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  • Welcome to the World of Pokemon!

    Hello everyone! I've been a Pokemon fan for a long time. I've been wondering how to make a system that fits the fast, passionate style of Pokemon, and it turns out, its right in front of me. I love M&M as well, I enjoy everything about it, and just taking what's there, you can make a pretty good Pokemon game. But I'm a perfectionist. I want to go further. I want to make an AWESOME Pokemon game!

    I'll be posting regular updates weekly or bi-weekly. Starting with the basic groundwork for creating Pokemon, then special Advantages for Pokemon and Trainers, and then once I'm done with the basics, we're getting into the Gyms. Also check out the Pokedex: The Pokemon Compendium (to be announced)! Once I've some Pokemon posted, that's when we get into the Pokemon battles!

    But everything starts with the basics. Without further ado...

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    Re: Welcome to the World of Pokemon!

    Pokemon Houserules:

    Pokemon gain experience by winning Pokemon battles! Defeating a wild Pokemon at the same PL gives one PP. Level, items, complications and more change the amount of experience your Pokemon gains (see Experience Table below).

    Trainers gain PP for completing adventures and overcoming Pokemon Challenges, such as winning a gym battle or Pokemon contest. Trainers seldom go past PL 6, but gain PP indefinitely.

    Pokemon split Toughness into Defense and Special Defense. They buy each at one point per rank.

    All Pokemon attacks are Physical or Special. They have a type and often further descriptors. For example, Tackle is a Physical/Normal/Bludgeoning move. Descriptors are very important in the world of Pokemon!

    Pokemon can trade off caps in Effect Rank and Toughness, Attack and Special Attack, and Defense and Special Defense. Drastic trade-offs like Shuckle's defenses or Rampardos's Attack are possible, but beware - smart trainers will take advantage of your weaknesses!

    Experience Table

    Pokemon have a unique way of gaining Experience, and many things change how they get it. A trainer's Pokemon will always give more experience than a wild one, while an injured Pokemon gives less experience. Your Pokemon gain experience in tenths (rounded up), and every ten of those gives one full PP. Level plays a big difference in how much PP is gained:

    0 (Same Level) 100% PP - Defeating a wild Pokemon at the same level as your Pokemon, without any modifiers, gives your Pokemon 1 PP.
    +1/-1 - 125% PP/80% PP - Tough or slightly easy battles. Slight advantages easily make the difference here.
    +2/-2 - 150% PP/65% PP - Solid level difference, but victory is possible for either Pokemon. Type differences shine here!
    +3/-3 - 200% PP/50% PP - Major underdog battle. Victory is still possible, but difficult. Several advantages at once are needed to win.
    +4/-4 - 300% PP/35% PP - Pokemon at this point are either nearly impossible to beat without a team, or very easy to defeat.
    +5/-5 - 500% PP/20% PP - If you actually beat a Pokemon 5 levels above yours, congratulations. You've earned your PP. And if you're defeating Rattatas with your Charizard on Route 1, you need a different route!
    +6/-6 - None - At this point, Pokemon flat out refuse to battle. Attacks from Pokemon this high level have a very real chance of killing the other Pokemon, and most refuse to risk it.

    More experienced and talented trainers give more PP:

    Normal Trainer: 150% experience - Your everyday trainers. Those with some experience under their belt, but nothing special.
    Newbie Trainer: 120% experience - New trainers, trainers who don't focus on battle. Pokemon Breeders, Gardeners, Miners, anyone who works but doesn't battle with their Pokemon.
    Adept Trainer: 200% experience - Your experienced trainers. Those with several gym badges or many Contest wins, newly graduated from a Pokemon school, apprentices of a Professor or Gym Leader. Many criminals and police groups start here.
    Elite Trainer: 300% experience - Very skilled trainers. Your Gym Leaders fall here. Very skilled trainers with six badges or a Contest semifinalist are in this category, as are minor bosses in criminal and police groups.
    Great Trainer: 500% experience - The Elite Four. Very skilled Gym Leaders. Leaders of major criminal organizations. These trainers are known by name.
    Master Trainer: 1000% experience - The Champion. Master trainers who can be counted on one hand every generation. Guardians of artifacts and Legendary Pokemon - and any trainer of Legendary Pokemon themselves.

    Bonuses and Complications, as well as items change how much PP you gain:

    + Type Disadvantage: 150% for single disadvantage, 250% for a double disadvantage, 400% for massive disadvantage (ex. Magcargo vs Swampert while Rain Dance is active). This only applies if you don't switch Pokemon.
    + Hostile Environment: 150% for somewhat dangerous environment like an ice cave or mountainside, 250% for highly dangerous environments like active volcanoes. Battles have to entirely take place there to gain the bonus.
    + Holding a Lucky Egg: 200% experience
    + Holding an EXP Share, and not in battle: 50% experience
    - Switched Pokemon or Multiple Pokemon in Battle: Divide experience by how many Pokemon were in battle.
    - Opponent Pokemon Starts Battle Injured: 75% experience for minor injury, such as having two bruises or Dazed. 50% experience for major injuries, such as being Staggered or Exhausted.
    - Battling Pokemon Holding EXP Share: 50% experience


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      Re: Welcome to the World of Pokemon!

      Wow this looks cool! This would be a fun game to play. PL's would be a nightmare though. Be interesting how you set that up.
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        Re: Welcome to the World of Pokemon!

        Hey I'll just leave this here:

        Good luck! I always liked the idea of Pokemon in M&M!