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    Quantum Catnap (working title, maybe also want to call it the AWESOMEverse) draws from old ideas of mine such as "Alien Earths from the 5th Dimension!", as well as just the inspiration given off by certain covers of things like old sci-fi and prog rock and also from some anime shows dealing with travel to alternate magical dimensions as well as science/fantasy mash-up kids cartoons from the early 80s. Combined with distaste for the black emptiness of space and you get the Horizon: a giant sky filled with a breathable ether and an endless land below, through which all interplanetary/dimensional (being the same thing) travel takes place. Vacuum exists only in pockets around suns where their undetectable anti-ether currents drive it away and force planets to rely on boring old nitrogen/oxygen.

    Sources of Super Powers, General
    Sources of Super Powers, Earth Specific
    Alien Earths, Part 1
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    Re: Quantum Catnap

    Sources of Super Powers, General

    Rainbow Radiation Exposure: There's lots of kinds of radiation. Mostly it gives you cancer or doesn't do squat. A few times they give super-powers. Except rainbow radiation -- so named because it really does glow colors -- which has no chance of killing you and a fiendishly random chance of turning you into a mutant, sometimes with super-powers.
    There are three "related" spectrums, each of three colors: white/yellow/brown (Rainbow 1), orange/blue/black (Rainbow 2), and red/green/purple (Rainbow 3). Spectrum colors can come alone, but are often associated with the others in their triplet.
    Of the three Rainbow 3 is the one most people associate with super-powers. Exposure to this rainbow has resulted in the greatest number of powered people from the Viridian Stones (named for their primarily green radiation and not their visible color) of the Emerald City region, to the purple daka-vibranium of the central African mountains, to the radiation often erroneously known as "gamma" that has created so many mutants.
    Rainbow 2 is something of a mysterious second: it's often described as "alive" due to its effects having a certain "un-random-ness" or "near-intelligent logic" compared to Rainbow 3. It's most often the explanation science types give for "magic".
    Very little is known about Rainbow 1.

    Jiva: “Jiva” simply means “alive” or “living”, and represents the height of ancient Pan science: As technology it is a device that functions with few or any mechanical, energy conduit, nano-robotic, or even life-mimicing parts. In fact many pieces of jiva-tech appear to be uninteresting homogenous units of minerals, liquids, or gasses until they activate, and some "devices" appear to have no physical structure at all. Not even the technology of the Preservers or Sky People is close. As material it is a substance that follows no logical laws regarding matter or energy. Jiva is, simply put, Clark's Law taken to the extreme: science so advanced it is magic.

    Sky People + Cthnoics/Underdwellers: In the modern age there are many beings that claim to be the gods of mythology. These guys are not gods. They may claim to be gods or to have inspired human ideas of gods, but they're lying: they are not that creative. They're more like con-artists and plagiarists: they find some low-science people, listen to their myths, then put on a disguise and parade around and pretend to be the original thing. In fact they're so good they sometimes convince themselves, keeping up "mythologies" long after they've died off in "mortals".
    They do have some very good tech, Clark's Third Law in full effect. However most of their stuff starts off as scrounged or occasionally stolen and only later do they manage to reverse-engineer it. Even then some of their best pieces are really Jiva tech, including, some speculate, their massive resistance to "mortal"-level injury and their access to magic.
    The Cthonics -- with "Underdweller" being a derisive nickname -- are the Sky Peoples' eternal rivals. And also the exact same kind of beings the difference being Cthonics go in for trans-pseudo-humanism, transforming themselves into monstrous -- or, at least, not-so-human -- shapes. They are also not as big into mimicking the stories of "mortals" and prefer to travel by a method which causes their portals to emerge under ground.
    Their tech is comparable to that of the Sky People, though with obviously greater emphasis on things like body/genetic engineering and often a wider distribution of magic talent. Some have tried to propose the Mystic bloodlines of Earth might be descendents of Cthonic/Human crossbreeds.


