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    Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

    Ricky Drake
    PL 9
    PP 137


    They say age is just a number. In Ricky's case, it was some number greater than 130. It all started in a middle of no where town with parents who were wealthy ranchers that largely neglected their son. Ricky grew up to be just as care free and happy go lucky as his parents who gave him a good education through tutors, but were lacking on the moral aspects of parenting. His favorite past times, in no particular order, were shots of whiskey, cards, and women. Sometimes he even took part in all three at the same time. One day, while going about his normal business and cleaning a few people out at the table, his eyes locked with a beautiful girl with sun kissed hair, a smile to make men weep, and a body that not even the greatest sculpture in the world could capture. Lily, as her name turned out to be, explained to him over a secluded table that she was only in town for a week or two before moving on to prepare for her final accession into the Mystic Council. She had been chosen as the representative of earth on the condition she stay pure. Of course, for a guy like Ricky this made no sense, but a man wanting to get under a beautiful woman's skirt will go with most things. For the next few days, they had long conversations about magic and its role in the world. To his surprise, Ricky found out he had some magical talent as well when Lily taught him a few spells. One night it happened. An empty field, the moon light, and the sound of nature cracked the virgin's armor and she wasn't a virgin come morning. This continued a few more nights before Lily had to leave with tears filled eyes at falling in love and maybe sacrificing a place on the council because of it. For his part, Ricky was already ready to move on, not that he let it on though.

    A month later, Ricky was listening to a piano and watching a show with women who were slowly taking their elaborate dresses off. Just as it was getting to the final article of clothing and he had another bottle of whiskey freshly delivered, he found himself in a rune circle filled with bright lights and people with red hooded robes. Now, he had drank some stuff before that made him hallucinate, but nothing like this. In an overly theatrical fashion, a single figure explained the situation. Lily had been rejected and banished to stay on earth instead of joining the council all because of him. In their eyes, this was a violation of all things they held sacred. Of course, Ricky had to crack a follow up joke in regards to how hard it would be to violate something sacred without the proper holes. For some reason, this did not go over well. As his punishment, he was told to make penance to Lily and join with her in union because she still loved him. Ricky still wasn't sure if it was a hallucination yet, so he declined by showing his arse. Murmurs spread through the assembled council members and after a few minutes the overly theatrical voice spoke again. As punishment for his disrespect and violation of another's love, he was cursed with immortality.

    He never did see Lily again, but after coming to with the show almost over he felt different. Years passed and while others around him aged or suffered from the hard life style, he stayed the same. As a curse, he thought it was pretty lame because he would have forever to enjoy life. More years passed though and the crowds changed. Matthew stopped doing shots off women, got a plot of land, and had a brood of his own. Henry sold the bar, moved to the big city, met the girl of his dreams, and retired to a happy domestic life. Even the girls he frequented moved on. Heather retired from whoring and found a respectable preacher husband who made her feel pure and special. Marcy had a child from a client, who was Ricky unbeknownst to him, and married a farmer who fancied her. Ricky tried to stay with Melissa for longer than a year, but age started showing in her as well. Soon enough, everyone was new and different. Time had moved on, but he still remained. Learning the occasional magic here and there was a small distraction from his everlasting life. So, for the next 20 some odd years, he dedicated his life to bedding as many women as he could, drinking all he could before passing out, brawling, occasionally dying, and being rowdy.

    There comes a point when you wake up with 20 naked women for the second week in a row where you ask yourself is this it. Ricky had that moment. It was all the same. Immortality was fun and all, but after polishing off a case of whiskey a night for several months and playing more cards than a man rightfully should it all gets boring. In his part of the world, saving people using powers was coming into vogue and he saw it as his chance. Doing it by himself with the magic he had developed was a thrill, but ultimately limited. Doing it on his own, he could save a few people from some maniac villain. Trying to save a lot of people on his own didn't work out so well. News traveled slower during this time though and he was the only survivor, so no one except him to spread the story. Smaller teams started sprouting up and he would join a few from time to time, never staying longer than a few years as he saw his teammates aging or in some cases showing the effects of age in other ways. Like his previous vices, those around him changed while he stayed the same Ricky. One nice perk though was the card games he got access to, insane groupies who were into anything, and free drinks. That wasn't enough to keep him though. America was changing too much for him.

    For a spell, he traveled on various ships doing odd jobs involving magic to pay his passage. His travels brought him to Australia, Asia, South America, Africa, and everywhere in between. Finally, he left ship in England and never went back on. London was just his speed and the thrill of the heroic game was starting to come back to him. A few small teams came and went. They were more polite than the Americans he worked with before and used more civil tactics, but over the years it all was the same to him again. Plus, there was the nasty side effect of the the Mystic Council taking notice of him again after taking down a wanna be necromancer. After that, all his battles got much stranger. So, it was back to the women, booze, and gambling time again except with British chicks and Irish whiskey. One day, while taking part in the booze and cards with a woman under the table he fell into the hero role on accident. One of the players was caught slipping a card from his sleeve. This wasn't the sort of pub to be doing that in though and the man would have died if Ricky had not stood up with his pants around his angles still while he danced. The man got away and Ricky brawled some more. As chance would have it, the man was the ambassador to Freedom City and needed some protection on the trip with the occasional odd jobs once across the pond.

    It had been a good forty years since he was in America. Freedom City was vibrant and alive. Apparently, the big super hero team craze had taken hold with even schools set up for it. For a time, Ricky thought of enlisting into one of these teams, but they were too good for him. That heroic thrill just wasn't there and he wasn't a top of the line sort of hero that did all the fun stuff heroics. His services were useful to adhoc teams who needed a little assistance now and again. Plus the cops found a semi nonaffiliated hero useful at times. The Mystic Council wasn't done with him yet though and threw him a few curve balls as well. One curve ball lead him to the realization he has descendants when one person he saved was the daughter of a woman he spent a few nights with in London. She had his eyes and face which was more than enough for him to know. A little research revealed he had quite a few descendants. Apparently, they didn't make him sterile when they made him immortal. He still drinks, whores, and gambles. On the side though he does some heroeing as well because the next person he might help could be his great great great great grand child on with something on the line the thrill was back.

    Character Sheet

    Abilities 38pp:
    Strength 0 Stamina 0 Agility 1 Dexterity 3 Fighting 4 Intellect 2 Awareness 7 Presence 2

    Skills 20pp:
    Deception 8(+10), Expertise Magic 7(+9), Expetise Street Wise 4(+6), Insight 6(+13), Perception 4(+11), Persuasion 8(+10), Sleight of Hand 3(+6)

    Powers 49pp:
    Magic Bullet: Damage 11(Extras: Ranged +1/rank) 22pp
    AE: Dispell Magic: Nullify 7(Extras: Broad(Magic) +1/rank, Simultaneous +1/rank, Precise +1/flat) (22pp) 1pp
    AE: Enervation: Weaken 7(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Broad(One physical ability at a time) +1/rank, Afects Objects Only +0/rank, Incurable +1/flat) (22pp) 1pp
    AE: Mystic bindings: Affliction 11 (Resisted by Will; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Extra Condition +1/rank; Flaws: Limited Degree -1/rank) (22pp) 1pp
    AE: Phantasms: Illusion 4(All Senses, 30 foot area) (20pp) 1pp
    AE: Maddening Blast: Damage 7(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Will Save +1/rank, Accurate +1/flat) (22pp) 1pp
    AE: Invisibility: Concealment 10(All Senses; Extras: Precise +1/flat, Affects Others +1/rank; Flaws: Passive -1/rank) (21pp) 1pp

    Protective Tatoos: Protection 11 11pp

    Immortal: Immunity 1 (Aging) 1pp
    Immortal: Immortal 1 2pp
    Immortal: Regeneration 2 2pp

    True Sight: Senses 5(Counters illusion(Visual), Dark Vision, Magical Awareness) 5pp

    Advantages 10pp:
    Ranged Attack 4, Trance 1, Ritualist 1, Power Attack 1, Accurate Attack 1, Skill Mastery 2(Persuasion, Deception)

    Initiative +1
    Ranged +7, Close +4
    Mystic Bindings +7 DC 21 will
    Magic Bullet +7 DC 26 toughness
    Enervation +7 DC 17 fort
    Maddening Blast +9 DC 22 Will

    Defense 20pp
    Dodge 7, Fortitude 6, Parry 7, Toughness 11, Will 12

    Abilities 38 + Skills 20 + Advantages 10 + Powers 49 + Defenses 20 = 137

    Motivation Thrills: Living 100+ years can get boring. So, to break the monotony he takes up fighting crime now and again.
    Addiction(Gambling): He loves to gamble. Sometimes it gets him into a bit of trouble though when he goes too far.
    Secret(Descendants): Ricky, despite being immortal, has been with quite a bit of women and had a couple children. People who don't like him would be more than glad to use it against him.
    Enemy(Mystic Council): His immortality was supposed to be a curse for seducing one of their virgin followers, but they don't view it as enough. He isn't wallowing. So, they mess with him in other ways.
    Reputation(Wild): He has a reputation of being wild, but his usefulness outweighs it for most people.

    Ricky loves to drink, gamble, womanize, and have fun. Sometimes though that life gets rather boring, so he uses his magical gifts for the betterment of society sometimes. While some may think he is a lone wolf, he has worked with more than a few teams in his time and even founded one for kicks in England. People generally find him agreeable and his sense of welcoming anyone and everyone to share in his bounties helps that. People he gets intimate with end up realizing though he doesn't get tied down too easy because he knows he will out live them. When it comes to magic, he treats it almost like a toy. A toy that he uses for amusement and keeps self restraint because he isn't in to hurting people just because. It takes a lot to make him angry, but when he does get angry he has depths to his magic even he doesn't know about.


    The Mystic Council is various mages from the other dimensions who are self proclaimed councilors, but in reality they are just a really powerful group of mages with an ego trip and delusions of grandeur.
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      Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

      Max Ralph
      PL 6
      PP 90


      What do you get when the father is a navy seal, mother is a marine, grand fathers were army, grand mothers served as nurses, and can trace family back to soldiers in the revolutionary war? In this case you get Max. From his birth, it was just assumed he was going to be in some branch of the military. He was in boy scouts, learned to live off the land, went to a military academy, and did everything leading to joining the military. Of course, he also had a childhood doing things normal kids do since his parents weren't as strict as other military parents. After graduation from high school, he enlisted right away in the marines. One day, he thought, he was going to be a navy seal like his father. During basic training, he excelled above the other students, even the ones with a stricter military up bringing than him. This did not go unnoticed by those observing the trainees. Max in particular caught the eye of some CIA observers. They were looking to recruit for a unit to do the things that would never be released to the public and if things went south, to claim deniability. Of course, the president, generals, and the like would know, but it would be blacker than black. When asked, Max said simply yes. For the next several years, his unit did the jobs few even knew needed doing and going places the U.S military generally wasn't allowed.

      One fateful mission was all it took to get Max to retire. In the middle of no where Siberia, his unit was assigned to find and rescue three company men who were looking into reports of a potentially world ending weapon. Being the tracker of the unit, Max followed the signs and lead his unit to a network of caves in the mountains. They weren't just any standard caves or cave paintings on the walls. Covering the walls was images of human sacrifice, horrendous demonic looking creatures pulled from nightmares, pentagrams, and various occult symbols. A few were even painted in blood. As they got deeper into the cave, the images only got more intense. Finally, they came upon an enclave with one of the men they were sent to extract. He was bound and gagged with ropes made of human remains. After getting the man free, there was barely enough time for him to get out "watch out!" before half a dozen people in flowing orange robes and hoods came around the corner. Six men with long daggers verses six highly skilled soldiers with automatic weapons didn't last long. The danger wasn't over though. Two of the men had already been dragged away to a much larger area of the cave where the remains of their bodies formed a circle on the ground that served as the base of a portal. By the time Max's unit arrived three hellish looking creatures the size of a medium human were already out of it with something much larger coming out. A spray of bullets later and the occultists plus the chanter keeping the portal open lay dead on the ground. Dealing with the hellish creatures took a bit more work, but Max's katana passed down from his grandfather helped to end the other worldly creatures life.

      Back at home, the mission was erased from all records except one kept in some secret place very few know about. Max and his unit were decommissioned with honors. To ensure they kept silent, each was afforded a generous pension. His unit mates joined some private military contractors for easy gigs, but Max wanted the easy life where he could be in the outdoors to hunt and fish. Alaska was as good a place as any. He got himself a nice sized plot of land, built a large secluded compound to stay at for extended hunting trips, and retired to the good life. No day was the same, but they all involved some level of fishing, hunting, or shooting pool at the local bar. It was nice for a year or so.

      Walking back to his place just outside of town from the bar one night, he heard screaming in the distance followed by a ghoulish chorus of moans. It didn't take him long to come upon 4 zombie like creatures pursuing Alexa, a woman he knew and sometimes flirted with for fun from the diner. From the tracks, she had been running for a bit and out in the woods it was easy to get lost. Slowly, Max snuck through the trees with his hands on the katana he always carried. People in town accepted it as a treasured family heirloom passed down from WWII. If people could open carry guns, why not a katana? One by one, he beheaded each of the ghouls pursuing Alexa. She was not the sappy sort and had just gotten out of a bad relationship, but she knew from that moment she found her man. Max was just relieved to have helped her in time.

      Back at the police station, Alexa kept flirting with her hero who made her almost forget her trauma and Max was all to glad to reciprocate. One officer took her statement while Max waited in the lobby area. She had made him promise to walk her home. While waiting, a cop slipped Max a card and told him to call the mayor tomorrow. Thinking nothing of it at the time, Max nodded and waited for Alexa to finish giving her statement. That night, they went back to her place and just talked about life, the northern lights, movies, bunny rabbits, and any topic under the sun. It had been so long since Max had any meaningful conversation it caught him off guard. Come the next morning, Max said his good byes and headed out for a day of hunting elk. The next day after getting back from the hunt he had a call on his answering machine from the mayors secretary inviting him into the mayors office for a visit. He also had some messages not for children's ears from Alexa. Again, he completely forgot about the mayor and spent the day with Alexa walking through nature and enjoying each others company. Another day came and went when Max finally remembered the card. Waiting for him was a job offer into a secret unit of the police to handle supernatural threats and funding that almost matched his previous employer. Still he refused and returned to his nice life with Alexa.

      Fast forward six months later, Alexa and Max are just getting settled in their newly built marital home. Sounds of rattling and whipping echoed from outside. Picking up his trusty bow, Max went to check it out. A mix of skeletons and squid like deformed creatures descended upon him. They weren't too strong and Max was able to handle them, but Alexa saw it all and insisted he go report it to the police and maybe it would get some press unlike her attack. Instead of simply taking a statement, they offered him the job again. This time was different. He had roots, a home, and maybe a family of his own one day. It was his home and if joining meant he could protect it, he would join this time.

      Character Sheet

      Abilities 46pp:
      Strength 4 Stamina 5 Agility 4 Dexterity 1 Fighting 6 Intellect 0 Awareness 3 Presence 0

      Skills 22pp:
      Acrobatics 6(+10), Close Combat(swords) 3(+9), Expertise(Tracking, wis based) 7(+10), Insight 6(+9), Perception 10(+13), Ranged Combat(bows) +2(+3), Stealth 8(+12), Treatment 3(+3)

      Powers 0pp:

      Advantages 14pp:
      Ranged Attack 4, Equipment 4, Power Attack, Tracking, Evasion 1, Die Hard, Jack of All Trades, Languages 1(Russian)

      Initiative +4
      Ranged +6, Close +6
      Bows +8 Reg Bow DC 19 toughness 19-20 crit
      Swords +9 Reg Sword DC 18 toughness 19-20 crit

      Defense 8pp
      Dodge 7, Fortitude 7, Parry 7, Toughness 5, Will 5

      Equipment (20ep)
      Bow(Ranged Damage 4 improved crit) 9ep
      Sword(Stength based damage 3 Improved Crit) 4ep
      Binoculars 1ep
      Night Vision Googles 1ep
      Multi Tool 1ep
      Large Hunting Cabin(Medium Size(warehouse), Concealed(Hidden in the woods), Living Space, Power System) 4ep

      Abilities 46 + Skills 22 + Advantages 14 + Powers 0 + Defenses 8 = 90

      Motivation(Protect): He has taken it as his mission to protect people from whatever is going on in his town.
      Enemy(Creature from beyond): He doesn't know what it is, but sometimes things get through and they gun for him.
      Relationship(Wife Alexa): Max is dating a woman about his age(early 30's) who works at the diner. She has the southern belle look.

      He is a fun loving outdoorsy type of guy. At times he can be exacting per his military experience, but otherwise he is pretty chill. His katana had been passed down for three generations, so he has a fondness for it. Overall, he is the sort of guy who can just as easily dispatch a room full of terrorists as play darts at the bar while drinking a few beers with the guys.


      His tracking expertise is meant to cover things a tracker might pick up such as number of people, how the tracked prey carries themselves, what the tracked thing might be, etc.

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        Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

        Ashby Marks aka Jack Knife
        PL 6

        Age: 54



        While Jet Boy and the squadron helping him fought in the skies above Manhattan, the Marks were bringing their newborn baby home to the small apartment they rented in Manhattan. When the virus was released, they thanked their lucky stars they weren't made into freaks or killed like a lot of people. Once they could leave and the government was satisfied it wouldn't spread by people movement, they high tailed it to Boston where Anthony, Ashby's dad, was able to get work from the union on the docks. Francine, Ashby's mother, took part time work as a waitress to make ends meet when the union out of nowhere agreed to a pay cut and increased dues. Mysteriously, the union boss got a new expensive car. This gave young Ashby time to play mobster in the older ships no one bothered to guard while in port. Him and his friends would boast they were untouchable made men then pretend to do all sorts of crimes. Ashby had respect and money playing pretend while in real life he was near bum level. One day while playing in a construction equipment ship at the age of 10, he fell through some loose floor boards and onto some pointy building materials. Much to his surprise, he was unhurt and not quite there. His whole body felt like it was vibrating just enough so the steel beams went through him. This did not escape his friends who ran out of the ship, but were caught by the union boss who was in the area.

        Word traveled up the pipe from there. Ashby's friends told the union boss, the union boss told the soldier who liased with the Patriarca crime family, the soldier told his lieutenant, the lieutenant told the boss Raymond. Next thing Ashby knew, he was in a room with two options. Work for the family using his Four Ace like powers. Alternatively, him and his family could be killed in an "accident". The first option worked better for the child who was put under the watchful eye of one of the Raymonds most trusted men. Asks by the family started simple enough. Grab this item from a safe, cut through some steel, steal from an up and coming crime family, and other small jobs. While this was going on, he got what he always wanted, respect and not being treated as just another dock workers kid. Eventually though when he was 20, they asked him to cut some support beams using a new trick he learned with his hands.These beams supported a platform another families boss was to give a speech. Taking a life wasn't something he could do though and he took off before doing the job. Still, the boss saw him and cornered Ashby by the water. With a gun to his head, he cut into the heart of the boss with his vibrating hand. He had his first kill and they opened the book for him.

        Contrary to the nickname of Jack Knife and reputation he developed in his twenty years working for the family, he didn't do that much killing. Sometimes, his presence alone in matters of business made them all the more civil. Sometimes it was true he had to kill some people, regrettably, but he always did it as a last resort. Soon after this twenty year period starting, his parents passed and he never started a family of his own, so all he had was his place in the family and the protections they gave him from government recruitment. For the duration of the 20 years, it was enough. He negotiated truces, acted as an envoy, played go between, and whatever was needed except killing if he could help it. Times were changing though and the respect and life his role afforded wasn't becoming worth it. New players entered the scene who didn't follow the old rules of keeping the innocents out of business. Jokers with chips on their shoulder, aces who thought they could rule the world, government agents using underhanded tricks for a promotion, and the ascent of aces as heroes. Boston wasn't as much a hotbed of ace's, but the Jokers were still in their own town. Ashby's last straw was having to kill the leader of a Joker crew that refused to back down that he later found out had a large family he was trying to support. Tendering his retirement papers in a sense, he moved into a modest apartment and planned on staying out of the game. At 40, he was done.

        It turns out the game wasn't done with him. While he indulging in his hobbies of wood work, the game was played by new rivals and entrants. Other made men of Ashby's era had gotten out of it by moving away, but he knew no one could touch him literally. Others didn't quite know, because he didn't use his powers unless needed and than in deceptive ways, but he knew if they sent a hit squad he could just phase away. Being one of the few still around the city and retired, the game players came to him for advise or counsel where he heard all sorts of things plus helped people through various situations. He also kept in contact with his old contacts just in case. One of them, a police captain, owed him a huge favor when he covered up some information from the captains wife about a Joker prostitute saving their marriage of 25 years. This captain paid back the favor by getting one of the children of the last Joker that Ashby killed off of a drug dealing charge. Counseling and helping the poor kid made Ashby not feel so bad about the pain he had caused.

        In another sense, the new aces being public thing caught up to him as well rattling his pleasant retirement. It all happened when he walked down to the market one afternoon wearing his signature gentlemanly attire despite the cold weather. His mind had drifted back to a nice meal with some salami and fine cheese that could only be gotten from this one market. A new owner, the daughter of the previous one, had taken over so there wouldn't be any issues with people thinking he had come out of retirement to start up a new protection racket. Protection is what he did though. As he was waiting in line to pay, two punk robbers wearing badly crafted masks who thought they could pass as Jokers ran in with pistols cocked. One of the two robbers started waving his pistol like it was a toy and let out a shot on accident. No one was hurt, but the5 or so other people in the store went running. Walking up to the robbers, he grabbed the pistols and they shattered in his hands because of the vibrations. Petrified, the robbers ran. Happy, the people in the stored thanked the local Ace. Despite his pleas and he patrons promises, word got out there was another Ace in town and his cover as just another mobster vanished.

        Despite others outside of organized crime knowing his secret and how he felt better helping others, he was not going to put on a costume or become a crime fighter. A man of 52 no matter how tough could get really hurt. The only suit he wanted to wear was a nicely tailored one with a black vest when he went out. Changing times had finally caught up to him and while he knew most of the players, being in the game didn't appeal to him anymore. Plus, he was starting to not be all there all the time. It was a dropped glass here, falling on his arse when sitting there, and ending up in the basement by way of the first floor floor that made him hesitant. Besides, in his mind he couldn't just use his powers anywhere because it wasn't right to show off. His days where he wasn't holding meetings or whittling made his mind drift back to all the wrongs he had done in his life and it didn't help people still viewed him as that guy with powers to boot. One day, he heard of a group that met and he thought maybe he could just talk there where they wouldn't judge him or treat him as someone who was once part of the family.

        Character Sheet

        Strength 0 Stamina 4 Agility 2 Dexterity 0 Fighting 4 Intellect 0 Awareness 5 Presence 0

        Deception 12 (+12), Expertise(Streetwise) 10(+10), Insight 5(+10), Perception 5(+10), Persuasion 4(+4), Ranged Combat Pistols 4(+4)

        Insubstantial 4(Not immune to air effects; Extras: Precise/+1 flat) 21pp + 1pp AE = 22p
        AE: Damage 5(Extras: Penetrating 5/+5 flat, Accurate/ +1 flat, Affects Insubstantial 2/+2flat ) (13pp)
        Fuzzy Field: Protection 3 3pp

        Assessment, Benefit(Made Man), Connected, Contacts, Equipment 4, Well Informed

        Dodge 5, Fortitude 5, Parry 5, Toughness 7, Will 6

        Initiative +2
        Ranged +0
        Close +4
        Heavy Pistol +4 DC 19 toughness
        Insubstantial Attack +6 DC 20 toughness

        Abilities 30 + Skills 20 + Powers 25 + Advantages 9 + Defenses 6 = 90pp

        Cell Phone, Heavy Pistol(Ranged damage 4), Car Caddilac, Camera


        Motivation(Acceptance): After concealing his powers so long and seeing what happen to the wildcards growing up, he still struggles coming to terms with not hiding his powers. He also struggles with accepting all the bad stuff he did in the past with his powers.
        Honor(Being Classy and a Gentleman): As a made man, he's lived his life with the idea of being classy and a gentleman. He tries to respect everyone, including his rivals.
        Accident(slips through things): As he is getting older, his powers sometime flair up at inconvenient times and he might fall through a chair, drop a cup, or fall through a whole floor.
        Rivalry(Other retired crime figures): While active, he had more than a few fights with rival criminals and families. Retired, they have put the beefs behind them, but still try to show up each other at times.
        Reputation(Mafioso): While never convicted in court, everyone knows he's done more than a few crimes for the mob. His nickname was given because people thing he was a hitman, but no one can prove it since he wasn't.


        Ashby is a nice guy. He lives his life with class and gentlemanly manners, but still has a sadness behind it all. While talking to him, one gets the sense he is a good guy to be around and reasonable. Life to him is one where respect still matters and all people deserved it, even his enemies. Business is business. Outside of that, there is no reason to not be civil to one another. At times, he can even crack wise to lighten the mood.
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          Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

          Dylan Hall
          PL 6
          PP 90


          The Hall's as people with money knew them were philanthropists. The news business as silent partners had been good to them and they spent the time after their only son Dylan was born traveling and doing good works. Of special interest to them was helping remote villages around the world with water pumps, getting clinics that were naturally well stocked, and setting up sustainable farming practices. Dylan grew up in that life until the age of eight with remote schooling and the occasional tutor. If it would have continued, he might be a a millionaire philanthropist like his parents instead of the social activist investigative journalist he became. The accident on the Hall's plane due to some questionable maintenance caused the two engines to go out and the plane to crash land in the jungles of Peru. Both of his parents died and Dylan could only watch their corpses as he withered away for two days stuck in his seat that his mother had sacrificed herself to make sure he was secure. At the end of the second day he finally passed out.

          When Dylan came to, he was in a hut being attended by two women who were keeping his fever down and making sure he got nourishment. Both women, a woman and her grand mother, shared the hut that used to be shared with the woman's husband and son that met a grim fate at the hands of some mercenaries coming through the area not long before Dylan's plane went down. Grieving over the loss of her own family, she took Dylan in as her own despite the tribal elders advise. Dylan for his part was too grief ridden to know his hands from his feet much less give any input. While he never got the name of the tribe or the village, he took it as his home and grew up in the village helping where he could. He was taught to fight, but aside from defending himself and landing a few blows he wasn't that great. Knowledge he picked up from his parents helped a little, but there is only so much one understands at the age of eight. For the most part, he helped his adopted mother and grand mother tend to the people and did a little hunting when it wasn't too deadly. Life wasn't a millionaires life, but it was his life.

