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    So, I've got an IRL group that me and another GM run, with the other players occasionally taking the reins every now and then. We call it Universe B, because the first MnM setting we ran became Universe A.

    Universe A ran very similarly to our universe with the exception that super-powered individuals exist. Meanwhile, Universe B... took a different path.

    See, when you've got a world where superpowers exist, that means you've got people using them. This is okay for the day to day stuff, but when wars break out and Metas get involved, you've got to account for that.

    For instance, Silhouette, one of my characters, has been alive since Greek Prehistory. She's had a hand in almost every major conflict and many of the smaller ones too. The last war she became involved in was the last war that many other Metas ever entered. World War II. Now, WWII occured mostly as it did in our universe, including the creation of the Nuclear Bomb. After the European side of the conflict mostly died down, Silhouette came to America, and noted a very similar treatment the US was giving to Japanese people as the Germans were to the Jews. So, Silhouette decided America was the bad guy, and sided with Japan. Things were going well for Japan until the US created the Bomb. They dropped the first and second on Nagasaki and Hiroshima as in the real world, but the US of Universe B never had any intention of stopping. So when they loaded up Tokyo Joe, Silhouette hijacked the plane and teleported it to Manhattan, because she thought the US needed to be taught a lesson about the use of such weapons.

    The end result was that Japan ended up with a large portion of America's West Coast. In attempts to reach a truce, Japan returned most of the territory except for the majority of California, however, the people of the Pacific Northwest had decided already that they wanted independence from any nation, and became the country of Cascadia, which understandably pissed the US off, but they were also dealing with the Mexican government trying to take back the Southwest, and so were otherwise distracted. The situation in the Southwest continued right up until the 90s, when the US decided that it was going to force Metas to become registered with the state, which would've resulted in them being sent to training camps to become the soldiers of the future. The Southern half of the remaining United States didn't like this, so they declared their intent to secede from the union (again) and offer safe harbor to any US Meta who did not wish to register. Insert another war, insert lack of Meta involvement, and the end result is the Confederate States of America were born, and the United States of America are down to the thirteen colonies to the Midwest. When that happened, the CS signed agreements with the Mexican government that would return a portion of the Southwest, and that territory became Aztlan.

    I swear this was not inspired by Shadowrun.
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    Re: Universe B

    Sounds interesting! And I know you're going for a divided America, so the history serves the end goal, but did Silhouette help Japan invade the US as well? Because by the time the bombs were dropped on Japan, the Japanese forces had been pushed pretty far back across the Pacific.