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    Re: mrdents menagerie of characters


    PL: 10 150pp
    Name: Finian O'Toole
    Age: 25


    A dagger with yellow radiance flew from Edward Sullivans hand and vanished into the chest of another man sitting feebly against a wall. In the mans eyes, there wasn't fear or anger that is typically associated with staring down the person whose job it was to end your life. There was only relief. The man looked to be just shy of 60, with no teeth, a missing leg, one eye, and a beard that hadn't seen a razor for going on 10 years. His stench was worse than the human waste thrown out of windows. In reality, he was 25 years old. Endless soldiering for one arrogant super powered lord, king, or emperor after another had aged the man well beyond his years. Once his fighting potential had been used up, he was discarded by his latest employer as if he was just a piece of trash that nobles like to toss about where they please. Too weak to do it himself, the man went to the only place he knew death could be had in a quick merciful fashion. Inside a book store and down an alley, was a satellite temple of the Nameless god. It wasn't a big secret, but few dared stay for too long for fear of those who follow the god. As Edward was walking out of the book store, the man pleaded with Edward, like he did with all the people who entered and exited the store for one final favor even though he had nothing to give in return. Most scoffed, but Edward was different. Favors were the one thing he specialized in and seeing a man plead for a merciful end was a plea his god obliged him to fulfill as part of his charge. Turing away from the man, Edwards appearance changed into a a spry 23 year old red headed man. Finian O'Toole was born.

    Finian, Conner Doyle by birth, wasn't always a killer. On the contrary, he was raised to be a fisherman like his adopted father and grandfather before him. His mother was a whore who died in child birth and his father was never known thanks largely to how popular his mother was with the sailors. Mary Doyle took the boy in as if he was her own and her husband Patrick Doyle gladly accepted a son his wife could not give him after the loss of their first three children during child birth. Conner did not even know his adopted parents were not his biological parents until it was too late to ask questions. Patrick and Mary took care of Conner as best their meager means could afford. School was out of the question as well as an apprenticeship with a fine craftsman because Patrick could not afford the high costs. A nice side effect of being a fisherman in bountiful waters is that you never go hungry. Conner and Mary always had food on the table and a roof, however leaky and ill repaired, over their heads for the first 10 years of Conners life. Life wasn't grand, but it was a decent life.

    Conner never really felt like he belonged and was ill at ease especially around a merchant who bought from Patrick. Something about the merchant triggered an alert in Conner. The merchant was nice enough and always gave Patrick a fair price unlike the other merchants, but no level of nice could over come the strange feeling in Conner. When he brought it up to his father, Patrick told him it was nothing. Still Conner made sure to not be in sight when the merchant came around.

    One day when Patrick was coming back in with a meager haul of fish, 7 knights clad in red chain and plate armor rode in on black stallions. The last two years they had been "taxing" the village for "protection" money. Like most of the villagers, Patrick was having a bad month and the fish was meant to feed his wife and son. It did not matter to the knights though who slew Patrick for refusing to hand the fish over to pay taxes and daring to challenge their legitimacy as proper knights. Other villagers rose up, but there attacks could not get past the armor. All of the knights laughed as they rode back and forth through the village slaughtering the helpless mothers covering their children, the elderly who were too slow, and babies who lay crying for their mother. When they had their fun, they burned the village to the ground.

    Luckily, Conner escaped the carnage only to witness it from a distance. Heart broken, alone, and having no place to go he resolved to lay down and die. On the second day, the kind merchant came along and saw the boy. With a wave of his hand and no other words, the merchant signaled Conner to get up and follow him. Conner didn't care anymore, one death was as good as another, so he followed. His path lead him to the temple of the Nameless god in Brinah where the merchant, once out of sight of others, changed into a portly woman with a jolly face and beckoned the boy into a room of the temple reserved for only the most devout. This room was where he first heard his true calling. The woman explained that Conner was one of the Nameless gods chosen and if Conner would disavow his name he would be initiated into the Nameless Order. For once in his life, Conner felt like he belonged. Conner was no more.

    First order of training was to learn what being in the order entailed under the tutelage of a priest. The boy took it all to heart and it enabled him to get past the pain of losing everything he ever knew. As expected, he was a quick study and soon went on to the next phase of becoming the apprentice of an assassin masquerading as the owner of a popular playhouse. His first assignment was to free a greedy slaver without conventional weapons such as swords, daggers, or bows of of any kind. One night, the chandelier of the slavers house fell on him because it got too loose. Edwin, the new name assigned to the boy, felt the essence of the slaver enter into him as the slaver drew his last breathes of life. Weapons appeared in his hands radiating a yellow aura and Edwin caught his reflection in the mirror looking just like the slaver. He could even speak the slavers language with ease.

    Over the course of several more years, Edwin took more lives as part of contracts or petitions with the temple for a merciful death. When he came of age and his training had progressed as far as it could, he was let loose into the world as Edward Sullivan. Roaming was the final step in becoming an assassin. Edward saw the world and did odd jobs in order to get closer to people he was contracted to free all over the world. In every town there was at least one person who provided shelter, a means of communicating with the temple, and messages addressed to him with who he was assigned to free. The only time he killed outside of fulfilling a contract or plea was when he saw one of the 7 knights at a local tavern. Drawing on his talents, he assumed the identity of a beautiful woman he had killed to lure the knight into a dark alley way under the impression something very different was going to happen. Clear of onlookers, Edward shot a knife through the knights soul. Now it was only 6 left to appease the Nameless god.

    The final leg of his journey as a trainee lead him to the book store and the old man. Officially deemed an assassin, Finian was given his first big contract to kill the ruler of Minok. Raguk Mar, the ruler, was a brutal man who flayed people for fun. One survivor of a raid by Raguk gave the temple all the wealth her family had accumulated to have the man killed. Unfortunately, Raguk was always protected by 10 large men, except when he inspected the heads of those he had killed in a vault only he had access. On the way to the vault, a stair gave way causing the mountain of a man to tumble to his death. Upon successful completion of the contract, Finian set out to roam as an assassin of the Nameless Order.

    Character Sheet

    Abilities 38pp:
    Strength 1 Stamina 4 Agility 5 Dexterity 2 Fighting 3 Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 0

    Skills 20pp:
    Acrobatics 2(+7), Deception 12(+12), Expertise(Assassination) 7(+7), Insight 4(+8), Investigation 2(+2), Perception 4(+8), Sleight of Hand 6(+8), Stealth 5(+10)

    Powers 67pp:
    Senses 2(Detect 2 Life) 2pp
    Life Scimitar: Damage 7(Extras: Penetrating +1/rank, Multi attack +1/rank, Accurate 5 +5/flat, Affects Insubstantial 2 +2/flat) 28pp
    AE: Life Crossbow: Damage 7(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Penetrating +1/rank, Accurate 5 +5/flat, Affects Insubstantial 2 +2/flat) 1pp(28pp)
    AE: Soul Dagger: Damage 7(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Alternate Save Will +1/rank, Accurate 5 +5/flat, Affects Insubstantial 2 +2/flat)1pp(28pp)
    AE: Soul Knife: Damage 7(Extras: Alternate Save +1/rank, Multi attack +1/rank, Accurate 5 +5, Affects Insubstantial 2 +2/flat) 1pp(28pp)
    Morph 3(Humanoids, only humanoids he killed Extras: Continuous +1/rank) 18pp
    Comprehend 3(Speak, understand, and read all languages) 6pp
    Fortified Life Force: Protection 4, Fortitude 2, Will 4 10pp

    Advantages 13pp:
    Assessment, Benefit(Nameless Order Assassin), Defensive Roll 4, Evasion 2, Power Attack, Fearless, Redirect, Uncanny Dodge, Ranged Combat 1

    Initiative +5
    Ranged +2, Close +3
    Life Scimitar +13 DC 22 toughness
    Life Crossbow +13 DC 22 toughness
    Soul Dagger +13 DC 22 toughness
    Soul Knife +13 DC 22 toughness

    Defense 12pp
    Dodge 8, Fortitude 8, Parry 8, Toughness 12, Will 10

    Abilities 38 + Skills 20 + Advantages 13 + Powers 67 + Defenses 12 = 0

    Honor: Will not use conventional weapons or armor. Also follows the Nameless Order code.
    Secret: The world outside of the order does not know he is an assassin for the order.
    Motivation(Honor the Nameless God): He is a strong devotee of the Nameless God and aims to keep the books of life and death balanced.
    Motivation(Revenge): He seeks revenge on those who burned his small village to the ground and his adopted parents.


    By virtue of his profession, his personality changes with each new persona he morphs into. At his core, he is an honor and religious bound person who truly believes the Nameless God chose him. This makes him a little rigid in that belief structure, but still a nice guy. If he owes a favor, he will go to the ends of the earth if needed.

    Nameless Order

    Overview: The Nameless Order is a religious order that is not spoken of lightly or in polite company. Their name is synonymous with assassinations and death. At their main temple, people from all over come to die peaceful deaths or request the death of others, for a high price of course. Adherents to the faith follow a god known only as the Nameless god and give up their own identity. For followers, the Nameless God symbolizes the equality death brings, a time when names no longer matter, and the balance between life and death itself. Three branches make up the order. The first is the priestly branch comprised of followers who can control the very life force in others to varying degrees. The second is the assassin branch comprised of people who are highly trained killers that take on part of the life essence of those they kill and use it create weapons as needed. The third branch is the scouts who can control their own life force to such a degree that they can go invisible, transfer it through space, or have it mimic those around them. All of the branches share the same core abilities to some degree that allows them to morph themselves into the life forces they can tap into and detect other Nameless ones.

    Order Temples: The central temple of the Nameless Order is located in the prosperous city of Brinath roughly located where Dublin currently is located. Brinath is one of the free cities not affiliated with specific kingdom on the island that has North and Southern Ireland today. Across the world, they have several satellites staffed by people friendly to the order.

    Priestly Branch

    The priest branch is the best known one although all the priests wear masks and robes to cover their true visage. If people knew the true extent of their powers though they would be the most feared. They can control the very life force of others to kill, heal, or anything in between. Some of the most powerful priests merely need to whispers in a persons ear to free the person from life. Priests serve as the go between for the assassin branches and people requesting a favor. It is their sacred duty to assign the targets to the right person as well as protect the other two more secretive branches. Another main task is to create the poisons favored by the assassins.

    Assassin Branch

    The assassin's are perhaps the most feared branch of the order. Members are known only by reputation. None have ever failed to free a mark from life once they accepted the job, which always comes at a high price for the person who hires them. Legend has it they freed a man barricaded in a castle with 200 guards and four guards around him all the time without ever being noticed. When they free someone, part of the life essence enters them. This essence is used to morph into the victim, speak all the tongues they knew in the same accent, and power the creation of life essence weapons. Like priests, assassins also have the ability to detect the life essences around them. A central tenet of their branch is that they do not carry weapons to free people and only wear armor or wield a weapon to fit in with the group. To use a conventional weapon like a sword or bow would be to deny the gifts given by the Nameless god. Even if they were normal assassins, their training is the best in the world with methods only speculated by those outside of the order.

    Scout Branch

    Not as powerful as the priests or skilled as an assassin, scouts still serve an integral role in the order. Their ability to control their inner life force to project themselves to remote places, turn invisible, and otherwise conceal themselves is an invaluable asset in their roles as the eyes and ears of the order. Other groups would look down on a spy branch or at most tolerate them, but the order honors them the same as priests or assassins. A few times, it has fallen on the scouts to fulfill a contract for particularly hard to reach targets. When training, they are mostly taught surveillance techniques and how to study the habits of targets ahead of the assassins arrival.

    Code of the Nameless

    1) A contract for freeing is a sacred oath between the Nameless God and the assassin assigned the contract.
    2) If other lives need to be taken outside of a contract, it should be discreet and kept to a minimum.
    3) A life saved requires a life to be taken to appease the Nameless God.


    Three elite mercenary brothers were one of the first to gain powers. One could control the life force of others, another utilize the life force of those he killed, and the third his own life force. For ten years they cut swaths across the battlefields for those who hired them. Living in an almost daily bloodbath lead them to great extremes of drinking and whoring to numb the pain of all the deaths they caused together. The oldest, life controlling, brother was the first to have a revelation that their might be a higher cause for their powers beyond killing as mercenaries. Without much convincing the other two brothers agreed. Over a week of fasting, they came to accept there must be some god who granted them their abilities and meant for them to use the powers to balance the books of life and death. This was the start of the Nameless Order. In secret, they each searched for any children they may have had in order to fulfill their gods commands and populate the ranks of each brothers branch.

    While the other super powered beings fought for kingdoms or empires, the brothers kept to the shadows forming their own hidden order. Rival lords would contract with the order to have rivals "freed from life", as the contract would state, and the rival would be shortly no longer alive. As word spread, the faith started gaining a foothold in Brinah and a temple was erected to honor the Nameless god in addition to acting as the dispatch office for the favors. No one knew who was a part of the order since they only ever dealt with the priests, but uttering the name sent shivers down the spine of all except the bravest of people. Their name rose to the pinnacle of fame in the year 1250 with worshipers of their faith lining up for weeks just to enter the temple. An army tried to sack the temple, but their leaders mysteriously vanished and those who went through with the attack never made it out of the temple alive.

    From that day forward, the orders fame died down. Fear of the order and those who were part of it kept rumors from spreading too far. Prices for favors skyrocketed to the point where only the most affluent could afford them and even then the price was too high for many to bear. No one knew the reason for any of this except those in the order. A decision was made at the highest levels that their powers were being abused and taken for granted by people who viewed their gifts as the prowess of common mercenaries that could be hired anywhere. So, a decision was made to silence those who did not respect the Nameless Gods gifts and those who had them. In addition, the price was changed to be dear to whoever was requesting a favor. If it was a king, half the wealth or more of their kingdom. A commoner, maybe a years salary or their first born depending on the favor. Priests were also instructed in the ways of determining price to the fit the person asking so that contracts were not lightly entered into by the requester.
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      Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

      Trixie "Blur" Schrodinger
      PL 6
      PP 120


      Metropolis wasn't always a cesspool of crime and corruption. It used to be a place where dreams came true and safety was near assured because of Superman. Like any big city though, there were people at the bottom. Trixie's parents were two of them and didn't even bother leaving a way to find them at the run down orphanage they left her crying at only a few days old. Years later, she would find they died shortly after from a drug overdose. While super heroes fought cosmic enemies and chased away major criminals, Margaret Crowe's orphanage in Bakerline funneled the subsidies given to run an orphanage to its founder Margaret Crowe. The orphans like Trixie were given just enough to live and forced to work as soon as they could to keep the place up as best children could manage. When Trixie was eight years old, another orphan was cooking and some flame from the stove hit the wooden walls causing the place to go up in flames. A few of the oprhans saw it as a sign and fled to see what else there was in the world.

