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  • Gotham on Earth 27926

    Have a modern Gotham game going and am interested in any resources, particularly good maps down to street level.

    I have a steady group of players (6-10), and the setting is a modern Gotham with an elderly Bruce Wayne retired and running Batman Incorporated behind the scenes Damian is the current Batman, with his operations restricted to the greater New Jersey (where Gotham is) area due being an unregistered vigilante in a post-initiative campaign. Due to his connections to the Justice League, he is one of the few exceptions to registration.

    He is working with a very loose team of "Outsiders," some of which are registered metas, and most of Batman's rogues gallery are long gone.

    Two of note have made a return:

    Scarecrow, who had been transferred to a specialized nursing facility at age 76 in Florida, a victim of seizures and dementia due to exposure to his own chemicals. Facility burned six years ago, killing 140 residents and staff. Recently someone matching the description of a younger Scarecrow, now with magical abilities, has appeared on the scene.

    Joker, who was nearly beat to death by Batman (Bruce) after putting Catwoman into a deathtrap from which Batman failed to rescue her. Was suffering from cancers due to his own chemical exposure, when things got real bad, tried to ingest the clayface formula to get a new lease on life, but it didn't take. In last adventure, heroes rescued 25 boys from Toyman/Dollman amalgam (too bad they didn't count, only 24 were missing), one ended up morphing and taking a chunk out of the current Batgirl before taking a bow and cackling to the new Batman what fun they would be having soon. Escaped down a well, reeking of decay.

    Have lots of fun stuff going on and planned for the group, but a good map of Gotham or any other similar resources would help make the game even better.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Re: Gotham on Earth 27926

    I found this: