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    Aliens [Earth-B]

    Aliens of Earth-B: The ceers ('seers').
    So few in number as to be nearly mythological, ceers are physically frail, have millennia-long lifespans---AND possess Demimachine visors that allow ceer priests and 'Wizards' to see the distant future (albeit in heavily veiled symbolism), as well as other Demimachines permitting various non-physical psychic superpowers. Placeholder.


    THESE are the 'genie lamps' used by the ceer military:
    Ceer Archonik Lamp: Device 2 (AI-equipped handheld 'lamp'; easy to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [ceers and space gods, only]). (7pp.)
    Powers: (10pp.)
    AI-Equipped: Enhanced Feats: Minion 1 (sub-AI), Sidekick 1 (over-AI). (2pp.) Features 2 (can be used as a flashlight, historical database). (2pp.) Super-Senses 1 (detect psionics). (1pp.) Universal Translator (mental). (5pp.) --- (10pp.)
    ---/::This is a completed ceer archonik genie lamp build.

    THESE are the Demimachine visors used by ceer 'mystics':
    Ceer Archonik Auracle: Device 2 (ceer 'viewing-glasses'; easy to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [ceers and space gods, only]). (7pp.)
    Powers: (10pp.)
    Ceersight: Super-Senses 4 (precognition; Extras: Progression 6 [range into the future]). (10pp.)
    ---/::This is a completed ceer auracle build.

    THESE are ceer 'magic wands':
    Ceer Archonik Sourciri: Device 2 (ceer psi-conduit 'magic wand'; easy to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [ceers and space gods, only]). (7pp.)
    Powers: (10pp.)
    Ceermagic: Super-Senses 1 (detect emotions). (1pp.) Telepathy 4 (Extras: Area [cone]; Feats: Features [detect psionics]; Flaws: Check Required [Concentrate check]). (9pp.) --- (10pp.)
    ---/::This is a completed ceer sourciri build.


    Aliens of Earth-B: The ifrit.
    Once, the ifrit ruled eighty entire galaxies and were so mighty they held untold trillions of habitable planets.

    But all that is gone, now. Ifriti society has been in a slow, creeping malaise, a lethargic decay the ifrit seemingly cannot shake themselves out of. Reduced to a bare handful of sovereign planets, the ifrit have littered the cosmos with abandoned ruins and discarded technologies.

    They are in most Earth-B species' mythologies, however, as 'angels'---you see, the ifrit are only semi-corporeal and are quite powerfully pyrokinetic.

    The ifrit are led by iJuuv (PL10/150pp male ifriti). Placeholder.


    generic ifriti template:
    This is the 'average' ifriti. Many ifrit also possess ranks in Fire Control and/or Radiation Control, but this is NOT universally so.
    Attributes: Strength -2, Con +2. (+0pp.)
    Combat: BAB ranged +2. (+2pp.)
    Saves: Reflex +1. (+1pp.)
    Feats: n/a. (+0pp.)
    Skills: n/a. (+0pp.)
    Powers: (+20pp.)
    Ifriti: Features 2 (energy-eater [can subsist off ambient light], longevity). (+2pp.) Immunity 9 (full lifesupport). (+9pp.) Insubstantial 2 (Extras: Affects Corporeal; Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (+9pp.) --- (+20pp.)
    Drawbacks: Vulnerability (-1pp; to plutonium; rare; minor).
    Total Template Cost: +22pp.
    ---/::This is a completed generic ifriti template build.


    Aliens of Earth-B: The imwidaan.
    The imwidaan are a civilization of superscientists and immortal researchers, but, unlike the Tlolkku, imwidaan have both consciences and ethics. Whereas the Tlolkku will do all sorts of horrible things to achieve their lust for insight, the imwidaan have a strict ethical code they strongly uphold.

    Imwidaan have more superbeings than any Earth-B species, save for humanity. For millennia, the imwidaan have rested at the highest perches of power. But the arrival of mutantkind has thrown imwid culture into a tailspin. Placeholder.

    the Moonscourt: The official religious body of the imwidaan.
    The imwidaan are highly religious, but they do not believe in deities or supernatural beings---instead, imwidaan consider existence, itself, to be both beautiful and sacred, a non-theistic pantheist belief system that has guided them for centuries.

