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A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

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  • A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

    This thread will lay out the exact details of the setting for my two games, so that if anybody wants to also run a game in this setting they'll have a firm grasp of the details. I'm always open to suggestions of what to add or change.

    The Golden Age of Superheroes (1943-1953)
    The end of the second world war was growing near, and the Axis were winning. The Allies, desperate to drive the Axis powers back from their shores, began to rapidly develop all manner of super-weapons. Atomic bombs, rail guns, and much more were created but none gave them the edge they needed to win, except one. A brilliant scientist named Gunter Glas - a former Nazi scientist who defected and fled to America after being forced to perform horrific experiments on unwilling subjects - began to manipulate the genes of humans, tap into forces from beyond our universe, and even learn the mystical arts and teach them to willing soldiers, in order to create soldiers that could turn the tide. Superhumans were born. The war rapidly turned back in the Allies' favour, and the Axis, desperate to reclaim what they had so quickly lost, began to develop their own - far more unstable - superhumans, but it wasn't enough. The war officially ended on August 6th, 1945, when two radioactive superhumans levelled the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and made them uninhabitable for decades. With the world at peace, the brave men and women who volunteered to become superhumans found they had little to do with their gifts; many turned to fighting crime while others turned to a life of crime for one reason or another. Thus began the Golden Age of Superheroes.

    The Silver Age of Superheroes (1954-1976)
    The Silver Age rolled around not long after, as the Cold War began to get into full swing, and many were surprised to find new superhumans making a name for themselves either fighting or causing crime. Nobody - not even Gunter - had expected the amazing abilities of the superhumans of WW2 to carry over to their children. But humanity was in for an even bigger shock, as the first men on the moon discovered strange outposts stationed there, and even stranger creatures of varying shapes and sizes greeting them as they landed. The Earth had just become a part of a much larger universe. Soon, extraterrestrials of all kinds began to flock towards Earth, some looking to study its people, others looking to conquer them, all of them bringing advanced technology in some form or another. Even more superheroes and villains began to show up after that, these ones with a more technological source for their powers; people in mighty battle suits, crime-fighters with amazing gadgets and weaponry, and mad scientists with extraordinary (and often absurd) devices all became just another part of the superhuman melting pot that was Earth.

    The Bronze Age of Superheroes (1977-1997)
    The Bronze Age began, and with it came serious divisions among the superhuman community, as the lines between hero and villain started to become determined more and more by a person's political views. Superhumans who worked for their government were seen as either being loyal patriots who were doing what the country asked of them without a second thought, or a new breed of fascists who sought to crush freedom of speech beneath their heel. Likewise, superhumans who worked against their government were seen as being either freedom fighters seeking to take down the establishment and bring power back to the people, or miscreants who sought only to bring anarchy and chaos to the world. But as the fight between those who supported the governments of Earth and those who didn't raged on, a new organisation of superhumans emerged. The S.D.O (Superhuman Defense Organisation) was a group that had no allegiance to any nation or government and sought only to protect the world. It was privately funded by Gunter Glas - whose research into the arcane arts had made him unaging - several retired heroes, and a few reformed villains. They began to recruit any hero that was willing to join and spread them across the globe to protect the many nations of Earth. However not even they could've prepared for or prevented what was coming next.

    The Dark Age of Superheroes (1998 - 1999)
    The Dark Age was an extremely short-lived time, lasting only a year in all. It was kicked off when the planetary conqueror known as Galaxor set his sights on Earth. Seeing them as too big a threat to his cosmic empire, he sent his forces down in the hundreds of thousands to wipe out any and all super-powered individuals they came across. No twenty-four-hour warning, no demands that the heroes of Earth kneel before him, he just tried to wipe them out. It took an entire year and the combined forces of nearly every single superhuman on Earth to drive him back, but they were victorious in the end. But millions had died in the process and large swaths of the planet were completely uninhabitable, it seemed as if humanity was doomed to extinction. Until a single, crazed sorcerer cast a spell designed to rewrite the history of the universe, so that superhumans were never created and the world was far more mundane than before.

