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  • The Kelzud Multiverse (Kings of Valar & Terra Meta)

    I don't know where to start, so I'll just start at the beginning:

    The First Multiverse: The Astral Realm
    In the beginning, there was nothing, and that Nothing's name is Azathoth.
    Azathoth grew upset in his isolation, and in his impatience, he attempted to create a companion. He willed into existence She-Shob, the Great Black Worm of the cycle of life and the First Multiverse was born. Azathoth and She-Shob had three children. Gaia the Earth, Eros the Heavens, and Pontus the infinite Oceans of Time. It was paradise, but still Azathoth felt empty and lonely, so he and She-Shob populated this First Multiverse with the Titans, beings with infinite life force and phenomenal power. The titans were mostly Cyclops and Hetacioneres, who served the greater Titans:
    1. Kronos (The Eldest Titan), Servant of Pontus
    2. Prometheus, The Gentle Titan, Servant of Gaia
    3. Aion, The Solemn Titan, Servant of Eros

    All was well in the world, until Gaia and Kronos had seven children:
    1. Zeus
    2. Poseidon
    3. Hera
    4. Hades
    5. Aphrodite
    6. Demeter
    7. Hephaestus

    Gazing deep into Pontus, Kronos foresaw his own death at the hands of one of his own children and decided to eat them all, except Zeus, who escaped with the help of his mother Gaia.

    Zeus returned and defeated Kronos, killing him and freeing his siblings, taking over the part of the Astral Realm that would become Mount Olympus.

    Meanwhile, while this was happening, on the other side of the Astral Realm, The Titan Eros, and Gaia had 3 children:
    1. Bor Erosson
    2. Aegir Erosson
    3. Bestla Erosson

    Bor and Aegir both fathered children from Bestla:

    Children of Bor:
    1. Odin Borson
    2. Frigga Borson
    3. Baldur Borson

    Children of Aegir:
    1. Heimdall Aegirson
    2. Magni Aegirson
    3. Hel Aegirson

    Eros was less concerned with the threat his children faced against him than Kronos was, and was instead rather nurturing. He provided a golden eternal city of Asgard for them to live in, also Gifting Two powerful relics to Odin and Heimdall. Gungmir and Mjolnir respectively. However, Magni and Hel schemed against their brother, and cut out his eyes to take the legendary hammer from him. They threw his left eye into the Well of Eternity, and then threw his right eye into the Pit of Horus, both of which were wormholes that seemingly led nowhere.
    Eros was infuriated, killing Magni outright and sending Hel to a demiplane of the same name to be imprisoned forever. Grief stricken and distraught over the loss of his son, Aegir went to war with the Titans, which lasted eons.
    The conflict was resolved at The Battle of Ragnarok, where Aegir killed Eros with Mjolnir, and was subsequently melted into slag by the explosion that followed. It is rumored that this slag is what Hephaestus crafted the legendary godly shield Aegis out of.

    With the sequential deaths of two of his children, Azathoth became awakened and destroyed the first multiverse in a fit of rage. In secret, from the womb of She-Shob, Nyarlathotep is born and disappears into the fabric of the multiverse as it renews.

    The Second Multiverse: The 13 Realms
    Gaia was mortally wounded by Azathoth in trying to protect her children, which she did manage to do. In her final moments of life, she gave birth to the Mortals. Mortals were a being that had a short life, was not very powerful, but had fascinating levels of free will. If they chose to use this will to worship Immortals (as they came to be known), then the Immortals can gain power.

    Seeing the importance of this new species, Prometheus and Pontus knew they had to do something. Pontus weaved himself, wrapping his essence into reality itself, separating the broken multiverse into 13 clean, safe realms. Seeing this, and dismaying, Azathoth struck him down, corrupting him into a twisted form of madness and distrust known as Cthulhu, the Elder God.

    A young man of the Mortal Realm, by the name of Darien Kildoren, grew angry and nihilistic of the Gods of Asgard and Olympus and their lack of interest in the affairs of the Mortal Realm's inhabitants beyond their worship of them. He sought out Prometheus, who showed him the secrets of magic and provided him with a significant power source, taking multiple galaxies and compacting them into an energy source that would be come to known as The Flame of Prometheus, also known as the source of magic. Darien shared this power with 11 friends, who would come to be known as immensely powerful Kings of their own realms.

