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  • AwfulMonk's Setting notes

    This contains information and background on the setting of the PbP game Pillars Fall and Heroes Rise - this will cover basic History of the world, Important Setting information. Various places and people that are important in the story. As well as some relations between countries. There are a few fictional countries, all of them small. If players in the game or players reading this have questions about what is written here please feel free to leave a message or PM me.

    Let's Begin
    GM Pillars Rise and Heroes Fall (OOC) (IC),Setting Notes for Pillars Fall

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    Re: AwfulMonk's Setting notes

    History and Inspiration

    I first created this world and most of the heroes and villains in it when I was 13, bored in science class because let's face it - I had read ahead and was bored out of my mind. We were learning about how weight and mass are different and how basically how gravity worked. Not in a very detailed way mind you. No math equations or anything like that. Just that gravity kept things together and it was constant. I had the thought of - what would happen it someone could control it. What would that look like?

    That was how Pillar was created. My first superhero.

    He has gone through many forms, from being able to control the entire planets gravity to only the gravity that affected to himself, to now - being able to focus and control the gravity field that surrounds him in a small area. A quite literal Pillar of control. Doesn't matter if it's a thousand feet up. If it's in his 35ft radius he can affect it however he wants.

    I was able to create him in a game called City of Heroes, an MMO based on you guessed it - a city full of heroes. That was fun. I was able to customize his powers, not as much as I would have liked but still. It made Pillar real. At least to me.

    I created other heroes, Heroes with the name of Forcing Wind (took me until last year to realize I made a fart Joke), High-Strung (An Tech/Archery character who had anxiety), It's also where I created Sonnet, Ogre and Luminescent. Of course Sonnet and Ogre were already taken so I had to spell them S0nnet and 0gre. But that's neither here nor there.

    My eldest cousin introduced me to comics right around this time. My first comic that he gave me was strangely the September 2001 issue of Spider-Man (my most prized possession, recently autographed by Stan then Man himself). And thus my love of superheroes grew. I collected Spider-Man (current # of Spider-Man comics = +/-700) X-Men (+/- 300) and around 75 various others. I got my first job at 15 just so I could spend most of my money on my comic subscriptions. An opportunity I only had because the same cousin that gave the comic, also let me come with him to comic-con san diego last year.

    Why am I telling you all this. Well, it's more or less just to let you know I'm a big fan of superheroes. People may bash the movies or the comics, but I take it as is - because it's someones imagination. Although to be honest, Spider-Man 3 was pretty bad.

    Superheroes are an extension of us; smarter, faster stronger and more morally upright.

    But the quote that has stuck with me the most throughout all of my life is "Absolute power corrupts absolutely." My idea isn't original, Watchmen is the best example, but I didn't see or hear about it until my Junior year of high school and by then most of this story had already been fleshed out. How that happened I honestly couldn't tell you, maybe it was the R rating and my families lack of TV at that time. I personally blame the fact I was at school from 6:30am to 4:30pm most days (I had a 0 hour class, an after school class, and Marching Band which went till 4:30/5 most days).

    "Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

    What happens when the people who we look up too fail or worse...fall.

    Not as in by dying, but more fall as in fall from the heroics that they promised they would do. Maybe by switching sides and deciding not to be a hero anymore, maybe by making so many morally bad decisions (maybe forced, maybe bad luck, maybe just bad judgement) that they realize they're a better villain than hero. Or maybe losing their reason to fight for justice.

    I realize that the title of my game is called Pillar's Rise and Heroes Fall. I also realize I have a character called Pillar. I assure you the Pillar I am talking about and the hero Pillar are two different things. Pillars Rise in this case means, the Pillars of justice, or rather Pillars representing the heroes that work to protect and uphold justice and peace.

    Anyway so that's a bit of history about me and how I created this world. Thanks for reading where I've come from.
    GM Pillars Rise and Heroes Fall (OOC) (IC),Setting Notes for Pillars Fall

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    Emily Whittier aka Arc in Crinoverse: Tales to Astonish


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      Re: AwfulMonk's Setting notes

      History of the World

      In the early days of civilization, magic was rampant in the world. Those who possessed it were seen as gods, bending the natural order to their whim. Creating monsters, crafting powerful weapons, controlling elements and claiming nations and peoples as it's slaves and demanding they be worshiped. These - as history knows them, are now referred to as the dead gods. Gods of dead nations, whose history and culture have either been wiped from existence or was so quick to rise and fall that we don't know if they truly existed at all. All we know for certain is that these warlocks, wizards and witches existed before man learned how to build walls and conquer fire.

