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Steampunk Superheroes (Buck's players steer clear!)

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  • Steampunk Superheroes (Buck's players steer clear!)

    So I'm still learning the rules for M&M 3E so I can introduce it to my table, but I've already been brainstorming campaign ideas. I think my setting is what really distinguishes my story from any of the other stories we've run in different systems. Tell me what you think. Throw some ideas at me, if you'd like.

    In the world I've invented, superpowers are not uncommon. Not everybody has them, but everybody has a friend of a friend who has them. The reason the situation hasn't degenerated into a human vs. mutant conflict like the X-Men is that the expression of the super gene is completely random. Two supers could have a normal human child. Thus, the balance of humans to supers remains fairly constant.
    I'm a big steampunk fan, and immediately saw how superheroes could tie-in to such a setting. In a world where superpowers exist, technology would need to have advanced more quickly so that regular humans could keep up with supers. Further, the existence of superpowers themselves would allow humanity to advance science and technology much faster. Thus, technological marvels like huge airships and complex mechanical prosthetics would have become possible in Victorian times.

    The bulk of the campaign itself would take place in the capital city of an industrial nation ruled by the 'Natural Emperor.' The title comes from the fact that he rules by birthright - he is in fact rather unnatural, his lower body comprised of crab-like mechanical legs. Anywho, he hires the heroes of the story as bodyguards for the celebration of the empire's tricentennial anniversary. After foiling an assassination plot (or maybe not) they must figure out the identities of the assailants as the emperor's heirs are whittled down. (Spoilers: It's an extremist group seeking to use imperial law to put an 'Emperor by Design' on the throne. That is, an emperor who has gained the throne through political appointment. Even spoiler-er, the mysterious candidate is an enormous mechanical computer created by a rival nation.)
    Eventually the heroes will find themselves protecting the city with an army of mechs and supers from a neighboring country bearing down on the capital, either as the emperor's champions (if he or an heir survives), or as outlaws from the oppressive new regime. Do they prepare the huge ancient guns that solidified the empire's power long ago, while endangering countless lives in the process? Or will they take up roles as combatants in what could be a long war of attrition? Time will tell!

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    Re: Steampunk Superheroes (Buck's players steer clear!)

    I wish you good luck in developing this setting, although I fear my own ideas on the subject have yet to flower.