    The Aftermath of the Dark Age
    The spell worked to an extent, as about 99% of the world forgot superheroes ever existed and most superhumans lost their powers altogether. However, there are still a few who remember the old world and fewer still who retained their powers or gadgets. The S.D.O quickly reformed in secret and began to prepare for a new upsurge in superhumans, theorising that enough of the universe had been left unaffected that many people would gain powers through circumstance or genetics. They were correct.


    Popular Culture

    The Ages of Superheroes


    James "Alloy" Finnegan


    Prominent Civilians


    St. Edward's School for Higher Learning

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    Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

    Excellent history! I can't wait to see more of it!


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      Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse


      1943 - Dr Gunter Glas flees Nazi Germany with the help of Ally forces. Dr Glas begins to experiment on volunteers and soldiers in order improve their strength, stamina, and intellect. His first successful experiment results in the subject not only gaining extraordinary strength and speed but also the ability to leap hundreds of feet in a single bound. The world's first superhuman is born. Soon, more and more superhumans are created, and the war begins to turn back around in the Allies' favour.

      1944 - After the creation of many powerful superhumans through genetics, Glas turns to the mystic arts in order to bolster their ranks.

      1945 - The Axis' own superhumans soon join the fight, but most are far too unstable both physically and mentally to make an impact on the war overall. Hitler is captured in his bunker before he can commit suicide and is tried as a war criminal. The war ends when the atomic superhumans Fat Man and Little Boy are dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Residual forces of soldiers and superhumans are left behind in both Germany and Japan.

      1946 - A group of super-powered criminals hold up a bank in New York, but are thwarted by a mysterious superhuman in a mask. Many superhumans follow this individual's example and begin to rescue civilians and fight against those who would use their powers for their own game.

      1947 - Tensions begin to arise between America and Russia, and soon the world is plunged into a cold war.

      1959 - The Soviets successfully send an unmanned shuttle to the moon, and later send a flyby shuttle to capture pictures. Several pictures show what appear to be buildings on the surface but are written off by the Soviets as simply being unusual rock formations.

      1961 - The Russian government order speedsters to build a wall separating the West Germany from East Germany.

      1963 - J.F.K, who had passed several laws giving superhumans the official capacity to act as law enforcement, is assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald - a staunch anti-superhuman activist.

      1969 - Apollo 11 lands on the moon. Astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin are immediately contacted by an extraterrestrial research team, who had been using the moon as a base for monitoring Earth and its people until they were deemed worthy of joining "The United Galactic Trade Council". According to them, the moon landing more than proved that they were ready.

      1974-76 - Some aliens begin to settle on Earth, others stay temporarily to study in great detail, and a small amount come to conquer it. All of them bring advanced technology which gives rise to more and more tech-based superhumans.

      1977 - After superhuman intervention in Africa sparks conflict between several warlords, the governments of the world collectively decide to tighten their grip on the superheroes within their borders.

      1979 - Major conflict erupts between several British superhero teams over a disagreement in how much control the government should have over them. The collateral damage leaves 32 dead and hundreds injured, adding more fuel to the fire over the debate of government-controlled superheroes.

      1982 - The Superhuman Defense Organisation is founded by the unaging Gunter Glas and many retired heroes and former villains. They are almost immediately targeted by world powers in an attempt to bring them under control.

      1985 - A nuclear missile is launched at China by a terrorist cell of Osiris hoping to start a war between the East and the West. Superhumans temporarily put aside their political differences and work together to stop the missile and bring down Osiris for good. Prominent Silver Age hero, The Magician, gives his life to stop the nuke from landing by channelling all of his magical power into blowing it up and absorbing the blast while it's a safe height.

      1986-1997 - Conflict, both verbal and physical, rages between superhumans over government control. The S.D.O and larger hero teams attempt to stay out of the conflict but are inevitably sucked in one way or another.