      We do know that they ended because of what is called "The Age of Pantheon," Meta-Humans discovered abilities, either enhanced by magic or born into their powers where they were so powerful they were again considered Gods. Most of these Gods still exist. Having the power of either rapidly reduced aging or Immortality. These are the gods of Egypt, Greek/Rome and Norse mythology. It is unclear whether the Xia Dynasty of China can be believed as any mythology cannot be confirmed, the gods still living did not travel to china when the Xia dynasty existed. So any mythology may be re-told stories of western culture, or something else entirely. However the stories in this world are not considered fiction, but more of an oratory history passed down. The time period of the beginning of this Age is somewhere around 2100 B.C.

      Many of the Gods that have become famous due to stories have died, whether targeted by other gods or not possessing immortality. The remaining have grown old except for a few.

      The Gods of old that are still Living:

      From Norse Mythology:
      Borr - Father of the Creation Gods*
      Burr - Ruler of Prehistory (unknown whereabouts, some say he walks the world living among the people; unknown if he was alive and ruled during the time before "The Age of Pantheon")*
      Elli - Goddess of Old Age (Some believe she had only the power of Immortality - but since she is supposed to beaten the god Thor in wrestling, they believe she also possessed super strength)*
      Freyja - Goddess of Fertility, Love, Attraction, Beauty. Also associated with War, Death, Wealth, Magic, Prophecies and Battle (Often seen after large conflicts, areas of great death, important weddings or weddings where the two love each other enough to get her attention, and occasionally will give prophecies to mother's to tell their babies)
      Hel - Queen of Helheim, Realm of the Underworld*
      Hoenir - God of Silence (One of the few to survive "Ragnarok," he may suffer from PTSD and is now Mute because of it)
      Iounn - Goddess of Youth (Guards the source that gave the Norse Gods their powers of unnatural immortality)*
      Lofn - Goddess of Forbidden Love (Often seen watching young lovers, giving them his blessing. Recently seen in the Middle East)
      Nerthus - Goddess of Peace (Has the power to pacify all aggressiveness, whenever she is near)
      Var - Goddess of Contracts

      It is said that in their prime there were 52 "Gods," now 10 remain. *Most have not been seen for awhile, and those that are seen are known to leave as quick as they came.

      From Greek/Roman Mythology:
      Ares/Mars - God of War*
      Athena/Minerva - God of intelligence, skill, peace, warfare, battle strategy, handicrafts, and wisdom*
      Hades/Pluto - God of the Afterlife, ruler of the Underworld
      Hephaestus/Vulcan - fire, metalworking, and crafts (Incarcerated)

      A war between the the Gods worshiped by The Greeks and Romans killed many, Hephastus is continuously trying to kill Ares, as such Ares and Athena helped Man to build a prison to hold him using Hephastus' own crafts. He is currently imprisoned but for a time repeatedly tried to kill Luminescent based on the fact that she was blessed by Athena.

      From Egyptian Mythology:
      Bastet - Protector of Pregnant Woman and Children (Known to be a protector of those that cannot protect themselves, Currently on a Super Team in Africa)
      Isis - Goddess of Magic, Marriage, Healing, Protection and Perfection
      Kebechet - Goddess of Purification (known to be a wanderer, does not like attention, and will always escape if captured)
      Sehkmet - Goddess of Lions, Fire and Vengence (Looks like a Lion, Very intelligent, controls Fire)
      Tefnut - Goddess of Lions, Water and Fertility (Looks like a lion, very kind and caring, controls water)

      Most of the gods of Egypt were not immortal, or even had a slowed aging. Bastet, Isis and Kebechet were the only ones. Sehkmet and Tefnut have stayed alive due to magical enhancement.

      The gods have no wish to control humanity anymore, those that did have either died or have not been seen for a long time. Many of them, in their long lives, seek to end the pattern of violence and actively seek to use their skills for peace.

