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    Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

    Also, Photobucket now requires $400 a year to allow external linkage, hence why I can't see those pictures. still allows it for free.


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      Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

      Originally posted by betterwatchit View Post
      Also, Photobucket now requires $400 a year to allow external linkage, hence why I can't see those pictures.
      Huh: I can.

      Still might be a good idea to move it.


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        Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

        Originally posted by SilvercatMoonpaw View Post
        I think some of that text is out of date, considering you now have the origin of anthros as being evolved from humans.

        Also why wouldn't marsupials be considered mammals?
        Sorry, I basically redid some old pictures to save time. And at the time, I was unsure where marsupials were on the whole mammal listings.

        Originally posted by betterwatchit View Post
        Also, Photobucket now requires $400 a year to allow external linkage, hence why I can't see those pictures. still allows it for free.
        Thanks for the heads up, altered the hosting.


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          Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

          Originally posted by LoneWolf23 View Post
          Sorry, I basically redid some old pictures to save time. And at the time, I was unsure where marsupials were on the whole mammal listings.
          Yes, I am in fact rather sure I asked that exact same question back when you first posted that.


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            Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

            Okay, this little project of mine took way too long, but I can finally post it. Here is a class picture of my campaign's PCs and their classmates at Claremont Academy. This ecclectic group comprises of native metas and magical beings, as well as aliens and a few "exchange students" from other dimensions.

            Off-Center of the picture are the PCs:
            -Seraph, aka Skye Eldrich, played by my bestie supersonic250 (futa fennec with light powers)
            -Auriella, played by Matimura (Frog, Wrestler enhanced by a mask given to her by Archangel Michael)
            -Polymorph, aka Tanya Masters, played by my old friend Silkis (Rabbit, Teen Genius with a Plastimorph Suit)
            -Aka, played by Red_Rover (Snake, Former Ninja-style Assassin from a cult of orphans)
            -Cignature, played by Repede (Kobold with smoke-melding powers)
            -Wolfpack, aka Jayden Lupo, my own GMPC (Wolf with Duplication)

            Then, from left to right, their classmates:
            -Ojaltak son of Talrith, young draconic warrior from a hidden kingdom known as the Wyrmlands.
            -Spider-Muffet, aka Gwen Parker, daughter of the class teacher Peter Parker, the amazing Spider-Fox. She inherited his powers, but has to assume a spider-form to use them.
            -Sylvir Fenvaris, a Unicorn mage student from the Fae Courts (Basically, Unicorns replace Elves in my setting).
            -Iceweasel (aka Tyrone Dolk, Weasel with Ice Powers)
            -Nitro (aka Xander Sawyer, Rat with the power to create energy mini-bombs)
            -Razorback (aka William Polzysky, Pig with Superstrength/Night Invulnerability) Iceweasel, Nitro and Razorback are the "Bulk and Skull" of the group)
            -Mew (Pokemon, part of the Pokemorph Royal Family)
            -Arc Pikachu (Pokemon, Mew's adopted brother)
            -I-Mech (Female dog, aka Diane Bark, Daughter of Tony Bark, the Invincible Iron Dog)
            -Platina (aka Clementine Demarais, Mink, Future Paragon template; Daughter of French Paragon Heroine La Victoire, who has serious “Beloved Smother” issues)
            -Tails (aka Miles Prower, a transdimensional exchange student from the alternate world of Mobius)
            -Cosmo (an alien refugee learning how to use her plant powers)
            -Tiffany 'Gia (Werecheetah. Another dimensional transfer student)
            -Charlotte Pincer (genetically created Harpy. Also from Tiffany's dimension)
            -Jonni Rocket (Female Rabbit, Genderswapped Clone of Johnny Rocket, Speedster Superhero)
            -Elite, aka Khan Summers (Male Crow. Grandson of Headmaster Duncan Summers, formerly the hero Blackwing. Basically, my version of Damien Wayne)

            Again, took me a long time to finish this picture. I'll do smaller group pics for the staff.


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              Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

              Originally posted by LoneWolf23 View Post
              -I-Mech (Female dog, aka Diane Bark, Daughter of Tony Bark, the Invincible Iron Dog)
              This is a terrible pun.