      Trixie got lucky and found a kind elderly homeless woman to watch out for her. Owning to her nimbleness and youthful dexterity, she helped the old woman in return by stealing the food they needed and the medications the woman couldn't afford. A year later the woman died. Next to take care of her was another kind old lady who lasted a few more years. Three years later she died. If not for her next impromptu guardian Alex, a pick pocket and street thief, she would have been forced into doing unsavory things to live. Alex taught her how to spot marks, do lifts, hide when caught, and other survival skills for life on the street as a pick pocket. It was at this time that Trixie learned that sometimes you just had to know how to talk to someone to get what you wanted as well as lie a little. Over the course of several years, Alex and Trixie bonded like two sisters bound by poverty. They also associated with other communities of homeless outside of the nicer areas of the city.

      All good things must come to an end and nothing gold can stay. So, the sibling like relationship started grating on Alex who abandoned Trixie one night to run off with a guy to Gotham. This time Trixie wasn't alone though and had the support of the homeless community to fall back on when times got tough. They all did what they could to help each other. Trixie ended up being the designated thief who stole supplies as she could or talked people into helping the homeless out with clever words and slight exaggerations. Unfortunately, this hustle and the community was partially living in the turf of a minor street thug named simply Ramirez. He wasn't big enough to warrant the attention of people with power and usually had others do his dirty work for him. Ramirez and his small crew of three scattered the community across the city, but kept a few around including Trixie to do his dirty work like stealing or transporting drugs. Not that Ramirez knew who did the work. Orders normally came from his crew to Trixie for small jobs like stealing from a store that didn't pay protection or making customers wallets disappear. There was no camaraderie, but she ate better than ever before.

      After Supermans disappearance, Ramirez got bolder. S.T.A.R labs in New Troy was in the process of relocating, but Ramirez got wind of ground breaking research finishing up there that could make him filthy rich. So, he did what any self respecting man who fashions himself a crime lord does. He sent in his crew. Trixie, while not good with electronics, was brought along just in case the heist went south they would have someone to pin the blame. Go wrong it did. One could even say it exploded in the faces of the thugs and Trixie when they tried to steal the highly experimental quantum field generator without much scientific knowledge to speak of. Miraculously, Trixie managed to survive the explosion. She was different though and realized she was able to do meta human things like teleport, appear in two places at once, and control what she could only explain as quantum fields around people.

      Being in the clear, she took it upon herself to don a disguise and become a master thief known as Blur targeting mostly known Ramirez gang warehouses initially. It didn't take long for her to get a kick out of it and go after other targets like police evidence lock ups, what businesses remained, and secure locations. Sometimes she even went after poor areas because she was bored. With everything else going on in the city and gangs setting up turfs, her exploits went unnoticed except by the people she stole from and even than they didn't care too much except for the Ramirez gang. It was just another boring day where she didn't have much to do when one mark cared, not for the items, but for her.

      Father O'Leary was in charge of a poor parish given the nickname by locals as The Stone Parish because the church was made out of stone and not the kind that richer parishes used. These stones were more rough and didn't quite fit together right. None of that mattered to Trixie that day. She was bored and wanted to steal something, but Ramirez was getting smart and the cops were armed to the teeth. On this day, she didn't feel like the hassle. From experience, she knew the only thing of value in the church was a small golden necklace around a statue of the virgin Mary. One quick teleport there, a quick swipe here, and something unexpected happened. An observer in a white collar was just watching her. He wasn't judging her with his look or giving the impression he was disappointed at the theft although he had every right to feel depressed. Without saying a word he told her to have it if it made her feel better. Kindness wasn't something she was accustomed to from non street living people and especially priests who always judged her since she wasn't Catholic. In the end, she left the necklace and teleported away.

      A few days later she returned to apologize, but none was needed. Father O'Leary even offered to give the cross to her as a gift, but it wasn't in her to accept it from the poor parish. Everyday after, she would make her way to the church and just chat with the father about what she could do to help the parish and the community. In normal clothes, she started to use her metahuman powers to help the parish with the transport of supplies through gang controlled streets, kept the surrounding neighborhood clean of drugs by stealing them all before being sold, and assisting with feeding the homeless some of which she knew from her past. Blur made a rare appearance now and again in particularly harry situations, but she was by no definition a super hero. As things got worse in the rest of the city while her part stayed relatively crime free, she realized that everyone needed her. With the call for heroes going out and the urging of Father O'Leary, Blur was transformed from a thief disguise to one of Metropolises newest heroes.

      Character Sheets

      PL 8
      PP 120

      Abilities 30pp:
      Strength 0 Stamina 3 Agility 4 Dexterity 2 Fighting 4 Intellect 0 Awareness 2 Presence 0

      Skills 24pp:
      Deception 14(+14), Expertise(Streetwise) 8(+8), Insight 6(+8), Perception 5(+7), Persuasion 8(+8), Sleight of Hand 2(+4), Stealth 5(+9)

      Powers 35pp:
      Quantum Dislocation: Teleport 4(500ft; Extras: Change direction +1/flat, Change Velocity +1/flat, Turnabout +1/flat; Precise +1/flat) 12pp
      Molecular Disruption: Damage 8(Extras: Penetrating +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat) 18pp
      AE: Temporal Confusion: Affliction 8(Resisted by Will; vulnerable, defenseless, paralyzed; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Alternate Save Dodge +0/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat)
      AE: Quantum Destabilization: Weaken 8(Toughness; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat)
      Uncertainty Field: Protection 3

      Advantages 12pp:
      Evasion 2, Connections, Defensive Roll 2, Set-Up, Luck 1, Equipment 1(Head Quarters(Warehouse 1, Living Space, Secret, Communications, Power System)), Attractive 2, Ranged Combat 2

      Initiative +4
      Ranged +4, Close +4
      Molecular Disruption +8 DC 23 Toughness
      Temporal Confusion +8 DC 18 Dodge/DC 18 Will
      Quantum Destabilization +8 DC 18 Fortitude

      Defense 19pp
      Dodge 8, Fortitude 7, Parry 8, Toughness 8, Will 9

      Abilities 30 + Skills 24 + Advantages 12 + Powers 35 + Defenses 19 = 120

      PL 6
      PP 120

      Abilities 38pp:
      Strength 0 Stamina 1 Agility 4 Dexterity 4 Fighting 4 Intellect 2 Awareness 2 Presence 2

      Skills 28pp:
      Deception 8(+10), Expertise(Streetwise) 10(+12), Insight 8(+10), Perception 6(+8), Persuasion 12(+14), Sleight of Hand 8(+12), Stealth 4(+8)

      Powers 33pp:
      Quantum Dislocation: Teleport 4(500ft; Extras: Change direction +1/flat, Change Velocity +1/flat, Turnabout +1/flat) 11pp
      Molecular Disruption: Damage 6(Extras: Penetrating +1/rank, Accurate 1 +1/flat) 13pp
      AE: Temporal Freezing: Affliction 6(Resisted by Will; hindered, immobilized, paralyzed; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Accurate 1) (13pp) 1pp
      AE: Quantum Disorientation: Affliction 6(Resisted by Fortitude, Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Accurate 1) (13pp 1pp
      Twin: Concealment 4(All Visual Senses; Flaws: Twin shows within 5 feet, both seen, and only attack penalty applies. -1/rank) 4pp
      Uncertainty Field: Protection 3 3pp

      Advantages 8pp:
      Evasion 2, Connections, Defensive Roll 2, Uncanny Dodge, Set-Up, Contacts

      Initiative +4
      Ranged +4, Close +4
      Molecular Disruption +6 DC 21 Toughness
      Temporal Freezing +6 DC 16 Will
      Quantum Disorientation +6 DC 16 Fortitude

      Defense 13pp
      Dodge 6, Fortitude 4, Parry 6, Toughness 6, Will 8

      Abilities 38 + Skills 28 + Advantages 8 + Powers 33 + Defenses 13 = 120


      Motivation(Protect the Innocent): She has seen what happens when innocents get trampled and wants to use her gifts to help instead of steal.
      Identity(Secret Identity is Trixie): Trixie, her secret identity, is well known as a thief and the people she normally associates would be in danger if it was found out.
      Enemies(Ramirez Gang): Trixie and very lately Blur is not on good terms with the severely weakened Ramirez gang who exert minimal control over the ten block area around Stone Parish until she came along.
      Prejudice(Former Thief): Blur was a known thief by the police for a time, but Trixie decided to keep the disguise for her hero alias. This causes issues when trying to help the police.
      Accidents: Due to her less than certain state of being it sometimes sends out ripples that cause accidents or causes her to teleport for no reason.
      Enemies(The Italian): Blur isn't the gangsters favorite person right now.
      Responsibility(The Ibistick): She has been asked to handle it and keep it safe.


      Trixie is a reformed fast talking thief who has lived on the streets all her life. Even before the lab accident that caused her to have a degree of control over quantum states, she was a thief out of necessity. After coming into her powers, she stole for fun and got addicted to it until the priest at The Stone Parish made her see what she was doing was wrong. Now she uses her gifts for gab, stealing, and quantum control to help people. Through it all, she was always a fun loving person who never let the fact she was a street kid get her down.

      Power Notes

      She can control the quantum fields around others to a degree and has a greater control of her own that allows her to teleport, cast a double close by, and absorb damage.


      This costume except in red.

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        Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

        Ronald Green
        PL 11
        PP 165


        Religious, poor, and never amounting to any accomplishment greater than cleaning a table is how Ronald's parents were described. They both worked minimum wage jobs busing and waiting tables at Milliways cafe in a town so insignificant that it wasn't on most maps and people only knew about it because the highway ran through it. Evelyn and Nathaniel Green met at the cafe late one night. After the meeting of hands at the same table it was dating, kissing, adult kissing, marriage, and the inevitable result of all that adult kissing was their only son Ronald. Like his parents, everyone said he would never amount to anything. In a way it was a good prediction since in his youth he wasn't gifted physically, never could focus enough to excel at academics, and was at a disadvantage with both his parents working two jobs. The one thing he had going for him was that at an early age he learned to read and write beyond his age at the urging of his parents. "You have to find what you are good at and get even better. Its the only way to get ahead in life.", they would always say.

        Luckily for young Ronald, his town had an impressive library donated by the last rich person in town upon their death. He did his fair share of playing imaginary games, since his friends were rather poor as well, but he also spent a lot of time reading books from the library at a pace of one or two a week. By the time he left the town, he had read almost the entire mythology section. It wasn't all reading though. A lot of the time after reading something he would pull out a pen and paper to scribble down a quick short story inspired by the book. Some stories were good and the others were thrown away. An unfortunate side effect of all the reading was that his math and sciences suffered. It wasn't that he didn't get it. In class he never applied himself because there was too many rules and he wasn't a genius who could express his pent up creativity through the medium. Time would bear out though that writing would be enough to provide an outlet for him to soar like mythological figures and pay the bills.

        A little after his fourteenth birthday spent in the New York of his mind, his mother got hurt at the restaurant. Times were already tough, but with the loss of her income they got worse. Other kids his age would have gotten a job at the local grocery store as a box boy or dish washer at the restaurant to help the family make ends meet. Ronald wrote. More precisely, he managed to sell some short stories to Crazyhorse and other literary journals under a pen name. These stories with some editing later came together in his first short story collection Thor, Loki, and a Coffee Shop that was received with rave reviews and decent sales for a first time author. Before that step occurred, he got into an exclusive academy dedicated to the arts.

        Going to the Midworld Academy was the first time he ever physically left his small town. Being at such a prestigious school would have been enough, but to find out its secret made him more dedicated than ever to pursuing his craft. There was just one problem, he couldn't settle on a style. His assignments were all over the board style wise and his time in Midworld made him manifest as a durable warrior with retractable claws in environments that tilted towards mythical figures doing stuff in stylized modern settings. Other students in his class slowly refined their ideas, but Ronalds ran the gamut from horror to fairy tales. He never could complete an assignment as requested because he kept having so many ideas. A normal school would have failed him. Midworld Academy made him the star student because of how diverse and creative his work always turned out. If not for his constant flouting of the rules, he would have graduated the top of his class.

        One particular incident in his last year knocked him out of contention for being the best student at graduation. After a couple years of going though the portal to Midworld, he decided to sneak in by himself one night just to see what it would be like despite the rules. Uninhibited, his imagination ran wild. Dragons swooped in being rode by Greek gods, angels descended, and Chtulhu rose up all over a newly created city that was a mashup of San Diego and Miami. To say the natives were annoyed would be an understatement. Epic battles, humorous conversations, and drinking tea with Chtulhu ensued. At its height, one of the teachers appeared and convinced Ronald to leave. Despite how well he did after that, he had no chance of getting honors from the school.

        His college years were equally inventive, but mired with infractions. Between working towards a Creative Writing major and working on his second book Three Titans Walk into a Bar he got into more than a few scrapes that lead to the disciplinary committee due to arguing with the faculty. The teachers loved his writing, but gave him C's because he didn't stick to the confines of the assignment. One even accused Ronald of stealing ideas from a story wrote under his pen name and published in his book the year before. Infractions and all there was no denying a talented writer like him a degree. Minor fame from his first collection of short stories and the equally good reviews of his second collection ensured passing grades to increase the prestige of the program. Upon graduation his publisher signed him for more books right after the commencement ceremony.

