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    Re: A UK Campaign (Claremont Academy)

    What inspirations do you use for your adventures? I often use song titles, common phrases and book/film titles to spark the creative processes.

    I have just ran an adventure which was inspired by the title of an old film I either had never watched or was so bad I’d forgotten almost everything about it, Baby’s Day Out but the title or something about the synopsis stuck. I had a feeling that there was something about a baby loose on a building site (or Zoo, I was never inspired enough to check) and that it had a bit of a Home Alone vibe in it.

    Baby became Cassie, the powered three and three-quarter old flying toddler from Hero High that is a familiar figure flying in and around the school and instead of making her the person being kidnapped she’s the rescuer. That inspired my latest Claremont Academy session.

    The Meta-toddler Cassie sees a ‘friend’ kidnapped and chases after the hypnotised government agents – forcing the PCs to steal mopeds and give chase only to face, the four mind-controlled government agents in power armour, a toddler with powers she has no idea how to control and a Meta-hater who happens to be a powered themselves.

    Some really good roleplaying from my two PCs led to them rescuing a drugged Ms Kitty, protecting young Cassie and rescuing the bully who’d just been outed (to them at least) as a Meta themselves.



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      A Balance face-to-face-to-Skype session - Called in by Inspector Tolliver to help assist with a legal dispute and a convoy of power armour results in the rediscovery of the time-travelling robotic Saviour now referring to itself as Mekha Prime, self-proclaimed progenitor of robotic civilisation. Unfortunately the power armour can be remotely controlled as the Balance have to prevent them from escaping. for the full write up of the session.


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        Our latest Face-to-face-skype session of the Balance is now written up at

        Banshee and Akira set out to find out what happened to their friend Naomi Van Helsing and find themselves dealing with Dracula's Fourth Bride, a clan of undead ninjas and the vampire hunters known as the Night France.


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          With three players we revisited Claremont Academy or rather we don't - Ashen wakes up in Carpathia, land of his childhood, having apparently attempted to assassinate the Baroness and overthrow her Government only to have failed. He is joined by Cadet and Firewall as they try and save him by helping him escape the Capital while being hunted by Dementia, Black Dragonkin and the Baroness's Special Forces.



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            Thursday's game notes are now online - The Balance were having a quiet day until the world seemingly starts committing suicide after Westminster Bridge suddenly disappeared. To save the timeline, the team must go back in time by a couple of days and stop a temporal paradox from ever occurring. Adrian Vandaleu and Lady Amaryst with their bodyguards are assaulted by the time travelling Outer Circle of the Court of Shadows as Boire the Vampire faces off against Boire the Vampire with the Balance in the middle and with the future of that parallel timeline at risk.

            Also guest starring the late Boire the Vampire, RIP.

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              Re: A UK Campaign (Claremont Academy)

              Two Claremont Academy updates from the Balance Universe as the face-to-face session with the whole group last week fell through.

              In the bluebook session The Schadenfreude Society, Cadet gets a new motorbike, Ashen is forced to face his decisions and choices whilst trapped in virtual reality Carpathia and the Meta student body decides it time to get their own back on the Pryde Institute for their attacks on Claremont and reform the Schadenfreude Society.
              Schadenfreude is pleasure derived by someone from another person’s misfortune.


              Then Colin takes his bike to London and meets up with an old friend before he decides to infiltrate an underground fight club in ‘The First Rule of...’

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                Growing up Meta, UK-Style!

                Only two players available this week so we revisited Claremont Academy.

                Gustav and Chris visit Wessex after school and find themselves rescuing fellow student Zoe from a gang of masked attackers, including some that had previously been her friends. Then they decide to make sure she’s safe and find themselves confronting Purifiers, the Anti Metahuman League’s attack dogs.

                A very enjoyable session with the heroes-in-training.

                Full write up at https://claremontacademy.wordpress.c...-of-the-press/