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My Worlds of Freedom

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  • My Worlds of Freedom

    So I've decided to finally make on of these myself. After reading a few of the free Threat Reports got back into the game and setting, I wanted a thread where I could keep my ideas and characterizations (inspired in part by Davies's old threads on the old board). I will be incorporating both Crooks! and The Algernon Files, as well as the Shards setting from Mecha and Manga, as well as influences from real-world comics (just a fair warning, what I like tends to run counter to what Internet culture tends to like, so I may wind up referencing story-lines that are controversial or unpopular. That won't be for a while, but still, just putting this out there, I don't want this thread to be derailed by complaints about a publisher's decisions or line-up. That's not what it's for). Some quick bits before we begin:

    *The year is 2014

    *Freedom City is in New Jersey, near the Great Bay just north of Port Republic. Everyone described as living there in FC2E is still there, although there have been a lot of changes since 2005!

    *Emerald City is in Oregon, and more or less replaces Astoria.

    *"Arcadia" is an archaic nickname for Emerald City (albeit one the anti-Oz group has tried to get the city's name officially changed to)

    *If a character's age is given in a product, that is their age in the year of that product's publication. The most recent product giving their age or birth year takes precedence

    *Likewise, Freedom City products will take precedence over other products (so I won't do a country or its citizens until its relevant Atlas pdf comes out, and if two characters share a name, the non-Freedomite will usually get a different name)

    *The Time of Crisis was in 2002, the Time of Vengeance in 2005, and the Silver Storm in 2011. Next-Gen dealt with the Time of Crisis, the TAF Sentinels dealt with the Time of Vengeance, and the EC Sentinels dealt with the Silver Storm and its aftereffects.

    *The Aerie (The TAF team) is based in Denver. They've redone their headquarters (too many juvenile jokes thrown their way)

    *A few characters from Paragons will show up - mainly Jeremiah Prophet and John Cordwainer Wright III (Alpha Male). However, Paragons of Freedom is considered a separate Earth (The Ultimate Universe to Earth-Prime, if you will). So while there is a team in Earth-Prime's Japan called the Mighty Miracle Guardians, it will likely have a different personality and line-up and almost certainly be connected to the Shards.

    *The Imageria (from Paragons) is the cosmic ... stuff between worlds and times. It is the same thing as the Oneiros from TAF.

    *The official US superteam is the AEGIS-backed Arsenal of Democracy, lead by the Patriot and often nicknamed "The Freedom Factor" and "The Reserve." It includes the Patriot, the figures described in Algernon Files, and the three "Reserve" characters from the Crooks! backstory (Marathon, Inferna, and Minotaur). The Front is a trio of unaffiliated superhumans who serve as the President's bodyguards.

    *There is no META-4 - all members of it are AEGIS agents instead. ANTAG and ARGUS (from TAF) do exist, as AEGIS subsidiaries, and Scorpio-2 did exist.

    *Finally, although the number of people who know this in-universe can be counted on one hand, the Crooks! and Algernon Files characters are not native to Earth-Prime - the original worlds were destroyed by Omega, and when Norn rebuilt the multiverse in Time of Crisis, she took the echoes of these worlds and added them to Earth-Prime (and, by extent, closely related worlds like Anti-Earth and Erde).

    EDIT: With the release of 3E material for TAF, the Sentinels from that setting are no longer disbanded. Instead, the Sentinels from Freedom City are renamed the "Emerald City Knights"
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    Re: My Worlds of Freedom

    Yeah, kind of obvious I should start with him, huh?

    Real Name: Marcus Venutius Ledesius
    Other Names: Mark Leeds, the Caesar of the New Age, the Man of Adamantine, Midnight II
    Birthday: October 29th, 1918 (the day his pod came to Earth-Prime)
    Death: January 7th, 1993
    Religion: Roman Catholic
    Favorite Food: Italian Pizza
    Favorite Musician: Sammy Davis, Jr
    Favorite Movie: Raw Deal (1948)
    Membership: Liberty League 1941-1955, Freedom League 1960-1981
    Identity: Secret

    Personality and Extended History: During the Golden Age of Freedom, Centurion was rough and aggressive. He would often terrorize wife beaters, profiteers, lynch mobs, and gangsters with brutal efficiency, although he never used lethal force, even when mind-controlled by Dr. Geistmann. Geistmann’s attack on Freedom City marked a change for Centurion. Seeing civilians flee in terror from him while he was destroying the city made him realize he was viewed as something of a bully. He softened and became a humanitarian, and by 1942 was working alongside National Guardsmen who a year ago fired upon him for razing the Fens (his rather blunt way to force the government to build new housing for the poor). This new personality, a humanitarian idealist who was Earth-Prime’s first protector, defined his actions until his death.

