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    [Earth-S]A dissertation on native superhumans.

    Earth-S: A dissertation on native superhumans.
    What are the Kindred?
    The Kindred are the three types of Skytower Giant and the three types of Skytower Magus. 95% of Earth-S' superhumans are of the two different types of Kindred.

    What are Skytower Giants?
    A type of Kindred loyal to the Roman Empire. Placeholder.

    Are there any nephilim Skytower Giants?

    Who are the three Skytower Giant Exemplars?
    the Ghost (PL10/200pp male cloudsprit), a brutish-yet-ephemeral thug with power over water---in the form of rain! The Ghost is the Skytower Giant cloudspirit Exemplar.

    Rager (PL16/299pp male stormbull), a humungous winged, avian-like behemoth, is the Skytower Giant stormbull Exemplar.

    Talos the Bronze Giant (PL15/300pp female skytreader), a woman of great beauty, disguises herself in heavy bronze armor to appear male, is the Skytower Giant skytreader Exemplar.

    What are Skytower Magi?
    A type of Kindred loyal to the Parthians. Skytower Magi are physically mundane, but are psionically empowered. Most are physically crippled in some manner, a malady Romans call 'Jupiter's Price'. Placeholder.

    Are there any nephilim Skytower Magi?
    Yes, but only one. Placeholder.

    Who are the three Skytower Magus Exemplars?
    Bacchus (PL3/150pp male Skytower Magus seer) is the seer Exemplar.

    Clotho (PL7/200pp female Skytower Magus cyclops) is the cyclops Exemplar.

    Cybele (PL12/212pp female Skytower Magus minotaur) is the minotaur Exemplar. Named after the incredibly gruesome goddess, Cybele may control hundreds of animals---especially felines (such as lions)---at once. Cybele is insane and honestly believes herself to be the goddess in question. Placeholder.

    What is the Skytower, anyways?
    The Skytower is an alien spacecraft that partly crashed/partly landed in two huge pieces, a hundred years before the reign of the Roman Emperor Hadrian; one piece landed in northern Italy, whilst the other came down in Parthian territories. The different halves of the Skytower radiated different mutagenic gasses, which slowly dissipated. This the origin of Skytower Giants and the Skytower Magi, and explains why the two breeds are so politically polarized. Placeholder.

    Who is He Who Strides, and what relationship does he have to the Kindreds?
    A cosmic entity, He Who Strides was one of the few such beings who couldn't survive the vacuum of outer space; the Skytower, then, was his 'spacesuit' for a long interstellar journey. After crashing, He Who Strides temporarily dispersed into gas, only to reform years later.

    In essence, He Who Strides is an amalgamation of all three types of Skytower Giant and all three kinds of Skytower Magus, all rolled into one! Placeholder.

    What was 'the Day of Fiftyfive Suns'?
    The day the Skytower crashed to Earth was recorded by Roman historians as 'the Day of Fiftyfive Suns', due to the brightness of the crash, as the Skytower's FTL-drive imploded and fell into a parallel-Earth.

    Who are 'the sons of God'?
    Nephilim. On Earth-S, nephilim live exclusively in the territories of ancient Israel. Placeholder.

    Are the Kindred and the sons of God the only superhumans found on Earth-S?
    Of course not! Oddities and exceptions-to-the-rules may be found all over the Forever Tree.

    However...the Kindred and the sons of God make up a whopping 99% of Earth-S's superhuman population! Most people have no idea other 'demigods' exist at all!
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      [Perpendiculars, only]The Black Coven

      Amomg the six Perpendiculars, there are dimension-hoppers and worldstravelers. Some are cosmic heroes, doing good across six very strange universes. Some merely seek to learn, or explore, or gain phenomenal wealth. And others? Others are evil...very evil...!

      Such is the case with the Black Coven...!

      THE BLACK COVEN: The supervillain group of the six Perpendiculars.
      Who, or what, is the Black Coven?
      The Black Coven is a 12-member supervillain team gathered from all six Perpendiculars, under the leadership of nOmaun Beast. The Black Coven is infamous throughout the Perpendiculars for their raging acts of rampant cruelty, sadism and terror. Placeholder.

      Who are the members of the Black Coven?
      The Black Coven is led by nOmaun Beast (PL14/200pp male lion-god) of Perpendicular-2's Bowl of Uruku. NOmaun Beast is perhaps the greatest swordsman alive.

      The 12 members of the Black Coven are: a'Hadh (PL6/125pp; team financier and chief recruiter of disposable mooks/mundane human with seemingly-limitless wealth), from Perpendicular-1; Aezoaor Finnili (PL8/140pp; team bad-ass normal/male failed would-be Stormblooded-turned-swordsman), from Perpendicular-1; Beautiful Corpseflower (PL14/222pp; team melee specialist/male beast with skin sharp enough to cut steel), from Perpendicular-4; Cernunnus (PL15/266pp; team heavy-hitter/male stag-god uber-brick), from Perpendicular-2; Dis Pater (PL9/151pp; team spokesman/male Sunsphinx matter-transmuter who can easily flow through stone), from Perpendicula-6; the Completed Engineer (PL11/190pp; team infiltrator/male 'puzzle'-thoughtform), from Perpendicular-5; Demonspawn (PL11/151pp; team melee specialist/female xenogen with 100 arms, each ending in a blade), from Perpendicular-4; Ma'at the Balance Restored (PL12/212pp; team generalist/female Sunsphinx all-around psychic), from Perpendicular-6; Machinist (PL9/190pp; team gadget-guy/male gadgeteer human), from Perpendicular-3; Mawggh the Shrunken (PL9/150pp; team pyromaniac/female tcho-tcho gadgeteer and low-grade pyrokinetic 'shaman'), from Peroendicular-5; nOmaun Beast (PL14/200pp; team leader/male lion-god), from Perpendicular-2; Voyager-in-the-Deeps (PL10/150pp; team ranged combat specialist/female human gadgeteer with a shapeshifting ur-weapon and a shapeshifting suit of powered-armor), from Perpendicular-3.

      What goals does the Black Coven pursue?
      Gaining omnipotence, of course! To be more precise, gaining omnipotence by finding and assembling the twelve Norn Quills, with which the Weavery---within the Perpendiculars, only!---itself may be directly altered. So far, the Black Coven has two Norn Quills, but is actively seeking more. Placeholder.

      What allies may the Black Coven call upon?
      Only one from outside the six Perpendiculars, but it's a doozy: the infamous Dr. Apocalypse of Earth-U. Dr. Apocalypse views the Black Coven as his 'bridge' into the six Perpendiculars, and will aid the Black Coven---occasionally!---as a result.

      Other than Dr. Apocalypse, however, the Black Coven has only its own considerable resources to draw upon.

      What resources may the Black Coven call upon?
      Thanks to a'Hadh's unbelievable wealth, just any mundane resource imaginable, from across all six Perpendiculars. This includes mooks, monstrous animals of great strength and, most importantly of all, low-tier supervillain mercs.

      Does the Black Coven have a base of operations, somewhere?
      Yes. Named 'the Den of Destiny Thwarted', this palatial fortress is located deep in the Mirrti Wastes of Perpendicular-2. The Den of Destiny Thwarted is protected by mortal ex-slaves from the Bowl of Uruku, freed in return for guarding the fortress. They're known as 'the Liberated Soldiers', and're fanatically loyal to their rescuers.

      Does the Black Coven solely restrict itself to the six Perpendiculars?
      For the most part, yes.