        Over the next several years, his notoriety in literary circles grew. His sales were average, but all the reviews acclaimed his work for how fresh and eclectic it was. From Ahura Mazda Prefers Fords to Ares Goes to War, his work output was stellar and published at near break neck speed. Ares Goes to War was even considered for a movie adaptation to seize on the fame of Greek mythology at the time. It would have gone through too if not for Ronalds refusal to make Ares lose in the end because it played better to the movie audiences that expected America to always win. Fallout from the heated arguments caused Ronalds publishers to buy out his contract.

        While vacationing in Mexico on an out of the way beach, a stunning brunette who was just his type sat down next to him. The brunettes name turned out to be Melissa Goldberg, a former classmate at Midworld Academy. They got to talking over a few shots of tequila and went back to his hut to consummate a school girls crush on the school bad boy. In the morning light, Melissa let drop that there was an open position in the Midworld Academy faculty and she was the newest member of the recruiting committee. Over the years, she had kept up with Ronalds work and actually came to Mexico to see if he would apply. Asking him now would a breach of professional ethics, but that didn't stop Ronald. An application was in to the school within the week.

        Despite some faculties reservations, he was hired as a teacher teaching creative twists on old themes. Melissa was furious, but the attraction was undeniable. So long as the relationship was kept under wraps Melissa could not say no. Ronald infuriated her with his disorganized approach to life in contrast to her more methodical ways, but more than often it delighted her. Other faculty still remembered his more wild days. This bias wasn't changed by how he taught. Teachers would walk by his class or sit in only to find him at his desk with two students chatting about how over used Norse mythology has become while the rest of his students were doing their own thing. When the issue was raised one day, Ronald showed one of the "off topic" projects of a student. No one doubted him publicly again. Natives of Midworld hardly recognized him when he reentered the portal. He had sprung wings and had an overall angelic appearance that exuded a fierce protector. Of course, the same old random stuff happened bringing back all the memories of his solo visit that the natives in their infinite patients tolerated. A few even had some good laughs. When his students entered the world, their minds also ran wild creating the most fantastic things.

        Character Sheet

        Abilities 78pp:
        Strength 5 Stamina 6 Agility 6 Dexterity 5 Fighting 9 Intellect 3 Awareness 5 Presence 0

        Skills 21pp:
        Acrobatics 6(+12), Expertise(Religion)* 8(+11), Expertise(Mythology) 12(+15), Insight 10(+15), Perception 12(+17), Stealth 2(+8)

        Powers 46pp:
        Regeneration 10 10pp
        Flight 4(30mph;Flaws: Wings -1/rank) 4pp
        Claws: Damage 4(Strength Based; Extras: Penetrating 9 +9/flat, Accurate 2 +2/flat; Affects Insubstantial +2/flat) 17pp
        AE: Spectral Claws: Damage 7(Extras: Alternate Save WIll +/1rank, Accurate 3 +3/flat) 1pp(17pp)
        Legendary Endurance: Protection 4, Fortitude 6, Will 2 12pp
        Senses 2(Tracking Visual, Extended Vision) 2pp

        Advantages 12pp:
        Move-By-Action, Power Attack, Take Down 2, Die Hard, Great Endurance, Defensive Roll 3, Assessment, Fearless, Interpose

        Initiative +6
        Ranged +5, Close +9
        Claws +13 DC 24 toughness
        Spectral Claws +15 DC 22 Will Save

        Defense 8pp
        Dodge 9, Fortitude 12, Parry 9, Toughness 13, Will 10

        Abilities 78 + Skills 21 + Advantages 12 + Powers 46 + Defenses 8 = 165


        Motivation(Responsibility): He is responsible for his students in Midworld including keeping them safe. In addition, he feels it is his role to let them be free to explore their creative desires with the only limits being hurting themselves or others.
        Reputation(Undisciplined): He is one of those teachers who "throws out the book" in a manner of speaking preferring to let his students express themselves without bounds or lesson plans. This doesn't sit well with some of the other teachers. The natives of Midworld also view him as not being consistent with what his creativity influences making their lives difficult as they never can predict anything about him other than being protective of his students.
        Secret Relationship(Mellisa Goldberg): He is secretly dating another teacher, Mellisa Goldberg, who teaches writing poetry. Unlike Ronald, she tends to be truer to different poetry forms and more organized. Her creative outlet is through more structured poetry such as sonnets.
        Quirk(Messy): He is not the most organized person and his notes are scattered in a system only he understands. This carries over to Midworld where he is a brave guide and protector, but not the best at presenting the finer points of the world in an organized fashion. To be fair though, he does get it all out eventually.


        Limits and boundaries only serve to hinder a persons potential, he thinks, so he actively rebels against rules so long as it doesn't harm himself or others. In his writing heavily influenced by religion and mythology, he refuses to settle into a specific style preferring to constantly experiment with different forms. Failure only occurs if you don't experiment, in his mind. As a teacher, he sometimes has whole classes, on a whim, where students write or sketch whatever they feel like instead of teaching the prescribed lesson plan. When challenged, he fiercely defends his methods as allowing his students to grow without limits or bounds. While in Midworld, his fierceness, protectiveness, and resilience take the form of an angel looking man with retractable claws and extreme endurance. His influence on Midworld is random to say the least, but usually involves humorous scenes with mythological creatures or epic heroism.


        Early works:
        Thor, Loki, and a Coffee Shop: A collection of humorous stories about Norse gods from the perspective of a Manhattan coffee shop worker.
        Three Titans Walk into a Bar: Titans hanging out in a sports bar musing about the old days after a day of construction work in a collection of stories.
        Ahura Mazda Prefers Fords: Stories of Persian gods going about their day in Los Angeles.

        Experimental phase:
        God from the Hood: A novel about someone from the housing projects who learns he is descended from African gods and cleans up his city.
        Vengeance of the Forsaken: A retelling through interviews of the life of a group of human/angel hybrids that perished fighting human/demon hybrids who were forsaken by society.
        Letters from the Fallen: Fallen angels detail in a series of letters to each other how they rose back into Gods graces.
        Icarus Flies: A collection of "true" reports of a man with wings flying around the city doing good deeds.

        Mimicry Phase:
        A Chinese Dragon in Americans Capital: A novel about an ancient mystical Chinese dragon who is transported to modern day Washington D.C.
        Mephistopheles: A reversal of the Faust story where Faust attempts to entertain the devil.
        Out of the Fryer: Dante leads Virgil out of hell in a leisurely fashion starting a the 9th circle of hell with each circle a different real city.

        Maturing Phase:
        Ares Goes to War: Eye witness accounts of Ares epic battles with the U.S military where he puts them to shame.
        Seven Trials of Justice Hercules: Hercules is a judge presiding over increasingly absurd trials.
        Qandisas Dates: A collection of stories from the perspective of various men who dated the Morrocan goddess of lust in modern day Seattle.
        Siebog gets a Divorce: Testimony from a divorce trial where the goddess of love and marriage has difficulty making her marriage work.
        Angels Ride the Bus: Angels riding the bus due to not having their wings or a car and what happens on the bus.

        Midworld Appearance
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          Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

          Edward Bontiful
          PL 6
          90 pp


          Edward Bontiful came into the world within the borders of Ecuador, but on French soil. Marie and Pierre Bontiful were minor French diplomats reassigned on almost a yearly basis to some country or other. They never even planned to have a child, but after a few glasses of wine things took their natural course and Edward was born. Despite the surprise, Edward was loved by his parents and wasn't shipped off to boarding school like the other embassy staff children. He was taught by private tutors and sometimes body guards in the more dangerous countries. It was every persons dream except a child that merely wanted to settle in one place to set down roots.

          Growing up, Edward got to see the world. One year he lived in Moscow and the next he would be in Washington D.C being babysat while his parents ate at the White House. Despite their love, his parents had diplomatic duties to attend that precluded Edward. He didn't mind that much though because it gave him a chance to sneak out and explore the city they would happen to be stationed at the time. In addition, he picked up a few tricks to smooth situations over. Unfortunately, he didn't know of the impending crisis or he would have learned to network a little better.

          Around the age of 60, his parents decided to retire to Paris and Edward decided to join the army. He wasn't ready for the life of a diplomat and wanted to see some action that he was always protected against by his parents. Soldiers protecting him would always tell him stories of the sights they had seen and teach him how to handle a weapon after persistent pleas by Edward. While it wouldn't be the wine, cheese, and bread lunches he was used to or the comforts of an embassy, it would be real. Something to break him out of the protected life a diplomats child lived. Afterwards, he figured he could settle in Paris or Toulouse working international business or something.

          Military life wasn't like anything he ever experienced before. It was regimented and patterned. Wake up 0600, morning run 0630, eat 0730, ... and the list went on. At least the food was good, but French food was always good to him unlike some English or American food that tasted too greasy. In basic training, his proficiency for sharp shooting became evident to the instructors and he was shipped off to sniper school to be trained as a sniper. As a sniper, he wasn't treated like a normal trainee. Everyone knew most of his missions would involve long periods of time just waiting with a spotter for a single target. Sniper trainees even had their own eating section in the mess hall.

          Using his minor diplomatic skills and gift for sharp shooting, Edward rose to the top of the unit and brought along his spotter Renee. Their first mission was simple enough. Take out a Taliban commander who liked to frequent male brothels secretly even though it was frowned upon behavior punishable by death. They waited two days buried underneath blankets camouflage while the commander was in a brothel outside of Kabul. The moment the commander stepped outside, a bullet pierced his head. Training had said to go for the body, but Edward was the cocky sort who went for the head shot. From there, his career only got better. Elite units took him and Renee on loan for sensitive operations and he became something of a minor celebrity to those who knew of his secretive activities.

          All of that killing took its toll on Edward though. Unlike regular soldiers, he always looked his targets right in the eyes through a powerful scope before taking the head shoot. After six years, he could picture the faces of all his targets. They haunted him while he slept at night. Deciding he needed a break, he requested and got a temporary transfer to embassy guard duty in Beijing. Renee stayed on as a spotter, but never had as much success. Falling from being a star to just another spotter made Renee build resentment towards Edward that ultimately lead to him using powers that he gained to try and track down Edward for revenge. Before that though, he resigned under questionable circumstances within the year.

          Embassy duty was just what Edward needed. After a year, he was sent back out in the field with black op spotters for high value targets in war zones France wasn't supposed to be. His targets were harder to catch in the open, but his patience paid off in the end when a bullet went flying through the head of his victim. As a gesture of good faith, he was even loaned to the CIA for a year. The food was terrible and no one understood him bringing cheese and wine with him to the battle field. Still, it was something he was good at and he got to see the world. Eventually, he did retire to Paris and start work as a consultant for a private army.

          It was his last consulting location that started his current wanderings. When everyone got powers, he was consulting at a French embassy in Washington D.C on their security. After everyone got powers, he became a guard keeping vigil with his rifle while others slept. Teleporting and elite sniper skills wasn't enough to handle a man that looked like Renee and could throw fireballs from his hands in addition to the other one trick powered people who followed Renee. It was a quick battle with Renee and his crew leveling the embassy. Edward managed to pick off most of the crew and escape with his gear plus some stuff by teleporting away. Since than, Edward has been keeping on the move until he can find a place to lay down roots and ride out of the battles between gods. Every stop, he tries to help as much as he can sort of like that American Kung Fu show his parents always watched.

          Character Sheet

          STR 10(+0) DEX 12(+1) CON 18(+4) INT 12(+1) WIS 18(+4) CHA 10(+0)

          Toughness 4 Fortitude 6 Reflex 8 Will 5

          Diplomacy 5(+5), Languages(French Native, English), Medicine 5(+9), Notice 11(+15), Sense Motive 5(+9), Stealth 10(+11), Survival 7(+11)

          Equipment 4, Dodge Focus 5, Precise Shot 2, Evasion 2, Endurance, Power Attack, Track, Connected


          Teleport 5(Extras: Accurate; Flaws :Cannot Teleport Living things; Power Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy)
          AP: Damage 5(Extras: Penetrating; Power Feats: Accurate 1, Affects Insubstantial, Precise, Split Attack)
          AP: Nauseate 5(Power Feats: Accurate 1, Affects Insubstantial, Split Attack, Sedation)

          Initiative +1

          Attack +5
          Melee Attack +5
          Ranged Attack +5
          Sniper Rifle +7 DC 20 toughness 19-20 crit
          Touch Damage +7 DC 20 toughness
          Touch Nauseate +7 DC15 fortitude

          Defense 18/11(flat footed) -- total including base 10

          Abilities 20 Saves 10 Skills 11 Feats 17 Powers 16 Combat 16 = 90pp

          Motivation(Doing Good): He just wants to find a place to weather out the battles and isn't afraid to protect the place when he finds it.
          Motivation(Protect People): He may not have been able to protect the embassy, but he can at least protect the people in the towns he passes from things lesser than paragons.
          Honor: He will not kill a child or an innocent.
          Enemy(Renee): Renee gained minor powers of fireball creation and formed a small crew of other useful, but not paragon level powers. His resentment for Edward has grown into a full blown hatred that drives him crazy to the brink of insanity. In is twisted mind, Edward told everyone he was a bad spotter and ruined his career.


          Sniper Rifle w\ Suppressor and Targeting Scope, Night Vision Goggles, Urban Camo, Cell Phone, Binoculars, GPS Receiver


          Edward is a solemn and thoughtful man, a great aid in the sniper trade. He is very patient and prefers to let his enemies slip up. He used to be loyal to France, but recent events have made him reconsider his position and now just looks for an out of the way place to call home. When protecting, he isn't afraid to use lethal force, but understands that sometimes nonlethal works just as well. His work ethic and survival training make him gruff, but welcome wherever he goes in his travels. While he is not adverse to working with others, he does not form relationships very well because of all the destruction and death he has seen. If he does form a relationship, it is usually for life as he is very loyal to his comrades. On quirk about him is that he likes wine, cheese, and bread to the point where he always carries it in his duffle bag, but not to the point of being a drunkard. Specifically, he is especially fond of Napa Valley wine.