    Something a lot of people don’t realize is that Centurion was something of a jokester. He would often play good-natured pranks and mind games on his friends, allies, and even the criminals he fought, sometimes with Johnny Rocket’s aid. By the Bronze Age Centurion had matured, but he always remained a jovial and fun-loving man very much at odds with the solemn champion in everyone’s memory.

    Another thing people don't realize, something that he took to the grave, was that he didn't actually leave Freedom City during the Moore years. Yes, he did spend more time at the Sanctum, and was most visible traveling the world stopping disasters, but Mark Leeds still taught at FCU all that time. And he still fought crime in Freedom City ... just not as the Centurion. He had managed to gain the effects of a friend other people had long forgotten, and with these, managed to keep up the good fight in his hometown even during the worse. All the rest of the world knew was that Midnight defended the streets once again.
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      Re: My Worlds of Freedom

      Centurion's Allies

      Centurion has been allied with virtually every pre-Modern Era superhero at least once. However, some of his closest friends were simply mundane humans. Unless otherwise mentioned, these characters use the Uh huh stats (Hero's Handbook, p.216).

      Laurie Lamont-Leeds – Mark Leeds’s girlfriend and later wife, the two met near the end of World War II when Laurie was working as a nurse. An aggressive, career-minded woman, she pursued a career in medicine after the war ended. After a ritual by Wilhelm Kantor caused Mark to temporarily forget his Centurion identity, Mark and Laurie married. During the honeymoon, Laurie discovered her husband’s identity and convinced Adrian Eldritch to undo the spell. Laurie, who finally became a doctor in 1972, was a staple of Mark’s life, and her death in 1986 affected him greatly. Use the Scientist (Hero's Handbook p. 216), but replace Technology with Treatment and Expertise: Science with Expertise: Medicine.

      John “Jackie” Holt – Jackie Holt grew up in same neighborhood as the older Mark Leeds. A fourteen year old Jackie witnessed Centurion’s first appearance in 1938 and first teamed up with the hero in 1941. Although he was drafted a year later, by 1953 he had returned to Freedom City and became established as “Centurion’s Buddy Jackie.” His youthful appearance, childlike whimsy, and good-natured acceptance of Centurion’s pranks gave him an aura of being younger than he actually was. A common joke was for Jackie to try to learn Centurion’s secret identity through some incredibly public spectacle, only for Centurion to subvert the fiasco (in fact, Mark had told Jackie his secret identity in 1955). Jackie would often act as the Freedom League’s liaison to the public, portraying himself as a common man who hobnobbed with demigods. That said, in 1974 he gave up superheroics to open the Kirby Museum. It wasn’t until 1978 that he married, with Laurie Leeds’s young niece Susan Lamont, and it wasn’t until 1981 that he had a child, Jennifer, after which he retired from his position as Museum curator and moved to Toronto. He is still alive today, a spry man of 90, and has befriended the being calling itself Daniel Leeds.

      Anna Hayes – Anna was a student of Mark Leeds in the early 80s. A vivacious flirt, she constantly tried to seduce Mark, but he remained steadfast to his wife. Nevertheless, she remained good friends with both, and invited Mark to her 1989 wedding, when she married a newcomer on the pharmaceutical scene, Johnathan Grant.

      Lisa Lieber – Mark’s high school girlfriend and the daughter of Tom Leeds’s next door neighbors. Despite getting over her break-up with Mark, Lisa ironically developed a crush on Centurion, and even developed a superhero identity of her own, Starla the Ultrawoman, who had more fame as a radio personality than as an actual hero. Ironically, while this career didn't gain Centurion’s affection, she did become the target of Bowman’s affections. Ever more ironically, Fletcher Beaumont was her civilian boss. After her identity was exposed by an irate Maestro, Fletcher proposed marriage. Unfortunately, Lisa had a poor constitution, and she died in 1969 of leukemia. To say her son Fletcher, Jr, took it hard is putting things mildly. Use the Crime Fighter archetype (Hero's Handbook p. 37) with the Vehicle option, but drop her Strength down to 0, her Stamina to -2, and her Fighting down to 3.

