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    I've considered developing a team of characters whose common thread is that they all wear variations of powered armor (the hows and whys are to be answered later). Some styles I've considered so far:

    * STANDARD: Tony Stark, John Henry Irons, the "classic" Battlesuit archetype. One variation could be similar to the N-Forcer from Astro City, where the suit "converts" the wearer into a living energy. This version would focus more on energy-based abilities like a GL ring, rather than the techie part.
    * AQUATIC: Similar to Marvel's Stingray, designed for aquatic exploration more than combat.
    * BRUISER: Inspired by Tony Stark's Hulkbuster gear, it's designed for ground-based/mostly melee combat rather than aerial acrobatics.
    * RIOT: Think Boba/Jango Fett's armor, minus the jetpack. Not as advanced as the Standard Issue, but more than an Imperial Stormtrooper's.

    Any other variations?
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    Re: Battlesuit Variations

    I remember thinking you could turn almost any archetype into a robot by adding Fort Immunity and a few tweaks. By the same purely mechanical logic, you could make many of the archetypes power suit by packaging many of their traits as Removable and calling it a suit.

    Crimefighter could be a stealth suit with options focusing on recon, close combat and a few capture or sense-blocking attacks. The Quick Character Generator in the Deluxe book actually has a few simple suit gadgets that could easily be combined into a full power suit.

    Elemental or Energy Controller could focus on various descriptors of potential Blast and logical AEs, limited only by how "rubbery" you want to get with your science in the setting. Options include all 4 elements, Cold, Light and/or Darkness, Electricity, Magnetism, Sonic, Vibration, etc.

    Gadgeteer is more about the PC than the powers, since any powersuit can be considered one big gadget, but a Gadgeteer would be most capable of designing, repairing and upgrading their suit and others.

    MArtial Artist would be similar to the Crimefighter description, but might be flavoured more toward a particular style.

    Mimics and Shapeshifters would push the Tech descriptor, but you could certainly use some aspects. Power analysis, if not full mimicry, would probably be useful, and a suit with Growth and/or Shrinking is well represented in the source media.

    Mystic could be an Arcane Gadgeteer, with the suit being one big Artifact, handy for missions where tech just can't cut it.

    Paragon and Powerhouse are relatively easy to do as suits, mostly variations on Flight, STR and Immunities which are already common in Battlesuits.

    Psychic could be a brain-booster suit with an armor element, which could be focused on physical (ie telekinesis), mental (ie mind reading) or a combination.

    Speedster suit would be relatively straightforward, focusing on movement and speed tricks. I'm in the middle of building out a flight-based powersuit speedster myself.

    Summoner is a possibility, making a "dupe suit" that allows multiple suit control from one controller, or maybe something simpler like a suit duo with good teamwork skills. Or a suit that is a console for several smaller droid type minions, like drones or T-sphere or whatever.

    Supernatural? Werewolf/Vampire/Demon suits?

    Totem gives all kinds of animal-themed suit variants. Basically anything you've seen in Spiderman as a power armor.

    Warrior and Weapon Master for a very combat-oriented suit. You don't see many suit types that have a melee weapon, so this would fill that slot.

    And of course tech-based Weather Controller.

    They aren't all great ideas, but there's probably enough there to inspire your team.
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      Space: The ORCA suit - Orbital Recon/Combat Armor. Designed for maneuver and combat in a microgravity/vacuum environment.


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        An earlier version of Alpha Flight had a 'Groundhog' prototype to the Guardian/Vindicator suit which had *Burrowing* as it's 'travel power,' (as it was designed for mining / excavation work, primarily). I thought that was a neat 'Battlesuit' variant, apart from the more obvious 'Aquatic Battlesuit' used by Stingray (or Atlantean armor-troopers in both DC and Marvel).

        A 'dupe/summoner' battlesuit could be more of a remote-interface suit that allows one to remotely control a squadron of skeletal drones. As drones fall, cheap replacements deploy off the rack from the van. They might even be inflatable (like Baymax, from Big Hero Six cartoon/movie), under their armor, so that they 'store flat' to take up less room in the battle-van, from which you are remotely waldo-ing them (or you could be in the thick of it, in your own, less minion-y version of the same suit!).

        Iron Man had a ton of such variants, in his own personal collection (I loved the stealth armor and the space armor, as well as the Hulkbuster), and in his rogue's gallery (with the Ghost being the coolest, and least derivative, with a 'phasing' battlesuit, and the Titanium Man and Crimson Dynamo, the most derivative, but cool in their size, at least).

        A battlesuit which relied less on armor protection and instead served as a conduit/harness to channel a protective force field, which also served as a damaging field and / or could be used to generate propulsive thrust and / or force beams, could be fun. (Alternately, electromagnetism could be the energy type, with a magnetic field, electrical blasts, etc.)