              Which means it's objectively perfect. XD


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                Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

                And now, for a big update.. The Teacher of Occultism, Paranormal Sciences and Theology Professor Rom Lonewolf will offer a lecture on the basics of Cosmology in the Romverse, and an introduction to the structure of Heaven.

                A wolf in a shirt and sweatervest stands before the class, adjusting his glasses. “All right Class, today I'm going to give you the basics on the Nature of Reality. So, let's start with the first thing you need to know: reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, and the 'laws of nature' you all heard about in your old brick schoolrooms are purely local laws, superseded by higher authority all the time.”

                “Okay, if all of you science genius kids will stop grinding your teeth at me, time to clarify.” He pulls down a chart [insert map pic here] to show. “The world as we know it can be considered a hologram constructed from 36 component images. These images represent mystical energies of various natures, frequencies, and indexes of perceptibility. Thaumatologists have named these images, and hence their enegies, the decans. Each decan governs (or creates, energizes, empowers, however you want to see it) a certain type of experience or existence. Everything Anthrokind can sense about the world derives from these energies, from Life and Death and Fire to Rebellion, Delight and the Unknown. Ultimately, no matter what magical tradition a spellcaster hails from, or which entities they invoke, their power ultimately taps into the might of the decans. And the decans derive their energies from a single source; The Source of All, the Prime Mover, what religious people term the Godhead. In short, the Source is the Lamp from which the energies of existence shine, and the decans are the prisims that shape that light into the Universe we percieve. ...or at least that's how we Mystics conceptualize it. For you Science-types, consider this a very elaborate version of the Universe Simulation Argument.”

                “But there is more to the World then the physical plane you see outside the window, as you can see from the Map. The Cosmos can actually be split into Four Realms. The Physical world you experience every day is the Material Realm, which we Western Mages refer to as Assiah. The physical world of dirt and rocks and bacteria, but also the energies of sunlight and plate tectonics and cosmic rays, and the indefinables of a collector's passion or panicked fury. If a “normal” sentient being can experience it, it is an aspect of Assiah. But Assiah not only incompasses our material universe, but ~all~ material universe in the Infinite Multiverse. It is also the least “magical” realm, paradoxically because so many of the decan's energies concentrate on it. Technomancers see an analogy to radio gamming; because the decans are so thoroughly mixed and omnipresent through Assiah, detecting any specific energies becomes more diffilcut.”

                “Now, directionality is essentially meaningless outside the Material realm, but mystics traditionally conceive of the Four Realms as four concentric rings. Assiah is the outermost ring. Located “above” the Material Realm is the Astral Realm, which I know as Yetzirah. Others call it the Border, or the Ethereal Plane. The Astral plane is further divided into an “outer” and “inner layer. The outer layer mirrors the Material, although in more exagerated forms, and is more or less what most people assume the “spirit world” to be. Many astral projectors, magi and ghosts never move beyond this outer layer. In deeper zones, Yetzirah appears misty and indistinct, separating from depictions of the Physical realm to show areas and structures shaped by more powerful spiritual entities.”

                “Deeper into the the Astral plane, into the Reaches (again, only using directions for ease of description), you enter a more misty, cloudy realm navigated through the power of will and magic, until you reach more distinct Astral Dominions. While these appear to mimic various real-world or alien landscapes, they are harmless to visitors. There are various locations of note in the Astral realm, such as the land of Faerie, the Nereid city of Tritonis, the Djinn City of Brass, and the Sea of Dreams, where float the bubbles of Every Dreamworld ever dreamt by any sapient being.”

                “The next realm, the Depths of Briah, is the Iconic Realm, the Realm of Forms. Here, things get... weird. This is the realm of gods and godlike beings, embodiments of concepts like Law, Order, Craft, and Nature. The decans are more distinctly clear and separate here, and the various iconic beings derive their power more clearly. Stranger dominions can also be found here, such as the Dimension of Doors, which is actually a Nexus that connects to almost all other location across the Four Realms. The four cornerstones or compass points of Briah are the Elemental planes of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.”