      1998-1999 - Galaxor invades Earth and sends his entire army to kill everyone and everything. It takes the combined might of every superhuman on Earth, hero and villain alike, to defeat his army and repel him, but millions are dead and huge chunks of the world have become completely uninhabitable. An unknown sorcerer casts an extremely powerful spell and rewrites human history.

      2000 - Almost everybody on Earth forgets the old world, but a small percentage of people remember. Several members of the former S.D.O begin to rebuild in secret.

      2002 - A man stops a bus from careening off of the edge of a bridge by grabbing it and pulling back up to safety. Soon many superhumans, both new and old, begin to come out of the woodwork and assume costumed identities.

      2006 - A violent uprising in Iraq lead by several superhumans results in the heads of state being executed and the US and UK militaries being forced to leave the country. Uprisings begin to happen all over the Middle East as new governments are set up by the people.

      2016 - The S.D.O reveal their existence to the world at large at a press conference.

      I plan on adding a lot more to this, including working in details from player backgrounds, but I consider this to be the bare essentials for now.
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        Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

        Superhuman Defense Organisation

        The Superhuman Defense Organisation was founded in the early 80's in response to the ever-increasing political divisions in the superhero community. From the beginning, they had one simple goal: Protect the innocent, even if you have to get on someone's bad side in order to do so. The group was immensely unpopular among those who supported governments controlling superheroes, and several of their members were arrested on multiple occasions. Nevertheless, the S.D.O continued to protect the innocent and tried as hard as they could to stay out of the many superhero conflicts of the time, although they inevitably got dragged into a few.

        During the 90's, as more and more people began to turn against the idea of governments dictating the actions of all heroes, the S.D.O's popularity did a complete 180 and they were seen as an extraordinarily great super group. When Galaxor invaded, the S.D.O were among the first to challenge his armies to a fight. Unfortunately, this means that many of them were among the first to die. When the invasion was eventually repelled, about a tenth of the S.D.O's membership was left, but this didn't stop them from doing everything in their power to help survivors until history was rewritten.

        Thankfully, several members of the organisation remembered the old world and set about rebuilding the S.D.O in secret. Once a solid foundation was in place, the ones that still had connections pulled some strings and were able to bring in scientists and ex-military from all over the world to join as research and security personnel. Directors were selected to oversee the S.D.O in their own little corners of the world, and soon superhumans were being recruited to act as agents. Things were different this time, the S.D.O tried to maintain discrete but healthy relationships with world powers where possible and have simply chosen to not reveal themselves to government's that would be looking to punish them for working outside their laws.

        As of 2016, the Superhuman Defense Organisation has revealed its existence to the world (though some divisions have opted to remain hidden due to the political situations of their countries) and has surprisingly been met with general approval and optimism, though there are some who are understandably concerned about a large group of powerful individuals who don't directly answer to anybody.

        Important Members:
        African Director Mtendere Arendse and Ekene Arendse
        American Director Samantha Austin
        Asian Directors Yi Ze Yin, Ae Sook Kha, and Kenji Aoki
        European Directors Sebastian Faerber, Sara Lucchese, Jacob Vasiliev, and Parnella Béland
        UK Director Callum Nash
        Doctor Gunter Glas
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          Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse


          Just wanted to let you know this seems awesome so far. I like the in-universe reboot .

          How has the existance of Supers affected sports and leisure? For example is there a separate baseball for supers? or a super powered MMA tournament?


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            Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

            Originally posted by Grollick View Post

            Just wanted to let you know this seems awesome so far. I like the in-universe reboot .

            How has the existence of Supers affected sports and leisure? For example is there a separate baseball for supers? or a super powered MMA tournament?
            Cheers! As for sports, well...

            Popular Culture

            It should come as no surprise that there are multitudes of shows focused on superhumans in one way or another. Undoubtedly one of the most popular shows is "Super Survivor", a game show in which superhumans have to use their wits alongside their powers to traverse several obstacle courses in order to win a cash prize. Superhumans are also prominent in reality shows, especially ones focusing around superhumans with noticeable and/or debilitating mutations and how they function in society.

