tail.
    Mack aka Eight Ball: Instinctively knows probabilities.
    Rex Roughman: A werewolf.
    Bobo: A trickster magically powered monkey with increased intelligence.
    Michael Smith aka Shades: Teenage super soldier/daredevil spy/assassin mix
    Malkor Jones: A demon fused with moral inspired by TV Lucifer
    Seraph: Angelic hero in a world ruled by corruption.
    Diego Gonzalez: Deep deep cover agent for world domination super villain.
    Robert Blake aka Damien Thorne: A reluctant necromancer trying to do good.
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    Coby Doyle

    Coby Doyle
    PL 11
    180 pp


    Coby grew up in a fairly typical family trying to survive the nomadic raiders, self styled outlaws on hover bikes, and harsh environment of the American west. They fought and scavenged to get by day to day. Sometimes they went for days just hiding out from raiders who attacked them earlier. Most families didn't have bounties on their head larger than the income of some weapon makers though. The Doyle family was a long line of powerful psionics who were mostly hunted down and killed. A few remained scattered, but for the most part all Coby knew about was his parents Jack and Annie and his three sisters Stephanie, Isabelle, and Jane.

    They generally traveled town to town, would stay for a little, and move on once people caught on they were Mind Melters. "We could always make them accept us, but we would just prove them right.", Jack would always tell Coby when Coby inquired about making everyone like them. Sometimes a town would send bounty hunters after the family. Some smaller towns pooled there money and made a big pool for whoever killed the Doyle family. No one could quite remember what the family looked like though. When the family left a town, the town knew some Mind Melters with the last name Doyle had been in town, but the faces and composition were just a blur to all of them.

    The heat on the family got so bad that they were forced to head to the midwest. Annie and Jack knew it was dangerous, but the west was also getting quite dangerous. Going into Vampire territory wasn't an option either. If they could make it to south Missouri they might find a home. The journey would be dangerous though. To get there they would need to cross some territory controlled by Coalition State allies. The family came together and all agreed it was worth it. They hopped on their motorcyles and drove as fast as they could. They never made it.

    Partly through he Northern Gun territory they were surprised by some psi-stalkers sent by the Coalition States to sweep their allies territory. Jack and Annie fought hard, but snipers took them out with highly explosive rounds that penetrated their psionic barriers. Stephanie and Isabelle tried to hold off the psi-stalkers, but were too weak. Coby grew enraged at the slaughter of his family and sent out a blast into the minds of the attackers that killed them all. More were on their way though, so Coby took his younger sister Jane on his bike and rode away as quickly as he could.

    There was a family Coby knew about that lost a daughter while traveling named Katie when she was 2 years old. They had money and were desperate. While he hated to do it, Coby took his sister to the families large estate. It was a simple mental trick to convince the family Jane was Katie. Jane begged Coby to stay, but he had other plans. For the next couple years, he kept in touch with Jane through telepathy. She was having a good life. Coby not so much. His day to day struggle was finding parts to repair his bike, keep his mental concealment up so psi-stalkers didn't detect him, and to find any weakness he could that would bring down the Coalition States.

    Character Sheet

    STR 12(+1) DEX 14(+2) CON 18(+4) INT 10(+0) WIS 24(+7) CHA 18(+4)

    Toughness 12**/8*/4 Fortitude 12 Reflex 7 Will 15
    **with impervious force field 8
    *with armor

    Bluff +11(+15), Concentration +11(+18), Craft(Mechanical) +10(+10), Diplomacy +8(+12), Disguise +12(+16), Drive +3(+5), Notice +7(+12), Sense Motive +8(+15), Survival +8(+15)

    Attack Specialization(Psi-Blade) 4, Trance, Ultimate Effort(Will), Endurance, Equipment 3, Jack of All trades

    Mental Blocking: Concealment 2(Extras: Continuous; Flaws: Turns off When power used) 4pp

    Psionic Barrier: Forcefield 8(Extras: Impervious; Flaws: Distracting) 8pp

    Combust: Damage 11(Extras: Perception; Flaws: Distracting)[22pp]
    AE Psi-Blade: Strike 11(Extra: Penetrating 4; Flaws: Distracting)[8pp]

    Mental Power Array 35pp + 7pp = 42pp total
    Telepathy 11(Extra: Sensory Link, Move action; Flaw: Distracting) & Communication 1(Speak any language) [35pp] base
    AE Memory Alteration: Mental Transform 11(Memories; Extras: Continuous, Perception Range; Flaws: Distracting, Full round action)[22pp]
    AE Mental Blast 11(Flaws: Distracting)[33pp]
    AE Emotion Control 11(Extras: Area(burst), Selective; Flaws: Distracting; PF: Subtle, Mind Blank)[35pp]
    AE Mind Control 11(Extras: Effortless, Instant Command; Flaws: Distracting; PF: Subtle, Mental Link)[35pp]
    AE Mind Control 11(Extras: Effortless, Area(Burst); Flaws: Distracting; PF: Subtle, Mental Link)[35pp]
    AE Pain 8(Flaws: Distracting; PF: Precise, Reversible, Sedation)[35pp]
    AE Illusion 11(All sene types; Extras: Sustained; Flawsistracting, Phantasms; PF: Progression 2)[35pp]

    Initiative +2

    Attack +3

    Psi-Blade +11 DC 26 Toughness Save
    Combust DC 26 Toughness Save
    Memory Alteration DC 21 Will Save
    Mental Blast DC 26 Will Save
    Emotion Control DC 21 Will Save
    Mind Control DC 21 Will Save
    Pain DC 18 Will Save

    Defense 15(12 distracted)
    Knock back 10 (2 w/o forcefield)

    Abilities 36 Saves 21 Skills 19 Feats 11 Powers 77 Combat 16 = 180pp

    Enemy: Coalition states will kill him on sight if they recognize him as a Mind Melter. They are also after his family line in an attempt to wipe them out.

    Hatred: He will do anything needed to bring down the Coalition States and their leaders.

    Prejudice: If people find out he is a Mind Melter he is subject to the fear and scorn of other people.

    Secret: No one knows his sister is living with the Reynolds family out west as a long lost daughter. Revealing this will put her in danger.

    Motorcycle(Strength 15, speed 5, toughness 8, Feature: Smoke Screen), Undercover Light Armor(Protection 4, subtle)


    Coby is a tough and rugged survivor. He can get along fine with others, but is secretive and a little shady. One moment he is patting someone on the back and the next moment the guy is running into a Coalition State bar and yelling "I am a Mind Melter!". He is determined to bring down the Coalition States and get revenge for his family. To this end, he will disregard his reservations against using his powers to hurt others and even his own life if it means the Coalition States will fall. He does have a soft spot for families on the run and will actively use his powers to help them evade capture. Most other times he is not the most helpful person.

    Build Notes

    As he is, he seems a little too powerful to me. I am thinking of cutting back on his powers, but I am torn because the Mind Melter is supposed to be an extremely powerful psionic. A few of the AE's under mental powers are for rp purposes such as telepathy, memory alteration, and illusion. To hide his powers, he has trained his mind to block his powerful energy so long as he doesn't use them. Someone powerful enough can sense the faint energies his powers give off while concealed.
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      Nathan Natas

      Nathan Natas


      Nathan was born in the shadow dimension to the extremely wealthy and influential life essence broker Lucy Natas. More precisely, he was created from the shadows by her force of will. The Natas family goes back eons as life essence brokers and has done quite well at the business. Some more primitive dimensions called the brokers in the family names like Satan or the Devil. The more "enlightened" dimensions call them sellers of joy, luck, bliss, and any number of other desirable states. Life essence trade is not without it's perils though. It makes some fabulously wealthy and others get easily squashed by their competitors, literally. The Natas are perhaps the most successful traders and can afford the best shadow servants to protect them. As they age, they also gain the ability to teleport anywhere no matter the dimension, which has helped them stay alive in the cut throat business.

      From birth, Nathan had several shadow guards assigned to him. It was there assignment to see he was safe at all times and to do his will. Over the course of a year they became a part of him. Knowing her son was protected was only one issue. Lucy's enemies would like to see Nathan dead and unable to join the family business. While it is true that Lucy had many children, one less broker might give competitors an edge. To keep Nathan hidden until he came of age, Lucy bought a dimensional traveling ship and staffed it with the finest robotic tutors, chefs, and anything Nathan might need. The only thing they could not do is provide friendship.

      The next several years of his life were spent being raised by robots. He would wake in the morning to a robotic nanny. A robotic chef would sit with him while he ate breakfast. His tutor and workout instructor were cold, impersonal robots. The ship itself was programmed to jump to an arbitrary dimension every 24 hours and Nathan was never allowed to leave the ship. He would see such amazing sights outside the windows, but never be able to visit or experience them. Lucy always promised to visit, but the Shadow people are not known for their commitment to family, especially the Natas Shadow's.

      When Nathan was old enough to reason he tried to convince his mother through communication buoys, robotic couriers, and other impersonal means to let him at least off the ship for a couple hours. He never got a reply. The robotic messengers never returned and he was left to his own devices on the ship. His only friends were the servant's who had been with him since birth. They would talk for days on end about the joys of one day seeing the multiverse as brokers and the fabulous wealth they would inherit. Deep down though, Nathan did not want any of it. He just wanted to be another creature going from dimension to dimension reporting on the sights and experiencing the action. His shadow servants tried to reason with him, but it just turned into a big argument that never got resolved. In the end, they knew whatever Nathan decided, they were stuck with.

      After one dimensional jump when Nathan was entering his teens, his ship was spotted by one of the Natas family rivals. Word quickly spread and in hours the ship was surrounded. The ships defenses fought off most attackers and the ones that got through were put down by Nathan's mother who was at the ship in seconds. She resolved to put Nathan in an even safer place for the next few years. The Natas family had a hideaway protected by magical and technological means that existed in it's own pocket dimension only Natas family could get to. Nathan begged and pleaded with his mother not to be hid away.

      After much pleading, Lucy finally relented. She agreed to let Nathan attend a school with other children in a dimension rarely visited by life essence brokers. She did not send him alone though. On top of the shadow servants, she contracted some mercenaries who could keep watch on him at all times from an alternate dimension. In exchange, Nathan had to promise to not be careless and get too close to anyone. A life essence broker did not have close friends.

      Character Sheet:

      STR 10(+0) DEX 12(+1) CON 10(+0) INT 16(+3) WIS 14(+2) CHA 12(+1)

      Toughness 8*/0 Fort 6 Reflex 4 Will 9
      *with protection

      Bluff +4(+5), Computers +3(+7), Diplomacy +5(+6), Gather Information +8(+11), Knowledge(School Happenings) +8(+11), Knowledge(Dimensions) +2(+5), Notice +7(+9), Profession(School Paper Journalist) +8(+10), Search +2(+5), Sense Motive +8(+10)

      Attack Specialization(Shadow Minions) 3, Eidetic Memory, Luck 3, Well Informed, Connected, Contacts, Equipment 1


      Shadow Creature traits
      Shadow Jump: Teleport 4(400 ft normal, 1 mile full round; Flaws: Medium(Shadows); PF: Change Velocity, Change Direction)[6pp]
      Shadow Sight: Super-Senses 2(Dark Vision)[2pp]
      Shadow Broker Charisma: Enhanced Charmisa 2[2pp]

      Shadow Servants
      Shadow Guards: Protection 8(PF: Subtle 2)[10pp]

      Minon Darkness: Obscure 8(Darkness Normal Vision, 250ft radius)[16pp pool + 5 AP = 21 pp]
      AE Shadow Spies: ESP 4(All senses, 1 mile range) [16pp]
      AE Shadow Strike: Strike 8(PF: Penetrating 8) [16pp]
      AE Shadow Blast: Blast 8[16pp]
      AE Shadow Bind: Snare 8[16pp]
      AE Shadow Servants: Summon 4(60pp; Extras: Duration Continuous; PF: Progression 3 10 minions, Mental Link)[16pp]

      Shadowy Form: Enhanced Defense 4 [8pp]

      Shadow Translators: Comprehend 3(Speak and understand all languages)[6pp]

      Initiative +1

      Attack +2
      Shadow Bind +8 DC 18 Reflex
      Shadow Strike +8 DC 23 Toughness
      Shadow Blast +8 DC 23 Toughness
      Grapple +2

      Defense 18
      Knockback 4

      Cell Phone, Laptop, Tablet, Digital Audio Recorder, Camera

      Hunted(Rival Life Essence Collectors): Rivals of his mother would like nothing better than to see him out of the way. Killing him would cause a war they would never win, so instead they want to kidnap him and use him as leverage against his mother.

      Extremely Protective Servants(Shadow servants): If the shadow creatures assigned to Nathan feel his life is in danger or he is doing something stupid that will endanger his life, they will try and stop him in anyway they can.

      Parental Pressure(Mother): He is being groomed, against his will and sometimes subconsciously, to take part in the family business. Sometimes he doesn't even know he is doing it due to the influence of his mother. For instance, he might feel the strong urge to try and make deals with other creatures that put them at a severe disadvantage.

      Secret Crush(Sandy Webberburn): He has a secret crush on Sandy Wedderburn, the editor of the school paper. He doesn't quite know how to approach her and his shadow servants constantly discourage it.


      Nathan is a reserved and cryptic teenager. He really wants to get close to others and develop deep bonds, but is hampered by his families trade. Often times he appears to be talking to himself, which makes even the more alien students think he is weird. His interest in journalism helps him gain access to places his strange personality would not allow and to gain some friends who mostly just want to use him for good mentions in the school paper. He is adept at judging what others want though and using it to gain their friendship, if even for a little while.


      He looks mostly human. His only non human feature is his black eyes which he often covers with sun glasses. Physically, he is average. Something that is disturbing though is his lack of a shadow. Light seems to hit him and just pass right through him.


      Normal - Writing, Psychology, and Business

      Para - Inter dimensional politics, secret history of the multiverse, and dimensional economics

      Extra Curricular - School paper

      Shadow Servants

      They are echoes of the more specialized servants who carry out small tasks like scoping out an area, getting Nathans books while studying, serving as an early warning system, playing with him when he was alone on the ship, etc. To those who can penetrate their invisibility they look like shadows.

      Str 0(-5) Dex 10(+0) Con 0(-5) Int 10(+0) Wis 10(+0) CHA 10(+0)

      Toughness 3, Fort -, Reflex 0, WIll 5

      Notice +10(+10), Search +10(+10)

      Insubstantial 4(Light Based Effects, Extras: Continuous, Flaws: Permanent)[20pp]
      Immunity 30(Fortitude Effects)[30pp]
      Move Object 3(Extras: Affect Substantial; Flaws: Concentration, Touch; PF: Subtle)[4pp]
      Regeneration 10(+10 Bonus)[10pp]
      Protection 3[3pp]
      Flight 2[4pp]
      Concealment 4(All Visual Senses; Extras: Continuous; Flaws: Blending, Permanent)[4pp]

      Initiative 0
      Attack +0
      Defense 10

      Mute 5

      Abilities -20 + Saves 5 + Skills 5 + Feats 0 + Powers 75 + Combat 0 - Drawbacks 5 = 60pp
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        Autumn Wind aka Leaf
        PL 10
        PP 150


        Autumn was a child with all the advantages in the world. Her parents had money and the ability to give her whatever she wanted. She ascended through the grade levels much quicker than any other student and tested near the top of almost every standardized test. Her parents made sure she did extra curricular activities like ballet, piano, some track and field, and several social activities. They could tell she was bored though. School was just too easy. Sports and lessons were a bore. She seemed to be intuitively good at everything. One day Autumn heard about a highly prestigious school for gifted youths. It was all the way on the East coast, almost 2000 miles from her parents, but they could never say no to their daughter. The day their daughter left them to go to school was the last day they would see her.

        On the surface, the school was pristine and elite. All of the classes were at college level and the athletic facilities were top notch. Part of the curriculum was even Autumns favorite subject, ballet. Overtime she wasn't the same person though. She started hearing voices in her head. At times she swore she could hear the thoughts of fellow students. Part of the schools program was living on the campus and staying on campus all year round. Her parents kept promising to visit, but all of their visits ended up having to be delayed due to business.

        One night Autumn had the strangest dream. She was in a chair and strapped down. Two doctors where standing over her head. Autumn could not make out the details of what they were saying, but she pieced together the basic idea. She was supposed to be some super body guard. Some beautiful eye candy that could read minds and fight with some of the greatest super powered people. She heard the words greatest subject mentioned a lot.

        The curriculum started changing after that night and so did Autumn. She was losing some of her inhibitions and hearing things she wasn't supposed to hear. Her courses started focusing on a ballet based martial arts that emphasized where you hit not how strong you hit. She also was taught darts and how to aim them at a wall of targets. Her studies started focusing almost solely on technology much to her dismay. By that time though she wasn't nearly as inhibited as she had been in the past, as normal people must be to function. The local cat that prowled the campus became her best friend and she frequently spoke to it or rather saw what it was thinking in pictures.

        She picked up on a stray thought of one her favorite instructors that today was going to be the day she joined the ranks of the agents. Autumn took it as a game, like she did most things lately, until some men in suits came to her. They brought her to a woman with kind eyes, but harboring a dark secret Autumn picked up on quickly. Autumn was being trained to be an assassin and body guard. The woman took Autumn to a closet and gave her a nice red dress to wear. "Now go change into this behind the screen and we will go see your parents.", said the woman in a kind voice. The thoughts behind it were anything but kind. The mission Autumn picked up on was one of assassination. Putting some of her training to work, she easily took out the agents and woman. A bullet grazed her skull though and knocked out any memories, other than the lessons, of the school out of her mind. Not knowing how she did it, she got past the most advanced security systems and escaped into the world.

        She found herself in New Liberty. Wandering a back alley one day, she started dancing, like a leaf on the wind. Some homeless people came up and started asking her her name and where she was from. "I have no idea", she said and kept dancing. They called her Leaf and invited her to live with them. Deep down she had an urge to go home to the west, but something inside her kept telling her no. While dancing in the community center someone read out a a couple of head lines in the corner as reading practice "school bust...ed for raising assa...sins all involved arrested" and "girl still missing be...lieved abdu...cted". The person smiled happily at reading the headline. Soon Leaf became the defender of the homeless from thugs and local drug lords. Word started spreading of a girl who seemed to float like a leaf, but hit like brick in her area.

        Character Sheet

        Abilities 60pp:
        Strength 1 Stamina 3 Agility 10 Dexterity 1 Fighting 7 Intellect 5 Awareness 4 Presence -1

        Skills 6pp:
        Acrobatics 3(+13), Expertise(Dancing) 5(+10), Technology 4(+9)

        Powers 48pp:

        Mind Reading 10(Extras: Subtle 2 +2/flat; Flaws: Feedback -1/rank, Concentration -1/rank) 7pp

        Quickness 6(Flaws: Mental Tasks only -1/rank) 3pp

        Senses 2(Danger Sense(mental), Awareness(Mental)) 2pp

        Throwing Specialization: Damage 8(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Ricochet 2 +2/flat, Accurate +1/flat; Flaws: Object required -1/flat, Diminished Range -1/flat) 17pp
        AE Whirlwind Attack: Damage 8(Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Accurate +1/flat) [17pp] 1pp AE
        AE Paralyze: Affliction 8(Fortitude save; Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed; Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Accurate +1/flat) [17pp] 1pp AE
        AE Stun: Affliction 8(Fortitude save; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Accurate +1/flat) 17pp 1pp AE

        Leaping 1 1pp

        Polymath: Variable 2(Extras: Continuous +1/rank, Innate +1/flat; Flaws: Enhanced Skills Only -1/rank) 14pp

        Advantages 20pp:
        Close Attack 3, Ranged Attack 7, Defensive Roll 4, Evasion 2, Eidetic memory, Uncanny Dodge, Power Attack, Fearless

        Ranged +10, Close +10
        Throwing Specialization +12 Toughness DC 23
        Whirlwind Attack +12 Toughness DC 23 + multiattack bonus
        Paralyze +12 Fortitude DC18 + multiattack bonus
        Stun +12 Fortitude DC18 + multiattack bonus
        Mind Reading DC 20 Will

        Defense 16pp:
        Dodge 13, Fortitude 10, Parry 13, Toughness 7, Will 4

        Abilities 60 + Skills 6 + Advantages 20 + Powers 48 + Defenses 16 = 120


        Motivation(Loyalty): Normally she is almost child like, but underneath is a fiercely loyal personality that will do anything to protect her friends and city.

        Enemy(Street Gangs): She is the only one standing between powerful street gangs and the native homeless population. They want her out of the way so that they can turn the streets into their personal paradise.

        Weakness(Intensely Violent Thoughts): Intensely violent thoughts overwhelm her to the point of paralysis temporarily Examples include mass genocide, pure hatred, and massacres of innocents.

        No Memories: She has vague recollections of her past, but cannot remember any of it in detail. Elements of her past can blind side her at the worst possible time.


        She is obviously not all there in the head. She tends to blurt things out when it would be much more polite to keep them in similar to a child. Out of combat she is docile, happy go lucky, and loves to dance and skip when walking would do well enough. While she has no idea what animals are saying, she thinks she is talking to them by reading their mind and seeing the things they see. Her number one quality though is loyalty. When her friends are threatened or there is a job to be done her instincts kick in and she becomes a very agile and powerful fighter for a girl her size. Most of her knowledge and expertise isn't readily known by her. When it is needed it just comes to the surface.


        Age: 16
        Hair: Blonde
        Height: 5'8
        Eyes: Brown
        Description: She looks frail and weak. Her movements are as graceful as a swan.

        Power Notes

        Her powers come from her intuition and training. She has picked up many things as stray thoughts over the years and she intuitively digs up the training for the various skills when they are needed. Her mind reading has to be focused is she wants to get anything specific. Otherwise she picks up random images that make no obvious sense. Her attack array reflects her instinctive training buried in her subconscious.
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          Arthur Doyle
          PL 10/150pp

          Abilities 30pp:
          Str: 1 Sta: 2 Agi: 4 Dex: 3 Fighting: 2 Int: 0 Awareness: 1 Presence: 2

          Powers 53pp:

          Dark Spheres Array[31pp pool + 6AP = 37pp]:
          Mental Anguish: Damage 10(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Alternate Save: Will +1/rank, Ricochet +1/flat) 31pp
          AE Will to Live Drain: Affliction 9(Will Save, Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank, Reversible + 1/flat, Ricochet +1/flat, Incurable +1/flat, Insidious +1/flat) 31pp
          AE Create Darkness: Concealment 2(All Visual senses; Extras: ranged +1/rank, attack +1/rank, area +7/rank 1800 ft radius) 22pp
          AE Dark Minion Barrage: Damage 10(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Multiple Attack +1/rank, Ricochet +1/flat) 31pp
          AE Energy Drain: Weaken 10(Fortitude Save, Stamina, Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Multiple Attack +1/rank, Ricochet +1/flat) 31pp
          AE Dark Scout: Remote Sensing 10(4 miles, All Visual and Auditory Senses, Flaws: Noticable -1/flat) 29pp
          AE Mind Fright: Damage 10(Extras: Linked +0/rank) & Affliction 10(Will Save, Dazed, Stunned, Paralyzed, Extras: Cumulative +1/rank, Reversible +1/flat) 31pp

          Darkness Shell Array[10pp pool + 1 DAP = 12pp]:
          Dark Armor: Protection 10(Extras: Sustained +0/rank) 10pp
          DAE Dark Wings: Flight 10(Flaws: Wings -1/rank) 10pp

          Immortal Evil: Immunity 1(Aging) 1pp, Immortality 1(Flaws: Cannot resurrect in light. -1/rank) 1pp

          Night Sight: Senses 2(Dark Vision) 2pp

          Advantages 13pp:
          Ranged Attack 3, Close Attack 2, All Out Attack, Attractive, Fascinate(Persuasion), Luck 2, Power Attack, Taunt, Skill Mastery(Deception)

          Skills 30pp:
          Acrobatics +1(+5), Close Combat Spheres +4(+4), Deception +13(+15), Insight +9(+10), Perception +6(+7), Persuasion +13(+15), Ranged Combat Spheres +4(+4), Sleight of Hand +7(+10), Stealth +3(+7)

          Initiative +4
          Close +4
          Ranged +6
          Mental Anguish +10 DC 20 Will
          Will to Live Drain +10 DC 19 Will
          Dark Minion Barrage +10 DC 25 Toughness
          Energy Drain +10 DC 20 Fortitude
          Mind Fright +10 DC20 Toughness DC20 Will

          Defense 24pp:
          Dodge 8
          Parry 7
          Fortitude 8
          Will 10
          Toughness 12*/2 *depends on points allotted to dark armor

          Abilities 30 + Skills 30 + Advantages 13 + Powers 53 + Defenses 24 = 150

          Motivation : Rid the world of those who would stop him from doing what he wants when he wants it, especially his good twin. He is tired of having his manipulations of people foiled by heroes.

