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Earth 16 setting

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  • Earth 16 setting

    This is a DC universe setting game which takes place on earth 16.

    In this setting heroes and villains are the elite of the world. The heroes star in movies, fundraise for charities', and are often seen with socialites at nightclubs. Villains are treated the same, with the exception that they fund and build all if not most criminal originations. They have fan sites and forums with loners who seek to bench for them or emulate them. These men and women are the worlds 1% and show it. Being a hero or villain is to be in the spotlight and have the world watch you good or bad. This is a world of rampant materialism. Some heroes can fly, but will simply show up to a crime in a jet just to show off. That isn't all heroes and villains though; some genuinely want to help.

    Players in this setting will start at PL5. From this they will progress to PL10 where they cap. They are normal people who through one way or another found the means to be heroes. Players can come from any walk of life be it the child of a deceased hero/villain or they just thought it was a viable cares option given their skills. Also, I will be using a mix of the green robin enemies and DC enemies. This will mix it up and give players some interest fights. The tone is greyscale. So we will be having fun lighthearted romps and intense bouts which leave you crying in the rain screaming "NOOOOOOOO!"

    •Players will have a reputation as a team and individual. The team reputation rank is 0 starting out and increases with each successful quest. Player reputation starts at 5 and can be used when interacting with NPC's. A positive reputation can give you a bonus of +2 to checks and a negative one will give you a -2, BUT! give you a bonus on intimidation checks of +2.

    •Players can only have one power starting out, but expand as they get stronger. This can be done via IC training sessions where they push their powers and see just what they can really do. Enhanced traits are allowed if they come from the power though.

    •The wealth rankings will be put into play here. Ever character starts with a wealth rank of 8. Buying and item can be done as a routine check if the purchase DC without adding 10 is equal to the players wealth rank. If it isn't than it must be rolled. Wealth ranks decrease for a successful purchase by 1 for each degree over the DC you beat. Wealth returns by 1 point every month.

    •HAVE FUN! We're gonna have some RP goodness here so don't be afraid to think outside the box.
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