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    I really need to get back to work on this. Hopefully the muse strikes soon.


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      The Galaxy at Large.

      Thanks to interactions with alien heroes like Pseudo and invasions by alien forces such as the Grue the people of Earth know they are no longer alone in the universe, though a great many of them wish that were the case. Through the space fairing adventures of folks like the Aeon Family and Daedalus the heroes of Earth actually know quite a bit about the galactic community, though even that knowledge only covers a small part of the universe. In fact it covers little more then the galactic communities of the Milky Way and Stellar Cloak galaxies.

      Recent events in those two galaxies have been shaped by two major events: the reformation of the Stellar Imperium and the subsequent conquest of the Lor Republic after the destruction of their capital world by the cosmic menace known as Collapsar and the violent conflict between the Archduchy of Crion and the Commenwealth of Interstellar Systems. The former resulted in Star Khan's empire becoming the dominant military power in the Milky Way galaxy and started a cold war between them and the Confederacy of Planets, the Thran Allegiance, the Harasheen Hegemony and the Tsavong Empire as Star Khan works to incorporate the resources of the Lor into his Empire. The Mihral Dominion meanwhile, shocked the galaxy by petitioning to join the Confederacy and even aided their forces and the Rangers of the Universe as they protected Lor refugees fleeing the forces of the Stellar Imperium.

      "There are great dangers afoot not only in this galaxy but in others, Collapsar is only one of these. We of the Mihral find it illogical to be hostile to the Confederacy of Interstellar Systems in the face of such dangers, for only by working together can we hope to defeat them. We find it even more illogical to permit Star Khan to seize control of this galaxy, if he battles them he battles us as well."
      The war between the Archduchy and the Commonwealth, aided by the Evarri Hegemony and the Transtellar Alliance resulted in the destruction of the Crion homeworld and the formation of the Republic of Crion which is ruled by the Commonwealth in all but name. Millions of soldiers on both sides were slain with atrocities committed by both sides, though the Commonwealth denies any wrongdoing on their part. The legacy of the mad former archduke Zollas D'Crion, slain by his former henchman Graf Haufman for reasons unknown, and his son Gehern D'Crion and the members of the sinister House Malakai will stain the reputation of the Republic's citizens for ages due to the horrific creations they unleashed on the galaxy to aid the Archduchy's war effort. In the end only the direct intervention of the Stellar Cloak galaxy's Galactic Guardian Silver Sentinel was able to prevent them from unleashing the dreaded Death Trooper Virus on the galaxy. Alas the end of the conflict has not improved things as the Republic of Crion is home to pirates, smugglers and other criminals many of them associated with or working directly for terrorist groups seeking to reform the Archduchy or gain revenge on the Commonwealth for the destruction of their homeworld. Many former Archduchy troops, many of them criminals of war, have fled to the Stellar Imperium where they've been warmly welcomed in the ranks of the Star Khan's military. It is rumored that Graf Haufman himself has been accepted into the ranks of Star Khan's Justicars and there are rumors of an immensely powerful woman claiming to be the daughter of Gehern D'Crion himself.

      It goes without saying that the aftermath of the conflict allowed the Stellar Imperium to encroach upon the Stellar Cloak galaxy and only the efforts of Silver Sentinel, the Aeon Family, and the Rangers of the Universe prevented the Bugs or the Grue Unity from taking more advantage of the situation then they did. Likewise the Freedom Alliance, aided by the aforementioned worthies, was able to keep the Galactic Unity from turning the situation to their own advantage. Despite such heroism things look dark as the Unity and the Stellar Imperium have a cold war going and the Commonwealth of Interstellar Systems are acutely aware that they're caught in the middle. To make things worse the Somari, a planet of highly capable technicians, defected from the Commonwealth to the Imperium exchanging their technological secrets in exchange for protection from the robot uprising that was threatening to wipe out their people.
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        The Techno Priests

        Though they claim to be a neutral force in the galaxy, nobody is quite sure what to make of the techno priests. While it is true that they've done a lot of good for a great many people in the galaxy, populations of entire planets have been saved by Techno Priest missionaries descending to a planet to deal with plagues and such, it is equally true that like the Catholic Church in Earth's middle ages the organization has a great deal of corruption within it. For every world brought to enlightenment and peace by the Union of Faith dozens more are ruled by tyrannical Bishop Princes, ruling their population with an iron fist. To say the organization was as corrupt as the Commonwealth of Interstellar Systems would not be unfair, unfortunately the truth may be far far worse.