            Surprisingly, or unsurprisingly depending on who you ask, superhero comics are extremely popular, and there are, in fact, several series based on actual heroes that often tell their life stories. Superhero movies are also beloved by many. Comic-Con International have also recently announced a new "Super-Con" is being scheduled for 2016, where fans of superheroes can congregate and even potentially meet their idols.

            When superhumans first started showing up in the new world, there were more than a few sports scandals as more and more reports came out exposing extremely successful athletes as having enhanced abilities. Fans of these sports were livid, with many calling for an outright ban on superhumans playing professional sports. Thankfully, most were appeased when all major sporting organisations announced superhuman divisions. These new divisions became very popular very quickly, as they allowed the athletes to run wild with their powers, with some reasonable restrictions - speedsters weren't allowed to go faster than 20 MPH in most sports, boxers and MMA fighters would always go up against people who either had the same power or had a power that could counteract theirs, etc.
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              Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

              Could I make a suggestion of a hero/npc?

              James "Alloy" Finnegan.

              A man with steel skin and current champion of a Super powered fighting League turned superhero. Like how the Rock turned into an actor but not quite the same?

              The basic idea is that while he was in the fighting league he relied on his super strength and durability and didnt fully explore his powers. Later after he became a hero he would slowly discover he had a magnetic field he could manipulate turning him into a Paragon.

              Also being "deformed" from his power he would be a staunch supporter of charities ect that support supers with similar issues
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                Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

                James "Alloy" Finnegan

                James didn't exactly have a happy upbringing. His parents were both alcoholics constantly ranting on and on about "superhumans" and something called "Galaxor", James couldn't understand most of it through their slurred speech and the parts he did understand simply sounded like gibberish to him. Eventually, he was taken away from his parents by Child Protective Services and placed in an orphanage for most of his teenage life. He was never the target of bullying at the orphanage - he was naturally bulky and tall enough that most people didn't want to mess with him - but he saw enough of it that he began to fight back. He would get into fights all the time, but would never throw the first punch, always allowing the bully to attack first to prove a point to them. He was eventually adopted by Andrea Finnegan, a boxing instructor who had picked James due to his willingness to stand up for those weaker than him.

                James was happier with Andrea than he had ever been anywhere else. She was kind, comforting, and encouraging but strict when she needed to be. It was these qualities that led James to being taught how to box by her, and he soon discovered he had quite the knack for it. By the time he was 18, he began to compete in amateur matches in various local championships. He quickly caught the attention of a manager who steadily moved him up to the big leagues. James was finally going to become a professional boxer. Sadly, his dreams were seemingly crushed when he was hit by a runaway truck, the pain of which activated his superhuman abilities and turned his skin into steel. James' could never become a professional boxer now, he had never believed in cheating and even if he did he couldn't exactly hide his powers.

                Thankfully, a superhuman division of boxing was set up very quickly and he began to rise the ranks in that, eventually becoming the superhuman heavyweight champion just 4 years ago. He soon became the face of several charities set up to aid superhumans whose powers 'deformed' them in some way, and was at the forefront of any movement designed to combat prejudice against superhumans with deformities. Still, James felt like he wasn't doing enough, until he had an epiphany after fighting off some goons that were mugging an old lady. He realized what he could do. He could become a superhero.

                And so, a year earlier James shocked the world by giving up his heavyweight championship and retiring from boxing so he could focus on being a superhero full-time, more than happy to live off royalties from merchandise. Now, James Finnegan fights wrongs and helps the innocent as Alloy, still letting his opponents throw the first punch each and every time.

                James is almost the textbook definition of a gentle giant - huge and imposing, but also kind and compassionate. He does have a flair for the dramatic, especially when fighting villains, and has even joked in the past that he should've become a professional wrestler instead of a boxer with the amount he showboats. He'd much rather solve a problem with words but is perfectly willing to use his fists if necessary, which it often is.

