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  • Earth-X - Secret World

    This thread is a work in progress.

    A few month ago, I was making a poll with my superhero-interested friends and I did ask what kind of superheroic settings they would be interested to play in. One of them add a new suggestion I did not think of, it was the concept of a world where superhero and supervillains exists in secret and several organisations are hiding the truth to the general public. A kind of World of Darkness/Men in black with super I think even if the inspiration of my friend was the video game which bear the same name. The idea appealed to me and I told him I would think about it.

    In a few month, my D&D5 campaign will be finished and I will have to suggest a new campaign to play. I think it would be a good idea to work further on that Secret World thing now that I have a little time.

    I am french and my final work will be in french but since they are a lot of M&M people here, players and GM alike, I thought it would be a good idea to work my setting here, incorporating eventually your ideas in it . Plus it permit me to work my english skills also.

    So here is the pitch:

    Earth-X is in the Earth-Prime universe, it is a parrallel Earth of Earth-Prime and the term "Secret World" in in fact its name for dimension-travelling people not native to this Earth.

    Earth-X is called Secret world because, dimensionaly speaking, it is hard to reach. There seems to be defenses to hide it from other earth and there are few travellers from this Earth who travel the multiverse.

    A few fact known about this Earth : This Earth has more or less the same chronological events from Earth-Prime but the superactivity is hidden from the public by several organisations and there is also a dimensionnal organisation policing the right to enter or leave that dimension.

    To be contined
    God forgive...not me

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    Re: Earth-X - Secret World

    Here is more details about the secret story of Secret World :

    Secret World is a Freedom City's parallel Earth. On that Earth, the timeline has been the same until 1991. At this time Overshadow returned, again, from the dead and take back SHADOW's control.

    Overshadow has a daring plan to definitely get rid of all that pesky superheros who have foiled him for too long : lower the dimensional barriers to encourage an assault from Omega, then get rid of the heroes who will be exhausted, injured or dead.

    Overshadow cannot do it by himself, so he allies himself with Taurus and Dr Sin and promise to share earth with them.

    In 1993, the dimensional barriers are sufficiently low to entice an attack from Omega in Freedom City and the plan goes extremely well : Centurion died when rupturing Omega's support armour, it was the more powerful hero and he is dead now.

    One day after that victory, Overshadow launch Operation Inundation and SHADOW and allies get rid of surviving heroes and also some villains who don't want to join the new world order, most notably Mastermind, the only rival Overshadow think could best him, dies in the explosion of his main headquarter and his body is never found.

    More than 20 years have passed since these events. A mascarade is going on : supervillains have no costumes anymore but they rule the world in the shadows? Each major mastermind rule one part of the world and above them is Overshadow.

    Unexpected things are happening now. More and more heroes are appearing in the world and SHADOW is watching this with great attention. Sometime, when one hero become too dangerous, he is neutralised one way or the other

    Will our heroes discover the truth and save the worlds ?
    God forgive...not me