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  • The World of Lumen

    Prehistory: Ten dragons (metallic [brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver] and chromatic [black, blue, green, red, white]) find a plane of existence with with a large single floating mudball in it. They section off the mudball as their domains and fidget with the scenery a bit. From this fidgeting come spirits of nature long dormant. All of the elements converge and give the world it's primal look. Animals and weather soon follow.

    Prehistory: Exiled from their previous world, Zeus, Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Heracles, Hermes, Hestia and Poseidon find themselves on the primal world. Seeing it is overrun by 'lizards' of varying sizes. They set out to beautify the place. The dragons are not pleased.

    Prehistory: The first mortal races, elves and dwarves, are born through through this strife. Originally as canon fodder for the gods. Angels (for elves) and demons (for dwarves) were lieutenants made for these cannon fodder. The elves and dwarves squabbled as much as the gods and dragons.

    100,000 years ago: Fey discover the realm and begin to catalog things. They are merely watchers.

    100,000 years ago: The fey's own realm begin bleed into Lumen and warp places. Their magic is too different. They unknowingly twist the races. Orcs, gnolls, goblins, beastfolk of all types, come from these warped places after the elves and dwarves interact with them. Angels and demons are strong enough to resist the change physically, but mentally they throw away their divine masters setting out on their own.

    90,000 years ago: Dionysus and Heracles get bored of the now cold war. They set off from The Sky Palace to cavort among the mortal races, teaching dwarves and elves how to build settlements rather than just hiding in mountains and forests.

    89,990 years ago: the first settlement is dwarven. it holds little more than a tavern and inn. Heracles is pleased, giving his stamp of approval to the place. They call it Firstholme and build the first temple to a god.

    89,989 years ago: the elves, not to be outdone, finish their settlement. It is more grandiose with spires that touch the sky and roads that lead to everywhere. Dionysus puts his stamp of approval on it. The elves build shops and temples to every god. There is every utility you can think of here! They call it Grandstand.

    89,989 - 69969 years ago: Elves and dwarves war against each other, dotting settlements both large and small around the world of Lumen. There is no place they won't put them! In the mountains (mostly dwarven), in the plains, in the swamps, on the islands and in the forests (mostly elven)

    Sometime during that war, elves and dwarves mate with each other. No one knows if this was for love or hate. It just happened somehow. Human were born. The gods see this act as weird abomination and make elves and dwarves unable to reproduce with each other. Humans, for some reason, can mate with anything, but are markedly shorter lived than their predecessors.

    To be continued
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    Re: The World of Lumen


    Arcane: This is the hardest magic to get. You must find a patron and offer your soul to them. Demons and Fey will gladly give you their secrets. Angels, while they can, will not. Their are other weirder patrons due to the fey-warped territories, but do you really want to give an alien being your soul? Really?

    Arcane magic includes: Enchantment, Illusion, Necromancy

    Divine: This is a lot easier than Arcane to get. Follow a god. Maybe you will be blessed by their power. Maybe you'll be their play toy. Maybe both. Maybe neither.

    Divine magic: Abjuration (protecting others), Divination (seeing others), and Transmutation (making things better or worse)

    Primal: Drawing upon the land is easy. The spirits of nature are not that hard to find. But they're a fickle sort. You must coax them. Do not piss off a nature spirit.

    Primal magic includes: Conjuration and Evocation

    This is not to say a Divine caster cannot snap someone's mind or Primals are limited to just blasting and summoning. They are just specialized better in their forms of magic.

    OOC Note: Casters are not limited to D&D spells.
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      Re: The World of Lumen


      Dwarves: Built by the gods for hand-to-hand (or spear-to-face, whichever) combat, dwarves live a quasi-Spartan lifestyle. First and foremost, they train for battle. Some say that dwarf without battle is like a dwarf that doesn't breath. But when they're not hitting something or training to hit something, the dwarves celebrate their victories and defeats with righteous benders. Heracles looks after the dwarves, sometimes joining them in battle and in raucous.

      Dwarves live forever if not slain and grow stronger with age. Dwarves are short and stout, the shortest and stoutest are considered blessed! Dwarven females are an anomaly and are looked after with with reverence. Dwarves that mate with humans birth dwarves, there are no half dwarves. Dwarves begrudgingly consider elves their kin, but that doesn't mean they have to like them!