      Much of the knowledge that has come from "The Age of Pantheon," has come from Alexander's Library, saved from being burned, it contains much knowledge of history. As well as magical tomes, which most magic-users have read, in some form or another. It is kept guarded by a group called the Knights of Light, that seek to protect knowledge and actively use their skills to bring knowledge and learning to those that do not have access to it. As well as being a magical order. The group consists of many reserve members that are called upon when certain doom is upon them. Rarely has this occurred, perhaps because of their work. Protectors of all the world they do not have any enemies and will protect all people's. From harm. Doctor Manifesto is their leader and teacher. He is the headmaster of a Magic College that is contained inside the Library.

      As this is general knowledge of the world I won't go into too many details about the College or Library. But everyone knows that it is the Residence of the goddess Nerthus, meaning that when you enter, you are unable to attack anyone. This is probably the only reason it still exists as many have tried to destroy it but fail to enact any aggressive action when they get near.
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      GM Pillars Rise and Heroes Fall (OOC) (IC),Setting Notes for Pillars Fall

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      Emily Whittier aka Arc in Crinoverse: Tales to Astonish


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        Re: AwfulMonk's Setting notes

        More Recent History of the World

        "Meta-Humans," have been recorded in history as early as the 1st Century; More often than not however these "Meta's" were just enhanced humans, only around 17th Century have true Meta's been recorded. Those with the power of flight, strength, mind-control and other various powers. The remains of many "Early Meta Humans," have been studied by 21st Century Science and at first it was Hypothesized that this was due to some sort of mutation. But analysis of DNA shows no "major mutations that would concur the belief that early mutations would have caused such powers". The new theory is that a "remnant magic" has been left on the world from the early age of man, and over time; depending on where one lived and how long their ancestors had lived there, this magic would infuse with those inhabiting the lands, giving generations of peoples the potential to be able to access powers in a natural way. Discovering them when they reach an age of massive body, mental or emotional change. Puberty being one of the many triggers, other triggers include extreme physical harm, extreme psychological change, and in some cases extreme emotion. The Cause is not clear, and those who would know have long since been dead.

        But the rise of Meta's in the 19th, 20th and 21st Century has shown that this hypothesis may hold tact. As more and more groups of people develop powers, each of varying degrees of strength. The odds that one day the whole world may develop powers, or at the very least a vast majority are high. That is unless whatever magic, as the current theory suggests, is unable to hold.

        As great as the notion of developing powers, this has caused some people go to extreme lengths to "try and discover their powers." Many men and women have tried to activate their "powers" by putting themselves in extreme situations, most common are. Most are in the age range of 12-23.
        1) Jumping off of high cliffs, or jumping from aircraft.
        2) Standing in front of trains, or cars
        3) Entering or creating conflict in a high-risk area. Sometimes this means robbing or trying to stop a robbery in the hopes powers would activate, starting fights against un-winnable odds, or other high-risk scenarios.

        The statistics are unsure of what the percentage of this working is as depending on the circumstances the details of the persons death are unsure. But those that research this have put the odds in the 1/250 range that something like this would work. While other have put the odds in the 1/40 million range. The data is extremely muttled and it would need a case by case basis to become more accurate.

        However many teen heroes that did not gain their powers through major injury, puberty or other normal means, have done this. They are put in a psychological restriction to be sure they are not a harm to themselves or others if this is the reason for their powers developing. As some kids and adults in the past have gone on a murdering rampage against others. Most times their reasoning being, "to unlock those powers which reside in us all." That being the more common reason, others being revenge against those wronged, or unable to control their powers in a high-stress, high-risk environment of which comes in being apart of a super-team.