      What is the relationship between the Black Coven and the Sunsphinx?
      In one word: hatred. The Black Coven and the Sunsphinx hate each other with undisguised loathing. Placeholder.

      ...and the Star Corps?

      ...and the Red Sons?

      ...and the Apkallu?

      ...and the Tlolkku/Starvampires?


      THE NORN QUILLS: Artifacts from the Day Before the Day of Days.
      The Norn Quills---of which 12 exist---are artifacts of He-who-is-now-Dead, from his pre-apotheosis days in the unknowable lands of his birth. Really calligraphy pens, and not quills, the Norn Quills give the user utter omnipotence once assembled...but only within the six Perpendiculars. Furthermore, it is only when all 12 are gathered and each used by a different sentient being in unison with an identical goal in mind that this omnipotence is achievable, for, individually, each Norn Quill, while useful, is nothing spectactular! (It is for this reason the Black Coven has exactly 12 members!)

      This is Godscriptorum Parchment, a psi-resonant paper capable of assisting the Norn Quills in their reality-altering tasks: Equipment 1 (a single sheaf of Godscriptorum Parchment; Feats: Indestructible). (1pp.)

      This is an individual Norn Quill: Device 5 (Demimachine calligraphy pen; easy to lose; Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 1 [writers in possession of Godscriptorum Parchment]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [-3pp; if taken outside the Perpendiculars]). (13pp.)

      This is the assembled Norn Quills, when used properly and in unison: Device 52 (easy to lose; Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 1 [writers in possession of Godscriptorum Parchment]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [-3pp; if taken outside the Perpendiculars]). (154pp.)
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        What are nephilim?
        Nephilim are the hybrid offspring of either a thoughtform and a mundane human, a thoughtform and a thought-turned-human or a thoughtform-turned-human and a mundane mundane. In the grand scheme of things, Nephilim are rather rare, and're often mistaken for more prevalent 'species' of superhumans. Placeholder.

        Are there alien nephilim?
        Sure! Though alien nephilim are vanishingly rare; in some realities, alien nephilim just don't exist AT ALL. Placeholder.

        What powers/unusual abilities do nephilim possess?
        Nephilim are heavy and tall, though most are muscular and not obese. Beyond this, however, nephilim can conceivably have any possible in the Forever Tree, depending mostly on their individual heritages. Physical abilities tend to predominate, however, though the Shapeshift power, itself, is not very common. Placeholder.

        Are nephilim immortal?
        Some are; most are not. Again, this depends heavily on a nephilim's individual heritage. Placeholder.

        Is it possible for regular superbeings to have hybrid nephilim/superhuman babies?
        Yes, but they're very rare, very rare, indeed. These are known as 'elohim', and are usually exceptionally powerful superhumans. Placeholder.

        Are any imperiex also nephilim?
        Yes; two imperiex are also nephilim. These, also, are referred to as 'elohim'. Placeholder.

        How do thoughtforms treat these 'halfkin'?
        On average, 'Very poorly'. Thoughtforms have a fascination with identity and purpose, but their own innately protean essence prevents them from seeking out anything truly stable---such as siring offspring.

        On Earth-C, however, things are VERY different. Due to the influence of the Pillars of Ba and Ka, Earth-C's thoughtforms feel 'compelled' to produce nephilim offspring. As a result, Earth-C has THE largest nephilim population in the entire Forever Tree.

        Do nephilim go to the Primordial Deep when they die?
        Yes. Just like everyone else. Ferrymen show nephilim no special deference or respect: to the Ferrymen, a soul is a soul is a soul and what one was in their living days is irrelevant.
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          [Earth-L]A dissertation on Ogres.

          Earth-L (part 1 of 2): A dissertation on Ogres.
          What are Ogres? Ogreorbitals? Ogreleviathans? Ogresails? Ogrestructures?
          Ogres are alien lifeforms, a gargantuan divergent branch of Earth-K's Manifold Giants; like the Godgiants, the genuine origins of Ogres are still as yet unclear. Arriving on Earth on solar sails miles across, Ogres began to terraform Earth on instructions by some unknown entity.

          Ogres are beyond huge, every single one being Awesome+-sized. Their most unique feature is that they're hollow, and can easily sustain sentient life within. These colonists, called 'Hollows', are the few humans to've not only survived but prospered since the Day of Ogrefalling. Further, Hollows don't just live within Ogres, but on them, also, riding them about like behemoth 'steeds'.

          Ogres, however, have extremely infectious DNA, capable of mutating Hollows with a 'plague' called Ogresymbiosis.

          Ogreorbitals are spacefaring Ogres, coming down to Earth once a month to feed. Mostly, though, Ogreorbitals drift sleepily in high Earth orbit, dreaming alien lethargic dreams. Ogreorbitals have the smallest human populations, but the highest populations of Ogresymbionts and Ogremagi!

          Ogreleviathans are seafaring Ogres, only rarely coming to shore.

          Ogresails are airborne Ogres that never land, even to feed. Ogresails're the rarest (and smallest!) breed of Ogre.

          Ogrestructures are the physically largest Ogres, and stick to the land. Placeholder.

          Are Ogres sentient?
          ...potentially. Telepaths connecting with an Ogre's mind can discern an ancient intellect 'staring' back at them---but it's an intellect completely without language, making judgments on sentience extremely difficult to ascertain. Placeholder.

          Where do Ogres come from?
          That is the $64,000,000 question, and no one seems to have any answers. It is known Ogres're of the same general 'species' as Earth-K's Void Giants, and that both races of invaders come from the same origin-point. But what that origin-point is shall likely forever remain a mystery... Placeholder.

          What do Ogres want?
          Simply put, all Ogres want just one thing: to terraform Earth into an alien wilderness in which they might graze peacefully 'til the end of time. How do they do this, you ask? By eating everything, drinking the oceans, processing both, then regurgitating it back up in radically altered form/function. Placeholder.
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            [Earth-L]A dissertation on superhumanity.

            Earth-L: (Part two of two) A dissertation on superhumanity.
            What types of superhumans exist on Earth-L?
            Ogres and their invasive DNA are the source of almost all superhumans in the universe of Earth-L. People living within Ogres have a disturbing tendency to mutate, becoming either Ogremagi or Ogresymbionts, known collectively as Demiogres. Plus, there're magi, which're unrelated to Ogremagi. Placeholder.

            What is Ogresymbiosis?
            A disease, unique to humans aboard and within Ogres, that infect people with Ogre DNA, resulting in hybrid beings known as 'Demiogres'.

            What're Demiogres?
            Humans infected with Ogre DNA are known as Demiogres. 90% of all of Earth-L's superhumans are Demiogres.

            As they're not entirely human, Demiogres of all kinds have no Exemplars.

            What is a Jupiter brain?
            Named after a concept from science-fiction, a Jupiter brain is the Ogre Doll equivalent of an Ogremagus. Unlike magi and Ogremagi, however, Jupiter brains 'merely' have intellects so absurdly advanced as to be beyond all human belief.

            As they're not entirely human, Jupiter brains have no Exemplars.

            What're magi?
            Magi are human psychics seemingly unconnected to Ogres in any way, shape or form. Nevertheless, magi did not begin to appear in any real frequently prior to the Skyfalling of the Ogres. (This puzzles scientists greatly.)

            Magi have an Exemplar named Maggie 'Psynapse' Bayne (PL10/150pp female magus telepath). Placeholder.

