Is there anymore info regarding the nanoknights mentioned in worlds of freedom?
Any plans by Green Ronin to develop them more? It just occurred to me that
they could be a alternate version of the Star Knights! The official starknights
were a nice nod to the spaceknights from the comics. However, the starknights
powered armor are barely any better than the ones Aegis wears.

So I was thinking of introducing nanotech into the mix to make them more
formidable. It would certainly explain how the Grue can never capture their tech.
The nanites would simply selfdestruct or simply move on to a new appropriate host
Green Lantern/Venom symbiote style. The nanoknights could easily be a nice nod
to Blue Beetle's organization called the Reach for a darker version.

For those who don't know who they are then here's the limited backstory they were given.

Physician Friendly was said to have led the resistance against the Nanoknights
takeover of his world. In the end the nanoknights were defeated but at great cost.
Physician Friendly tried to repair his broken world but went insane since he couldn't.
Whose to say some nanoknights didn't escape? Is it possible that the nanoknights
weren't always so corrupt? Maybe they were trying to better the world like the
original Engineer from the Authority. However, in the process they became more
tyrannical. Maybe the evil nanoknights might have come from one universe where
Blackstar was successful in taking over the order of the Starknights.

The Gadget guide for Nanotech can easily represent their powers. So I have some
conjecture of what they could be like. The term nanoknight instantly brings up
imagery of knights in armor. In this case their armor are really nanosuits. Cybernetics
and robotic hounds could also play a prominent role. Perhaps they have a form of
technomagic as futuristic versions of wizards. It also sounds like the nanoknights
used nano disassemblers during the war with physician friendly.

They would have some kind of monastic warrior organization. You know with ranks
like scribes, technomages, squires, knights and paladins. The Mentor supercomputer
is composed of former nanoknight members who have uploaded their minds for

I was thinking of have one of the nanoknights nanosuits surviving. It became
sentient and developed a conscience after briefly bonding with a more noble
person. Perhaps it found it's way to the freedom city universe chased none
other than by Physician friendly himself. Physician friendly has recently killed
the previous wearer of the suit so as to study it's tech to replicate the
destruction of his own world to use it on earth prime.

Of course a heroic teenage bystander will obviously get to the suit first.
He could try to reestablish the nanoknights order as they were originally intended.