      Elves: Elves where the artillery made by the gods to fight the dragons. They are quite secretive and highly emotional. There settlements are expansive, but often look empty. Some believe that you'll never find an elf if they don't want you to. Dionysus keeps them as his own. While he is not interactive as Heracles with the dwarves, he does show his blessings through them.

      Elves live forever if not slain. The older an elf is the less you see of them, they blend in with their surroundings very very well. Elves are tall and lean, but have no racial thoughts about their size. Elves live at emotional extremes. Anger, fear, despair, love, hope and so on. Elves and humans who mate produce half-elves. Half-elves cannot reproduce. Elves like dwarves as much as dwarves like elves. Which is not a whole lot.


      Monstrous races: As said before, they come from the unintentional warping of the world by the fey. Orcs, goblins, beastfolk many other variations. Most are savage, but rule their own. Others, however, are warlike and attack smaller settlements and groups out in the wild. Believe it or not, some of these can be peaceful and hospitable, but it's like finding a needle in a haystack.

      Higher Beings

      Angels and Demons: As said before, they were lieutenants for the elves and dwarves, respectively. While not as strong as the other higher beings, they are nothing to sneeze at.

      Dragons: Not one to mess with. The first ten are tied to the world of Lumen. Their offspring are scary sights to behold. Mostly hidden. They have names but do not speak them, lest they know where you are.

      Fey: Otherworldly beings who like to chronicle things. Some say they are made of pure magic and that just seeing one will cause your brain to melt. Arcane casters like to perpetrate this myth.

      Gods: There are 15 of them. They are effectively immortal. Elves and dwarves worship them as they are their creators. Humans take them or leave them.

      Nature spirits: You are actually talking to fire and wind and water and earth and wood and metal when your call for them. Seeing as they are primal, they tend to think literally and are quick to lash out.

      Old Gods: They who shall not be named. The ones in your nightmares. They exist. Some arcane casters have touched base with them but have been driven insane in the process. The Old Gods are aware of Lumen. They have not set their sights on it. Yet.

      Others: No mortal mind can know everything. But those who who find Others (this is not a specific things, just a catchall term) can be anything from erratic chaos to unbreakable conformity.

      This is a work in process.
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        Re: The World of Lumen


        Those who take up weapons against the darkness. Dwarves prefer the close up take charge kinds of weapons. Though not shunning any other weapon, "true battle," they say, "is done fist-to-face and foot-to-ass." Elves however are the stealth range snipers. You'll never expect them. You won't see them and they will hit you. With what force depends on the situation. Humans take whatever weapon they can.

        Those who disregard or shun the use of magic are somehow blessed with resistance to it. Seemingly the less you know about it, the stronger you are against it!

        OOC Note: Warriors who have no knowledge of magic and do not use magic can take one effect that represents a resistance to magic. This may be as small as Second Chance (Saves vs Magic Effects) all the way up to Immunity 20 (magic effects). I'm not pinpointing it mechanically because each warrior has a different way of avoiding it. It's all in the descriptor!
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          Re: The World of Lumen


          There are very few languages in the world, most are cultural dialects.

          Elves, Dwarves, and Humans all speak Greek. The gods gave them this language. Elven, Dwarven and Human are all dialects of Greek.

          Monstrous races speak with grunts and growls, akin to animals. The very few intelligent ones speak Greek.

          The gods themselves speak Olympian, as do Angels and Demons. Olympian is a learnable language, but is mostly used for temple affairs.

          Angels and Demons why break free of their divine masters know of a language called Celestial, of which Angelic and Demonic aredialect. This is a learnable language, but trying to get a free Angel or Demon to do so is quite a task.

          Arcane is language shared in secret by arcane casters. Very few outside of the arcane community know it. Those who do better have a good reason or be hunted by some angry magic users.

          Nature Spirits do not speak, but when manifest as Elementals they speak Elemental. Different dialect include Water, Earth, Wood, Lightning and so on. Mortals do not have the correct anatomy to speak it, but can understand it if learned. Primal casters can reproduce it magically.

          Draconic is spoken by exactly ten beings on Lumen. The crude language they gave their offspring is called Drake. Mortals may learn the latter, but not the former. There are stories about those who try to learn Draconic. Most of them end up dead by some mysterious force if they're lucky.

          Fey have a language, but even the gods and dragons cannot parse it! Suffice to say, Fey learn languages very quick, so you do not have to learn millennia worth of speech lesson of Fey. Mortals can understand it magically. Not even the arcane casters can reproduce it magically.
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