            What are Matroishkas?
            It's extremely rare, but sometimes, just sometimes, an Ogre Doll is infected with Ogresymbiosis. The resulting creature is a Matroishka, an 'Ogresymbiont-inside-an-Ogre-Doll'. Matroishkas are EXTREMELY powerful, but are sterile and live a decade at most. (Fortunately for Matroishkas, they reach full adulthood in just under a year...)

            Matroishkas have no Exemplar.

            What're Ogreborn?
            Nephilim are referred to on Earth-L as 'Ogreborn'. They're falsely believed to be humans some naturalistically 'spliced' with Ogre genetic material. Many nephilim believe this, too!

            As they're not entirely human, Ogreborn have no Exemplar. Placeholder.

            What're Ogre Dolls?
            When an Ogremagus and an Ogresymbiont have a child together, there is a 50% chance the child will be some kind of Demiogre...or, they COULD be an Ogre Doll.

            Ogre Dolls are miniature humanoids with extremely tiny heads and grossly elongated arms. They come in two varieties: sentient Quickminds and nonsentient Dullminds.

            Ogre Dolls have no Exemplar. Placeholder.

            What're Ogremagi?
            Ogremagi are a type of Demiogres. They are the result of Ogresymbiosis infecting a magus. Note, please, that some Ogresymbionts are psychic, also; the difference between them and Ogremagi is really one of focus: Ogremagi are stronger psychics, but Ogresymbionts are more heavily mutated.

            The offspring of two Ogremagi is always Ogremagi. The progeny of an Ogremage and a magus human is always an Ogresymbiont. The offspring of an Ogremage and an Ogresymbiont is either a Demiogre of some sort (50%) or an Ogre Doll (50%). Strangely, Ogremagi and mundane humans are not cross-fertile!

            Ogremagi have no Exemplar, as they are not entirely human.

            What're Ogresymbionts?
            Ogresymbionts are a type of Demiogres. They are the result of Ogresymbiosis infecting a mundane human being. Note that some Ogresymbionts are psychic; the difference between them and Ogremagi is one of power: Ogremagi are greater Demiogre psychics while Ogresymbionts have greater physical Demiogre powers/mutations.

            The offspring of two Ogresymbionts or an Ogresymbiont and a mundane human is always an Ogresymbiont. The offspring of an Ogresymbiont and an Ogremage is either a Demiogre of some kind (50%) or an Ogre Doll. Strangely, Ogresymbionts and magi are not cross-fertile!

            Ogresymbionts have no Exemplar, as they are not entirely human.
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              [Earth-K]The Manifold Giants.

              Earth-K's Malevolent Manifold Giants:
              What are Manifold Giants?
              Manifold Giants are gargantuan alien interdimensional humanoids of a fractured, warlike tribal civilization; they invaded Earth-K aboard vast spacebarges, and swiftly brought their new home under their authority.

              Manifold Giants are all superpowered: in addition to being huge and crushingly strong, Manifold Giants may Wish Mirrors into existence and layer these Mirrors onto themselves (albeit only temporarily). As they're not human, however, Godgiants have no Exemplar.

              Manifold Giants're also known as Godgiants and Void Giants. Placeholder.

              Where do Manifold Giants come from?
              Both the Manifold Giants of Earth-K and the Ogres of Earth-L are the same general ur-species, coming from the same mysterious source-reality. The mindless, blind, mute Ogres were drawn to the rich psychic energy of Earth-L; whereas the ill-tempered and cunning Manifold Giants chose the superhuman-free Earth-K: 'easy pickings' they claimed.

              Where do Godgiants and Ogres come from? No one's sure. Ogres are nonsentient and barely cognizant of their surroundings, so no one can ASK them. As for the Void Giants, they are surprisingly touchy about the subject, claiming 'animals' drove them into the wider multiverse. Placeholder.

              What are Mirrors? What is Wishing?
              A Mirror is a 'What if?' version of a Godgiants, that is layered onto the existing Void Giant. Mirrors are often very different from the actual titan in question; many are outrageously, with radically different traits, often essentially becoming a totally new character. A Mirror is a 'Dimensional' descriptor effect.

              A Wish is the act itself of drawing up a Mirror. Wishing takes a move action, and can only be sustained for so long, before the Mirror 'breaks' and the Wish unravels to nothingness. Wishing is a 'Time' descriptor effect.

              What OTHER powers do Manifold Giants possess?
              As the name suggests, Manifold Giants are enormous, and're immensely physically strong; many are nigh-immune to harm of nearly any kind.

              Plus: Godgiants are aliens, and thus possess staggeringly advanced technology---though they possess extremely few Demimachines, for some inexplicable reason.

              Who---or WHAT---leads the Manifold Giants?
              The Ogrefather---also Earth-K's imperiex---leads the Void Giant race, though his rule is far from secure; Godgiants chafe at their sire's governance, and're constantly seeking to topple him. Considering that he's an imperiex and a Manifold Giant, the Ogrefather's Wishes and Mirrors are simply epic to behold---meaning any coup d'etat has quite an uphill battle to fight!

              The Ogrefather has a mate, however she is nowhere NEAR as powerful as he: known as the Ogremother, this lumpen troll of a female is thuggish, brutal and dimwitted----all admirable qualities in the eyes of a potential Void Giant mate!

              Do Manifold Giants have a religion?
              No---they refuse to acknowledge any Being or beings greater than themselves. They do have a creation myth, however, which depicts Voidgiants and Ogres alike being born by 'tearing free from the earth', before being 'driven off into cold night's embrace' by 'riotous animals that know not their places'.

              Are Manifold Giants in any way related to Earth-Z's earthhaunts?
              No. Godgiants are from elsewhere in the Forever Tree; earthhaunts are from the deepest reaches of the Beyond.

              Do Manifold Giants have any alliances and/or enmities with Apkallu, Starvampires and Tlolkku?
              Indeed, they do! Of course, Godgiants view these three 'races' with unmasked disdain even as they envy these aliens're powers.

              Void Giants are very uneasy about Apkallu, as a fear exists Apkallu might learn to 'become' devils from Void Giant legendary. Placeholder.

              What do Sungods think of Manifold Giants?


              What are Half-Giants?
              The hybrid offspring of Manifold Giants and human concubines, Half-Giants are the 'superhumans' of Earth-K and are covered in McGuffin greater detail, elsewhere.
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                [Multiverse-Wide]The Red Sons!

                The Red Sons: Protecting the ANY cost!
                Who are the Red Sons? Where are they from?
                The Red Sons are a malevolent sect of reality-'guardians' dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to ensure multiversal survival and even dimensional prosperity. No method is too extreme, is the Forever Tree's salvation is the reward.

                As to where the Red Sons're from: Earth-H, for the most part. Placeholder.

                What do the Red Sons want, and what're they willing to do to achieve it?
                The answer is simple: "To preserve the multiverse." A noble goal, all will admit. But the methods used...oh, they are not noble. Murder; extortion; even genocide are all permissible, in Red Son doctrine, if the end result is multiversal Harmony. The Red Sons have killed billions in their self-mandated role as cosmic 'protectors'.

                They have no mercy. They have no trustworthiness. They will lie and backstab and dice rate to achieve their goals. No one is an ally; everyone is either pawn or enemy. Even fellow Red Sons must be watched vigilantly, for all are suspect, all could be massive threats.

                Do the Red Sons have a central HQ, and if so, where is it?