                Due to his steel skin, James is insanely tough and can take a lot of punishment - he can shrug off your average bullet like it was nothing - but is also incredibly heavy as well - he had to get the floors in his house reinforced with steel so they wouldn't just collapse underneath him. Due to never really fully exploring his powers, James has only recently discovered that he had his own magnetic field that he could manipulate, allowing him to fly and move metallic objects within a short radius of him.

                None...yet. James hasn't been in the hero business long enough for him to have any significant run-ins with other superheroes.

                James' main nemesis is Captain Typhoon, a weather controller who specializes in robbing banks alongside whatever poor saps he can convince to join his crew. He has also had a few fights with a mysterious speedster known only as 'Blur'.

                Sorry it took me so long to post this, Grollick.

                What do you think? Anything you want me to change or expand on?


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                  Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

                  Its actually perfect.

                  I have a huge grin on my face rght now. He is a chracter I've wanted to play for a bit but I cant find a game (I'm a forever GM). I'm happy he will get to actually exist in some way


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                    Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

                    St. Edward's School for Higher Learning

                    To the general public, St. Edward's School for Higher Learning appears to simply be a boarding school with very strict standards for who is and isn't invited to attend. But the school hides an amazing secret. St. Edward's is actually a school for superhuman children and teens to learn about the abilities and train with them while also receiving an education. The school commonly seeks out disenfranchised superhumans who don't have access to good public schools, and 'deformed' superhumans who are often targets of prejudice.

                    The school was established in 2011 by multi-millionaire Alexander Brackett, formerly the supervillain Elastic Master in the old world. After witnessing many victims of prejudice or bad environments turn to supervillainy, he concluded that these poor souls needed a safe environment in which to use their abilities and get an education. Using his considerable wealth, he built the school just outside of San Francisco and began hiring teachers and instructors. He soon began to seek out superhumans in poor environments and/or with physical deformities and invited them to attend his school, even offering to pay the travelling expenses for those who couldn't afford it. His only regret from all of this is that he currently only has the means to take in students from the San Francisco area.

                    The school itself teaches courses such as "Appropriate Power Usage" and "Power Control" alongside your standard Maths and Sciences. The school has recently come under fire from anti-superhuman hate groups who have accused it of secretly being a school for training superhumans teens in the art of combat so they can terrorize the non-powered public. Whether or not these groups have actually found out about St. Edward's secret or are just throwing around accusations, since several of the students are obviously superhuman in one way or another, is a matter up for debate.

                    Notable Staff Includes
                    Headmaster Jack Jameson - In the old world, Jack was Olympian III - a legacy hero of his grandfather and great-grandfather - and was Alexander's nemesis for most of the Silver Age and the beginning of the Bronze Age before both retired. Though he still retained his superhuman strength and stamina, as well as his memories, he chose to stay out of the superhero business, instead remaining a headmaster at several public schools. When Brackett first approached him with the offer, Jameson was skeptical but quickly came around on the idea once he heard Brackett's passionate speech about how it was their responsibility to ensure the safety of this new generation. He took up the offer very quickly after that.

                    Brent/BasRhaTah (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry) - A rebel Ilthorian that landed on Earth 10 years ago, BasRhaTah (or Brent, as he prefers to be called) wandered from town to town avoiding the glares of anti-alien bigots, going hungry night after night, and sleeping on the cold street, until a kindly scientist took him in. Brent quickly impressed the scientist by casually suggesting how he could drastically improve his current experiment, and the scientist took him on as his assistant. When Breakett contacted Brent with the offer to be a teacher at his school he almost immediately accepted, knowing full well how terrible it is to face prejudice.