                “At the edge of Briah, there is a vast chasm. The Abyss. An endless chasm in which the failed and negative energies are strongest, where the very stuff of dreams rain into and turn into nightmares. The Abyss is also known by many names, but the one that will hold the most weight here is Hell. This is the realm of Demons and Devils, and more dangerously, the Qlippoth, who lurk in the Vale of Hinnom, a crack at the very bottom channel of the Abyss, although like all the Realms, the Abyss itself is infinite, containing entire realms, subrealms and even whole planets within it's depths. It is here that those fiendish beings are emprisoned. It holds nearly countless features and subrealms, such as the cities of Dis and Shal-Mari, the pits of Abaddon and the Gorge of Fire and Ice, the Flamepits of Sheol, the rivers Styx and Acheron, and the Suicide Grove, among many others.”

                “Now, it is possible to cross the Abyss to reach the other side, without having to climb down and up again. Some travelers report a Bridge of Swords, where one literally walks on a razor's edge, or a single thread srretched across. Others say the crossing requires a leap of faith, and that those who plunge into darkness simply lacked faith. I, for one, have never attempted to cross the Abyss on my own, so I can't say.”

                “The final Realm, the Core of the Cosmos, is Atziluth, the Realm of Pure Spirit, the Seat of the Godhead itself. Travellers who claim to have visited it describe it as, is perfection. Golden sunlight, endless glowing whitness, a serried row of hypergeometrical forms.. ...all these terms have been invoked. Of course, verifying the claims of self-proclaimed visitors is impossible. Especially cynical (or paranoid) mystics believe that everyone who has claimed to visit Atziluth is luying, and that no living being who has entered it has ever returned. Why, they ask, would a magus reject perfection and walk in the cruder Realms having once tasted the ultimate? I, for one, choose not to dwell on such questions too much.”

                “Now, while I have mentioned gods and demons, I can tell those of you with a more religious bent are wondering, 'where is Heaven and where are the angels in all this?' Well, be reassured, there are angels aplenty across the Four Realms. And there is no one Heaven. Rather, there are Seven Heavens, spread across the Realms, tended by various angels, serving numerous tasks. To define angelic beings, or Celestials, in simple terms, is difficult, as they come in a myriad of forms, and are arranged in a wide hierarchy of ranks and roles. But at their core, they all share certain traits; all Angels derive from the very substance of the Source of All, beings of pure ethereal quintessence, given form either by the Source itself, shaped by another angelic being, or by one of those gods that have allied with the Heavens. They can usually be found in service to a higher power, such as an archangel or a deity, though many are also free, serving none but their own selfless nature.”

                “Now, angels are not perfect, far from it. Although by nature they are normally good and selfless, sometimes an angel can be corrupted by selfish ideas or twisted notions of right or wrong. This may lead an angel to become rebellious, or even worse, to Fall, becoming a devil. Not a demon, I should specify. Devils are fallen Angels. Demons were never Angels to begin with. Although calling one or the other the wrong name is a good way of pissing off either kind of fiend.”

                “As for the geography of the Heavens, it is divided into seven parts, spread across the Four Realms. The First Heaven, the home of the stars, is basically the Astral Plane spread across space. The Second Heaven, the anchor of the planets, is a deeper astral realm. It essentially sits 'below' the first heaven, holding huge invisible anchors that extend away to infinity, crossing into the Material where they attach and support the motions of the planets. Some Technomancers hypothesize that the Second Heaven might be Hyperspace as seen through magic.”

                “The Third Heaven is the first layer that resembles the familiar mortal world, although parts of it resemble your cliched cloudy realm. It is where most good souls dwell in Personal Heavens, sub-realms shaped by the soul's desires. Here is also the location of Eden, relocated from the Earthly realm after Adam and Eve were cast out, as well as the Manna Fields, and the Celestial Sea.”

                “The Fourth Heaven is at the outer edge of Yetzirah, bordering into Briah. It lies at the foot of celestial mountains, partially hilly and partially flat. The home of many prominent angels, it is the location of the Elysian Fields, where many of the msot blessed souls dwell in a pastoral realm, and the Gilded City, which is what most people think of when they imagine Heaven as a great city warded by a pair of pearly gates.”

                “The Fifth Heaven lies deeper into Briah, and rests fully upon the celestial mountains, in a mixture of slopes and terraces. The souls residing in the fifth Heaven are of people who made special efforts to serve the cause of good and light. Most of them live in the various crystal domes strewn about the Plane, or in smaller, more rural settlements on mountain terraces.”