          Build Notes

          His teleportation can bring food or drink, but living creatures like people or dogs only get hurt wiothout going anywhere if he really tries to teleport them.
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            Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

            Nick Wright aka Maverick
            PL 12
            PP 180


            Being a hero wasn't easy. Tonight, Maverick was fighting with his custom made swords in a burning building against his arch rival, the Elemental Gang, drones who were sent to destroy an apartment building ear marked for public housing. He has already suffered twenty or so machine gun shots and rocket blasts while getting people out of the building. By looking at him one couldn't really tell though. This wasn't the life a young Nick Wright imagined to be living. As a youth, all he could imagine was being an FBI agent like his father and grandfather. To him this was perfectly reasonable and almost a given, but to others it seemed like a delusion of a mad child. His parents even tried to get him to pursue the sciences, writing, or any other career really by putting him into any program other than FBI related ones. Nick was just too weird. Any normal child would see it for what it was, a hint that his parents didn't believe in him, but Nick saw it as training for his eventual ascension into the ranks of the FBI swat team. More than once, his parents brought him to a professional to make sure their child wasn't crazy owing to his tendencies to pretend he was a FBI agent saving people from all sorts of evils such as drug lords, hostage situations, and bank robberies. "Childhood pretending" is what the doctors said. Physically, until Nick hit puberty he wasn't even strong, tall, or smart enough to stand out from the lower end of the crowd.

            His formative years in high school and college for a criminal justice degree saw rapid change in Nick physically. He bulked up. Intelligence was never his strong suit and neither was schmoozing people, but he could train in the gym with the best of them until he reached a pretty good fitness level. All of his quirks such as being mildly delusional, over confident, and the sort people find off putting after a long period of time remained. It is not that he lacked friends, but the number could be counted on one hand. The long hours in the gym and training bared fruit in that it got him on to the football team where he got his first kiss from a drunk cheerleader and some recognition for saving the team in big games. Finally, his parents hoped Nick had found something to take his mind off his FBI agent fantasies. Girls, football, and beer worked for most people where Nick originated.

            Nick never gave up the dream. All of his training was to allow him in to the academy that he had learned required some strict physical requirements for potential swat members. At times, he still played FBI agent. After graduation from college, his father got him a spot in the academy after spending days trying to convince Nick to let it go. In physical tasks, Nick did slightly better than normal. In all other tasks, he faced issues relating to his average intelligence and tendencies to drift off into flights of fancy. Instructors at the academy were on the verge of kicking Nick out until one fateful day when he got shot in a robbery at a local convenience store. A bullet went through his head and slammed into the wall. Of the bullet and Nick, the bullet was destroyed and Nick still had his craving for nachos. Further self examination of his abilities lead him to discover that his body was regenerating at a ridiculous rate and he wasn't getting tired anymore after long hours of physical excretion. An unfortunate side effect though was that his mind raced more with thoughts. Still, it was his ticket into the FBI.

            Given someone with his new found stamina and agility, Nick was put on a swat team immediately. At first, the other members resented the fresh out of academy rookie messing up their well oiled team. He was hazed, left out, and generally treated like he was his whole life. There were whole days in the first month where his sanity was brought in to question because he acted with reckless abandonment while the rest of the team was extremely cautious. Him and the shrink were on a first name basis. It all changed when his "recklessness" saved his team. They were pinned down by a well armed gang in Compton in a run down building. Somehow or other, the gang had gotten their hands on military grade fire power and had three rocket launchers aimed at the team. This was the day Nick had dreamed of in the academy. Grabbing his two blaster pistols the whole team was provided, he sprung in to action by charging out of the building either dodging or absorbing the machine gun fire. By the time he got to the rocket launchers most of the gang lay knocked out, his uniform was in tatters, and the rocket launchers had no one holding them.

            Life changed for Nick. His team and the FBI celebrated him as a hero. A whole swat team with special gear was built around him and his abilities. When a situation was too dangerous for a normal team to enter such as confrontations with super powered gangs, his team was sent in to take control. Of course, the team wasn't lead or organized by Nick, but he was its star. Together, the team received accolade after accolade for the eight years they were together. One boy in particular, Rudy White, was saved by the team in a particularly nasty battle with a street gang. Rudy was a comic book buff who saw the black and blood covered uniform of Nick as his favorite comic book character Deadpool. Rudy had a special gift for inventing with anti social quirks and Nicks general quirkiness made Nick Rudy's hero. It took a year, but Rudy managed to convince Nick he could do more good as a costumed hero and Rudy conveniently had the outfit ready to go that included two swords, two blasters, energy grenades, and a costume that looked suspiciously like Deadpools. All of the equipment had lethal and nonlethal modes. To top it all off, the energy blaster pistols and grenades could change the type of energy they hit with to make Nick a more versatile fighter.

            Maverick, as Nick now called himself, went on his first solo mission when a new villainous quartet called the Elemental Gang was robbing a bank. The groups name derived from each of the four members being able to control one of the four elements, which made it near impossible for the police to make much of a stand against the group. Noticing the trouble, Maverick did what he does best. Teleporting around the bank, he caught the villains by surprise and despite the villains best efforts Maverick was just too fast or resilient. His blasters also came in handy. Unfortunately, the gang escaped, but the bank was saved with all the people unharmed. From that point, the police started calling Maverick for tricky situations with more run ins with the Elemental Gang and other super powered villains.

            On the nonsuperhero front, Nick devoted his time to community work. His FBI early pension and small jobs allowed him to volunteer while not crime fighting. Rudy also became something of a son to Nick because Rudy never had a father figure and Nick never had children. Given his intelligence, Rudy could have easily become a super villain if not for Nick's moral compass pointing the way to his surrogate son. You name the organization, Nick and Rudy when not in school helped out in some capacity whether it be moving stuff, feeding people, or cleaning up skid row. The rapid thoughts still continued, but all the doctors Nick spoke with about them just prescribed medication that wouldn't really work on Nick given his super stamina. So, Nick learned to let it slide. There was worse people than him and he saw them on a daily basis helping out in the soup kitchens or good will stores. If they could cope, so could he.

            Character Sheet

            Abilities 74pp:
            Strength 4 Stamina 10 Agility 8 Dexterity 3 Fighting 8 Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 0

            Skills 16pp:
            Acrobatics 5(+13), Athletics 4(+8), Close Combat(Swords) +5(+13), Perception 6(+10), Ranged Combat(Pistols) +10(+16), Stealth 2(+10)

            Powers 68pp:
            Regeneration 15(Extras: Persistent +/1rank) 30pp
            Immortality 2(Flaws: Limited not if cremated -1/rank) 2pp
            Super Human Constitution: Enhanced Traits 14(Fortitude 2, Dodge 6, Parry 6) 14pp
            Ageless Immunity: Immunity 1(Aging) 1pp
            Quick Healing Immunity: Immunity 2(Poison, Disease; Flaws: Half Effect -1/rank) 1pp

            Weapons Array(25pp base+2AE easily removable) 17pp
            Gun Sword(Base): Dual Blasters Damage 8(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Multi Attack +1/rank, Variable Descriptor +1/flat) (25pp)
            Gun Sword(AE): Dual Swords Damage 7(Extras: Variable Descriptor +1/flat, Multiattack +1/rank, Penetrating 6 +6/flat) (25pp)
            Gun Sword(AE): Energy Balls Damage 8(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Burst Area +1/rank, Variable Descriptor +1/flat) (25pp)

            Teleport 1(60ft; Extras: Change Velocity +1/flat, Change Direction +1/flat, Turn About +1/flat; Flaws: Easily Removable -2/flat per 5 points) 3pp

            Advantages 13pp:
            Fearless, Power Attack, Evasion, Great Endurance, Interpose, Luck 1, Quick Draw, Benefit(Former FBI Agent), Die Hard, Benefit(Security Clearance), Ranged Combat 3, Equipment 1

            Initiative +6
            Ranged +6, Close +8
            Blasters +16 Multiattack DC 23 toughness
            Swords +13 Multiattack DC 26 toughness
            Energy Grenades DC 18 Fortitude

            Defense 8pp
            Dodge 14, Fortitude 16, Parry 14, Toughness 10, Will 8

            Abilities 74 + Skills 16 + Advantages 14 + Powers 68 + Defenses 8 = 180

            Comm link, Cellphone, Night/Infravision Vision Goggles, Restraints


            Motivation(Doing Good): Being nearly impossible to kill, he feels it is his duty to help those who aren't as resilient or weaker.
            Motivation(Thrill Seeker): Given his powers, he can do some crazy stuff with little long term physical effect on him. This has lead to him leaping into dangerous situations. In addition, he also is not quite right in the head from all the trauma and preexisting conditions so acts in unexpected ways.
            Responsibility(Rudy White): He has taken the kid under his wing after saving the kid. Rudy is like the son he never had.
            Enemies(Elemental Gang): It is four members each one of the four control a different traditional element. He has stopped them more than once while they have cut him up, smashed him, froze him, and just about everything else except burn him.
            Secret Identity(Nick Wright): Mavericks secret identity is Nick Wright who works as a community volunteer.


            Nick just wants to be a hero. He is a genuine good guy, helps the community, and stuff like that. While in the FBI, he took the hits while the rest of his team did the clean up work because of his abilities. Of course, all that trauma makes him act a bit strange, not in a bad way, that makes others think he is crazy. To be honest, they are partially right. His "crazy" comes out as very fun loving and thrill seeking to the point of sometimes seeking out danger. Deep down though it is all to protect people. He runs in to burning buildings, jumps in front of trains when someone is trapped on the tracks, and other dangerous situations because he will just heal up quickly enough. In a team, he is inclined to resume his FBI role of the damage soaker while getting up close with his swords so that his teammates can avoid harm.
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              Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

              Luca Romancik aka Cerebral
              PL 14
              PP 210~


              Promising future, gifted, attractive, smart, and clever were not words that would describe Luca for most of his life. The best that could be spoken about him preformula years, as he calls them, was that he had a thick skin. Growing up Romani, he traveled all around Europe in his youth starting in Italy where he was born, moving on to France, Spain, and than finally to Britain. Other people in his family had their strong suits. His parents were good grifters and provided for the family through various scams, somewhat stereotypically. Some of his cousins were brilliant at legal business and ceased traveling to start prosperous businesses in construction, transportation of goods, alcoholic beverages, and the like. Even his three sisters had the great beauty of their mother, which they used to get easily influenced men to do what they wanted. Luca had none of those traits. On top of that, he was viewed as a swindler wherever his family traveled and outcast from the rest of society based solely on his family heritage that he wore as a badge of honor. In turn, his family was always loyal to him helping him as best they could. It wasn't a perfect life, but he had his family and extended family to get through it.

              He was seventeen when the first world war broke out. Britain needed soldiers and the traveling people made a better source of them than the aristocrats children. In basic training, he performed below average on every task. The country could not be picky with its soldiers when trench warfare combined with machine guns slaughtered soldiers at unprecedented rates, so he was shipped off to the trenches where he spent the next few years of his life fighting over the same stretch of land. Trench life wasn't conducive to good health. He was sick half the time, had to live in filth, sometimes charge other trenches while puking, and deal with gas attacks. If the trenches didn't get soldiers, the machine guns did. Most of his comrades died next to him while trying to retake trenches that had been lost and won too many times to count. Somehow, Luca managed to survive the war, but he had more health issues than a man of his age should ever possibly have. This made it difficult to get a job back home. Word was also spreading that the Treaty of Versailles wouldn't hold, so Luca made the decision to move to the Americas and put an ocean between him and the battlefields of Europe.

              Hiding out in America was good for Luca. His fourth cousin got him a job working deliveries for one of the secret breweries his cousin owned. As lines of work went, it was pretty easy. Health wise, he also improved because of the quality food and easier life style afforded to him by being in America. Persecution because of his heritage also was eliminated. America, being a melting pot, was used to all sorts of different cultures and saw nothing to hold against Luca so long as the beer got delivered. Life was picking up, but so was word of the Germans nazi party developing men with super human powers. There was the Atlantic ocean between him and the Germans this go around, so he tried to avoid the news as best he could. War was hell and he didn't want to go back. More news flowed in about the German elimination of "undesirable" people such as Jews, gays, and Romani. Still Luca closed his ears. A few of his cousins in France and Romania stopped responding to his letters over time, which made him worried and opened his ears. What he heard made him nauseated. Being near useless in war, he tried to volunteer several times without any success owing to his sickly disposition. Eventually they let him join when he volunteered to be a subject for an allied drug to counter German and Japanese efforts.

              This new serum was targeted at unleashing the full potential of the human brain as a new weapon of war. As explained to Luca, the normal human used maybe ten or twenty percent of their brain actively. If a soldier was able to tap into and control all of it at will the potential could be limitless. Of the hundred that volunteered, fifty died immediately. The fifty that did survive had the extra challenge of surviving a bombing run by the Germans on the small English village where the serum was being developed. Each of the other participants had stronger systems that resisted the serum. Luca's system was so weak it kicked in much quicker. Using all of his new found powers that were still developing, he captured the bombers in mid air and brought down most of the attacking planes. His efforts were too late to save the rest of the participants.

              Luca was a different breed of soldier. Following the example of other heroes he took on a name that he thought was slightly ironic given his past, Cerebral. Other fronts had their heroes, but Africa was lacking. So, his post serum career started in the deserts of North Africa. German Ubermen were steam rolling over the out matched allied forces and the few heroes that were on that front had more pressing concerns than the rank and file soldiers. Upon arrival, Luca took command of many tank units. Battle after battle, the outmatched by technology allies won the day because of misdirection and Luca treating the enemy tanks like children toys to be tossed away on a whim. More and more units fell under his command as he saved countless battalions trapped by the enemy. They also were the first to get a new breed of tanks developed by Luca based on the Axis technology plus some improvements. After helping to lead the charge in Africa, he joined forces with units to defeat Italy. All of this was of course exploited as propaganda by the U.S to show off one of their elite soldier scientists.

              Following Italy falling, Luca joined with other heroes to take Berlin. It was a tough battle and despite his best efforts the Nazis escaped in to the future with their time machine. Not knowing where in the future they went, Luca petitioned the allied governments to fund a crazy idea of his to protect against future threats. The allies pressed for a time machine, but Luca knew the ramifications of going back in time and going forward in time was a crap shoot to stop the Nazis in the future. Luca's proposal was simple. Cryogenic tubes would freeze the most powerful heroes and awaken them when the Nazis appeared. In this fashion, the heroes could stop the Nazis whenever they appeared. Reluctantly, the allies agreed and the tubes were built.