          Rivalry: Throughout the centuries he and his good twin have foiled each others plans. The good twin is motivated by a sense of rightness and justice. He is motivated by a deep loathing of the good twin for all the years it held him back when they were one.

          Quirk: Can't resist targeting charities, churches, and orphanages in his cons out of nostalgia.

          Restriction: Unable to cause harm in any way to his twin.


          Jack Doyle was the premiere con man of his day. He coned kings and commoner alike. One day he convinced an orphanage to let him take care of it's treasury. The next day all the money was gone and so was Jack. Surprised by how easy the big score was he targeted charities, churches, and orphanages all over Europe. It was not so much about the money as it was the thrill of getting big scores. One day when he was in the town he committed his first orphanage con he saw the streets littered with children who were nothing more than skin and bones with only scraps for clothes in the dead of winter. When he inquired further he found out that the orphanage had to shutdown soon after someone took all their money. Jack was racked with guilt and donated his vast fortune he had stolen to a group that founded orphanages and helped those in need. Not feeling this was enough, Jack went to a wizard known for his ability to cure people of all sorts of ailments. Jack begged and pleaded the wizard to remove the dark impulses that compelled him to do evil. After much pleading, the wizard agreed. The spell did not work as intended and after the smoke had clear there stood two people where Jack once stood. One was covered in a blackness darker than the darkest night and the other in a light brighter than the sun.

          Once the brightness had dimmed and the darkness receded into the person surrounded by it, there stood identical twins of Jack. The spell had caused Jack to split into two people. Each represented one side of him. Befuddled, they just stared at each other for a couple minutes. The dark twin acted first and dark spheres the size of pool balls formed around him. He sent out a barrage of spheres out in every direction destroying everything in the room, including the wizard. The good twin still stood completely unaffected. In response, the good twin sent out spheres of lights one bringing the wizard back to life and the rest attempting to subdue the dark twin to no avail. They kept at it for what seemed like hours until the dark twin got angry. The shield of darkness that surrounded him spread out a little and formed wings. As the dark twin flew off he shouted, "Finally I am free! Jack in no more. The world will now bend to Arthur's manipulations!".

          Over the next 10 centuries Arthur and his good twin, John, have been locked in a battle of influence. Whenever Arthur attempted to start a war John would swoop in and make peace. When John was helping a charity raise funds, Arthur would manage to steal all the funds raised. The two were locked in a hopeless battle until John allied himself with other forces of good. The combined might of all the allies of John was too much for Arthur and he kept meeting defeat after defeat. When Tyrant gave Arthur the chance to finally defeat John and his allies it seemed as if someone had answered his evil prayers.

          Personality and Appearance:

          By most standards Arthur is the ideal specimen of human beauty. He is 6'1, semi muscular, deep blue eyes, jet black hair, and perfect proportions. He always wears the most stylish clothes and prefers a color palette of black and gray. He has no redeeming qualities. There is no mercy, kindness, or love in him. He is always out for himself, but recognizes that he still needs to help allies if he expects to be helped. In his mind, the world and all the people in it are just playthings for him to persuade into doing whatever he feels like making them do.

          Good Twin:

          The good twins powers are almost the exact opposite of Arthur. Instead of draining, John's boosts and heals. The good twin is motivated solely by good intentions and has no malice, anger, or bad thoughts about anything. Despite all evidence, he always thinks that Arthur and all bad people can be redeemed. He will never kill no matter what.

          EDIT: I have created a proposal for Arthur's good twin John. If you are interested I can submit it as Arthur's proposed nemesis.
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            John Stein(Seraphim)
            PL 10


            John's was the son of two perpetual aid workers. Wherever there was a disaster or humanitarian crisis John's parents went. Most of the time they left John and his sister Julia with their aunt Ruth. Growing up, John hated his parents for running off so much. He could not understand why they would run off and take care of other people when they had two kids at home. In his teen years, he started acting out. His aunt was called to the school on several occasions because of some fight John had gotten into or teacher he made angry. It got so bad his parents had to come back from their latest aid mission to deal with him. Julia was just starting to get into her teens and her parents were afraid John would set a bad example for her, so they pulled some strings with the peace corps and got John involved in an aid mission deep in middle east they were heading off on as well. If John saw what they did, they reasoned, he would understand why they did what they did.

            The next several months were like hell on earth to John. If he wasn't distributing supplies he was being trained by some emergency medical workers to help the injured. His parents still ignored him in favor of all the people who needed help. The only part he enjoyed was the medical lessons. At least he could be a plastic surgeon one day and make a lot of money. Everyday his parents grew more and more concerned they made a mistake by bringing John along.

            About three months into the aid mission, some refugees from a mighty war had taken an ancient city, rumored to be the birth place of good and evil, as their camp. The ruins provided excellent cover and no army ever dared attack the city for fear of supposed evil spirits who protected it. John and his parents were dispensing medical supplies, food, blankets, and whatever else anyone had donated to the refugees. Like usual, John was acting grumpy in contrast to his parents cheerfulness.

            The ancient ruins had not had any extended visitors for a long time and strange things started happening. The first night strange voices were heard echoing through the stone. Everyone just chalked it up to the war. The second night refugees reported seeing strange figures roaming the ruins. Some of the figures were dark shadows and some bright light. Everyone chalked it up to shell shock. The third night is when the blood bath began.

            Dark shadows rose up from the floor and started slaughtering refugees. In the panic came creatures of pure light to battle the shadows. The refugees and Johns family had no where to flee because the battles were getting so close to the ruins. A being of light recognized Johns parents as good and kind people. He offered them a way to stop the slaughter at the cost of their lives. Johns mother and father embraced their son for the last time. It was at this moment that John understood his parents. They did it all to make a better world for him and his sister. The being infused Johns parents with a power so great that it changed them into light beings. With their new found powers, they fought back the shadows and saved the refugees and their son.

            After the battle, his parents dispersed in a brilliant display of light. The being that made his parents what they were came to John and thanked him for their parents sacrifice. Because of them the forces held within the ruins would stay there. As a gift, the being bestowed upon John powers that would enable him to hold back the tide of evil in the world. The only catch was that he would be incapable of evil himself. Using his new found powers, he lead the refugees to the safety of U.N protection. He traveled the world for a short spell until returning home. He had been tracking an evil spirit that had been causing mischief and it lead right to Green City.

            Character Sheet:

            Strength 1, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Dexterity 1, Fighting 4, Intellect 0, Awareness 6, Presence 1

            Acrobatics +4(+8), Expertise(Medicine) +8(+8), Investigation +4(+4), Perception +10(+16), Persuasion +8(+9)

            Fearless, Interpose, Assessment, Luck 2, Teamwork


            Light Armor: Protection 12(Extras: Sustained +0/rank)[12pp]
            DAE Light Wings: Flight 12(Flaws: Wings -1/rank)[2pp]

            Light Array[31pp pool+8 AE = 39pp]
            Healing Light: Heal 10(Extras: Area(Cone) +1/rank, Stabilize +1/flat)[31pp]
            AE Reviving Touch: Heal 10(Extras: Resurrection +1/rank, Persistent +1/flat)[31pp]
            AE Restoring Light: Healing 10(Extras: Energizing +1/rank, Restorative +1/rank, Persistent +1/flat, Area(Cone) +1/rank; Flaws: Cannot heal -1/rank, Distracting -1/rank)[31pp]
            AE Cleansing Light: Damage 10(Extras: Perception Ranged +2/rank, Alternate Save Will +1/rank, Insidious +1/flat; Flaws: Distracting -1/rank)[31pp]
            AE Blinding Light: Affliction 10(vulnerable, defenseless, unaware(visual); Fort Save; Extras: Perception Range +2/rank, Reversible +1/flat, Cumulative +1/rank; Flaws: Sense Dependant(Vision) -1/rank)[31pp]
            AE Hard Light: Damage 10(Extras: Perception Range +2/rank, Affects Insubstantial +1/flat)[31pp]
            AE Restful Light: Affliction 10(Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Will Save; Extras: Perception Range +2/rank, Reversible +1/flat)[31pp]
            AE Restraining Light: Affliction 10(Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed; Dodge Save; Extras: Alternate Save Dodge +0/rank, Perception Range +2/rank, Reversible +1/flat)[31pp]
            AE Light: Environment 10(Extras: move action +1/rank)[30pp]

            Blessings of the Light: Immunity 16(Aging, Interaction skills, Life support)[16pp]

            Evil Sense: Senses 3(Detect[Evil, range], Radius[Detect[Evil]])[3pp]

            Initiative +4
            Ranged +1
            Melee +4
            Cleansing Light DC 25 Will
            Blinding Light DC 25 Fort
            Hard Light DC 25 Toughness
            Restful Light DC 25 Will
            Restraining Light DC 25 Dodge

            Dodge 6
            Fortitude 8
            Parry 6
            Toughness 14
            Will 11

            Abilities 42 + Skills 17 + Advantages 6 + Powers 72 + Defenses 13 = 150


            Honor Code: He is unable do any evil even if in the cause of good. Evil includes deception, killing, withholding help from anyone, hatred, etc.

            Motivation: His mission is to track down evil and stop it before it grows too large. He is also driven to help any in need no matter the cost.

            Enemies: Ancient, evil forces are out to defeat him or turn him to their side because of the power he possesses.

            Relationships: He keeps in touch with his sister Julia and Aunt Ruth every week.


            Seraphim is the embodiment of compassion, love, good, and all that is right with the world. He does not compromise his morals no matter what. This can lead to some rather bad situations and be exploited easily. He has a zero tolerance policy against killing and even goes so far as to stop others around him from killing. Another trait is that he cannot lie or deceive in any fashion. No matter how hard he tries, he always tells the truth and in turn can easily tell when others are lying.

            Power Notes:

            All of his light based powers originate from the area target themselves. They all have their own unique color aura that forms around the target. His healing powers, similar to his personality, don't discriminate.
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              Riley Jenkins
              PL 8 126pp


              On Riley's home world of Xarah, the Catkin are slaves of the Xarahians who are famous bounty hunters. Their fame is mostly derived from using the Catkin as trackers. The Catkin also are known for their incredible endurance and healing. It is common practice for the Xarahians to send their Catkin slaves into the worst of the worst conditions to track someone. Riley was born into servitude under one of the kinder masters and sent to learn the ways of tracking. For 15 years, he was subjected to the worst possible conditions and taught how to track people on command. His "school" exposed Riley to all imaginable terrors and broke his will to resist. It was easy for them to beat him into submission when he disobeyed them since his bruises would be gone the next day.

              Upon graduation, Riley obediently followed his masters every wish and his master treated him kindly. Riley's friends were not so lucky. They were made to go into toxic atmospheres without regard for their lives. Many of them died due to the fumes even with their increased resistance to it. When Riley's master died he set him free and apologized for forcing Riley to work for him. He also made Riley promise as a free feline that he would oppose slavery, in all it's forms. To make his way after his masters death, Riley became a freelance tracker and fights to free slaves wherever he can.

              Character Sheet:

              STR 22(+6), DEX 20(+5), CON 22(+6), INT 10(+0), WIS 14(+2), CHA 10(+0)

              Toughness 8, Fort 10, Reflex 10, Will 4

              Skills[10pp 40 ranks]:
              Acrobatics 4(+9), Climb 4(+10), Notice 13(+15), Sense Motive 2(+4), Sleight of Hand 2(+7), Stealth 7(+12), Expertise(Survival) 8(+10)

              Defensive Roll 2, Fearless, Dodge Focus 4, Attack Focus(melee) 4, Power Attack, All Out Attack, Elusive Target. Evasion 2, Instant Up, Endurance

              Regeneration 15(Recovery Bonus: 3, Bruised 1/round, Unconscious 1/round, Injured 1/5 minutes, Staggered 1/5 minutes, Disable 1/hour, Ability 1/hour, Resurrection(beheading negates) 1/day; PF: Diehard, Regrowth) 17pp

              Immunity 10(Life support, Aging; Flaws: Half Effect) 5pp

              Super Senses 4(Tracking[scent], Tracking[Vision], Uncanny Dodge[auditory], Infra-vision, Scent) 4pp

              Claws: Strike 2(PF: Mighty) 3pp

              Speed 1(10mph) 1pp

              Leaping 2(x5 80 feet running, 40 feet standing, 20 feet vertical) 2pp

              Initiative 5; Attack 4, Melee 8 (DC 21 Toughness Unarmed, DC 23 Toughness Claws), grapple 14; Defense 18(12 flat footed), knockback -4

              Abilities 38 + Saves 11 + Skills 10 + Feats 18 + Powers 32 + Combat 16 = 125pp

              Prejudice(Former Slave): Used to be a slave to a bounty hunter on his home world until his master died and he was set free. He is still viewed by some as a slave due to his race.
              Rivalry(Other trackers): He has a professional rivalry with other trackers. He has to prove he is the best.
              Hatred(Slavery): He hates the practice of slavery because he has seen so many of his kind suffer under it's burden.
              Obsession(Curious of new scents): He is obsessed with scents and goes to great lengths to identify what a new scent is.


              Age: 30
              Height: 5'11
              Hair Color: Orange, Brown Spots
              Eyes: Blue and White
              Description: Looks similar to a large cat except with no tail.


              Riley is a weak willed creature due to his years of slavery and his harsh training. He also has little fear and if his intense curiosity gets the better of him he will explore despite the dangers. In a team he is more apt to follow the direction of a powerful leader than directly challenge authority. While he will never admit it, he likes having someone else lead in group situations. On the same token, he is not afraid to go on his own. If a course of action is dangerous, Riley will be the first to volunteer while others would contemplate the risks.
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                Sandra O'Leary(Ghost)
                PL 6

                Age: 21

                Ties to Division: Parents Patrick Donelley and Katherine Conner are former division agents now captured and under mind control by Division to work as agents. Division knows they had a child, but can't determine any attributes due to them being wiped of all knowledge of her. They are both assigned to track down the Phasing thief known as Ghost.

                Normal Day: Works at Starbucks as a cover. She carries scripts around to pretend to be a struggling actress. She lives a modest life off the profits of what she steals. Most of the money goes to the various fences for their discretion and the fact she never touches the items or meets with them face to face. To those who know her everyday, she is just another struggling actress.


                Patrick Donelley and Katherine Conner were both recruited into Division at a young age when they got their Phaser powers. While most of the missions they ran were solo missions that involved infiltration, stealing, etc a couple of their missions they worked as a team. No one would suspect a happy couple are a pair of thief's. It was the perfect cover. They walk into an alley near a target, phase through the walls, procure the item, and pretend to be making out in the shadows when the authorities came. It worked too well though. Patrick and Katherine started having feelings for each other. When Division caught on, they separated the couple into separate groups to hunt rogue Division members. Love always wins out thought, and soon Patrick and Katherine were on the run together.

                Not soon after going rogue, Katherine found out she was pregnant. In a tearful night, Patrick and Katherine decided it would be best if they gave their child up when it was born. For 8 months, they stole what they needed to be able to afford to hire a Wiper and freelance Watcher. Katherine gave birth in the usual manner at a hospital 8 months later. It was a beautiful baby girl. For her safety, they named her Sandra O'Leary. Pursuant to the contract, the Wiper erased the memory of Sandra's birth from the mind of the doctors, most nurses, and most administrative staff. While everyone was still recovering, the Wiper along with Katherine and Patrick dropped the child off at a foster home randomly chosen in the phone book with only a slip of paper saying "My name is Sandra O'Leary. Please help me." When the trio slipped into the night, the Wiper finished his part of the plan and wiped Katherine's and Patrick's memory of Sandra. Not soon after, Katherine and Patrick were apprehended by Division and pushed into coming back to work for Division as a husband and wife team.

                Sandra grew up in foster home to foster home. She wasn't as cute as some of the other children and didn't play to the prospective adopters sense of guilt. Another issue was that she kept running away from foster homes once she discovered she could phase through solid objects. None of the foster parents could figure out her trick. Unbeknown to her, an elderly thief was following her movements after getting a clue of her talent in a post card sent to him. He recognized her natural talent for the art and took her in when she ran away from her last foster home. He was the first real father she ever knew and she was the ideal student. Sandra was taught all the old man knew of security systems, locks, and safes. By the time he passed, Sandra was an expert in the art. She inherited everything.

                A day after she spread his ashes over the ocean, a postcard came in the mail for her at the motel she was staying. It read, "If you are reading this daughter, we know you are safe. We are your parents. The day you came into our lives was the happiest day of our lives. The day we were forced to give you up was the saddest. We cannot say why, just know that we had good reason. Please do not look for us. Division is after you. You must burn this postcard as soon as you get done reading it. We both hope you are having a happy life and know that we love you."

                From her time with the old thief, she had heard about Division and the various powers their agents had. Powers like her, but of different kinds. Her parents must have had powers like her to know about Division. Sandra's mind spun tales of all kind to explain why her parents did what they did. They were on the run and gave their lives so she could escape. Division captured them and executed them because they would not give her up. They ran off and left her in someone else's care while they took Division off their scent. All she could confirm from the post was that it was delivered to a post office around the time of her birth and delivered 20 years later to her.

                She kept the post card and went into hiding. It was the only thing she had to remember her parents by. To fit in with the others in New York, she took a job at Starbucks and carried around scripts. At work she always talked about how she was going to have her big break in some play and had to learn all her lines. In reality, she never touched the scripts beyond putting some in her bag every morning. The only person she got even remotely close to was her coworker Julia Faraday who she had lunch with everyday. Julia would talk about entertainment law and Sandra would go on about her next big play she was trying out for.

                Behind all the normalcy though, hid a master thief. She would steal priceless items and sell them anonymously through random fences. Naturally, the fences took 70% of the sell. The left overs were enough to afford Sandra a comfortable life and enough money to buy information on her parents. So far, she has only learned that they were Phasers, like her, dropped her off with someone else, and were Irish. The hospital seems to have only her birth certificate as proof of her birth. No one can remember a thing from the day she was born.

                Character Sheet

                Strength 0 Stamina 2 Agility 6 Dexerity 2 Fighitng 2 Intellect 0 Awareness 3 Presence 0

                Close Combat(Knives) 3(+5), Expertise(Security Systems, Locks, and Safes) 12(+12), Ranged Combat(Throwing Weapons) 3(+5), Sleight of Hand 6(+8), Stealth 4(+10)

                Phaseform: Insubstantial 4(Air Effects; PF: Precise +1/flat; Linked Phase Navigation Vision) [21pp]

                Phase Navigaion Vision: Super Senses 6(Penetrates Concelament; Flaws: Limited to open space on other side of immediate obstacle -1/per rank, Duration Sustained -0/rank; Linked to phaseform) [2pp]

                Defensive Roll 4, Power Attack, Accurate Attack, Equipment 2, Evasion 1, Quick Draw, Throwing Mastery 3, Ranged Combat 3

                Dodge 6, Fortitude 3, Parry 6, Toughness 6*/2, Will 5
                *While able to dodge

                Initiative +6
                Ranged +5
                Close +2
                Throwing Weapons +8
                Knives Close Range +5

                Throwing Knives +8 DC 19 toughness 18-20 Crit Range
                Any small throwing item +8 DC 18 toughness

                Abilities 30 + Skills 14 + Powers 23 + Advantages 16 + Defenses 7 = 90pp

                Throwing Knives(Piercing Damage 1 improved Critical 18-20), Urban Camouflage, Concealable Microphone, Cell Phone, Camera, Re-breather, Comm Link

                Motivation(Find Parents): She can't quite remember her parents due to being wiped, but she is slowly piecing it together by stealing records, paying for information, etc.

                Enemy(Division): Division wants to bring her in as an agent and she wants to escape Division's notice to have a normal life.

                Identity(Ghost): Division does not know who she is, what she looks like, or even her gender. All they know is that a thief phases through walls, disables security/locks, and steals from places thought impenetrable. Her everyday life she works at a Starbucks and masquerades as a struggling actor.

                Reputation(Thief): Ghost is thought of as a thief by police and authorities.

                Secret(Parents are Division Agents against their will): She doesn't know who her parents are and her parents do not know who she is or that she even exists. Her parents think they are division agents who ran off to get married and she thinks her parents left her somewhere or are dead.


                Sandra is a happy girl by all accounts. She has a drive to find her parents, she can't even remember that sometimes overwhelms her better judgment. On the street or at work she is just like every other person who claims to be an actor, but works as a waitress or cashier to pay the bills. She has perfected the routine of being ordinary, perhaps maybe too ordinary. She also tends to keep people at bay just in case they learn she is a Phaser and thief. Her only friend is Julia Faraday, her coworker at Starbucks who is a college student. Her other identity is a thief who walks though walls and steals what she needs to survive and get more funds to continue her search. No one truly knows this identity aside from the impossible heist she pulls off. She doesn't use the same fence very often and never directly communicates with them except through burner phones.
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                  Adam Jones(Tempest)
                  Age: 24
                  Occupation: Anthropology Graduate Student

                  Uploaded with


                  Adam is a friendly guy who does his best to get along with others. His experience growing up with the seedier elements of society taught him to be nice to everyone and they are generally nice to you. In his daily life he is a kind and caring person who is extremely calm. Occasionally his anger comes through, but it is generally no worse than anyone elses. He donates his time to soup kitchens and other charitable causes when he is not researching. Sometimes his anger flairs up though and the raging storm inside of him takes hold causing him to do more damage than he intended.


                  Adam Jones grew up in the ghetto of New York. He was a scrappy kid who got into a couple fights protecting his friends and even had a couple guns drawn on him. In this environment, a kid learns real fast to be nice to people and how to duck when the bullets start flying. His mother worked at Jones construction, an ironic place to work for sure, but it paid decently and provided enough for her medical bills and a decent apartment. Whenever Adam was brought in by the cops for something or other, his mother was always there to pick him up. His only salvation was the library and all the books on ancient cultures myths and legends. He would get lost for hours in them.

                  When Adam graduated high school, a miracle for people who came from where he does, he fretted about not being able to afford college. One day his mother brought home a flyer from work announcing the first annual Jones Company scholarship. It offered a full ride plus living expenses. Adam applied, not really thinking he would get it, but a month after applying he got a letter in the mail saying he was given the scholarship. Everyone thought he was crazy deciding to study Anthropology and ancient legends at NYU, but the scholarship had no area of study and that is what Adam wanted to study. The only person who supported him was his mother.

