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    Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

    Matthew Jones aka Smiley
    PL 10

    Age: 23
    Height: 5'8


    Matthew grew up in the public housing of Chicago. Both of his parents had to work long hours for minimum wage just to pay all the bills. This was partly due to having only a high school diploma and partly because the only job experience they ever had was working as sales clerks or fry cooks at McDonalds. Together they eeked out a living better than most around them, primarily because they always had food and working electricity. They never even talked about college or getting any better station in life to Matthew, they were just too exhausted at the end of the day.

    His primary companions during the day and after school, which he paid little attention in, were his fellow upper class poor. Despite their parents not encouraging them, they longed to break into the middle class or maybe even upper class one day. Realistically they all knew that they would probably end up like their parents. To get a little spending cash, they would work as look outs for the local craps and poker games. Their parents may have been barely scraping by, but they had enough to buy a soda and some candy if the games had a lot of losers.

    As Matthew grew up, he started working part time jobs wherever he could get them. Work was scarce, but he made enough to get into a poker or craps game every now and than. While he was at the table he felt more alive than ever. He wasn't alone in his love of poker. His friends also took part when they could scrape together enough money. At this point school barely registered and he missed just enough to not be brought in for truancy. By the time he barely graduated high school, he had the gambling debt of a banker and the education of a burger flipper.

    To pay back his large debt, the loan shark brought Matthew on the payroll. Matthew had been around long enough to know his way around gambling addicts, so the loan shark, Wilfred Boyle, sent him to work in collections. Not being the most physically imposing specimen, Matthew had to rely on his wit and words. He did so well that within two years Wilfred had promoted Matthew to his apprentice. Things were looking up after being so deep in debt just two years before. The only thing that could ruin it was Sarah, Wilfreds beautiful daughter who Matthew fell in love with almost instantly.

    Sarah and Matthew started dating a year after they met, despite WIlfred expressly forbidding it. After a year of dating, the subject of marriage came up. Sarah was still in college studying to be an animal trainer and Matthew still a collector for Wilfred. They were young and in love though. Matthew would have asked Sarah on many occasions, but he was starting to fall back into his old gambling ways and did not want to drag her down. When the dreaded ultimatum came, Matthew had to let Sarah go. He refused to make her keep living life joined to a loan shark.

    Everything changed in 2008. After the accident, he realized his natural abilities to charm people were enhanced. On top of that, he learned he could channel and control emotion to the point of enhancing his own health. Sure he had heard of supers, but to actually be one? This was his ticket out of the life he was leading. As his first order of business, he "convinced" Sarahs father to turn himself into the cops for many charges related to the loan sharking business. With Wilfred out of the way, Matthew thought he could finally be with Sarah and free of the business. It was too late though. She had found someone else in college.

    Broken hearted, but ultimately happy for Sarah, Matthew took to the casinos for the next few months. He would have amazing runs of "luck" at poker, but lose even more at the craps table. Debt after debt was piling up. If he won all he needed in poker someone would be suspicious, so he went into the only business that made sense to him, public relations. Forming up his old crew and using his influence to get them into various key positions, Matthew took to the task of cleaning up reputations. What he couldn't handle in face to face meetings, he would arrange for one of his friends to help out on. Soon enough Matthew, or Smiley as he referred to himself as in front of the clients, was the best name not known.

    New revenue meant he could just gamble some more though. It got so bad he had to drive to several different cities and play poker for 3 days straight just to make the vig on the loans. He would have kept us this pattern if not for Sarah who found him in a casino after 2 days of playing cards. Her relationship had not worked out and she had been looking for him for a few months. In a matter of weeks she got him away from the tables and helped him get his creditors off his back by using his powers, which he revealed to her in a moment of weakness.

    Sarah urged Matthew to put his powers to good use. His old neighborhood could use some contracts going their way and more public funding. In no time at all, his community was full of new projects funded by grants. Money destined for big corporate dividends ended up being ear marked for grants to the poor. His old crumbling apartment had been cleared to make way for state of the art public housing. No one knew who was sending the contracts and money their way, all they got was that it was from the Smiley fund. The drug runners, pimps, and gangs also left the area because one day their leader thought it would be a good idea.

    Not long after reuniting with Sarah and starting the cleanup of his old neighborhood, Matthew and Sarah got married. She even took the lead in representing Smiley in the reputation cleanup business. Children in Matthews old neighborhood started referring to any good done as the work of Smiley.

    Character Sheet

    STR 10(+0) DEX 16(+3) CON 14(+2) INT 10(+0) WIS 18(+4) CHA 18(+4)/28(+9)

    Toughness 8 Fort 8 Reflex 10 Will 14

    Bluff 11(+15/+20), Diplomacy 11(+15/+20), Escape Artist 4(+7), Gather Information 4(+4), Street Wise 12(+12), Notice 10(+14), Sense Motive 12(+16), Sleight of Hand 6(+10), Stealth 2(+5)


    Attack Specialization(Emotion Strike) 3, Connected, Contacts, Defensive Roll 3, Dodge Focus 6, Equipment 1, Evasion 1, Jack of All Trades, Skill Mastery(Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Sleight of Hand), Well Informed, Attractive 2*

    *paid for in powers


    Immunity 5(Interaction Skills) 5pp

    Enhanced(Charisma) 10 10pp

    Emotion Control 10(PF: Subtle 2) 22pp pool + 5 AE = 27 pp
    AE: Emotion Control 10(Extras: Area(Burst), Selective; Flaws: Ranged, Distrcting; PF: Subtle 2) 22pp
    AE: Mind Reading 10(Extras: Move/Standard action, Duration(sustained lasting); Flaws: Emotions only; PF: Subtle 2) 22pp
    AE: Mind Control 10(Extras: Concious; Flaws: Distracting; PF: Subtle 2) 22pp
    AE: (Emotion channeling)Strike 10(Extras: Vampiric; PF: Subtle 2) 22pp
    AE: Healing 10(Extras: Total; Flaws: Empathic; PF: Subtle 2) 22pp

    Enhanced Feats 2(Attractive 2) 2pp

    Initiative +3

    Attack +4
    Grapple +4
    Emotion Strike +10 DC 25 toughness

    Defense 12
    Knockback -4

    Abilities 26 + Saves 23 + Skills 18 + Feats 19 + Powers 44 + Combat 20 = 150pp

    Body Armor, Cell Phone


    Addiction(Gambling): Matthew is a recovering gambling addict. At his worst, he will take any bet. For the most part, he has the problem under control and only plays in a few poker games he knows he will win at although he loses sometimes to keep up appearances.

    Old Debts: Matthew still has some outstanding debts he hasn't been able to repay. Whenever they come to collect he usually gets out of paying by using his powers. Some day it will catch up to him though.

    Relationship(Sarah): If the Smiley persona has one week point it is Sarah as the face person. Through her someone could easily get to Matthew.


    Matthew is a smooth talker and clever guy. He is also a very likable guy. To those who find him attractive, he is really likable. At times he abuses this, but with Sarahs help he is getting it under control. His time on the street taught him how to lie well and his new found powers allow him to know when anyone is lying or trying to play him. Deep down he is a very loyal guy who would do anything to help his friends. In return, they don't go blabbing his super status out of the same loyalty.
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      Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

      Rex McBain aka Wolf
      PL 10

      Age: 131
      Height: 5'6


      Rex grew up in a small farming community before the invention of things like the telephone or the radio. Life was good and simple back than. One day while herding some sheep they were attacked by wolves. That is when the claws came out. Rex and to a much lesser extent Wolfie, his trusty sheep dog, fought off the wolves. During the fight, the claws came out. They were unbreakable bone that ripped into the wolves. Amazingly, Rexes own wounds healed quickly. At first he kept it quiet until the wars came to his village. He was one of the first young men to sign up.

      His life from there was one war to another. He usually ended up being booted or "killed" for disobeying orders. Namely, he refused to go after civilians and even fought off his own side to protect the innocents. It didn't look good to have a traitor on the books, so most fighting forces he joined struck his name from the records. After a while, Rex didn't mind being "killed" so much. As long as he had his dog Wolfie with him everything was fine. There were a lot of Wolfie's over the years.

      All of the violence takes a toll on a mans soul though. Every war waged and battle fought drained his sanity just a little. After his 110th birthday he was almost certifiable. Still he kept fighting for the underdog and innocents. The last straw finally broke on a mission where he had to capture a drug lord. He wasn't expecting the drug lord to surround himself with children from the village. The inhumanity of it was too much for him. When he came to it was him, the drug lord, and Wolfie. The drug lord wasn't in one piece.

      Something had to change and something did. Rex found a powerful psionic just before passing from the mentl agony. Wolfie, his loyal dog looked at the psionic with sad eyes and psionic knew just how to cure Rex's fractured mind. With Wolfies excited permission, the psionic merged the minds of Rex and Wolfie. The dogs unconditional love and near constant cheefulness erased the pain eating away at Rex as well as the memories of the many years before. It also had the side effect of making Rex more like a dog.

      When Rex awoke he had no idea where he was. He just had the urge to run. After running for what seemed like forever, he felt some paper in his pocket telling him to report to the freedom league in the nearest town. They had prepared for him to show up and already had his uniform ready to go. As a member of the multiple teams he was assigned, Rex fought villain after villain. Something deep down still yearned to run, be pet, and chase animals.

      One day, he was just walking down the street when the urge to chase a cat he saw overcame him. Several cars and wrecked houses later, he got the cat. The freedom league was not too pleased with the incident and told him to get some help. Years of impulse control classes later, he was able to fully keep his more dog like tendencies in check. He now constantly looks for ways to get back into a team of any kind.

      Character Sheet

      STR 26(+8) DEX 26(+8) CON 26(+8) INT 10(+0) WIS 14(+2) CHA 10(+0)

      Toughness 10 Fort 12 Reflex 12 Will 6

      Climb 8 (+16), Intimidate 8 (+8), Notice 12 (+14), Stealth 12 (+20), Survival 4 (+6)

      Attack Focus (melee) 2, Defensive Roll 2, Diehard, Dodge Focus 2, Evasion 2, Improved Initiative, Instant Up, Move-By Action, Power Attack, Takedown Attack 2, Uncanny Dodge (olfactory)

      Regeneration 16 (+1 recovery bonus, bruised 1/round with no rest, injured/staggered 1/minute, disabled 1/20 minutes, ability damage 1/20 minutes; Power Feats: Diehard) 17pp

      Speed 1 1pp

      Strike 2 (retractable claws; Power Feats: Mighty, Subtle) 4pp

      Super-Senses 4 (Danger Sense [olfactory], Low-Light Vision, Scent, Tracking [Scent]) 4pp

      Immunity 1(Aging) 1pp

      Initiative +12

      Attack +8(melee +10) DC 23 toughness(DC 25 toughness w\ claws)
      Grapple +18

      Defense 10
      Knockback -5

      Abilities 52 + Saves 12 + Skills 11 + Feats 16 + Powers 27 + Combat 32 = 150pp


      Motivation(help people): He will go to any length to help a person in need despite the risk to his own life.

      Loyal to a Fault: Rex is extremely loyal and protective of people he becomes attached to.

      Dog Like Tendencies: Despite his best efforts, sometimes he can't resist growling at a cat or chasing birds. Being pet or getting a belly rub will always make him smile.


      Rex is a kind, tender, and loving person. He is the sweetest and most caring person anyone will ever meet. If you go after his friends or any innocents he will risk everything to protect them.
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        Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

        Charlie Rose(Human) aka Fred(Vodun)
        PL 10
        Age: 19


        To say Charlie was popular, fit in with a social group, or had friends would be stretching the truth to the point of breaking. For the last 5 years, to say Charlie is alive in the human sense of the word would also be taking the truth and throwing it out the window after stomping on it. Growing up, Charlie hardly saw his parents who were independently wealthy and travelled a lot. Charlie was just an accident after a few too many bottles of wine and a broken condom. He was raised by a new nanny every year who was more interested in the money than taking care of Charlie or making sure he learned basic social skills. Even in school, he never really talked with anyone. In group work he always ended up doing all of it while the other members socialised or had fun with people in other groups.

        By the time he hit middle school, everyone just thought he was that weird kid. It wasn't that he was over weight or his appearance was any different, but he just never initiated any conversation or spoke with anyone. It got so bad that some of the teachers started to worry about him. Any notes they sent home with Charlie just got responded to by an email saying "Do whatever you think is best." One day, Charlie decided to go into the counselors office so that he would have someone to talk to about what was on his mind. It ended being a good three hour talk with the final resolution being that Charlie just keep trying. A month passed with no success. The whole time Charlie had this strange feeling, like someone was watching him. Most people usually watched him though to stay away from him, so the feeling wasn't unjustified.