          Over time, people in the village started getting sicker and sicker. No one in the village could make heads or tails of it until Dylan came across a drum with a skull and cross bones near the villages water supply. In addition, torn apart electronics sit in the stream as stones would. On one of the drums, there was a label that had an address for a company based out of Lima, Peru. Going off his own initiative, he went into the city to check out the company and let them know of what was going on with his tribe. He found a corporate mouth piece with a document signed by someone Dylan had never heard of telling him that the village was on land that was sold to the company fives years previously and that the village in question wasn't real. The look of astonishment on Dylans face turned into panic as he was thrown out by two burly security guards. Not one to give up, Dylan went to the factory location in the dead of night to see for himself what was polluting his people. Unfortunately, the factory wasn't the best maintained and a support broke causing Dylan to fall into a vat of an orange chemical. He managed to climb his way out, but the damage had been done. Something was growing at the base of his spine. It didn't stop him from finding some memos in the office to the same person who "sold" the villages land telling them to clear it out so they can keep using it as a waste dump on the cheap.

          Before going to to the press, Dylan rushed back to his village to make sure they were ok, but it was already too late. All except a few had been killed by a dozen mercenaries. Dylans tail had fully grown by then and it went to work dispatching the mercenaries much to Dylans surprise. It was too late though. The cross fire had finished off the rest of the village. With nothing left for him, he resolved to expose the company, but finding someone to write any articles on the subject proved impossible. The company was too well connected. So, he wrote his own article and got it published along with photographs. As these things happen, the company scape goated people, promised to do some charitable thing, and paid fines. In the end it wasn't enough and public pressure forced them to close down. For a few years, Dylan stayed in Lima working for a local paper to publish more exposes, but the call of going home to Milestone was too much for him. Lima wasn't like his village and he belonged home.

          When got home his parents former share in the company absolved into an almost depleted trust. He had just enough to get a modest apartment near the Josie Alavarez Youth Center. What he read in the papers disturbed him to say the least. Everyone focused on the big problems like aliens or everyone being turned into dogs. Heroes and police alike weren't doing anything about the rise of street gangs or "small time" crime. The youth center was one bright spot and seemed to provide a haven that he fully supported both with positive articles published in some of the smaller papers and as a mentor for a few of the youth. To pay the bills, he took a job few wanted, writing for a local paper on the crime beat in Milestone. His pieces shown light on the drug dealers and thugs filling the power vacuum. It still wasn't enough as getting information wasn't easy. Most of his "anonymous source" documents came from his own fights with the gangs. Some of the criminals even paid off the cops enough to turn the other cheek despite the articles he wrote, but thanks to the accident in the toxic waste factory his tail gave him a secret weapon that allows him to fight on even though he isn't some grant martial arts champion.

          Character Sheet

          Abilities 56pp:
          Strength 1 Stamina 4 Agility 5 Dexterity 3 Fighting 7 Intellect 2 Awareness 3 Presence 3

          Skills 29pp:
          Acrobatics 2(+7), Deception 2(+5), Expertise(Investigative Journalism) 10(+12), Insight 7(+10), Intimidation 2(+5), Investigation 8(+10), Perception 6(+9), Persuasion 6(+9), Sleight of Hand 7(+10), Stealth 5(+10), Treatment 2(+4)

          Powers 42pp:
          Tail Spikes: Damage 7(Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Ranged +1/rank, Accurate +2/flat) 23pp
          AE: Paralyzing Strike: Affliction 7(Fortitude; Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed; Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank, Precise +1/flat, Reach +1/flat) 1pp(23pp)
          AE Strike of a Thousand Tails: Affliction 7(Dodge, Will; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank, Reach +1/flat, Precise +1/flat) 1pp(23pp)
          AE: Tail Strike: Damage 7(Extas: Multiattack +1/rank, Precise +1/flat, Reach +1/flat) 1pp(17pp)

          Extra Limbs 2(Tail, Hair) 1pp

          Tail Shield: Enhanced Dodge 2 2pp

          Tail Sentience: Enhanced Advantages 3: Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Break, Improved Disarm 3pp
          Tail Sentience: Enhanced Saves 1: Will 2 2pp
          Tail Sentience: Senses 1(Danger Sense) 1pp

          Feature 1(Hair Mask) 1pp
          Elongation 3(Hair, Tail; 60 feet) 3pp
          Movement 1(Swinging) 2pp

          Advantages 8pp:
          Assesment, Benefit: Press Credentials, Contacts, Connections, Defensive Roll 3, Power Attack, Languages(Spanish, Portugese)*, Uncanny Dodge**, Weapon Break**, Improved Disarm**
          *free **power

          Initiative +2
          Ranged +2, Close +6
          Tail Spikes(5ft) DC 22 toughness + multiattack +7
          Paralyzing Strike(5ft) DC 22 Fort + multiatack +7
          Strike of a thousand tails(5ft) DC22 Dodge, Will + multiattack +7
          Tail Strike(5ft) DC 22 toughness + multiattack +7

          Defense 5pp
          Dodge 7, Fortitude 6, Parry 7, Toughness 7, Will 8

          Abilities 56 + Skills 29 + Advantages 8 + Powers 42 + Defenses 5 = 140

          Motivation(Justice): Dylan has a strong sense of social justice. The people should be protected and those that prey on the weak should be exposed.
          Power Loss(Tail Bound Too Tight): His tail is powerful and sharp, but it can happen where something can hold it in place. In that case he has no powers.
          Prejudice(He has a tail): Someone walking around with a tail isn't looked at like the average Joe.
          Accident(Tail has mind of its own): His tail sometimes has a mind of its own and causes undesirable stuff to happen.


          Dylan is a big social activist who believes that those who do society harm should be held to account and exposed. To make up for not helping the village who took him in he seeks to expose criminals and people who take advantage of Milestones situation via his free lance journalism work. In addition, he tries to mentor kids so they don't become like the criminals and people who he works to expose. Generally, he is a nice, fun loving guy. When pursuing a story and on the trail of what he thinks is right, however, he can be very persistent. For someone who lost his parents, he doesn't expose the sadness to the world and has mostly dealt with it. Sometimes though it creeps back and he has a soft spot for people like him.


          Aside from his tail, which has a mind of its own sometimes, he is just your average reporter who can take a hit well and fight decently.
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            Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

            Mack aka Eight Ball
            PL 9
            PP 150

            *His face is covered in costume, but this is a close approximation


            Mack, born Michael Wigley, was a fairly normal child with a tragic past. His mother died at birth leaving his father, an oil rig worker, to raise a child with skills only pertaining to working on rigs. In the few months a year Mack got to see his dad, they formed a close bond, but circumstances being what they were meant Mack spent a large amount of his preschool years with relatives that lived the life of luxury. Until he was shipped off to boarding school, all he learned was that you either live big or toil your life away. Despite the solid workman values conveyed by his father, Mack decided he was going to live big. Boarding school passed with just high enough grades to graduate. He was too busy playing pool in the lounge, card games at night, other kinds of games with the female sex at all hours, or smoking joints occasionally. Hedonist would enshrine him as a saint.

            College was no different for him. He had managed to lie his way in to Princeton on a full scholarship by concocting a story of an abusive family who hated him and made him pay for the death of his mother while birthing him. Whoever read it was brought to tears. Of course, none of it was verifiable and he wasn't about to volunteer to go the cops because he claimed it would put him through too much pain. Besides, emotional abuse isn't a criminal offense. So, he got all the money he needed to get into Princeton and his family was none the wiser. A win-win in his book. During his time at the school he skipped classes like they were jump rope, played Casanova on campus, and partied like it was going out of style. Sure, he did enough to make his dad proud of his ivy league son, but Mack was his own man and set on getting as much blood pumping fun as possible until the fun got amped up after a happy accident.

            It was after a long holiday weekend of boating with some friends and a group of random girls they ran into on the way to the boat. The who or what is still vague. All Mack recalled was telling everyone he was going to go on land for a few minutes as the toilet had long since been blocked up. Next thing he knew, a truck driving on a road where he was doing his business had a barrel topple over and knock him out for what his friends said had been for days. When they found him, he was covered in some orange goo. Amazingly enough, Mack didn't care. He was feeling all sorts of new things such as the best position to be in so the buxom girl who was partying with him would press her chest against his face "on accident". The sensation was difficult to describe, but he just knew. From that point, it just got more fun such as taking ridiculously stupid dares he had a hunch would work out like zip lining down a thin banner into a fountain blind folded. Every time he won a dare, his reputation grew as a wild man and he got crazier dares. Along with the winning came the adrenaline racing girls, party invites, and free drinks that flowed like the nile. Life was grand and he never gave thought one to putting his abilities to good use.

            At the height of his sacrifices to the hedonist gods, an email came instead of the weekly letter he was accustomed. Every week his father sent him a hand written letter saying he was good and Mack would write back saying he was having fun at college and learning a lot. The email and follow up phone call were not good. His dads oil rig was attacked by a group of pirates lead by a small group of super criminals that easily dispatched the security forces plus the small contingent of heroes who bothered to show up. The attackers were eventually stopped when the full weight of the bigger time heroes arrived, but it was too late for his dad. That same small contingent of heroes had caught wind of Macks potential powers previously and made several recruitment attempts all rebuffed with one excuse or another. It seems that small group didn't grow too much. From that day, Mack dropped out of school and went to the city where he knew he could be a hero to stand up for people like his dad, Emerald City.

            At first, his attempts at heroism were abysmal. He couldn't even stop a mugger because he was trying to emulate the other heroes. Standing up and fighting, being all super heroic sounding, or any other number of standard hero ways just wasn't his bag. On top of that, his pool hustling gave him a reputation as a star player so while he made more than enough to live off initially, the earnings dwindled. Of course, his reputation also got him lots of party invites and women like back in college so he wasn't going hungry by any stretch. In addition, he disguised himself well enough most of the time to trick people into misidentifying him. One day, the proverbial light went off. He would use probability and tricks instead of proper fighting and of course don a proper outfit as the new hero in town "Eight Ball". His tactics worked so well that sometimes simply rolling his trade marked black eight ball at a bad guy would get they to surrender when they say him. One man could only do so much though, so when contacted for a team up he didn't hesitate.

            Character Sheet

            Abilities 28pp:
            Strength 0 Stamina 2 Agility 6(2*) Dexterity 4 Fighting 6(2*) Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 0
            *without powers

            Skills 21pp:
            Acrobatics 2(+8), Athletics 4(+4), Deception 12(+12), Insight 4(+8), Perception 3(+7), Persuasion 5(+5), Sleight of Hand 6(+10), Stealth 4(+10), Vehicles 2(+6)

            Powers 82pp:
            Enhanced Abilities 8(Agility 4, Fighting 4) 16pp
            Ease of Movement: Movement 3(Surefooted 2, Safe Fall, Wall Crawling 2) 10pp

            Catastrophe: Damage 7(Extras: Ranged 1/rank, Indirect 4 4/flat, Variable Descriptors(accidents) 1/flat) 19pp
            AE: Lucky Hits: Damage 7(Extras: Improved Critial 2 2/flat, Multiattack 1/rank) 1pp(16pp)
            AE: Bodily Reverberations: Damage 7(Extras: Improved Critical 2 2/flat, Alternate Save Fort 1/rank, Insidious 1/flat) 1pp(16pp)

            Defensive Movement: Protection 6 6pp
            See it coming: Enhanced Defenses 8(Dodge 4, Parry 4) 8pp
            Right Place: Enhanced Advantages 17(Close Attack 5, Evasion 2, Hide in Plain Sight, Ranged Attack 7, Redirect, Uncanny Dodge) 17pp

            Enhanced Luck: Enhanced Advantages 4(Luck 4) 4pp

            Advantages 7pp:
            Equipment 1, Power Attack, Setup, Skill Mastery(Deception, Sleight of Hand), Taunt, Teamwork, Close Attack 5*, Evasion 2*, Hide in plain Sight*, Ranged Attack 7*, Redirect*, Luck 4*, Uncanny Dodge*

            Initiative +6
            Ranged +11, Close +11

            Defense 0pp
            Dodge 10, Fortitude 7, Parry 10, Toughness 8, Will 11

            Abilities 28 + Skills 21 + Advantages 7 + Powers 82 + Defenses 12 = 150

            Motivation(Thrill Seeking): Eight Ball, as he goes by in the powered community, is Macks outlet for his adrenaline rushes directed towards something good.
            Motivation(Responsibility): He didn't use his abilities to help his dad on the oil rig, so now he is determined to see everyone gets justice with the weak protected.
            Secret Identity(Eight Ball): For fighting crime, he goes by a super hero name and disguise as to not compromise his "normal" life.
            Quirk(Leaves black eight ball): Whenever he helps to apprehend a criminal or stops a crime he leaves an eight ball.
            Reputation(Risk Taker): He is known as a major risk taker since he can see how it will work out while others can't for the most part.


            Mack is a big pool player and thrill seeker. To the outside world, he takes chances that don't seem like they will pan out such as running across a spiked floor or free climbing a sky scraper. He uses this to his advantage to trick people a lot into doing stupid things such as getting bad guys to punch each other. He takes the job of being a hero seriously, but at the same time tries to derive the most fun out of it he can because sometimes the probabilities just don't pan out, although they usually do.