                How do the Red Sons feel about the Sunsphinx?
                They feel nothing but contempt for the Sunsphinx. Placeholder.

                ...the Apkallu?

                ....about the imperiex?
                Imperiex scare the Red Sons. The Gathering of the Most High has only had 7 casualties over the last billion years; their power is literally infinite; and they're very touchy about their dominions. Ergo, the Red Sons go to great lengths to stay under imperiex radar. Placeholder.

                ...about the Star Corps?
                The Red Sons wanted Network for themselves; the Star Corps got him, instead. Ergo, the word to best describe the Red Sons' views on the Star Corps is 'dangerous'. One day, Red Sons and Star Corps will go to cosmic war...and who knows who the victor might be? Placeholder.

                ...the Starvampires and/or the Tlolkku?


                The Red Sons:
                Membership Roster:
                10 (1 cosmic entity [team mentor]; 8 superhumans [from across the multiverse]; and 12 nonsentient war-robots [the Fiery Embers]). All but three members of the Red Sons are from Earth-H.
                Team Leader(s):
                Red Son (PL15/244pp; team leader/male seedling paragon from Earth-E).
                Team Members:
                the Aviatrix (PL12/225pp; team blaster/female phoenix-godform gorgon from Earth-H); Big Red (PL14/265pp; female Manifold Giant from Earth-K); Corpse-in-the-Cloak (PL11/190pp; team blaster/male arhat pyrokinetic from Earth-H); Crimson Dawn (PL16/300pp; team heavy-hitter/female gigante gorgon from Earth-H); Diablo Madre (PL9/152pp; team blaster/female arhat fire-based necrokinetic); Red Father (PL19/1100pp; team mentor/'male' ur-robot-enshrouded cosmic entity from Earth-H); Red Son (PL15/244pp; team leader/male seedling paragon from Earth-E).
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                  [Earth-B]An essay on countries...

                  Earth-B: Currently existing countries.
                  MAJOR COUNTRIES:

                  the Eastern Bear Republic: The eastern remnant of Russia.
                  Full Name: The People's Free and Democratic East Russian Republic.
                  Human Population: 36 million.
                  Mutant Population: Less than 12 thousand.
                  Stance?: Neutral.
                  Geography: Huge chunks of easternmost,,still-livable Siberia, along with bits of Mongolia.
                  Language(s): Officially, Russian. Other Eastern European languages are widely spoken, also.
                  Government: Communist dictatorship thinly veiled beneath democratic soundbites.
                  Ruler(s): Premiere Yaroslav Vitkin (PL3/66pp; male mundane human) is the 'democratically elected' dictator-for-life of the Eastern Bear Republic.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Predominantly Russian Orthodox Christians, with sizable Jewish and Muslim minority communities. Dreaming Shamanism is completely illegal.
                  Special Notes: The Eastern Bear Republic is slowly on the rise, but carefully consolidates any new holdings before continuing outward. Placeholder.


                  Giantsteading: The world's most powerful city-state.
                  Full Name: The Shining City of Giantsteading.
                  Human Population: n/a.
                  Mutant Population: 697 Giants; 12 thousand others.
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant.
                  Geography: Just south of the ruins of Seattle, Washington, US of A.
                  Language(s): English, universally-speaking.
                  Government: Direct democracy with a symbolic monarchy.
                  Ruler(s): His Gigantic Majesty King Oswald Roland (PL12/270pp; male Giant) is the figurehead 'ruler' of Giantsteading. Once much more politically active, the death of Oswald's wife has sent the king into a tailspin of deep abiding depression. Oswald spends much of his time either drunk or sleeping.
                  Political Relationships: Giantsteading is firmly allied with the Hegemony and the Silent Columns of the Monolithic, but standard aloof from all others. (As an aside, the Dream Moth is, in addition to the ruler of the Hegemony, a full citizen of Giantsteading. [He holds no authority here, though.])
                  Religion(s): Atheism, among Giants; all other religions are given free reign to preach and worship, save for anti-mutant religious creeds.
                  Special Notes: Placeholder.


                  the Hegemony: The mutant 'empire'.
                  Full Name: The Hegemony of Mutant States.
                  Human Population: 60 million.
                  Mutant Population: 9 million (600 Divided; 22 Giants; 3.8 thousand Heavenshadows; 2 million Leafs; 2 thousand Mentats; 2 friendly New Kaiju; 4 million Tumors).
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, obviously!
                  Geography: Much of the old US of A.
                  Language(s): English is the official language of the entire Hegemony; however, being as multicultural as it is, plenty of other languages are spoken on a daily basis.
                  Government: Loose alliance of pro-mutant countries.
                  Ruler(s): The Dream Moth (PLX/996pp; male unique mutant imperiex) is the Hegemony's king, but, the fact is each Hegemonic state governs itself. Only in times of war would the Dream Moth be given genuine authority; during peacetime (such as nowadays!), the position of king is purely symbolic.
                  Political Relationships: The Hegemony (as a whole) considers any/all pro-mutant countries at least tenuous allies. The Purity, however, is THE greatest source of condemnation by Hegemonic citizens; many hardliners've been clamoring for renewed hostilities.
                  Special Notes: Laws in the Hegemony CLEARLY favor mutants, and anti-mutant groups are HARSHLY cracked down upon at the slightest hint of trouble. This has had the effect of actually strengthening anti-mutant resentment among Hegemonic humans.

                  the Bordering Polity: The mutant space program/offworlders colonies.
                  Full Name: The Sovereign Habitats of the Bordering Polity.
                  Human Population: 12 thousand.
                  Mutant Population: 600-some.
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, obviously!
                  Geography: Outer space, obviously!
                  Language(s): English.
                  Government: Loose coalition of habitat captains; each captain is elected by their crew.
                  Ruler(s): Placeholder.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Atheism, though it's not really due to philosophy. Aboard a habitat, space is premium, so areas for worship are, as yet, a luxury few can afford.
                  Special Notes: The Orbital Man is perhaps the most famous and ill-tempered citizen of the Bordering Polity.
                  Right now, the Bordering Polity and the Titans' Polity are jointly planning a colonization effort on Mars.


                  the Central Polity: The beating heart of the Hegemony.
                  Full Name: The People's Democratically-Elected Central Polity.
                  Human Population: 23 million.
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, obviously!
                  Geography: Most of the American Midwest.
                  Language(s): English.
                  Government: Democratically-elected oligarchy with constitutional monarchy.
                  Ruler(s): His Majesty King Dream Moth I (PLX/996pp; male unique mutant imperiex), Heir to Evolution and Prince of Mutation, officially rules the Central Hegemony as its popularly-acclaimed monarch.
                  In reality, however, the Dream Moth is mostly just a figurehead; instead, a democratically-elected, 13-member Planning Committee holds most of the reins of genuine political power.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Protestant Christianity (especially the Leaf-founded Turning Over Anew Ministries) accounts for most of the populace. However, the Central Polity allows for religious freedoms. However, groups with direct ties to The Purity are outlawed (though for political, rather than religious, reasons).
                  Special Notes: Leafgardentown, the largest Leaf 'city' in the whole world, is found in the Central Polity. Placeholder.


                  the Deepbelow Polity: Literally below your feet.
                  Full Name: The Subterranean Corporate Enclaves of the Deepbelow Polity.
                  Human Population: 6 million.
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, obviously!
                  Language(s): English.
                  Government: Coalition of state-sponsored mutant-owned mega-corporations.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Special Notes: Placeholder.