        20th and 21st Century

        Before the start of industrialization the most common causes of Meta's coming into being were puberty, War, or as discussed earlier taking matters into ones own hands (as has been a common theme throughout most of history). But with the mechanization of early America, followed suit by Britain and France. Stresses and injuries become more wide. Suddenly a child losing a hand suddenly had the ability to fly or shoot fire from their eyes. It was near chaos. 5 years after the start of Industrialization, several cities had almost been destroyed. Many cities went on Manhunts to find and destroy those Meta's that threatened their life and livelihoods. Then in 1908 many "modernized" countries came together to solve this problem. Their solution came down to eradication or cooperation. Thus the first International government came to be. This chapter of the worlds government had one goal. The find, recruit, train and put into service those with classified Meta abilities. At the same time the Knights of Light and Order (name changed to the Knights of Light in 1976), came out of hiding and offered their mystical knowledge to those that had access to different plains. This caused a major upset in the world as a whole. Suddenly they were forced to realize that the world was suddenly a thousand times bigger than they had first realized. But, within a few years the people and governments came to accept this new world they had discovered. Understanding that now things would not be the same governments changed overnight. Some focusing on Science, others trying to rediscover their magical heritage, and others trying to merge the two.

        But this peace also caused a sort of war of knowledge and power. As power grew and new power was discovered in the form of Meta's, the world grew darker. Suddenly it wasn't about keeping the citizens safe. It was about discovering how to create more abilities and controlling them. Experimentation, in secret, ran rampant through small countries. Suddenly the International organization responsible for keeping Meta's safe was abusing them. It wasn't until children of government officials became the targets of these experiments that anyone did anything about it. When the news broke the world cried out in anger, historical commenters all agree that the citizens of the world were at first fine with Meta's being experimented, but when it came to your everyday citizen there was a tremendous breach of trust. Citizens in Russia were quick to revolt, attacking those in charge. This was due to the government grabbing citizens on the street and lying to them about what they were doing.

        Russia blamed other countries, and told it's citizens it was there fault but with the killing of Archduke Ferdinand by a supposed "Serbian citizen" this caused the first World War. Starting in 1914 at first it was a war of the people, but soon the whole world was engulfed. With the new stresses of everyday life suddenly Meta's were appearing everywhere, this led to the near destruction of Europe. It wasn't until the Old Gods intervention and guidance that the war subsided nearly 5 years later. The first time in 500 years they were directly involved with anything. Supposedly they were worried this war would destroy all civilization as at the time History agrees there was no true end in sight. After almost all countries and many Independent Meta's signed a cease-fire agreement the world took and held it's breath. It carefully chartered various agreements detailing the sanctity of life and banned the experimentation of Meta's. However with Central Europe destroyed tensions there were high. But the nations of the world cooperated and rebuilt towns, cities and villages. In the hopes that this unification of powers through governments might be enough to keep the world safe from the dark recesses of man.

        However this led to new problems. For about a year after the official end of World War 1, Meta's continued to emerge. This led to The U.S. France, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Greece, Italy, India, Japan, China, and several other countries to create "Teams of Supers." The countries of the world learned their lesson, to let Meta Humans solve Meta Human problems, this created a golden age of Heroes that were glorified by each countries citizens. So it adopted its own Meta-Citizens to join together, some say to spread propaganda of the government, and protect their countries laws. This solved several problems, first, with shining examples of heroes in the limelight this created a buffer for each government to put between themselves and various Scientists that wished to continue Meta and Enhanced Human research, if a scientist was discovered to be researching the government would simply task their heroes to solve the problem for them. Whether they were tasked by the government or not. Secondly, with each government showing off their own Super-Hero team it was a way to show the countries that would wish them harm that they had as much power as them. And third, it allowed them to distract their citizens with Films, Comics, and News Articles while the countries rebuilt themselves.

        However showing off each countries "weapons" as it were for so long led to a different problem. Jealousy and Fear. So the 2nd World War, or the 1st Meta-Human war began. With Several Central European Countries falling quickly due to a pre-emptive strike from Germany the world was again thrown into war. Heroes were called to arms, and men and women followed. However the war was quick, (quick being a relative term of 7 years) as Germany quickly realized that even though they had the strongest heroes of the world, strength did not beat sheer numbers. It's allies Italy and Japan were too far away for them to quickly come to Germanys aid and all three Nations were surrounded. With addition of America to the fight in 1942, the 3 nations armies crumpled and collapsed in on itself. The rest as they say is history.
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        GM Pillars Rise and Heroes Fall (OOC) (IC),Setting Notes for Pillars Fall

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          Re: AwfulMonk's Setting notes


          When one would look up to the sky, one would see a millions of billions of stars. In the beginning of the Age of Man, this caused Man to wonder what was out there. As they looked up they would see shapes, Orion the Hunter, The Big and Little Dipper, Pisces, etc. Stories of who these shapes were and how they came to be, which evolved into stories and legends about the scary and unexplored world around them. Soon these beliefs were justified in the Age of the Pantheon across the world.