                    Celia Blackwood (P.E) - Celia is a superhuman P.E teacher with the ability to enhance or reduce the abilities of others. This allows her to ensure that her students are all performing at the same level, so no one gets an unfair advantage. She was picked by Jack due to her impressive track record. Celia also often uses her lessons to teach her students important life lessons and how to treat those who aren't as powerful as them.
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                      Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse


                      The Ilthorians are a species of aliens that originate from the Betelgeuse solar system, who are dedicated to the advancement of science at all costs. Their species is said to date back millennia, though none have been able to confirm it. Their empire only spans their solar system and they have made no attempts to conquer any others for centuries. This is not to say they haven't attacked other planets, they have done so may times but never to conquer. Their attacks have always been for their own twisted definition of research or to reclaim their 'property', which is usually one of their lab-grown experiments that has escaped. Their attacks usually consist of sending in swarms of highly advanced android, or their own empowered soldiers if the androids aren't sufficient, to destroy key structures and assassinate major political figures until their demands or met or they have arbitrarily decided that their research is done. However, there have been instances where they have used shrewder methods if the planet they have targeted has defenses they consider to be too much of a threat.

                      Most Ilthorians have no sense of individuality, seeing it as a useless societal construct that impedes the growth of the species as a whole. Their 'names' literally consist solely of their gender and the job they were assigned at birth - for example, "BasRhaTah" roughly translates to "Male Helper of Scientist" while "DasLanSor" means "Female Leader of Soldier". A rogue faction of Ilthorians has recently emerged that condemns the sociopathy of the species and identify themselves as individuals. These rebels are executed immediately for attempting to subvert the will of the leader, so many have had to flee to other planets to seek asylum.

                      Relationship with other species
                      Most species want nothing to do with the Ilthorians, as they are disgusted by their many despicable acts that were supposedly made in the name of science, and the ones that do associate with the Ilthorians are often species that still have slaves or gladiatorial matches. The United Galactic Trade Council instated a trade embargo on the Ilthorians many centuries ago and enacted laws stating that if any Ilthorian ships were found in their sectors of space then they could legally be attacked and destroyed by anyone, though civilians are obviously discouraged from doing so. Ilthorians have steered clear of these sectors as much as possible as a result.
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                        Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse


                        For centuries, the name Galaxor has been a name to fear all over the galaxy. His empire was one of the largest, if not the largest, forces in the known universe. No one but Galaxor himself knows exactly where he came from, his species died many centuries ago and he is the last of his people. What they do know is that Galaxor was never a force you wanted to underestimate. Using his immese powers, he single-handedly conquered several planets and recruited their people as the first soldiers of his now legendary army. At the height of his power, his army was thought to consist of a million troops, though that could just be one of the many legends about the conqueror and his forces. His empire consisted of hundreds of different planets and thousands of different alien species. Any planet he set his sight on, he conquered shortly thereafter. The only resistance that has ever even slightly impacted his chances of taking over a planet where individuals with powers, though many of them were still overwhelmed through sheer numbers. As a result he steered clear of any species where every member had powers, and they left him alone as well, just thankful that he wasn't plotting to attack them.

                        However, one species consisting mostly of powered individuals forced his hand. Humans. A relatively new player in the galaxy at large, but extremely dangerous to Galaxor's empire, as they saw his conquering of planets and quickly decided to put a stop to it. After they successfully liberated several planets under his control, Galaxor realised that he could no longer sit idly by and allow these newcomers to destroy everything he had worked so hard to build. He rallied every member of his armada that he could spare, and brought them to Earth, simply hoping to wipe every single one of its inhabitants out. What followed was a year-long war, known by Earthlings as the Dark Age but known to the rest of the universe as "The End of the Conqueror's Era". Both sides suffered many casualties, the humans especially, and everything culminated in one final battle. Galaxor and his remaining armada vs the most powerful surviving superhumans of Earth. The battle lasted days, but eventually Galaxor and the small scraps of his fleet that were still intact were forced to flee. The Eathlings had won, and had unknowingly caused the downfall of an entire empire.