            His powers are based off quickly assessing a situation and knowing the best movement or events to set in motion to achieve an immediate goal. If a surface is hand climbable, he can see right where to put his hands. If he is falling, just where to grab if possible. This extends to his subconscious which just moves him instinctively.
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              Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

              Rex Roughman
              PL 10
              PP 150


              Rex wasn't rich or poor. his father was a modest gardener who made ends meet like his father and so on. Rex followed in that tradition landing jobs for older women or even some men due to his physique. His last job as a gardener was for three women that lived on a palatial estate who he never really met beyond seeing them come and go because he was paid through a third party for the job. It was an easy job doing the standard stuff such as keeping the hedges neat, cleaning up leaves, and the like. Nothing back breaking. By all accounts, the three women who were quite beautiful were normal women that happened to have many suitors. So, when he saw strange lights and heard strange sounds coming from the house he thought that was just how they got their kicks. He wasn't one to judge.

              One day while working on the east gardens he started to feel a little woozy and light headed to the point where he passed out after sitting down under a tree. When he came to, he was bound to the floor in the middle of a circle and pentagram made in blood. All around the room, there was candles lit and all the other light had been turned off or covered ensuring only the flickering candles provided the light. The three women who employed him entered from an equally candle lit room and dropped their robes revealing bodies most men would kill to be in the room with unclothed. Before Rex could protest though since it really wasn't his scene, they started circling him, chanting, and spreading incense in the air. Rex never studied foreign languages beyond elementary Spanish, so he had no idea the chant was in an archaic language associated with demons from the middle east and the classical definition of the devil. As they kept it up, he flesh tore and body contorted to the point he nearly passed out from the pain. After a few minutes, the agonizing pain stopped along with the chanting and circling movements of the three women. Daring to look at his body, it was covered in hair and his hands had claws that would make movie monster creators eager to use him as inspiration. Horrified, he struggled to escape only to pass out again due to a burst of incense.

              Coming to again, he found himself in a dungeon type room with the three women now clothed looking on him and referring to him as their pet given by their master. In their arrogance, they neglected to ensure the chains bounding him were solid and to close the door as they looked on him. A small voice inside him said to stay and be admired, but a large voice said get out now you eejit. He listened to the bigger voice and escaped by tearing out the chains rushing out as fast as he could. Once far enough away, he found if he tried his human form would return while his heightened senses and other enhancements remained. For years, he was on the run from the three sisters who kept trying to pull him back to them. One day he had enough. Instead of running, he tore through the men sent by the sisters to apprehend him and got them to tell him where the sisters were. Under the cover of night, he attacked them and tore through their security who allowed the sisters to escape. From that day onward, he swore to hunt them down and put a stop to their activities. Also, he set out to learn as much as he could about any connection of the sisters magic to history.

              Character Sheet

              Abilities 62pp:
              Strength 10(6*) Stamina 6 Agility 4 Dexterity 3 Fighting 10 Intellect 0 Awareness 2 Presence 0
              *without powers

              Skills 17pp:
              Acrobatics 8(+12), Athletics 6(+16), Inteimidation 12(+12), Perception 8(+10)

              Powers 47pp:
              Enhanced Strength 4 4pp
              Protection 4 4pp
              Human Transformation: Morph 1(Human) 5pp
              Wolf Senses: Senses 5(Danger Sense, Low Light Vision, Accute and Tracking Olafactory, Ultra Hearing) 5pp
              Leaping 2(30 Feet) 2pp
              Speed 3(16 mph) 3p
              Sharp Claws: Penetrating 5 on Strength 5pp
              Regeneration 5 5pp
              Multi Attack Strength Based Damage 10 10pp

              Advantages 6pp:
              Animal Empathy, Great Endurance, Power Attack, Evasion, Agile Feint, All Out Attack

              Initiative +4
              Ranged +3, Close +10

              Defense 18pp
              Dodge 10, Fortitude 12, Parry 10, Toughness 10, Will 8

              Abilities 62 + Skills 17 + Advantages 6 + Powers 47 + Defenses 18 = 150

              Motivation(Thrill Seeking): His animal side wants to feel that adrenaline rush.
              Motivation(Doing Good): His curse, to him, doesn't have to be one, so he wants to use the powers granted from it for good.
              Enemy(Relic Coven): The group of witches who sold their soul's curse him to be their servant and want revenge for him breaking free.
              Honor(Pack and Innocents): He has a strong pull to protect innocents and whatever his current adopted pack is.
              Power Loss(Regeneration vs Silver): While the Silver is still in a wound, regeneration will not work.


              He's that guy you grab a beer with after work and shoot some pool. All of his mannerisms scream blue collar regular joe type of guy who happens to be very muscular. While not born a gemini, the dueling nature of the wolf and good guy in him battle between the thrill of the hunt plus other delights and just wanting to help others.


              He is the fairly standard werewolf with the minor twist that he can turn back to a human formish at will. While Silver is not a major issue for him, it does mess up his regeneration abilities.
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                Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                PL 10
                PP 150


                The circus business wasn't a good business. Not that Bobo, one of the circus monkeys, would know. He was having a blast playing small pranks and generally being a monkey. One of the gimmicks of the circus was to let him loose as he messed with the patrons of the Sulivan Brothers traveling circus. It was hard to compete on feats of acrobatics, clowning around, and freaks so part of the gimmick was the animals drew the audience into the acts. The gimmick wasn't working very well. One day, on the outskirts of Freedom City, the circus had stopped to hopefully get some business from the city, but much to the brothers dismay it drew only a handful of curious people interested in a relic of the past. Among those in attendance was a creature named Sun Wukong drawn to the old fashioned style of it all transformed into an average patron with a poorly disguised tail. It was during the clowns riding unicycles bit where Bobo was doing his part and reached down for a toothpick like object on Sun Wukongs ear only to fall immediately due to the deceptive weight of it. Even as a primitive monkey, Bobo knew enough to play it up and do some rolls upon hitting the ground finished with the patented blowing a raspberry.

                After the show, Bobo was sulking out of boredom in his cage when Sun Wukong came up to him. It wasn't much of a conversation, but Bobo had no clue who the Monkey King was or a concept of what he agreed to when Sun Wukong offered to take Bobo on a trip that he had to take for amusement. In the blink of an eye, Bobo was outside the cage, a little taller, and felt different. A normal monkey wouldn't do as a proper companion, so Bobo was granted powers and a minor increase in size befitting the traveling jester of the Monkey King. There wasn't much time to get it all down, but Bobo got the gist of his new found abilities. Sun was meeting with some people in robes with sticks that gave off some energy about something or other that didn't interest Bobo in the slightest. True to his purpose, Sun was quite amused when Bobo swiped one of the light sabers and made the poor jedi run around around the room until he finally gave up. Needless to say, the men in robes were rather cross with Bobo. There wasn't much they could do to catch the teleporting Monkey and the various illusions of himself he cast about the room though. All the while, Sun Wukong was having a great laugh.

                Returning back to earth at the circus Bobo had been found, he begged the Monkey King to not take away the gifts that were given to him. The prospect of Bobo running around causing harmless mischief amused Sun Wukong. So, on the condition he didn't use the powers for bad and didn't make too much chaos, the Monkey King consented leaving a duplicate of himself as a fly to keep an eye on Bobo. Over the next few weeks, he quickly wore out his welcome in Freedom City by playing harmless pranks on the heroes and citizens alike of the city. One of his favorites was the illusionary banana peel or making a puddle of water seem like cement. A few of the smaller heroes of the city gave him the ultimatum to take his shenanigans somewhere else or be punished. Punishment didn't sound fun, so he went to Bay City where he took up the same pranking as if nothing had changed. Someone did change though. The duplicate of the Monkey King appeared to Bobo and told him to cut back on the jokes as he wasn't immortal and maybe do some good with the powers.

                Bobo began his quest to be a hero first at the urging of his benefactor, but it all changed when he saved some street kids from thugs who were going to kidnap them and sell them into servitude or worse. Something inside just clicked. He started pursuing the hero thing in earnest, not that the people of Bay City saw it that way. Sure, he saved people, did some minor bad guy fights, and even took part in a few odd team ups for newer teams that had to take whoever they could get, but in the cities eyes he was still a circus monkey with a light saber doing funny tricks. He gained al little more credibility when he helped take down a street gang the bigger heroes didn't even have on their radar, but that only won him minor respect. The fun was still their, but now he wanted to prove he was a hero too.

                Character Sheet

                Abilities 66pp:
                Strength 1(3*) Stamina 6 Agility 9 Dexterity 3 Fighting 8 Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 0
                *before shrinking -2

                Skills 20pp:
                Acrobatics 6(+15), Athletics 3(+4), Close Combat Lightsaber 4(+12), Deception 14(+14), Insight 2(+6), Perception 4(+8), Persuasion 5(+5), Stealth 2(+15)

                Powers 42pp:
                Shrink 4(-1 Str, +4 Stealth, -4 Intimidation, +2 Active Defenses; Extras: Continuous +1/rank, Innate +1/flat; Flaws: Permanent -1/rank) 9pp
                Animal Speak: Comprehend 2(Speak to and Understand Animals) 4pp
                Cute: Enhanced Advantages 1 (Attractive 1) 1pp
                Teleport 2(120 feet; Extras: Change Direction +1/flat, Change Velocity +1/flat, Turnabout +1/flat) 7pp
                Illusion 5(All Visual) 10pp
                Light Saber: Damage 8 Linked to Weaken Toughness 8 Easily Removable 10pp
                Additional Limb(Tail) 1pp

                Advantages 9pp:
                Attractive 1*, Defensive Roll 2, Agile Feint, Setup, Teamwork, Evasion, Power Attack, Taunt, Redirect
                *From Power

                Initiative +9
                Ranged +3, Close +8
                Close(Light Saber) +12

                Defense 13pp
                Dodge 12, Fortitude 8, Parry 12, Toughness 8, Will 12

                Abilities 66 + Skills 20 + Advantages 9 + Powers 42 + Defenses 13 = 150

                Motivation(Doing Good): While a trickster and general joker, Bobo wants to prove he is a hero as well by doing the most good he can.
                Motivation(Thrill Seeker): He is still a monkey. Endless days off boredom locked in a cage and getting a taste of freedom with his powers makes him want to drink it in.
                Reputation(Trickster): He's trying to be a hero, he really is. Shaking the reputation of being a trickster from his days of messing around is not easy though.
                Prejudice(He's a monkey): Its tough to take someone seriously when they are a monkey with a light saber. Sometimes that complicates his heroic endeavors.


                For most of his life, Bobo was a typical monkey so still has those personality traits to a degree. Being changed by the Monkey King for only a year now, he still is brutally honest, positive, easily frustrated, and impetuous. He's always up for a good laugh and plays little tricks on people just for fun. All of his actions tend to be more whimsical from an observers perspective, but not all are as monkeying around as they seem. He has more awareness of things than he lets on and has only good intentions.


                Bobo is the size of Yoda and his costume is jester like, but not as loud as to allow him to be sneaky when needed. For combat and powers, they tend towards whimsical yet can be used in a serious capacity as needed.
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                  Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                  Luke Moore
                  PL 8
                  PP 120

                  Age 42


                  Growing up in the Fens wasn't easy. Times were different back than though in the 80's and early 90's when gangs, while prevalent were not nearly as vicious. A kid could avoid joining one with enough parental supervision. Luke's parents weren't big on staying home and they couldn't afford a babysitter so with no family or people they could really trust with their kid around they took young Luke to the various bars and hang out spots leaving him with an already colored in coloring book and simple blocks. Patrons would take a kind eye to him from time to time and sneak him a little beer or play dice games with him for the pocket change he found on the street. Luke usually won. Perhaps the few good things about his parents he could say is that they kept him fed, clothed, and a roof such as it was over his head. They also kept him out of the criminal life.

                  Luke bolted as soon as he barely graduated high school and went on to make his own life doing odd jobs here and there, working at bars, and various other passing gigs to get by as he sought card games to maybe win rent money for the month. It was by no means an easy life, but he always made friends wherever he went. Word of games in back rooms, peoples living rooms, and such also had a habit of making their way to him. While not strictly illegal, calling them sanctioned by the city although patronized by cops from time to time wouldn't be right either. No one minded though. Also around this time, Luke was making a habit of sleeping in a different bed every night with varying female companions. Some from his speed dial and others he just ran into with one thing leading to another. Overall, Luke was happy.

                  One night at a rowdier game of cards, that Luke wouldn't have joined if he had known some less than reputable people would be there, his life changed. He always had his ups and downs in gambling. Unlike some others, he wasn't an addict, so he knew when to cut his losses and ride his wins. This is the game he met two people who would change his life. First of them was Small Teddy, an ironic name for an enforcer of a now extinct gang that was built like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. The other was Rosaline, the server and stunning beautiful latin woman. Luke and Teddy had both been making suggestive glances at her model like figure although she only really responded back to Luke. To further infuriate Teddy, he was down almost 50,000 to Luke. On a break from the game, Luke went out to smoke a fag and Teddy followed with some of his friends. As they prepared to break every bone in his body something snapped in Luke that unleashed untaped psionic energies knocking all the thugs out and also causing Luke to nearly pass out as well. Rosaline came out to check on Luke plus other things if it went right and found the scene. Needless to say Luke didn't make it back to the game and things went right.