      Centuria, Golden Sojourner and the Centurion of Galactic Freedom – Of these three, only the Centurion’s 26th century counterpart has had any long-lasting association with Mr. Leeds. When visiting the past before 1993, Caius Ward would pretend to simply be the original Centurion, to not reveal his death to the world. Notably, only early in his career did Caius time-travel to the Silver and Golden Ages – he constantly admits to his friends that he felt like scum for not being allowed to warn anyone about anything that the future was bringing, and ultimately gave up on time travel.

      Thessalonike the Mermaid Princess – An Atlantean Princess, sister to Thallor the Sea-Devil, with whom Centurion had a brief relationship during World War II. She was killed defending Freedom City from the Terminus Invasion. Use the Warrior archetype (Hero's Handbook p. 48), with the Aquatic and Weapon Warrior customizations. She has Benefit (Princess), Favored Environment (Underwater), Fearless, and Language (English – her native tongue is Atlantean) as her advantages, and Mythology as her expertise. Despite her name, she was not an actual mermaid.


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        Re: My Worlds of Freedom

        Centurion's Rogues Gallery

        While August Roman, Omega, and Superior are Centurion’s most iconic foes, he developed a pretty significant rogues’ gallery before he died. Note that he is also connected with the origins of Alpha Centurion, Dr. Mayhem, and the second Sky Lord, although he never encountered any of them.

        Adamant – Freedom's Most Wanted p. 42. Most noted was the 1986 fight between the two, which devastated much of Toronto.

        The Atomic Brain - Thanks to his immunity to ambient radiation, Centurion was an important factor in stopping many of Hamilton's insane schemes

        August Roman – FC2e p. 83 (among others)

        Beast of Kilimanjaro – Freedom's Most Wanted, p. 51

        Blackthorn – Freedom's Most Wanted p. 66. Note that he was only a Centurion opponent during the Silver and Bronze Ages - during the Golden Age he focused on Lady Celtic and the Breton hero Menhir.

        The Curator – FC2e p. 192

        Heracles – The Greek demigod came down from Olympus in 1948 to fight Centurion for the hand of Laurie Lamont. The battle ended in a draw when Laurie chastised both of them. Heracles later pursued a romance with Thessalonike.

        Khana, Queen of Vultas - Silver Age p.114.

        Iron Cross - After Ubermensch, Eisenkreuz was probably Centurion's most powerful opponent in the Golden Age.

        Nero – Freedom's Most Wanted p. 93.

        Oberst Geistmann – Golden Age p. 92. Although he's more associated with Doc Tomorrow, Centurion did fight with Geistmann a number of times during the war.

        Omega – FC2e p. 214

        Praetor – Centurion’s evil counterpart from Anti-Earth (although, when the two fought, no one knew this and assumed the Praetor and Praetorian were the same entity).

        Praetorian - The time-travelling conqueror fought Centurion multiple times, most notably in his 1979 invasion

        Dr. Prometheus - Centurion often teamed up with Doc Steele to deal with the diminutive madman.

        Quirk – FC2e p. 215.

        SHADOW – Although Centurion never directly faced Overshadow himself, he did fight agents of SHADOW in numerous instances.

        Sky-Lord I – A mysterious figure who used turn-of-the-century technology to fight Centurion in the Golden Age.

        Superia – Unknown to most people, Kal-Zed had a daughter in the 60s, whom he named Ul-Zed. Taking the name Superia, she first appeared in 1977 and went on a rampage of destruction before being sent to the Zero Zone. She lacks the traditional cosmic powers and telepathy of normal Ultimen, but makes up for it with advanced martial arts training.

        Superior - FC2e p. 220

        Tom Cyprus – Freedom's Most Wanted p. 16

        Vagabond - An interdimensional thief that Centurion matched wits with numerous times.