              Character Sheet

              Abilities 32pp:
              Strength 1 Stamina 3 Agility 4 Dexterity 2 Fighting 4 Intellect 15/0* Awareness 11/2* Presence 0
              *without enhancements

              Skills 26pp:
              Expertise(Tactics) 5(+20), Insight 12(+23), Perception 12(+23), Persuasion 4(+4), Ranged Combat(Mental Powers) 6(+8), Technology 9(+24)

              Powers 208pp:
              Force Field: Protection 16(Extras: Impervious +1/rank; Flaws: Sustained +0/rank) 32pp
              Flight 3(Flaws: Platform -1/rank) 3pp

              Telepathic Array: Mental Blast: Damage 14(Extras: Will Save +1/rank, Ranged +1/rank, Accurate 2 +2/flat) 44pp base + 4 AE = 48pp
              AE: Illusion 14(All Visual, Sounds) (42pp)
              AE: Communication 4(Mental, World Wide) Linked Comprehend 3(Languages) (18pp)
              AE: Mind Reading 14(Extras: Effortless +1/rank) (42pp)
              AE: Affliction 14(Fatigue, Exhausted, Asleep Will Save; Extras: Burst Area +1/rank, Selective +1/rank) (42pp)

              Telekinetic Array: Move Object 18(Extras: Precise +1/flat, Extended Range 2 +2/flat, Subtle +1/flat, Split +2/flat) 43pp base + 4 AE = 47pp
              AE: Move Object 14(Extras: Area +1/rank, Selective +1/rank, Precise +1/flat; Flaws: Concentration -1/rank) (43pp)
              AE: Force Wave: Damage 14(Extras: Cone Area 2 +2/rank) (42pp)
              AE: Force Spike: Damage 18(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Penetrating 4 +4/flat, Split +3/flat) (43pp)
              AE: Push: Move Object 14(Extras: Cone Area 1 +1/rank, Secondary Affect 1 +1/rank; Flaws: Limited Direction Away -1/rank) (42pp)

              Quickness 10(Flaws: Mental Only -1/rank) 5pp
              Enhanced Body Control: Enhanced Fortitude 8 Regeneration 5 13pp
              Enhanced Mind: Enhanced Intelligence 15, Enhanced Awareness 9 48pp
              Immunity 20(Mental Effects; Flaws: Half as Effective) 10pp

              Advantages 10pp:
              Uncanny Dodge, Power Attack, Ultimate Effort(Will), Trance, Ranged Attack 2, Jack Of All Trades, Eidetic Memory, Inventor

              Initiative +4
              Ranged +4, Close +4
              Force Spike +10 DC 33 toughness
              Mental Blast +14 DC29 Will
              Move Object +10 18 Effective strength

              Defense 16pp
              Dodge 9, Fortitude 11, Parry 9, Toughness 19*, Will 17
              *16 impervious

              Abilities 32 + Skills 26 + Advantages 10 + Powers 208 + Defenses 16 = 292



              Motivation(Patriotism): He is loyal to his adopted home land and will fight for it no matter what time he is needed.
              Motivation(Doing Good): His powers allow him to finally do some good while as a normal person he was only useful for machine gun fodder.
              Fame(War Hero): Luca's brains and power made him a household name in war films in America. His innovations and technology he reverse engineered was touted as making the allies on par or better than the axis technology wise.
              Prejudice(Gypsy): Despite his advanced intelligence and mind, he is still a gypsy and acts like one. His freedom from social norms and winging it, even though his mind is extremely quick, rubs some people the wrong way.


              Luca is that smart guy who knows he smart, but doesn't flaunt it. He is very humble, free spirited, and loyal to his friends. While he was a leader, he isn't the sort people naturally follow until they see him in action. Even than he guides more than leads. In addition, he tries to be charming and charismatic while not being very good at it. Others don't mind though because of his genius. In battle, he is honorable and tries to avoid killing because he is still affected by the first world war. Contrary to propaganda films, he is not a gung ho soldier, it just looks that way because he thinks so quickly.

              Power Notes

              His powers derive from a formula that unlocked his full brain power potential. To that end, he has advanced mental powers and greater physical prowess such as commanding his body to heal subconsciously or resist things that normally would sap a persons fortitude.
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                Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                Marcus Cranston
                PL 6
                90 pp


                The 1970's and 80's in Brooklyn weren't easy on a kid who was the son of a grocery store clerk and typist. They weren't poor, but they weren't middle class either. As far as the basics went, they had a roof over their head, clothes on their backs, and food on the table. That was about it. Other kids in Marcus's neighborhood wished they had it so lucky as half of them didn't have food some nights and had to wear old ragged clothes. This life of just getting by didn't sit well with young Marcus though. He wanted more out of life than to scrape by paycheck to paycheck like his parents and their parents before them. Made men would drive nice cars through the neighborhood and flash wads of cash that amounted to more than Marcus's family made in a year. That was the life Marcus wanted. New York was a tough scene though with all the organized crime and newly arrived gangs trying to fight for territory. If he joined any of them he would likely end up dead like the poor schmucks that blindly pledged loyalty to a family that could care less for them. So, he left the New York area upon turning 16.

                New Orleans was going to be different. He wasn't going to be a no named grocer, live pay check to pay check, and idle his time away in obscurity. A new city and a new life is why Marcus came to New Orleans. He did everything he said he wasn't. As it turns out, being a 16 year old high school dropout doesn't leave much room for making a name for oneself. His days for the next six months were go to the local market to work as a clerk, walk to the nearest bar to drink, and go back to his room shared with two other guys. This new life gave him a roof over his head, clothes on his back, and food in his belly. Nothing more.

                Just as he thought of heading back home where he would at least be with family, his luck changed. Robert Franzini, the local shylock who worked for the New Orleans crime family, was collecting from the owner of the market who was getting behind because of the oppressive vig from a loan he took out to save his market. Everyone knew who Robert was and his reputation for breaking limbs, so Marcus summoned his courage and approached the two people in the back room where the limb breaking was to occur. Instead of hurting the owner, why not just take part of his market as payment suggested Marcus. Going in to the finer points such as a steady stream of income for Robert, no hospital bills for the market owner, and so on sold the shylock. As a reward for being so inventive, Robert took Marcus under his wing as an apprentice. The arrangement was strange, but Marcus was on the way to being a somebody instead of just another face on the street.

                Years went by, the family went through the normal turmoil crime families do, and finally went underground in 1993. Robert was approaching his 70's and didn't want to deal with it anymore, so he passed his job on to the apprentice that he had trained for several years. Marcus was finally a somebody. With the family being less open about their dealings, Marcus had to use a softer touch than his mentor. Breaking limbs and wrecking stores was too public of a display that would draw the cops attention. In the new times, Marcus became what he dubbed as a gentleman shylock. When someone owed and didn't pay up on time, Marcus would figure out why and either buy out the debt if it was a good cause or work out alternative means of payment. While the neighborhood didn't like the family operating where they lived, Marcus made it bearable to them and allowed them access to much needed money banks wouldn't loan them. Over his 22 year career, Marcus became part of New Orleans lore that only locals knew and stayed out of jail because no one would testify against him out of respect.

                While underground, the family wasn't completely silent. Marcus avoided the worst of it since loan sharking wasn't a business new gangs were eager to enter. The rest of the family, after going partially legit thanks to Marcus's creative repayments, wanted to keep some civility in the underworld. To do this, they used enforcers to stop new gangs from trashing the city with drugs or drugged up prostitutes. Prostitutes were fine, as long as they weren't beaten or coerced, and drugs also were alright, as long as the users didn't get out of control. It earned the family respect again, but also enemies in the weaker gangs that couldn't match the families power.

                The Ides changed everything. Weaker gangs got members who had powers that thrashed the old world ideals of the family. Steeped in tradition, the family tried to respond like before, but the newly empowered gangs weren't going to fight in a civil fashion. Most of the family was killed with the rest fleeing the city. Marcus, having no protection and only his new found powers, hid among the myriad of people who owed him favors. Once the worst of it past, he came out of hiding to a more respectable group of underworld citizens that recognized he was just a business man doing a job. Out of work again and not having any employers who he could stomach to work under, he took to being a broker for the people. They come to him with problems or issues, he asks his masked friend to handle it. Unbeknownst except to a prostitute he frequents and her son that looks suspiciously like him, he is the masked man.

                Character Sheet

                STR 16(+3) DEX 12(+1) CON 18(+4) INT 12(+1) WIS 14(+2) CHA 10(+0)

                Toughness 6 Fortitude 4 Reflex 6 Will 6

                Bluff 4(+4), Diplomacy 8(+8), Disguise 5(+5), Gather Information 7(+8), Knowledge Streetwise 4(+6), Notice 4(+6), Sense Motive 7(+9), Stealth 4(+5)

                Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll 1, Dodge Focus 4, Equipment 3, Evasion, Fearless, Precise Shot, Well Informed, Ranged Attack 4

                Hypnosis 6(Power Feats: Subtle) 13pp
                Concealment 4(All Visual Senses; Flaws: Passive, Phantasm) 2pp
                Super Ventriloquism 2(25ft) 2pp
                Feature 1(Mimic any voice) 1pp

                Initiative +1

                Attack +4
                Melee Attack +4
                Ranged Attack +8
                Heavy Pistols +8 DC19 toughness Autofire, Split attack
                Punch +4 DC 18 toughness

                Defense 16/11(flat footed) -- total including base 10

                Abilities 22 Saves 9 Skills 11 Feats 18 Powers 18 Combat 12 = 90pp


                Enemies(Former Rival Mafioso and Gangs): He worked for the major family and smaller time mafioso didn't like him too much. Of all the big crime family though, they understood he was doing his job to get by and it helped that he helped those who needed it as he could. They still might hold grudges or be unfriendly too him.
                Secret Identity(Masked Man): He has his well known former Shylock identity that is public, but as a crime fighter he tends to use a disguise that makes people refer to him as the masked man. Everyone thinks he is just the go between with the masked man, but if too many find out his true identity those who he is closest in the community would be in danger.
                Motivation(Repentance): He did a lot of bad things while working for the family. Keeping people safe is his way of making up for it.
                Reputation(Shylock and Mafioso): As a mafioso he was always on the cops radar, but his coded debt ledger plus keeping his hands mostly clean kept him out of jail. The cops are still weary of him though. Other organized crime groups might also be on thier guard around him although he was the nicest of the old families Shylocks that used to run New Orleans.
                Responsibility(Mary and Nick): Mary is a prostitute he frequents and had a child on accident with fifteen years ago. He now tries to keep them safe and pay Mary very well for her services.

                Heavy Pistols blast 4 Split Attack Auto Fire, Armored Overcoat Protection 1, Cell Phone


                Marcus is just this guy. He comes across as very likable and is friendly to everyone regardless of who they are. Through out his life, he saw some pretty bad stuff so faces danger like its just another thing. If you saw him on the street, he would look like any normal 42 year old guy who is on a first name basis with the neighborhood. When it comes to business though, he is very professional and near ruthless if he needs to be in order to get a job done. Afterwards though, he would be that guy at the bar who you would crack jokes with after a long day at work.

                Build Notes
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                  Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                  Matthew "Lou" Burke
                  PL 6
                  PP 90

                  Age: 25
                  Niche: Tracker/Hunter/Scout


                  There was nothing particularly extraordinary about Matthew. His parents were middle class, a bit tight with money admittedly, but firmly middle class. As a student, he got A's, B's, and some C's. His social status in school wasn't the picked on kid, but it also wasn't the one voted most likely to be famous. None of this worried him either because as he saw it life was pretty good and there was no need to make a big fuss about not having the fanciest car or having to flip burgers to pay for his car. In a word, life was chill. Throughout his youth, he had his share of girlfriends, smoked a little pot, and went to parties where drinking was involved, but none of it went overboard. More than a few of his friends were from various places around the globe so he was exposed to different cultures at an early age. If you had run in to him on the street before the attack, he would be cool to talk with, but easily forgettable.

                  Undergraduate studies in college were similar to his life before college. He got in to a decent school and lucked in to finding an Anthropology professor who would let him help with some research. Given his parents economic situation, he still had to work as a waiter and odd jobs, but it only made him value his education more. Professor Hux mentored Matthew in his undergraduate years and even allowed Matthew to be an author on a couple papers about cultures Hux studied that had not seen other humans or so called "native" cultures. Matthew loved the stuff, but wasn't star student material. If it wasn't for Hux striking up a friendship with Matthew, Matthew would never have been on the trip were everything changed. As for a social life in college, Matthew partied, hung out with other students, had two girlfriends who were more for mutual fun than anything else, and of course he smoked a joint every now and again. Life was going just fine for him and he was happy.

                  Professor Hux pulled a few strings and got Matthew into the doctoral program as a student in his group. Hux was well funded due to his books and notoriety in his specialty, so bringing in Matthew was not an issue. Another student joining the doctoral program was Mary Stein. She had red hair, a joyful essence, a subtle attractiveness, and gelled with Matthews laid back vibe. They weren't in love, although they made plenty of it, but they had fun together and didn't want it to end as a casual fling. Whatever happened, happened was there attitude to the relationship. Halfway through the first year of graduate studies, Professor Hux was planning a two week study of a newly discovered tribe on Google maps deep in the amazon. From satellite pictures, there was elaborate carvings of wolves that shouldn't be present in the rainforests. This was enough for Hux to invite his research group and a few other new graduate students, one of which was Mary thanks to Matthews recommendation, to join him. Mary was intrigued by the myths and legends surrounding the stone wolves. Being a guy in his prime, Matthew was more interested in sleeping in a tent under the stars for two weeks with her and taking long walks at night. Both would get what they wanted out of the trip.