                  A decade and a half passed and Luke honed his new found powers mainly for personal gain such as cheating at cards or making people forgive debts they normally wouldn't. Word spread his minor abilities, as far as they knew, so cards became few and far between limited to power dampening games or ones with telepathic blockers. His game of choice shifted to craps or other dice based games. He never got rich off it, but made enough to devote his life to finding games and playing in them as he desired. As time passed he could see the neighborhoods changing and being increasingly under the influence of gangs and criminals. It didn't bother him though because he didn't have anyone to worry about and had no plans of settling down with anyone to spawn a dependent so it wasn't his problem. If the super heroes didn't care, why should he? Compared to them, what could he really do?

                  Life has a way of changing things though. While at a game in a bar that was really someones garage playing some cards, he saw Rosaline again with a teenage boy in tow helping her clean up as needed. Time wasn't kind to Luke, so while he still had some looks he wasn't looking like a young man anymore. Plus, there was so many people Rosaline was too busy cleaning up. Any other time Luke would have admired Rosaline keeping her body plus having a son, but something about the son struck Luke as familiar. Men in Lukes family always had a birth mark near their temples, that Luke covered with a hat most times, and the teenage boy had the same mark. Asking around the bar a bit, he found out that the boy was named Jose and Rosaline didn't know the father as she had him back when she was with a lot of guys. Given his difunctional life growing up and less than role model status, he didn't want to stroll into the boys life. So, on that night he resolved to make it so the boy wouldn't get sucked into gang culture like so many other children of single women in the area. In addition, he started leaving large tips for Rosaline or influencing others to leave bigger tips for her.

                  His reformed life wasn't much different from his previous one except this time he took note of gang violence and helped out a little. For the first time in his life, he had a reason to care. His debts also increased because he took a loan from someone who kept meticulous records that couldn't be easily controlled. At times he could trick the guy into thinking he paid the installment, but others he had to pony up the money. Still, he made enough to get by decent enough in the West End in a modest one bed room apartment. The major call to action for him came when the car bombs went off. With the formation of a sponsored team making its rounds, Luke decided to pay back and balance the scales for his life of gambling, drinking, and sleeping around. Maybe also he could indirectly give his son a better life. Calling in a favor he got himself an invite to join the team despite not being renown for his fighting abilities. Another benefit was his debts got handled.

                  Character Sheet

                  Abilities 26pp:
                  Strength 0 Stamina 2 Agility 2 Dexterity 0 Fighting 4 Intellect 0 Awareness 5 Presence 0

                  Skills 18pp:
                  Deception 11(+11), Expertise(Streetwise) +8(+8), Insight 4(+9), Perception 2(+7), Persuasion 11(+11)

                  Powers 53pp:
                  Mind Scanning: Mind Reading 5 (Flaws: Limited to Surface Thoughts -1/rank) 5pp

                  Mind Control Touch: Affliction 8 (Resisted By Will;Dazed, Compeled, Controle;Extras: Cumulative +1/rank, Linked to Weaken Will +0/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat, Subtle +2/flat), Weaken 8 (vs Will, Will; Accurate 2 +2/flat, Subtle +2/flat) 32pp
                  AE: Mind Blast: Damage 9 (Extras: Vs Will +1/rank, Ranged +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat, Subtle +2/flat, Insidious +1/flat) 1pp(32pp)
                  AE:Mass Sleep: Affliction 7 (30 ft radius, Resisted by Will; Dazed, Stunned, Sleep; Extras: Burst Area +1/rank, Selective +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank, Subtle +2/flat, Reversible +1/flat) 1pp(32pp)

                  Limited Precognition: Enhanced Defenses 10 (Dodge 5, Parry 5) 10pp
                  Mental Translation: Comprehend 2(Speak and Understand all languages) 4pp

                  Advantages 12pp:
                  Attractive 1, Defensive Roll 3, Ranged Attack 3, Equipment 2, Well Informed, Connected, Contacts

                  Initiative +2
                  Ranged +3, Close +4
                  Mind Control +8 DC 18 Will save for drain than DC will save for mind control
                  Mind Blast +7 DC 24 Will Save Damage
                  Mass Sleep DC 17 Will save area

                  Defense 11pp
                  Dodge 9, Fortitude 6, Parry 9, Toughness 7, Will 10

                  Abilities 66 + Skills 20 + Advantages 9 + Powers 42 + Defenses 13 = 150

                  Heavy Pistol, Body Armor Toughness 2

                  Motivation(Doing Good): He legitimately wants to do good and make something of his life and his gifts after using them for some long for personal gain.
                  Reputation(Gambler): He isn't a horrible gambler, but he doesn't always win either. So, being viewed as a hero will take a bit of work.
                  Secret(gambling debts): Thanks to his mind control, his debts have stayed under wraps, but mental powers can't erase ledgers and the person he owes still expects payments or thinking he got paid at least.
                  Secret(son): Unknown to anyone else, Luke had a son called Jose with a one night stand named Rosaline. His enemies could easily use that against him if they ever found out.
                  Enemies(Random Gamblers): Some gamblers form various gangs don't like Luke vey much as he tends to win against them.


                  Luke is a fun guy to be around and doesn't take life too seriously. He doesn't fit the classic hero mold, but also isn't a slob. While he can throw it down, he prefers to try and talk things over first. After all, he is a pacifist at heart. When it comes to resolving things, he prefers the personal touch over the coldness of technology which also contributes to his lack of interest in it.


                  Luke is a weaker version of a telepath, but can still power stunt if needed. His build is largely targeted at interaction stuff.
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                    Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                    Michael Smith aka Shades
                    PL 8 & PL 7
                    PP 120 & PP 135

                    Age 16


                    Michael never knew his mother, she died in labor. From his single fathers account, she was strong, passionate, and had a zest for life. His father being an army ranger meant Michael lived on military bases all over the world for the first 13 years of his life. When his father was away, various military spouses would watch over him and he bonded with a few of them picking up various local languages. Despite the absences, he idealized his fathers honor and dedication to the country and to him. Whenever possible, Michael would get a post card, email, or something letting him know how much his dad loved him. That isn't to say he didn't act up sometimes, but he wasn't a bad kid by any measure thanks largely to the influence of his dad.

                    On his 13th birthday, his dad came back from another top secret mission with a gift. He was transferring to training. Starting from that day, his dad would be there for Michael in person instead of letters or the off time. To celebrate, they headed to Michaels favorite swarma place. On the way out of the base though, on that faithful day June 5th in 2015, a truck carrying toxic waste tipped over, soon after the merge started, dousing Michael's dads car and seeping in killing Michaels dad and knocking Michael out. When he came to, he was in a hospital bed strapped down. Every bird tweet, toe tap, rough fiber, shrill voice, and nonvisual sensation assaulted him relentlessly. Struggling, he screamed in agony as part of the cacophony of noise yelled for a doctor. It took several rounds of sedation, but when he came to the assault started again. Eventually, they put him in the psych ward, but he tore through the restraints like they were nothing during another assault on his senses.

                    One of the top generals got wind of the incidents and was smart enough to put him in a sensory deprivation room. He could still hear and smell everything, but it wasn't driving him crazy. The general entered with a proposition after the monitors showed Michael calming down. It was a simple proposition. Train with the CIA and learn to calm his senses and harness his new abilities for the good of the country. Not knowing of the chaos in the world other than from murmurs from the staff, the general had to fill Michael in on the events. Figuring the best way to honor his father, who he still grieved for, and to break the cycle of noise in the outside world, he agreed.

                    The CIA had recently given up housing prisoners at a black site in the middle east, so that was Michaels first home to come to grips with his new life as a newly minted teenage soldier. His room was a sensory depravation cell that was given some creature comforts and only locked on the first night due to Michael knowing the lock got triggered even though it was "silent". His daily routine consisted of focusing the cacophony of sounds, smells, and feelings from his hyper senses. It took him a few months, but he got to the point he could sleep anywhere with most level of sensations without going crazy. On top of that, he had a daily exercise routine that finished the first year of his training at the site to master his new physical powers that were still developing. The year also helped him get past the grief of losing his father which he learned from the facility staff psychologist was part of what held him back from focusing the sensory input.

                    His next level of training took him to various parts of the world over the course of a year to act as a human surveillance van. No one paid attention to the poor blind boy. So, they spoke freely inside houses or offices not knowing that he was listening and conveying the information to his nanny, a seasoned covert ops woman who was assigned the role of his care taker who grew to treasure the role. He also continued his training in fighting. Given his age, they didn't put him in the field yet, but kept impressing on him that one day he would need to fight forces of ill intent who came over via the merge and those who spawned from it. The language skills he picked up didn't hurt the second year of training either. By the end of the year though, he was starting to ask questions as teenagers tend to do that touched on morality and if what he was doing was really good. This was exactly what the military brass didn't want. A human surveillance van was good, but one asking about right or wrong was not desirable.

                    Physically and power control wise, Michael was on track which meant the next phase of his training was going to target getting those pesky doubts removed and turning him into an easily controlled asset. It was no use keeping the location from Michael, so the CIA let him know they were going to a black training site in Germany underground. One of the old Nazi bunkers. Michael couldn't help but notice though that the doors locked with a key code they thought he couldn't enter because of his blindness. One doesn't need eyes to know where gets tapped though. All of his doubts had been leading to this. Instead of fighting though, he played along until he could escape downplaying his hearing getting stronger. For months, they bombarded him with a rigorous training routine tailored to the use of his specialized walking stick as a weapon. Subtlety they also tried to manipulate him into losing his morals. The memory of his father was to strong in him though. What once was a weakness now helped him focus and stay honorable.

                    Six months into the underground training, his time came. Thinking it was ok, the CIA agent running the bunker gave a status report to the military top brass that Michael would soon be ready for his first assassination mission and that the psychological manipulations were taking hold. On the other end of the line, Michael overheard the plans for other children gifted like him to be deployed in the field as loyal U.S soldiers with plan code name Omega. That night, Michael got dressed, grabbed his specialized walking stick, and made his escape. Using the contours of the walls, he knew where the keypad was and where to tap based on the heat radiating from the keys. On the outskirts of Berlin, his nanny ran into him by chance as she was heading back to the bunker. She knew he was running, but simply whispered "go" to him. In the morning, all they found in his bed was a note outlining project Omega that said if it was ever enacted or they came for him he would expose it all.

                    Lost in the world and on his own for the first time ever without someone to take care of him, Michael scraped by leveraging his training and powers. Being blind and looking like it helped, so he started wearing sun glasses and tapping his walking stick on the ground. Exposed to unfiltered information, he learned the full scope of the chaos caused by the merge and started begging near influential office buildings to get even more information. It was outside of one of these buildings that his nanny from his training found him. She knew what he was up to. It was textbook. They went for some coffee under the guise she was checking up on him, something her superiors would like, and she told him of a place he could use his talents without becoming a killer or pawn for the government. It intrigued him. The thought of being in a proper school also was nice where he could be just a kid again.

                    Character Sheet

                    PL 8/120pp

                    Abilities 20pp:
                    Strength 4(1) Stamina 6(2) Agility 8(2) Dexterity 0 Fighting 8(2) Intellect 0 Awareness 3 Presence 0
                    (w/o powers)

                    Skills 6pp:
                    Acrobatics 2(+10), Deception 5(+5), Insight 8*(+11), Investigation 6(+6), Perception 10*(+13), Stealth 5(+13)
                    *From Powers

                    Powers 80pp:
                    Enhanced Advantages 12 (Evasion, Precise Attack 2 [Close, Concealment; Ranged, Concealment], Uncanny Dodge, Ranged Attack 8) 12pp

                    Enhanced Skills 6 (Insight 8 ranks, Perception 10 ranks) 6pp

                    Senses 18 (Normal Hearing [Accurate, Analytical, Extended, Penetrates Concealment], Scent [Accurate, Acute, Analytical, Extended, Ranged], Touch [Acute, Analytical, Ranged], Ultra-Hearing) 18pp

                    Enhanced Abilities 19(Stamina 4, Strength 3, Fighting 6, Agility 6) 38pp

                    Speed 1(60 ft) 1pp

                    Leaping 1(15 ft) 1pp

                    Enhanced Defenses 4(Fortitude 4) 4pp

                    Advantages 11pp:
                    Evasion*, Power Attack, Precise Attack 2[Ranged, Close Concealment]*, Uncanny Dodge*, Defensive Roll 2, Close Attack 1, Ranged Attack 8*, Ranged Attack 1,Equipment 2(Special Walking Stick), Languages 3(Arabic, German, Japanesse, Mandarin), Takedown
                    *From Powers

                    Initiative +8
                    Ranged +9, Close +9
                    Club Bash +9 DC 22 toughness
                    Club Throw +9 DC 22 toughness

                    Defense 3pp
                    Dodge 8, Fortitude 10, Parry 8, Toughness 8, Will 6

                    Abilities 20 + Skills 6 + Advantages 11 + Powers 80 + Defenses 3 = 120

                    Enhanced Walking Stick: Damage 3 (Strength Based; Extras: Ricochet +1/flat, Ranged +1/rank(total str); Flaws Diminished Range -1) (8) -- (10)
                    AE: "Club Swing" Movement 2 (Swinging, Slow Fall) (4)
                    AE: "Club Smash" Strength-Damage +3 (1)