                “The Sixth Heaven is the highest layer to which mortal souls are normally allowed, home to the souls who made the greatest of sacrifices in the name of good. It is also the seat of the Celestial Council, where the highest ranking angels and archangels run the day-to-day affairs of the Heavens, decide the fate of the Four Realms, and conduct their war on the Hellish Hordes, as the Golden Citadel overlooks the Abyss.”

                “The Seventh Heaven is essentially what the angels call Atziluth, and only the Archangels have ever visited there and returned. And they don't talk about what they've witnessed there. On occasion, a few truly pure souls have been summoned to the Seventh Heaven, never to return. ...So so I've been told.”

                The wolf smiles. “Now then, this concludes our introduction to the Mystical Realms of the cosmos. Next lesson, we shall explore some of the individual realms of the gods, discover the numerous Netherworlds and their Dark Lords, as well as various methods of occult travel.”

                And there we go for today's update.


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                  Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

                  Romverse Entry: Pokemorphs

                  In the Romverse, there is a particular group of Anthros who stand apart from the rest. The Pokemorphs. Notable for their often unusual appearance compared to normal Anthro species (as even the more common “Normal” Pokemorph types look slightly different from regular animals), being all oviparous, and most especially for the fact that every Pokemorph is capable of developing super-abilities of one form or another.

                  Even in ages prior to the superbeing population boom of the gold and silver ages, Pokemorphs were known to exist in varied numbers, often mistaken for, or assumed to be the origin of, various myths, legends and folklore. Throughout history, the most powerful Pokemorphs were mistaken for gods, while the weakest of them were often hunted as witches, or persecuted as freaks.

                  In the current age, Pokemorphs are now recognized as a parallel race of supers, and generally accepted as such, though they are still often subject to prejudice in many circles. Pokemorph power levels range from Alpha (such as Rattatas) all the way to Omega (Arceus himself).

                  The origins of the Pokemorphs is highly debated. Among their own number, they believe they were all created by Arceus, believed to be their creator god, as well as one of the creators of the universe itself. Arceus himself could not be reached for comment. Other theories involve alien intervention, a widely divergent Anthro species that underwent radical mutations, and meddling cosmic entities.

                  The Pokemorph species is scattered worldwide, with a large majority of them surviving in isolated enclaves far from Anthro society, or in hidden communities surviving under Anthrokind's collective noses. But in recent years, the growth of the Pokemorph community has led to more attempts for their people to open up to the outside world and seek to integrate themselves into larger Anthro society, with so far mixed results.

                  One community of Pokemorphs seeking integration with the outside world, the Kingdom of Kanto (once hidden within the Rockies) has sent their two royal heirs, Princess Myu Royale and her adopted brother Arc, to Claremont Academy, to gain more experience with the outside world.

                  This has unfortunately put the Academy, and Freedom City in particular, in the sights of a Pokemorph supremacy group, Team Rocket, and its current leader; an altered clone of Princess Myu, named MyuTwo.


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                    Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

                    Originally posted by LoneWolf23 View Post
                    This has unfortunately put the Academy, and Freedom City in particular, in the sights of a Pokemorph supremacy group, Team Rocket, and its current leader; an altered clone of Princess Myu, named MyuTwo.


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                      Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

                      Just realized I didn't explain the "Alpha-Omega" power levels thing. I'm taking it from Misfit Studio's "Metahuman Threat Levels" 3rd party rules.

                      The Paranormal Threat Scale
                      This scale, codified by a joint U.N. panel run by UNISON, is the officially recognized system of designating Superbeings and other Paranormal entities according to their power level, and the amount of force necessary to pacify them. It is currently in use by all major Government agencies dealing with Paranormal entities, such as UNISON, AEGIS and the Paranormal Regulation Agency, and most super-teams also use the ranking system.

                      In terms of growing threat:
                      Alpha - Minimal threat. Low-powered or modestly trained Paranormals. Can be handled by conventional law-enforcement.
                      Example: the average SHADOW trooper.

                      Beta - Beta-level Paranormals pose as much of a threat to typical law enforcement as an armed normal individual, and are at best to be handled by tactical response units, but can be held in normal detention facilities, provided caution is taken.
                      Example: your average Power-House Augmented thug, Fear-Master,

                      Gamma - This is the standard level at which point a Paranormal is recognized as a "Super", in regards to power level and destructive potential. These require special Anti-Super tactics units to deal with, and special containment procedures are necessary for long-term holding.
                      Example: the Average Supervillain.