          Great men and women with powers no ordinary man could match walked among them, and they asked for protection, and wisdom and help. These Men and Women promised such things and more, and over time these protectors turned to Gods. Gods with Temples scattered across Cities, it's followers giving wealth and art and song to them. This pleased them. For 5200 years Man revered there Gods. But War, and Famine, and Death, and Poverty, and Sickness were not something the Gods could stop. So Man turned away, outcast-ed their Gods and sought new ones.

          For the sake of Brevity I will say ancient history is much the same, some battles never existed while some battles we've never heard of have. Many people groups rallied around a Meta that was born among them and worshiped them as a God. But history has little information on who these numerous people groups were. Israel is famous still. The Jewish culture and traditions still live on. A belief that while there are men on this Earth who can do miraculous things is undeniable, there is a being that gave those Gods there power. A Being that has the powers. A Being that protects them.

          (Minor Note: Talking about Religion on the Internet is a scary thing for me - I'm not going as deep as I could for that reason.)

          The Old Testament is still real, those who doubt that a 'one-true God' see it as a either a man, or a group of men with the power of prophecy/or the ability to see into the future that wrote the books. Others see it as still just a book of stories. The Age of Pantheon was during the Time of Jesus Christ, but the way the Old Gods had spoke of what they knew of the man at the time does not bring clarity. They were at the height of their power and as such one man from Israel did not concern them. However they do tell that they heard of him and heard of the 'miracles' he was performing. So whether he was truly who he said he was, or just another Meta Human is not known.

          At the same time, India for some reason had a large number of Gods reported, starting before Europe's Age. While the total number of Gods in the Combined Pantheon of Rome/Greek, Nordic and Egyptian was large, India's Meta population is estimated to be in the tens of thousands. How they did not destroy each other and the nation is unknown. But this has certainly affected the culture as you see it today. However no known legitimate Gods have come forward from India's Pantheon, so it assumed none had the powers of Enhanced Age or Immortality.

          The worship of Gods continued until The Renaissance, which brought in a new age of Technology and Invention in the 17th Century (200 years later then our time line). With the end of the Dark Ages, Man felt they could no longer rely on the Gods and so sought to lead themselves. This led to Revolutions across the world. As the social dynamic had changed and governments collapsed and were reformed it was truly the era of a new Age. One with the majority in Control, not led by a select few.

          New Meta's hid, or were killed. The Idea of having powers in a world where every man was equal (supposedly) was an outrage and through that they turned to an invisible God. A God where a Spirit came upon you and gave you a new body, and new power. This was what replaced The Pantheon, a shell of it's normal self. The West turned to the Divine rather then the mythic or legends. In the East, in the 17th Century, The last of the Dragons died.

          The Dragons

          For much of history the East was isolated from the West, unless one chose to travel the silk road, one would hardly believe that such a place could exist. A true paradise, while it's societies had the normal problems of what you would expect, the feudal system played a much smaller part in the development of the Asian countries. (I would like to apologize now I don't know a whole lot about the Eastern Culture so my rewriting of history has stuck with primarily India, China and Japan) The people were led by an true Dragon, a Dragon that had been born and livid a long life before the Age of Pantheon. The Dragon had witnessed the rise and revolution of man from it's Magical Masters. The Dragon had been allied with Man, and after a long fought but lost battle, hid the survivors and whisked them away. The Dragon protected them, unsure of what became of the Western world. Isolating it's people, they continued to grow and expand. He watched and saw the Pantheon Age rise, saw the gifts the Meta's contained and refused to let them enter his domain.

          A treaty struck, The East was kept isolated for so long that when it broke it's isolation in the 17th century, people had forgotten they even existed. So a new land was discovered and with the Dragon dead cultures clashed. Shin-Lao, the leader of the people's struggled for peace, but was unable to achieve it. The western world and Eastern world clashed, and quickly the East fell.