        Der Walkure (Valkyrie I) – Golden Age p. 96


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          Re: My Worlds of Freedom

          I like that Centurion as Midnight during Freedom City's Iron Age bit. May I use that for the Mightyverse?


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            Re: My Worlds of Freedom

            Originally posted by MightyDavidson View Post
            I like that Centurion as Midnight during Freedom City's Iron Age bit.
            Thanks . I wanted to reference that time Superman became amnesiac and impersonated a D-lister named Gangbuster, as well as a way to reference those old Silver Age stories where he and Batman impersonated each other. I felt this tied both together nicely.
            May I use that for the Mightyverse?
            Go ahead, and thanks for asking.


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              Re: My Worlds of Freedom

              You're welcome. I think it fits Centurion's character too. After all he can't just abandon the people of Freedom City to the corruption of the Moore Era, but at the same time appearing to violate the law as Centurion would be playing right into the villains' plans. Dressing as Midnight solves both problems quite nicely.


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                Re: My Worlds of Freedom

                I must say that I can hardly wait to see more from this thread, for your articles on The CENTURION truly have whetted my interest to a high degree of keenness (may I be so bold as to ask which characters you intend to develop upon next?).


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                  Re: My Worlds of Freedom

                  Originally posted by Libra1010 View Post
                  I must say that I can hardly wait to see more from this thread, for your articles on The CENTURION truly have whetted my interest to a high degree of keenness (may I be so bold as to ask which characters you intend to develop upon next?).
                  Well, I just got my hands on Fires of War for the Algernon Files, so I'm thinking of talking about the full extent of the Nazi super-soldier program (although I'll probably deal with the individual characters later).

                  Besides. Golden Age gives statistics for Hitler, and that is honestly something that is just begging to be used in any campaign.


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                    Re: My Worlds of Freedom

                    But while I'm still here, I'll add a member of Centurion's rogues gallery that most people have forgotten:

                    Achilles: Not the superhuman who fought for the South, this undead being harbingered Hades's invasion of Earth-Prime in 1960, for he was, in fact, the actual Achilles of the Myrmidons, King of the Dead. As Centurion, a Roman, was a descendant of Aeneas of Troy, he constantly drew Achilles's ire as a "Spawn of Hector." Achilles would return to vex Centurion numerous times in the Silver Age before Bowman II shot him through the tendon with an arrow blessed by Eldrich to banish him. By the time the spell wore off, Centurion had died and Achilles resumed the afterlife of indifference that characterized the Greek dead.


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                      Re: My Worlds of Freedom

                      Der Einsatzgruppen Übersoldaten
                      The Übersoldaten as a whole

                      One of the first things to note is that there actually was no Nazi organization called "The Thule Society." The Thule-Gesellschaff disbanded in 1925 under pressure from the Weimar Republic's anti-masonry laws, and aside from an abortive attempt at revitalization in 1933, stayed that way. The organization thate people think of when they here the words "Thule Society", the one that Sturmbannführer Wilhelm Kantor and Doktor Ernst Thule belonged to, was SS-Ahnenerbe (from an obscure word meaning "Inherited from the Forefathers"), Heinrich Himmler's personal group of occult pseudo-scientists.

                      Also prevalent in Nazi Germany was SS-Ahnenerbe's rivals, the Wahrheitsgesellschaft - the Society for Truth, which focused on super-science rather than occult mysteries. Their biggest concern, aside from designing new wunderwaffen, was trying to harness the mysterious energies known as vril and orgone.

                      The result of both groups was Der Einsatzgruppen Übersoldaten - the Super-soldier Task Forces. Totaled together, these Nazi supermen and superwomen numbered no less than 44, with enough fire power between to conquer continents and bring the world to it's knees, and that's counting only the German and Austrian supers - Italy, Romania, and of course Japan had their own superhumans as well.

                      Thank God the Übersoldaten hated each other and never truly worked together as a group, then.


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                        Re: My Worlds of Freedom

                        Der Einsatzgruppen Übersoldaten
                        Individual Members

                        What follows is a description of those who made up Der Einsatzgruppen Übersoldaten. This only pertains to them during the war, those who were active afterwards will have that information dealt with in later articles.