                      Delta - Extremely powerful and dangerous Paranormals, these are capable of wide-scale devastation, and are a high-level threat to life and society. Full military responses are usually required, but Delta-level threats are best handled by other Paranormals or comparable beings or forces. Special Containment Procedures are always necessary for long-term holding.
                      Examples: MyuTwo, Gamma the Atom-Smasher, the Cosmic Mind

                      Epsilon - Also still classified as "Sovereign" class in some old filing systems, as Paranormals of this power level are legally considered sovereign nations by International law. Their residences are embassies, they're considered visiting heads of state, and their fights are wars. Their power level is such that entire nations, continents, or even worlds are considered at risk. Vast resources are expended just to anticipate and counter potential rampages. The forces of comparable Paranormals, or the concerted efforts of multiple Paranormals, are required to neutralize their threat, and unique containment procedures are required to attempt containment.

                      Examples: Doctor Destroyer, Malador the Mystic, Mechanon, Hades

                      Omega - Omega level beings are considered cosmic-level threats, either threatening entire intergalactic communities, or menacing the fabric of reality itself. These are often galactic conquerors, outer-dimensional menaces, or reality-warping cosmic entities. They can only be defeated by legendary amounts of resistance from lesser beings, the use of an Artifact of Cosmic Power, the intervention of an opposing Omega-level entity, or through trickery or diplomacy.

                      Examples: Lord Omega of the Terminus; Tyrannon the Conqueror; Empress Ist'vahna

                      On top of these, there are special notations:
                      "Arc” Notation: When added to a threat level, this notation indicates the threat is arcane/magical in nature.
                      "ET” Notation: When added to a threat level, this notation indicates the threat is extraterrestrial (alien) in nature.
                      “Dim” Notation: When added to a threat level, this notation indicates the threat is extradimensional (from another plane of existence) in nature.
                      “Psi” Notation: When added to a threat level, this notation indicates the threat is psychic in nature.
                      “Poke” Notation: When added to a threat level, this notation indicates the threat is Pokemorphic in nature.
                      "Mech" Notation: When added to a threat level, this notation indicates the threat is Mechanical in nature.
                      "Terra" Notation: When added to a threat level, this notation indicates the threat is of Terran nature, but not an Anthro.

                      Can't think of other notations to add, so let's finish this here.


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                        Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

                        Sorry for the delay in updating, for some reason I've been having trouble connecting to the forums. Anyways, here's a listing of the Superhero schools of the Romverse.

                        Superhero (and villain) Academies of the Romverse

                        Hero Schools:
                        #1-Claremont Academy (Freedom City, Maryland, USA): Private school for supers, founded by Duncan Summers (formerly Blackwing II), to find new Supers (and would-be Supers) and train them to be responsible superheroes. Although among mundanes it is only known as a very exclusive private school, it is well known among the Superhero community as the premiere facility for training the next generation of Heroes.

                        #2- Tomorrow Academy (Freehold, Massachussets, USA – located in Mass Castle): Current incarnation of the Tomorrow Society, a group dedicated to protecting Paranormals (specifically, those with the Metagene), from Mundane oppression, and vice-versa.

                        #3- Patriots Academy (New Hope, Utah, USA): School established by the Patriots to find and train a new generation of Supers. Criticized for having direct ties to the Patriots super-team, and being sponsored by AEGIS.

                        #4- Eiyu No Academy (Academy of Heroes) (Kiryoku, Japan): Established in the late 70s, this strict academy caters to distinctly japanese-style heroes. Most students are Shivan Shard Focusers (As seen in Mecha and Manga supplmement; will expand on this in future updates). Includes curriculums in Magical Girl posing, Mecha piloting, Sentai team tactics and super-pet care.

                        #5- Shule Ya Mabingwa Wa Kesho (The school for Champions of Tomorrow) (Dakana, Africa): School established by the King of Dakana, with the support of the rest of the African Union. The goal of the school is to create a new generation of heroes for the continent of Africa, and to create peaceful relations across multiple African nations.

                        #6- The New Camelot School of Bravery (United Kingdom): Sponsored by the New Round Table, this school takes in students from all over the U.K. To train them into the new generation of UK Heroes, with the valedictorians of each graduation being automatically offered knighthood and membership in the New Round Table, the U.K.