        One morning, a month after Charlie had poured his heart out to the counselor about just wanting a friend, he woke up one morning to find someone talking to him and moving his body. It was a surreal experience. The Vudon parasite introduced itself to Charlie and the two had quite the nice chat as the Vudon, named Fred by Charlie, went out brushing the bodies teeth, combing its hair, etc. It was the first real chat Charlie had with anyone ever. Within a couple weeks, Charlie and Fred became fast friends. At the time, Neither Charlie or Fred knew what was happening. They knew they shared a body that healed fast, did not need sleep, and was rather strong. That was about it.

        The first two years of High school were rough on the literally inseparable pair. Most of the transferring had taken place, so it wasn't like they could touch anyone. At first the bullies tried to pick on Fred and Charlie, but the pair learned to fight well enough those first two years so that no one messed with them. They didn't question much about what was happening to them as they were still trying to work out how to share the same mind. Charlie lost every battle for control, but Fred still compromised. Soon enough they were near in sync with their mannerisms and behaviors.

        Once Charlie and Fred were old enough to drive, they begged Charlies parents through emails for a motorcycle. Charlie had wanted a safe car, but Fred insisted on a motorcycle. Charlies parents had only come home a couple times since the fusing of the Vudon and Charlie. While they remarked on how cold their child was, they chocked it up to the AC and went back to plan their next trip. Their last time back, they bought Charlie a nice new motorcycle, to stop the flood of emails and entreaties. The first thing Charlie and Fred did with it was go for a ride and get into a rather nasty accident. When they awoke an hour later they found the bike okay, but several metal rods, tree limbs, and pool sticks in them. Their limbs were in all sorts of geometric shapes limbs shouldn't be in. The wounds had all healed though and all they had to do was pull the items out.

        Charlie was freaking out about the accident, but Fred was curious. The curiosity eventually spread to Charlie. They devoted themselves into getting into a good school and studying beings capable of such strange feats. A little research made Charlie and Fred realize they were almost like a zombie, without the whole rotting thing. The next two years they devoured every resource they could on mythological figures and creatures from lore. Their grades and extracurricular studies were so good, they had their pick of schools, but they wanted to stay close to home in New Mexico. If their, or rather Charlies, parents were going to be far away, Charlie and Fred could stay close.

        Once entering college, they were free of parental and nanny influence. People still stayed away from them and thought they were altogether creepy. Fred even used it to their advantage sometimes to intimidate others. Classes were a piece of cake for the pair who split the work load and got missed most classes because of their combined eidetic memory. This gave them more time to study and research mythological creatures and creatures from lore.

        Character Sheet:

        Strength 7, Stamina -, Agility 1, Dexterity 0, Fighting 6, Intellect 4, Awareness 2, Presence -1

        Athletics 6(+13), Close Combat(Unarmed) 7(+13), Deception 5(+4), Expertise(Mythology) +7, Intimidation 15(+14), Perception 10(+12)

        Eidetic Memory, Equipment 3, Power Attack, Evasion, Jack Of All Trades, Ultimate Effort Will, Uncanny Dodge, Startle


        Immunity 45(Fortitude Effects, Will Half Effect; Quirks: Not Immune to Starvation) 44pp

        Protection 10 10pp

        Regeneration 6 6pp

        Immortality 10(Flaws: Cannot come back if head destroyed.) 10pp

        Initiative +1
        Ranged +0
        Close +6
        Unarmed +13 DC 22 toughness

        Dodge 10
        Fortitude -
        Parry 10
        Toughness 10
        Will 8

        Abilities 28 + Skills 23 + Advantages 10 + Powers 70 + Defenses 19 = 150


        Motivation(Knowledge of Mythic Creatures): Fred and Charlie, after being combined have a drive to find out more about what other mythic creatures may be lurking in the shadows. If there is Zombie like beings why can't there be other things?

        Socially Stunted: Fred and Charlie are bright, but socially stupid. Charlie never fit in and Fred has only been in the world for a few years. They also tend to creep people out.

        Lacks Signs of Life: They don't appear to be alive if medically examined. Their body temperature is lower than normal and they lack even a heart beat/pulse.

        Coordination Problems Under Extreme Stress: In situations that threaten their undead life, they can sometimes suffer from indecisiveness. Charlies first instinct is to run and Fred tries to find out more about the situation before running.

        College Student: Fred and Charlie have all the responsibilities of a college student including registering for classes, tests, and trying to fit in the first year while living alone in the dorms.


        Fred and Charlie have extremely similar personalities almost to the point of being impossible to tell the two apart. They are both socially inept, curious, and long to be accepted in a larger purpose. Fred tends to be more reckless while Charlie tends to be more cautious. They have come to a mutual agreement though of not being too reckless or too cautious. To the world it looks like Fred and Charlie have a tiny bit of DID with schizophrenia, since they are always talking to each other and share the control for the most part. Ultimately though, Fred holds the power in the control balance.
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          Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

          Francis Sforza
          PL 9
          Age: 500+


          At the tender age of 22, Francis died. He lived the life of a peasant who served as a poorly trained spear man for the French forces briefly during the first Italian wars. His father was a poorly trained infantry man just like his fathers father and so on. He met his fate after being abandoned in the retreat at the battle of Fornovo. A Venetian light Calvary soldier cut him down. Sforza men had a habit of dying young and being forgotten. Francis's death wasn't even recorded. The log that recorded him as an infantryman has long since been destroyed by time. There is no record he ever existed.

          On the gloomy battle field of Fornovo Di Taro, after the battle standards had moved on and the armies of the Holy League gathered their dead, Francis awoke. Next to him was a man in formally fine English clothing resting on the hilt of an obsidian bladed sword stuck into the ground. He was humming some dreadful English hymn that Francis disliked intensely. Francis reached for the first weapon he could see, a rock no bigger than his hand, and swung at the man. Needless to say, the rock missed the Englishman. The attacks continued to miss until Francis got too tired and confused about coming back from death to fight anymore.

          The interaction went a little smoother after Francis let the man speak. He had the accent of an ancient Egyptian and introduced himself as Urshe. The lines he spoke next, Francis has only spoken to 4 others. "Welcome back. Let me be the first to welcome you to a new world of living forever, if you can keep your head and play it smart. You can live through the ages and watch as man advances beyond your wildest imagination. Our job is simple really. Clean up after the accursed shadow wars that never seem to end. You can't keep your head without a weapon and training though. It would be my pleasure to teach you and be your guide."

          The following 10 years were spent traveling Europe and training 10 hours a day. It was nonstop. The old sword Francis had acquired had to be sharpened daily. Urshe told him everyday about the various species involved in wars humanity knew nothing about. Each tell and tibit of wisdom sounded like Urshe had personal experienced it. Francis "died" so many times he lost count. A missed block, dead. Attacking when supposed to defend, dead. Thrusting when he should chop dead. It all became normal. At the end of the 10 years though, Francis was a skilled swordsman and knew everything there was to know about the races man never sees. One rule was hammered more than the others and repeated everyday of the 80 years Urshe traveled with Francis. "Never pick a side."

          Their first coverup was a Lycan attack on a Vampire stronghold. Some of the violence had spilled into the surrounding villages as Lycan's chased the surviving Vampires. More than a few townsfolk were killed accidentally or used as obstacles by the fleeing Vampires. Francis wanted to help out, but Urshe stopped him. "Interfering with their battles only leads to our near death.", Francis was told. Once the Vampires and Lycans had let the village, Francis moved in with Urshe watching. The typical spin was placed on the event as events of the devil come to torment the town and test it's faith. Francis promised the Holy See would send a priest to cleanse the town of the evil spirits and that if they spread word of the test it would only further the devils message.

          Over the next 70 years, the duo went from cover up to cover up and watched the world age. Francis was getting quite good with his old Damascus steel sword. Urshe and Francis worked so well together, some of the factions in a battle sought out the pair to clean up some mess or other. They may have hated each other, but some realized that humanity wouldn't take kindly to creatures with amazing powers roaming the earth. Urshe already had a reputation by himself, but Francis's name was gaining ascendance on it's own. One particular conflict was so messy the pair had to split the cover up work and go solo for a week. It was the last time Francis saw Urshe alive.

          By the time Francis got back to the town was cleaning up it was too late, a pack of Lycans ambushed Urshe. He managed to thin the pack quite a bit, but in the end they got his head. Francis charged in with his sword that proved futile against so many Lycans. They grabbed the blade and crumpled it in their hands like it was paper. Francis was almost done for until he gripped Urshe's obsidian sword. It felt so powerful and accurate. Lycans surrounded him, but the blade cut through them all. At the end of the battle, 15 Lycan lay at his feet. Urshe had finished off 20 of them. The only surviving Lycan could barely move after losing a few limbs. Before it died, Francis managed to get out of it that the blood vengeance was fulfilled. It seems Urshe had forgot to mention a run in with some Lycans 300 years back that had resulted in the pack swearing vengeance. Now Urshe and the pack were no more.

          Francis disappeared for 300 years. In time, he became just a legend of a cleaner. Whenever vicious battles got cleaned up and explained away to the masses, there was unsupported claims it was Francis. In the dark of the night, whispers of a Frenchman protecting the secret of nonhumans existing flourished. Try as they might though, not even the elders could find the man. It was as if he just disappeared. Overtime, his face and blade was forgotten. Rumor circulated he was a ghost or spirit. Some even claimed he was 10 feet tall with a blade made of pure magic.

          Eventually, Francis did resurface. Battles had largely faded from the public eye in favor of more secluded spots. When Francis spread his name around and claimed to be the Francis Sforza of legend, everyone just laughed. He did his job well though, so they paid him all the same. He scraped together enough cash to start his own "detective" agency. Every 10 years or so he would close it down, start a new one under a new name, and keep doing what Urshe taught him. "Stay neuatral, don't interfere, and clean". He has never told anyone what he did during those 300 years. The only ones who know are the other immortals he found along the way and taught to clean up after the shadow wars that never ended. They aren't talking.

          Character Sheet:

          Strength 2, Stamina 3, Agility 4, Dexterity 2, Fighting 6, Intellect 1, Awareness 3, Presence 0

          Close Combat Sword 4(+10), Deception 6(+6), Expertise(History) 9(+10), Expertise(nonhuman creatures) 6(+7), Insight 5(+8), Investigation 4(+5), Perception 3(+6), Persuasion 8(+8), Stealth 1(+5),

          Defensive Roll 2, Ranged Attack 2, Accurate Attack, Benefit(Alternate Identity, Wealth), Improved Disarm, Defensive Attack, Power Attack, Taunt, Equipment 2, Evasion 1. Jack of All Trades, Languages 3(English, Spanish, Russian, Mandarin), Quick Draw, Well Informed


          Immortality 16(Resurrect in 1 minute; Flaws: Beheading prevents resurrection -1/rank) 16pp
          Immunity 2(Aging, Disease) 2pp
          Regeneration 5(One every other round) 5pp
          Detect 1(Other Immortals) 1pp
          Magical Sword (Strength Based Damage 6[Extras: Affects Insubstantial 2 +2/flat, Penetrating 4 +4/flat, Improved Crit(17-20) 3 +3/flat] 15pp total; Extras: Indestructable +1/flat; Flaws: Easily Removable -6/flat) 10pp

          Initiative +4
          Ranged +4
          Close +6
          Sword +10 DC 23 toughness

          Dodge 10
          Fortitude 6
          Parry 10
          Toughness 8
          Will 9

          Abilities 42 + Skills 20 + Advantages 20 + Powers 34 + Defenses 19 = 135

          Smart Phone, Binoculars, Trench Coat w/Hidden Compartment, Flash Light, Under Cover Body Armor(Protection 3, Subtle), Camera


          Responsibility(Protect Humanity's Ignorance): His mission is the same as his mentors and the immortals he has trained over the years. Protect humanity from knowing the awful knowledge that there are things far worse than nightmares in the world.

          Secret(He is the Francis Sforza of legend): He jokes around and makes claims no one believes to reinforce the disbelief he is who he is. If word got out, especially to the masses, he would be hounded for his talents and possibly hunted for the knowledge he has.

          Relationships(HIs apprentices): Somewhere out in the world are four immortals he has trained to be cleaners. They are all relatively young(less than 400 years old). One is even 100 years old. He would go to great lengths to protect them and come to their aid.


