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    Re: Bluebooking in a UK Campaign

    A week without an actual game but we made up for that by bluebooking.

    At Claremont Academy Ashen hadn't been around for the horror of "Things that go Bump in the Night" - in a previous post we learn about his origins while attending the Carpathian Consulate.
    In https://claremontacademy.wordpress.c...housand-steps/ Gustav decides he will stage a rebellion back home and expects the school to support him. Things don't go quite as he expects in a meeting with the head teacher Mr Summers and Naomi Van Helsing.

    Back with the Balance, the majority of the team are still trapped in the Faerie Realms. In a follow-up to "Something Wicked this Way Comes, The Princess of Skyfall wonders about the strange mortals passing through in their strange skyships in

    The research Akira did on the Faeries is revealed in
    and back on Earth the Balance 2.0 receive another of lockers Vlog posts in

    For an explanation on bluebooking go to


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      Re: A UK Campaign (Claremont Academy)

      Another full session cancelled due to 'life' so back to Claremont Academy and a visit to the theatre to see Tabitha Tobias aka Taboo and her magic show and then backstage to visit with the star. Only for their meeting to be interrupted by a couple of kidnappers in power armour forcing Firewall and Ashen to give chase.

      Close Encounter of the Third Kind

      “Ladies and gentleman, I believe that there are three kinds of magic in this world; the first is real, consisting of mystical manipulation of reality, the second type is staged illusion, trickery and misdirection, the third is Arthur C. Clarke magic – technology so advanced it seems mystical. For the next few hours, I intend to show that all three can seem indistinguishable from each other and I challenge you to prove which is which. Where does stage magic and technological trickery end and real magic begin? I will let you decide. Hope you enjoy the show!”

      Tabitha Tobias (Taboo) at the start of her Performance at the Wessex Jubilee Concert Hall

      Full notes at https://claremontacademy.wordpress.c...he-third-kind/


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        Re: A UK Campaign

        The holidays have again made getting the 'gang' together for an actual face-to-face-to-Skype session over the Christmas period 'difficult'.

        So, with the Balance still trapped in the Faerie Realms, there have again been a series of bluebooking posts. Some are foreshadowing possible future events or looking at previous as yet unexplored adventure hooks and unresolved mysteries.

        There are the outstanding mysteries of the teleporting alien corgi (first mentioned in Bluebook Session 20a: Information, Conversations, Visitations and Merchandising), Adam's ghost in the BASEment, the connection with the new hero Locker and the mystery of the New Knights of the Round Table.

        More details of the latest post can be found at

        You can read all five of the holiday bluebook sessions (so far) at the bottom of as well as all of the team's previous adventures.

        Now we just need to get everyone together to resolve the issue of why the Terminus is present in the Faerie Realm as well as trying to stop a war between the Courts of Summer and Winter.


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          Re: A UK Campaign

          They're back...

          The balance are still in the Faerie Realm, fleeing the Wylde Hunt, stopping a war between the Summer and Winter realms and an assassination attempt on Queen Titania by the Terminus before they realise that the hold the answer to restoring the Summer Kingdom to its former glory.
          They finally leave the Faerie Realm only to find themselves in a darkened street in an unrecognised city.

          Part 3 of the Faerie Realm Odyssey can be read at


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            Re: A UK Campaign

            Details of our latest face-to-face session.
            With a visiting player and a key member of The Balance unable to attend, we revisited Claremont Academy. Winter had set in at the school and mock exams are the order of the day at school so what better time to have a break and visit the fair?

            The students visit the Fair as Outrage, Cadet, Firewall and Ashen ride the rides, get into a dance off against a rival school and encounter the hypnotic influence of the mysterious Browser.

            Introducing The Pryde Institute for Troubled Meta-Teens (nicknamed the PITT) and some of its students - Apex, Scythe, Ms Kitty, Winter, Scorpion, Hi-Def and DoS.

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              Re: A UK Campaign

              Unable to get the whole group together for some time now, we had a bluebooking session about Claremont Academy detailing what had happened to Ms Kitty, Ashen's experience of trying to develop his mental shields under the tuition of the alien 'Also Rhan' and Chris is penalised for 'losing' yet another Comm-Unit.

              The session is detailed at https://claremontacademy.wordpress.c...d-the-curtain/

              Then a couple of days ago Ashen and Firewall came together during the school holidays for a rescue from a tower block on fire in St Mary Mede. When the Firefighters are frustrated and unable to rescue the remaining citizens from the top of the tower block, who are you gonna call?