                        #7- Le College Heroique (The Heroic College) (France): The original Heroic College of France was founded in the Napoleonic age, but was disbanded during the Nazi Occupation. General DeGaulle had it reopened in the 1960s, and it has since taken in students from not just France, but also from most countries in Mainland Europe. The school is notable for it's very large proportion of unpowered “Super-Normal” student heroes.

                        #8- Supergorod Odnim (Supercity One) (Russia; classified location): originally founded during the Stalin era, Supercity One is a massive city-sized facility that was built to create superbeings for the Soviet Union. It shifted towards recruiting and educating new generations of Supers to serve and protect the people of Russia. (Rumors that many of those Supers were engineered via super-secret breeding and cloning programs are unconfirmed)

                        #9- The Shambala Temple (Shambala Vale, the Himalayas): This monestary, located deep within the hidden Shambala Vale, is difficult to earn admission to. But it is said to be the “sun source” of all unarmed fighting techniques, with techniques allegedly dating back to Ancient Atlantis. The Temple also teaches mysticism and arcane sciences, albeit focused on Asian traditions.

                        #10- The Kanto High Academy (Hidden Land of Kanto): having existed for as long as the civilization of the Pokemorphs themselves, it is here that all young Pokemorphs learn how to control and hone their powers; it is also where they learn how to battle.

                        #11- The St-Leo Academy of Innsmouth: under the guise of a prestigious Elite Coast prep school, it is actually a Wizarding school run by the organization known as the Covenant, to train a new generation of supernatural heroes. Leonine students focus on occult training, magical powers, holy gifts and learning how to fight monsters and demons. The school has support from more benevolent members of The Cabal, as well as the sponsorship of the Catholic Church's own Order of St-Leo.

                        Villain Schools:

                        #1- The Shadow Academy (Undisclosed location underneath a private academy): Supervillain school sponsored by SHADOW to create a new generation of Supervillains to do their bidding. The most prominent of the Supervillain schools, with a wide range of power types among the student body, and actively antagonizes Claremont and other hero schools.

                        #2- The Scholomance (near an unnamed lake in Transylvania): School of Necromancy and Demonology sponsored by Demon lords, it maintains working ties with Occult supervillains and organizations, yet remains fiercely independent, through the enforcement of its mysterious Headmistress,

                        #3- PSI Academy (Hidden in the Colorado Rockies): Recently founded by Professor Psion after assuming control of PSI; actively seeks out Paranormal children with powers of a Psychic nature to make into new students, willingly or not. Psion believes that Psychic powers are the natural evolutionary path of Anthrokind, and his students are often deeply indoctrinated into such beliefs.

                        #4- The Orphanage (Location unknown): A working school for assassins, founded by the Murder League. They do favor children with paranormal potential, but also have a fair share of students relying only on pure skill. The Orphans are rather infamous, already operating as professional assassins despite still being in training by the standards of the Murder League.

                        #5- Dr Calamitous’ Polymath Preparatory Institute for the Extraordinarily Gifted (Believed to be housed in a multiple number of hidden facilities around the world, some on other planets, due to frequent science-related disasters): Founded as a haven for those with “Science-Related Memetic Disorder”, but not to treat their conditions or teach them how to channel their impulses in a controlled fashion. Instead, students and faculty are fully encouraged to pursue their “Muses” as they see fit, and are provided with whatever they require, no matter how unethical.

                        #6- Team Rocket Academy (Hidden underground Facility): Founded by the original leaders of Team Rocket, now run by MyuTwo, this school recruits new Pokemorphs from across the world (willingly or otherwise), to train them in the use of their powers and combat skills, but also indoctrinating them in the Pokemorph-Supremacist doctrine of Team Rocket.

                        #7- The Nimba Dojo (Hidden Temple in Manchuria): Founded by the Nimba Cult, a society of deadly martial arts-wielding assassins. The Nimba cult believes in Enlightenment through Conflict, and as such seeks suitable new students to turn into deadly fighting machines. Paranormal students are accepted, but learn to use their powers to supplement their fighting skills, not replace them.

                        #8- The Santa Muerte Institute of the the Deadly Arts (Location Classified): Hidden underneath a very prestigious Private School, this school’s students are trained in the fine arts of criminal planning and terrorism, learning such skills as blackmail, extortion and murder, as well as more conventional business-related classes.