        The organization was founded around the fall of the Terra'ssar when a man who's ship was damaged by a Terra'ssar's desperate fight against a large swarm of Bug vessels crashed on a nearby planet and came into contact with a Preserver artifact on said planet. Partially damaged by the crash itself, the artifact tried to heal the man but instead ended up merging itself WITH the man creating the being millions throughout the galaxy would come to know as the head of the Union of Faith and the leader of the Techno Priests, the Celestial Mainframe or the Cyber-Pope to those considerably less polite. He himself prefers to go by Fredrick* as he's always been a humble man.

        *Yeah I named him after Mr. Rogers. The organization might be corrupt but it's leader is a good guy after all.
        Rescuing the other personnel aboard his crashed vessel and repairing his vessel as best he could, Fredrick and his men would proceed to use the other Preserver artifacts found on the planet as well as any other technology they could lay their hands on to uplift worlds that had suffered by the fall of the Terra'ssar or in the Terra'ssar's countless wars with the Chel or the Mi'Go. Since these worlds had generally been reduced to a medieval status or worse by these events, Fredrick reluctantly chose to use a religious context to explain the abilities of himself and his men to the people they were aiding, though he's never claimed to be a god. Sadly as more people were recruited to the organization corruption began to set in and some Techno-Priests would chose to portray him as a deity in order to cement their power on primitive worlds. Though he tried to prevent this the sheer size of the organization by this point made it quite difficult to police the whole organization and having to ask the Starknights and Galactic Guardians to assist in some cases, only caused the entire organization to look bad in the eyes of some people in the galaxy. The fact that several Techno-Priests in the Galactic Unity have been corrupted into the service of the Church of Om hasn't improved things either and the exodus of certain members calling themselves Technowizards only cements the bad reputation for some people.


        Though some have indeed gone bad, the Technowizards aren't in fact an organization of evil. On the contrary they're some of the most noble and trustworthy individuals that Frederick could find. Though it appeared to some as if the Technowizards were expelled from the organization that was merely a ruse, as they're actually on a mission given to them by Frederick himself. The Celestial Mainframe had been aware of corruption within the Order for some time of course and the defection of some of his order to the Church of Om did indeed hurt him badly, however over the years he became aware of an even worse situation brewing in the Order. An evil that was not only corrupting members but thought to subvert the entire organization, including Frederick himself, not just to evil but to the service of the Crusade of Darkness itself. The culprit was none other then Orkus' right hand monster, Quasimodo.

        The Technowizards were sent to work outside the order, to gain allies to thwart Quasimodo's schemes and hopefully redeem the order as a whole. Their secondary goal was to warn as many people as they could about the situation, so that the galaxy would be prepared for the Crusade's next move as Fredrick feared that Quasimodo sought not just to conquer the Stellar Cloak Galaxy and the Milky Way Galaxy but to find some way to restore his vile lord Orcus to full strength once more.


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          Freedom League Revised

          To say the least it has not been a good couple of years for the Freedom League. While the expansion of the Crime League was bad enough, increased activity from the organization known as MENACE, a world wide crime war apparently on the horizon and Adrian Eldritch missing and presumed dead were bad the League seemed to have a solid lineup that seemed more then capable of dealing with the problems at hand. So naturally the problems began piling up at record speed. The sudden retirements of Captain Thunder and Golden Marvel were bad enough but the loss of not one but two Master Mages as Adrian Eldritch was slain and Seven was tricked by party or parties unknown into apparently destroying Una, who'd slain Eldritch, thus becoming ruler of Una's netherworld and thus unable to return to Earth shook the League to it's core. A recruitment drive and a welcome, if worrisome, return of an old teammate has potentially made the Freedom League more powerful then it's ever been but at the same time it's less experienced then before.