    Zeus grew so angry at Prometheus that he chained him to a mountain and left him for vultures to pick him apart forever. Eventually, Prometheus took his own life to end his suffering.
    1. Barak, The Land of Duty - A land covered in Keeps, these Keeps connected by protected roads that connect them to the Capital, where the a young boy named Atlas masters Force magic and took charge and eventually became the sole ruler of all of Barak.
    2. Hedonis, The Land of Pleasure - A land of flowers and fruit. It's always warm, there is a sweetness to the air. Music plays everywhere and the whole Realm is a giant orgy from one end to the other. Adonis, the son of a wealthy merchant, learns to wield Mind magic and becomes the undisputed King of Hedonis.
    3. LibraryWorld (The Great Library)
      The Great Library is a near endless expanse of leatherbound books. It smells of rich woods and papers, and has a deafening, chilling, silence to the place. Amidst the rows of books, there was born a child named Lethane who came to know almost everything in the Library, and thus had mastered several forms of High Magic, eventually becoming the Head Librarian.
    4. Shing-Lao, The Forbidden Realm - High Oriental Mountains connected by thin, crickety rope bridges line the Realm of Shing-Lao. There are temples, and cities, and a great palace dedicated to the Wyrm, a type of mystical Dragon creature that comes from mysterious origins. The Wyrm's were defeated by Leung Tseung, also known as The Fist. He was said to have defeated the great Wyrm Shing-Lao with a single legendary punch.
    5. Skapira, The Realm of Dragons - This is a balanced fantasy realm. Orcs, Goblins, Elves, and Gnomes are everywhere. The realm is ruled by two factions of Dragonkind: The Naga, or the Sea Dragons, and the Drakes, or the Mountain Dragons. Dragons of this realm are obsessive about treasure, and often use their hoard as a measuring stick of success vs. other dragons. A slave boy named Ian Ghelton mastered the Dragon magics and formed the Dragon Knights, who overthrew and conquered Skapira.
    6. CircusWorld, The Greatest Show in the Multiverse - This is a dimensional fun-house. No mortals live here, anything you run into is a direct magical fabrication of Jobel. Jobel was born into a fair world called Vareth. However, through complete randomness, his entire family was murdered by a Lord because of a case of mistaken identity. In the madness that followed, Jobel broke his reality, killing everyone in it and leaving him alone to his madness and his schemes.
    7. Shivana, The Realm of Compassion - Shivana is a beautiful place, with lush vegetation and clear skies, warm sun, and beautiful people everywhere. The buildings are simple stone buildings with beautiful engravings and embroidery present. A young girl by the name of Shiva is born under a certain sign, starting the Messianic era of Shivana, where Shiva builds her spear and creates a Utopia, which is put under constant threat by the Subversives, a group of manipulators trying to destroy the society.
    8. Battleworld, The Arena Realm - A barren wilderness mostly, with a few dozen Colosseum-like structures littering the landscape. Battleworld is a harsh landscape, with basically everybody in the Realm being heavily involved in The Games, an event every few weeks where warriors compete to the death to serve the Grand Emperor. A red haired, brash swordsman by the name of Fior fights his way to freedom, then onto the Throne, from where he refuses to retire as a Gladiator, being the final test of anyone who attempts to gain their freedom. Nobody ever did again.
    9. Warworld, The Realm of Endless War - Warworld is a desolate battlefield at every corner of the realm. Amidst this wasteland are powerful creatures and armies that clash with seemingly no end to the violence. A vicious man by the name of Qior starts a warband that eventually takes over all of Warworld, making him the first (and last) Emperor of Warworld.
    10. Wonderland, The Realm of Impossibility - A land that makes no sense. Talking caterpillars, White rabbits in a dreadful hurry. The classic land is like the books remember, but the Hatter seems off, and for some reason I can only get into and out of Wonderland by walking through a mirror? In reality, the Mad Hatter is the entity Nyarlathotep in disguise, and he had somehow built an inter-dimensional mirror, that allows him to view and travel to any land. He called it his "Looking Glass". A Young girl by the name of Alice Carroll fell down a rabbit hole (literally) that led to a back door extra-dimensional space leading into Wonderland. The Mad Hatter likes this girl, as she is ambitious and mischievous, much like the Hatter himself.
    11. Agroba, The Land of Wishes - A desert surrounds the mystical city of Agroba, and in that desert is the Cave of Wonders. The Sultan of Agroba found a street Urchin by the name of Alibaba Aladdin, whom he said he would adopt as a full blood prince, if he could enter the Cave and retrieve a Ruby the size of a fist for the Sultan. Aladdin found the Ruby, but also a magic carpet capable of taking him anywhere, and a mundane seeming lamp. In this lamp, he found Kelzud, an omnipotent wizard whom was wholly unmotivated to do much of anything (because he could basically live in the lamp forever without getting bored). Aladdin became a prince, eventually Sultan, marrying the Sultan's daughter Jasmine, and famously "freeing" Kelzud from his lamp.
    12. The Godly Realm (Asgard & Olympus) - Olympus & Asgard warred with each other, both physically in the Godly Realm, as well as through their followers in the Mortal Realm. Zeus had many children, as did Odin, who both became the respective Skyfathers of their pantheons. Eventually, the fighting would cease for a few thousand years, only to spark back up at the first sign of conflict.
    13. The Mortal Realm (Midgard & Albion) - Midgard was a land of cold, frigid weather, and people of the same variety. The clans would worship their Gods, who told them to raid and pillage the land of Albion for glory and riches. Albion was a land of warmth in comparison, though it was more temperate and wet than warm. The Wizard Emrys Merlin found a small starving boy that destiny told him would become a powerful king, in several lifetimes, and that the fate of the Multiverse would often rest on his shoulders. The boy's name was Darien Kildoren, and he would grow up to wield the Flame of Prometheus to unite the Mortal Realm and begin The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms. Before he would do this, he would recruit many Vassals along the way:

    • Emrys Merlin, The Wizard - Merlin has been around for a long time, with some suggesting that he may be a child of a Titan, but nobody knows for certain. It was Merlin who negotiated with The Norn to share the Fey Power with the mortals Nimue and Morgan to create the Seelie and Unseelie Fey. It was he and the Norn who crafted the sword Excalibur, to defend the Mortal Realm from threats like the Titans. In one such encounter, Jobel and Morgan La Fey teamed up to take the sword, but Merlin put a curse upon it that it must travel through time to find "The Once and Future King", which was a reference that they could not decipher. The two tricksters eventually defeated Merlin, trapping him in a demiplane of his own making, perpetually frozen in a block of magical ice with a diabolical curse on it.
    • Nimue la Fey, of the Light - Nimue was born a Mortal, but learned magic from the Flame directly, then was given the Fey Power by the Norn. She created the stunningly gorgeous fairy city of Avalon, which came to be known as the Court of the Seelie. Nimue taught Merlin Fey Magic and has done many deeds to live up to her name since.
    • Morgan La Fey, the Dark - Morgan was born the sister of Nimue, and her equal in everything except compassion. She also learned magic from The Flame, and was also given the Fey Power by the Norn. Morgan La Fey has attempted several times at taking Excalibur, and is a renowned turncoat, betraying everyone she can at any given moment. She was cast into the Sea of Regret during the Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms.
    • Beowulf, Champion of Midgard - A great warrior who was struck down by the Gods of Asgard for kneeling to King Darien, uniting their Realm, and spurning the Gods. His death was the final straw in beginning The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms.
    • Achilles, the Perfect Warrior - A near perfect warrior, Achilles was rumored to be a god. He never lost a fight, with his only blemish being an ankle wound he suffered in battle against a rival named Hector. He survived The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms.
    • Hercules, the Heroic - Bastard Mortal Son of Zeus, he fought through trials to claim his right to Godhood, only to be spurned at the Gates of Olympus for his Mortal lineage. It is rumored that he crawled out of Hades himself to gain his immortality and fight in The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms. He survived the ordeal.
    • Lancelot, the Invincible - The strongest Knight of Albion. Lancelot was the perfect soldier, nearly unbeatable in a sword fight, he survived The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms.
    • Perseus, the Wise - An outspoken critic of the Gods, Perseus was just a militia fighter trying to deal with a threat when Darien gave him the inspiration and power to fight back. He was considered the wisest Knight of Albion. He died in the resulting blast of The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms.
    • Galehad, the Loyal - Darien's best friend and confidant. He was captured and brutally, publicly executed by the Olympian Gods as a deterrent to the war. It had the opposite effect, instead bolstering Darien's forces and allowing for them to follow through with The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms.
    • Miyamoto Musashi, the Kensei - Largely considered the greatest swordsman to ever live, Musashi fought in thousands of duels on Battleworld before stalemating Fior for his freedom when Fior's sword broke. For this honor, Fior crafted him Musamune, a sword of godly quality. Musashi was thought killed in The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms, but he survived, regaining consciousness on the Island of the Master, in Mythar after the conflict. His swords were gone, and he was gravely injured by the chaos of the event.