                  the Farmers' Polity: Providing food to the Hegemony---and the WORLD!
                  Full Name: The Economic Alliance of the Farmers' Polity.
                  Human Population:
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, obviously!
                  Geography: Most of the former American Bible Belt.
                  Language(s): English.
                  Government: Loose alliance of mutant-run biotechnology megacorporations.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Atheism. Though citizens can certainly believe whatever they want and religious institutions pay much lower taxes than everyone else, in the Farmers' Polity's cutthroat 'corporate jungle', religious belief has never been terribly strongly felt.
                  Special Notes: Most of the Hegemony's foods and medicines come from the Farmers' Polity. The Dream Moth recognizes the weakness this represents, but creating new food-production facilities is not as simple as many think it is! Placeholder.


                  the Guardwalls Polity: The Hegemony's military.
                  Full Name: The Sovereign and Defensive Polity of the Guarding Walls.
                  Human Population:
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, obviously!
                  Geography: The Rocky Mountains, in the US of A.
                  Language(s): English.
                  Government: Militaristic republic.
                  Ruler(s): A democratically-elected Senate, headed by a Presiding Officer (currently one Madcap Jim Argo [PL13/160pp; male Heavenshadow able to breathe and exist indefinitely under the water]). However, to be elected as either Senator or Presiding Officer, one both must be a mutant and a Guardswall military veteran now cycled out to civilian life.
                  Military: Military zeal and a warrior ethic permeates every single aspect of Guardwalls Polity society; meaning, the Guardwalls Polity has the largest military among the individual polities.
                  Political Relationships: The Guardwalls Polity has a brotherly attitude towards the Hegemony's other polities, feeling a kind of fraternal affection that prompts a social attitude of constant military preparedness.
                  Of significant interest to the Guardwalls Polity is New Eden. Acting to keep The Purity focused on European endeavors, New Eden has received substantial economic aid from the Guardwalls Polity.
                  Religion(s): As the Guardwalls Polity funnels huge amounts of cash to prop up New Eden, it should come as no surprise the Orthodox and True Catholic Church dominates religious life, here.
                  Special Notes: Placeholder.


                  the Oldgods Polity: Paganism, restored.
                  Full Name: The True Faith of the People's Archeoliving Communes.
                  Human Population: 12 million.
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, obviously!
                  Geography: The former state of Washington, US of A.
                  Language(s): English.
                  Government: Hereditary theocracy.
                  Ruler(s): High Priestess Forestmother (PL11/290pp; female Giant) is more-or-less the absolute monarch of the Oldgods Polity. However, Forestmother's duties are overwhelmingly religious in nature, ergo, she has little time for politics. Forestmother is a Dianic Wiccan; her husband, Forestfather (PL6/100pp; male Malignant Tumor telepath), is her ritual counterpart in Wiccan 'Workings'.
                  Political Relationships: As you might expect, relations between the Oldgods Polity and New Eden can best be described as 'frosty' and 'barely civil'.
                  Religion(s): Polytheism, irregardless of creed or scripture or belief, is the official state 'meta-religion', and the Oldgods Polity's laws blatantly reflect that ideal. Among neo-pagans, Wicca is a perennial favorite. Dreaming Shamanism has begun to take root, much to the Dream Moth's great embarrassment.
                  Special Notes: To be a politician in the Oldgods Polity, being a holy man/holy woman definitely helps, as the citizenry is so deeply religious.
                  In the wilderness of the Oldgods Polity, a great many Hulkbeasts make a home. They are protected by law, and're often the subject of religious devotion! Placeholder.


                  the Titans' Polity (Polity Zero): The industrial foundation upon which the entire Hegemony rests.
                  Full Name:
                  Human Population:
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, obviously!
                  Geography: Much of what was once Mexico.
                  Language(s): Spanish. The Titans' Polity is unique in that it is the only Hegemonic polity to not have English as its official language.
                  Government: Mutant-run corporate oligarchy.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Special Notes: The ONLY place on Earth where AIs are legal AND recognized fully as citizenry is the Titans' Polity. This is INCREDIBLY controversial in the other Hegemonic polities.
                  Right now, the Titans' Polity and the Bordering Polity are preparing for a colonization effort on Mars. Placeholder.


                  the Imperial Collective: The remnants of China.
                  Full Name: The Imperial Collective of Heavenly Mandated Reformed China.
                  Human Population: 550,000,000.
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Too varied to list, here.
                  Geography: Large chunks of northern and eastern China.
                  Language(s): Various dialects of Chinese.
                  Government: Anarchic alliance of feuding warlords, corporate moguls and Legalist fanatics.
                  Ruler(s): Priemere Li Wu Shan (PL0/33pp mundane human), crippled, confined to a wheelchair and under constant medical supervision, rules the largest chunk of the Imperial Collective, making Li the closest thing the country has to a reigning head of state.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Atheism...officially. However, Buddhism and Taoism are so deeply entrenched in Chinese culture the various petty potentates of the Imperial Collective've literally given up trying to suppress them.
                  Special Notes: The Shaolin Monastery is a POWERFUL force in Imperial Collective politics.


                  Labyrinth: Hidden city-state of human/alien hybrids.
                  Full Name: Imwid Outpost #333653333.
                  Human Population:
                  Alien Population:
                  AI Population:
                  Stance?: n/a.
                  Language(s): eYfoer (an imwid language).
                  Government: AI-assisted oligarchic dictatorship.
                  Political Relationships: None; Labyrinth zealously avoids contact with the outside world, often to the verge of xenophobia.
                  Religion(s): Imwidaan pantheism, a nameless reverence for existence, itself, infuses every level of Labyrinthian society.
                  Special Notes: Placeholder.


                  New Eden: Beacon of freedom amidst The Purity's tyranny.
                  Full Name: The Joyous Refuge of New Eden..
                  Human Population:
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant.
                  Government: Theocracy.
                  Ruler(s): Her Holiness Magna Mater Acquarone (PL1/60pp; female mundane human) is pontiff of New Eden, following her husband's tragic death, and her son's recruitment by the Star Corps.
                  Military: Being Christian pacifists by belief, New Eden would love to disband its army---...but with The Purity hammering their defenses every few days, New Eden cannot afford to do so!
                  Political Relationships: New Eden receives huge aid packages from the Hegemony's Guardwalls Polity every three or four months; as a result, New Eden knows that, should The Purity come, the Guardwalls Polity will intervene on New Eden's behalf!
                  Religion(s): Though New Eden happily accepts citizens of nearly any faith, the state religion of New Eden is, as you might imagine, Orthodox and True Catholicism. Religion is built into New Edenite civilization on a fundamental level.
                  Special Notes: Placeholder.


                  the Northern Bear Republc: The northern remnant of Russia.
                  Full Name: The Royal Institute of Republican Science.
                  Human Population:
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant.
                  Government: Technocratic bureaucracy.
                  Ruler(s): Prime Scientist Helgga Rustovich (PL10/151pp; female Malignant Tumor super-genius/cyberkinetic) rules the Northern Bear Republic with an iron hand. Blatantly showing favoritism to mutant citizenry and responsible for countless human rights violations, Helgga is often used by The Purity as an example of how 'evil' mutants are.
                  Politcal Relationships: Despite being both run by mutants, for mutants, relations between the Hegemony and the Northern Bear Republic are...strained. The NBR's openly anti-human society goes so far beyond the pale that even the most dedicated Hegemonic hardliner blanches in dismay.
                  Religion(s): Atheism is not only state-mandated, it is ruthlessly enforced.
                  Special Notes: Placeholder.