                  Adam excelled at his studies and soon became one of the most hardworking and brightest students. Everyone in the Anthropology department told him to focus on things like archaeology or studying native American cultures, but Adam knew what he liked and kept at studying myths and legends of ancient civilizations. In his final year, he actually got a paper published on the effects of myths and the mysteries that surround them in modern primitive civilizations. Of course, with his credentials he couldn't really advance further until one of his professors, Professor Andrews, offered to take him on as a student provided he could find funding. Adams mind went immediately back to the Jones construction corporation. He found one of their grants dealt with providing for people like himself a chance at graduate studies, no area of study required. It also was quite the generous one. Adam applied and got the grant.

                  Things were going well for Adam. When the stipend checks started coming they were large. Not needing much to live on, Adam made a habit of giving half his stipend to his mother, which enabled her to move out of the Ghetto. In his second year, Adam ran across some references to Grecian manuscripts that were only available in Greece. The next week, he used the grant to get a plane ticket on a transatlantic flight.


                  Accident: His inner tempest flairs up when he gets extremely angry causing severe storms around him.

                  Secret: If his powers are revealed to the word he will be looked upon in fear.

                  Reputation: His field of study lends itself to some people thinking he is crazy and not taking him seriously.

                  Responsibility(Mother): He gives half of his generous stipend to his mother to support her. She is the only one who supported him when he chose Anthropology over a more profitable course of study.

                  Secret(Father owns Jones Construction Corporation): Adams father is the wealthy owner of Jones Construction as well as many other businesses. He is too afraid to make himself known to Adam or his mother though, so he helps Adam as best he can with school.

                  Laptop, Cell Phone, Camera, Video Camera

                  PL 3 Sheet

                  Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 3, Dexterity 1, Fighting 1, Intellect 2, Awareness 3, Presence 1

                  Deception 3(+4), Expertise(Streetwise) 8(+10), Expertise(Anthropology) 10(+12), Insight 6(+7), Intimidation 10(+11), Investigation 6(+8), Perception 6(+9), Persuasion 5(+6), Sleight of Hand 4(+5)

                  Assessment, Contacts, Evasion 2, Interpose, Benefit(Anthropology Graduate Student), Eidetic Memory, Connected, Equipment, Benefit(large research grant)

                  Dodge 3
                  Fortitude 2
                  Parry 1
                  Toughness 2
                  Will 3

                  Initiative +3
                  Ranged +1
                  Close +1

                  Abilities 18 + Skills 20 + Advantages 7 + Powers 0 + Defenses 0 = 45

                  PL 11 Sheet

                  Strength 1, Stamina 4, Agility 3, Dexterity 2, Fighting 1, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 1

                  Deception 3(+4), Expertise(Streetwise) 8(+10), Expertise(Anthropology) 10(+12), Insight 12(+16), Intimidation +20/+10(+21/+11), Investigation 8(+10), Perception 6(+10), Persuasion 5(+6), Sleight of Hand 4(+6)

                  Assessment, Contacts, Daze(Intimidation), Evasion 2, Great Endurance*, Fearless*, Interpose, Startle*, Benefit(Anthropology Graduate Student), Eidetic Memory, Connected, Equipment, Benefit(large research grant)
                  *paid for in powers


                  Immunity 10(Weather Effects) 10pp

                  Wind Field: Protection 7(Sustained +0/rank) 7pp
                  Wind Riding: Flight 5(60mph) 10pp

                  Storm Control Array: 33pp pool + 5 DAE = 43pp

                  Lightning Bolt: Damage 12(Extras: Range +1/rank, Indirect 4(Any Direction) +4/flat, Accurate 4 +4/flat, dynamic) 33pp
                  DAE Hale Storm: Affliction 11(Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Area(Burst) +1/rank) 33pp
                  DAE Tornado: Damage 11(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Area(Burst) +1/rank) 33pp
                  DAE Whirlwind: Move Object 11(Area(Burst) +1/rank) 33pp
                  DAE Raging Storm: Environment 11 (4 mile radius; Cold, Impede Movement 1, Visibility) 33pp
                  DAE Wind Burst: Move Object 11(Extras: Area(line) +1/rank, Damaging +1/rank; Flaws: Limited direction(away)) 33pp

                  Enhanced Fortitude 8 8pp
                  Enhanced Defenses 12(Dodge 6, Parry 6) 12pp
                  Enhanced Advantages 3(Great Endurance, Fearless, Startle) 3pp
                  Enhanced Skills 5(Intimidation 10)*
                  *paid for in skills

                  Dodge 11
                  Fortitude 12
                  Parry 11
                  Toughness 11
                  Will 10

                  Initiative +3
                  Ranged +2
                  Close +1
                  Lightning Bolt +10 DC 27 toughness
                  Hale Storm DC 21 Fortitude
                  Tornado DC 26 Damage

                  Abilities 36 + Skills 38 + Advantages 11 + Powers 93 + Defenses 12 = 190
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                    Damian Monroe(Outcast)
                    PL 10
                    Age: 23


                    Damian was just another poor citizen of Bastion trying to survive. From an early age he had to fight for scraps and hide from the monsters Stronghold never did anything about. Sometimes he would retreat into his own little world, literally, and end up somewhere else entirely just to cope. He lost his parents and most of his friends in his early teens either to roving gangs, monsters, or just disease. It was around this time he started hanging out with other lost teens. They called themselves the forgotten six. There was more than six, but forgotten six had a better ring than forgotten various numbers. For a couple years they had a nice run, but the rigors of street life in a city of monsters and meta humans took it's toll. The group eventually was whittled down to just six from the 20 or so it had before.

                    Dr Ezra Gazero, a former scientist for Virodyne, made a proposal to the youth. If they agreed to be test subjects for a cure to the ancient plague he had developed he promised to take them to safety. Before he could test the cure, he had to infect them, so he said. Once they were infected Dr. Gazero gave them another shot that halted their descent into monsters and madness, but kept them as the monsters they were and more inclined to do what Dr. Gazero asked. The cocktail had the effect of increasing Damians ability to teleport into his own dimension so that he could do it at will. The other 5 also got varying degrees of powers.

                    For a year Dr. Gazero used the forgotten six to commit all sorts of crimes and evil deeds. Due to the drug, they weren't able to say no easily and if one did say no all of them were beaten mercilessly. Word quickly spread in the poor quarters of the city about a group of six monsters who terrorized anyone who had money or gang that of meta humans that got too uppity. The worst words were spread about one of the monsters who could teleport and lash out at several people at once with his deadly tail. Some even started calling him the devil on account of the tiny horns and tail. Behind the scenes, some more forgotten people were being taken and given the same cocktail. Most died before the second serum could take effect.

                    One day, after a particularly gruesome attack on some meta-humans, Damian had enough. He summoned the courage to break free of the power Dr. Gazero had over him and smashed the lab, along with the notes Dr. Gazero made, to bits. Some of the chemicals had some bad reactions and started a raging fire. All of Dr. Gazeros notes were burned as well as the lab. Damian was able to escape, but the other forgotten six stayed with their master.

                    Damian tried to fit in with other people after his escape, but all they saw was a devil, demon, or monster. If they didn't run at first sight, they usually tried to hurt him. To hide from everyone, Damian went underground for a year. When he resurfaced, he attacked some thugs who were harassing a poor family. The family thought he was going to hurt them, but he just left. His efforts were not contained to the poor. He also saved a few people from the nice parts of Bastion who had wandered into the bad districts. Word was slowly spreading that the devil wasn't so much of a devil to the victims as most thought.

                    Of course, Dr. Gazero also heard word of the devil resurfacing. The year had not been kind to him. Rebuilding his lab was harder than he had imagined and without his notes he would have to start from scratch. The whole time he was brooding for a chance to strike at Damian. It was a simple setup. The remaining forgotten six ambushed Damian when he was trying to help an old woman from local hired thugs. He managed to get away and do some damage to his former friends, but the damage was done. He was alone again. If Dr. Gazero could not kill Damian, at least he could ruin Damian's name by spreading lies. To the current day, Dr. Gazero continues to spread lies and track Damian, but in a city where whole districts are full of monsters who can really find a particular one.

                    Character Sheet:

                    Strength 1, Stamina 4, Agility 4, Dexterity 1, Fighting 6, Intellect 0, Awareness 1, Presence -1

                    Acrobatics 10(+14), Close Combat(tail) 4(+10), Intimidation 9(-8), Perception 8(+9), Ranged Combat(Tail) 4(+5), Sleight of Hand 11(+12), Stealth +12(16)

                    Ranged Attack 3, Power Attack, All Out Attack, Evasion 2, Great Endurance, Fearless, Interpose, Uncanny Dodge(Mental), Luck 2

                    Teleport 5(900ft; Extras: Turnabout +1/flat, Change Direction +1/flat, Change Velocity +1/flat; Flaws: Cannot teleport anything living -1/rank) 8pp
                    Scales: Protection 6 6pp
                    Movement 2(Wall Crawling 2) 4pp
                    Senses 2(Dark Vision) 2pp
                    Extra Limbs 1(Tail) 1pp

                    Tail Array: 30pp pool + 3 AE = 33pp
                    Damage 10(Extras: Area(Burst) +1/rank, Selective +1/rank) 30pp
                    AE Strike of a Thousand Tails: Affliction 10(Fort Save; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank) 30pp
                    AE Tail Spikes: Damage 10(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Multiattack +1/rank) 30pp
                    AE Paralyzing Stike: Afflication 10(Fortitude; Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed; Extras: Area(Burst) +1/rank, Selective +1/rank) 30pp

                    Initiative +4
                    Ranged +4
                    Close +6
                    Tail Ranged +8
                    Close Tail +10

                    Tail Area Damage DC20 dodge reduce Damage DC 25 Toughness Save
                    Strike of a Thousand Tails +10 DC 25 + Multiattack Bonus Toughness Save
                    Tail Spikes +8 DC 25 + Multiattack Bonus Toughness Save
                    Paralyzing Strike Damage DC20 dodge reduce Damage DC 20 Will Save

                    Dodge 10
                    Fortitude 11
                    Parry 10
                    Toughness 10
                    Will 6

                    Abilities 32 + Skills 29 + Advantages 13 + Powers 54 + Defenses 22 = 150


                    Motivation(Acceptance): Damian desperately wants to be seen as more than just another monster. He goes to great lengths to do good to prove to others, and himself mostly, that he is good and not just the killing machine his origins suggest.

                    Reputation(Vicious Monster): Damian has the reputation of being a horrible and vicious monster spread mostly by the people who made him a killing machine and the bad guys he goes after.

                    Enemy(Dr. Gazero): Dr. Gazero made Damian what he is and will stop at nothing to get Damian to rejoin his team of monsters.

                    Socially Awkward: When in an uncomfortable situation or the center of attention, Damian tends to involuntarily teleport away. He also tends to put people off.

                    Damian is shy and reserved. His genetic manipulation instilled in him a servants attitude. He is more likely to view others as better than him and defer or try to protect them above himself. His genetics of being a slave make him susceptible to most lies and other peoples influences. At heart though he means well and just wants to be accepted as good. In social situations, he tries to fit in, but has no idea how and usually just ends up putting people off or teleporting away.