          Bowman: For Fletcher Beaumont III, life seems to be going on as usual or as usual as anything ever goes when you're a superhero. Dracula is still seeking revenge upon him simply for taking up the mantle of the Bowman and he recently gained the ire of a dark fae sorceress when helping Seven, just before the events that caused her to become a Dark Lord, cure Janet Clarke of the curse said sorceress had laid upon her. Thus far he's held up admirably and with the retirement of Captain Thunder has been the de-facto leader of the Freedom League. The loss of Seven has hit him somewhat hard however, as the two had begun to form an official relationship before her fall.

          Centuria: The daughter of the Centurion from another universe, which had been destroyed by the Terminus much like Centurion's own dimension had been so many years ago. Taking up the legacy of her father has, of course, proven to be difficult. Not only is a great deal expected of her but all of her father's old enemies have become hers as a matter of course particularly the fascist Ultiman known as Superior. Upon their first meeting he even had the gall to suggest she become his lover and while she handled herself more then admirably, it's quite obvious he's going to seek revenge at some point. On the upside however she's been given access to her father's Sanctum and all the resources within it and she's met up with a familiar face. Though he's only a Centurion robot given sapience, so that Centurion would be able to have a son of sorts, Centuria actually remembers a version of him from her own world where he's her brother.

          Daedalus: The Cunning Greek has been busy, more busy then usual in fact what with having to deal with the repercussions of the fall of the Lor Republic, whatever plot the Labyrinth has come up with this week and the almost certain possibility of more alien threats in the future. That both the Star Knights and the Galactic Guardians have confirmed the last one has Daedalus more then a little bit worried and he's been working night and day in his lab in order to prepared for these threats. As a result he's not had much time to ferret out the various assets that Taurus has been using in his plots for domination of the Earth and while he has come up with plans to cover that, it still has him worried.

          Diamond: Though she's not quite shaken her bad reputation from her reality TV days with the Elite and the grandstanding portion of her superhero career, her stalwart efforts to save people during the Second Orkus Invasion has pretty much stifled any ill will for the most part. That she's done her very best to bring members of the Crime League to justice for their obliteration of the Elite, when she didn't even particularly like the Elite aside from Protection Lass, has helped in that regard. Mister Twisted of the Crime League seems to have taken a particular dislike to her and the two have faced off more then once in the past.

          Dr. Metropolis: The city spirit goes about his day pretty much as he always has. Damaged buildings are repaired as necessary, new buildings are created when he feels the need to do so or if somebody asks him (usually donating to one of his favorite charities while doing so.) Lately however he's taken to aiding the city's homeless, using his powers to provide living space for them as well as food and water. While city officials aren't quite sure what to make of this, these acts have drawn the ire of the Highest Society who think that the homeless are mere vermin and aiding them is disgraceful at best and perverse at worst.

          Freedom Eagle: Though still new to the superhero scene, Thomas Clarke has been learning the ropes rather quickly and any number of supervillains opposed to anything remotely patriotic have given him all sorts of opportunities to gain experience as a superhero. The second Alien-Gator in particular seems to relish opportunities to fight with him due to the negative reputation the Freedom Eagle legacy has among his people which, of course, Thomas is completely unaware of.
          Thomas of course is still haunted by his time spent in the fae lands and the torments inflicted upon him and his siblings by the fae sorceress who'd captured them but he's been bearing up rather well, something that has been helped by his budding relationship with the new Lady Liberty. His attraction to her being rather obvious, in a non creepy way of course, Thomas has begun to draw negative attention from all sorts of transphobic sorts who believe the relationship is all sorts of wrong. Thomas' tendency to punch such people in the face has not helped matters.

