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Emerald City: North Shore?

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  • Emerald City: North Shore?

    Hey folks!

    Been a long time since I ran anything M&M related but I recently got the urge to dig into the Freedomverse again.

    So, I've been pouring over the Emerald City books recently and the only thing that keeps nagging at me is that it seems that large parts of the city are left without any hooks or description? Bethlehem Heights isn't described except for the psychiatric hospital and it seems like on the north shore if it ain't a military base it's not worth talking about. Are they not described because they're not technically within city limits or is it intentionally left for GMs to develop or was there some other supplement that I'm just missing?

    I suppose, based on the maps, this question also extends to most of the Arcadian Peninsula and Council Island since they also seem to have streets and stuff on them.


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    Re: Emerald City: North Shore?

    It’s been mentioned before that a lot fo the city was NOT written up. Just like the first Freedom City 1e book, there is room for a GM to add their own to the city. In mine Emerald City I added what I called ‘Star District’ into Bridgepoint. This District are for alien refugees that had heard of my PC’s team of heroes and wanted to stay on the planet. Also allows Stormers and other beings modified by the Silver Storm to congregate as they are having a rough time in the city being different or alien and not knowing the culture.

    Sure we all would have loved something written for every part, but I am embracing the fact I can add what I want to sections of the city to make it my own.

    Also adding this now because I am restarting my campaign of Emerald City and felt I had something to add.


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      Re: Emerald City: North Shore?

      Oh yeah, I actually ended up writing a massive write up of the city, detailing different neighborhoods within the various districts and stuff. I tried to post it here but every time I clicked submit reply the site just bugged out.