                    Power Notes:
                    His tail attacks combine his ability to teleport using a personal dimension with his natural attacks. The idea is that before he attacks with his tail, he opens a tiny slit into his personal dimension that fractures the attack into several. In the case of area attacks, there are several tiny slits opened near his targets. In the case of multiattacks, it is several tiny slits opened around one target. The healing quality of his strike derives from his tails quality to drain energies on a small scale.
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                      Nicholas Kozloz
                      PL 10 165pp

                      STR: 14 (+2) DEX: 18 (+4) CON: 18 (+4) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 14 (+2)

                      Bluff +8(+9), Diplomacy +13(+14), Escape Artist +6(+10), Gather Information +10(+10) , Intimidate +10 (+11), Knowledge(Street Wise) +10(+10), Notice +10(+11), Profession(Private Investigator) +5(+5), Sense Motive +10(+11), Sleight of hand +10(+11)

                      Dodge Focus 2, Power Attack, Well Informed, Improved Pin, Grappling Finesse, Contacts, Equipment 1, Connected, Skill Mastery(Sleight of Hand, Street Wise, Gather Information, Escape Artist), Luck 2

                      Gravity Fields Control: Gravity Control 10(Extras: Selective Attack; PF: Improved Range 1) [31pp pool + 3 AP = 34pp]
                      AP Gravity Shot: Blast 10(Extras: Autofire; PF: Precise) [31pp]
                      AP Gravitational Shift: Trip 10(Extras: Knock back, Perception Range; Flaws: Full Round Action; PF: Knockback 10, Improved Trip) [31pp]
                      AP Micro Gravity Manipulation: Telekinesis 10(Extras: Perception Range; PF: Precise) [31pp]

                      Gravity Shield: Forcefield 8 [8pp]

                      Put Some Gravity Behind it: Strike 8(PF: Mighty) [9pp]

                      Lower Personal Gravity: Leap 4(750 ft) [4pp]

                      Base Attack +10, Grapple w/Telekinesis +20
                      Damage: Gravity Shot DC 25 Toughness, Gravitational Shift DC10 + roll Weaker of Dex or Str, Put Some Gravity Behind it DC 25 Toughness
                      Gravity Shift +10, Knockback 20
                      Defense +8, +3 flat footed
                      Grapple Defense +10

                      Toughness +12*/+4 *with force field
                      Fort +12
                      Reflex +10
                      Will +6

                      Equipment 5ep
                      Cell Phone, Laptop, Digital Camera, Handcuffs, Binoculars

                      Addiction: He is addicted to gambling and poker in particular. This addiction has resulted in him having a lot of gambling debt.

                      Responsibility: He owns an orphanage that takes in troubled children.

                      Enemy: Maggia Nefaria has a grudge against him for betraying them.

                      Past: He is a former enforcer for the Maggia Nefaria family.

                      Abilities 24 + Skills 23 (92 Ranks) + Feats 12 + Powers 55 + Combat 32 + Saves 19 – Drawbacks 0 =165/165


                      Nicholas never knew his birth family. He was told by the people who ran the orphanage he spent most of his early years in that they died in a car accident. As far the they knew, this was the truth. At around the age of eight, when his powers started manifesting, he started causing alot of trouble at the orphanage. He would go into fits of rage and fight other orphans. He would bet them he could do some impossible gravity defying feat and when they wouldn't pay off his bet he would beat them. He spent the next two years being shuffled around orphanages until he was adopted by an enforcer of the Nefaria family.

                      Nicholas was raised to be a fighter and enforcer. By the age of 15 he was one of the premier fighters in the underground mutant fighting rings. When he wasn't fighting his adopted father was teaching him how to be a good enforcer. Sometimes all people needed was some persuasion and a silver tongue to make them change their mind. A little lying did not hurt either. Soon after his 16th birthday he was made an enforcer and protection money collector in New York. Using the skills taught to him by his adopted father, he used his words more than his fists, but a little violence never hurt.

                      Nicholas quickly rose up the ranks and made quite a bit of money. It was during this time that his betting became serious. Flush with cash, he would force his way into any poker game he heard about. When he got into too much debt he would refuse to pay and cite his connections with the Nefaria family. No one tried to collect when he mentioned the family.

                      His new found influence also allowed him to find out the real reason behind his birth parents deaths, the Nefaria family had ordered his adopted father to kill them and to make it look like an accident. Nicholas's father had refused to use his powers to help the Nefaria family. In a fit of rage, Nicholas almost beat his adopted father to death, but a voice in his head told him to show mercy and turn his adopted father into the police with the evidence that proved he was the murder. It was that day he resolved to leave the family and change.

                      He moved down to Florida and used all his money he had made to found an orphanage for troubled youths. The worst of the worst were welcome at his orphanage and never neglected. He hired the best care giver he could find to run the orphanage and the kindest support staff. The kids under his charge became model citizens with enough love and attention. The community even gave him an award for all the community service his charges did.

                      Helping troubled youths was not enough for him though. He needed to do more to write the wrongs he had done. To this end, he started the Kozloz Private Investigator service. It specialized in finding missing children, helping those who could not afford protection, and other odd tasks not done by the local law enforcement. The job came easy for Nicholas because of his extensive underground contacts and knowledge of the seedy underbelly of crime. He soon blossomed into the private investigator the poor people of his community turned to for help.

                      All of his charity and good works is only his public image. He is still addicted to poker and gambling. Without the protection of the Nefaria family, he is on his own for his gambling debts that quickly mount. His powers afford him some protection, but not complete immunity from the people he owes money. The winnings he makes go mostly to support his orphanage, but a small portion go to pay off his debts which always seem to come back.

                      He is an extremely nice and charming person. His eyes have a sad look in them though, almost as if he is being so nice to make up for some wrongs in his past. For the most part he stays away from vices such as prostitution and alcohol, but he cannot resist gambling. It is almost impossible for him to turn down a poker game unless there is an extremely compelling reason. He is the quintessential people person. When he is around the orphanage he owns in Flordia, he is extremely nice to the kids and is looked up to in the local community as a saint. He has little knowledge of computers preferring to use his laptop solely for note taking and picture processing purposes.

                      Physical Description
                      Age: 35
                      Eye Color: Brown
                      Skin Color: Tan
                      Hair Color: Black
                      Height: 6” 1”
                      Weight: 190 lb
                      His hair is cut short and combed. He has a few scars on his chest and arms from his days of fighting and working for organized crime. He always wears a nice tailored suit complete with a tie and fancy dress shoes. He has a semi muscular build.
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                        Drafi Dinicu aka The Jester
                        PL 7 120pp

                        Abilities 48pp:
                        Strength 1 Stamina 4 Agility 7 Dexterity 3 Fighting 5 Intellect 0 Awareness 2 Presence 2

                        Skills 28pp:
                        Acrobatics 7(+14), Close Combat(Knives) 4(+9), Deception 10(+12), Streetwise 7(+7), Perception 4(+6), Persuasion 7(+9), Ranged Combat(Knives) 6(+9), Sleight of hand 6(+9), Stealth 2(+9), Vehicles 3(+6)

                        Powers 25pp:

                        Knife Barrage: Damage 5(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Multiattack +1/rank, Improved Critical 2(18-20) +2/flat, Ricochet 2 +2/flat, Penetrating 2 +2/flat) 21pp
                        AE Precise Throw: Damage 5(Extras: Perception Range +2/rank, Ricochet 2 +2/flat, Penetrating 4 +4/flat) [21pp alone] 1pp as AE
                        AE Stab The Sweet Spot: Damage 5(Extras: Improved Critical 4(16-20) +4/flat, Penetrating 6 +6/flat)[16pp alone] 1pp AE
                        AE Disabling Throw: Affliction 5(Fortitude Save; Impaired, Hindered, Incapacitated; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank, Ricochet 2 +2/flat, Improved Critical 4(16-20) +4/flat) [21pp alone] 1pp AE

                        Summon Knives: Feature 1(Create knives in his hand once per round as a free action.) 1pp

                        Advantages 11pp:
                        Defensive Roll 3, Equipment 2, Agile Feint, Evasion 2, Instant Up, Contacts, Uncanny Dodge(Visual)


                        Ranged +3, Close +5
                        Knife Barrage +9 Toughness DC 20 + MultiattackBonus
                        Precise Throw Toughness DC 20
                        Stab The Sweet Spot +9 Toughness DC 20
                        Disabling Throw +9 Fortitude DC 15

                        Defense 8pp:
                        Dodge 7, Fortitude 7, Parry 7, Toughness 7, Will 5

                        Abilities 48 + Skills 28 + Advantages 11 + Powers 25 + Defenses 8 = 120

                        Motivation(Justice): Views the justice system as a failure after the death of his family by corrupt city officials and mobsters.
                        Quirk: Always leaves a knife with the symbol of a jester, the mascot of his families traveling show, at the scene of his captures or kills.
                        Reputation: As his vigilante persona he has a reputation fleeing when the situation looks too grim.


                        Drafi was your typical traveling performer. He and his family would book tiny theaters and put on shows of amazing acrobatics, knife tricks, and simple slight of hand tricks. As soon Drafi turned 13 his parents let him be part of the act as the knife thrower. It started small at first with him only doing trick throws at fruits or small targets. As his skill progressed, he started throwing knifes at one of his 5 sisters and making interesting patterns. He got so good his parents let his sister, Julia, and him do the trick with a spinning wheel. He also was the target of knives as well thrown by Julia. She wasn't as skilled, but Drafi was able to dodge the knives really well.

                        The Dinicu family traveled in this fashion for years. Naturally, traveling together made them quite close. It was hard not to be living in a RV with 8 kids and two parents. It was a treat when they could sleep in the theatre they were renting. One night after a show at a small theatre in Hadrian City, some city officials and mob enforcers came backstage.

                        "Where is the tax you owe us?", said the official. The enforcers were standing behind the official with knives and baseball bats.

                        "What tax? We we just small time performers.", pleaded the father. He huddled the family behind him in an attempt to protect them. Drafi was out on an errand and wouldn't be back for a couple minutes, but the rest of the family cowered behind the father.

                        "I think her necklace and one of you daughters to work the streets would be a good enough tax," said the official with lust in his eyes as he gazed at the beautiful Julia.

                        "You can't have her. We just want to be left alone. We will leave the city tomorrow if you want.", begged the father.

                        "That is not good enough. She is coming with us.", said the official as he made his way towards Julia. The father pushed back at the official and knocked over a candle that was being used as lighting. The drapes immediately caught fire and soon the room was filling with smoke and flames.

                        "Get out of here now.", said the official to the enforcers. On his way out he locked the door behind them leaving the family to burn. When Drafi got back from his errand he saw the theatre burning and the official and enforcers walking out of the theatre. After sifting through the ashes he found 9 chard bodies. In a fit of rage he went to the RV parked out back and detached the motorcycle attached to the back. Grabbing some knives, he tracked down the car the inhuman monsters were in and proceeded to kill them all by throwing knives at their heads.

                        For a month he tried to be heroic and go after more mobsters, but he lacked that spark until one day when he felt invigorated. Memories of being a Jester for King Arthur and playing pranks came flooding back to him. He also noticed that he could summon knives with a simple thought. After some practice, he donned a jester hat, put on a mask, and dressed as a Jester of old. In his new guise as Jester, he went on a hunt to seek justice that could not be delivered by the system and to protect families like his. To make ends meet, he started doing street shows that showcased his skill with knives.