          This has led to the Eastern people to revere and call out to the Dragon to return, now a Meta leads the people. The Half-Dragon Nettibune, a Meta that developed Lizard like scales and the ability to breathe fire. He is 200 years old, but old. His age likely tripled due to the unique physiology his powers provided.


          Religion is not based on "I heard a voice speak to me and I know it's the one True God,' But rather based on what type of Meta someone is. At least in the basic sense. A man with super speed will never be considered a God. But a man with the abilty to heal, know the future, defy the laws of physics (in a sense, I mean this is superheroes after all) and any number of other things will be able to start a new religion as the people see that as more of a divine gift.

          Multiple powers. That's what it takes. But that is one spectrum. Some believe just like the Pantheotic Gods of Old still walk the earth there is either a single or multiple individuals that created them roaming the world as well. They follow that unknown person, often relying on a faith. Whether that faith is convoluted or real is unknown. But this has led to a higher number of cults in the world. It has allowed Men and women (women more recently) with a charm and charisma to manipulate those, to find followers in the masses and bring them into their fold, doing things that should not be done. Whether participating in barely understood magic, or sacrificing themselves and participating in Group Suicide. Or as is most common just giving the person all of their material wealth.

          People have looked to the stars in wonderment, but having found no answers seek to make sense of the world around them. Some have been done better then others.
          GM Pillars Rise and Heroes Fall (OOC) (IC),Setting Notes for Pillars Fall

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            Re: AwfulMonk's Setting notes

            After Centurion Disbandment

            About a full month after the deaths of Sonnet and Pillars family, the remaining Centurions decided to disban. Like a Celebrity Wedding, the media spent about a full week discussing the cause, effects and reasons behind this decision. After all The Centurions had been around over 10 years. It had become a household name, even if you weren't a fan of them you still knew who they were. All things must end however.

            It was decided that Sonnet's death would not be made known publicly, however it was rumored. The Deaths of other members in the Prison break were known, some thought it was allies of the villains that died that caused it, others thought some local meta-villain. Repeatedly however, the rumors were put down. The media reps did there best, saying Sonnet was retired and wanted to be left alone. Some asked if she was retired wouldn't she at least be there for the final meeting of the Centurions. There was and could never be a good answer to that question.

            Allies from Across the world stopped by to join the celebration of The Centurions. Teams from China, England, France, Germany, Brazil. Practically every country you had ever had a mission in joined. In total almost 100 individual heroes were present at the teams Retirement party, so to speak.

            The weeks following it had been planned that a new, up and coming super team would take over the tower. It was designed for a group of heroes to live and operate out of and the public wanted to know that while things do change, things still stay the same.

            A new group of ten heroes was formed. In fact this was two separate teams of heroes combined. A group calling themselves "The New Protectors" (Heroes Included: Jade Serpent (Martial Artist), Wi-Fire (Fire Manipulator/Teleport through Electricity), Backbreaker (Super Strength), The Shrink (Empath), Texan Star (Enhanced Cowboy) and Dandelion (Plant Controller)) and a group that went by "Watchful Shields" (Heroes Included: Dr. Midnight (Martial Artist/Technology Guru), Shadowstorm (Shadow Controller), Crowd Control (Duplication Powers), Minstrel (Ability to create objects with sound) and Marathon (Enhanced Natural Abilities)). It took a bit of time, but the two began to work together and soon combined there former teams into a brand new one called The New Watch. Minstrel was the only person to leave the team, due to throat cancer shortly discovered after they moved in. He recovered but he lost his powers in the process. The New Watch, had a tough time filling in the Centurions shoes. Harrier communicated frequently with Dr. Midnight when they came across technology, but other then that they did their job well. (It's rumored Cameron Chase bought out Dr. Midnight's company as a joke)

            For about 5 months after the retirement, gang and meta violence increased due to the belief that since the Centurions were done the world wouldn't be able to stop them. This was quickly dealt with as 3 additional Government sponsored super teams were created to help deal with the threats and violence that was normally mitigated with the Centurions.