                  At the start of the trip, the group learned quite a bit. It seemed the villagers worshiped the wolf out of fear. By there logic, if they worshiped it as a deity and made offerings of food every so often it would stay away from there village. Legends among the villagers spoke of a time when three wolves would come in to the village to steal children for feasts on the full moon, so the villagers now took precautions. Mary was fascinated, but Matthew was fascinated with her. As far as he was concerned it was all myths and silly superstitions. One night while messing around in a clearing while their clothes "dried" on a tree, the myth became real. A half man half wolf jumped from the top of a nearby tree and surprised the couple. Matthew tried to be valiant and put himself between Mary and the creature, but he was a little vulnerable. As expected, the wolf man easily overpowered Matthew with a single swipe of its claws and bit down on Mary's arm. The only saving grace for the couple was the villagers and students who noticed the two sneak away before the villagers gave the warnings about wandering around the area at night without great numbers. Both Mary and Matthew survived the attack and were air lifted to a hospital. Professor Hux said the half wolf half man was a delusion brought on by the villagers and it was probably a wild animal of some sort because a half wolf half man was an impossible idea. Neither of the attacked truly believed Hux's explanation.

                  Mary and Matthews relationship didn't survive as they drifted apart over the two weeks after the attack. Seeing each other just brought back bad memories of that night in the forest. Two weeks later on the first full moon since the attack things began to change. Both of them started becoming hairier, stronger, better at smelling, hearing better, and finally growing claws. At the end of the transformation, they looked half human and half wolf just like their attacker. Unlike Mary who ran off to be alone and study what became of her, Matthew felt a rush of energy that could only be expended by doing increasingly risky things. The Canadian wilderness was his playground. Instead of a barrel down the falls, he went bungee jumping down them. Lakes with high cliffs for him to jump from was where he tended to sleep so he could start his day by jumping off the cliffs. Food wasn't a problem because his new found abilities made him an excellent hunter. Just for kicks, sometimes he would fight bears. Gone was the chill Matthew and in his place was a man governed by the urged of a Wolf inside him urging him to do even more adrenaline spiking things. A couple times campers spotted him, but it as mostly at night and with blurry cameras. Matthew eventually tired of this life as it was getting too predicable. So, he left his playground to travel the world and look for other creatures like him or other supernatural things that went bump in the night.

                  His hunt was not in vane. He found an array of creatures by their unique scents such as vampires, fae, and all other manner of legends. A few of them took issue with him literally nosing around in their business. If dogs did it, why couldn't he use it to help him track down other creatures that seemed straight out of myths. On a couple of occasions, he actually saved a few people lives. One memorable time was when a hipster vampire lured a woman to an alley way and was about to drink her dry, as the vampire phrased it, but timely intervention by Matthew saved her and chased off the young vampire. Of course, his appearance didn't help calm her much. Any other person might be put off, but his Wolf took it as a challenge to gain acceptance finally by doing increasingly dumb heroic things. All of his travels were also being followed by men in suits who heard rumors of a wolf man. They finally caught up to him in London as he was following two zombies. One started to say he was a lupine, but got jumped by the zombies and only managed to get out that Matthew was a lu. After saving the two agents, he was brought in to the fold and given the code name Lou.

                  Character Sheet

                  Abilities 48pp:
                  Strength 4 Stamina 6 Agility 4 Dexterity 2 Fighting 6 Intellect 0 Awareness 2 Presence 0

                  Skills 17pp:
                  Acrobatics 6(+10), Athletics 6(+10), Expertise(Scents) 6(+6), Intimidation 4(+4), Perception 6(+8), Stealth 4(+8)

                  Powers 13pp:
                  Leaping 2(30ft) 2pp
                  Speed 3(16mph) 3pp
                  Sharp Claws: Damage 2(Strength Based) 2pp
                  Wolf Senses: Senses 5 (Danger Sense, Low-Light Vision, Acute and Tracking and Accurate Olfactory, Ultra-Hearing) 6pp

                  Advantages 6pp:
                  Agile Feint, Evasion, Great Endurance, Power Attack, Takedown, Improved Critical Claws

                  Initiative +4
                  Ranged +2, Close +6
                  Claws +6 DC 21 toughness penetrating 2 19-20 critical range

                  Defense 6pp
                  Dodge 6, Fortitude 8, Parry 6, Toughness 6, Will 4

                  Abilities 48 + Skills 17 + Advantages 6 + Powers 13 + Defenses 6 = 90


                  Prejudice(Half Wolf Appearance): He isn't like the movie werewolf that changes back and forth. Instead, he is an exceptionally hairy half wolf/half person with claws, sharp teeth, and a muscular build. It is not too noticeable when he is in a hoodie and loose fitting pants, but without the hoodie or wide brimmed hat it becomes very clear his face is not quite right. In public, he always wears gloves to cover his claws.
                  Savage Side(The Wolf): The wolf in him is a savage and every so often he needs to let the pent up energy out by going for a long run or throwing himself into a fight or else it boils over in rage.
                  Motivation(Thrills): Driven by the Wolf, he is an adrenaline junkie and sometimes take unneeded risks.
                  Motivation(Acceptance): By doing good and helping mankind, he hopes to someday be accepted for what he is.
                  Enemy(Mary Stein): She was a girl he was on a late night hike with when attacked. She also became a werewolf, but a much more feral one that is irrationally angry at Matthew because she blames him for not defending her.


                  Matthew used to be a laid back guy who was average, but had a love of different cultures. After being bitten, he is an adrenaline junkie who is driven by the Wolf in him to do exciting things. While hunting, he is very patient. When not hunting or being active, he has a tendency to get antsy. If no one is taking charge, he will step up and lead in a more active direction. In the case there is a clear leader, he accepts the follower role for the most part. To his friends, he is very loyal and protective.
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                    Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                    PL 8

                    Age: 22
                    Height: 5'5


                    Smack is wack, liquor is too quick, but gambling is divine. Avery lives by that motto. His father, fathers father, and so on all lived by that motto. Some say it is genetic, but lost to the fog of time is a curse placed upon his family that grants them supernatural luck at the cost of always losing at gambling which they are drawn. Due to the constant debts they accrued over the years, all of the men in his family stopped having last names since it is more difficult to find someone by a single name alone. Most of the time when asked they make one up. All of this fits Avery to a T. Never knowing his mother, he was raised by a father who spent most of his time in casinos or wild parties that fellow players invited him. From a young age, Avery took up his fathers habits and luck to the point if he was hungry or thirsty finding nourishment was as simple as lucking into it. School was more of an after thought he went to because his father insisted on it, but all he ever learned was how to count cards, get an instinct for odds, or other gambling related knowledge.

                    When he turned eighteen, he left home to ply his families trade. Of course he lost. Along the way though he fell into some wild crowds that marveled at his sheer dumb luck. If the party was dying, just the right song would start playing or the boozes would pop raining down on the crowd. Due to his mounting debts, he started taking on odd jobs as a henchman for major bad guys who always seemed to get caught. The evidence against him would get lost, so he would get to walk with the loot some of the time. It was during this time he ran into Rant and Rave at a rave. Naturally, he hit hit on Rave which lead to the natural result of two adrenaline filled young adults. There wasn't love or even a friendship so much as hooking up no strings attached on a rare occasion. Half the time neither was fully alert.

                    Odd jobs became the norm for Avery. He would lose big, owe someone big, find a job that paid big out of sheet luck, and pay off the debt before losing his limbs. He didn't want to be a criminal, but he also wanted to be whole. Soon, word got out in the criminal underground and before he knew it the jobs became his source of money that was promptly lost. Through it all, he would associate with the younger villains who were looked down on by the more established villains and just do crazy things. The adrenaline rush was almost as good as being at the tables. Unlike some of his associates though, he made sure to stay below the radar of the big heroes since he didn't think even he was lucky enough to get away from them. One day, after waking up next to Rave, a couple guys, and a couple other girls Rant pulled him into a job promising enough to fuel a week long gambling binge.

                    Character Sheet

                    STR 10(+0) DEX 14(+2) CON 14(+2) INT 0(+0) WIS 10(+0) CHA 16(+3)

                    Toughness 6 Fort 6 Reflex 10 Will 7

                    Bluff 7/11*(+10/+14*), Diplomacy 9/13*(+12/+16*), Escape Artist 2/10**(+4/+12**), Notice 6(+6), Sense Motive 8(+8), Stealth 4(+6)
                    *with attractive
                    **with powers

                    *Luck 4, *Evasion 2, *Dodge Focus 4, *Beginners Luck, *Elusive Target, Power Attack, Assessment, Attractive

                    Probability Control 8(Extras: Jinx) 40pp
                    AE: Luck Control 4(All Possible; Extras: Area, Selective Attack) 1pp(20pp)
                    AE: Damage 8(Extras: Ranged, Penetrating; Feats: Subtle, Precise, Indirect 3, Split Attack 2, Variable Descriptor 2 bodily or environmental accident, Accurate 3, Affects insubstantial) 1pp(37pp)
                    AE: Damage 8(Extras: Penetrating; Feats: Precise, Indirect 3, Split Attack 2, Accurate 3, improved Critical 3 17-20) 1pp(28pp)

                    Enhanced Feat(Luck 4, Evasion2, Dodge Focus 4, Beginners Luck, Elusive target) 12pp

                    Enhanced Reflexes 8 8pp
                    Enhanced Will 3 3pp
                    Enhanced Fortitude 4 4pp
                    Protection 4 4pp
                    Enhanced Defense 4 8pp

                    Enhanced Skill(Escape Artist 8) 2pp

                    Initiative +1

                    Attack +2
                    Lucky Melee +8 DC 23 toughness
                    Lucky Range +8 DC 23 toughness

                    Grapple +2(+14 escape)

                    Defense 20/13*
                    *Flat footed

                    Knockback -3

                    Abilities 14 + Saves 4 + Skills 9 + Feats 3 + Powers 82 + Combat 8 = 120pp


                    Addiction(Gambling): No matter how much he loses or how up he is, there is something inside of him that keeps drawing him to casino and race style gambling. Showing him a card table or a pair is like given a drug addict heroin and a clean needle. No matter how much he is down or it hurts him he is drawn to it. This addiction has lead him to being into debt with some very unsavory characters.
                    Motivation(Thrills and Debts): He commits crime partly for the rush and party because he can never truly win when gambling. Thrill seeking is what draws him to gambling as well as to extreme parties.
                    Secret(Real Name): He doesn't know his real last name. Normally he just makes one up as needed. His whole family line doesn't know that they really are cursed to be lucky in everything except gambling, which they are drawn to like a bee to honey.
                    Accidents: Due to his luck based powers, sometimes accidents just happen.
                    Power Loss: His powers do not apply to gambling or games of chance for stakes. In fact, he will always lose in the end.


                    Avery is a crazy guy. His looks and supernatural luck help him get through life with reckless abandon that even the most wild partiers pale in comparison. If he's not rolling dice, holding cards, or at the races he is usually on the party scene except when on the job. While a bit wild in his habits, he somehow keeps getting jobs to pay back his ever present gambling debts. People who work with him know he's a wildcard, but when things always seem to go his way his wild personality doesn't matter. His luck extends to the ladies where he has his pick of the hottest ones just by flashing a smile and letting his perpetual life of the party attitude out. All of it is is in good fun though because even he won't press his luck by going too far and having the more powerful heroes take notice of him.

                    Power Notes

                    HIs is mostly a straight forward Probability controller. Instead of perception range damage, he has two possible ways of doing damage. One is an accident either environmental(bursting pipe, firing furnace, etc) or bodily (blood vessel bursting, your hand getting a cur due to cellular decay, etc). The other way to damage is his lucky strikes in melee. He might not look like he hits hard, but he hits just the right spots.
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                      Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                      PL 10
                      PP 150


                      Jesse Monroe was a simple man. He had a beautiful loving wife, three young daughters taking after their mother, and a few acres in Pennsylvania near a pleasant town. To make ends meet, Jesse did some bounty hunting work. It wasn't stellar pay and he wasn't the best, but he got results and for clients that is all that mattered. With his rifle and his fathers old sword, he pursued bounties on outlaws and raiders of the surrounding towns. He wasn't without morals though. Every Sunday like clock work, he would dress in his Sunday best with his family and head to the local church for a good sermon on what is right and wrong. This sense of morality extended to the bounties he pursued as he made sure they were bad people who deserved it first.

                      Times were not so good for America though. England was doing things to annoy the colonists and pushing them to try and break away from the country that claimed the American colonies. When the break finally came it wasn't clean. War between the colonial militias and professional English armies battle tested in Europe broke out. Jesse, being the good man that he was saw the oppression in the colonies and despite the pleas of his family joined the war on the American side. Everyday he would send a letter to his family and they to him. Soon it was a constant stream of letters. He wasn't made for war, so the letters kept him grounded, but Colonel Frasier didn't need a grounded bounty hunting soldier. America needed Jesse to be a hyper focused fighter taking out the English commanders or pursuing defeated foes despite moral dictates to show mercy. So, Colonel Frasier had the letters intercepted and torn up. It was bad weather, the post never arrived, or some other reason was given whenever Jesse inquired with the post master about the letters. After a particularly brutal mission where a resolute regiment of English soldiers refused to surrender until they were all dead, Jesse got the news from a comrade. His town was hit by a sickness that killed his family a month prior. Not being there for his family and having to hear about it second hand was too much for him to bear. He became the killing machine Colonel Frasier wanted him to be, but the killing machine took too many chances and was killed during a raid on an English camp when he charged in before his unit.

                      Six months after his death, a cult of sorcerers known as the Serpent Cult found themselves surrounded by a group of inexperienced English soldiers. Outnumbered 40 to one, they knew they stood no chance on their own. So, they asked the demon Viway to send them help. Viway was having his own problems with the enraged soul of Jesse causing a ruckus in his domain. Jesse may have been dead, but he was still raising hell. Sending Jesse to help, given all the issues in Viway's domain, was the natural course of action with a few upgrades to Jesse of course. The aid worked like a charm and in a matter of days there was 600 dead English soldiers around the Serpent Cult citadel. What they didn't count on was Jesse being angry at being sent back and killing all except two of the members who were away. His work done he tried to leave the world, but Viway wouldn't have him back. A hole in the ground became his new home.