          He is sociable, but not too social. He is charming to talk to and speaks the voice of experience. Everything about him physically says young man, but his eyes and demeanor carry the wisdom of centuries. The only thing that would stick out about him in a crowd is his long coat and French mannerisms. Both which is passed off as him being French. He loves to cook and can charm anyone with a good meal.

          Alternate Identity

          Name: Francis Moreau
          Occupation: Private Investigator
          Age: 25
          Mother, Father: Mary and Jean Moreau
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            Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

            Edmound Dantes aka Count of Monte Cristo
            PL 10

            Age: 42
            Height: 5'9
            Deadly Sin: Greed


            Greed comes in many forms. For some it is wealth, others love, and still others adoration. Edmound fell prey to none of these things. He had all the wealth, love, and adoration due to wealth he could ever want. His greed was for revenge. It was all he lusted after while he rotted away in his cell. Each night he would dream of it. After his bout with suicide by starvation, it drove him onward. Upon his escape, the vast treasure he was given by his deceased prison friend allowed the lust for revenge to be satisfied.

            Like all lust though, the need for revenge turned into greed. It wasn't enough to strip those who made him suffer in prison of their wealth, titles, and families. He had to have more. Through deception, he exacted his toll and took his revenge by taking their sanity and lives after making them suffer the agony of losing everything. By the time the darkness came, Edmounds heart was almost completely dark. Somewhere, someplace someone had wronged someone and the need to have more revenge for slights of even the smallest magnitude was all consuming.

            The heartless made short work of taking his heart and darkening Edmounds soul. Try as as they might, the heartless could not break Dantes iron will finely honed through decades of determined and patient revenge. His heartless self was a mangled wretch, but the Darkness saw potential in his fierce resistance and sole motivation to exact exact revenge. Like others collected money, the Darkness saw Edmound collecting revenge. There wasn't a moments hesitation when Edmound was offered a position of power.

            Character Sheet

            STR 12(+1) DEX 14(+2) CON 16(+3) INT 16(+3) WIS 14(+2) CHA 20(+5)

            Toughness 10 Fort 8 Reflex 9 Will 13

            Bluff 10(+15), Diplomacy 12(+17), Disguise 5(+10), Intimidate 5(+10), Notice 11(+13), Sense Motive 5(+7)

            Attack Specialization(Illusions) 2, Dodge 5, Eidetic Memory, Skill Mastery(Bluff, Disguise, Diplomacy, Sense Motive), Power Attack, All-Out Attack

            Morph 4(Any Humanoid) 8pp

            Illusion 10(All Sense Types; PF: Progression 2) 42pp
            AE Illusionary Sword: Damage 10(Extras: Insidious, Vampiric; PF: Affects Insubstantial 2) [32pp] 1pp
            AE Illusionary Pistol: Damage 10(Extras: Insidious, Vampiric, Range; PF: Affects Insubtantial 2) [42pp] 1pp
            AE Obscure 10(All Senses; Extras: Selective; Flaws: Will Save) [40pp] 1pp

            Super Sense 4(Post Cognition; Flaws: limited to slights against others) 2pp

            Displacement 1 4pp

            Super-Movement 2(Dark dimensions) 4pp

            Summon 10(Flaws: Indifferent) 10pp

            Protection 7 7pp

            Initiative +2

            Attack +6
            Illusionary Attacks +10
            Grapple +7

            Defense 20/12 flat footed
            Knockback -5

            Abilities 32 + Saves 23 + Skills 12 + Feats 11 + Powers 80 + Combat 22 = 180pp



            Allegiance(Darkness): Despite being his own boss and having no allegiance to anyone before he became a Nobody, Edmound now serves the Darkness.

            Obsession(Ruining Lives): When Dantes feels revenge is needed for some slight, he can respond in a hugely disproportionate fashion.

            Motivation(Revenge): It is revenge that drove his once bright heart black. He now craves to collect it like men crave money, even going so far as to take revenge for someone else who might not necessarily want it.

            Power Loss(Blamless): Dantes is powerless against those who have never wronged anyone.


            Edmound Dantes is a cold, calculating, and patient person. To say he is a sociopath would be too weak. He is very good at imitating emotions and making people believe what he wants them to believe. This is especially true in how he takes advantage of a persons natural greed by offering them plenty of what they want at apparently no cost. Beneath his incredible charm, he would do anything to punish even the smallest offense by destroying the offender. Before finishing off his prey, he destroys there support system and everything that might give them strength. Another side effect of his obsession is that he remembers any slight against him and pays it back 10 fold, when the time is right.


            STR 20(+5) DEX 20(+5) CON 20(+5) INT 4(-3) WIS 8(-1) CHA 4(-3)

            Toughness 10 Fort 10 Reflex 11 Will 12

            Acrobatics 5(+10), Climb 8(+13), Notice 10(-9), Stealth 5(+10)

            Attack Focus Melee 10, Power Attack, All-Out Attack, Fearless, Favored Environment 3(Realms of darkness), Blind Fight, Dodge Focus 7

            Regeneration 15(5 heal bonus, Resurrection no action, Regen nullified by keyblade) 15pp
            Dimensional Movement 2(Dark dimensions) 4pp
            Teleport 5(Extras: Accurate, Flaws: Limited to Person of strongest offense and has heart; PF: Easy, Change Direction, Change Velocity) 13pp
            Linked: Transformed 5 (People to Heartless; Extras: Continuous; Flaws: Requires disabled target, touch, will save) 10pp
            Linked: Transformed 5 (People to Nobodies; Extras: Continuous; Flaws: Requires disabled target, touch, will save) 10pp
            Linked: Strike 5(PF: Mighty) 6pp
            Super Senses 10(Detect Heart, Accurate, Radius, Mental Sense, Detect past transgressions, Accurate, Radius, mental Sense) 10pp
            Protection 5 5pp

            Initiative +5

            Attack +0
            Melee Attacks +10
            Grapple +5

            Defense 20/11 flat footed
            Knockback -5

            Abilities 16 + Saves 24 + Skills 7 + Feats 24 + Powers 73 + Combat 6 = 150pp
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              Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

              Arthur Pewty aka Number 2
              PL 10

              Age: 32
              Height: 5'9


              Arthur, Arty as he was known by his friends, was your typical teenage boy growing up in Briton. He went to school, dated girls rather successfully, and watched football with his mates. There really wasn't anything special about him, aside from some minor psychic abilities hardly worth mentioning. On a good day, he could bend a spoon. It was those days he usually made his mother cross. Like all teenage boys, Arty yearned for more. Adventure, excitement, and fighting villains were just some of the things he dreamed of as he went through his boring life of bending spoons and doing school work. Most days he ended up bending spoons as he wasn't the most academically gifted.

              Everything changed when an advert for minor psychic talent was put out by an eccentric billionaire Donovan Kensly. It offered the chance to train up ones abilities and be part of a globe trotting super hero team. The fame, adventure, and excitement was too much for Arthur to resist. At first his parents said no, but what teen really listens to their parents when they really want something? His parents knew he would go. At least if they let Arthur go he would stay in touch. Plus, they would save on spoons. There was one catch, he would have to leave Briton and go across the pond to America. Right after he called the number, there was enough funds for a one way ticket wired to him.

              Soon after arriving in America, all the required documents were handled to allow Arthur to stay in America as long as he wanted. Any obstacle to him staying and training was removed by the power of green pieces of paper. These green pieces of paper also provided a large training facility fully equipped with goats, rabbits, bears, and any other sort of animal it was deemed safe to hone psychic abilities on. Arthur and five others who responded were briefly told that they were going to be part of a well funded and highly skilled team of psychic warriors. It would be brutal and many cute bunnies might die, but in the end the six of them would be the premier psychic warriors on the planet.

              Training consisted of sitting on a chair and staring at an animal for several hours a day. At first, some of the team drew bears, but that was stopped due to casualties. The team went from six to five. Bunnies, dogs, hamsters didn't work out either. All of the trainees didn't have the heart to hurt them. Eventually, they settled on goats. They were docile enough not to reduce the number of team members, but not so cute the trainees didn't want to hurt them. Once the proper animal was found, training progressed rapidly.

              Each team member had their own special role to play. Randolf Hearst could see the future, Eliza Hearn probed minds, Andy Lugs could walk through walls, Mary Smith planted ideas in minds, and Arthur was the telekinetic. None of them, except Arthur, had the most pleasant personalities. Randolf was too worried about what was coming, Andy loved going through walls too much, Mary had a vicious streak, and Eliza always read the worst of creatures. Arthur was the most well adjusted and social one of the lot. After training was finished, they were each assigned numbers starting at 2. Donovan insisted on being number one. Arthur was given the leader position, number 2.

              The group of psychic combatants started small. There was a crime family take down in Russia, which put the team on the map. That victory was followed up by stopping underground clubs that allowed non powered people to beat up people with powers who were sedated. Like a river, the victories kept coming and Arthur was the face of it all. He would lead the team into battle and deal with the occasionally messy aftermath. No matter how many victories the team racked up, they were still known as the goat team.

              One mission in particular stuck out from the others. Word had gotten to the team that there was a messy demon infestation in Japan. The other heroes of the world were busy, so AEGIS called in the goat team. Their point of contact was an agent named Mike. Upon arrival he had some goats waiting for their private plane at the airport, just in case they wanted to train. It wasn't all fun and games. When the Oni were threatened, it took Mike and all of the goat team to get rid of the demons. Arthur got lucky, he was able to stay out of their heads. The rest of the goat team wasn't so lucky.

              Missions went on for a few more years, but it wasn't the same after the Oni battle. Mikes antics when he and the team crossed path, after his tenure with AEGIS was finished, did not carry the same humor value for the rest of the team as they did for Arty. Near the end, it wasn't a giant or super villain who broke up the team. It was a girl. Kamiko Lee started dating the teams mind prober Eliza. She was the first to leave on her own with the encouragement of Kamiko. Mike filled in for a couple missions, but it just wasn't the same. The goat team ended with a whimper, not a bang.

              For a time, Arthur retired from the pyschic warrior gig for a more lucrative personal relations position. He had a knack for getting out of press conferences when objects mysteriously fell or lights went out. The super hero flair wasn't quite dead for Arty. It was just hidden in a dark basement behind a door with a sign that read beware of cougars. Mike fanned it when he would call Arty about some mission he was just on or exciting thing he did. The rest of the goat team all went their separate ways and hardly ever spoke. Kamiko tried to bring the group back together, but it was too little to late. When the call came from Mike about joining a new team, Arty could not resist the call anymore.

              Character Sheet

              STR 14(+2) DEX 14(+2) CON 14(+2) INT 14(+2) WIS 18(+4) CHA 10(+0)

              Toughness 12/10* Fort 8 Reflex 9 Will 12

              Bluff 4(+4), Diplomacy 15(+15), Gather Information 8(+10), Knowledge(Public Relations) 5(+7), Notice 8(+12), Sense Motive 8(+12)

              Eidetic Memory, Jack of All Trades, Ultimate Effort(Will), Contacts, Team Work, Skill Mastery(Diplomacy, Sense Motive, Bluff, Notice), Leadership, Inspire, Luck 2, Fascinate(Diplomacy), Benefit(Wealth)

              Telekinesis: Move Object 10(PF: Accurate 4)24 pp

              Telekinetic Bolt: Damage 10(Extras: Ranged; PF: Accurate 4) 24pp
              AP: Telekinetic Column: Damage 10(Extras: Area(Line); PF: Progression 2 (10 feet wide, 250 feet wide)) [22pp] 1pp
              AP: Telekinetic Constructs: Create Object 8(Extras: Movable) [24pp] 1pp
              AP: Telekinetic Push: Trip 9(Extras: Knockback; PF: Accurate 4, Improved Trip, Split Attack) [24pp] 1pp

              Telekinetic Flight: Flight 5( 250 MPH; Flaws: Distracting) 5pp

              Telekinetic Shield: Protection 10(Extras: Sustained, Impervious) 20pp

              Initiative +0

              Attack +2
              Powers +10
              Grapple +0

              Defense 18/14 flat footed
              Knockback -11

              Abilities 24 + Saves 21 + Skills 12 + Feats 12 + Powers 76 + Combat 20 = 165pp



              Famous: He was the face of the once popular goat team. This leads villains to occasionally challenge him and people ask for autographs at awkward times.

              Motivation(Thrills): Arthur loves the excitement and adventure that comes with the life of a super hero.

              Responsibility(Parents): Arthurs parents still live in England and he sends them money every month to help with the bills.

              Phobia(Goats): He cannot bring himself to hurt a goat.