                  The Purity: Anti-mutant tyranny cloaked under a thin religious coating.
                  Full Name: The Pure League of Sacred Homo Sapiens.
                  Human Population: 2.5 million.
                  Mutant Population: Virtually none, aside from over a thousand mutilated and 'borg'd-up Thralls.
                  Stance?: Anti-mutant; openly endorses genocide of the mutant species.
                  Geography: Italy, Greece and most of the Mediterranean region.
                  Government: Theocratic militocracy.
                  Ruler(s): Leading The Purity is the autocratic and insane Sentry known only as Our Father (PL13/262pp; male uber-Sentry). Our Father is part warchieftain, part 'prime minister' and part 'Messiah'. By sheer force of will, Our Father has kept The Purity going for decades. Our Father is the Sentry Exemplar, too, meaning he's of great cosmic importance (though he doesn't realize it)!
                  Political Relationships: The Purity is on its last legs and is desperate for any sympathetic human nation to help prop it up. Sadly, even other anti-mutant countries are DEEPLY unnerved by The Purity's deep cultural monomania....
                  Religion(s): Roman Catholicism is the state religion, BUT, The Purity welcomes any and ALL anti-mutant faiths.
                  Special Notes: The Purity is perpetually on the verge of falling apart, held together only by the tyrannical hand of Our Father.


                  the Rising Sun Protectorate: The remnants of Japan.
                  Full Name: The Reborn Japanese Protectorate of the Rising Sun..
                  Human Population: 22 million.
                  Mutant Population: 60 thousand.
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant.
                  Geography: All of Japan, plus a great chunk of Oceana.
                  Political Relationships: The Hegemony is the trading-partner with the Rising Sun Protectorate; both countries've even signed mutual defense treaties!
                  Religion(s): The Rising Sun Protectorate is overwhelmingly Buddhist and Shinto, even after all this time.
                  Special Notes: Placeholder.


                  the Silent Columns of the Monolithic: The 'reincarnation' of Las Vegas.
                  Full Name: The Silent Columns of the Monolithic.
                  Human Population: 12 (all members of the Murmur Priesthood).
                  Mutant Population: 67 (12 Monolithic, 55 others).
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant.
                  Government: Meditative religious direct democracy.
                  Ruler(s): n/a.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Gnostic Christianity ('the Murmur Priesthood').
                  Special Notes: Placeholder.


                  the Southern Bear Republic: The southern remnant of Russia.
                  Full Name: n/a.
                  Human Population:
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Neutral.
                  Government: Anarchic tribalism, 'united' behind a thin facade of a monarchy.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Religiously, the Southern Bear Republic is a giant, heaving mess; sectarian conflicts only add fuel to the fire.
                  Special Notes: A hidden series of Heavenshadow villages cluster near and in the Ural Mountains.


                  the Western Bear Republic: The western remnant of Russia.
                  Full Name: The Democratic Republic of Western Russia.
                  Human Population: 99 million (scattered thinly).
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Anti-mutant.
                  Geography: Westernmost Russia, as well as large chunks of Eastern Europe.
                  Government: Highly corrupt 'democracy', openly run by remnants of the Old Russian military.
                  Ruler(s): General Yuregen 'the Grim Father' Ilborg (PL9/141pp; male Sentry), an old Purity Sentry of Russian extraction is the uncontested ruler of the Western Bear Republic, though he persists in propping up the illusion his country is a democracy.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Russian Orthodox Christianity, mostly; there is a strong Muslim minority, too.
                  Special Notes:

                  - -- --- ---- ----- ------ ------- -------- --------- ----------

                  MINOR COUNTRIES:

                  the Kingdom of Tibet: Hope for a better tomorrow hidden in the Himalayas.
                  Full Name: The Incarnate Kingdom of Reborn Tibet.
                  Human Population:
                  Mutant Populatiom:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant.
                  Geography: The city of Lhasa and its immediate environs.
                  Language(s): Tibet; Mongolian and various dialects of Chinese are prevalent.
                  Government: Theocracy.
                  Ruler(s): His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Tibetan Buddhism, obviously!
                  Special Notes:


                  the Neo-Golden Horde: The time of the khans has come again!
                  Full Name: The Neo-Golden Horde of the Empire of United Mongolia.
                  Human Population:
                  Mutant Population:
                  Stance?: Pro-mutant, though more out of military necessity than any genuine tolerance!
                  Geography: ALL of Mongolia, as well as parts of China and tiny bits of Tibet.
                  Language(s): Officially, Mongolian. However, several dialects of Chinese are widely spoken, as is English (a carry-over from generations of Western missionaries).
                  Government: Militocracy..
                  Ruler(s): Khan of Khans Tengri (PL9/141pp; male mundane human) rose to control the Neo-Golden Horde by catering to the Heavenshadow mutants that sparsely dot the Mongolian countryside. He has named a Heavenshadow boy as his successor; with the Heavenshadows' loyalty secured, Tengri went on to forge an empire!
                  Political Relationships:
                  Religion(s): Surprisingly, by this point, most in the Neo-Golden Horde are Christian, generations of missionary-work finally paying off. As the Neo-Golden Horde is a warlike conquest-driven empire, their true devotion to Christian doctrine is...suspect, to say the least.
                  Special Notes: Despite the vast amount of territory it possesses, the Neo-Horde is almost entirely dependent on its Heavenshadows for both offense AND defense. This attitude will no doubt lead to the Horde's sudden fall...


                  the Wyld: Adopted 'homeland' of Hulkbeasts.
                  This really isn't a country, but cartographers treat it as such. Nearly a quarter million Hulkbeasts live here, in the shattered ruins of the American East Coast, living in savage pseudo-'tribes'.

                  - -- --- ---- ----- ------ ------- -------- --------- ----------

                  NO MAN'S LANDS:
                  The following regions are, even to this day, uninhabited hellscapes.

                  The anti-mutant forces that later on gelled to become The Purity unleashed retroviral warheads on pro-mutant Australia, leading to out-of-control mutations among the populace; many turned into flesh-eating cannibals, whereas others became hideously deformed and yet still others died in horror from their physical degenerations.

                  The Australian people are fighting a valiant war, even today, to retake their home from lab-created monstrosities, but the battle is uphill and shows no signs of letting up.

                  the Indian subcontinent:
                  When the Mutation Wars erupted, India and Pakistan both panicked, nuking each other off the map. Tens of millions of refugees flooded into Africa and the Middle East; hundreds of millions more, however, died in the nuclear exchange.

                  To this day, the Indian subcontinent is a toxic, unlivable wasteland.
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                  The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                    [Earth-S]Rome, Parthia and Israel.

                    Earth-S: Rome.
                    Ruled by Emperor Hadrian and supported by the mighty Skytower Giants, the Roman Empire stands supreme. All of Europe belongs to Eternal Rome; Asia Minor is next: only Parthia stands in Rome's way.

                    All 210 Skytower Giants are citizens of the Roman Empire. The most famous Roman superhuman is Coda Invictus ("the Completely Invincible"; PL12/300pp male Skytower Giant skytreader). Placeholder.


                    Earth-S: Parthia.
                    All 190 Skytower Magi are citizens of Parthia. Placeholder.