            This is an overview, any specific questions or curiosities can be answered later.
            GM Pillars Rise and Heroes Fall (OOC) (IC),Setting Notes for Pillars Fall

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              Re: AwfulMonk's Setting notes

              Alternate realities are a tricky thing. Unlike what you see in the movies one small choice (choosing Espresso instead of Mocha, taking an alternate route to go to work, etc.) hardly changes things. In fact one simple choice rarely makes the difference in history. And in the infintismal calvacade of the multi-verse, rarely occurs more often then you think. To gain an idea of what happened to cause this chain of events that are occuring in front of your eyes, you first must understand that. That one choice, whether to do or not, only changes history when it matters. When does it matter? Always, never, sometimes. Each of those are true. Each of them false. But in this instance, this moment in time where lives are on the line and people look to you and say “Help Us,” can you afford to fail them? Can you afford not to?

              The problems you face today, in this moment come from a place in history that in your timeline occurred because one man chose to speak, while in the other chose not to. That mans name was Toussant Louverture, a former Haitian slave and later in life a military leader. In your timeline, this man led the most successful slave revolt in history, creating a country and forcing the French to lose a major foothold in the Americas. In your Invaders timeline this never occurred. We could look farther back in history to try and understand why. But that would be of such unimportance that it would surely be a waste of time.

              So why was one mans voice so important. Because the country of Haiti was never founded 40 years later during what is known as the Seven Years' War, events transpired quite differently. During the War the French was at odds with the British in the Ohio River Valley. While the British had her colonies as did the French, the French now had a strong Military Fort to quickly mobilize supplies and equipment from. Getting supplies and soldiers from Haiti now allowed the French to mobilize against the British faster. This caused the French to win the War in 5 years, rather then 7. Ultimately this led to the British no comlete control over the Eastern Seaboard of the American Colonies. A Snowball effect occurred.

              No longer was a Revolution started, no longer was the taxation of tea so outrageous as to defy the orders of the crown, after all the French had invaded the colonies and His Majesty required funds to combat this. A Detailed account of the events that changed would require more then a 10 hour documentary on your history channel. However there are some notable events that occurred in this new and destructive timeline.

              1. Without the American Colonies Uniting, the Indian tribes were better able to band together and drive out the now French American Forces.

              2. The Borders of Canada and Americas were changed, now most of the upper Continent of North America is considered one country, allowing for an even larger amount of natural resources of wood, wildlife, land and in the future Oil.

              3. With the French Victory in the French British War, Napoleon was able to collect taxes from the new land he owned. There was no Louisiana Purchase.

              4. There was an american Revolution, but it was not for slavery that they fought, rather the Unification of the American Continent against the French Government.

              5. With the loss of the Colonies at the hands of the French, during the 1st World War (the Second having never been fought, rather a short lived war of Germany vs Russia in which Russia lost much land but still technically won (a Pyrric victory)) The French and British were on opposite sides with America never entering the war.

              6. The French Allied themselves with Spain, Germany, Japan and India as well as several smaller countries.

              7. The Great Depression ended in 1946 when The Great American Continent began selling arms to both sides.

              8. This led to the GAC becoming more utilitarian, taking the side of whoever seemed strongest rather then fighting for freedom as you would remember.

              9. This led to the country becoming much more independent in their morals, no longer was it “Do not ask what your Country can do for you, but rather what can you do for your Country.” It was now, “Your Countries greatest strength comes from you, building machines of great power to quell the enemy of invaders and our Meta terrorists. Our fight may be long, but it is ultimately the destination of the pure man to reign supreme.

              10. In 1950 the war of the Meta began shortly after the Great War. Europe was devastated, however with the help of Meta's that traveled the Atlantic to join the Fight, France and her allies became Victorious. However once they returned home they were met with hatred and hostility.

              11. In 1970 the GAC collapsed, splintering into several smaller countries, some ruled by Meta's (Often times in Meta populated areas, these areas were scattered, but ultimately they were able to recover faster then Human settlements). Some ruled by Pure Citizens Council, or PCC. These were Normal citizens that were able to hold out against Meta Soldiers. Despite being unpowered. Their new nations were typically in the midst of easily defendable military installations, such as the Rockies, Military Bases, or deep in the middle of nowhere.