    The Cataclysm of the Thirteen Realms

    King Darien and his Vassals enlisted the help of Thor Odinson, Odin Borson, Alice Carroll (who had somehow tricked the Mad Hatter into giving her the Looking Glass, and Prince Alibaba Aladdin (who had found the Key of Kronos and the Eye of Eternity in the Well of Eternity, as well as wielding his magic Carpet, Talaria, and the legendary Sword Cortana), and they went on the offensive against the Gods. They targeted Cthulhu, the reanimated infinite Titan Corpse of Pontus. Their attack was a stunning success, mortally wounding and eventually killing the monstrosity. However, Azathoth awakens at the revelation that yet another one of his precious creations has died. Infuriated, he launched a blast that kills everyone in the battle except:
    • Thor Odinson - Lost to the Sea of Regrets
    • Odin Borson - Lost to the Sea of Regrets
    • Miyamoto Musashi - The Island of the Master
    • Alice Carroll - Lost to the Sea of Regrets
    • Alibaba Aladdin - Lost to the Sea of Regrets
    • Lancelot - Wakes up in Mythar
    • Nimue - Escapes narrowly, retreats to Avalon
    • Achilles - wakes up in Mythar
    • Hercules - survived the blast and carried Achilles and Lancelot to the newly formed Mythar to save their lives.

    Kelzud the Djinni

    Seeing his good friend Al completely obliterated by Azathoth set Kelzud into a distant state. He seemed to hear no one, and see nothing as he walked across the battlefield and calmly extracted The Flame of Prometheus from the cold dead hand of Darien Kildoren. Then in a flash, the Multiverse was the way it IS. He orchestrated a plan to fight a cosmically long battle with the Elder Gods, cultivating new Gods, and enlisting the help of the Last Hetacioneres, the Last Cyclops, Nimue of the Light, the Norn, and Aion, the last Elder Titan. They would split the Multiverse among them, and cultivate new warriors to eventually bring down Azathoth and usher in an era of lasting peace, without the threat of annihilation.

    The Third Multiverse: The Kelzud Multiverse
    The Current Multiverse
    • Valar, The Land of Magic - Kelzud took the Wizard Kings of the 9 realms and imprisoned them in an alternate dimension, where their power could only affect the Multiverse in specific and limited ways. They could only speak to the Monarchs of the countries that they now embody, and could only operate in ways that benefit the Kingdom. Thus the Vessel system was born, and the game began. If anyone completes the Master Quest, and gets the Master Vessel, then they will attain great power and reward for it. There are 9 Countries in Valar, and 9 Monarchs.
    • Mythar, the Land of Myth - Kelzud took creatures of magical power, and nightmare creatures and threw them into a realm thrown together from the various mythologies of the 13 Realms, and it became home to many different significant figures in the Third Multiverse.
    • Chronar, The Time Realm - Ruled by Aion, wielding the Key of Kronos. Chronar sits at the edge of the Sea of Regrets, and Aion flows the Sea of Regrets into the Sea of Time, which allows time to pass normally(ish) in the Multiverse.
    • Feyar, The Feyworld - Feyar is the physical embodiment of the Fey Power, which is separated into 3 parts. Django the Pixie-Killer was a Merfolk warrior who had renowned skill with a bow and with magic. He became King of the Court of the Unseelie in the sunken city of Atlantis, the Merfolk Capital. Nimue and the Norn are still the Norn's of their respective courts.
    • The Void, Home of Castle Endwatch - The Endless Void is a frighteningly horrid twisting of space-time that approximates the location of the Elder Gods Azathoth and She-Shob. Castle Endwatch was built by Zeus and Kelzud when the Third Multiverse was created, to serve as a last line of defense in case Azathoth turns his eye toward the Mortals once again. Here, from the corpse of the Elder God Cthulhu, sprang the Abyss, and from that were born The Demon race.
    • Terra, The Mortal Realm - A Small Planet with one small continent, made up of one big city. Megacity is split up into 5 Districts, listed below. At the behest of Zeus, the Mortals in this realm were deprived of magic. Their faith and prayers are powerful sources of magic that the Gods use to keep the Third Multiverse Safe.

    1. District A - The Wealthy District. Estates, Country Clubs, Nice Restaurants, etc. The Rich People District
    2. District B - The Rural District. Farms, small towns, etc. The Farming District.
    3. District C - The Residential District. Typical Middle class living. You can find anything you need, it just might not be the best version of it ever.
    4. The Downtown District - Where all the corporate HQ's and courthouses are. Also the location of Megacity Park.
    5. District D - Penal Colony - What it says on the box. Think Escape from New York/LA.
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