          Golden Sojourner: The android son of the Centurion. Like his other dimensional sibling Centuria he's found it difficult taking up the mantle of his father as he, like she, has been pestered by his father's rogues gallery time and time again. On top of that he has to deal with android supervillains like Talos trying to enslave him so that they can use him for their own plans, usually some scheme to wipe out organic life on Earth. This has resulted in him facing off against the Entropic Master Quasimodo on roughly half a dozen occasions, sometimes on his own and sometimes alongside the Freedom League and they've been most harrowing encounters for him every single time. The freewill programmed into him by his father has allowed him to fight off the Entropic Master's influence thus far but on two separate occasions he nearly managed to seize control of an army of Centurion robots!

          Horus: While the return of the Avenger was more then welcomed by a Freedom League feeling more then a little overwhelmed by the loss of friends and the seemingly endless increase of their enemies, it is worrisome as well since it logically means that Set and/or the Serpent Queen have begun focusing their attention upon the Earth once again. At first it was believed that Horus had only returned to the Earth in order to help thwart Orkus' invasion and his presence was more then welcome. His continued presence seems to suggest yet more trouble for the Earth and given the number of rookie heroes on the team these days, this could be problematic indeed.

          Johnny Rocket: For Johnny Rocket some things never change. He's still being called out as being a bad influence and people are still insisting the Freedom League kick him out and of course his rogues gallery, particularly Maestro, keep trying to gain revenge for the numerous times he's defeated them. Somethings however have changed quite a bit and though this has caused him problems, Johnny couldn't be happier. Married life has brought with it new responsibilities including one he'd never expected: he's a daddy. Granted the child is a clone created from his DNA but it makes no difference to him, he loves her all the same and now that she's a teenager he's happy to have Jonni Thunder as his sidekick.

          Lady Liberty: Sonia Gutierrez is the newest person to wield the powers of Lady Liberty and the least experienced member of the team. Being a transgender woman has caused her no end of problems, notably people thinking that she somehow stole the powers from their previous owner and a host of transphobic people, and a few villains like Knightfire, spewing their bile in her direction. The fact that she's not quite as skilled as previous Lady Liberties at wielding her powers has left her feeling more then a bit insecure about her place on the team. The training of the previous Lady Liberty, Beth Walton-Wright, and the mentoring of Johnny Rocket, himself no stranger to bigotry, has helped in this regard somewhat though it might be awhile before Sonia finds her footing as a hero.
          Her relationship with Thomas on the other hand she's quite confident about. She likes him and she's pretty sure he likes her, it's definitely going to work out.

          Siren: Somewhat less active these days due to having to focus her time battling the Moyombe cult and Baron Samedi, in addition to thwarting various plots by the Deep Ones. The fact that the fish people have been getting bolder as of late has gotten her more then a little nervous, a fact she's shared with her teammates in the League. Naturally, given that Earth's most powerful defense against such things is missing, this was not what the League wanted to hear.

          Star Knight: Also less active with the Freedom League lately, due to having to deal with the threats of the Blackguards and the Argents among other things. She tries to check in whenever she can but the possibility of a new invasion by the Stellar Imperium and a new alien threat known as the Boskone have naturally taken up most of her attention. Mentor is aware of this situation and has considered activating a second Star Knight to protect the Earth while Maria Montoya is busy in space.

          Thunderbolt: Having inadvertently cost his father his powers and turned himself into a living lightning bolt, Ray Gardner Jr is not the happy go lucky hero that he was as a member of Next Gen. These days he's quite somber and somewhat reluctant to get close to anybody, which is annoying to Centuria since she's rather taken with him. While able to safe his life Daedalus and Dr. Atom have yet to find a way to restore his human body. Having consulted with Blackwing II and the John Smith Society on the matter, they're actually worried that there might not be a way to restore Ray.
          Ray himself meanwhile continues to fight the good fight and his father's enemies have become his own, particularly Dr. Stratos who was responsible for the trap that resulted in his current condition.