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      Re: Quantum Catnap

      Sources of Super Powers, Earth Specific

      Mystic Bloodline: Certain family lines seem to be part magic, mostly magical creatures but occasionally stuff like undead or even just magic human types like witches. Thing is you can't screen for these genes and their expression isn't completely predictable. These family lines have hidden among humans for who-know-how-long, aware of what they are but having kept it a secret behind illusions and being real good at almost being caught.
      Then recently their populations started increasing to the point at which they knew they weren't going to be able to play the masquerade much longer. So some of them came out. Then random "mystics" started popping up in families that had thought they were "normal". While it's true there were likely some carriers in the non-magic population why is this popping up now?
      In a world of super-powers and people not flipping out because the world is in danger every other week the worst you get is anti-magic religious nuts and racist/paranoid whackos having a new target to blame things on. Yeah, prejudice happens, but no one has gone "giant robots". Yet.

      Wild Force: There's this stuff that turns the environment into the super-wild: plants grow from seemingly nowhere and whatever animal life is around mutates into a new ecosystem. Sometimes it seems to exist in the form of a chemical gas; sometimes it acts like a virus that can infect non-living things.
      "Animals" includes people. Most of the time they lose sapience function. Fortunately this reaction is reversible. Unfortunately the physical transformations are only reducable at this time, meaning anyone caught is going to end up a catgirl at best. Usually you end up a furry. Such traits can be passed on to children and are dominant. And this stuff has been used as a terror weapon since the 80s.
      And of course there are bigoted idiots. As well as the people who pity you until you can't stand it.

      Super-Soldier: Standard Captain America story: German program, Abraham Erskine, Red Skull, Steve Rogers, dead Erskine, can't reproduce the formula, blah blah blah. The secret is that even Erskine didn't know exactly how the serum worked. He'd been using the excuse "I'm not giving you the formula" ever since the Germans to cover up the fact that the serum was just bonkers random. Erskine's real breakthrough for the Americans was in stabilizing the stuff using mysterious "vita-rays" so that if you didn't get super-powers it didn't kill or horribly disfigure you.
      The army did try to duplicate the process by mixing what they thought was the right stuff with some manaka root, creating the Patriot. Then after that it didn't work again, so they threw up their hands and tried other stuff.
      Some loony digs that research out every decade or so and convinces someone in the government to fund new research into it. Every time there's only a rare few successes, never enough to warrant looking at the notes till next decade.
      Plus even if you do get powers they come with a chance of being turned slightly freakish, as evidenced by Shayera Hall, aka Hawkgirl.
      Direct exposure is not the only vector: there's always a chance that someone who got the serum but nothing happened to could pass it on to their kids. This stuff is freaky like that.


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        Re: Quantum Catnap

        Aliens Earths, Part 1

        Earth-Freedom-1 (EF1), aka Heroic Human Earth (HHE): Dubbed "Earth Prime" by its inhabitants (because, you know, humans) this is the Earth described in the Freedom City setting. The only difference is the replacement of the Terminus and related elements.

        Earth-Freedom-2 (EF2): In this Freedom Earth it follows the general progression of canon Freedom, except no one has a secret ID, and costumes are only ever for patriot propaganda purposes. It's kind of like the Cinematic Universe version. This EF has also been changed by its supeheroic brushes with the weird, from knowledge of aliens becoming public because of Roswell, to the Invasion spurring the rapid development of dimensional contact, leading to an superhero setting with the multi-genre aspect turned up to 11.

        Earth-Freedom-5, aka Heroic Fur Earth (HFE): Dubbed "Earth Prime" by its inhabitants (because, you know, furries) this is a superhero Earth in a similar vein to HHE but with its own arrangement of heroes and villains. Too many people from HHE confuse it with Ani-Earth, with HFE being very much like a "real" Earth just with furries instead of humans.

        Lifespace: In most Sol systems there may be one or two other bodies with life on them, often very alien. However in Lifespace every planet and many of the moons and dwarf planets have some variety of Earth-recognizable life. This is, essentially, the system of every scientifically wrong Sword & Planet or Planetary Romance story.

        The ET Earths: You know all those alien planets that somehow happen to have life that looks a lot like Earth life only just with a few weird features? Oh, and they have space travel? This is the catch-all term.

        The Below Lands: That cosmic-sized horizon below the giant sky isn't just for show: it's inhabited. It's more of a magical place, filled with everything from your average fantasy realm to plastic dreamlands.
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