    The heads of the Moonscourt is Highpriest Nuwkurraa (PL3/150pp male mundane imwid) and Highpriestess Ivrivf (PL2/150pp female mundane imwid)..

    the Starscourt: The diplomatic corps of the imwidaan.

    the Sunscourt: The ruling clique of the imwidaan.


    generic imwid template:
    This is the 'average' imwid...
    Attributes: Intelligence +3. (+3pp.)
    Combat: n/a. (+0pp.)
    Saves: n/a. (+0pp.)
    Feats: Eidetic Memory. (+1pp.)
    Skills: Knowledges (at least three science-oriented Knowledges, each at at least +4 ranks). (+3pp.)
    Powers: (+3pp.)
    Patagia: Flight 1 (Flaws: Gliding). (+1pp.)
    Pelt: Features 1 (insulating fur). (+1pp.)
    Toe Claws: Super-Movement 1 (perfect balance). (+1pp.)
    Total Template Cost: 10pp.
    ---/::This is a completed generic imwid template build.

    generic Moonscourt imwid:
    Take the generic imwid template, and layer on the following:
    Attributes: Wis +2, Cha +1. (+3pp.)
    Combat: n/a. (+0pp.)
    Saves: Fortitude +1, Will +1. (+2pp.)
    Feats: Benefit 1 (status 1 [the Moonscourt]), Equipment 1 (SmartRobes 1). (+2pp.)
    Skills: Knowledges (theology) at at least +1pp (for a total of +4). (+1pp.)
    Powers: n/a. (+0pp.)
    Drawbacks: n/a. (+0pp.)
    Total Template Cost: (by itself) +8pp; (when piled onto base template) +18pp.
    ---/::This is a completed generic Moonscourt imwid template build.

    generic Starscourt imwid:
    Take the generic imwid template, and layer on the following:
    Attributes: Charisma +2. (+2pp.)
    Feats: Benefit 1 (reputation 1 [galactic peacemaker]), Fascinate 2 (Diplomacy, Perform [oratory]). (+2pp.)
    Psionic Voice: Emotion Control 3 (Flaws: Sense-Dependent [hearing]). (+3pp.)
    Total Template Cost:

    generic Sunscourt imwid:
    Take the generic imwid template, and layer on the following:
    Attributes: Intelligence +2, Wisdom +2, Charisma +4. (+8pp.)
    Feats: Benefit 3 (diplomatic immunity [member of the imwid Sunscourt], organizational ties 1 [the imwid Sunscourt, wealth 1), Leadership OR Master Plan. (+4pp.)
    Skills: Bluff at at least +1pp; Diplomacy at at least +1pp; Knowledges (behavioral sciences) at at least +1pp. (+3pp.)
    Powers: (+6pp.)
    Mildly Precognitive: Super-Senses 4 (precognition; Flaws: Unreliable). (+2pp.)
    Mildly Telekinetic: Telekinesis 1. (+2pp.)
    Mildly Telepathic: Telepathy 1. (+2pp.)
    Drawbacks: n/a. (-0pp.)
    Total Template Cost:


    Aliens of Earth-B: The Indwelling.
    The Indwelling are a symbiotic species of sentient alien beings, unique to the wider Earth-B universe. Creations of the ifrit, the Indwelling were used as psychic slaves and as living warmachines. But they later successfully rebelled, stole 100 ifriti starships and fled into deep space, where they remain, to this very same day.


    ALL Indwelling have the following powers; however, as they are Innate, they're more like evolutionary features than genuine powers:
    Powers: (24pp.)
    Indwelling Symbiont: Summon Minion 2 (an internal symbiont that can be temporarily expelled; type of symbiont varies by Indwelling caste; symbiont built on PL2/30pp; Extras: Duration [continuous]; Feats: Innate). (7pp.)
    Rather Small: Shrinking 4 (Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (9pp.)
    'Squishy': Insubstantial 1 (Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (4pp.)
    Tentacles: Additional Limbs 1 (prehensile 'tail'). (1pp.) Prehensile 'Hair': 3 (Feats: Innate). (3pp.) --- (4pp.)
    ---/::This is a completed generic Indwelling power-framework build.


    The Indwelling have subspecies, known as castes: they have the divine caste, the magus caste, the mundane caste and the priestly caste. Unless on a harvest, these castes interact as little as is physically possible.

    divine-caste Indwelling: The 'gods'.
    The ifrit created the divine caste to be the leaders of the Indwelling. The Indwelling of the divine caste aren't genuinely deities, but the other castes worship them as such. Other caste ascribe godlike powers to the divine caste, powers the divine caste do not really have.

    Divine caste internal symbionts are themselves sentient and're always physically VERY frail, but're always also low-level telepaths.

    Still, the divine caste are superpowered, and often possess extremely powerful Devices/Gadgets. (They lack Demimachines however.) Placeholder.

    ALL divine caste Indwelling have the following power:
    Powers: (60pp.)
    All Indwelling are of the Same Household: Mind Reading 20 (Extras: No Saves; Flaws: Limited [Indwelling, only]). (60pp.)
    ---/::This is a completed generic divine caste Indwelling power-framework build.

    magus-caste Indwelling: 'Wizards'.
    The ifrit created the magus caste to maintain the war-tech the imwidaan deigned to give them.

    Magus caste internal symbionts are non-sentient, yet can turn partially liquid and have an INSTINCTUAL mastery of tech-repair, without the need for training!