                      Over a century passed before Jesse was summoned again, by the same cult no less. The two survivors had kept the cult going through the years with only about a dozen people for fear of attracting the attention of the more powerful heroes. It wasn't the heroes they had to be worried about though. A new enemy presented itself to them in the form of the ruthless street vigilantes Lobos that were gunning for them literally with automatic rifles for setting up shop in the groups territory. Magic wise, they had lost much of the knowledge of their past members due to time, but they did have a book of summoning spells and some notes in regards to Jesse. Summoning the creature that almost killed off the cult seemed a bit much for some members, but a half dozen decided to risk it. Once again, Jesse handled the enemies of the cult with ruthless efficiency and just like before he came gunning for the ones who summoned him from his slumber. A cult of 12 became 6. The underground citadel that was a converted mine mess area was painted in the blood of evil sorcerers.

                      Just incase the cult was still around, Jesse did not want them disturbing his rest again. Frankly, he was getting tired of being disturbed. Rifling through the mess that was now the underground citadel of the Serpent Cult, Jesse didn't find much in the way of information about summoning him. There was plans for world domination that weren't realistic, stories of how the serpent people will one day rise to rule all, and other nonsense that didn't interest Jesse much. He knew first hand how incompetent they were. Finally, he came across the spell book. Conveniently, they had left the section on him bookmarked with the page folded over. In it, there was a spell for binding a corpse to do a task, pleading with a demon for help, the conditions of the corpses death, and a note that using the spell almost got everyone killed last time it was used followed by big bold words of "don't use this spell!!!!!!" In a side note next to the conditions was a note that resonated with Jesse, "Viway promises the aid died in anger caused by conditions unknown to him." For Jesse it was obvious, whatever happened with the letters home wasn't the weather or other common events. So, Jesse burned the underground citadel with the spell book included and set out to find answers.

                      A living corpse walking around the world wouldn't do though. He would raise far too many questions than his line of questioning required plus him going around and roughing random people up without some cover might attract the wrong attention. Gangsters and street thugs were one thing, but full blown super heroes was another thing entirely. As a bounty hunter, he would have some cover in tracking down bounties. So, for the last fifty or so years he has made his way around the various cities picking up bounties that help lead him closer to answers about why he didn't hear from his family for months prior to their death. In all that time, all he found was that someone had intercepted the letters based on old archives of tricks used to motivate soldiers. Of course, his search has not been free of disturbances caused largely by the remnants of the Serpent Cult who cause minor nuisances in his life, but are too afraid to do any real harm. One day they even took his rifle, but he just took a blaster rifle from a well off play boy bounty who couldn't shoot to save his life when needed. For the last few years, he has been operating out of Freedom City because in a city of heroes there was more than enough criminals the good guys were too good to capture.

                      Character Sheet

                      Abilities 34pp:
                      Strength 6/9* Stamina - Agility 2 Dexterity 3 Fighting 6 Intellect 0 Awareness 5 Presence 0

                      Skills 24pp:
                      Insight 10(+15), Intimidation 15(+15), Investigation 6(+6), Perception 8(+13), Ranged Combat(Rifles) 3(+12)

                      Powers 78pp:
                      Enhanced Strenghth 3 3pp
                      Regreneration 3 3pp
                      Protection 12 12pp
                      Immunity 38 (Aging, Critical Hits, Fortitude Effects, Sensory Affliction Effects) 38pp
                      Enhanced Defenses 8 (Dodge 6, Parry 2) 8pp
                      Enhanced Defenses 5(Will 5) 5pp
                      Senses 3(Dark Vision, Tracking) 3pp
                      Strength Based Damage 3 3pp

                      Advantages 14pp:
                      Improved Grab, Power Attack, Take Down 2, Close Attack 2, Equipment 4, Accurate Attack, Quick Draw, Fearless, Improved Disarm

                      Initiative +4
                      Ranged +3, Close +8
                      Blaster Rifle +12 DC23 Toughness
                      Sword +8 DC 27 toughness 19-20 crit
                      Punch +8 DC 27 toughness

                      Defense 0pp
                      Dodge 8, Fortitude -, Parry 8, Toughness 12, Will 10

                      Abilities 34 + Skills 24 + Advantages 14 + Powers 78 + Defenses 0 = 150


                      Blaster Rifle Ranged Damage 8
                      Sword Strength Based Damage 3 Critical 19-20

                      Enemy(Serpent Cult): The cult of sorcerers who summoned him initially had two survivors who carried on the Serpent Cult legacy. Foolishly, the new cult members summoned him again in 1950, but a half dozen were smart enough to be present at the summoning and avoided being killed. Now the surviving members try to harm Jesse without drawing the wrath of the killer they summoned from the grave too much.
                      Motivation(Revenge): Jesse is out to find who stopped him from getting to his family and wipe out his descendants. Little does he know that the politicly connected Frasier family, is the descendants of Colonel Frasier who stopped all mail from getting to the bounty hunter for fear of losing one of his best trackers at a crucial time in the war.
                      Honor("The bounty is all"): When taking a job, he will follow through regardless of the moral implications. To him, morality is something for those who are living.
                      Reputation: Over his years as a bounty hunter his disregard for the law had gotten him into trouble. He is still allowed to operate because he does the bounties that others won't touch, but there is a watchful eye on him when they can see him.


                      Jesse is a driven man. Not somber or morbid as one would expect of the undead, but still goal oriented when it comes to a contract. When needed, his gaze can make even the toughest man need a new set of underwear. Most of the time though he is about the job and getting along with those he needs to. On his off time, even though he doesn't need to drink, he still can make a fun drinking buddy with all his stories. There are times though he is prone to fits of rage and he is about as amoral as one can get. If he accepted the bounty on a baby as dead, the baby would be dead.


                      He is an undead bounty hunter. He is sort of like a zombie, but not rotting and stronger.
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                        Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                        Renault Bernard aka Vibe
                        PL 10

                        Age: 45
                        Height: 6'1


                        Renault watched the sun set over the sea from a chair with the perfect view at the Hotel Del Coronado with a glass of scotch that cost more than some house down payments in his hand. His life afforded him these luxuries while he waited for a contact to give him some information. While waiting, his mind slipped back to growing up in the middle of nowhere USA, the place didn't even exist anymore since a rather nasty battle between two empowered people and no one noticed it was gone, not even Renault. Back than he was the kid who had a French father and Spanish mother that decided to settle in America. There was nothing special about him other than once a year for a week he went to Barcelona, Paris, or Toulouse to visit distant family. Aside from that travel, he was like every middle of the road kid who had the travel bug. He wasn't too poor or too rich. At times, he was a little more clever and intelligent than others, but everyone has their gifts. Life wasn't any harsher to him than to anyone else. One could say his life was a little dull until he went off to UC Berkley.

                        At Berkley, he took to studying linguistics as an excuse to study abroad as much as he could. Travel was his drug and studying linguistics in various countries was his enabler. One memorable summer was spent in Saudi Arabia officially studying Arabic and unofficially seeing what was under all the clothes the female students wore. Another semester was spent in Moscow eating borscht and learning the finer points of Russian from some friendly bar patrons over many rounds of Vodka. Life as a student involved quite a bit of travel, but he still managed to graduate near the top of his class. Given his extensive travel, heritage, knack for languages, and above average intelligence he was on the radar of the CIA recruiter on campus. All it took was the promise of seeing the world on the governments dime. Helping the country was just a bonus.

                        It was 2006, post 9/11 times, and even with the comet hitting the earth the government still needed intelligence on threats to the nation. No one suspected the Frenchman sitting at the next table at a cafe in Cuba while people plotted attacks against America. Who would look twice at the Spaniard on a pilgrimage to Mecca that didn't even seem to speak any Arabic while planning the next plane hijacking? Somehow though documents and maps went mysteriously missing. To his enemies, all of these occurrences were chalked up to Ghost. It was a silly name that Renaults handler insisted on spreading. To his allies, he was known as Renault Bernard. Word spread around the intelligence communities of Ghost stories. Only a ghost could have found out that there was a plan to collapse the tunnel under the English channel, it was reasoned. The documents for the sell of nuclear weapons was behind a dozen locked rooms, no man could get through that. Renault found a way.

                        Over the course of the next 10 years, he racked up more wins than most agents do in a life time. Checking out Miami in 2016 for a dead drop was supposed to be his kick back mission. It was all very simple until the cleansing started. Two weeks later, he wakes up in a hospital bed with his handler holding vigil and support workers at the hospital that looked suspiciously like people he saw in the cafeteria at work. Once it was explained to him, slowly and many times, what had happened to him he knew why the CIA was watching him so closely. Never one to disappoint, he tried turning invisible, nope, next seeing through walls, nope, and so on until he exhausted any power of obvious use. The task was made more difficult by all the noises. For a hospital, it made so many sounds. Putting two and one together, he made three and knew his power had something to do with hearing really well.

                        Over the next two years, he tapped into more of his powers and found that he could hear and control vibrations to an extent. For someone in his line of work, this was quite useful and Renault was smart enough to take advantage of it. In the new world of powered people where governments were recruiting or drafting special individuals it was convenient the CIA had a home grown veteran with powers already in the mix. Renaults missions changed from being close to targets to stealth infiltration's. Instead of the guy at the next table, he was the Spanish guy at the football match rooting for Real Madrid or the French guy attending a lecture across the city from a suspected terror cell. Once found, he usually went in first and helped some of his friendly government collaborators get into secure locations. His unsolicited nickname Ghost became a reality. There was more than a few close calls where he thought the coast was clear only to find a few ambushes courtesy of people who could cloak an area or cast illusions. To say it was annoying would be an understatement. Still, he learned from the experiences and combined his new found powers with his years of experience.

                        His handler, Renault Williams, got envious of all the money being made in the private sector after watching for two years the fall out of people with powers. Renault Bernard also had his issues with the sort of missions he was being sent. As he complained to his handler, the missions were focused on the government with the world helping being a mere after thought brought up by the PR people. On that day a beautiful partnership was forged. A week later in 2018, the Renault Group was officially founded. Thanks to well placed connections, there was more than enough contracts to finance a cover operation for all the clandestine activities being asked of by governments and corporations. For the cover, to the world Renault Group was a philanthropic organization that also protected aid convoys. In the intelligence community, everyone knew it was a well meaning cover.

                        Once the company got large and wealthy enough, Renault Bernard passed the reins to his former handler Renault Williams because he wanted to follow up on his own projects with all the money he made. While still being a 50% partner, he leaves the decisions up to Williams. Instead, his attentions turned to helping the world. It was clear to him that the powers were meant to clean up the world and keep it safe from harm. Unfortunately, not all saw it his way. So, he put his considerable resources into collecting all of the intel he could on people with powers. One by one he would deal with the bad ones or present the good ones with an opportunity to help the world in teams financed by his company off the books. Just putting the teams together wasn't enough for him though. His new mission was to join one of the teams or at least a loose association of people who could make the world a better place for all.

                        His mind started drifting back to the current time as his contact arrived. The instructions had been simple enough. Come in a guise no one would recognize easily and simply drop the information off in a discrete way. Of source, the guise part was ignored, but than again the Russians weren't well versed in disguises. Dead drop though was another thing. Years of cold war practice made the drop of the envelope into a tray coming with another scotch seem like childs play. No one even noticed Renault grab the envelope from the tray. In it was simply a location of a new powered person that was proving illusive and causing trouble for banks with what could only be assumed to be machine control powers of some sort. One call later and the company jet was fueled.

                        Character Sheet

                        STR 14(+2) DEX 18(+4) CON 18(+4) INT 22(+6) WIS 22(+6) CHA 14(+2)
                        *All start at 14

                        Toughness 12 Fort 9 Reflex 9 Will 13

                        Bluff 15(+17), Diplomacy 15(+17), Gather Information 11(+17), Knowledge Civics 4(+10), Knowledge Street Wise 6(+12), Knowledge Current Events 6(+12), Language(French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic), Notice 8(+14), Sense Motive 11(+17), Sleight of Hand 4(+8), Stealth 4(+8)

                        Assessment, Benefit 4 (Wealth 4 [+24, Rich), Benefit 1 (Security Clearance top secret government intel), Connections, Contacts, Dodge Focus 3, Endurance 1, Eidetic Memory, Master Plan, Power Attack, Skill Mastery(Bluff, Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Gather Information), Uncanny Dodge(Hearing), Well Informed

                        Immunity 2(Disease and poison) Free

                        Vibration Control 10: Damage 10(Extras: ranged; Feat: Affects Insubstantial, Accurate 2) 23pp + 4ap = 27pp
                        AP: Damage 10(Extras: Penetrating; Feat: Affects Insubstantial, Accurate 2) (23pp)
                        AP: Drain 10(Toughness; Extras: Affects Objects, Ranged; Flaws: Affects Only Objects; Feats: Reversible, Accurate 2) (23pp)
                        AP: Insubstantial 4(Feats: Precise) (21pp)
                        AP: Nullify 10(Machines, Feats: Accurate 2) (22pp)

                        Senses 7(Accurate Hearing, Extended Hearing, Ultra Hearing, Tremor Sense) 7pp
                        Concealment 2(Auditory Senses) 4pp
                        Protection 8 8pp
                        Feature 1(Vibration Costume) 1pp

                        Initiative +4

                        Attack +6
                        Melee +6
                        Range +6
                        Vibration Control +10 DC 25 toughness
                        Close Vibration Damage +10 DC25 toughness
                        Drain Toughness +10 DC20 Fort
                        Nullify Machines +10

                        Grapple +6

                        Defense 18/13*
                        *Flat footed

                        Knockback -6

                        Abilities 24 + Saves 17 + Skills 22 + Feats 18 + Powers 47 + Combat 22 = 150pp

                        Enemies(Former Spies): Doing his line of work, he made a few enemies who would like to see him fall. They range the gamut from former head of states, friends of terrorists, etc.
                        Motivation(Responsibility): He spent his life in black ops and spy craft, now he is extremely wealthy. So, he feels it is his responsibility to marshal his resources and those of his firm the Renault Group to keep track of those with powers and unite some for a common cause of good, off the books of course.
                        Fame(Known Philanthropist and Renault Group owner): He is like the Bill Gates of the intelligence community, sometimes it can cause issues with missions. His visibility as one of the founding members of the Renault Group makes his spy craft a little more difficult to practice.
                        Honor(Killing Adverse): In all his career, he tried not to kill and preferred to subdue in other ways.
                        Secret(Was Agent Known as Ghost): He is the agent formerly known as ghost and is in the collective folklore. Only a few of the intelligence community he has worked with know who he was and they are keeping it a secret.