              Arthur is a laid back, fun loving guy. When the situation calls for it, he is usually the first one to step up and take charge. He may not be the most charismatic, but he makes up for it in intuition and knowing the right words to say. As a leader his style is to let each member do what they do best and step in when the team stops acting like a team.
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                Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                Charlie Rose and Fredrick
                PL 10

                Age: 22
                Height: 5'9


                The Rose family wasn't poor, but there weren't rich either. With a family of 6 kids, Charlies mother had to work a lot of overtime at Mcnider Memorial Hospital and his father had to take all the constructions jobs he could find. This left Charlie and his siblings to fend for themselves most of the time with the money their parents left them. His two sisters, Julia and Stephanie, and his 3 brothers, Robert, James, and Brett, were very different people though. Julia was artistic, Stephanie could sing more beautiful than the birds, Robert had a knack for machines, James was a math wizard, and Brett was really good looking. Charlie was the strange one who always played with strange creatures, read about weird diseases, and devoured anatomy texts.

                Charlie, being the youngest by 4 years was always left out of the older siblings things because he "ruined" it for them. He had a small group of friends, but they too went their separate ways in the course of time. In a big family, he was alone. This was the way Charlie liked it though. It gave him time to read about life and medicine. While other kids were out playing, Charlie could get a leg up in his future career as a doctor. One day he dreamed of being a doctor to super heroes. His constitution and intelligence wasn't bad, but it wasn't up to par with being a super hero. So, a doctor to super heroes hero would be as close as he would ever get.

                In his first year of high school, he convinced the biology teacher to let him stay late in the lab to use the equipment. Charlie was a pitiful sight and looked so depressed, the teacher thought it might cheer Charlie up. It wasn't his first time in the lab, but it was the first time he ever saw a strange slug like creature fall out of the vents. Nothing in the books Charlie had read talked about any creature like it. Instead of calling for help, Charlie wanted to examine it. When he touched the creature, Charlie fell to the floor instantly.

                By the time Charlie woke up, the lab was on fire and the slug was gone. Amazingly, the smoke didn't bother him. He also felt stronger and much tougher. Physically, he looked the same, but he felt like a super hero. With a single leap, he was outside of the lab and safely away from the fire. Response crews rushed to the scene and saw Charlie jump out of the flames. A few of them mistook him for one of the students of Claremont Academy. Charlie wanted to stay for the attention, but his body started moving on its own taking leap after leap until he was several miles from the school.

                A voice in his head apologized and introduced itself as Fredrick. Fredrick's ship had crashed into the lab and nearly killed Charlie. In his slug like state, Fredrick couldn't help Charlie, so he did what came natural to his kind, bonded with Charlie. The bonding process regenerated Charlie and imbued his body with super human strength and endurance. It turns out Fredrick was a well traveled symbiote that bonded with hosts to travel the universe. For his kind, Fredrick was young, a mere 300 years old. Everything Fredrick experienced flooded Charlies senses.

                The first year was a struggle to say the least. Charlie had to get used to having a friend for life and Fredrick struggled to adjust to life on planet earth. The two eventually came a mutual understanding and became the best of friends. Each agreed to equal time in control of the body as well as certain ways to act around people. They did not make a secret of their relationship, but didn't volunteer it either. Another big thing they agreed upon was that Fredrick would use his vast knowledge of biological life to help Charlie become a doctor and Charlie wouldn't fight Fredricks attempts to fight crime. Since they shared thoughts, they knew each of them wanted similar things anyway and Fredrick had never been a doctor.

                Together, Charlie and Fredrick made both of their dreams come true. Medical school, college, and high school were finished in just 3 years. In between studies, most of which Fredrick already knew, the pair trained to fight super villains and even earned a spot on some lower Freedom league teams as a part time crime fighter. Charlies siblings also benefited from Fredrick by getting pointers and contacts to advance their chosen careers.

                Many hospitals around the nation courted Charlie and Fredrick. A few even offered to pull strings to get the pair on as part time physicians to the local super hero team. The pair had different ideas. Dr. Randolph Collins had Charlies mother get Charlie to agree to work in the ER, surgery, and any other needed area of Mcnider Memorial in exchange for getting Charlie in as a part time medic on Freedom league missions and Charlies mothers promotion to head of the Oncology nurses.

                On the Charlie and Fredrick friendship front, the two bonded to such an extent that what one felt or knew the other felt or knew. It became impossible for the other to keep secrets from each other. Charlie hasn't felt alone since bonding with Fredrick and despite being stuck on earth, Fredrick has come to really like Charlies intense desire to help people.

                Character Sheet

                STR 34/14(+12/+2) DEX 12(+1) CON 28/12(+9/+1) INT 18(+4) WIS 16(+3) CHA 10(+0)

                Toughness 12 Fort 9 Reflex 5 Will 10

                Knowledge(Life Sciences) 14(+18), Knowledge(Behavioral Science)s 8(+12), Knowledge(Technology) 4(+8), Medicine 15(+18), Notice 8(+11), Profession (Doctor) 11(+14), Sense Motive 4(+7)

                Defensive Roll 3, Dodge Focus 4, Power Attack, Eidetic Memory, Attack Focus(Melee) 4, Attack Specilization(Throwing) 2, Interpose, Ultimate Effort Will, Uncanny Dodge(Auditory), Skill Mastery(Life Science, Behavioral Science, Medicine, Notice), Jack Of All Trades


                Enhanced Constitution 16 16pp
                Enhanced Strength 20 20pp
                Super Strength 4 8pp + 2 AE = 10pp
                AE: Shockwave
                AE: Counter Punch
                Immunity Life 10(Life support, Aging) 10pp
                Leaping 4 4pp
                Comprehend 2(Understand All Languages, Speak one at a time) 4pp
                Regeneration 11(bruised/unconscious standard action, Injured/Staggered 5 minutes, Disabled 1 hour, Resurrection 1 week(unless brain stem severed) 11pp

                Initiative +1

                Attack +4
                Attack(Melee) +8
                Attack(Throwing) +8

                Grapple +20

                Defense 18/12 flat footed
                Knockback -6

                Abilities 22 + Saves 11 + Skills 16 + Feats 20 + Powers 75 + Combat 16 = 160pp



                Two Personalities: Over the years, the pair have learned to work together well, but sometimes Charlie is indecisive while he argues with Fredrick. Also, Charlie comes across as bipolar since Fredrick and Charlie have a time share arrangement.

                Motivation(Help People): Charlie had wanted to be a hero even before the symbiote. The extra umph of the heroic qualities of the symbiotes personality drives Charlie even more.

                Responsibility(Hospital): Charlie is constantly on call and is one of the most in demand doctors at Mcnider Memorial Hospital. It sometimes interferes with his super hero duties.

                Thrill Seeker: The thrill seeker in Fredrick sometimes causes the pair to rush into danger.


                Charlie is a nice, down to earth doctor/scientist. If you saw him on the street, you wouldn't even give him a second look. Fredrick, the symbiote in him, is a thrill seeker and well traveled. It has been around a few hundred years, but always wants to try new things. Together, they make a well thought out and risk taking pair. Sometimes Charlie can seen talking to himself and even having arguments with seemingly no one.

                Combat Tactics

                If possible, he uses Shockwave to take out the most enemies he can without hitting his own allies. If he can only hit one enemy, he will just punch. If it really comes down to it or hitting an enemy looks like a stupid move(ie auras), he will throw heavy objects. His targets are the enemies he can reach that pose the most threat to his allies. If he needs to, he will leap to hit flyers or enemies out of his normal reach. The protector in him will not hesitate to use interpose to protect a threatened ally or to use counter punch to give an ally time to recover.
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                  Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                  William Barnes
                  PL 10

                  Age: 24
                  Height: 5'5


                  Before William even began forming memories, he had the most traumatic one in his life. At the age of 1, he was in the back seat of his parents car when a drunk driver hit them. Police reports say his mother died protecting William with her body. His father died soon after in the hospital. Lacking any family in the states, he was placed into foster care until his family over seas could be reached. They never returned the calls. Several years back they had cut ties with his parents over a silly family dispute over money, that Williams parents lost.

                  William took to the foster parents like they were his own, until they told him the truth at age 5 that he couldn't stay. They were moving for work, so William had to go into another foster home. This one wasn't so nice. There was already 4 foster children in the three bedroom home. William had to share a room with 3 other boys who had already established a pecking order. The new kid was on the bottom of it. In the span of 3 years, William had to do a lot of growing up. His foster brothers used to beat him up and take his food. The only one in the foster home he bonded with was his foster sister Madeline, who he still keeps in touch with.

                  At the age of 8, William ran away to the local library to escape his foster brothers and parents who looked the other way. His reading skills weren't that good, but he could read well enough to stay up all night pouring over children's books about historical events. It was there that his love of histories and stories started. In the morning the librarian found him asleep in a corner with a stack of books next to him.

                  The next few years repeated the incident with the library regardless of the foster home conditions. One of the foster parents even offered to pay for a private education and eventually adopt William. He just couldn't let go of his past though. Giving in to the comfort of a new family meant being at the bottom of the pecking order and having slights against him overlooked. His only refuge was the books and the stories of the past. While he ate them up, he didn't have to worry about his foster parents or new foster family.

                  In high school, he did reasonably well in most subjects considering he didn't stay in a school for longer than a year and half before his foster family had enough of him. For weeks on end, he would find himself on the streets and collecting stories of the various gangs or criminal groups when he wasn't in school. Everyone thought he was trying to be part of that world, but in truth he just wanted to know it's history and what it had become.

                  One day, when he was 15, he got caught up in a drug bust of an insignificant local dealer he was learning about. The police claimed William was part of it, but they could never prove it. It got so bad, William had to call in the only true friend he had in the world, Madeline. Her rich husband had some connections in the police and agreed to fund a lawyer for William to get him off. In exchange, William had to agree to turn his life around. She urged him to use his brain, not his anger at life for the cards he had been dealt.

                  Madeline's words resonated with William. He focused on studies, dedicated himself to staying with his foster parents until college, and set his dreams to becoming a famous historian. His marks in highschool combined with his status as a foster child qualified him for a full ride scholarship to the university of his choice. Others were brighter or more down trodden, but he had the perfect mix. To take full advantage of the chance, William even graduated a year early from highschool by getting a GED.

                  College to William was a place made in heaven. The dorms of Berkley offered so many chances to interact with people from all walks of life. With the guidance of a professor, he even managed to get a paper published about the life histories of gangsters and their entrance into a world of crime. It was only a small journal, but William knew it was only a stepping stone to something larger. At the time though he didn't know what because his marks in the math and sciences weren't very good. He really only excelled at history and some languages.

                  It turns out that history and languages were enough. The professor who helped him get published had ended up citing Williams work and was excited about working with William as a graduate student. So, the professor pulled some strings and got William on a rather well funded fellowship that allowed William to pursue his interests wherever they might go while going after a PHD in history. Naturally, his thesis was aimed at delving into the history of poverty in America and its influence on criminal organizations. With Will's upbringing it was the only natural choice.

                  Everything was going great. His fellowship had been renewed and there was plenty of money for him to fund his research. That is when the red sky hit. All of a sudden there were real life super heroes. Flight, super strength, faster than a speeding bullet. It seemed like the world had gone mad. Nothing in the history Will knew talked about an event like this. He was living history. Williams own life didn't seem to change much. Sure he was luckier and things he wanted to go his way usually did for some reason, but he chalked it up to luck. After all, the red sky and the resulting powers made a perfect novel paper if he could just find the ones with powers to interview.

                  Character Sheet

                  STR 10(+0) DEX 12(+1) CON 14(+2) INT 16(+3) WIS 12(+1) CHA 10(+0)

                  Toughness 7 Fort 8 Reflex 13 Will 8

                  Diplomacy 6(+6), Escape Artist 8(+9), Gather Info 10(+13), Investigate 6(+9), Knowledge(History) 10(+13), Knowledge(Current Events) 6(+9), Knowledge(Streetwise) 10(+13), Language(Russian, French Mandarin, Italian), Notice 8(+9), Sense Motive 8(+9), Sleight of hand4(+5)

                  Assessment, Benefit(research grant), Contacts, Connected, Dodge Focus 7*, Defensive Roll 2, Endurance, Equipment(Cell Phone, Laptop, Camera, Video Camera), Evasion 2*, Luck 5*, Beginners Luck*

                  Probability Control 8(Extras: Fortune) 40pp
                  AE: Damage 10(Extras: Perception Range, Penetrating) 1pp[40pp]
                  AE: Move Object 10(Extras: Perception Range, Move Action) 1pp[40pp]
                  AE: Damage 10(Extras: Perception Range, Area(Burst)) 1pp[40pp]

                  Displacement 1 4pp
                  Enhanced Feat(Luck 5, Evasion, Dodge Focus 4, Beginners Luck, Elusive target) 1pp

                  Enhanced Reflexes 10 10pp
                  Enhanced Will 3 3pp
                  Enhanced Fortitude 2 3pp
                  Protection 3 3pp

                  Enhanced Defense 4 8pp

                  Enhanced Skill(Escape Artist 8) 2pp

                  Initiative +1

                  Attack +3

                  Grapple +3(+11 escape)

                  Defense 23/13*
                  Flat footed

                  Knockback -3

                  Abilities 14 + Saves 10 + Skills 18 + Feats 12 + Powers 86 + Combat 10 = 150pp


                  Cell Phone, Laptop, Camera, Video Camera


                  Reputation(Drug Dealer): The police still have suspicions he is a drug dealer or involved in the drug trade somehow. Why else would he have hung around with so many gangsters?