                        Galaxor was heavily wounded in the final battle and his remaining three advisers, seeing their once powerful leader utterly decimated by a single planet and its citizens, decided to capitalise on this and betrayed him, stabbing him repeatedly and ejecting him out of an airlock. At first, the three advisers decided to try and share the remaining power of Galaxor's empire equally, but infighting soon broke out and the empire split into three factions.

                        Though his advisers believe him to be dead, Galaxor miraculously recovered from his injuries after he was 'rescued' by slave traders. There have been rumours that he has been spotted at the gladiatorial planet of one of the fighters.

                        Galaxor is cold, calculating, and ruthless to his enemies. Surprisingly, he also a man of great honour and will always keep his word, only rarely twisting his promise in a way the other person didn't think when it is absolutely necessary. He considers himself to be quite altruistic as the planets he conquers always benefit in someway from his rule, whether that be socially or technologically. His ultimate goal is peace and a unified galaxy, but he feels that the only way that this can be achieved is through his guiding hand. He has a particular dislike for Earthlings after his war with them and the ramifications thereof.

                        Galaxor once had immense telepathic and telekinetic powers, strong enough that he was able to conquer several moderately-advanced planets by himself. After his war with Earth, these powers have been severely weakened but he is still far stronger than most psychics. He is able to move objects weighing over 50 tons with with his telekinesis and can read the mind of someone on the other side of a large city. He also has incredible strength, able to lift a small spaceship over his head as if it were nothing, and is tough enough to withstand a truck ramming him.

                        Didn't mean to suddenly stop posting stuff here, but due to the fact that I'm not exactly holding up other players by not posting here I began to procrastinate. Decided to come back with who is essentially the Darkseid/Thanos of the S.D.OVerse, or used to be at least. Will have bios of his traitorous advisers soon.
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                          Re: A Guide to the S.D.OVerse

                          Galaxor's Former Advisers - The Stranger

                          Nobody knows where The Stranger came from, not even Galaxor. He was found on a desolate planet, sitting in the ruins of an ancient civilization, by some of Galaxor's forces. When questioned what he was doing, he simply stated "Waiting for the Conquerer. His tools are here now, so they will take me to him. I wish to assist him.". Galaxor's soldiers laughed at his brashness and tried to teach him a lesson about ordering Galaxor's army. He very quickly taught them a lesson about underestimating him when he disintegrated one of them with a wave of his hand.

                          The other soldiers took him to Galaxor back in short order. Once there, The Stranger knelt before Galaxor and said "I pledge myself to The Conqueror. His will is my will. His battles are my battles. His goals are my goals. But should The Conqueror betray me, no mercy shall be shown.". Galaxor, impressed by The Stranger's bravery, invited him to discuss the details of his alliance in private. When their meeting concluded, The Stranger became the newest adviser of Galaxor.

                          The Stranger spent the next few centuries dutifully serving Galaxor. Until the failed omnicide of Earth that is. The Stranger gleefully turned on his master, along with the two other surviving advisers, and joined his fellow advisers in a new alliance. When the alliance began to break down between the three traitors, The Stranger was the first to leave, only taking a small amount of the empire with him. When questioned by the other two as to why he was taking so few planets and people, he simply replied: "The Conqueror's empire is a behemoth. I have no need for behemoths.". Since then, The Stranger and his forces have only been seen at the Outer Rim, though nobody has been able to confirm just what exactly they are doing there.

                          The Stranger is an enigmatic, but affable figure for the most part. He has great respect for not only the people who serve under him, but also his rivals and even his enemies. Nobody knows his long-term goal, and his short-term ones appear to change on a dime, but it has been rumored that he and his army are researching lost civilizations and appear to be looking for something specific, though nobody has been able to confirm these rumors.

                          The Stranger is a powerful magic user, wielding mystical arts that were thought to be lost to the ages. He is able to fly, teleport, disintegrate some foes and heavily injure others with just a wave of his hand, and has even been able to manipulate the fundamental forces of the universe for brief periods of time, though this always leaves him extremely drained at best and near-death at worst.