                        Doktor Oberst Geistmann, the Aryan Ape: Although the ape itself was found by members of the Ahnenerbe, Geistmann associated himself with the Society for Truth. He quietly manipulated Dr. Frankenstein throughout the war, letting her take the credit and glory while he focused on his inventions and vengeance against Dr. Tomorrow. In contrast to the usual Wahrheitsgesellschaf-Ahenenerbe rivalry, he was quite friendly with Kantor.

                        Donar, Lord of Thunder: Karl Reinhardt was a Gefreiter of the 170. Infanterie-Division who took part in the invasion of Denmark, where he became one of Germany's 203 casualties. Wounded in the leg and with the possibility of never walking again without a cane, Reinhardt volunteered for Germany's super-soldier program. Dr. Thüle singled him out for the ritual to bring in the power of the Aesir. Donar would deny that he served anyone but Wotan, but he remained "allied" to the Ahenerbe thanks to the ritual.

                        Die Eule: Although a member of the SS, Graumach wasn't affiliated with either the Ahenerbe or the Wahrheitsgesellschaf - he was a Heydrich man through and through, and joined the SD as soon as it was formed. His personality could be summed up by what he said to the people of Lidice when the SD sought vengeance for Heydrich's assassination: "Look on the bright side, now history will actually remember your piss-ant little village." Granted, he said it in German, which the Czech villagers mostly couldn't speak or understand. Really, the only men who seemed to like Die Eule were Heydrich and Kaltenbrunner, which really says everything. Ironically, time-traveling heroes who expect to be fighting an incompetent goofball with a swastika on his chest will wind up underestimating him - Graumach was a high ranking member of an organization that rewarded psychopathy, and was extremely vicious and cruel.

                        Madame Blitz: Anna Segur reluctantly associated with the Wahrheitsgesellschaf. She grew up hearing her father complain bitterly about the family's eviction from Elsass-Lothringien by French troops, and would often visit the occupied Alsace-Lorraine after she was empowered. She was captured by the Western Allies in 1945 and sentenced to 20 years at the Dachau Military Court. There was talk of commuting her sentence for good behavior, her sex, and the fact that she wasn't connected with any war crimes, but she apparently committed suicide in 1959 before this could happen (in actuality, Overshadow had her killed when she refused to join SHADOW - and took her DNA samples anyway).

                        Roter Adler: Konrad Zoller was a devoted follower of Hermann Göring, and so stayed out of the politicking the Übersoldaten, other than his rivalry with Der Falken. This gave him a vast amount of arrogance, and he looked down on most of his fellows. This availed him little at Nuremberg, were he was given life imprisonment, which ended with his death in 1966.

                        Sea-Wolf: His family had served the Hohenzollerns faithfully since Frederick the Great. Every man in his family was a decorated soldier who married a woman of good German breeding. He loved Germany and served the SS faithfully. But that didn't erase the fact that Gustav's surname was Russov, and that was clearly a Slavic name. The rage at this caused him to perform his duties with fanatical zeal, and he would often act as a savage beast even before the curse - his transformation merely intensified this. He hated his superiors for looking down on him, hated Kantor for keeping the cure at arm's length, hated Siren and the Atlanteans for his curse, hated those bloodsucking vampires because some instinct said he should, hated the untermenschen for existing, and hated himself for being one of them.

                        Totenkopf: While Johann Marz may have been affiliated with the Wahrheitsgesellschaf in beginning, after his transformation he left such distinctions behind, becoming a SS-Brigadeführer and member of Hitler's personal circle, heading the secretive Amt XIII. Wilhelm Kantor was perhaps the only man who didn't fear Totenkopf, and that was largely because he had already died multiple times.

                        Die Walküre: Also known as Valkyrie I. Hildebrandt initially served Kantor's faction of the Anenerbe, but Donar brought her over to Dr. Thule's wing, where she gained the allegiance of Dr. Thule's warrior women. She had more powerful versions of her sword and armor forged during her Sixties excursion, and when she was on the verge of loosing her powers again, she hid them in a cave in Sweden and created a ritual that would guide a worthy successor to them. It just wasn't until a Karolina Åkesson was jogging near there that the ritual activated...

                        Schlasbringer: Karse worked as Totenkopf's personal hitman, and tended to bring silence to a room whenever he entered.