                  Obsession(Life Histories): It is very hard for him to resist recording the life history of a person who is interesting.

                  Secret(Powers): Not even he knows he has probability controlling powers. Accidents just happen to his attackers and objects just move on their own. Subconsciously, he is controlling the power though.


                  William is history buff, but looking at him you couldn't tell. Anyone who spends any time with him soon discover he is a kind, inquisitive, and sometimes prying person. Lacking any solid history of his own, he is constantly talking to people about their history and lives. Normally, this would bother a person, but William just has this way about him. He is the sort people feel like they can open up to without being judged. Another feature of William is that he is not the most charismatic guy, but he can make friends with anyone.

                  Before Light

                  Abilities[14pp]: STR 10(+0) DEX 12(+1) CON 14(+2) INT 16(+3) WIS 12(+1) CHA 10(+0)
                  Saves[10pp]: Toughness 4 Fort 6 Reflex 3 Will 5
                  Skills[18pp]: Diplomacy 6(+6), Gather Info 10(+13), Investigate 6(+9), Knowledge(History) 10(+13), Knowledge(Current Events) 6(+9), Knowledge(Streetwise) 10(+13), Language(Russian, French Mandarin, Italian), Notice 8(+9), Sense Motive 8(+9), Sleight of hand4(+5)
                  Feats[12pp]: Assessment, Benefit(research grant), Contacts, Connected, Dodge Focus 3, Defensive Roll 2, Endurance, Equipment(Cell Phone, Laptop, Camera, Video Camera), Evasion 1
                  Combat[10pp]: Initiative +1, Attack +3, Grapple +3, Defense 15/11 Flat footed, Knockback -2

                  Abilities 14 + Saves 10 + Skills 18 + Feats 12 + Powers 0 + Combat 10 = 64pp
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                    Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                    Dracma Kalis
                    PL 10
                    Age: 34


                    Short Term: Get established in the city and drink up all the pleasures it has to offer.
                    Medium Term: Find a way out of the negative parts of his deal with the devil while keeping all the fun parts of it.
                    Long Term: Convert everyone to his hedonistic ways, with him ruling of course.


                    Hedonism: Life is about having fun and enjoying yourself no matter how it affects others. Something not for yourself is only done to ultimately get pleasure for oneself.
                    If you want something, take it: It is silly to pay for something that will bring you pleasure. If the risk to oneself is not too great, one should just take what they want. The only exception is that people should not be taken against their will, it causes too many headaches.
                    No such thing as good and evil: There is no good or evil in the world. There is only conflicting sources of pleasure that some people think cannot coexist.


                    Dracma's youth was filled with everything a child could want. Due to complications at Dracma's birth, his parents were unable to have another child. So, they spent their considerable fortune derived from Russian oil fields on making Dracma happy. To instill some work ethic into their son, they made him do trivial work that he just paid someone else to do for him. He was a natural sales man and always knew from a look that another youth would be good at the trivial task and was desperate enough to do it for cheap. When his parents found out, they congratulated him on being enterprising instead of scolding him.

                    Life just kept getting better for him in his school years. The material wasn't too difficult for him and he already had private tutors that covered what he didn't know. Most of his time was spent in the girls locker room or skipping class to race other students in his Ferrari. When teachers raised a fuss with the principal or truancy officers, Dracma had his uncle Benjamin Franklin get him out of it. Despite not being around school half the time, he ended up being voted prom king and having his choice of queen. He chose three. By the time of graduation, he had a clique of like minded students who lived life with a devil may care attitude. They became known as the Dracma Crew.

                    His whole life changed in his first year of studies towards a philosophy degree. On a plane ride back from Moscow on their private plane, a bomb exploded on the plane instantly killing them. With no other family to speak of Dracma was an orphan. A very rich orphan, but an orphan. Unsurprisingly, the death of his parents didn't affect him much. As long as the money kept flowing into his bank account and he was able to buy whatever he wanted, it was like nothing had changed. His parents had never been around much anyway. Every night was a different party, paid for by Dracma's bank account which was filled by whoever kept track of his trust fund. He had better things to do than to worry about money.

                    Something had changed though. The never ending flow of money when his parents were alive wasn't flowing. The executor of his parents estate was funneling money out of Dracma's parents estate. At the same time, the executor was working to secure rights to the oil fields. Dracma didn't notice any of this. He was too busy partying and living the hedonistic life style he learned about in one of his classes. It was about the only thing he did learn in college. Within two years of his parents death, Dracma was penniless.

                    For most, this would be a wake up call. For Dracma, it was just a bump in the road. His silver tongue and good looks got him most of what he wanted. When that failed, he conned people with the expertise of a veteran scammer. The money never kept for long, but what did he care. If he needed more money he could just talk some poor sap into handing over his life savings for some bridge investment or something. Once again money was flowing like water into his accounts and he had whatever pleasures he desired.

                    Eventually the law caught up with him. It didn't take a genius to figure out that all of the land deals, funds, and start ups were fake. Dracma always knew there was a chance he could get caught, but what did he care. That was in the future. In prison, he learned to care about the loss of future joys for minor short term ones. He didn't have it that bad in prison because he could talk the guards and inmates in to doing what he wanted, but it wasn't that fun. At one point, he even formed a group in prison dedicated to hedonistic philosophies. For most, it ended with a shiv.

                    With Dracma at his lowest, a beacon of light or rather darkness appeared. The man was was dressed in the same type of tailored suits Dracma was accustomed. It was a simple deal. In exchange for the power to not be confined or prevented from getting what he wanted, Dracma would give the man his soul after he had his fill of pleasure and do the occasional errand. From Dracmas perspective, this was a great deal. How could anyone get their fill of pleasure? In the long run, he could get out of the running errands and selling his soul bit of the deal. Once the contract was signed in blood, a burst of flame overtook Dracma. When it dissipated he found that he was no longer human, but something else. Something made of fire that couldn't be put out by water.

                    His first order of business was to get out of the prison jump suit. With a thought he was in a finely tailored suit. Next he wanted to get out of prison. Another simple thought brought him outside of the prison in a pillar of flame. Now free, he set his sights on a rising city. A place where he could soak up all the pleasures and convert others to his religion of joys.

                    Character Sheet
                    *All cases of two numbers give the number with without powers/with powers

                    STR 10(+0) DEX 10(+0) CON 14/30(+2/+10) INT 12(+1) WIS 14/20(+2/+5) CHA 20/24(+5/+7)

                    Toughness 2/10 Fort 2/10 Reflex 6 Will 2/12

                    Bluff 9(+14/+16), Diplomacy 11(+16/+18), Disguise 3(+8/+20), Gather Information 6(+7), Intimidate 4(+9/+11), Notice 4(+6/+9), Perform(Acting) 6(+11/+13), Sense Motive 5(+7/+10)
                    *All interaction skills listed without +4 attractive bonus

                    Attractive, Dodge Focus 5, Attack Focus(Range) 2, Power Attack, Connected, Fearless, Skill Mastery(Diplomacy, Disguise, Bluff, Sense Motive), Attack Specialization(Hell Fire) 2


                    Hell Fire blast 10(PF: Precise) 21pp
                    AP: Healing 10(Extras: Total;Flaws: Personal;PF: Persistent)[21pp] 1pp
                    AP: Hell Fire blast 6(Extras: Will save;PF: Precise, Accurate 2)[21pp] 1pp
                    AP: Environmental Control 10(Extreme Heat)[20pp] 1pp

                    Immunity 10(Life Support, Aging) 10pp

                    Teleport 3(Extras: Accurate;PF: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turn About) 12pp

                    Morph 2(humanoids) 4pp

                    Enhanced Abilities 26(Con 16, Cha 4, Wis 6) 26pp

                    Enhanced Saves 7(Will 7) 7pp

                    Initiative +0
                    Attack +4
                    Ranged Attack +6
                    Hell Fire Attacks +10

                    Grapple +4

                    Defense +10/+2*
                    *Flat footed

                    Knockback -5

                    Vulnerable Holy Attack +50% damage -2pp
                    Power loss Holy Ground -1pp

                    Abilities 20 + Saves 6 + Skills 12 + Feats 14 + Powers 83 + Combat 18 - Drawbacks 3 = 150pp


                    Motivation(Pleasure): He is motivated by the quest for pleasure and sharing the message of it with the world. At times it overtakes his better judgement.
                    Sold Soul(Faustian Deal with Devil): He made a Faustian deal with the devil. As long as he doesn't get enough pleasure and does the occasional favor for the devil when asked, he is granted powers by the devil and eternal life.
                    Limits: Dracma is limited to not doing anything too violent such as reckless killing, raping, and whatnot by his contract with the devil.
                    Reputation(Con Artist): Dracma has a criminal record of being a con artist and is actively sought by police.


                    Dracma is an extremely suave and charismatic individual. He can talk a sailor into buying sea water at sea. On the spectrum of good and evil, he falls wherever the most pleasure is to be had. If seeking pleasure was a religion, he would be a priest of it. People and the rest of the world are nothing more than things to amuse him. Despite his quest, he realizes he needs to help some people and suffer in the short term to gain immense long term pleasure. So, he will work with people and even be a good teammate if needed, provided there is something for him to enjoy at the end of it all.
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                      Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                      PL 8
                      PP 150


                      Leafs history is the typical story of girl meets slug, slug meets girl, and mad scientist merges them in an unholy union. Emily Stracker was a typical air headed 16 year old with dreams of seeing the universe. So one day, she packed up a bag and headed to the nearest space port to hitch a ride wherever anyone was going. Her whole life had been sheltered, so she relied mainly on her mind reading abilities to figure out who was good and bad as well as the best place to head. Unfortunately for her, it was with a mad scientist who had less than noble intentions. Not that Emily would have noticed. He seemed nice enough and had a ship that looked the most fun to travel the universe.

                      Rugh was a slug. To be more precise, he was a slug from Ogrenam Prime who had been traveling about trying to find something to scare him by attaching to the hulls of ships and seeing the universe. Personality wise, he was less interesting than watching white paint dry on a white wall in a white room. What he lacked in charisma, he made up for in a perfect memory and higher than average intelligence. On one ill fated day, he attached himself to the ship of a mad scientist just to see if he could be frightened by whatever the evil genius had planned.

                      Dr. Grukin's evil plan happened to be creating the perfect minion to do the grunt work. He had tried the super strong brute, flying monkeys, and using technology to control demons. They all rebelled or were too stupid. A naive girl and fearless slug were just the subjects he needed. No one would suspect an innocent looking girl as an infiltrator. Combine that with the agility of his formula, survivability of Rugh, and innocently sneaky qualities of Emily and he had all he needed. Drugging Emily and scraping Rugh off the ships hull was child's play. One zap of the machine later and Leaf was born.

                      Initially, Emily and Rugh mentally stared at each other. Thanks to the effects of the ray, it felt like they always belonged together. Initial tests of their abilities proved beyond the doctors wildest expectations. Leaf wasn't super strong, but she had a natural springiness to her and was incredibly robust. On top of that, she was stealthy and deadly. His only failure was to not account for the vast personality differences. Still, she proved more versatile than his past failed experiments and naive enough to believe mostly any lie he told her.

                      Over the next 9 years, Leaf did the wet work for Dr. Grukin. She could easily sneak into places, with Dr. Grukins help, and take out the guards. Her loyalty never faltered because she believed Dr. Grukin was the good guy. That was until she caught him plotting the destruction of Ogrenam Prime. Emily may have been that gullible, but Rugh convinced her Dr. Grukin was truly evil. So, Leaf fled. Without his minion, the doctor had to get the equipment he needed himself. The Terran Empire saw him coming a mile away and put him on the Kodiak to be as far away from society as possible. Something inside Leaf yearned to see the place her creator was heading, so she snuck aboard the ill fated transport.