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            Freedom Knights

            It all started with a dream that the superhero known as Foreshadow had one evening. Having taken a quick catnap during what seemed to be a quiet evening, Foreshadow received a dire portent, there would be a violent attack in the city of Freehold that very night and if he didn't do anything about it a hero would most certainly die. Immediately leaping into action with his new sidekick, the third Midnight, the duo would come upon an unknown metahuman battling not only the forces of SHADOW but the second supervillain known as Dr. Scarab. Coming to the aid of the unknown metahuman a vicious threeway battle ensued with the hero's only hanging on by the skin of their teeth until the second Beacon arrived on the scene to lend them a hand. The battle was rough but the arrival of AEGIS forces caused the villains to flee and the unknown metahuman revealed himself to be the superhero Scarab reborn!

            Midnight: The fact that he teleported us to the Scarab's Lair made it rather obvious, actually.
            Revealing that both Dr. Scarab and SHADOW had been trying to eliminate him before he regained full use of his powers, Scarab contacted the superhero Raven on the advice of Foreshadow who'd had another premonition. Sure enough Raven had been investigating SHADOW activity alongside Blackwing II fearing that they were somehow tied into the activity of the Sons of Father Raven or worse actually bank rolling them. Further investigation revealed SHADOW was working with the organization know as Der Oktopus, an organization of aged Nazi war criminals, and their scheme also involved Count Reich in some manner. To make things worse the Sons of Father Raven planned to give a shard of the Raven Gem to the apparently immortal mob hitman Larry "Swingin'" London. An encounter with London brought Crimson Wings I & II into the fray and thefts by a mad scientist allied with Count Reich brought Splotch III into the proceedings as well.

            Events came to a head when all the heroes gathered in Bedlam City as Count Reich's latest plan came to fruition as he transferred the brains of Der Oktopus' membership into cloned deinonychus, intending them to lead his other clones dinosaurs on a rampage through both Bedlam City and neighboring Falconcrest City in order to keep the heroes busy as he implanted a cloned brain of Adolf Hitler into a dinosaur hybrid he dubbed the Hitlersaurus.

            Overshadow: And he wonders why I don't return his calls.
            As the heroes battled the dinosaurs across the city, eventually being reinforced by the Ungovernable, the Nowhere Men and other heroes native to Bedlam City, SHADOW proceeded to steal Der Oktopus' funds and recruit Count Reich's most competent agent Black Eagle into their organization. To make matters worse Blackbird repeatedly attempted to assassinate Blackwing and Raven as they tried to deal with the situation. Eventually however the efforts of the heroes in addition to the sheer amount of firearms in Bedlam City managed to deal with the dino situation, the Count Reich managed to escape with what he'd begun calling his Reich Raptors. It is unknown if the Sons of Father Raven managed to give Larry London a shard of the Raven Gem though Black Eagle certainly managed to steal one before fleeing the city. As for the heroes themselves, they decided to become a regular team at the suggestion of Foreshadow who had a vision of great troubles ahead if nobody stood up to face them.

            The current roster is Blackwing II, Raven, Crimson Wing I & 2, Foreshadow, Scarab and Splotch III. Dawn Wing III, Midnight III and Beacon II are junior members currently studying at Claremont Academy.
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              New Fighters For Freedom

              Though they were officially formed in the aftermath of Count Reich II's attempt to sacrifice metahuman children to his new patron The King in Yellow in order to summon that horror to Earth, the genesis for this particular version the team had begun long before that. Most of the team had known each other before hand after all due to most of them being sidekicks to members of the Freedom League who tended to hang out together at Claremont Academy simply because they'd already known each other prior to attending. Seraph, the hero formally known as Kid Divinos, had been working at Claremont for some time by that point to share his experience with the students and had already began taking the various sidekicks under his wing.

              Janet Clarke: I for one am glad some non-sidekicks joined our little group. The sidekick clique moniker was getting really old.
              Their first mission involved the various sidekicks and the Atlantean Telemachus investigating the kidnapping of several of Claremont's younger students, who'd been snatched by Count Reich II's troops while they'd been doing some shopping at a mall near the school. Over the course of the mission the heroes would encounter a young teenager named Toby Tendaze who'd accidentally stumbled into another of the villain's plans, namely the slaying of an elemental being of storm in the attempt to use it's power to create literal stormtroopers, instead Toby's interference in the ritual resulted in him receiving the being's power as the being's intelligence was infused into his dalmatian pup Lil Toby. With the assistance of the Next Gen the team was able to rescue the kidnapped students and destroy Count Reich's base and after yet another Count Reich plan was foiled by the formation of the Freedom Knights, the second Beacon was recruited into the group as well.