                        Drafi is the consummate showman. Everything he does is with a good show in mind. Instead of throwing a knife straight at a guy, he will bounce it off one or two walls first just to show off the skill involved. In his non vigilante persona, he is a friendly showman who performs tricks on the street for money. After getting the spirit of Dagonet, he picked up the habit of claiming others feats as his own. As the Jester, he is merciless and unforgiving. If a criminal is particularly bad, he will return the favor in kind by seriously wounding him before finishing him off as a warning to others, He has a habit of leaving his calling card, a knife with a Jester inscribed on it.
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                          The Last Musketeer aka Constantin Dubois
                          PL 8 120pp

                          Strength 1, Stamina 2/5, Agility 2/8, Dexterity 0/6, Fighting 1/7, Intellect 4, Awareness 0, Presence 0/4

                          Defensive Roll 3, Accurate Attack, Defensive Attack, Improved Disarm, Taunt, Skill Mastery(Acrobatics), Languages 3(English, German, Italian, Russian), Contacts, Connected , Evasion, Well Informed

                          Acrobatics +4(+6/+12), Deception +1(+1/+11), Expertise(French History) +7(+11), Investigation +2(+6), Perception +6(+6), Persuasion +2(+2/+6), Ranged Combat(Musket) +2(+2/+8)

                          Magical Musketeer Uniform: Removable -1/per 5 points

                          Musketeer Agility: Enhanced Trait 6(Agility) 12pp
                          Musketeer Swagger: Enhanced trait 4(Presence) 8pp
                          Musketeer Swords Man: Enhanced Trait 7(Fighting) 14 pp
                          Musketeer Endurance: Enhanced Trait 3(Stamina) 6pp
                          Musketeer Coordination: Enhanced Trait 6(Dexterity) 12pp

                          Summoned Rapier: Damage 8 8pp pool + 2 AE = 10pp
                          AE Dazzling Swordsmanship: Affliction 8(Will Save, Dazed, Stunned; Flaws: Limited Degree -1/rank) 8pp
                          AE Paralyzing Stab: Affliction 8(Fortitude Save, Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed) 8pp

                          Summoned Musket: Damage 8(Extras: Ranged +1/rank) 16pp pool + 1AE = 17pp
                          AE Knockout Shot: Affliction 8(Fortitude Save, Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated; Extras: Ranged +1/rank) 16pp

                          Musketeer Agility Mastery: Enhanced Trait 1(Skill Mastery Acrobatics) 1pp
                          Musketeer Bluster: Enhanced Trait 6(Deception) 3pp
                          Musketeer Suave: Enhanced Trait 2(Persuasion) 1pp
                          Musketeer Courage: Enhanced Trait 1(Fearless) 1pp

                          Initiative +2/+8
                          Summoned Rapier +8 DC 23 Toughness
                          Dazzling Swordsmanship +8 DC 18 Will
                          Paralyzing Stab +8 DC 18 Fortitude
                          Summoned Musket +8 DC 23 Toughness
                          Knockout Shot +8 DC 18 Fortitude

                          French(Native), English, German, Italian, Russian

                          Dodge +2/+8
                          Fortitude +4/+7
                          Parry +1/+7
                          Toughness +2/+8
                          Will +4

                          Power Points
                          Abilities 20 + Powers 68 + Advantages 14 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Defenses 6 = 120

                          Patriotism: The spirit of the Musketeers of old inhabits him and gives him undying loyalty to France.
                          Dual Personality: As a Musketeer he is bold, fearless, and courageous. Without his Musketeer uniform he is a shy academic.
                          Hatred: Nazi's
                          Fame: The Last Musketeer is a well known hero in France and admired by many. The Vichy regime would like nothing more than to capture and execute The Last Musketeer to help make his hold on France stronger.


                          There is a legend of a great musketeer infused with almost magical powers. Of the great royal troops, he was the greatest. Some said he sold his soul to the devil while others claimed he was the embodiment of the musketeer spirit. When the musketeers were disbanded, the man disappeared and was never heard from again.

                          As a young boy Constantin dreamed of being a musketeer. He read The Three Musketeers so much that the binding the on the book wore out. He was especially entranced by the legend of the greatest musketeer. As he got older he fell in love with the rich history of France portrayed in the musketeer novels by Dumas. His parents called him crazy for a choosing a life in academia studying French history, but for Constantin it was his dream. In college he managed to earn a doctorate in history with his dissertation focusing on the rise and fall of the French monarchies. Once he earned a professorship at Paris University, he was able to realize his dream of tracking down the truth behind the greatest musketeer that ever lived.

                          Constantin searched libraries far and wide for any reference to his childhood hero. All his researches lead him to a woman named Adele Roux. She was the last living descendant of Charles Roux, the man behind the legend. Needless to say, he was ecstatic when he met her. He talked for hours and hours about what her ancestor meant to him as a child and the need for France to have a hero like that again to stand up to it's enemies. She was so impressed by his passion for France and the legend that she brought out the uniform of her descendant and gave it to Constantin on the condition he be the hero France needed. That day The Last Musketeer was born.

                          Constantin could tell it was only a matter of time before Germany rose to power again because of the lessons taught to him by history, so he waited and honed his skills helping the French expand their power and defending the home land from super villains. When the Blitzkrieg of France started he was on the front lines, helping his nation stave off the Germans to no avail. The French and British were too unprepared. He would have stayed and helped the French resistance, but there were already masked heroes helping the resistance. His place was by Charles De Gaulle's side in helping to free the colonies before taking back the homeland. In the years after the fall of France, he worked with other heroes across the globe to help push back against the Nazi's.
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                            Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                            Arthur Pewty(Number 2)
                            PL 10
                            Age: 32


                            Arthur, Arty as he was known by his friends, was your typical teenage boy growing up in Briton. He went to school, dated girls rather successfully, and watched football with his mates. There really wasn't anything special about him, aside from some minor psychic abilities hardly worth mentioning. On a good day, he could bend a spoon. It was those days he usually made his mother cross. Like all teenage boys, Arty yearned for more. Adventure, excitement, and fighting villains were just some of the things he dreamed of as he went through his boring life of bending spoons and doing school work. Most days he ended up bending spoons as he wasn't the most academically gifted.

                            Everything changed when an advert for minor psychic talent was put out by an eccentric billionaire Donovan Kensly. It offered the chance to train up ones abilities and be part of a globe trotting super hero team. The fame, adventure, and excitement was too much for Arthur to resist. At first his parents said no, but what teen really listens to their parents when they really want something? His parents knew he would go. At least if they let Arthur go he would stay in touch. Plus, they would save on spoons. There was one catch, he would have to leave Briton and go across the pond to America. Right after he called the number, there was enough funds for a one way ticket wired to him.

                            Soon after arriving in America, all the required documents were handled to allow Arthur to stay in America as long as he wanted. Any obstacle to him staying and training was removed by the power of green pieces of paper. These green pieces of paper also provided a large training facility fully equipped with goats, rabbits, bears, and any other sort of animal it was deemed safe to hone psychic abilities on. Arthur and five others who responded were briefly told that they were going to be part of a well funded and highly skilled team of psychic warriors. It would be brutal and many cute bunnies might die, but in the end the six of them would be the premier psychic warriors on the planet.

                            Training consisted of sitting on a chair and staring at an animal for several hours a day. At first, some of the team drew bears, but that was stopped due to casualties. The team went from six to five. Bunnies, dogs, hamsters didn't work out either. All of the trainees didn't have the heart to hurt them. Eventually, they settled on goats. They were docile enough not to reduce the number of team members, but not so cute the trainees didn't want to hurt them. Once the proper animal was found, training progressed rapidly.

                            Each team member had their own special role to play. Randolf Hearst could see the future, Eliza Hearn probed minds, Andy Lugs could walk through walls, Mary Smith planted ideas in minds, and Arthur was the telekinetic. None of them, except Arthur, had the most pleasant personalities. Randolf was too worried about what was coming, Andy loved going through walls too much, Mary had a vicious streak, and Eliza always read the worst of creatures. Arthur was the most well adjusted and social one of the lot. After training was finished, they were each assigned numbers starting at 2. Donovan insisted on being number one. Arthur was given the leader position, number 2.

                            The group of psychic combatants started small. There was a crime family take down in Russia, which put the team on the map. That victory was followed up by stopping underground clubs that allowed non powered people to beat up people with powers who were sedated. Like a river, the victories kept coming and Arthur was the face of it all. He would lead the team into battle and deal with the occasionally messy aftermath. No matter how many victories the team racked up, they were still known as the goat team.

                            One mission in particular stuck out from the others. Word had gotten to the team that there was a messy demon infestation in Japan. The other heroes of the world were busy, so AEGIS called in the goat team. Their point of contact was an agent named Mike. Upon arrival he had some goats waiting for their private plane at the airport, just in case they wanted to train. It wasn't all fun and games. When the Oni were threatened, it took Mike and all of the goat team to get rid of the demons. Arthur got lucky, he was able to stay out of their heads. The rest of the goat team wasn't so lucky.

                            Missions went on for a few more years, but it wasn't the same after the Oni battle. Mikes antics when he and the team crossed path, after his tenure with AEGIS was finished, did not carry the same humor value for the rest of the team as they did for Arty. Near the end, it wasn't a giant or super villain who broke up the team. It was a girl. Kamiko Lee started dating the teams mind prober Eliza. She was the first to leave on her own with the encouragement of Kamiko. Mike filled in for a couple missions, but it just wasn't the same. The goat team ended with a whimper, not a bang.

                            For a time, Arthur retired from the pyschic warrior gig for a more lucrative personal relations position. He had a knack for getting out of press conferences when objects mysteriously fell or lights went out. The super hero flair wasn't quite dead for Arty. It was just hidden in a dark basement behind a door with a sign that read beware of cougars. Mike fanned it when he would call Arty about some mission he was just on or exciting thing he did. The rest of the goat team all went their separate ways and hardly ever spoke. Kamiko tried to bring the group back together, but it was too little to late. When the call came from Mike about joining a new team, Arty could not resist the call anymore.

                            Character Sheet:

                            Strength 2, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 2, Fighting 4, Intellect 2, Awareness 4, Presence 0

                            Deception 4(+4), Expertise(Public Relations) 4(+6), Insight 8(+12), Perception 4(+8), Persuasion 4(+4)

                            Eidetic Memory, Jack-of-all-trades, Ultimate Effort (Will checks)


                            Telekinesis: Move Object 10(Extras: Accurate 4 +4/flat) 24pp

                            Telekinetic Bolt: Ranged Damage 10(Extras: Accurate 4 +4/flat) 24pp
                            AE: Telekinetic Grab: Affliction 10(Resisted by Dodge; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Extra condition +1/rank, Concentration +1/rank, Accurate 4 +4/flat; Flaws: Instant Recovery -1/rank, Limited Degree -1/rank) (24pp) 1pp
                            AE: Telekinetic Column: Damage 8(Extras: Line Area 2 (60 feet) +2/rank) (24pp) 1pp
                            AE: Telekinetic Constructs: Create 8, Movable (24pp) 1pp

                            Telekinetic Shield: Impervious Protection 10(Extras: Sustained +0/rank) 20pp

                            Telekinetic Flight: Flight 5( 60 MPH; Flaws: Distracting -1/rank) 5pp

                            Initiative +2
                            Ranged +2
                            Close +4
                            Telekinetic Bolt +10 DC 25 toughness
                            Telekinetic Grab +10 DC 20 dodge
                            Telekinetic Column DC 23 toughness

                            Dodge 8
                            Fortitude 7
                            Parry 8
                            Toughness 12
                            Will 12

                            Abilities 36 + Skills 12 + Advantages 3 + Powers 76 + Defenses 23 = 150


                            Famous: He was the face of the once popular goat team. This leads villains to occasionally challenge him and people ask for autographs at awkward times.

                            Motivation(Thrills): Arthur loves the excitement and adventure that comes with the life of a super hero.

                            Responsibility(Parents): Arthurs parents still live in England and he sends them money every month to help with the bills.

                            Phobia(Goats): He cannot bring himself to hurt a goat.


                            Arthur is a laid back, fun loving guy. When the situation calls for it, he is usually the first one to step up and take charge. He may not be the most charismatic, but he makes up for it in intuition and knowing the right words to say. As a leader his style is to let each member do what they do best and step in when the team stops acting like a team.

                            Power Notes

                            His powers manifest as little spheres, barely visible to the human eye. He uses these spheres to move objects, create objects, and apply force to other people.
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                              Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                              Alexis Ross aka Shifter
                              PL 7
                              Age: 22



                              Before the event, as she called it, Alexis lead a boring life in the suburbs. Her parents weren't rich, but they made more than enough to provide her a good home, comfortable life, and safety. Bradley, her father, worked as a scientist for a small drug company named Regulax. Mary, Alexis's mother, had worked as a secretary there until meeting Bradley and becoming a full time home maker. While Regulax was a small company, it held some potentially very profitable drug patents that just needed to get to market. This was a large part Bradleys doing for the company. By any external view, Alexis had a good life with a father who was on the verge of striking it rich.

                              Alexis's parents nurtured her love for animals and got her all the books she wanted on them in hopes she would become a veterinarian or animal researcher. She had radically different dreams. All her life she had dreamed of living and working with animals in the wild or city. Her love for animals grew to the point where she joined animal rights groups and started protesting the treatment of animals by people like her father. Needless to say, this development was quite shocking to Mary and Bradley. They had sheltered their daughter from all of the troubles in life and she became an animals rights activist. Through her childhood they had prepared for a rebellious party girl, but they never expected the books on animals to make her an animals rights activist.