                      After about a month of laying still in an air duct, Emily grew bored and egged Rugh on until he relented and agreed to explore the ship. They really did try to be quiet, but the engine room was so tempting. After a brief fight with the guards, Leaf was captured and sedated for stowing away. The safest cell was that of Dr. Grukin so, that was where they put her while they sorted out who she was. Luckily for her, Rugh had the foresight to have a means of escape hidden where the guards wouldn't check immediately and Leaf escaped back to the vents with Dr. Grukin swearing to capture her again.

                      Character Sheet

                      Abilities 56pp:
                      Strength 1 Stamina 5 Agility 6 Dexterity 2 Fighting 6 Intellect 4 Awareness 5 Presence -1

                      Skills 19pp:
                      Acrobatics 9(+15), Perception 6(+11), Sleight of Hand 13(+15), Stealth 12(+18), Technology 0/8(+4/+12)

                      Powers 51pp:

                      Mind Reading 8(Extras: Subtle 2 +2/flat; Flaws: Feedback -1/rank, Concentration -1/rank) 6pp

                      Quickness 6(Flaws: Mental Tasks only -1/rank) 3pp

                      Senses 1(Danger Sense(mental)) 1pp

                      Retractable Nails: Damage 8(Extras: Ranged +1/rank, Ricochet 1 +1/flat, Accurate +1/flat; Flaws: Diminished Range -1/flat) 17pp
                      AE Whirlwind Attack: Damage 8(Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Accurate +1/flat) [17pp] 1pp AE
                      AE Paralyze: Affliction 8(Fortitude save; Hindered, Immobile, Paralyzed; Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Accurate +1/flat) [17pp] 1pp AE
                      AE Stun: Affliction 8(Fortitude save; Dazed, Stunned, Incapacitated; Extras: Multiattack +1/rank, Accurate +1/flat) 17pp 1pp AE

                      Leaping 2 2pp

                      Regeneration 5 5pp

                      Immunity Life Support 10 10pp

                      Comprehend 1(Understand all languages) 2pp

                      Enhanced Skill 4(Technology +8; Flaws: Limited to security systems -1/rank) 2pp
                      Advantages 14pp:
                      Ranged Attack 4, Defensive Roll 2, Evasion 2, Eidetic memory, Uncanny Dodge, Power Attack, Fearless, Acrobatic Feint, Hide In Plain Sight

                      Initiative +6
                      Ranged +6, Close +6
                      Nail Throw +8 Toughness DC 23
                      Whirlwind Attack +8 Toughness DC 23
                      Paralyze +8 Fortitude DC18
                      Stun +8 Fortitude DC18
                      Mind Reading DC 18 Will

                      Defense 10pp
                      Dodge 9, Fortitude 9, Parry 9, Toughness 7, Will 5

                      Abilities 56 + Skills 19 + Advantages 14 + Powers 51 + Defenses 10 = 150


                      Temper: Leaf isn't the most emotionally stable person and particularly violent incidents can set her off.

                      Thrills: Emboldened by the artificial boost of chemicals flowing in her system and general lack of fear, Leaf tends to take risks even when they aren't quite needed.

                      Dual Identity: Emily and Rugh don't always see eye to eye in things and get into arguments at inconvenient times.

                      Enemy(Dr. Grukin): Leafs creator, Dr. Grukin wants to get her back for his own nefarious purposes.


                      Leaf can be different to put it nicely. She seems to be lost in her own head half the time and she actually is. Emily and Rugh have whole conversations on the meaning life while doing menial tasks. This also creates the unfortunate side effect of not being able to pick up on social queues very well and appearing almost child like in her innocent spacing out. Other times she can be a fierce warrior or super stealthy ninja type if the mood calls for it. She is attracted to thrills and exploration like a pig to mud because of the genetic alterations introduced by Dr. Grukin.


                      Age: 25
                      Hair: Blonde
                      Height: 5'8
                      Eyes: Brown
                      Description: She looks frail and weak. Her movements are as graceful as a swan.

                      Power Notes

                      Leafs powers are a mishmash Rugh's robustness and Emily's natural abilities. Her main offensive weapon is the nails that mimic the rudimentary defense mechanism Rugh had. If they hit the right spot they could knock a foe out.
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                        Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                        Franco DeWinter aka Night Watchman
                        PL 10
                        150 pp


                        Mary DeWinter was a magnificent beauty in her youth. With a smile and suggestive wink, she could turn a straight woman gay and a gay man straight. Hers was the sort of looks that only a few of a generation possess. That is why it was such a loss when she joined a cult dedicated to the ideal of beauty and pursuit of of euphoria only reached when the most exquisite come together into a perfect unity. At first, it was attractive people doing what one would expect young attractive people to do when not allowed to satisfy natural drives with people outside the cult for fear of tainting the harmony and purity of the cult. Overtime, it changed into the constant search for the optimal beauty and pinnacle of physical perfection. This search drove Mary to associate with a demon named Belucity who belonged to a group of demons who shared the cults aims. Unfortunately, this union generated an off spring.

                        Franco DeWinter was born in a shelter for people fleeing cults and occult activity. His true parentage was hidden for fear of how the others at the shelter might react to a half demon off spring. Luckily for Mary, Franco looked normal. From the first time she laid eyes on her son, Mary resolved to dedicate her life to doing good and nurturing the beauty inside instead of out. With the help of the shelter she became a nurse and was able to provide Franco a good home. All of the comforts came at the cost of working and volunteering long hours to make up for her past indiscretions while a member of the Cult of Exquisite Beauty. She hardly had any time to spend with her son until her untimely death in an accident.

                        Raised mostly from than on by foster parents, Franco split his non school time between charming girls, drawing, and watching old reels of the Home Front super heroes. He especially admired the courage of Trick-Shot to face grave danger with only a bow and trick arrows. So when he wasn't using his developing demonic powers to make women fall in love with him, he was trying to emulate the heroes from the hours of reels the local theater "gave" him. If it was a crime to shot brick walls with wildly inaccurate arrow shots and destroy lab sets, Franco would be given the death penalty. Heroic feats of genius or physical in nature just wasn't his thing. Much to the delight of brick walls and lab sets, he refocused his attention on his art, the ladies, and developing demonic powers to get the ladies.

                        Immediately when he turned eighteen, he was out of the system and moved out on his own with his art as his profession. His work varied between pop art inspired by the Home Front and darker more grotesque work, but it all found a buyer thanks to his way with the ladies. Deep pocketed trophy wives or up and coming beautiful socialites fell for his advances as well as his work. On the darker side of the scale, he appealed to those outside of the mainstream tastes that weren't always the most reputable sorts. Still, he made quite a few connections and collected more than a few favors by doing shows catered to high end patrons who wanted to look cultured.

                        One particular client, a woman by the name Isabelle who looked like Venus, approached Franco with a ticket to an art show that only a few select people even knew about. This wasn't the first time a woman of Isabelle's caliber had asked him to go somewhere with her. He had flown all around the world and seen all the major cities from the inside of a luxury hotel room or art gallery. Isabelle was not the sort of woman he could turn down. When the time came for the show, Franco was picked up in a black stretch limo with Isabelle in the back wearing not much more than a raspberry beret. The art show was later that night. Franco didn't know where it was being held and was too distracted during the drive to bother looking out the blacked out privacy windows.

                        Upon arrival at the show, Franco was both disgusted and intrigued by the pieces clearly inspired by suffering. Most of the pieces included at least one part of an unfortunate person and the ones that didn't were mutilated people. Isabelle's true nature also became apparent when she shed her human appearance for her demonic form, which was still a rival to Aphrodite. Franco's father also happened to be at the show. From the age of 10, Franco knew he was half demon because his mother came clean to him after he almost burned down the house with hell fire. Seeing his father at the show wasn't how he envisioned the night going.

                        They talked civilly for almost an hour after Belucity dismissed Isabelle. Unlike other kids without a father growing up, Franco didn't harbor any resentment and even felt flattered that his father was a fan of his work. The sales pitch to get Franco to stay with his father was almost working until he realized that he was in hell and that some of the guests were being eaten when they were less than pleased with some of the work. It also became clear to Franco that it was an art show of the Beholder. As the final straw, one of the exhibits was of his mothers corpse that his father boasted about providing to Beholder. Than it hit Franco, he was becoming his father. Quickly turning down his fathers offer of patronage, he teleported to the nearest gate and fled the exquisitely horrendous art show.

                        Lost and aimless, he thought back to a time when he wasn't so dark in his tastes. Home Front was the answer. What would Trick-Shot do when faced with evil and the obsession with dark art? The answer was obvious. Franco needed to become a hero to protect the world against demons and other evils that would be visited upon it. He burned all of dark art and refocused his work on the pop art of heroics, when he wasn't patrolling the streets for those in need as his alter ego Night Watchman or bedding beautiful women.

                        Character Sheet

                        STR 14(+2) DEX 16(+3) CON 24(+7) INT 10(+0) WIS 16(+3) CHA 26(+8)

                        Toughness 10 Fortitude 11 Reflex 7 Will 8

                        Bluff 10(+18), Diplomacy 12(+20), Gather Info 8(+16), Knowledge(Pop Culture) 8(+8), Knowledge(Super Hero History) 4(+4), Notice 8(+11), Profession(Artist) 8(+11), Sense Motive 8(+13)

                        Contacts, Power Attack, Evasion 2, Connected, Dodge Focus 5, Endurance

                        Hellfire Control Blast 10 (PF: Accurate 3) 23 pp
                        AP: Emotion Control 10 (PF: Subtle ) 1pp(21pp)
                        AP: Hellfire Strike 10 (Extras: Penetrating; PF: Accurate 3) 1pp(23pp)
                        Teleport 6 (600ft; Flaws: Short Range; PF: Turnabout, Change Direction, Change Velocity) 9pp
                        Immunity 8 (fire damage, disease, poison, heat) 8pp
                        Protection 3 3pp

                        Initiative +3

                        Attack +4
                        Melee Attack +4
                        Ranged Attack +4
                        Hellfire Control +4 DC 25 toughness
                        Hellfire Strike +4 DC 25 Toughness
                        Emotion Control DC 20 Will

                        Defense 20(12 flat)
                        Knock back -6

                        Abilities 46 Saves 13 Skills 17 Feats 11 Powers 45 Combat 18 = 150pp


                        Prejudice: Half demon and all the negative connotations that go along with it.

                        Motivation(Responsibility): He strives to live up to the example set by Home Front and Trick-Shot while keeping his slice of the world safe from demons and other evil spirits.

                        Obsession(Beauty): Like his father, he is obsessed with beauty and it is hard for him to resist a beautiful woman or piece of art.

                        Relationship(Father): Franco's father knows about him and unlike the other children, wants to recruit him because of his artistic talent.

                        Enemies(Demons): While not largely known, a few local demons have been foiled by Franco in the past and want to get rid of his alter ego.



                        Franco is a talented artist, ladies man, and all around charmer. He may be half demon, but letting his physiology dictate who he is just isn't his style. He is passionate about beautiful things and can't help himself sometimes from seducing a woman into joining him for the night. Art is also another thing he highly values and makes living selling art to wealthy benefactors, some of whom he is seduced once or twice. Of course, he also has a deep seated sense of purpose to help the world in his mothers memory. His main role models for being a hero are the Home Front and he could quote you almost every line in the old promotional movies during WWII. When in need of help, he often utilizes his extensive network of contacts and connections.

                        As Night Stalker, he is charming but crafty largely favoring hit and run attacks if he can't convince the target to just surrender willingly. While not exactly against killing, he will do all he can to avoid it. Being a newer hero, he still might make mistakes and give in to his obsession with fine art and women.

                        Hero Appearance

                        To protect his identity and look more dashing he wears a black and red checkered costume with a red ski mask. His cape, all heroes need a cape, is midnight black on the outside and dark red on the inside.

                        Build Notes
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                          Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                          Lucas Wright aka Wild Card
                          PL 7
                          135 pp


                          Lucas wasn't born rich, handsome, and a world class gambler. It took years of luck, skill, and being a lucky guy to be in his current position. The tale starts in the East End of London with a poor mother and father who desperately wanted a child. They worked hard and did the best they could, but the mother died at Lucas's birth and the father died in the bottom of a bottle not long after Lucas was born. His only real influence was the card playing kids in the orphanage he got put after his fathers death. No one else gave him the time of day. Back in those days, the stakes weren't the multimillion dollar pots he routinely plays for now. It was chores. Still, he found he had a gift not for cards, but reading peoples reactions when playing cards. His whole time at the orphanage he never did a chore.

