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  • Scotus

    Eight years ago I ran an M&M 2e campaign called POTUS. You can read about it here (, though I never finished the summary of the game which I began on that thread. POTUS was a real-time RPG which played out during the 2008 Presidential election; the PCs were Secret Service agents assigned to protect New Jersey Senator Sam Shepherd, formerly the superhero known as Vanguard. Shepherd was the GOP nominee for President. Our first session was during the Republican nominating convention, and our last session was on election night, as votes were being tallied around the country.

    Considering recent events, I have decided to run a sequel to that 2008 campaign: SCOTUS. SCOTUS is set right now; the PCs are already being gathered together by the FBI to investigate the suspicious death of a Supreme Court Justice. Several key cases are pending, the court hangs in the balance, and it's an election year. We will begin with the investigation, play through the President's nomination of a new Supreme Court justice, and his or her confirmation hearings in the Senate. If, as many experts suspect, that nomination will not be confirmed before the election, the SCOTUS campaign will embrace that, too.

    I'd like to open this thread to brainstorm ideas. Who might have killed the Supreme Court Justice, and why? For example, I intend to have several looming Supreme Court cases which tie directly to superhuman matters: a rights case in which a robot, alien, or gorilla's status as a "human being" is under review, and perhaps another case that brings into question the whole issue of the secret identity and vigilantism. In other words, the stakes will be personal for the superhuman PCs.

    The original post on POTUS is here:
    The old POTUS wiki is here:

    Unfortunately, those sites only tell the beginning of the POTUS campaign, and not what happened once it began. But it should give you an idea of the setting for the game. Some of my old players will be returning, and perhaps some of their characters, but most of the PCs will be new.

    I ask that you please be respectful when you post, and avoid personal insults over political issues. While the POTUS and SCOTUS campaigns are, by their nature, politically loaded, we are all gamers here, and let's just be cool to each other.

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    Re: Scotus

    An important question: are you using real world politicos as your NPCS or creating stand-ins? This will affect any potential feedback. Also, are you using an established campaign world or a homebrew?

    IMHO, this is brilliant! I'd love to play it!

    Andrew <:-{}
    - Andrew <:-{}


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      Re: Scotus

      Originally posted by doctorcomics View Post
      to investigate the suspicious death of a Supreme Court Justice
      I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed.