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Modern "Golden Age" Setting

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  • Modern "Golden Age" Setting

    So I'm gonna run a game. Talking with the players some and we're going with being the first meta humans ever. Wild Cards comes to mind, some event causing a MH "outbreak" worldwide, not gonna use the WC history/universe tho, too much to reread and I don't want so many Jokers, tho there will be some

    So my "question" for input is this:

    Thinking PL 10, but no damage/def over 5 (just over most weapons and armor, no point being under what you can buy at the store, right?) The cause has just started, even the most powerful people haven't yet "metabolized" the changes, so they can only do so much right now, but thinking they can use XP to increase things to 10 without overwise being held back.

    PL 10 may be kinda high, but people are people, so skills and other normal human stuff is still gonna be there.

    Also, anyone much stick to the trade off stuff? It makes a bit of sense, but anyone see it in action? Kinda thinking of a "2 to 1" on this, like a 3 on on def and you can go to 6 on attack.