    Very few magus caste Indwelling have superpowers, but it isn't impossible. Placeholder.

    ALL magus caste Indwelling have the following power:
    Powers: (2pp.)
    Cyberpathic Implants: Datalink 4 (Flaws: Gestures ['programming sutras']). (2pp.)
    ---/::This is a completed generic magus caste Indwelling power-framework build.

    mundane-caste Indwelling: 'Peasantry'.
    The 'average' Indwelling are mundane caste, and are more or less barely sentient drones. Most Indwelling are of the mundane caste.

    Mundane caste internal symbionts may merge after being expelled, allowing them to gestalt into larger and larger and larger forms. Non-sentient, they follow orders well and're used for unskilled labor of all sorts.

    NO mundane caste Indwelling have superpowers. As a result, mundane caste Indwelling only have access to the superpowers specific to their race, as a whole.

    priestly-caste Indwelling: The 'holy men'.
    Made by the ifrit to be field officers and slave-bureaucrats, over the centuries this caste has evolved to hold chiefly religious duties, leading other Indwelling in worship of the divine caste.

    Non-sentient, priestly caste internal symbionts look like little humanoids with transparent bodies and black-colored internal organs. They help their host body in everyday chores, but are themselves not terribly strong.

    Like magus castes, priestly caste Indwelling only rarely boast superpowers.

    However, ALL priestly caste Indwelling have the following power:
    Powers: (5pp.)
    Tending the Flock: Communicate 4 (mental; languages). (5pp.)
    ---/::This is a completed generic priestly caste Indwelling power-framework build.


    golems: A mechanical army.
    Robots, never AI-equipped, that serve the Indwelling as a slave-army.

    homunculi: A mechanical workforce.
    Robots, never AI-equipped, that serve the Indwelling as slave-labor.
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      [Multiverse-Wide]The Star Corps!

      The Star Corps!
      What is the Star Corps?
      The Sungods and Timewardens cannot be everywhere. Though the Sunsphinx have a noble goal, they've done very very questionable things in pursuit of said goal. Clearly, an independent force had to take up the slack and help out. This task was recently taken up by an ascetic higher-order entity and his champions, the Star Corps!

      Who leads the Star Corps?
      Om, the Monk who Transcends Self is more of a mentor than a leader, but, still, it is he who ultimately gets things going. Note, however, Om is merely an avatar---a self-aware extension!---of the higher-order intelligence Aum, the Monk at the Center of All Existence and thus is actually less powerful than the other members of the Star Corps. (Then again, Om is not a field agent.)

      What is the purpose of the Star Corps?
      To maintain dimensional integrity throughout the Forever Tree. This includes the parallel-Earths, the Perpendiculars and most (if not all!) Resonances.

      Wait a minute...isn't that the job of the Sunsphinx?
      Indeed, it is. The Sunsphinx and the Star Corps work for two very different higher-order intelligences, space gods that have never gotten along, despite both entities being intensely devoted to the multiverse; as a result, Sunsphinx and Star Corpsmen do not get along, either.

      It is, however, still a polite relationship, albeit one tinged with icy demeanor son both ends.

      In the context of the Star Corps, what is a Genius?
      A Demimachine, created by Aum (greater self of Om), to empower human agents with. Geniuses are 'mental machines' with no physical substance that're irrevocably bonded to a mundane human being at the sole discretion of Aum.

      Each Genius has its own memetic core, into which is implanted a concept. This 'shapes' the Genius, though the machine's final configuration also depends of whom it bonds to. Once implanted, a Genius turns its host into an extremely powerful superhuman---albeit like none others throughout the multiverse.

      Aum is very careful about handing out Geniuses, as the process, once begun, cannot be removed, even by death. When a Star Corpsman dies, his Genius dies with him, never to be seen again.

      With the exception of Network, every other Star Corpsman (including Aum AMD his two avatars!) has a Genius. Nexus was already a superhuman, pre-recruitment, so sadly he could not bond with a Genius. While Om and his avatars have powers prior to awarding themselves Geniuses, they wrote 'loopholes' into the divine apparatuses allowing for exceptions, but only for Aum, the Homestead AND Om!

      What other resources do Star Corpsmen possess?
      Network. A Sunwitch from Earth-A and the only team member without a Genius, Network may transport Star Corpsmen throughout the multiverse AND link them telepathically.

      Does the Star Corps have a headquarters?
      Yes! Known as the Homestead, this HQ is a large-ish spacecraft that is also another avatar of Om. The Homestead is fully sentient, and exists full-time in the Earth-A universe's Andromeda Galaxy. The Homestead can send Star Corpsmen across the multiverse, but, unlike with Network, the Homestead cannot link agents' minds.