              Seraph: Unquestionably the team leader due to having the most experience of any member of the team. Formally the sidekick of Divinos, Raphael Jones has been trying to get out of the shadow of his former mentor for years. While he's grateful for all that Divinos has done for him, the fact that he's still treated like a sidekick even though he's in his thirties (thanks to him looking seventeen) can't help but get on his nerves sometimes. The fact that a great number of villains have tried to use that to turn him against Divinos, the most recent being the villain known as The Osprey also gets on his nerves. Still Seraph perseveres, it doesn't really matter what others think of him after all, what matters is doing the right thing. As the leader of the Fighters For Freedom Raphael hopes he's found his particular place in the world.

              Dawn Wing III: Generally considered the second in command of the team, due to being trained by Blackwing II and the legacy of the Dawn Wing name itself, despite being rather new at the whole superhero thing himself. Quite frankly he's a little overwhelmed by all that's happened since he received the shard of the Raven's Gem and he's finding it hard to live up to the expectations everybody seems to have for him and it's certainly not helping that the Sons of Father Raven, not to mention every other villain Blackwing's faced on a regular basis, pester him every chance he gets. Were it not for the emotional support he's received from the various members of the team, he might have burned out by now. Currently Seraph is the person he's closest to on the team, though a budding romance is developing between him and Janet Clarke.

              Arrow IV: Janet Clarke, once simply the daughter of a wealthy family around the beginning of the 20th century, has experienced quite a bit since she and her siblings were kidnapped by the vile Mistress Shadowthorn. Merged with a dog via magical punishment, Janet's condition was later downgraded to full blown lycanthropy when Mistress Shadowthorn attacked the Academy in order to re-kidnap the siblings or at the very least Janet's twin siblings Edwin and Zoe who were the villain's favorites. Offering the cure to Janet's condition if the twins would submit to her will, they simply teamed with the Bowman to defeat Shadowthorn and steal the cure. Human once again, for the most part anyway since she still has enhanced hearing and olfactory senses, Janet isn't quite sure what to do with herself. Certainly she enjoys being Bowman's sidekick but what place does a teenager out of time have in the 21st century?

              Jonni Thunder: The genderbent teenage clone of Jonny Thunder, raised as his daughter by Jonny and his husband. She is easily the most well adjusted member of the team and just as reckless as her father was when he was her age. Though every member of the team adores Jonni, they're also exasperated by her tendency to rush into danger without thinking and occasionally making the problem worse or getting herself hurt. Though she has been working on that, the Fighters For Freedom have none the less inherited the Freedom League's old unofficial battle cry:

              "Jonni WAIT!"

              Midnight III: Recruited as Foreshadow's sidekick when that hero had a premonition, a vision that told him not only that he should get a sidekick but that Edwin specifically should be that sidekick. At Foreshadow's suggestion Edwin has taken up the legacy of Midnight, a hero Edwin was very fond of before he was taken by Mistress Shadowthorn. The pale teenager has thrown himself into the roles of sidekick and dark avenger of the night, roles that his power over darkness making him rather well suited for. Though he tries to maintain a dark and mysterious air when he's in costume, Edwin's actually rather cheerful these days as he's having the time of his life. More then once Edwin's been caught practicing catchphrases to strike terror into the hearts of criminals (he takes drama courses to help with his delivery) or practicing an intimidating death glare in the mirror much to the amusement of his teammates. Friends have affectionately dubbed him the "great ham of justice."