                    Abilities 28pp:
                    Strength 4(1) Stamina 7(2) Agility 7(2) Dexterity 2 Fighting 7(2) Intellect 3 Awareness 4 Presence 0
                    (w/o powers)

                    Skills 10pp:
                    Acrobatics 2(+9), Deception 6(+6), Expertise(Sounds) 6(+9), Expertise(Scents) 6(+9), Insight 8*(+12), Investigation 4(+7), Perception 10*(+14), Stealth 6(+13)
                    *From Powers

                    Powers 81pp:
                    Enhanced Advantages 11 (Evasion, Precise Attack 2 [Close, Concealment; Ranged, Concealment], Uncanny Dodge, Ranged Attack 7) 11pp

                    Enhanced Skills 6 (Insight 8 ranks, Perception 10 ranks) 6pp

                    Senses 20 (Normal Hearing [Accurate, Analytical, Extended, Penetrates Concealment], Scent [Accurate, Acute, Analytical, Extended, Ranged], Touch [Acute, Analytical, Ranged], Ultra-Hearing, Tracking(Scent) 2) 20pp

                    Enhanced Abilities 20(Stamina 5, Strength 3, Awareness 2, Fighting 5, Agility 5) 40pp

                    Speed 2(120 ft) 2pp

                    Leaping 2(30 ft) 2pp

                    Advantages 13pp:
                    Evasion*, Power Attack, Precise Attack 2[Ranged, Close Concealment]*, Uncanny Dodge*, Close Attack 2, Ranged Attack 7*, Equipment 2(Special Walking Stick), Languages 3(Spanish, Mandarin, German, Arabic), Jack of All Trades, Assessment, Accurate Attack, Takedown 2
                    *From Powers

                    Initiative +7
                    Ranged +9, Close +9
                    Club Bash +9 DC 21 toughness
                    Club Throw +9 DC 21 toughness

                    Defense 3pp
                    Dodge 7, Fortitude 8, Parry 7, Toughness 7, Will 6

                    Abilities 28 + Skills 10 + Advantages 13 + Powers 81 + Defenses 3 = 135

                    "Enhanced Walking Stick: Strength-Damage +1 (Feats: Ricochet 1) (Extras: Ranged 4) (Diminished Range -1) (6) -- (8)
                    AE: ""Club Swing"" Movement 2 (Swinging, Slow Fall) (4)
                    AE: ""Club Smash"" Strength-Damage +1 (1)"

                    Motivation(Doing Good): They tried to train the good out of him, but he just couldn't bring himself to become an assassin. Now he wants to use his training and powers for good.
                    Disability(Blind): He is blind. His power mitigates it mosly, but things like whats on a computer screen or the visuals on a security camera still cause issues for him.
                    Weakness(Powerful Sensory Effects): Due to his heightened senses, attacks effecting those senses have a +5 to the DC.
                    Enemy(CIA): He is at a stalemate with them owning to what he knows preventing them from recapturing him, but that doesn't stop them from messing with him.
                    Honor(Never Kill): He won't kill anyone. Its just not in him.


                    Michael is cautious, but still has a rebellious streak. Traveling so much, he picked up a lot of different languages, which he uses to mess with people sometimes. In addition, he plays up his blindness at times to get what he wants even though his other senses more than compensate. Being a teenage boy, he sometimes uses his powers to play pranks. Overall though, he just wants to be part of something good and happy instead of a killer like the CIA wanted. His dads example taught him to strive to be good.


                    Skills are 3 for 1 instead of normal 2 for 1. In the Merge setting, he is a native who got powers from a toxic waste spill that happened minutes after the merge took effect. He is still a little naive of what went down, but is learning more skills. I didn't include immunity to visual sensory attacks as he also suffers from not being able to read signs or computer screens.
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                      Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                      Malkor Jones
                      PL 10
                      PP 180

                      Age 42



                      Before the Merge, Malkor was a preeminent soul broker in his universe. Being the demon spawn of two powerful demons didn't hurt much. For thousands of years, the war of the realms had been settled with a simple truce. The middle realm, made up of humans, would get to choose sides by pledging their souls in some fashion or other to one of the players in the above or below realms. Whoever had more, had the power. Of course, the players could trade with the other realm for various other things like artifacts, carnal liaisons, and the like making the souls of humans more a currency than peace keeping device for ages. No one seemed to mind too much. Malkor was one of the brokers for the soul deals on behalf of the below realm ensuring the humans and all parties involved kept up their end of the bargain. His firm was known for using more gentle methods than other below realm firms making humans willing to deal with his more than the others. Transactions were simple. A demon would offer X, human would counter with Y, sometimes an above realm broker would jump into the bidding, and in the end the human soul was pledged.

                      For a while, Malkor held the favor of the lord of the below realm. Over time though, he tired of the brutality and utter mindlessness of some of the below realm occupants to the point of brokering most deals in the middle realm itself. Despite the protestations of some, most ended up being it for the violence more than the deal. Malkor even killed a few demons who tried to rough up his human merchandise earning him the near banishment from the lord of the below realm. When his influential parents pointed out the business angle, namely for every demon Malkor killed 100 humans worked with him instead of another broker, the banishment became a banishment from the lords presence.

                      The banishment was just fine with Malkor. Some of the humans were quite delightful and very eager to please. A few soul deals Malkor made for himself just because the human women and men were very delightful. While advancing differently, the middle realm was much like earth prime. Malkor preferred a city around where London was located and kept several pleasure women and men there for when he needed to relax. Unfortunately, a few humans didn't like the terms of the deal thrust upon them by the above and below realms to be treated as currency. Occasionally, they would attack a broker. Malkor had to kill a few who thought they could threaten him. It was during one such attack M-Day happened. He found himself in London proper without a body to call his own.

                      Other demons who made it over were like him as well. It wasn't a situation they were happy about and sought to remedy it by reverting to something that hadn't been done since the war of the realms, possession. Souls couldn't be brokered through an orderly system like before the merge and it turned out most humans didn't want to sell their soul. Even if they did, how would one account for it? It was a logistic mess. Some of the demons tried possession and found they were just too weak. Others tormented the minds of the target until they cracked making them easy targets, but usually ended up being ejected by exorcists. Malkor wasn't in the forcing business. All he possessed asked for it, but it turns out they weren't terribly good hosts and had delusions of grandeur. So, he started trying his hand at those who were susceptible to it for joy rides as it were before letting the hosts go back to their boring lives.

                      Adam Jones:

                      Adam Barnaby Jones, son of Melissa and Henry Jones, grew up in London. He went to primary school in London, secondary school in London, and even through university in London. All of this education to be a low level accountant. He wasn't special in any appreciable way. Ask him and he would tell you he had plenty of talents. There was the beginner card magic he usually messed up, reciting pi to 100 digits, balancing a cheque book, and making perfect corners on his sheets. His mum was especially proud of the last one. To counter balance these fine achievements was average grades, a mild asthma, a requirement to wear corrective lenses, and never having stepped foot out of London except for one holiday to Manchester to see his favorite football club play. He would try to get on with a woman, but after an hour of talking about profit and loss, showing bad card magic, and needing to take his inhaler with a cheesy line about being out of breathe because of her beauty the woman would walk away no matter how many pints she had.

                      For all his blandness, he made a few friends with the people who ran the homeless shelters in London. They weren't friends so much as people who took pity on him. Ever since his mum and dad passed, they were the only people he associated outside work and occasional jaunt to the pub to be shot down for yet another night. His "friends" would sometimes hang out with him if only to save him from being the brunt of some joke which he was too dense to get. Even if alone, the jokes didn't last too long as he never got them and ended up infuriating the jokester more than anything else. Through it all though, he was happy. It was his life and like his dad used to always tell him, a happy man is one who knows his lot in life and enjoys it.

                      On M-Day, Adam was generating a report when the radio started announcing strange happenings. Despite the events, Adam put his head down and pressed ahead to meet those deadlines. If he made them, he might get that promotion he had been eyeing for a few years. Day after day and week after week, he kept his head down and stuck to routine. London changed around him, a new group of people plus creatures made jest of him, and stranger things happened everyday. Still, he volunteered at the shelters and his new would be tormenters got tired of how dense he was. Aside from a couple inconveniences and more people at the shelters, he stayed contented with his lot.

                      Malkor Jones:

                      Malkor was getting bored with being a spirit again, so he started looking for a host to take a joy ride. There was plenty of candidates that night because of some gathering at the pub, but part of the fun of a host was getting drunk. Once drunk it wasn't as pleasant. The pub was mourning the loss of Arsenal earlier in the day with copious amounts of pints. Adam Jones, while not a fan of Arsenal, joined to maybe chat up a girl. Immediately, Malkor knew he had his mark for the nights festivities in the awkward man in a button down dress shirt wearing glasses sitting in the corner only on his first pint. Timing was everything though. One simply didn't jump into a host in the middle of a crowd. After an hour and one more pint, Adam had to go to the loo as he wasn't one to drink too much yet the pints kept flowing and he didn't try his new card trick yet. Arsenal lost pretty badly.

                      Once Adam was out of sight of others after the doors closed. Malkor went for the entry. Contrary to some demons, he had a whole ritual where he would spirit chant and maintain position over the host as if daring it to move. This time however, the chanting kept going despite Malkor trying to stop with all his might with Adam being transfixed on the spot as if in a trance that absorbed Malkor as well. In the spirit body, infernal energies that were essential for possession changed into something else. Something new. In a brilliant flash of infernal energy, Malkor and Adam Jones were gone. Left in their place was a sort of demonic looking body similar to that of Malkor before the Merge except a little more human looking plus having a little voice in his head screaming in excitement then fading with the only remanent being a vague sense of being a hero who could help more than just the homeless.

                      Taking to having a body with zest, Malkor partook in one of his favorite forms of entertainment, piano playing, and making deals. Unlike other demons, his deals were more for favors that would be returned in kind when called upon. The idea of taking a soul with no way to track it or systems in place just made no more sense. While he could take any human form, he stuck to one mostly making him more recognizable. If someone came to him with a particularly sad favor such as an abusive spouse or hard luck story, something in him compelled him to help out as best he could without going too far for free. One part of him screamed how bad it was for business. The other jumped for joy metaphorically. Time in a Bottle became one of his favored locations to hold court because of the safety it afforded and he had his share of enemies. The more he helped people, the more enemies of the nondemonic variety he accumulated although they mostly only tended to bug him.

                      Character Sheet

                      Abilities 70pp:
                      Strength 6 Stamina 9 Agility 2 Dexterity 1 Fighting 8 Intellect 1 Awareness 2 Presence 6

                      Skills 22pp:
                      Deception 12(+18), Expertise(Music) 4(+5), Expertise(Streetwise) 10(+11), Insight 10(+12), Intimidation 12(+18), Perception 6(+8), Persuasion 12(+18)
                      *From Powers

                      Powers 68pp:
                      Enhanced Advantages 5(Ranged Attack 5) 5pp

                      Demonic Physiology: Protection 3 3pp
                      Demonic Immunity: Immunity 6 (Disease, Poison, Starvation and Thirst, Suffocation, Aging) 6pp

                      Hellfire Blast: Damage 10(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat) 22pp
                      AE: Hypnosis: Affliction 10 (Resisted by Will; Entranced, Compelled, Controlled; Extras: Perception Range +2/rank, Reversible +1/flat; Visual Sense Dependent -1/rank) 1pp(21pp)
                      AE: Hellfire Burst: Damage 10 (Extras: Cone area +1/rank) 1pp(20pp)

                      Shapechange: Morph 1 (any humanoid form) 5pp

                      Immortal: Immortality 5(Flaws: Decapitation Prevents -1/rank) 5pp
                      Immortal: Regeneration 5 5pp
                      Black Feather Wings: Flight 4 (30 MPH; Flaws: Wings) 4pp
                      Claws: Damage 4(Strength Based, Accurate) 5pp

                      Comprehend 3(Speak, Understand, Read all languages) 6pp

                      Advantages pp:
                      Daze(Deception)*, Attractive*, Fascinate(Persuasion)*, Inspire*, Ranged Attack 4**, Animal Empathy*, Power Attack, Skill Mastery(Deception), Connections, Contacts, Well Informed, Fascinate(Deception)*
                      *From Presence **From Powers

                      Initiative +2
                      Ranged +1, Close +8
                      Hellfire blast +10 DC 25 Toughness
                      Claws +10 DC 25 Toughness
                      Hypnosis DC 20 dodge resist, DC 20 Will
                      Hellfire Burst DC25 Toughness Cone area

                      Defense 15pp
                      Dodge 8, Fortitude 11, Parry 8, Toughness 12, Will 9

                      Abilities 10 + Skills 22 + Advantages 5 + Powers 68 + Defenses 15 = 180

                      Motivation(Responsibility): Malkor would love nothing better than to mess around, but the Adam Jones part of him drives him to help others with his great power.
                      Motivation(Thrills): Just because he has the burden of responsibility, doesn't mean he can't seek out thrills with it at the same time.
                      Enemy(Other Demons): While not outright attacking him, they aren't pleased one of their own is now combined with a human.
                      Honor(A deal is a deal): He adheres to deals he makes although sometimes only to the letter.
                      Prejudice(Demon): The demon physiology overrode the human part quite a bit. So, all the bias against demons holds against him when not morphed.