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                Re: A UK Campaign

                The whole team finally comes together (only for one of the group to have to back out) so his character is run by the others so the game can continue after a month's break...

                The Balance's odyssey continues - having spent time in the Faerie Realms they finally return home to find time runs differently there and half a century has passed on Earth. An Earth that is now controlled jointly by Vampires and Mages - Humanity's free-range days are over, welcome to the Battery Farm!

                Last games play notes can be found at


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                  High School Adventures

                  My group generally play face-to-face-to-Skype (since Sam's player moved away from the area) once a fortnight (that's every two weeks for those who are unfamiliar with the term) with a bluebooking session or three in between. At times this gap has a tendency to drift as real life and work interferes with our best laid plans.

                  When we first set out to play (first time ever for any of us playing M&M and of course as I had suggested the idea I got to be the GM) we set up the Balance as a new team in a world similar but not quite the same as the Freedomverse and our own world.

                  Our primary group was intended to be able to adventure everywhere from space to the Faerie Realm and have had some fun adventures (see for the full set of adventure write ups) but because some of us work irregular shifts it wasn't always possible to get everyone together on a regular date and time (and it never feels right to play a missing players character as a NPC though we have done so on occasion - with their permission).

                  As this our primary game has frequently had multi-session campaigns it did mean that it was hard to play if only half the team turned up on the night so we agreed (in some cases reluctantly) to set up a separate campaign set in the same universe but with different characters, where each session was separate to the one before and would work with whatever players were present that night. Of the Balance players, only one has shown no interest in participating and her character did appear as her adult character in one of the filler sessions.

                  This filler campaign was a hero high campaign set in the outskirts of the city of Wessex (fictional city) in the UK (no, not a fictional country) with over a thousand pupils and about 250 boarders some of whom were meta-humans (though not all were outed).

                  The pupils were aged between 11 and 18 and those with exotic abilities were being trained to become HCP registered (HCP - Hero Certification Programme).

                  Yes its got all the standard elements you'd expect from a hack and plagiarist like myself - rival school(s), bullies, time travel, rescues. But, confession time I really enjoy the lower power level / soap opera elements of that filler campaign. It has been fun for everyone I think and the bluebooking has allowed it to retain its teen angst/school flavour (exams, bullying, sexuality etc.) which are all handled in this format leaving the face-to-face-skype sessions for adventuring.

                  Their latest adventure was rescuing people from tower block fire (no cats were harmed during the making of that session) and it made for a nice change from saving the world/universe with the main team. In a follow-up to that we bluebooked some unexpected consequences to their actions which again in very soap opera'sh but felt like a fun bit of recognition.

                  Notes for the last bluebooking session can be found at https://claremontacademy.wordpress.c...-consequences/
                  and their full write ups can be found at

                  It would be nice to get people's thoughts on the campaign so far.


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                    Re: A UK Campaign

                    We finally managed to get the whole team together for the end of the Faerie Realm Odyssey (only for our friend who joins us on Skype to have microphone problems. In the end they texted their comments and was still able to fully participate as thankfully everything else worked).

                    So in "Twice Shy and Homeward Bound" episode, the players again found themselves in the Library but this time as thieves searching for the Emerald Key of Power, the Time Blade and facing off against the Outer Circle (Thanks to JDRook for his Herolab builds of the AoV supplement "PENTACLE of SHADOWS" characters who became the Outer Circle of the Court of Shadows)

                    So after five episodes the team finally make their way back to their own time period, admittedly several months after they had first left.


                    The episode title was chosen both to tie into the previous episode (One bitten, twice shy) but also because the team members are currently using invisibility as often as they can and especially in this episode.
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                      Re: A UK Campaign

                      How do you handle players changing their characters or taking time out? Last time this happened the player was no longer able to participate, so we had his character vanish in the next adventure only to subsequently reappear later on, older and as a misguided villain.

                      In our main campaign this time one of the players decided they wanted to try out a new character (but thought they might want to bring their old character back some day) while another player suddenly decided to take a break.We elected to bluebook the situation in Unbridged - see

                      In a related bluebook post we decided to build an existing NPC computer system into a sentient self-aware artificial intelligence so we recorded the moment it upgraded a bluebook post at


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                        Re: A UK Campaign

                        Latest session now online - the Balance are called to a battle between two Meta's on a bridge only to find that the fight is tearing the bridge apart and there are people trapped. An introduction to the latest member of the group, the exoskeleton-powered Locker.


