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My thoughts on Emerald City.

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  • My thoughts on Emerald City.

    To give a brief bit of backstory on my experience with M&M 3E, it was the first RPG I've ever read. After playing through several different systems such as D&D, FATE, and World of Darkness, I admit it was an odd choice for an introduction to the hobby. I love superheroes though, so I suppose its fitting. I remember when I first found it. At the bottom of the shelf sandwiched between the Self-Help and Religious sections, all the way in the back of my local Hastings (a chain of store that is just about to close down) I found it. The Player's Handbook, it's cover immediately memorable. I remember just sitting there and reading through the first couple of chapters and reading the interesting rules and looking at the amazing illustrations. I was wondering who those villains and heroes were, the Chinese-Mage who could make a bridge out of energy like Green Lantern, the guy who looked bit like Plastic Man with a black costume. Finally I learned that these weren't just nonsense characters, that they were going to make it into a setting. Unfortunately, I forgot about it before it came out. I got very interested in other books in other genres, but after seeing that the monthly bundle of holding, I was instantly reminded and purchased it.

    Before I go on, I must say that I haven't read the Emerald Knights adventure so I can't offer an opinion on it.

    To be brief I will separate my thoughts into Pros and Cons:

    -Almost all of the artwork is completely original and unique to this book, which is something quite noteworthy in a Green Ronin product.
    -It is a very neat idea to separate the setting into the Player's Guide which both the Player and GM know, and the Secrets book which only the GM knows.
    -The city felt very real in it's feeling and composition, if not a little too idealistic.
    -It left a decent bit of room for GMs to add their own spin and additions.
    -The Cryptid Clans. That is all.
    -The City's History with villains. And that's all I have to say about that.
    -The Heroes at the back of the book. I think each of them represents a separate part of the setting and also all of the different types of heroes in comics in general. The Solo-Hero options are very interesting and the Villain options give me great ideas for the Hero's anti-earth counterparts. My personal favorite hero was Rocky.
    -On that same note, the sample villains. Finally all of those villains we saw in the core-books that didn't make it into the Threat Reports. Now we know the backstory to the Madame Macabre (which was much less stereotypical than I thought it would be), Double-time, Killshot, and The Rubber Bandit (who did have a very stereotypical backstory). The most interesting villain who I wasn't expecting was Big Brain, who on first glance is a very stereotypical Mastermind, but actually runs the most unique villain associations I've ever read about. I definitely want to use him in a future game.

    -Minor spelling and grammar errors, but there was a notable section in the "Secret's of Emerald City" in which a paragraph that was talking about Angel Island was cut off mid-sentence and never finished.
    -The book in several parts almost assume that the reader has all of the previous books in the setting line (most from 2E) and can just pull them off the shelf.
    -Some of the portraits for the minor characters weren't very accurate to how the characters were described.
    -Some of the villains had way more potential story-hooks when some had none.
    -I wish there were more examples of Emerald City for Alternate Universes.

    Overall I would give this book an 8/10. I mostly did this review, because I felt few people ever talked about it. Now in spite of my few complaints, it is still an excellent book and I give kudos to the people who worked on it. I can't wait to find a chance to use the ideas I got from reading this book and I am looking forward to the future release of "Freedom City" for 3E.

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    Re: My thoughts on Emerald City.

    So much of my heart and time is in that book--very gratifying to hear someone enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!
    Kind regards,
    Prof. Christopher McGlothlin, M.Ed.

    Creative Pit Boss at Ghost Show Press