                    Earth-S: Restored Israel and Judah.
                    Here, on Earth-S, the Jewish revolt in the 70s CE actually suceeded, thanks to the region's huge numbers of nephilim.

                    (Though referred to as 'two' kingdoms, Restored Israel and Judah are, in fact, the same country.) Placeholder.


                    Earth-S: The Apkallu, Starvampires, Sunsphinx and Tlolkku!
                    Imperia: a Sunsphinx orbital city.
                    Floating serenely above, visible to all, Imperia is a research-station charged with monitoring Earth-S superhumans. Placeholder.


                    Outpost #333: a hidden Tlolkku research-facility.


                    Sheol: an openly operating Apkallu fortress.
                    Though Christianity has yet to dominate the Roman Empire and Islam is still many centuries away, the Apkallu find plenty of myths of demons and ghouls to sustain themselves upon! Placeholder.


                    Tartarus: a subterranean Starvampire 'nest'.
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                    The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                      Despite the lack of evidence, all across the Forever Tree people believe. Sure, there's also plenty of atheists and agnostics, but in realms as 'off-kilter' as the worlds of the Forever Tree, Faith is sometimes all you have to go by.
                      Add to that fact the existence of worldhoppers like the Star Corps and the Sungods, and you have the possibility of truly multiversal religions. Such as the ones in this very post.
                      What follows is a writeup of the seven most popular multiversal faiths---even if individual believers don't know their beliefs span infinity.


                      the Brotherhood:
                      Worshippers: brothers or sisters.
                      clergy: fathers or mothers.
                      Worlds: Every single parallel-Earth, but not the Perpendiculars.
                      Type: Monotheism; the Brotherhood is an uneven admixture of various monotheisms from across the Forever Tree, meshed together into one single, hate-filled brew.
                      Doctrine: God created man in his sacred, perfected image, but evil always seeks to corrupt God's good works. So, evil has fashioned hellish mockeries of man's perfection in the unholy visage of superhumanity.
                      Evil are superhumans! Evil are their powers! Evil are there ways! Believe not the superhuman! Trust not the superhuman! PURGE the superhuman, CLEANSE Earth of the taint of superhuman!
                      On Earth-A, the Brotherhood has been secretly suborned by the Night Houses.
                      On Earth-B, the Brotherhood's ideology is firmly embraced by The Purity.
                      On Earth-F, in Europe, the Brotherhood has implanted itself within the halls of power in the Roman Catholic Church; meanwhile, in Asia, the Brotherhood finds no real purchase.


                      the Church of Naalu:
                      Worshippers: Naalu-followers.
                      Clergy: Naalu-meditants.
                      Worlds: Every single parallel-Earth, but not the Perpendiculars.
                      Type: Polytheism.
                      Doctrine: The Great Old Ones will rise, and we will all be consumed. Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhthaghn! Hail Naalu, he who brought us wisdom, for his word is law!
                      The Church of Naalu is particularly strong on Earth-E.


                      the Cosmic Universal Church of Self-Enlightenment:
                      Worshippers: Enlightened Ones.
                      Clergy: Enlightened Teachers. Both male AND female clergy exists.
                      Worlds: Earth-B, Earth-K, Earth-L, Earth-S and Earth-W.
                      Type: Dualism.


                      Worshippers: Sanctified.
                      Clergy: brother or sister.
                      Worlds: Earth-C, Perpendicular-1, Perpendicular-2 and Perpendicular-4.
                      Type: Monotheism/pantheism. Infinitism Bears striking similarities to Hinduism...but is NOT a Hindu-offshoot religion.
                      Doctrine: God is both creator AND the created, a loop that defies all rational explanation. There is only ONE God, ONE supreme being; all OTHER gods are false and're distractions from the truth. You reincarnate endlessly; continued virtue leads to ever-greater lives, while continued evil leads to ever-worsening lives.


                      the Librum Chaotica ("the Book of Chaos"):
                      Worshippers: bookbinders.
                      Clergy: bookpreachers, who can be of either gender, but who MUST be mundane humans.
                      Worlds: Earth-A, Earth-Z, Perpendicular-1 and Perpendicular-6.
                      Type: Messianic self-divinity.
                      Doctrine: In the Beyond, ANYTHING is possible. To the practitioner of the Eightyeightfold Path, the Beyond is the key to final metamorphosis. Superhumans have already achieved their divinity, but no god is worthy of worship, instead, let us all become as they, forever in godhood!


                      the Old Faith:
                      Worshippers:: the Faithful.
                      Clergy: priest or priestess.
                      Worlds: Every single Perpendicular.
                      Type: Monotheism. The Old Faith is a bastardized, highly-fragmented pseudo-denomination of Christianity.
                      Doctrine: In a land beyond mortal sight, a god died so mortals might sin no more. Now, his son rules from on high and salvation is therefore accessible by all, thanks to the god's sacrifice of himself TO himself. The name of the god and the god's son are unknown, but Peter of the Stone brought us word of these twin gods. Believers go to live in the clouds upon death but sinners are swallowed by the earth and held forever, where light cannot reach them.
                      Yes, the Old Faith is a bastardized echo of Christianity, pieced together from fragments of Christian doctrine cobbled together by confused-but-pious natives. As a result, there are a great many differences between Christianity and the Old Faith!


                      the Record of Lal:
                      Worshippers: Archivists.
                      Clergy: bards; there are no female clergy.
                      Worlds: Earth-B, Earth-E, Earth-H, Earth-U and Earth-Y.
                      Type: Polytheism.
                      Doctrine: Lal, a superheroine of great reknown (her subspecies differs depending on parallel-Earth to parallel-Earth to parallel-Earth), touched the face of God, and learned to her horror that he was dead. Lal knew then that superhumanity were the heirs of God---infant gods, to be precise.
                      As superhumans are gods, they must nurture their growing deityhood and expand their powers at all costs. One day, every single superhuman will 'Awaken'---become an ADULT god or goddess---and they will be put in the Record of Lal, a celestial tome containing every new god's name.
                      To be recorded in the Record of Lal is to have attained one's destiny!
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                      The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                        [Perpendiculars, Only]The Duo Dreamers

                        The Duo Dreamers: Somnolent and Indolent.
                        Crunch writeup:
                        Embodying the six Perpendiculars, but not quite rating as higher-order intelligences, the Duo Dreamers were once mundane humans from Perpendicular-1, who attained vast powers by dividing equally and consuming the Fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Veils and Rhythms and Songs.


                        the Indolent Dreamer: He-who-is-Daydreaming.
                        Crunch writeup:
                        The Indolent Dreamer is a complex entity, being both PL12/151pp (when in activeform) OR PL25/3340pp (when in dormantform), a rather radical division of prowess. When in activeform, the Indolent Dreamer is an elegant beauty, long-limbed and slender, adorned in gems, jewelry and precious metals. His visage is pleasing to the eye and he moves with grace and economy of motion.
                        But...when in dormantform...the Indolent Dreamer's physical perfection unweaves, opening up like a horrific puzzle box to reveal the madness within. In dormantform, the Indolent Dreamer is a tiny gibbet of bloody flesh'n'bone, surrounded by a miles high psychic radius of planet-crushing pyrokinesis.
                        The Indolent Dreamer is capable of waking up --- but only briefly. However, both Dreamers, when fully asleep, can telekinetically merge into the Catatonic Dreamer.
                        The Indolent Dreamer's body lays deep within the planetary core of Perpendicular-1, and is protected by Gloaming (a Stormblood who went renegade); his consciousness slumbers astrally in the upper atmosphere of Perpendicular-2, watched over by Skycrying Swordsman (an eagle-god); meanwhile, his powers are attached to the biome of the entirety of Perpendicular-3, and're safeguarded by Iximnixim (a robotgod).