                          He also found he had another gift that wasn't so common. If he tried, objects he held would charge as if they were going to explode and his punches had a little more force behind them. Afraid of being called a freak or becoming a science experiment, he kept it secret and never used it. Instead, he developed a fighting style to protect himself and some of the smaller kids from the more vicious kids in the orphanage. Compared to the bullies he was pretty good, but the bullies always just moved on to easier targets and Lucas was still just a kid.

                          When the time came to leave the orphanage due to his age, he made the only choice that made sense to an average intelligence kid with only street skills and a sparkling personality to his name. He joined the army. It was like nothing he was expecting, but quickly managed to convince a sympathetic officer to pull some strings for him to get into the SAS in exchange for forgiving some gambling debts. Being in an elite special forces was the perfect venue, Lucas reasoned, to help people. Plus, if it didn't work out he would be highly trained. Three years after his training finished, he was shipped off to fight in the Falkland wars where he learned first hand what the hell of war was like and the rampant corruption of those with power. After the war, he wanted nothing to do with fighting for a big heartless country who would accept innocents being hurt as collateral damage. So, he convinced a high ranking officer to give him a discharge.

                          This is where the Lucas of today was born. Jobless, homeless, and with his only training as a killer he decided to try and make some money in cards. It wasn't too long before he moved form the back rooms of London to the big casinos of Macau and the French Riviera. A few of the lower capitalized casinos viewed him as a liability, so they banned him. A gambler of his caliber is never without a game invitation though and eventually he got an invite for a high stakes game in Heaven. Having never heard of Heaven, he thought it was a joke until he realized the big name CEOs who were also in the game. It was going to be like taking candy from a baby.

                          Everything went as he expected in the game. After playing for almost 10 hours straight he had made a tidy sum of 500,000 dollars. He would have won more if not for the host of the game calling it out spite for losing almost a million dollars to the other players. Tired and a little drunk, Lucas stumbled out of the warehouse to try and find his motorcycle. Around the corner form where he parked his bike, he saw three police officers over two naked women starting to undo their belts. Even in his less than optimal state for fighting he had to help the two women. As expected, it didn't go so well for him and he ended up being on the receiving end of a few punches. He was holding his own, but wasn't going to be able to for much longer until Osprey bailed him out.

                          That was the birth of a beautiful friendship. Lucas saw a chance to be a hero and use a gift he had been rejecting for good in the role of a hero. Osprey saw a rich and skilled ally. Over the years, Lucas kept up his globe trotting gambling ways, but kept a luxury apartment in Heaven. A few times a year he would visit the city and help Osprey from time to time or just play in more high stakes games that always went on among the elite of the city. Sometimes he just played in games for fun with Osprey, as a normal person, and a few others. In one game, Osprey ran out of money and Lucas won a favor from his friend. The favor happened to be the number for whoever was proving Osprey with all his gear. Never being one for technology, it was easier just to pay Osprey's support to enhance his bike and set him up with more technological equipment.

                          Upon Osprey's death, Lucas decided to make Heaven his year round home. Globe trotting was fun, but he wanted to give back and help people more than just occasionally. Due to the death of Osprey, he also inherited a ward of sorts that he was implored to take care of by Osprey and being at a different city every month wouldn't really be watching over his new charge. Of course, Lucas wasn't stupid so he waited for a couple months before establishing his new hero persona of Wild Card and head quarters out of a warehouse that had long since been forgotten.

                          Character Sheet

                          STR 12(+1) DEX 20(+5) CON 14(+2) INT 10(+0) WIS 14(+2) CHA 22(+6)

                          Toughness 5 Fortitude 5 Reflex 9 Will 6

                          Acrobatics 6(+11), Bluff 12(+18/+22*), Diplomacy 10(+16/+20*), Disguise 8(+14/+16), Drive 4(+9), Escape Artist 8(+13), Gather Information 10(+16), Street Wise 8(+8), Languages(French, German, Russian, Spanish), Notice 10(+12), Profession Gambler 12(+14), Sense Motive 12(+14), Sleight of Hand 12(+17), Stealth 8(+13)

                          Accurate Attack, All Out Attack, Attractive (1), Benefits (Wealth), Contacts, Connections, Dodge Focus (3), Elusive Target, Equipment (6), Evasion (2), Fascinate [Bluff], Luck, Power Attack, Skill Mastery [Bluff, Disguise, Sleight of Hand, Gather Information], Uncanny Dodge [Hearing], Well Informed

                          Charged Throw 7(Extras: Ranged; PF: Accurate 1, Drawbacks: Reduced Range, Requires Small Object) 13pp
                          AP: Charged Explosion 7(Extras: Ranged, Explosion; Flaws: Full Round; Drawback:Reduced Range, Requires Small Object ) 13pp[1pp]
                          AP: Charged Punch 7( PF: Accurate 1, Split Attack 2, Precise) 11pp[1pp]

                          Initiative +5

                          Attack +5
                          Melee Attack +5
                          Ranged Attack +5
                          Charged Throw +7 DC 22 Toughness
                          Charged Explosion DC 22 Toughness Explosion
                          Charged Punch +7 DC 22 Toughness

                          Defense 19
                          Knock back -4

                          Abilities 32 Saves 11 Skills 31 Feats 24 Powers 15 Combat 22 = 135pp

                          Motivation(Protect Innocents): He spends a lot of his time around some unsavory sorts given his profession, so he tries to protect the innocent and punish the wicked.

                          Secret(Identity): As his masked hero persona he has made a few enemies that he still gambles with and sees on a daily basis.

                          Honor(No Cheating): It is a point of pride that he doesn't cheat in cards and life.

                          Obsession(Cards): Ever since picking up his first deck, he has been addicted to cards and collects them to an irrational level.

                          Motor Cycle(Caltrops, Smoke Screen), Cell Phone, Undercover Vest, Playing Cards, Police Radio, Comm Link, Master Work Disguise Kit, Head Quarters Abandoned Warehouse


                          Lucas is an easy going guy who believes in human interaction over new fangled technology. While he isn't an luddite, he just prefers good old fashioned methods. To this end, he isn't very technologically savvy. In person, he comes across as a good natured person except at the card table where he makes his living. While playing, he is as tough and manipulative as they come. He is also always on the look out for cheaters because he refuses to lose to people who don't play fair. This sense also carries over to his alternate persona as Wild Card when it comes to his harsh punishment of those who take advantage of the innocent.

                          Hero Appearance
                          In costume, he is dressed as a court jester with a false face he created himself. He even has a set of contacts to not give away his eye color.

                          Build Notes
                          [url=]My characters past and present[/url]


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                            Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                            PL 10
                            150 pp


                            Soloman Jebediah Smith was born into the Fellowship of Purity like most members since it's founding more than a thousand years ago. Hidden away in a small valley in the Canadian wilderness, the devout community dedicated to a god they called Puritas maintained their membership through the occasional influx of outsiders and arranged marriages. Soloman was the result of one of these arrangements. As a boy, he dedicated himself to the pursuit of Purity and pleasing Puritas to an extent never seen before by the elders. All of his waking moments were consumed with the practices developed to purge oneself of fear and corrupting influences of the world.

                            After hitting puberty, something changed in young Soloman. Darkness followed him wherever he went and his skin turned black as midnight. Soloman wasn't the first to be different. A few in the small community had birth defects and strange abilities from birth. At the first sign of the alterations, the children were burned for being impure. In the case of Soloman, everyone thought Puritas had converted his follower beyond the sights of those less pure which only increased Solomans status in the community. It also strengthened his resolve to pursue purity above all else knowing that Puritas had blessed him with a dark covering and vision to see past darkness.

                            Upon becoming old enough to take part in the town council, Soloman was named the most devout and granted a permanent seat. Elders, men, women, and children consulted him for how to purity themselves in hopes of reaching his level of connection with Puritas. A whole decade passed before a few more youths hitting puberty started developing powers as well. Compared to Soloman's they were minor, but the youths were not nearly as devout or dedicated to the study of Puritas. So, the town moved to do what they always did to the impure, burn the children.

                            Soloman stood in silence as the death sentence was pronounced. That night, he meditated on it and came to the conclusion Puritas was a sham. Purity did not require a god to grant mortals. He realized that purity comes from within and is a state of being that transcends even the gods that may or may not exist. By this logic, it was a simple jump for him to realize that the elders were using him to enforce false ideas into the minds of others that blocked them from their path to purity. The children were not impure, the elders were. So, the next day he dispatched the elders with a blade of shadows. In shock and horror, the towns people fled before Solomans might.

                            Realizing that the people were not ready for true purity, he set out to purge the world of the impure. Of course, he also needed some money to live. So, he started making a name for himself as a mercenary for hire and corrector of wrongs, for a price. Just the few years he was at the job earned him the nick names of "The Dark Man", "Death Incarnate", "Boogeyman", and so on. His purity was untouched it was those he did the work that needed to strive to be more pure. As he saw it, a tool is neither good nor bad. It is the user who is good or bad. Soloman was the tool and the users who hired him. If he broke his purity by going against his employers than he would be at fault just as much as a rake that will not rake.

                            While between jobs and freshening up on the concept of purgatory, he received a call for a job. His studies were getting intense, so he initially turned it down. A million dollars is a lot of money though and purity did not put food on the table.One day later he was a million dollars richer and under the employ of someone else.

                            Character Sheet

                            STR 12(+1) DEX 14(+2) CON 20(+5) INT 10(+0) WIS 14(+2) CHA 16(+3)

                            Toughness 12 Fortitude 11 Reflex 7 Will 10

                            Concentration 8(+10), Gather Information 10(+13), Intimidate 15(+18), Knowledge(Theology and Philosophy) 8(+8), Notice 12(+14), Sense Motive 15(+17), Stealth 12(+14)

                            Die Hard, Dodge Focus 2, Endurance, Fearless, Fearsome Presence, Power Attack, Precise Shot, Skill Mastery(Gather Information, Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive)

                            Shadow Blast 10(PF: Accurate 2) 22pp
                            AP: Darkness Control(Obscure) 10 1pp[20pp]
                            AP: Shadow Strike 10(Extras: Penetrating, PF: Accurate 2) 1pp[22pp]
                            AP: Shadow Scry ESP 10(Visual Auditory; Extras: Simultaneous; Flaws: Medium Shadows; PF: Subtle 2) 1pp[22pp]
                            AP: Shadow Walk Teleport 7(Extras: Accurate; Flaws: Medium Shadows; PF: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Turn About, Easy) 1pp[22pp]
                            AP: Shadow Fatigue 10(PF: Accurate 2) 1pp[22pp]
                            Shadow Skin Protection 7(Drawbacks: Noticeable Night Black Skin) 6pp
                            Super Senses 10 (True Sight) 10pp
                            Shadow Ride Flight 5 (Flaws: Platform) 5pp

                            Initiative +2

                            Attack +6
                            Melee Attack +6
                            Ranged Attack +6
                            Shadow Blast +10 DC 25 toughness
                            Shadow Strike + 10 DC 25 toughness
                            Shadow Fatigue +10 DC 20 Fortitude

                            Defense 18/13(flat footed)
                            Knock back -10

                            Abilities 26 Saves 19 Skills 20 Feats 13 Powers 48 Combat 24 = 150pp


                            Honor: Soloman's word is his integrity. If he says something, takes a job, or promises something he will do it regardless of the morals involved.

                            Hatred(Hypocrisy): Those who preach one thing and do another have no place on earth for Soloman. Simply going against what one says others should do causes Soloman to be not so nice.

                            Motivation(Purpose): It is Solomans purpose in life to punish all those who deserve it and in his book everyone deserves it. Being a mercenary gives him the venue to do it.

                            Enemies(Fellowship of Purity): Solomans old cult that he left under less than friendly conditions is out for his blood, but few of them have the spine enough to try and get it.



                            Soloman is a straightforward, hardworking, and scary man. He never laughs or smiles about anything and rarely engages in leisure activities. When he does it is usually reading a book based on some philosophy or religion. In normal interaction, he is blunt and to the point bypassing social niceties. In battle or on the job, he shows no emotion or fear. His face is like a stone black wall. During interrogation or interacting with enemies, his piercing gaze can send the strongest man screaming with soiled under garments.

