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    Re: A UK Campaign

    Episode 3 of the UK Claremont Academy mini-series.

    Firewall and Ashen out themselves as Meta's as several pupils find themselves sent back in time to the Terminus attack on the school nine years before, only to be caught in a 20 minute groundhog day type scenario... Can the past be changed?

    Not an easy concept to pull off with everything resetting after a short period of time but with the PCs and their student entourage changing their actions every time and then including for them to have the ability to actually make a difference.

    I must admit I expected Firewall to actively try and hide 'his' having powers so his players decision to openly come out so early really surprised me.

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      Re: A UK Campaign

      Notes from our latest M&M session (Episode 33 – Salvation in a Tin Can) now live at

      My take on first contact with my personal version of Champions Mechanon - a robotic Saviour Unit is sent back in time to oversee the birth of robotic civilisation at all costs, unfortunately he runs into Banshee, Akira and Mace from the Balance

      A filler episode as one of my players was unable to join us on the night.

      I'm currently working on two Bluebook sessions - The Claremont Academy session is about the fallout from Ashen and Firewall outing themselves as mutants last episode when they went back in time and in the other Young Sam of the Balance is having a relationship crisis. Notes hopefully complete next week.


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        Re: A UK Campaign

        Bluebooking sessions – The player of Young Sam wanted to do a bit of angst-ridden exploration of his characters relationship with Annie.

        This is one of the areas where bluebooking as a campaign add-on comes into its own and the GM and player roleplay a characters personal relationship.

        In the Claremont Academy mini-series, the two players examine the consequences of outing themselves to the other students who time travelled back to the Terminus Invasion of the school and discover that human personalities, even those of racists, can be more complicated than they expected.

        Oh and introducing them to their very own Lois Lane, reporter Zoe who writes for the Claremont Clarion, the school newspaper.



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          Re: A UK Campaign

          Balance session minus two players so decided to explore a couple of outstanding themes I'd touched on before - A visit by a Library Researcher to the BASEment results in a visit to the PISCES building known as The Vault. This results in finding out who the Fisher King was and finding the Grail (or at least one of them).

          This was my opportunity to reveal to the players who the progenitor of Akira's lineage was and to look at a re-interpretation of the Grail legends and in particular the Fisher King.The session write up can be found at
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            Re: A UK Campaign

            After a couple of weeks away, the team (minus Sam) end up visiting Dakata (my take on Green Ronin's Dakana which accidentally got misnamed and I never corrected). The team find themselves facing an invasion (or is it a rebellion?)

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              Re: A UK Campaign

              In a follow up to Into Eden (episode 35) Sam catches up with the others in the African Kingdom of Dakata but loses the Raft to a missile attack on the outskirts of the Country and arrives in time to help fight an invasion by the Paradise in Africa Army, the Red Hyena Cult and leopard men Chimaera as well as 'R' and in the process briefly meet a living Goddess.

              The notes from this week's game can be found at and follow directly on from the Into Eden session a couple of weeks before.


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                Re: A UK Campaign

                The players had a bluebook session whilst still in Dakata and learn a lot of the country's secrets including the origin of the Goddess and how vampires came to be, have the Crate upgraded and make new friends. See

                Then as requested, they agree to take Mamma Massai to the Kenyan city of Konza to stand trial as a terrorist and get mixed up with sentient gorillas searching for a kidnapped cub. They rescue the infant, help the adult gorillas escape without starting a war and try and figure out what is happening with Akira.

                To my surprise the players do not end up fighting with the gorillas but do knock down two rhinos... The episode is detailed in

                Every superhero game has to have an encounter with intelligent apes, this was the Balances.


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                  Re: A UK Campaign

                  With half the players unavailable we end up back in Claremont Academy for an adventure staring Firewall, Ashen, Young Sam and Akira (who is suffering a bit of a crisis).

                  Inspired by the Young Justice Episode “Misplaced”. The two players also have characters in my adult Balance game so their adult characters visited Claremont Academy for a school Assembly and answer students questions (yes I was that cruel and since one of the adult PCs is slowly going insane it was interesting) then their teen characters tested their combat skills against each others adult PC before heading to the nearby town of St. Mary Mede only to see all the adults vanish... The clue is in the episode title - Never the Twain Shall Meet as the episode risks creating a temporal paradox to allow the Tattered Man to cross over.