                        the Somnolent Dreamer: She-who-is-Dreaming.
                        Crunch writeup:
                        The Somnolent Dreamer is a complex entity, being both PL12/151pp (when in dormantform) OR PL24/3300pp (when in torporform), a rather extreme division of power-scaling. When in dormantform, the Somnolent Dreamer is a statue---indestructible and immobile and unmoveable, carved to resemble a young woman of great beauty.
                        But...when she allows herself to go into a hibernation...the Somnolent Dream's physicality shatters, revealing a riot of radioactive neon colors beneath the destroyed shell. In this torporform, she's both miles high and yet lighter than a feather.
                        The Somnolent Dreamer cannot wake up but can come fairly close to it, albeit but momentarily. However, both Dreamers, when fully asleep, can psychokinetically meld into the composite-entity called the Catatonic Dreamer.
                        The body of the Somnolent Dreamer is at the planetary core of Perpendicular-4; her consciousness lairs in the rotting brain of He-who-is-now-Dead; meanwhile, her powers are entangled into the essence of Perpendicular-6.


                        the Catatonic Dreamer: They-who-endure-Oblivion's-Caress.
                        When the Indolent Dreamer and the Somnolent Dreamer both plunge deep into unconsciousness, they physically enter a symbiosis, becoming the unified Catatonic Dreamer.
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                          Earth-K: Half-Giants!
                          What are Half-Giants?
                          The offspring of Godgiants and their human concubines, Half-Giants are the superhumans of Earth-K. Much taller than most humans can ever hope to be, Half-Giants contain tiny segments of the Mirrors of the Void Giants---to be specific, a single Mirror, unique to each Half-Giant!

                          As they're not entirely human, Half-Giants have no Exemplar.

                          What powers do Half-Giants possess?
                          All Half-Giants possess a single Mirror which is unique to said Half-Giants, which may be Wished into activation at a moment's notice. These Mirrors are 'traditional' superpower-sets, and can be simulated via several methods:

                          the Alternate Form power;
                          the Battle Form power;
                          the Normal Identity Drawback;
                          the Power Loss Drawback;
                          and so forth.

                          All Half-Giants have Growth 2 (Flaws: Permanent), due to their Giantish heritages. Some have much higher ranks in Growth but this is somewhat unusual.

                          What weaknesses do Half-Giants possess?
                          Their great weakness is that they must, inevitably, return to an extremely tall but otherwise powerless 'mundane' shape. In this mundane form, Half-Giants are just as fragile as any other mundane human being.

                          Are all Half-Giants the direct descendents of Manifold Giants and humans? In other words, can Half-Giants breed true, or does only a direct coupling produce superhuman offspring?
                          It's...complicated. You see, the inheritance breeds thinly quickly, and needs constant refreshment lest it die out, completely.

                          Does this mean all Half-Giants are loyal to their Manifold Giant parents?
                          No, not really. Manifold Giants are careless parents at best, so often leave their halfbreed offspring to the human to raise on their behalf.
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                            [Earth-H]A dissertation on native superhumanity.

                            Earth-H: A dissertation on native superhumanity.
                            What are arhats?
                            Arhats are a type of superhuman ('gnosisbearers') native to this parallel-Earth who, through extremely dangerous asceticism may unlock pyrokinetic 'channels' allowing the generation of and control of fire, heat and, to a MUCH lesser extent, radioactivity.

                            Awakening powers as an arhat is dangerous in the extreme, as it requires decades of training to accomplish. Half of all would-be arhats die during the grueling training procedures.

                            That...sounds unpleasant...!
                            Yes, it it is excessively unpleasant but many willingly make the sacrifice anyhow in the hope of garnering great pyrokinesis!


                            What are gorgons?
                            A type of superhumanity ('gnosisbearers') native to Earth-H, gorgons are humans that have ritually blinded themselves after seven years of prayer and preparation. Upon successful Awakening a new gorgon may access the Mythsphere, a Resonance of thoughtforms conforming to human storytelling, to draw down a godform based on a single mythological monster.

                            Yes. People will do anything for power, sometimes.


                            Why would anyone go to such extremes to gain powers?
                            Power is tempting, and the power of a god, however unpleasant, is extremely tempting, irregardless of suffering or ill-health.

                            For arhats, channeling fire is a pleasure even sex cannot compare with, and it swiftly becomes addictive. For gorgons, the raw physicality of godforms is akin to an ecstatic trance. Both types of Awakeners feel intoxicating bliss when using their powers...!!!

                            Is it possible to be both an arhat AND a gorgon?
                            Yes. But, it takes such unique individuals that it's only happened a few times; these 'enlightened beasts' were terrifyingly powerful and ruled entire countries as necromantic Beast-Prophets!!!
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                              [Earth-E]The Godorb.

                              Earth-E: the Godorb.
                              A spherical handheld Demimachine, the Godorb is one of the few direct Demimachine creations of the Worldfather to've survived to the modern day. Capable of harnessing reality, itself, on a fundamental level, he who wields the Godorb may as well be a god himself.

                              Currently residing on Earth-E, the Godorb is in the possession of the Architect, a mundane human with severe delusions of grandeur---delusions the Godorb helps him bring into genuine reality!

                              the Godorb: Device 50 (spherical handheld wonderworking Demimachine; easy to lose; Feats: Indestructible; Flaws: Noticeable [the Godorb has a massive energy-signature]). (101pp.)
                              Limited Wishgranting: Create Object 5. (10pp.) --- (11pp.)
                              AP: Limited Wishgranting: Enhanced Feats: Benefit 10 (wealth 10 [fabulous, neverending wealth!!!]). (1pp.)
                              Outward Reality-Rewriting: Transform 22 (any to any; Extras: Duration [continuous]). (198pp.) --- (200pp.)
                              AP: Inward Reality-Rewriting: Shapeshift 22 (Extras: Duration [continuous]). (1pp.)
                              AP: Psychic Reality-Rewriting: Mental Transform 22 (any to any; Extras: Duration [continuous]).
                              Spatial Reality-Rewriting: Space Flight 2 (Extras: Area [shapeable]; Flaws: Platform). (2pp.)
                              Temporal Reality-Rewriting: Immunity 2 (temporal effects). (2pp.) Super-Movement 5 (dimensional movement 2 [any parallel-Earth to any parallel-Earth], temporal movement 3 [anywhen to anywhen]). (10pp.) --- (12pp.)
                              ---/::>This is a completed Godorb build.
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                                [Earth-X and Earth-Z]A forward...

                                I recently had to close up both my Forever Tree play-by-post games due to a conflicting schedule. So, to keep the setting fresh, I PM'ed both two of my PbP players and asked them to help me out with designing Earth-X and Earth-Z. While I'm still waiting on one of those players, the other one had some really neat ideas, that I further want to flesh out.

                                In the next week or so, I'll slowly be posting new material for both of these parallel-Earths, but please keep in mind: for these two realities, I am a co-pilot.

                                For both parallel-Earths, I'll give credit where credit is due. Ideas that are mine will be clearly dilineated as such; ideas that're theirs will be marked as being theirs.
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                                The Realms of Idrifaulo.