                        Berlin Betty: The eyes and ears of Amt XIII, Holman clashed numerous times with Envoy. After Totenkopf's death and Amt XIII's dissolution, she joined Kantor in his flight from Germany, becoming an important part of SHADOW's birth.

                        Eisenkreuz I: The first Iron Cross, Theodor Munz was a WWI veteran with super-strength and bullet-proof skin - although he learned at Dunkirk that "bullet-proof" did not mean "magic sword-proof." He died before politicking could form among the super-soldiers, and his death was in fact part of the reason for that, as everyone but Übermensch respected him.

                        Zauber: Despite his name ("Magic") he was a member of the Wahrheitsgesellschaf with psionic powers, a field in which he considered himself a master (in fact, he stole most of his knowledge from a Jewish colleague and passed it off as his own). He was killed at Dunkirk.

                        Die Fliegerin: Not a German, or even human, Fley-Ger-In was an Avian woman the expedition to Ultima Thule discovered half-dead in the snow. Taking her under the assumption she'd make a nice zoo exhibit, by the time they got back to Germany she was considered a compatriot and and willing convert to the Nazi cause. Then she was killed at Dunkirk. She gained her codename from her real name's similarity to the German word for "Aviatrix."

                        Nachtfeuer: One of Kantor's earliest creations, Nachtfeuer ("Night Fire") was a shadow-user who was reported as killed at the Dunkirk debacle. The truth is a bit more prosaic. Nachtfeuer had been wounded at Dunkirk, and was brought to a medical tent where Kantor found him. Kantor expalined that Nachtfeuer would still serve the Fatherland, and sacrificed him to further empower Nacht-Krieger and Schwarzpanzer. He was listed as KIA.

                        Blut und Eisen: Dr. Thüle's distrust of Blut forced the vampire into Kantor's faction of the Anenerbe by default, and Eisen followed. Like Nosferatu, he was weak against White Thorn and White Rose, but had Eisen to back him up in those instances. He showed fear only once in the war, and that was when he saw who the Romanian Iron Guard had sent as a representative to an Anenerbe meeting.

                        Donner: Ernst Roehm served Thüle's faction. When Donar was born, Donner say him as his divine master and swore to be his einherjar.

                        Der Falken: Like Roter Adler (the one subject guaranteed to make Der Falken sick with rage - one cannot be a pilot if one does not use a plane), Walter von Kliest was a loyal follower of Göring, and the two men often vied for the Big Man's attention. Anoted ace, his crowning achievement was going to be the Battle of the Bulge, where he would end the American Eagles once and for all, even if the "cheater" Zoller was coming along. But as he had Avery Hawkins in his sight, he saw who Roter Adler was fighting, and his resolve was broken. It was a man with wings, and as Der Falken uttered his last word - "Otto?!" - Hawkins's bullets tore through his cockpit.
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                          Re: My Worlds of Freedom

                          Der Einsatzgruppen Übersoldaten Teil 2

                          Der Feuerzahn: It was Himmler himself who found Firefang, and most others gave his "pet" wide berth. For some reason, he saw Lady Celtic's existence as an affront, and constantly tried to eat her. Lazarus Arcane finally banished the dragon in 1945 - a good thing, for before he was captured Himmler had been planning to use Firefang to rain destruction down on Patton's forces. Unfortunately, the spells that bound him proved unable to resist the Terminus Invasion...

                          Frau Doktor: After the death of her father Friedrich and mother Inga, Veronika Frankenstein (despite her claims, she was not a baroness or a von - the House von und zu Franckenstein had excommunicated Victor Heinrich's descendants after the ... incident) studied numerous topics until she founded the Wahrheitsgesellschaft, making her one of the few women that had power in the otherwise misogynistic Third Reich. As mentioned above, quite a few of her breakthroughs, especially those in the applied sciences, were actually fed to her by Geistmann, which he fed to her while she was at the mirror trying to decide which eye she would pretend to be missing.

                          Grendel: Braun initially belonged to Thüle's faction, but considered moving to Kantor. Thule took this personally, and was so affronted that he actually tried to cast a spell that would send Braun to an endless realm of despair. Thule wound up mispronouncing the spell and wound up in the Greek Underworld himself instead. Hades was amused by the little man and offered to help him with his revenge, summoning a figure he called "Jack" to help. "Don't worry about payment," the god said to Thüle, and then, after the human faded back to Earth-Prime, added "You'll be back soon enough."