                              After her third arrest for trespassing during a protest, Bradley decided to take her on a trip so that she could get her adoration with animals satiated and see some of the world in a supervised fashion. Bradley called in a few favors at work and joined a group going to Honduras for a trip to purchase some more monkeys for the final phase of the clinical trials on a few ground breaking drugs. Alexis was mainly excited to go because she had just graduated high school and had planned on taking a year off before going to school to be an animal trainer. Getting out of her protected shell and seeing the jungles of Honduras was the perfect start to her year long adventure, she thought.

                              The Breakout Event

                              After the lab monkeys were procurered, Regulax gave Bradley and his daughter a few days to see the La Mosquita jungle. They even payed for the plane to drop off and pick up the two in 4 days as well as the guide to show them the jungle. Alexis liked to think the company was doing good, but in reality they didn't want her anywhere near the monkeys, in case she decided to liberate them. Bradley knew the secret reason, but he wasn't about to tell his daughter that.

                              The first day went swimmingly well. Their plane arrived on time, their guide met them at the proper time, and the trip down the rivers to their first camp had no hitches. Bradley was playing the typical tourist and taking snapshots of the whole thing on his new fancy Canon camera. Alexis, on the other hand, was just soaking in all the beauty and wonder. After living her whole life in the city, she could not quite get used to seeing monkeys swing by as if going along business as usual. Even the animals that were sun bathing delighted her.

                              On the second day of the trip, things made a turn for the worse. The cayuco that had transported the trio down the rivers got a hole and sank in the night. To add gas to the fire, it turned out that the guide had links to drugs cartels. It was their plan to kidnap Bradley and his daughter so that Bradley would work for the cartel. He had sunk the cayuco and signaled the cartel on a satellite phone once Bradely and Alexis were tied up.

                              Being kidnapped had been something Alexis had only heard about on T.V. She never thought it could happen to her. After a day of being tied up, the cartel gunmen arrived at the makeshift kidnapping base. As Alexis and Bradley were being loaded into the boat, some unlikely rescuers came to their aid. Local indigenous tribes sprung an ambush on the drug runners. In the fight, Alexis got shot twice and passed out.

                              She woke up in a hospital bed in Tegucigalpa. Her father and mother were waiting by her bed side. At the first sign of her opening her eyes, they pounced and hugged her until a nurse had to rush in so Alexis could breathe. It had turned out, the tribe had followed the drag cartel members in the jungle since they arrived. After the fight, Bradley was able to use the satellite phone to make a quick call to the rest of the Regulax party. Regulax felt so bad, and wanted to keep their top scientist happy, that they payed for Alexis medical care and brought her back to the states where she recuperated quickly.

                              Post Breakout

                              During her recuperation, Alexis had the strangest dreams of flying like a bird at night. Also, at times she would hear talking when no one was around that concerned nuts and the best storage of them. Walking down the street she would hear voices when dogs walked by with their owners about wanting bacon or water. She passed it all off as post traumatic stress from being shot. Being a bird and hearing dogs only happened in movies or books she had read before. Not once did she believe that she was the bird some nights and was hearing dogs babble on.

                              Two months into her recovery, when she felt she was losing her mind, she decided to put it to the test. Concentrating real hard, she went into the back yard of her parents home and thought really hard about being a pigeon. To her great amazement, she found herself much smaller and a with wings. Taking the test further, she mimicked the flying motions in her dreams and actually flew. To be sure she wasn't hearing voices, she flew to a back yard of a house near by and changed herself into a German Shepard. In the backyard, she heard a voice complaining about being bored and happy to see another dog. Alexis replied back almost out of instinct, about wanting to play. Immediately, the dog ran towards her and started to play with her.

                              This went on for a month where she steadily became able to use her powers better. The more she used her powers the more she felt a craving to go to the forests and jungles of the world. At first her parents were reluctant to let he go on a "journey of self discovery", but in the end she played the guilt card and promised to send an email every other day. For a year she lived with the animals of the world as one of them. At times she was a jaguar and other times a monkey swinging in the trees. For a month, she was part of a whale migration. The time she spent as an animal was the best time in her life.

                              When she got back from her trip, she knew she wanted to be an animal psychologist. Zoos and the like brought her in to spend some one on one time with animals that were seemingly depressed. Whatever her techniques were, they worked wonders. Her reputation quickly spread as one of the best animal psychologists among the animal handling circle. Everyone thought it was her natural intuition and passion, but all she did was talk to the animals and cheer them up or directly ask them what was bothering them.

                              At night, when she was alone, she would sleep in various animal forms or fly over the city like a bird. It almost started to feel like she was one with the animals. Her behavior started acting more animalistic as she spent more time as an animal. In her trade, it was considered a good thing though. One day she was offered a position as a keeper of a private animal park by an eccentric billionaire. She jumped at the chance, and almost licked the mans face before stopping herself.

                              Character Sheet:

                              Strength 0, Stamina 2, Agility 2, Dexterity 0, Fighting 2, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 0

                              Athletics 4(+4), Close Combat(Unarmed) 6(+8), Deception 3(+3), Expertise(Animal Behaviour) 4(+6), Insight 8(+10), Perception 8(+10), Stealth 5(+7)

                              Defensive Roll 2, Move By action, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Jack of All trades, Great Endurance, Skill Mastery(Insight)


                              Shape Shift: Variable 6(Extras: Continuous +1/rank; Flaws: Limited animal forms -1/rank) 42pp

                              Animal Speak: Comprehend 2(Speak to and Understand Animals) 4pp

                              Initiative +2
                              Ranged +0
                              Close +8

                              Dodge 7
                              Fortitude 5
                              Parry 7
                              Toughness 4
                              Will 4

                              Abilities 18 + Skills 19 + Advantages 8 + Powers 46 + Defenses 15 = 106


                              Socially Awkward: Her behavior sometimes causes others to view her as just another animal loving freak who is crazy. This has prevented her involvement in some human social circles.

                              Motivation(responsibility to make the world better): From her time living with animals she has learned that mankind can work better together and make everyone's lot better. She just wants to do her part in anyway she can.

                              Police Record : She has a police record from her time as an animal activist. This can sometimes be used against her by people who wish to do her harm.

                              Secret(her powers): Alexis guards knowledge of her powers. She hasn't told a single soul about them, not even her parents. If it ever got out she can "speak" with animals and turn into them, she fears she would be studied and experimented on like the monkeys in her fathers lab.


                              Alexis is really passionate about animals. She loves being around animals, as one of them or not. This sometimes leads to her not acting fully human and forgetting some human etiquette. Aside from her animal side, she is a very caring person who genuinely wants to help people. She views animals as helpful to humans, but more from a position of charity than duty. Often times she can be seen talking to birds or dogs like one would talk to another human. When asked who she is talking to she smiles and says it is practice for her job. Over all, she is a very curious explorer with a fierce independent streak. Like in the animal world, she knows to get grand things done she has to work with others.

                              Common Forms

                              Abilities[16pp]: Strength -2, Stamina 0, Agility 3, Dexterity 0, Fighting 2, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 0
                              Skills[23pp]: Athletics 4(+2), Close Combat(Unarmed) 6(+8), Deception 3(+3), Expertise(Animal Behaviour) 4(+6), Insight 8(+10), Intimidation -4, Perception 10(+12), Sleight of Hand 6(+6), Stealth 5(+16)
                              Advantages[8pp]: Defensive Roll 2, Move By action, Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge, Jack of All trades, Great Endurance
                              Powers[27pp]: Animal Speak: Comprehend 2(Speak to and Understand Animals) 4pp;Shrink 8(Permanent, Innate)17 pp;Senses 2 (extended vision, low-light vision) 2pp; Flight 4(30 mph, wings) 4pp
                              Offense: Initiative +3, Ranged +0, Close +8
                              Defense[15pp]: Dodge 12,Fortitude 2,Parry 12,Toughness 2,Will 4
                              Abilities 16 + Skills 23 + Advantages 8 + Powers 27 + Defenses 15 = 89/93
                              Abilities[18pp]: Strength -2, Stamina 0, Agility 4, Dexterity 0, Fighting 2, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 0
                              Skills[28pp]: Athletics 14(+2), Close Combat(Unarmed) 6(+8), Deception 3(+3), Expertise(Animal Behaviour) 4(+6), Insight 8(+10), Intimidation -4, Perception 10(+12), Sleight of Hand 6(+6), Stealth 5(+16)
                              Advantages[7pp]: Defensive Roll 1, Move By action, Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge, Jack of All trades, Great Endurance
                              Powers[25pp]: Animal Speak: Comprehend 2(Speak to and Understand Animals) 4pp;Shrink 8(Permanent, Innate)17 pp;Senses 2 (Accurate Scent, infra vision) 2pp; Movement 1(Slithering)2pp
                              Offense: Initiative +3, Ranged +0, Close +8
                              Defense[15pp]: Dodge 12,Fortitude 2,Parry 12,Toughness 2,Will 4
                              Abilities 18 + Skills 28 + Advantages 7 + Powers 25 + Defenses 15 = 93/93
                              Abilities[30pp]: Strength 3, Stamina 3, Agility 3, Dexterity 0, Fighting 3, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 0
                              Skills[21pp]: Athletics 6(+9), Close Combat(Unarmed) 6(+9), Deception 3(+3), Expertise(Animal Behaviour) 4(+6), Insight 8(+10), Perception 10(+12), Stealth 5(+8)
                              Advantages[8pp]: Defensive Roll 2, Move By action, Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge, Jack of All trades, Great Endurance
                              Powers[7pp]: Animal Speak: Comprehend 2(Speak to and Understand Animals) 4pp;Senses 3 (scent, track, ultra hearing) 3pp
                              Offense: Initiative +3, Ranged +0, Close +9
                              Defense[14pp]: Dodge 8,Fortitude 5,Parry 8,Toughness 5,Will 4
                              Abilities 30 + Skills 21 + Advantages 8 + Powers 7 + Defenses 15 = 80/93
                              Abilities[22pp]: Strength 7, Stamina 7, Agility 1, Dexterity 0, Fighting 1, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 0
                              Skills[21pp]: Athletics 6(+13), Close Combat(Unarmed) 6(+7), Deception 3(+3), Expertise(Animal Behaviour) 4(+6), Insight 8(+10), Perception 10(+12), Stealth 2(+8)
                              Advantages[7pp]: Power Attack, Move By action, Evasion, Uncanny Dodge, Jack of All trades, Great Endurance
                              Powers[16pp]: Animal Speak: Comprehend 2(Speak to and Understand Animals) 4pp;Growth 4(Permanent, Innate) 9pp;Protection 2 2pp;Senses 2 (low-light vision, scent) 2pp
                              Offense: Initiative +1, Ranged +0, Close +7
                              Defense[18pp]: Dodge 6,Fortitude 9,Parry 6,Toughness 9,Will 4
                              Abilities 22 + Skills 21 + Advantages 7 + Powers 16 + Defenses 18 = 84/93
                              Abilities[32pp]: Strength 5, Stamina 5, Agility 3, Dexterity 0, Fighting 4, Intellect 1, Awareness 2, Presence 0
                              Skills[24pp]: Athletics 6(+11), Close Combat(Unarmed) 5(+9), Deception 3(+3), Expertise(Animal Behaviour) 4(+6), Insight 8(+10), Perception 10(+12), Stealth 12(+13)
                              Advantages[6pp]: Power Attack, Move By action, Evasion 2, Uncanny Dodge, Jack of All trades, Great Endurance
                              Powers[10pp]: Animal Speak: Comprehend 2(Speak to and Understand Animals) 4pp;Growth 2(Permanent, Innate) 5pp; Senses 2 (Low-light Vision, Acute Smell) 2pp;
                              Offense: Initiative +3, Ranged +0, Close +9
                              Defense[17pp]: Dodge 9,Fortitude 7,Parry9,Toughness 5,Will 4
                              Abilities 22 + Skills 21 + Advantages 7 + Powers 16 + Defenses 18 = 89/93
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