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                          Re: The New Romverse (Post-Crisis New 52 Ultimate Animated Relaunch Edition)

                          The Freedom League

                          Among the various super-teams of the Romverse, one sits nearly undisputed as the #1 Super-team in all of the popularity charts, and that team is the Freedom League. Founded in the 1960s to oppose the threat of the Rogue Olympian deity Hades, and uniting some of the era's greatest heroes, the League restored the spark of superheroism after the “Hidden Age” caused by McCarthyism's persecution of costumed supers.

                          The original membership, consisting of Daedalus, Centurion, Raven, Lady Liberty II, Pseudo and Bowmoose, based themselves out of Freedom City and fought a variety of menaces and villains, and soon became known as the world's greatest heroes. This lasted until the mid-70s, when some members began departing for various reasons: Raven retired due to injuries (and to raise his daughter), Lady Liberty's powers began to fade, Black Avenger quit to pursue more political causes, and a few more new members died, such as Scarab, Halogen and Tectonic. Daedalus left Earth to explore the stars, and by 1980, Centurion disbanded the Freedom League and went on to work for the newly formed U.N. Organisation, the International Super-Teams.

                          When Omegaès forces invaded Freedom City in 1993, many former Freedom League members helped battle the outer-dimensional invasion force. After Centurion's sacrifice to defeat Omega, many of them decided to revive the Freedom League in his honor alongside new members: Captain Thundercat, Daedalus, Dr. Metropomouse, Johnny Rocket II, Lady Liberty III, Raven II, and Siren became the founding members of the second incarnation of the League, eventually recruiting the likes of Pseudo, Bowmoose and Star-Knight into their ranks.

                          The recruitment of Pseudo and Star-Knight came just in time to help stop an invasion by Pseudo's race, the shapeshifting Grue. A difficult battle, it inspired the League to expand their operations worldwide, working in association with both the IST and UNISON to form a global network for Superhero cooperation, which came in just time to help stop the rogue vigilante team, the Justicars (or Psycho Seven) from destroying the White House in the Battle of Washington.

                          The League has since been at the forefront of the Superhero Community, preaching by example and setting the standard for heroics, bravery, community and helping the world, from their new base the Lighthouse, built in Earth orbit with approval of the United Nation and UNISON. The Team's membership remains in Flux to this day, with Captain Thundercat and Raven II having retired, and new members joining into what is now the biggest League team yet.

                          Current Members:

                          Bowmoose II: Technically the fourth hero to carry the mantle, the others being his grandfather and namesake, afollowed by Bowmoose's sidekick Arrow, who would become Bowmouse, taking on a sidekick who would become the second Bowmouse, before adopting the identity of Archer and leading the 90s vigilante team FORCE Ops before eventually retiring. Fletcher Beaumont III graduated from Claremont Academy 7 years ago, after a successful stint as Next-Gen's leader. Still technically a rookie hero, he's more then earned the respect of his teammates.

                          Centuria: Sometimes, History does repeat itself. Katherine Leeds crashlanded on Earth a few years ago, an escapee from an alternate Earth being ravaged by Omega's forces. An alternate Earth where the superhero Centurion started a family, and had a daughter. A Daughter he placed in an escape pod, sending her across the dimensional barrier to safety, much as his own family had done when his original Earth was destroyed by the Terminus. Though Kate was not born with powers, the dimensional shift transformed her much as it did her father, bleaching her mane and granting her the same powers it had given him. After a heady transition period, Kate has risen to the challenge of taking on her father's legacy on this world, becoming Centuria, a hero who may yet surpass her illustrious father.

                          Daedalus: Most people know Daedalus as one of the world's most brilliant scientists and inventors. Few people realize he's not just named after the mythological Daedalus... he IS that man. Granted immortality by the gods of Olympus after the death of his son, he has spent centuries wandering the world, learning from various historical figures (and teaching others), and has dedicated himself to spreading Enlightement across the world, and keeping Technology out of the wrong hands. He is currently dedicated towards helping the refugees from the fallen Stellar Republic, both on Star Island and the newly restored Preserver habitat on Europa now called “Starhaven.”

