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The Seven Kingdoms (Fantasy)

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  • The Seven Kingdoms (Fantasy)

    Nearly a millennium ago, the eight races of the seven nations were at war. They sought to protect their borders--or expand them. To raid, or to defend themselves against raids. Driven by hatred or pride or fear, conflict was, if not constant then common.

    Some say is was the intentional action of an arrogant human sorceress that believed she could control it that brought the demon king Annihilation into the world. Others say that the wickedness and terrible cruelty of a particular fauvren general cracked the wall between this world and Hell.
    Most just say the the violence and death of the nigh-constant warfare lured the demons forth.

    Regardless, Annihilation was present, weaker demons poured through an open portal, and the mortal kingdoms (and fae kingdom) had greater concerns than each other.
    The humans of the directly impacted Central Kingdom attempted to contain and control the demonic advance. As they failed, the others gathered behind them.

    A united force rallied to the human Princess Elspeth, the mer Prince Anzel, the mechonis Prince Elzor, the lizzen Princess Ulsu, the fae Prince Matta, the avari Prince Elias, and the fauvren Princess Yazz. While the floren worked to drive back the lesser demons, the forces of the Seven Princes faced Annihilation. Through heavy losses and ceaseless determination, by their blood was he sealed away.

    Centuries later, the old conflicts are largely forgotten. Central Kingdom, in particular is a diverse nation of many races--partially because of its naming central location, and partially because a land built for humans is hospitable to all races while the reverse is less true.

    Of course, a lack of open warfare and racial hatred are hardly synonymous with lack of danger. And Annihilation still lives, sealed beneath the capital of Central Kingdom.

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    Re: The Seven Kingdoms (Fantasy)

    How does magic in this world work? Like what are its components and elements and its limits?


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      Re: The Seven Kingdoms (Fantasy)

      I can't say I have any specific ideas about rules of magic. Possibly because I went back and forth on whether this was for DnD or MnM, so I was just using DnD's magic as a default--not the mechanics like prepared spellcasting, but the thematics.