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                    Re: A UK Campaign

                    Back in the UK the Balance try to come to terms with Akira's strange behaviour after returning from Claremont Academy and his subsequent disappearance - in a couple of bluebooking sessions. In Duplicitous Duplicity ( Akira tries to use a mystical double to escape the curse only to have his duplicate body stolen by a mysterious creature leaving him stranded in the astral plane and in You Yig while I Zag ( Mary revisits the library seeking answers about the creature known as Yig and makes some plans.

                    Tonight the players were summoned to the Library which is under attack apparently from Akira and two creatures known as Gog and Magog - notes to follow soon.


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                      Re: A UK Campaign

                      The rest of The Balance are summoned to the Library only to find it under attack - from Akira! Despite the confusion the session ended with the three of them trapped in the Faerie Realms with Akira's doppelgänger facing a umbral Kraken.

                      Visit for the session write up.

                      The subsequent bluebook session detailing the original Akira's recovery and attempt to find the missing members of the Balance can be found at
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                        Re: A UK Campaign

                        Originally posted by SignalGK View Post
                        Inspired by the Young Justice Episode “Misplaced”. The two players also have characters in my adult Balance game so their adult characters visited Claremont Academy for a school Assembly
                        After Akira's behaviour in the school assembly the previous Friday it's Mace's turn to visit the school, this time to apologise! Set before the Balance's last episode, it's the Monday after the Friday before and their adventure with the Tattered Man, Time-crossed twins and mystical pendants as Mace, Ashen and Firewall get pulled into a school cover-up to protect the Ziru Sirkan (Interstellar Empire) Emperors son.

                        Details can be found at https://claremontacademy.wordpress.c...d-our-destiny/

                        There is also a new bluebooking session set several weeks later about a possible romance between Chris' and a girl at the school (only issue is that he's secretly transgender). A case of setting his player up to explore teenage romance and potential tragedy... Using bluebooking allows the players and I the opportunity to explore the joys and woes of teenage life without dominating a face-to-face-to-Skype session.



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                          A Journey through the Faerie Realms

                          Following on from the last episode (over a month ago), Akira recovered and fell asleep in a recent bluebook session ( )

                          Sam, Mace and Banshee with the now revealed Og find themselves undertaking an odyssey through the Faerie Realm. The four of them face an Umbral Kraken, rescue a couple of Dryads and save the race, meet up with the dreaming Akira, make their way to the Goblin Market at Skyfall, enter a Duello Arcane before meeting the Three Fates and discovering their presence is part of a prophecy.

                          Part 1 of the Faerie Realm Odyssey can be found at Hopefully the next session will not take so long before it sees the light.
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                            Re: A UK Campaign

                            With the Balance missing the remaining members of their support team step up.

                            A short bluebook session about reputation.

                            Starring Team Balance 2.0
                            Akira, the Holo-Ghost that is Banshee, Mace2, Android Annie, Beltane (Secondment from the The Caledonian Protectorate – Scotland) and Illustrious (Secondment from the Aontacht Eire - Irish Unity).


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                              A Journey through the Faerie Realms

                              Just written up the notes from this week's team adventure.

                              Having received a cryptic prophesy from the Three Fates last session, the Balance are still trapped in the Faerie Realm

                              They save the life of Queen Titania's Court Detective Puck and agree to investigate the fate of the Summer knight which leads them deep into the Autumnlands.

                              There they find the realm is being invaded by an old enemy, rescue sprites and an Irish mage.

                              Part 2 of the Faerie Realms Odyssey can be found at
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                                Re: A UK Campaign

                                In our Claremont Academy Game - this happens in the same weekend as Firewall and Cadet must discover why Frankenstein, Dracula, their assorted brides and minions as well as a horde of zombie teachers are roaming the school grounds.


                                Gus' is called to the Carpathian Consulate to meet with his dead fathers lawyer and instead is offered a school transfer, meets the hereditary ruler of the Country as well as his mother (one of three apparently) and experiences teen angst over everything... A Bluebooking session for the player who was unable to attend the face-to-face session above.