                          Dr Metropomouse: This mysterious being first appeared in the aftermath of the Terminus Invasion, appearing to help with the rescue effort and reconstruction. His origins are a mystery, and if knows them, he's not sharing. A strange constructed being with the ability to reshape urban landscapes around him, Metropomouse regards Freedom City as his charge, working not only to protect and repair the city, but to preserve its character and history, and advance its best qualities.

                          Johnny Rocket II: John Wade is the grandson of the original Johnny Rocket (the powers skipped a generation), and eagerly took up the heroic legacy. When both his identity and orientation were outed by an angry ex-boyffriend, the support of his grandfather and teammates (including the otherwise conservative Captain Thundercat) lead John to not only continue his heroic activities openly, but also became an outspoken advocate of equal rights. Now happily married to paramedic Chris Penny, they are also raising a teenage daughter, Jonni, a clone created by Dr Simian as part of a plot (and who's now a student at Claremont Academy)

                          Lady Liberty V: The latest heir to the heroic identity, Sonia Gutierrez is a second-generation Mexican-American transgender woman, who's courage and dedication to helping others made her an ideal candidate for the Spirit of Liberty. Currently a probationary member of the League, Sonia is very enthusiastic about living up to her predecessor's example, even if it means dealing with harsh critics and conspiracy theorists convinced she somehow “Stole” the Spirit of Liberty\s power.

                          Raven III: The man currently known as “Elliot Allen” doesn't know the name he was born with, or which Earth he was born on before he was taken as a baby and raised by the dimension-hopping Murder League to become an expert assassin named “Elite”. Fortunately, a chance encounter with a mentalist target broke his conditoning, and he escaped with the help of travellers from another dimension, finally ending up at Claremont Academy on Earth Prime. Graduating with honors, he was chosen by Callie Summers to take on the mantle of Raven. He now divides his time between crime-fighting in New York and his activities in the Freedom League as an associate member.

                          Siren: Cassandra Vale became the living vessel of the Loa Goddess of the Sea, Siren, becoming her champion in the cause of protecting anthro-kind and thwarting the plots of Baron Samedi, the two Loas locked in an ideological conflict concerning the freedom or enslavement of anthro-kind to the will of the Loas. Siren now serves as a major heroine across the Carribean region, as well as a general protector of the Oceans in general, and acts as one of the major heroic protectors of the Voudou community.

                          Star-Knight: Maria Montoya was a Police officer from California who came to the attention of the Order of the Star Knights after helping aiding one of their own, the Star-Knight Gan and the Freedom Leaguer Pseudo, in defeating a Grue infiltration plot. Recruited into the Star-Knights, Sri Montoya has since served with distinction, having to divide her attention with protecting people on Earth and out deeper in space. This has only become more difficult as now the Order has to deal with multiple new enemies, such as the cosmic menace Collapsar the Devourrer, the rogue Knight Blackstar forming his own Blackguard order, and the chaos caused by the destruction of Magna-Lor, the former capital of the Lor Republic (now become the Stellar Imperium).

                          Thunderbolt: Ray Gardener Jr, the son of Captain Thundercat, always admired his father, and hoped to one day follow in his footsteps. So when his own inherited electrical powers manifested, he eagerly signed up for Claremont Academy. His first forerays into adult superheroics on his own ended poorly, however, when he was caught in a trap by his father's old nemesis Dr Stratos. A trap intended to drain Captain Thunder's powers into his son's body, to turn the young cat into a living bomb, Ray Jr was fortunately able to retain enough control to hold on to the energy and become part of it, becoming a “living thunderbolt”. Now unable to exist outside of the advanced containment suit Daedalus and Dr Atom built for him, the newly named Thunderbolt has become a more serious figure, doing his best to fill in his father's role on the Freeom League, all too aware he's responsible for his father retiring in the first place.

                          Miracle: Cale Knight was a humble Freedom City cab driver until the day he saved the life of the superhero Divinos during the Terminus Invasion. He fully expected to be sacrificing his life to stop the Omegadrone using some device to drain the Mithran hero's power. He certainly didn't expect that breaking the device with a pipe would cause it to explode, bathing him in the cosmic energies that granted him powers similar to the alien hero's. After years of training as Divinos' sidekick and a short solo career, the newly dubbed Miracle has joined with the Freedom League to inspire a new generation.

                          All characters save for Miracle are ©Green Ronin.