                            Build Notes
                            [url=]My characters past and present[/url]


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                              Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                              Edward Drake
                              PL 8
                              PP 120


                              Up until his mother died when he was 18 years old, Edward was told stories of how the crows protected his family and gave warnings to them. Edward thought it was all hogwash. Everyone in his family had been a natural healer and they even once owned a store until the business dried up. From his youth, Edward was raised with this traditional knowledge and reverence to crows. Of course, he never took it literally since it seemed ludicrous that crow spirits kept watch over his family line. To Edward, it was more of a symbol that the family passed down wisdom to each generation and kept an eye out for each other.

                              Time has a way of whittling down once large and tight knit families. Edward and his mother were all that remained of the family line that stretched back to the ancient Celts. Miranda, Edwards mother, was still determined to pass down all she had learned to her only son. Most of it involved using natural remedies to treat wounds and ease pain. It also incorporated the family guardian lore and tradition of being kind healers. On the day Miranda died of lung cancer, some say they saw a single crow outside her hospital window. Edward thought his mom told them to tell him that.

                              Growing up, Edward wasn't the smartest, but he made good enough grades to get into Osteopathic medical school with a boost from the tragic story of his mothers battle with cancer. His story did not help with the course work. Most of it did not interest him and the parts that did, the more natural methods, were looked down on as folk medicine. Consequently, his grades started slipping to the point he just dropped out after two years and took a few courses to become a certified holistic healer. In order to get his loans forgiven and honor his family tradition, he joined Healing Corps, a foundation closely associated with Clara O'Hearn Memorial Clinic that sent people with medical or healing training of any kind to remote regions that needed aid.

                              On his first assignment in 2010, he was sent to a war torn village in Brazil with a few other members of Healing Corps. Unfortunately for him, the day after he arrived in the village it was raided again and in the struggle many of the aid workers were killed with Edward almost joining them. As he lay dying from a gun shot wound from an AK-47, he saw a crow which he knew did not live in Brazil. Instinctively, he reached up his hand and pledged to help those at deaths door and beyond if only he would get a reprieve from death. The crow just cawed at him and something miraculous happened to him. All of his wounds healed and he grew black wings that enabled him to escape the massacre.

                              Surprised and shocked by the transformation, he wasn't quite sure what happened to him. He knew he had wings after checking what seemed like a million times, could hear the voices of those who had been slaughtered, could talk to those who were slaughtered to help them move on, and sense when danger was around. One day not long after his transformation, he got a vision of the Fantastic Legion being attacked. By the time he got to the location it was too late. Three were dead, but another group had saved them. He even recognized one of the other group as someone that had traveled with his aid party.

                              After the two groups went their separate ways, Edward followed the person he recognized in a very clumsy fashion that quickly revealed he was following them. Fortunately for him, they knew about him before his transformation and seemed to have an answer for what happened to him. Astonished at what he was told, Edward joined the group on their journey back to the First Responders base where he met Patrick and a job offer. When not training or on a mission, he was to be a grief counselor and holistic healer. When called up, he would be a First Responder.

                              Character Sheet

                              Abilities 34pp:
                              Strength 2 Stamina 4 Agility 2/6* Dexterity 1 Fighting 4 Intellect 0 Awareness 4 Presence 0

                              Skills 14pp:
                              Insight 10(+14), Perception 10(+14), Treatment 8(+8)

                              Powers 55pp:
                              Enhance Agility 4 8pp
                              Enhanced Advantages 4(Close Attack 2,Defensive Roll 2) 4pp
                              Talons: Strength Based Damage 4(Extras: Improved Critical +1/flat, Accurate +1/flat) 6pp
                              Flight 5(60 mph, wings) 5pp
                              Senses 2(Extended Vision, Danger Sense) 2pp
                              Caw: Affliction 6(Fatigued, Exhausted, Incapacitated; Extras: Cumulative +1/rank, Area Cone +1/rank, Resisted By Fortitude +0/rank) 18pp
                              Enhanced Parry 4 4pp
                              Senses 4(Precognition; Flaws: Uncontrolled -1/rank) 2pp
                              Senses 4(Vision Counters Invisibility, Auditory Counters Spiritual Concealment; Extras: Dimensional +/1rank, Flaws: Limited to Spirits/Astral Entities -1/rank) 4pp
                              Regeneration 2 2pp

                              Advantages 5pp:
                              Move-By Action, Uncanny Dodge, Evasion, Assessment, Close Attack 2*. Defense roll 2*, Power Attack, Great Endurance

                              Initiative +6
                              Ranged +1, Close +6
                              Talons +10 DC21 Toughness
                              Caw Cone Area DC16 Fort

                              Defense 14pp
                              Dodge 10, Fortitude 8, Parry 10, Toughness 6, Will 8

                              Abilities 34 + Skills 14 + Advantages 6 + Powers 55 + Defenses 14 = 123


                              Motivation(Help the world): He is motivated by the promise he made to help those near death and beyond. Over time, it has evolved into a desire to help the world before it gets to the point of death.

                              Prejudice(He has large wings on his back): When not wearing his long coat, people not familiar with his transformation or the Night Breed will look at him like he is a freak.

                              Quirk(Hiding Things): He likes to hide small objects similar to how crows hide food.

                              Quirk(Talking to Nothing): To others around him, he sometimes forgets that they can't hear and converse with the dead. This leads to strange looks in public sometimes.


                              Edward is a very caring and kind individual. Despite being around death so much, he is a fun loving guy. He takes his promise very seriously and goes the extra mile sometimes to help people move on after death.

                              Power Notes
                              [url=]My characters past and present[/url]


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                                Re: mrdents menagerie of characters

                                Karen Stone (Real Name Elizabeth Stein)
                                PL 6
                                90 pp


                                Elizabeth was born in Seattle, Washington to Benjamin and Mary Stein. Mary was a devoted wife who converted to Judaism to make the man she loved happy. Benjamin ran a small security firm of great reputation, but little net profit. Mary and Benjamin were always volunteering their time and donating to local charities even though money was tight. Once Elizabeth started school, Mary volunteered most of the day at the local food bank instead of getting a job to add a little more to the families thinning finances.

                                Benjamins big break came when he was offered the job as the head of a small Israeli security firm ran out of Jerusalem. While smaller, it paid much better than his current job. After consultation with his family, he decided to take the job, move his family to Jerusalem, and lay down roots in a new country for his wife and daughter. Little did he know the job paid so well because it was a front for Mossad who used the company to run some operations that needed plausible deniability on their part. This wasn't a big deal to Benjamin, he served in the Israeli army for two years after all. It also afforded Elizabeth the chance to embrace her roots by working to help the less fortunate in Jerusalem with her mother Mary.

                                One day while Elizabeth was staying with a family friend and her parents were on a romantic weekend, a car bomb went off near her parents killing them both. This left Elizabeth an orphaned 11 year old girl in a country she had only lived for 3 years. She was heart broken and might not have recovered if not for a close family friend, Maureen, who took her in and treated her like her own daughter. Maureen happened to be one of the agents who "worked" for the security firm Elizabeths dad ran. For a few years, Maureen hid the true nature of her work from Elizabeth, but Elizabeth pushed until finding out the truth that Maureen was a black ops assassin for Mossad.

                                It took a couple months more of pushing, but Maureen relented by teaching Elizabeth all the tricks of the trade. Useful things such as how to be a good shot, fitting in without standing out, separating emotion from killing targets, and other useful attributes not taught in any book. Maureen made Elizabeth promise not to go private sector, because that was on par with being a traitor to her adopted nation. Maureen passed from cancer a few months after Elizabeths 18th birthday, but Elizabeth was well on her way into becoming part of Mossad. Her accumulated skills quickly passed her through the more covert training, focused more on killing at distance and surveillance, so that within a year she was filling the vacant role left by Maureen.

                                The next 10 years went fairly well for the fast rising agent. To give her cover, an alias named Karen Stone was created for her. Karen was a reputation manager who traveled around the world to help various clients with their reputation. Most of the time it was a front to kill some terrorist, but she did do some PR and have some real clients to keep face. On mission, she was a pin point shooter and excelled at eliminating targets. When an assignment was tough, it fell on her proverbial desk. Her only line she refused to cross even though it held her back was that she would not risk innocents getting hurt. Other agents didn't mind, but she got by because she was so good.

                                Fharid Tak, the only target she failed to kill, was her greatest failure. Intelligence had suggested he was the leader of a small, but powerful, terror cell operating out of Paris. In reality, he was the terror cell. On more than one occasion he was in Elizabeths sights, but a car or passer by got in the way. The one shot she could take was with a micro explosive that failed to trigger because of the worn down parts. It also worked the other way. Fharid had been sent to take care of her, or at least her disguised persona. A few car bombs and missed sniper shots narrowly missed killing her and it got to the point Fharid was pulled off his assignment with a draw implicitly declared.

                                Two years later, her path crossed Fharid's again on accident. This time she wouldn't fail. A bomb was planted on the only path available, line of sights were secure, and the right time of day to avoid innocents getting hurt was planned. The one thing she couldn't control was children who were up later than usual and playing in the alley. It was only two children who happened to be the sons of a radical cleric preaching Israels demise, so she was ordered to pull the trigger regardless of the danger to the children. For a minute she kept her finger on the trigger and let it go. Fharid got away.

                                Inquires ensued, fingers were pointed, but her past spoke for itself. She was too valuable of an asset. So, she was assigned to the one job all agents hated, but was essential the nations security plans they were told. Whispers of a possible danger stirring in the community of White Sands made their way through the crazy files. No one took them seriously. Hauntings, ghosts, and things of that sort were the stuff of jokes. They needed to teach Elizabeth a lesson though, so she was assigned to investigate and had her cover identity, Karen, move to White Sands from her former home base of New York.

                                Character Sheet

                                STR 10(+0) DEX 16(+3) CON 14(+2) INT 12(+1) WIS 14(+2) CHA 14(+2)

                                Toughness 6 Fortitude 4 Reflex 6 Will 4

                                Bluff 6(+8), Computers, 4(+5), Craft(Chemical) 8(+9), Craft(Mechanical) 8(+9), Diplomacy 8(+10), Disguise 8(+10), Escape Artist 4(+7), Gather Information 4(+5), Knowledge(Public Relations) 4(+5), Languages(English, French, Russian, Arabic, Farsi), Notice 7(+9), Sense Motive 4(+6), Sleight of Hand 6(+9), Stealth 8(+11)

                                Attack Focus(Range) 3, Benefit(Alternate Identity), Benefit(Security Clearance), Contacts, Connections, Defensive Roll 4, Dodge Focus 2, Equipment 6, Evasion 1, Improved Aim, Precise Shot 2, Throwing Mastery 2, Uncanny Dodge(Auditory)


                                Initiative +3

                                Attack +4
                                Melee Attack +4
                                Ranged Attack +7
                                Sniper Rifle +7 DC 20 toughness 19-20 crit
                                Light Pistol +7 DC 18 toughness
                                Throwing Knives +4/+7 DC 16 /18 toughness 19-20 crit

                                Defense 6/2(flat footed)
                                Knock back -4

                                Abilities 20 Saves 7 Skills 21 Feats 26 Powers 0 Combat 16 = 90pp

                                Motivation(Doing Good): She tries to live up to the good example set by her parents and help people. She does it for Israel by killing terrorists and the communities she lives by helping protect them in her own subtle fashion.

                                Secret(Identity): She is really a Mossad assassin with a deep cover as an American citizen.

                                Honor(Moral Code): She will not kill innocents and has even refused to go through with a hit because of innocents being int he way.

                                Enemy(Fharid Tak): Fharid is the her white whale and she is his. Both have made attempts to knock each other off, while both were disguised, and both keep failing. Unknown to her, he is also her step brother that her father had as a result of a one night stand.


                                Sniper Rifle, Light Pistol w/ Silencer, House(Workshop, Living Space, Power System), Laptop,
                                Cell Phone, Mini Tracer, Throwing Knives, Night vision goggles


                                Karen, or rather Elizabeth, is a genuinely nice person who will help an old lady to her car, volunteer her time at the local synagogue, mentor young girls, and other good citizen stuff. Meeting her on the street she would come across as a perfectly normal person and nicer than most reputation managers. She even has a real interest in the places she lives in that she wants to make them better, without standing out too much of course. Deep down, she is fiercely loyal to Israel and a stone cold killer so long as the target is guilty and innocents don't get hurt. She will rarely cross the line of hurting innocents, even for her country.

                                Alternate Identity

                                Name: Karen Stone
                                Occupation: Reputation Manager, freelance
                                Age: 34
                                Marital Status: In a long distance relationship with Michael Loyd
                                Hobbies: Chemistry and mechanics

                                Build Notes
                                [url=]My characters past and present[/url]