                      Malkor Jones is the kind of guy/demon who could charm the pants off anyone, lie to them with ease, and scare the wits out of them. He prefers the charming bit, but times being what they are he might resort to scaring at times. His combined personality marries the good of Adam Jones with the ultra playboy that was Malkor. Using Malkor's soul trading skills, Malkor Jones now is a broker in general things acting as an agent almost. Sometimes giving out favors as well. He's a likable guy who has good intentions, but cross him or stray to far evil and you'll see his bad side.


                      Skills are 3 for 1 instead of normal 2 for 1. 1 presence grants a free advantage. Malkor Jones is a combination of soul broker/tempter demon Malkor and Adam Jones who fused together as one when possession didn't work as anticipated due to the influence of the Merge event.
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                        Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                        Murphy Richards aka Seraph
                        PL 9
                        PP 135


                        Patricia Richard's mum was a whore. She was a whore. Whoring is all she knew starting at the traumatic age of 14 when her mum was killed by a john who had some rough demands. Despite all this, she went every Sunday to a church based out of a crumbling warehouse by the docks that was dedicated to Saint Nicholas. Her work did not define her. At 16, she gave birth to Murphy at a street corner that called itself a birthing clinic. More than a few of her clients didn't like to wear protection and a woman in her debt to the mob couldn't exactly afford birth control on her own, so the numbers won out and one of those johns ended up being a father yet never knowing it. An abortion was offered by her pimp, but being a good catholic she refused. From the moment Murphy was born, she loved him and despite having to keep up her profession she tried to hide him from it as best she could. Due to complications from the birth, she wasn't able to have anymore children, which made her even more sought out.

                        Despite Patricias best efforts, Murphy still went hungry some days and his "daycare" was being left in the care of someone her pimp assured her would watch the kid. He couldn't risk losing her revenue. In reality, "daycare" was being dropped off with other kids in a similar situation at the abandoned shipping docks to fend for himself to get picked up when his mums shift ended. Under threat of death, he had to tell her it was a nice old lady. Going to school was a heaven sent blessing for him, but when the others saw his raggedy clothes and malnourished figure he became the target of relentless teasing. Church on Sunday was his only respite and the charities who fed him some weeks when all his mum could muster was cabbage soup. He would look at the kids with money or full belly's and long to have that life. Instead, he was teased, forced volunteered with his mum when she wasn't working, and sometimes had to go without even bread.

                        This all changed when the family who ran the brothels needed a runner. No one would question a scraggy looking kid carrying a near empty backpack. So, some days instead of school he would make extra income running packages of all sorts to whoever his handler said. This gave him candy money and a belly that wasn't always empty. Slowly over the next few years he started rebeling and running with friends instead of going to church or volunteering with his mum who sank into a depression of losing her son to the life she was forced to choose. She had much higher hopes for him. When Murphy turned 16, his mum didn't wake up one day and he didn't care. As far as he was concerned, the family was his family now and Patricia was just the woman who had relations with men for money that got knocked up.

                        Over the next 10 years, he became more than a simple runner. His health improved, body filled out from proper eating, clothes became new, and he had shoes without holes. The indoctrination into family loyalty continued when as a "favor" he was given a task to collect some money from some shop keep who owed the casino from a crooked game of poker with the favor portion keeping 5% of it. When the shop keep didn't pay up, he beat the guy until he did. Seeing potential, his runner status was upgraded to thug who went along on various collection runs and roughing up johns who messed up the families goods. They were alright with the rough johns, but the whores still had to be attractive to future clients. As his star rose, so did his pay and he was able to afford a nicer apartment, some girls for himself, and the finer booze. Never entering the elite, he was still a valued enforcer for his family devotion.

                        During this 10 year window, he got progressively worse as well. Initially, the church morals lead him to hold back. Family morals corrupted his soul. When he was runner, he would share with the other poor kids and still say his payers at night even going to confession at times to ease his conscious. First the sharing stopped. The poor kids weren't part of the family and he had his mates to share the wealth in the form of booze and women. Next, the prayers stopped. It was hard to believe a deity could exist in a world where the poor were virtuous and rich corrupt. So, no use in praying to nothing. Finally, going to confession stopped because who needed easing of conscious when there was so much good times to be had that could drown out that little voice which only got more muted. Sure, he had a few girlfriends that thought they could save him. After all, he fit the bad boy mold just like the family intended. None ever got through.

                        One day while on a routine job of collecting from some poor chump who lost big at the casino, the job went south fast. The poor chump had a house made of materials more flammable than gasoline it seemed. Murphys partner was stupid enough to light a fag and press it against the wall sending it all up in flames immediately resulting in the partners death and the house starting to fall apart. As things fell, the collection victim was killed and Murphy got pinned under a beam with the fire raging all around him. Like a movie, the early images of his mothers love and devotion to him and helping others started up followed by his rejection of it. Progressing in his mind, more scenes came showing his life of wickedness and the damage left in his wake not to mention his mothers broken heart which he realized probably killed her. There was all the girls he could have escaped the life with, but rejected instead. All told, he was a blight on society and only helped to further the cities degradation. He did something he hadn't done in years. He prayed. He prayed like it was going to be his last prayer ever and given the situation it looked more than likely the case. All he asked was for a second chance and the power to make things right. Someone or thing heard his prayers and in a brilliant light that bathed him wings appeared on his back allowing him to fly out of the house.

                        Not knowing what to make of the situation, he hid out in one of the old warehouses he played in as a kid. The bodies found in the house were attributed to him and his partner, giving Murphy a clean go of life because few even cared to remember his face not that it would matter given the damage wrought by the fire on it. After a day, he donned a long coat to hide his wings and went for some food. Along the way, some thugs were harassing a flower lady for selling on their turf without giving due payment to them. Instinctively, he unfurled his wings and exuded an almost heavenly light to hide his features as a sword of light formed in his hand. At first, the thugs looked at each other and drew their guns. Murphy quickly put an end to that with a swing of his sword and burst from his hand that made them weep in regret. Its only been two days since that fateful moment, but since than rumors of an angel living in the city spread like wild fire. For Murphys part, he took up a volunteer role at a Catholic clinic that prayed to Saint Nicholaus as a nurse.

                        Character Sheet

                        Abilities 36pp:
                        Strength 2 Stamina 6 Agility 3 Dexterity 0 Fighting 3 Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 0

                        Skills 18pp:
                        Insight 8(+12), Intimidation +12(+12), Perception 8(+12), Persuasion 4(+4), Treatment 4(+4)

                        Powers 55pp:
                        Light Costume Change: Feature(Illuminate into a costume of as free action) 1pp

                        Light Control: Light Blast: Damage 11(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat) 24pp
                        AE: Sword of Light: Damage 11(Extras: Penetrating 12 +12/flat, Accurate 2 +2/flat) 1pp(24pp)
                        AE: Healing Hands: Healing 11(Extras: Persistent +1/flat, Stabilizing +1/flat) 1pp(24pp)
                        AE: Repentant Light: Damage 7(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Will Save +1/rank, Accurate 3 +3/flat) 1pp(24pp)

                        Light Guard: Protection 5 5pp

                        Angel Wings: Flight 5(30mph 900 feet; Flaws: Wings -1/rank) 5pp

                        Illuminate: Environment 5(Light, bright as day, 500 feet) 5pp

                        Holy Vision: Senses 6(Darkvision, Vision Penetrates Concealment, Vision Counters Illusion) 6pp

                        Holy Light Aura: Feature 1: Generate bright radiant light brighter than day from body 1pp

                        Advantages 10pp:
                        Daze(Intimidation), Startle, Allout Attack, Power Attack, Great Endurance, Interpose, Equipment 1, Ranged Attack 3

                        Initiative +2
                        Ranged +3, Close +3
                        Light Blast +7 DC 26 toughness
                        Sword of Light +7 DC 26 toughness
                        Repentant Light +9 DC 17 will damage

                        Defense 13pp
                        Dodge 7, Fortitude 8, Parry 7, Toughness 11, Will 10

                        Abilities 36 + Skills 18 + Advantages 10 + Powers 55 + Defenses 16 = 135

                        Headquarters(Size: Medium Toughness: 8 Features: Secret, Living Space, Power System)

                        Motivation(Redemption): He saw the city at its worst and he was part of it. If he could be cleansed and redeemed so could the city.
                        Honor(Can't Lie and won't kill): He cannot lie. He always has to tell the truth. He also won't kill anyone and will doj ust enough to stop them.
                        Responsibility(Clinic): He has taken a job at a clinic for the poor as an unlicensed nurse and might be on shift or needed when the city is in danger.
                        Prejudice(Wings and Scars): When people see his wings, they think he is a freak some times. It also doesn't help that he has deep scars still from the fire.
                        Secrets(Thought dead): Most think he is dead. If his nonsuperhero appearance becomes known tot he public it could cause complications.


                        Reformed from his old ways, Murphy's drive in life is to redeem himself and make himself the man his mother envisioned him becoming. Wealth, fame, and women were the trappings of his old life. Now, he devotes himself to helping the downtrodden and living above the wickedness of his past life. Talking to him will give hints he has lived quite the life, but he won't go crazy anymore. He'll have a beer or two, scream at football matches, and such yet he won't go to excess. its not his place to force others to be saints. All he can do is live as an example.

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                          Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                          Diego Gonzalez
                          PL 7
                          PP 109 (2pp unspent)

                          Age 36


                          Kansas City born and world bred, Diego didn't quite fit in. He was the child of a Spanish man from Spain and Arabic woman from Dubai. They met when Ricardo, Diego's father, was traveling for business. Ricardo locked eyes with Daima while appraising some art and the rest was wedding bells followed by copulation resulting in Diego. For business reasons, they moved to Kansas City to run an art gallery at the request of one of Ricardo's friends and settled down to have a proper family. It wasn't like they stayed put too much though. Daima was also an in demand translator, so the family would often travel together bringing Diego along for the ride taking his education upon themselves and the occasional tutor. By the time he was ten, Diego had more stamps on his passport than most adults do in their lifetimes. Not the brightest when it came to the sciences, he had a knack for languages and detail inherited from his parents. His mother made sure Diego could speak a few languages while his father impressed upon him the fine details of art work.

                          It wasn't until 14 that he settled down to finish high school like a normal kid. Being world traveled, he felt bored often and didn't pay attention much. Still, he did middle of the pack grades and just enough to not be in the bottom tier of students. For all intents and purposes, he was average. His two strengths were art history and languages that had been drilled into him since birth. Athletics and physical wise, he did alright. Like in his academics though, he didn't excel or look terrible. With his mind always drifting, he kept thinking of all the people in the world who lacked so much and devoured books on utopian societies where everyone was taken care in all the languages he knew. Philosophy also piqued his interest, but was too theoretical. Someone had to have some practical answers to the issues that plagued the world. By the time he reached college, getting into NYU, he was a dreamer who could speak five languages. So, he fit right in as an occasional U.N translator to pay the bills.

                          Imperator's men took notice of how seamless Diego was in translating and working with people from across the world, yet being forgotten as well as the "help". They appealed to the dreamer in him. Imperator would need men like him who could fit in anywhere to make utopia a reality. When pressed on the hard questions, like what he would need to do, they were blunt. No utopia was ever peacefully created. If he accepted a place in Imperators forces, he would need to do things that didn't seem right in the short term yet would pay off in the end. Naive at the beginning, he signed on shortly before the bubble went up. At the urging of his handlers, he pursued language arts and art history as a double major taking study abroad twice. Once to Madrid and once to Shanghai. Both majors weren't terribly hard for him, but immensely useful in ingratiating himself with people of importance plus catching the attention of the U.S military who needed Arabic translators.

                          Upon graduation, he signed up for the U.S Navy, again at the behest of his handlers, where he was trained in war as well as counter intelligence. As part of his stint in the navy, he was attached to some Seal teams who went on classified missions as a translator plus member of the team. This time was the most dangerous for Diegos handlers as they didn't want to risk communicating with him openly. Instead, they left coded messages. Six years was enough training and Diego didn't resign up when his enlistment ended despite being offered a generous reenlistment bonus. Instead, he finished up his PHD in language arts and became a professor at NYU working as a translator from time to time for the U.S delegation by virtue of his security clearance which he kept active even after leaving the military and amicable personality. All information he gathered, he passed on to his handlers. In addition, they would sometimes ask him to draw upon his military training to take out targets discretely or influence people to make choices to benefit Imperators grand plan.

                          While all this was going on, no one would suspect him of being a deep cover agent. If he traveled, he was used to it from youth. If he got a gig interpreting for a treaty, well it was in his skill set and clearance. There was a couple girls he fancied and went with for a spell, even marrying a particularly stunning red head for a year before she got tired of how secretive he was because of his interpreting gigs. Fellow former or still active soldiers would unwittingly give him little nuggets of information when plastered. By all appearances, he was a red, white, and blue American.

                          When the war started, his handlers told him to play along with the other side. As expected, the U.S military drew upon his skill set and brought him into the fight this time as an infiltrator. Inside the city, he secretly sabotaged his unit leaving just him and two others alive from the surprise attack that wiped out the rest. He was brought back to the intelligence side for his language skills because of the PTSD that he was mimicking signs of. Not enough to turn the tides of war, he still provided valuable intelligence to Imperators forces. At night, under the pretext of getting drunk alone to quash the pain of losing his unit, he would run missions to take out key players as demanded. In the end, his efforts were for naught. Imperator still fell.

