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    I'm an experienced tabletop RPGer. Mostly D&D (but a bit of Traveler) I've been a player a DM/GM. I'll be running some friends through a 3rd edition custom campaign world. I'm bored and wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions.

    The campaign takes place in the lovely United States of America in a pseudo-New York/Metropolis and pseudo-New Jersey/Gotham setting. So I've got two cities across the bay from each other. One is Diamond City. Six months ago Meta-Humans, Mutants and Aliens showed up here and it's become a popular tourist attraction. Meanwhile across the bay is the constantly overcast Onyx City. Crime-ridden since her founding. Horrid creatures are said to stalk the night. The Police Force does their best but the crime is so intense they are barely holding on. Luckily Onyx is where many a vigilante and mystical heroes call home.

    So? What do you think, Internet?