              Safeguard: The teenager formally known as Protection Lass, a name she dropped almost immediately after arriving at Claremont Academy as she was quite certain it had been chosen by the network behind the Elite to make her look naive and foolish. Rather then turn her off being a superhero, her experience with the Elite has caused Safeguard to do her level best to be as unlike them as she possibly can. She's truly dedicated to helping others and, although she doesn't make a big deal out of this, bringing the Crime League to justice for their attack on the team. Though they were, aside from herself and Diamond, thoroughly unpleasant they didn't deserve to be slaughtered and she loudly takes issue with people who believe otherwise. She absolutely despises violent vigilantes and has clashed with the Hangman Guild more then once in the past as a result.

              Beacon II: The newest Lightbearer, having received his powers from Langston Albright about a week prior to the events that resulted in the formation of the Freedom Knights. As a result Adam Torres, a transgender teenager who'd been working as an intern at the Albright Institute when he'd caught the attention of the Institute's founder, is the least experienced member of the team. Fortunately for his team mates what Adam lacks in experience he makes up for in common sense and good instincts. Of course it does help that Langston Albright has taken the time to instruct Adam in the use of his powers, having been the original Beacon. He'll likely need all the help he can get too, having crossed both SHADOW and Count Reich II in his very first adventure.

              Auspex: Though now apprenticed to Johnny Warlock, Zoe was originally apprenticed to Seven a woman who was not only a mentor but one of Zoe's best friends. Needless to say Zoe is not happy to have discovered that somebody has set in motion events that have caused Seven to become a Dark Lord and she is even less happy that magical supervillains are already trying to take advantage of Seven's absence. Having become a fairly competent sorceress under Seven's tutelage, Zoe plans to do something about that. Toward this end she's not only been throwing herself into her mystical studies but studying martial arts as well since even if manipulating her chi doesn't help with her ability to wield magic, knowing how to fight is still a valuable skill regardless. She's likely going to need it too, since finding and punishing the person who laid Seven low is not going to be easy.

              In her own way Zoe is almost as obsessed with doing what's right as Safeguard is, the difference however is her relationship with Telemachus. Originally just study partners for magical studies, the two have grown rather close as of late and the Atlantean prince has managed to keep Zoe from losing herself in thoughts of vengeance.

              Triton: Prince Telemachus of Atlantis still isn't sure if he wants to be a superhero but he is sure he wants to be around Zoe Clarke. Though not as skilled at magic as she is, at least not yet, Telemachus does have access to Atlantean magical lore that Zoe doesn't have and working together the two of them have managed to achieve some very impressive magical workings. Of course he's more impressed by the time he talked Zoe into being part of the school's production of Rocky Horror Picture Show and the two of them wowed the audience with their rendition of "Time Warp." Helping Zoe with her magic is all well and good but helping Zoe discover her love of music and performing is something Telemachus considers the bigger triumph. After all there are dozens of people at Claremont who can teach Zoe how to be a better superhero, though in his opinion she doesn't need all that much help in that regard, what she needs is somebody who can show her how to relax and enjoy life.

              Stormdancer: Potentially the most powerful member of the team, Toby Tendaze is also the youngest member of the team and in way over his head when it comes to superheroing. He'd not intended to become a superhero after all, he'd just wanted to explore the abandoned house Count Reich II was lairing in because somebody had dared him too. The potential power of his weather abilities scares him, especially since his fascination with all things meteorological makes him well aware of just how much damage his powers are capable of inflicting. To his credit however, he's willing to step up to the challenge and on the occasions he's seen combat he's never hesitated to aid his teammates or any civilians.

              Zoe: Now if only we could discourage him from all those double entendres using the world 'blow' during combat.
              Having become fast friends, and possibly boyfriends, with Edwin Clarke the two of them have proven to work well together. A shared dramatic streak in the two heroes ensures that whenever the work together the scenery will end up thoroughly chewed when they're finished.


              • Re: The Mightyverse!