                        Renault is a gentleman and personable guy who genuinely wants to help the world. He thinks the world got powers for a reason and that reason was to make it a better place for all. In combat he loathes to kill and tries to avoid too much violence. In the event a fight leads to property damage, he foots the repair bill. His gentleman front hides a crafty mind that has helped to bring down several regimes and raise several more. He is very loyal to his friends and employees who return the loyalty in turn. To his enemies, he is ruthless only as much as he needs to be and tries not to be more cruel than he needs to be. Of course, some enemies just hate to lose so he does destroy their lives in the extreme case which has lead to him racking up quite a few who would see him die if they could touch him.

                        Power Notes

                        His powers derive from his ability to control and hear vibrations. While he is capable of much more, he has mainly honed the powers related to his craft.
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                          Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                          I am still proofing the mechanical bits, but I have teh squishy bits

                          Tommy Doyle aka Express
                          PL 9

                          Age: 25
                          Height: 5'8


                          Thomas Doyle was a never do well kid. To be fair, he never had a chance. His parents weren't exactly model citizens. They met while working for Irish crime boss Patrick O'Leary. It was love at first sight. His ma drove the getaway car and dad blagged the bank. Their love was a match made in heaven, or at least sanctified by it with a proper catholic wedding at the insistence of his Ma. Little Tommy was born into this life of crime. When his parents retired early and moved back to the emerald isle, Tommy stayed back and worked for Patrick. Times were changing though. Heroes were moving into the city and rounding up crime bosses. Patrick wasn't exactly subtle with his activities and got arrested. You could say he retired, if you count a 10x10 cell retiring.

                          No longer with a boss, but given a second chance with a reformed youth scholarship, he went to college. He didn't do too shabby either. A few A's and B's with only one C. Of course, he chose the major that didn't lend itself to him getting a good job for the likes of him, women studies. In truth, he didn't learn very much except women studies major liked black under garments and they loved strip poker after a few shots of whiskey. All involved usually played to lose. A degree in women studies in hand, he went back to pulling jobs for crime bosses. They inevitably got pinched or retired because of the current climate and a behind the scenes figure, which made finding work hard for a bloke like Tommy. His last boss didn't get pinched, but wasn't the most stable either, so Tommy made up his mind to strike out on his own.

                          He had seen it more than a dozen times. How hard could blagging a pharmaceutical factory be? Turns out, there was a reason it was empty. Tommy decided to rob the place when they were testing a new radiation therapy in the factory. When he awoke, he found he could run fast and throw punches faster than any boxer he ever saw. This lead him to his next vocational choice of being a bare knuckle boxer in the underground circuit. In the year he was fighting, he earned a reputation for being deceptively weak until he got a few shots in and absorbed some haymakers. Getting hit a lot wasn't for him though and he turned down more than a few offers to be an enforcer. His speed also attracted the attention of some of the more unsavory elements of society that needed a fast discrete and lead to his current vocation of being a messenger for the underground world of crime with the prerequisites of giving the Brain a slice of the fees for protection.

                          Along the way to starting his own messenger service, he met Katie Mulligan who was the kind and decent daughter of Angus Mulligan, a drug importer. She had a laugh that made Tommy's heart dance and eyes that sparkled like the stars. It wasn't long before they were wed under the cross like his Ma would have wanted. Now that he is a family man, he has aims a little higher than working for others forever. One day he will go legitimate and own the premier messenger service in the city for his darling Katie.

                          Character Sheet

                          STR 14(+2) DEX 18(+4) CON 18(+4) INT 10(+0) WIS 14(+2) CHA 10(+0)

                          Toughness 8 Fort 6 Reflex 11 Will 9

                          Acrobatics 7(+11), Diplomacy 4(+4), Escape Artist 10(+14), Knowledge Street Wise 8(+8), Notice 8(+10), Sense Motive 8(+10), Sleight of Hand 3(+7), Stealth 12(+16)

                          Improved Initiative 2*, Power Attack, Accurate Attack, Acrobatic Bluff, Dodge Focus 5, Elusive Target, Evasion 2, Move By Action, Precise Shot 2
                          *From power

                          Speed 7(1000 mph) 7pp

                          Mass Disarm: Damage 7(Extras: Targeted Burst Area, Selective, Disarms Only; PF: Accurate 2) 23pp + 4 ap = 27pp
                          AP: Mass Attack: Damage 7(Extras: Targeted Burst Area, Selective; PF: Accurate 2) (23pp)
                          AP: Disorient: Confuse 7(Extras: Targeted Burst Area, Selective; Flaws: Touch Range; PF: Accurate 2) (23pp)
                          AP: Rapid Throw: Damage 7(Extras: Ranged, Autofire; Accurate 2) (23pp)
                          AP: Sicken: Nauseate 7(Extras: Targeted Burst Area, Selective; Flaws: Sicken; Accurate 2) (23pp)

                          Super Movement 2(Wall Crawling; Flaws: Limited to running) 2pp
                          Enhanced 2(Improved Initative 2) 2pp

                          Protection 4 4pp

                          Initiative +12

                          Attack +7
                          Melee +7
                          Range +7
                          Mass Disarm +11 damage bonus 7 special
                          Mass Attack +11 DC 22 toughness
                          Disorient +11 DC 17 will
                          Rapid Throw +11 DC 22 toughness + autofire
                          Sicken +11 DC 17 fort

                          Grapple +11

                          Defense 20/13*
                          *Flat footed

                          Knockback -6

                          Abilities 0 + Saves 0 + Skills 0 + Feats 0 + Powers 0 + Combat 0 = 135pp


                          Responsibilities(Wife Katie): Tommy is a criminal, but he is also a family guy with hopes of one day starting a family of his own with little Tommy and Katies running around his home.
                          Rivalry(Dimensional Delivery): Tommy competes for business with a rival company that employs teleporters for deliveries. They each pull tricks on each other, but each knows not to go too far. Honor amongst underground delivery services and all that.
                          Temper(Threaten his wife): Tommy is very protective of his wife and wants to insulate him as much as he can from how he makes a living. Anyone who threatens that will see a new side of Tommy.
                          Reputation(Bare Knuckle Boxer): Despite all his efforts, he is still viewed as a thug by some because of his time in the ring.


                          Tommy is a strong willed survivor. In his fighting days they said he was harder than a coffin nail. With all that he has seen and done it is very hard to affect him mentally anymore. His appearance throws some off as he is a very friendly bloke until you mess with his shipment or insult his darling wife. He isn't out to rule the world or be the top dog. Those folks end up dead. His dream is to go legitimate eventually. Of course, he is also well versed int he world of crime. In his time as a minion of more than a few bosses, he saw the crazy ones, brutal ones, and the not very good ones. After all his competitors in the legitimate world and criminal world are out of the way, he plans to fill the void with his own company, just as soon as he learns how to found and run one.

                          Power Notes

                          He is a sort of speedster. I am not a fan of some of the speedster powers in the book, so I tweaked it to exclude the portions I didn't like.
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                            Re: Mrdent12s Character Collection

                            PL 10

                            Age: 25
                            Height: 5'5


                            His last name gone when he entered the church, William never the less had a family. At a young age, he felt compelled to leave his home and join the church which was a decision his family supported despite how difficult it was for them. In a way, it was also because William knew his parents could not support a child and themselves, so he sacrificed his parents love out of love for them. Until the age of 12, he did odd jobs at the local monastery, assisted the monks, and did as was needed. They grew quite fond of him and when he asked to join the Franciscan order there was no barriers put in his way. Meanwhile, his parents had another child soon after William left and better harvests not soon after allowing for the family to survive. William also made sure to assist as he could.

                            Growing up in the monastery had a profound impact on William. The church was his mother and father. All of the monks and friars who stayed in the monastery sometimes were examples of all the kindness the church was capable of. Living behind the walls and in the surrounding area, he never saw how corrupt some in the church could be. They taught him theology, kindness, and the ways of the order. By the time he was 18, he took his vows, but staying behind the walls didn't feel like something he was supposed to be doing. Something inside urged him to take the word to the people and show them the love that they deserved. Despite a few culture shocks at the outside world and for the first time seeing how corrupted some in the church had become, he still had faith it was only pockets that would be reformed by the Pope in due time. Given his profession and vows, he was never in need of food or clothing. Kindness attracts kindness and he was never greedy. Only enough to live.

                            Life on the road was something William had gotten used to when the green star came. Some saw it as the devils work, others just an omen, and still others a sign from heaven. William was in the last group. The powers of flame given to him were something he viewed as a gift from God to help cleanse the earth of the wicked and protect those who needed protecting. Living such a simple life, he did not see the atrocities being carried out against other Starborn or those accused. Of course, he saw witches being burned who the church had accused of heresy, but in his heart he still believed the higher ups to be good and pure. This illusion came crashing down when he made his way back to his childhood home.

                            The towns people were in an uproar casting stones and marching on his now brothers home. Leading the way was a cardinal he had run across before carrying a large cross. His brother wasn't a witch or evil, so something made him dig deeper. His attire, demeanor, and recognition from the cardinal allowed him to get through the crowds and give the witch inside a chance to surrender him or herself. The cardinal was especially for this idea as it didn't involve him getting his hands dirty. Inside, William found his brother, three nephews, and sister in law huddled in a corner. At first they were afraid until William explained who he was. Gregory was in pure shock as he heard his brother joined the church before he was born, but it was not the time for a warm family reunion. Quickly, Gregory explained that Elizabeth, his wife, had used her new found plant controlling powers to breathe life into the towns dying crops so they wouldn't starve. A local lord took offense to it, summoned a cardinal, and began the investigations. William offered to try and intercede on his brothers behalf, but Gregory would have none of it. To him, William was part of the church that was persecuting them and didn't want to jeopardize his brother as well. No amount of talking could convince Gregory and the towns folk were almost upon them.

                            As his brothers family were all tied to the stakes for burning, William had to hold back. He had made a vow not to put himself in danger for his brother. When given the chance to renounce Elizabeth, the children and Gregory refused. Without even flinching, the cardinal ordered them all burned. It was on this day that William had a new mission. He would help make it so that one day others would not need to suffer his brothers family fate and help restore the church to one of love and kindness. On his travels, he assisted others in setting up a network to smuggle the weak to safer places while keeping his appearance concealed and his voice distorted. In addition, he took to dressing as rogue in a mask to help those being assaulted that could not protect themselves. Bands of mercenaries had a hard time with how adept he was with using his God given fire. Those he saved viewed him as an angel and those he stopped a devil. Who would view a Franciscan friar of all things of being the fiend known as the fire devil?

                            Character Sheet

                            STR 10(+0) DEX 14(+2) CON 18(+4) INT 10(+0) WIS 14(+2) CHA 12(+1)

                            Toughness 12/8* Fort 9 Reflex 7 Will 8

                            Bluff 6(+7), Diplomacy 2(+3), Intimidate 12(+13), Knowledge(Theology) 8(+8), Languages(Latin, Aramaic, Greek, Hebrew), Notice 8(+10), Sense Motive 8(+10)

                            Accurate Attack, Benefit(Franciscan Friar), Die Hard, Endurance, Power Attack, Precise Shot

                            Fire Ball: Damage 12(Extras: Ranged) 24pp + 4ap = 29pp
                            AP: Fire Soak: Absorption 12(Energy, Healing 12; Flaws: Fire only) (24pp)
                            AP: Fire Field: Damage 10(Extras: Area(Shapeable)) (24pp)
                            AP: Explosion: Damage 8(Extras: Area(Explosion), Ranged) (24pp)
                            AP: Fire Control: Move Object 12(Extras: Perception Range; Flaws: Limited to Fire) (24pp)

                            Flight 3(50 mph) 6pp
                            Fire Blood: Protection 8(Extras: Impervious) 16pp
                            Fire Aura: Damage 4(Extras: Aura, Duration 2(Sustained)) 16pp

                            Initiative +2

                            Attack +8
                            Melee +8
                            Range +8

                            Grapple +8

                            Defense 18/14*
                            *Flat footed

                            Knockback -11

                            Abilities 18 + Saves 16 + Skills 12 + Feats 6 + Powers 66 + Combat 32 = 150pp

                            Motivation(Responsibility): He feels he has been empowered to help the oppressed and poor. As part of this mission, he seeks to help the church see the errors of its ways and root out corruption.
                            Temper: When pushed too far, his temper can flair up. The main trigger for him is seeing the helpless turned on by the people and the church like his brother's family was.
                            Secret(Heretic Brother): No one in the church or his life knows that his brother and his family were branded heretics after his brothers wife used her powers to save the towns crops.
                            Secret(Powers): No one knows he has powers. When he does use them openly, he makes sure to cover his face and change his garb.
                            Secret(Coordinator of Starborn network): He keeps his involvement in the Starborn network he is setting up a secret even from those involved.


                            William is a kind and caring soul who is devoted to what he views as the true mission of the church, to love thy neighbor and help the world. He views the current aims of the church as corrupted, but doesn't want to bring it down. He feels with enough love and effort it can be made to extend the love of the lord to the world. His vow of poverty extends to all material things and he only accepts enough to live and have shelter which he repays in way he can. While he is against lying and falsehoods, he will do it if someones life is in danger or it helps someone in need. Also, he is not quick to violence, but when called upon he fights as if blessed by god with a gift to help the helpless, oppressed, and weak.

                            Power Notes

                            His powers manifest as a blue flame and his blood has the taint of the flame causing him to be more resilient.
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                              Arthur Doyle
                              Hah! I looked through your character sheets out of curiosity, and I saw this. It's like a darkness version of Acolyte in our Villainy game...except made over a year ago.
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                                Heh I never noticed. Hopefully Acolyte isn't as evil.
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