                          With the war over, he fell back into his old life resuming his role as a professor. Things were quiet for a few months. Diego thought it was all over and utopia would never come to pass, so he settled for a regular life. He even met a nice girl from Ireland who caught his eye that he started dating seriously with an eye towards settling in a year or so if things went well. There wasn't much more for him. NYU, not knowing the full extent of his war efforts, praised him as a hero awarding him tenure. The offers to translate gotten even more frequent, but he didn't have his heart in it anymore after the loss and claimed bad war memories when turning down most. One day it all changed though and his old handler resurfaced.

                          Character Sheet

                          Abilities 36pp:
                          Strength 1 Stamina 3 Agility 1 Dexterity 2 Fighting 5 Intellect 4 Awareness 2 Presence 0

                          Skills 33pp:
                          Close Combat(knifes) 4(+9) , Deception 10(+10), Expertise(Spycraft) 8(+12), Expertise(Linguistics) 3(+7), Expertise(Art History) 3(+7), Expertise(Hadron City) 2(+6), Expertise(Military) 2(+6) Insight 4(+6), Perception 8(+10), Persuasion 13(+13), Ranged Combat(guns) 3(+6), Sleight of Hand 5(+7), Stealth 3(+4)

                          Powers 0pp:

                          Advantages 16pp:
                          Equipment 4, Languages 3(Arabic, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian), Benefit(Security Clearance), Assessment, Skill Mastery(Deception), Ranged 4, Well Informed, Precise Attack(Ranged Cover)

                          Initiative +1
                          Ranged +3, Close +5
                          Light Pistol +9 DC 18 toughness
                          Sniper Rifle +9 DC 20 toughness 19-20 Crit
                          Knife +9 DC 17 Toughness 19-20 Crit

                          Defense 21pp
                          Dodge 9, Fortitude 7, Parry 9, Toughness 5, Will 7

                          Abilities 36 + Skills 33 + Advantages 16 + Powers 0 + Defenses 21 coming to 105


                          Undercover Shirt(Protection 2, Subtle)
                          Arenal Array: Sniper Rifle(Ranged Damage 5, Improved Critical)
                          Arsenal Array: Light Pistol(Ranged Damage 3, Subtle)
                          Arsenal Array: Knife(Piercing Strength Based Damage 1 improved Crit)
                          Night Vision and Thermal Scope(+5 bonus to overcome visual range penalties with option to have normal vision, low light vision, or infravision)
                          Loft(Diminutive -3, Living Space +1, Power System +1, Secret +1, Security System +1 DC25 technology, )

                          Motivation(Responsibility): He's been at it so long he feels like he needs to play his part to bring about utopia if only to help the world.
                          Secret(Agent of Imperator): To the world he is a stand up American interpretor. His true job is hidden from most.
                          Relationship(Maggie Smith): He is seeing a new girl he fancies, so it might get int he way.
                          Responsibility(Professor): He is still a professor and despite tenure, he needs to do something or else his cover is blown.
                          Code of Honor(Don't kill Civilians): While he may harm a civilian, he will not kill them or do something that might. Civilian pertains to non soldiers or soldier support staff.


                          Diego is a world traveled, friendly guy. He loves to tell stories of his travels to put people at ease and is right at home in a room full of drunk diplomats. Underneath it all though, he has become driven to achieve the utopia promised. Being outside the bubble when it came up and only catching a glimpse of the city before it was attacked, he longs for it even more. Still, he isn't mean or evil in his mind. The ends justify the means.


                          He is based off the Elite Soldier with some things tweaked to make him more spy like. Expetise(Spycraft) is a combination of the tailing and surveillance from stealth, gather information and search from investigate. Expertise(linguistics) covers knowing things about languages even if he can't speak them, pick up a few words and basic meanings, etc plus what they mean in various cultures.
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                            Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                            Robert Blake aka Damien Thorne
                            PL 8
                            PP 150

                            Age: 23


                            Rene and Maldor Thorne were an abnormality in the Seattle coven. Rene, a mortal woman, and Maldor, a powerful warlock leader of the coven, were the only mixed couple. Together they ran the Sherman brothers mortuary, a mortuary that had been passed down since the founding of the city going by different generic names. It served as a cover for a hidden and powerful necromancer coven that used the bodies for various purposes. Ostracized by the other mages as far back as the 1600's, the coven chose to appear extinguished partly because it made other mages feel better not having to worry about powerful necromancers and it kept the registration people from looking for them like the other mages. As technology advanced, it got harder to remain hidden. So, the leader of the coven before Maldor made a deal with a powerful corporation at the time. In exchange for keeping the covens members, who were to remain nameless until names were needed, out of the scrutiny of the government or other corporations, the coven would help out the corporation from time to time. Maldor kept that up when a new corporation rose in the wake of an acquisition.

                            Damien was only three years old when his parents died in a plane crash. Just a small child unlearned in the necrotic arts, another leader took over leaving him in the care of his aunts. They raised him to remain hidden yet still practice the dark arts in secret. Scans at the school or when he was out picked up his high mana potential of course, but he made sure to avoid usage of magic or spirit calling while in public. School by day was like every other kid math, science, english, and what have you. By night and weekends, he spent time with other kids in the coven in the tombs below the Sherman mortuary away from the scanners learning how to manipulate peoples spirits and tap into the darker nature of magic. A few times, he even heard some whispers that he was told were nothing. It made sense at the time as the tombs were drafty and voices carried on the air like leaves. No one told him that his father regularly communed with the spirits of the deceased before they passed to the next realms. Between regular homework and his dark studies, he didn't have time to dig into his own families histories too much to learn himself.

                            While he lived as part of the coven, he resisted the call of the others to fully embrace it on his sixteenth birthday preferring to keep ties to his nonmagical half. He even left for a spell to attend Colombia for an English degree with aspirations to be a journalist when he turned 18. You always come home though. Despite his head saying to get out while he is out of the dark path, his heart kept pulling him back in when school was out. Unlike the others in his coven, he knew the dark arts were wrong, but they were too seductive for a young man indoctrinated with them by his aunts. With the protection of a new corporation, he didn't know the name of due to his absence, his coven continued to grow in power undetected by the world at large. Up until his 21st birthday, he had one foot in the nonmagical world and one in the darkest part of it.

                            On his 21st birthday, the pull of the control over life and death became too much for him to the point he agreed to participate in a dangerous ritual to drain the life from whole blocks that unbeknownst to him contained rent controlled apartments that the benefactor corporation wanted cleared. Everyone dying accomplished that. Deep in the Seattle underground, the whole coven gathered with only candles to light their ritual. The energy was intoxicating as the chanting began. If not for the whisper of one word Don't, Damien might not have worked to stop it. The ritual in question had to be precise and every necromancer in the coven of 42 had to work in exact unison with all the energies aligned. Damiens doubts and the whispers made him rechannel his energies in search of the voice fully opening himself to the spirits of those not passed on yet. Their cries of anguish made him weep. It was his coven or hundreds of souls. At that moment, he chose the hundreds of innocents and redirected the ritual to trap his coven members spirits in the tombs chamber.

                            Suffice to say, the corporation was not happy. Plans were already in the works and promises made to clear out the apartments for luxury condos with much higher margins. Damien hid while the men sent by the corporation found the lifeless bodies of his coven members. Before they blew the underground caverns to hide any evidence of the bodies, Damien managed to escape to the surface and slip by the corporate goons undetected. He wasn't in the clear though. His coven kept a ledger they found and the math was simple. Forty one dead bodies and forty two names. Other mages in the corporations employ traced back the events of the ritual and relayed everything that happened before they too were killed. The description they got of Damien was fuzzy, so he caught a break there. Still, every wiff of necromancy he performed would be hounded and he knew it. So, he fell back on an assumed identity given as a gift from birth by his parents and tried to live his life in the most normal way possible.

                            That old itch to use his powers came back though and every day he was plagued by tormented souls who wanted help when they realized he could hear them. One such soul was kind enough to point Damien to his fathers hidden lair in an old tunnel in the sewers. As repayment, Damien gladly repaid the favor with donning a bone chilling costume and using a spell to slowly drain the life out of the souls killer until the killer agreed to turn himself in. Word gets around in the tormented soul world, so more and more came to him for redress and he starting obliging the good ones. He even started helping those still living from joining the dead just to use his magic like an addict needs another hit. The scanners went crazy at his use of power and the corporation hunting him started laying traps by purposely putting people in danger for him to save just so they could get retribution. So far, he has found a way to evade capture, but every spell increases the urge to use another and more powerful one if possible. At best, he can hope to do the most good he can until his luck runs out.

                            Character Sheet

                            Abilities 36pp:
                            Strength 0 Stamina 0 Agility 1 Dexterity 1 Fighting 3 Intellect 2 Awareness 7 Presence 4

                            Skills 16pp:
                            Deception 11(+15), Expertise Magic 13(+15), Insight 2(+9), Intimidation 8(+12), Perception 4(+11), Persuasion 6(+10), Stealth 4(+5)

                            Powers 65pp:
                            Soul Blast: Damage 9(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Will Save +1/rank) 27pp
                            AE: Necrotic Blast: Damage 9(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Secondary Effect +1/rank) 1pp(27pp)
                            AE: Eneveration: Weaken 9(Extras: Ranged +1, Broad Physical Abilities One at a time +1/rank) 1pp(27pp)
                            AE: Spirit Hands: Move Object 8(Extra: Perception +1/rank, Precise +1/flat, Subtle 2 +2/flat) 1pp(27pp)
                            AE: Will To Live Drain: Affliction 9(Resisted by Will; Hindered and Vulnerable, Defenseless and Immobile; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Extra Condition +1/rank, Cumulative +1/rank; Flaws: Limited to second degree -1/rank) 1pp(27pp)
                            AE: "edax animae" Soul Scythe: Damage 9(Extras: Penetrating 3 +3 Flat, Reach 2 +2/flat, Accurate 2 +2 flat, Extras: Secondary Effect +1/rank) 1pp(25pp)
                            AE: "ignis ardeat animus" Hellfire Rain: Damage 8(Extras: Range +1/rank, Burst Area 1 +1/rank) 1pp(24pp)

                            Astral Projection: Remote Sensing 8 (Visual, Auditory, Mental; Extras: Sublte 2 +2/flat; Flaws: Limited Physical Body is Defenseless -1/rank) 26pp
                            AE: "arma vocatis infernalis" Dark Protection: Protection 9 (Sustained, Impervious 9), Flight 4(60 MPH) 1pp(26pp)

                            Spirit Speak: Comprehend 2(Clearly understand and speak to spirits) 4pp

                            "damnatio mutatio" Costume Glamour: Feature(Quick Change) 1pp

                            Advantages 14pp:
                            Equipment 3(Headquarters), Ranged Attack 6, *Daze(Intimidation), Ritualist, *Well Informed, Power Attack, Accurate Attack, *Skill Mastery(Deception), *Contacts, Benefit: Alternate identity(James Ross), Benefit: Cipher

                            Initiative +1
                            Ranged +7, Close +3
                            Soul Blast +7 DC 24 Will Save Damage
                            Necrotic Blast +7 DC24 Toughness, save next round too
                            Eneveration +7 DC 19 Fort
                            Spirit Hands Auto Hit Move Check +8
                            Will To Live Drain +7 DC 19 Will
                            Soul Scythe +7 DC 24 Toughness, Save next round too
                            Hell Fire Rain Area DC 18 Dodge reduce DC 19/23 toughness save

                            Defense 19pp
                            Dodge 7, Fortitude 6, Parry 7, Toughness 9, Will 10

                            Abilities 36 + Skills 16 + Advantages 14 + Powers 65 + Defenses 19 = 150pp


                            Headquarters—Size: Medium, Toughness: 10; Features: Concealed, Dual-size (Huge), Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Personnel, Sealed, Security System, Self Reparing, Workshop


                            Motivation(Doing Good): He was brought up to be a servant of the dark mystical forces, but his human half drove him to do good. It doesn't hurt that he can talk to the dead as well to know their plights.
                            Prejudice(Half Human, Half Warlock): He is viewed as something to be controlled because of his warlock side by the normals and looked down on by people with both parents as magic users.
                            Identity(Normal Freelancer): To make ends meet, he does odd jobs and has a normal life under his false identity of James Ross
                            Enemy(Corporation that was crossed): His coven was obliged to do a ritual to clear whole blocks in order to make it easier to put in luxury condos. The corporation found out the lone survivor of the coven, Damien, stopped it. Now they want revenge.
                            Addiction(Use Magic): Dark magic is addictive. Everyday he needs to fight to the urge to use it frivolously in order to avoid detection. Sometimes the magic pull is just too strong.
                            Unregistered: He isn't in any systems as a warlock. To the world, minus Shadow Corp, he is just another gig economy worker.
                            Power Loss(Speaking Required): Needs to speak a spell to use it.


                            He wants to be normal. His dual nature pulls him to use his dark magic for power and wealth, but he also has a deep desire to live a normal life. He can be quite easy to get on with and passes off his talking to ghosts as if he's just on a bluetooth head set. Anyone who looks closely can see a sadness in him, but he hides it well enough from the casual on looker. On the surface, he is one of the guys, but digging deeper reveals so much more.


                            Built with house rules

                            * 3 skill points per PP (excluding Close and Ranged Combat)
                            * One free Interaction Skill Advantage per rank of Presence.
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