                The boy looked harmless enough, lounging against a tree barefoot and shirtless. With the straw hat perched upon his head one could almost imagine this was a scene from Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn at least until one got closer and spotted the anachronistic laptop the boy was using or were capable of sensing the information spirit bound within the machine, whom said boy was currently communicating with. If certain members of the Red Room could see this boy at the moment they might grow concerned as they often considered him troublesome and not just because an elaborate staff made of magi-tech, something he definitely wasn't meant to be carrying around in public, was laying by his side. In this place however there was no concern about being spotted by the likes of them as nobody could trod the soil of this place unless they were invited as the boy who currently approached him was. The turban marked him as a Sikh, though the rest of his outfit was quite modern consisting of jean shorts and a t-shirt. One might think him a normal middle eastern boy, had he not appeared in a puff of smoke in the manner of the djinn.

                "Kim Hawkins," the djinn said, cheerfully. "It is a good name, it suits you."

                "Hello Balvir," Kim replied, with a warm smile. "What news of the Sultanates?"

                The smile faded from the djinn's face as he took a seat next to his friend, a friendship they had to keep secret lest Kim's employers in the Red Room discovered that he was regularly spending time with a citizen of the Djinn Sultanates and one of the nobles at that. Naturally Kim himself didn't care what the Committee thought, hiding his friendship with Balvir simply to avoid trouble.

                "Not good I'm afraid," the djinn replied. "The ghuls have started getting rowdy again. At first we suspected the Circle of Brass, yet another of their attempts to bind my people to their service but it seems the situation is even more dire then that. It seems their Queen has risen again."

                Few things could send a chill down Kim's spine but Balvir's words certainly managed it. In his travels through the multiverse Kim had been hearing dire portents from the universe the Red Room dubbed Earth M. He'd hoped they'd been wrong but what Balvir had just told him confirmed his worst fears.

                "Nitocris and if she's free there's little doubt Nephren-Ka is on the loose as well," Kim replied. "Which I'm afraid is only part of the bad news."

                Balvir simply arched an eyebrow in question.

                "I'd been keeping an eye on the impending conflict between the vampire factions on Earth M as you know," Kim said. "One of my contacts there had been shadowing Dracula and told me that he'd been meeting up with some powerful sorcerers as of late. Two of them in fact. His report said that they were both Egyptians of indeterminate age but he'd been unable to find out anymore about them. I'd not heard anything from him for a couple of days after that so I investigated myself. I found my contact being torn apart by ghuls."

                Balvir swore magnificently.

                "The Dracula of that Earth has been trying to achieve apotheosis for years," Kim continued. "If anybody can help him do that it's him and on top of that, the Vampire Alliance has been causing trouble as well. They've gotten their claws on an interdimensional vessel."

                "How?" Balvir asked. "I'd not heard of any break ins at Blue Room facilities."

                "Turns out they've encountered a refugee from Earth 92. A member of the Flushing Flotilla who'd tried to go rogue when the Crusade of Darkness took over after Orkus' fall," Kim said. "Not certain what the vampires did with him but the Alliance has been trying to hook up with the Vampire Kingdom of Earth M for ages and that lot has many ritual uses for the blood of a metahuman."

                The information spirit in Kim's laptop happily supplied data on a great number of rituals that could be done with a metahuman, each more gruesome then the last. Of particular note to Balvir and Kim was a ritual involving blood and the ashes of a powerful vampire that could, in theory, give the powers of said vampire to somebody else if the ashes were mixed with a metahuman's blood and then drank. Kim and Balvir looked into each other's eyes for a moment or two and mutually decided not to discuss the topic further for now.

                "It is said the Ravana Order has gotten involved in that situation between the Black Pantheon and the Crusade of Darkness, though nobody is certain who's side they're actually on," Balvir said. "Only that they're involved somehow. My personal thought is they've been hired by a third party to cause trouble for both sides, though nobody's certain what the end game might be in such a scenario."

                "The situation isn't all bad at least," Kim said. "The Huntsman has apparently formed a resistance against the Crusade's occupation and has managed to get what innocents Earth 92 has to safety."

                "But if the Red Room is monitoring the situation and decides to get involved, it can only get worse," Balvir said, voicing the thought that was niggling at the back of Kim's brain. Kim just nodded and said, prompting Balvir to pull him into a warm hug.