                          Jaegerin: The German Huntress served as Schwarzenritter's personal guard. She often talked of making sacrifices for the Fatherland - after all, her shirt only had half the normal buttons because of metal rationing. Although she died in 1969, Overshadow was able to get his hands on her DNA and began cloning her so that SHADOW agents now come in both genders - and was extremely overjoyed when one of the first batches produced a mutant with poison powers...

                          Jotun: Despite his mythological name, Krause served the Wahrheitsgesellschaf. That said, the Anenerbe tried to get his allegiance constantly, despite him having no connection to Jotunheim (or Muspellheim, for that matter).

                          Parzifal: Although he is beholden to the Wahrheitsgesellschaf for his powers, von Boch mainly served as an accessory for Goebbels. White Thorn, for various reasons, absolutely hated this man.

                          Schreckmacher: Goetz favored the Anenerbe, despite being created by Wahrheitsgesellschaf means. Other than constantly being confused for Schlasbringer, Schreckmacher's main contribution to history was his fear gas, which Fear-Master I later copied and improved on.

                          Schwarzenritter: The Black Knight is the official head of the "true" Übersoldaten, a group that consists of himself, Übermensch, Parzifal, Die Spinne, Zeitgeist, and Eisenkreuz II. Surprising many people, Karl Steiner has an unusually high-pitched voiced for a man of his build.

                          Die Spinne: Werner served as Steiner's eyes and ears, spying on Wahrheitsgesellschaf, Anenerbe, and even Amt XIII facilities alike, in addition to Allied functions.

                          Doktor Ernst Thüle: A man noted to greatly exaggerate his claims of influence not only in the Third Reich, but within the Anenerbe. While Thüle did read Hitler's fortune, the Führer had no real interest in the occult and ignored these proclamations. And Thüle was never head of Anenerbe - that position belonged to Himmler, who enjoyed seeing Thüle and Kantor vie for power and influence.

                          Ungeheuer: Ungeheuer's origins are unknown, other than Thüle found him. Eldrich theorized that he may have been a Huldru, but this remains unconfirmed.

                          Wunderkind: He was in the Wahrheitsgesellschaf, naturally. Geistmann took a shine to the boy, considering him to be what Morgen should have been.

                          Zeitgeist: Wilhelm Schroeder serves as Steiner's planner, sniper, and perhaps closest friend. He took the name Zeitgeist as he foresaw an important figure in superhuman history would bear it - unaware that the ape in the lab coat is going to be its actual bearer.

                          Manfred von Sturm: Ostensibly a member of Wahrheitsgesellschaf, von Sturm was in fact a spy for Schwarzenritter.

                          Doppelgänger: Who or what Doppelgänger was has never been satisfactorily proven, although most accept that he (?) belonged to Amt XIII.

                          Nosferatu: After realizing his alienation of Blut had cost him a vampire, Thüle courted Varney Orloff to his side after resurrecting him.

                          Nacht-Krieger und Schwarzpanzer: Kantor's main hatchet men, obviously.

                          Übermensch: Kal-Zed liked to consider himself head of the Übersoldaten, although Steiner actually held this position. His arrogance thankfully prevented the core Übersoldaten from working effectively.

                          Der V3: A trio of superhumans that a collaboration between Geistmann and Kantor produced, using the captured Everyman I for research.

                          Fraulein Blitzkrieg: A female speedster belonging to the Wahrheitsgesellschaf. This allegiance, her name, and her appearance constantly lead to Allied media confusing her and Madame Blitz. Her granddaughter taking the name Blitz doesn't help matters.

                          Eisenkreuz II: Much has been made about the masked madman known as Iron Cross. Most of it is conjecture.

                          Bion: The Wahrheitsgesellschaf's greatest success in channeling orgone energy.

                          Kalak the Mystic: A Mayan sorceror who threw in with Thüle - he recognized Kantor for what he was and didn't trust him as a result.

                          And then, of course, there was Wilhelm Kantor...


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                            Re: My Worlds of Freedom

                            I'm taking requests on who or what to do next.