                        I reintroduced an old enemy, the Meta/sentient storm hybrid Calypso and added a seismic-powered young teen to the mix.

                        Good fun.


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                          Re: A UK Campaign - What's happened so far?

                          A comment from one of my players at the weekend got me reaching for a calculator...

                          When I started my campaign a couple of years ago I took the decision that I would write up each of the sessions afterwards. This would make it easier for the players (and guests to our world) to 'remember' what the players had done, who they had fought and what they had learnt. It detailed the history of the team and allowed others to vicariously participate.

                          I realised when I did a rough calculation that the 44 face-to-face sessions (46 if you count the two crossover sessions with Claremont High) and the 77 play-by-email bluebooking sessions to date added up to over 3/4 of a million words about the team's adventures and still going strong.

                          So what do the 3/4 million words recorded so far actually cover? Well all the episodes and bluebooking sessions can be found in chronological order at and a synopsis of their exploits is included below. I hope you will join them as they explore their universe. This is a Superhero campaign primarily set in London, the city of Wessex and throughout the UK (As well as in France, Carpathia, Gibraltar, Israel, Bali, Africa, near orbit, through Time and in the Faerie Realms - so far...)

                          Their latest bluebooking session revolves round Akira's retreat to Ffrwd Dyluan following Young Sam's departure from the team and Akira's discovery of a mysterious journal in the library - see for more details.

                          Please note my writing style has changed several times as I got better at keeping track of who did and said what during a session.


                          The very first episode – Strangers in a Strange Land was an attempt to introduce my two new players to the Mutants & Masterminds 3e system AND to a new, very different parallel universe – the aim was to make it clear from the start that they were “not in Kansas anymore, Toto” with my two players find themselves having been transported to this parallel world, straight into a temporal fight. During the episode the primary UK superhero team (The Protectors) vanished when a large part of Birmingham disappeared mysteriously. This was to leave space for the team to grow into as their potential, future replacements. It was also a nod to a PBM campaign I ran in the 90's. It introduced a number of adventure leads that would play out later in the campaign. In reality though it was too much to try and do in a single session and it became a bit confused.

                          In an attempt to take things back to basics their next adventure, Raggedy Anne was a classic ghost story and it gave the players a chance to settle in.

                          The next episode introduced two new players to the game and I decided to break them in gently, so used an adaption of a short Champions adventure (No More Mr Nice Guy) to introduce them to the Irish terrorist, Disunity Jack. (In this universe the independence of Eire never occurred and the Troubles were still happening - with Queen Elizabeth II being assassinated by a terrorist only a couple of years before.)

                          Unfortunately, following that episode one of the original players had some real life issues and could no longer attend so his character had to vanish, apparently kidnapped by his ‘time-twin’. It did give me the opportunity to emphasise the importance in this campaign on their HCP Licenses (Hero Certification Programme - see ) and my rule about no deliberate killing (it's the UK, we roll with non-lethal takedown) when Chrono is brought before a court to answer for his actions and behaviour.

                          We subsequently explored a couple of linked themes – my take on the start of the Emerald City Knights adventure and the Terminus Invasion (which would be revisited). Note several names and characters were changed to better fit our own unique background.

                          Several issues later I ended that thread for the moment and we explored some of the players backgrounds and an apparent one-off encounter with the Tea Party and the Mad Hatter (the looking glass gange from Threat Report) which introduced them to the Library and the Black Chapter.

                          That led to France (based on the Champions adventure Coriolis Effect), Carpathia, Gibraltar and finally Israel (and my take on the classic Time of Vengeance adventure).

                          Returning home the team found them back in the UK hunting a monster in the sewers under the district of Dragon’s Gate in Wessex.

                          A trip into near space with an alien Prince led to a “Mission Impossible” style rescue.

                          They subsequently meet Mace and the Untouchables, headed to the Endeavour Pub for a night of Karaoke and then meet the Archangel Gabriel (“just call me Gabby”) and Superior Rex and ‘audition’ before a rescue mission to Bali and facing the Krampus in a Christmas-themed adventure.

                          The team accidentally travelled to the destroyed city of Wessex, sometime in the future having rescued some people from a secret base on an island in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. There they discover the Earth has been invaded by inter-dimensional Reivers known as the Terminus and carry out a prisoner rescue before returning to the island.