              12. In 1980 there was a large technological gap between many nations, some were operating as if it were still 1960, some had technology that for our understanding didn't come out until the early 2000's. This led to the even known as The Conquering, A 4 year war led by a subjugated and oppressed meta population, seeing the transmissions of other Meta nations, they struck out against their former masters (Slavery was no longer race related, but power. The PCC often used subjugation of powers in order to keep control of their 'Slaves') With the ability to now activate their powers, and supported by the Meta nations war once again broke out.

              13. In 1985 the current governing body The Legion, became the unification of the American (both North and South) continent. No longer was there a “American Dream.” The social society became that of a caste system.

              1. Top of the order were those born with powers from powered parents.

              2. Next were those that developed powers from non powered parents

              3. Following were those that were able to imitate powers, this was often seen as the study of magic, development of technology, or even a natural gift of athleticism or skill. (Olympic level or higher)

              4. Those that were born of powered parents and did not have powers were shunned and sent away, sometimes even killed.

              5. Lastly those that did not have powers ever in their family tree. These would be often times rounded up and contained like cattle. More often than not a small bribe was enough to load a truck of Non-Powered Citizens to be experimented on and never seen from again.

              At the start the new millenium, on January 3rd, 2000 The 2nd World War broke out. For almost two decades, countries around the world had been preparing for a Meta War of epic proportions to occur. But it was a standstill, if one side attacked then the others would retaliate, no one would win except those that could withstand a nucelar blast or stop the missiles from falling. However that changed when a young business man, a genius for a normal citizen, even by meta standards came up with a way to disable the firing systems of those missiles from across the globe. This young man, Cameron Chase assisted by his mentor and family friend Krupp worked in secret under the militaries guidance. Once complete the device was activated and war began.

              Despite the Nuclear Warheads being taken out of commission, the war was brutal. By population standards military and civilian casualties were near 3 billion, or almost half the world population. Imagine if you will entire towns, cities and countries being wiped off the map. When one can run at the speed of light and avoid any and all security measures, it doesn't matter how fortified your base is. This did not come overnight, it took 10 years. July 4th 2010, a day that will forever be celebrated as the end of the most deadly war the world of this Earth had ever seen. Afterwards, with the destruction of cities and nations. Those that survived realized that their Earth could not sustain life for much longer, and there was no (at the time) safe and assured method of traveling to another habitable planet. Measures were implemented but ultimately everything put into place was just to slow the inevitable. That is until a certain man named Mindslice accidentally entered this reality. The Energy was immense and he arrived in quite a fashion, it alerted police with a start. When he arrived he saw a beautiful and futuristic city, having landed in Chicago, a city relatively untouched by the Decadent War as it was called. He spoke of his story, how he had come to this world from an alternate one. The chain of command began and soon the leader of this world, one Bouregard “Bo” Jackson heard of the rumors.

              The man known as Mindslice but now calling himself Erick Gustan (whether his real name or fake they neither cared nor asked) gladly told stories of his world. How while the world had its conflict the last major was would have been nearly 70, almost 80 years in the past. How they had developed the ability to travel great distances in space. Satellites that watched nearly every point of land at all times. This intrigued the High Lord Jackson. From what it sounded like, his problems and the problems of his world were solve. Simply invade and take control.

              At first the man known as Mindslice gladly shared general information, about history, politics, religion. But then the questions became much more specifc, military, strength and size, state and country capitals, military bases. Landmarks, Meta populations, High Lord Jackson loved the idea of heroes and villains. Mindslice wanted to leave, but they had commandeered his reality travel device.

              They forced what else they needed out of him, Identities, Alternate Identities, Political figures names and faces, He could see all. He could see all decisions his other selves made so why couldn't he see more. A brief excerpt from the last file indicated some sort of benign escape attempt. The man spent so much time writing a letter, that he failed. Sending it instead of himself to safety. The letter was never found but during the recapture, Erick Gustan was killed. Accidental discharge of the arresting officers weapon. The High Lord was not happy about that and the entire squad was killed.

              It was 2015, both there and here. A hero named Pillar was at a park in the State of Idaho when a explosion went off, killing his wife and daughter. The hardly anyone knows that the man known as Pillar was killed as well, and a man with the codename Crumble took his place. He was the first, over the years several others took over other public identities and even more are in hiding.
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