                          Witnessing their earlier selves, the Balance set out to rescue the rest of the prisoners and stop P.I.S.C.E.S. from destroying the island whilst not being seen by their earlier selves and potentially changing time.

                          Back home, family and friends – Adam, Jean and Mai-Li – are kidnapped. To rescue them the team must agree to enter the Slaughterhouse.

                          After escaping that, The Balance spend a few days recovering only to discover there is a contract out on their heads. They meet and identify a few past and future foes and Akira has an epiphany. Then Sam and Annie head to a Comic-Con.

                          With a mystical rare prize on offer, the team find themselves dealing with a couple of assassination attempts on their lives, have to deal with a prisoner escape and meet an old foe.

                          The team return to Ffrwd Dylluan where they again meet the Oktoberkynde and are trapped by the witch hunter Hexenhammer and his recently enslaved hound, Abyss.

                          Mace was faced with the question, "does it still count as non-lethal if you ‘kill’ the undead?"

                          They undertook a trip to rebuilt a couple of orphanages in Sierra Leone whilst their new PR/Lawyer Jimmy the Fish tries to repair their reputations. On their return, they were called in to help deal with a local street gang armed with alien tech and discover a way to identify people infected with the alien control parasites.

                          A robotic Saviour sent back in time to prevent an extinction event meets the Balance.

                          A visit by a Library researcher results in an assault on the building known as the Vault and Akira’s family connection to the Fisher King is finally explained.

                          They are invited to visit Dakata in Africa. Whilst there the Country is invaded and they help defend it. In the process they meet an alien turned Goddess, Sam destroys the Raft and they discover the origin of vampires. Before leaving Africa, they agree to transport a prisoner to Kenya, find themselves saving a sentient gorilla pup and worry about what is happening with Akira.

                          A transformed Akira vanishes and then a mystical call comes in from the Library only for the intruders to be revealed as ‘Akira’ and two others. At the end the team find themselves trapped in the Faerie Realm with Akira’s evil Doppelgänger.

                          Whilst they explore, make allies and participate in a Duello Arcane to replace the missing, believed murdered, Summer Knight only to subsequently liberate him, help to stop a war and promise to undertake a task for the Winter Court at some point. While helping the Summer Knight to retain his title, the Palace is invaded by a Terminus Exploratory Force before they are sent ‘home’ only to be stranded without Akira in a dark city they didn’t recognise.

                          Discovering that the city is Wessex half a century after they had left it, they learn that the Terminus invasion was defeated by a cabal of dark mages and vampires. Now the world is controlled by them and the only way home seems to be finding a certain Emerald Key of Power. The Topaz Key leads them to the Library of the future, a library devoid of books but filled with members of the Outer Circle of the Court of Shadows.

                          Back home, Sam and Annie have some unexpected news for the rest of the team and Akira elects to take some time out. While at his ‘retreat’ he discovers a journal.

                          A few weeks later the newest member of The Balance, Locker is introduced to the public as the team face an old enemy.

                          I should point out that due to other commitments as well as weekend and evening work from myself and other players sessions can be irregular and that was why we started up the Claremont Academy sessions for when insufficient numbers could get together to play a full team session - Claremont Academy is a boarding school with day students as well. Its a normal high school with over a thousand pupils attending but unbeknownst to most of them underground is a secret training facility for training HCP students.


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                            Re: A UK Campaign

                            The astounding effort on your part is really appreciated! I haven't been involved in an active campaign in a while, but I wish I could have played through the adventures described in your post!


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                              Re: A UK Campaign

                              Originally posted by greycrusader View Post
                              The astounding effort on your part is really appreciated! I haven't been involved in an active campaign in a while, but I wish I could have played through the adventures described in your post!
                              Thank you, glad you enjoyed.


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                                Re: A UK Campaign

                                After a long break since the last face-to-face session (due to conflicting calendars) The Balance went forth to deal with a series of unlikely events in the Capital and again found themselves dealing with the robotic Gabby and his Critics Three as well as a pratfall of clowns who appeared to have de-aged the Prime Minister and her Cabinet.


                                Between games we had several bluebooking sessions such as Akira explaining what happened during his retreat and what he learnt from a mysterious journal he found (, Mary's discussion with Naomi Van Helsing about vampires and the Sanguine Grail ( as well as a glimpse of what has been happening behind the scenes with Sir damien Dalton and finally a session about Lockers first Vlog since joining the Balance at

                                Next session will be in two weeks time (we hope).
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