      Star Corps data:
      Star Corps Membership Roster:
      Aum (the Monk at the Center of all Existence):
      PL19/1551pp. A third generation higher-order entity, a grandson of He-who-is-now-Dead and a nephew of the Solar Lion, ascetic Aum is a force for righteousness exceeded only by the imperiex, themselves.

      Aum is larger than the entire Milky Way Galaxy, and is currently floating 'beneath' it simultaneously on Earths-A through N, Earth-Q and Earth-Z---areas Aum has taken a personal interest with. Merely seeing him is often enough to drive people mad, as Aum's immensity sinks in!

      Fortunately, Aum is immaterial and therefore lacks any and all gravitational effects---which is ironic, as the Monk is a gravikinetic with virtually no equals. Aum may tear apart entire galaxies on a whim, and has done so in the past. Furthermore, Aum is powerfully telepathic.

      Physically, Aum resembles a streamlined male humanoid, wearing deep purple robes and adorned in prayer beads the size of entire solar systems.

      Aum's Genius is 'Preservation in the Face of Armageddon'. It manifests as a supermassive black hole sitting like an apocalyptic inky obsidian diamond on Aum's forehead, right where his 'crown chakra' would be.

      Aum is originally from Earth-G. He is a Thirdborn higher-order intelligence.

      the Homestead (the Ship of the Forever-Horizons):
      Stats Writeup: Here!!!
      PL15/300pp. The Homestead is the ship-avatar of Aum, the Monk at the Center of all Existence.

      The Homestead's Genius is 'Travel, Learn and Grow by Doing What is Right'. His Genius materializes as a hull that can adapt to nearly any space-based phenomena.

      Stats Writeup: Here!!!
      PL10/151pp. Originally from Earth-A, Network is the only Star Corpsman to not possess a Genius. A Sunwitch, Network stays all the time in the Homestead, using his superpowers on his team's behalf.

      Network has two abilities: one, he may generate portals leading from parallel-Earth to parallel-Earth, and, with some effort, can even open portals to all six Perpendiculars; two, he may telepathically link himself to those who use his portals. Once established, this link may be broken only by Network, himself.

      Om (the Monk who Transcends Self):
      Stats Writeup: Here!!!
      PL12/200pp. A human-like avatar of Aum, Om manifests as a sleek, streamlined humanoid with ivory skin, obsidian hair and eyes that bear no pupils. Om is a telepath and a telekinetic, made even stronger by the Genius Scar Demimachine-staff he wields as his personal weapon.

      Together with the Homestead (itself another avatar of Aum), Om has taken upon himself the task of creating a dimensional strike force independent on the Sunsphinx and the Solar Lion. For the most part, Om has been wildly successful (much to Aeion's disdain).

      Om's Genius is 'Knowledge in Pursuit of Perfection'. It manifests as a staff (a 'Scar') that vastly enhances Om's baseline psionic prowess.
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        Aliens [Earth-A]

        Aliens of Earth-A: The Apkallu.
        The Apkallu are dealt with elsewhere in much more detail. They're spread, now, throughout the entire multiverse, but Earth-A is the home-universe of the Apkallu.

        Generic Apkallu refers to all Apkallu, as a whole!








        Aliens of Earth-A: The cyclopeans.
        Terrible space-marauders long at war with Earth-A's Starvampires and Tlolkku, cyclopeans are huge, hulking brutes, barely sentient but with a savant-like super-genius when it comes to technology. Created long ago by a now-extinct alien species to fight for the liberation of the Earth-A universe, the dim cyclopeans continue fighting, LONG after their creators've faded into obscurity.

        Cyclopeans possess total immunity to Starvampire-infection, but, as much as the Tlolkku would love this harness this power, cyclopean hyper-aggression and the cyclopeans' innate loathing of ALL things Tlolkku has thus hampered progress in this endeavor for millennia, now. Placeholder.


        Aliens of Earth-A: The greatvast dreamers.
        Greatvast dreamers are basically 'space cetaceans' of ENORMOUS girth, able to survive easily in hard vacuum of outer space.

        Greatvast dreamers are highly telepathic---but only with each other and with non-sentient cetaceans. The range of this telepathy is beyond huuuuge, able to cross upwards of a billion lightyears instantly in 'real-time'.

        Yes, space whales. Yes, really.

        Aliens of Earth-A: Starvampires/Tlolkku.
        The Tlolkku and their Starvampire 'cousins' are dealt with elsewhere in much more detail. They're spread, now, throughout the entire multiverse, but Earth-A is the home-cosmos of the twin subspecies..
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          Earth-B: a dissertation on native superhumans (mutants).

          Most superhumans on Earth-B are mutants, with a few odd exceptions, here and there (such as the Orbitals or the maharajahs). We shall now take a closer look at Earth-B's sharply-defined superhuman 'species', and analyze each one in detail.

          Earth-B mutants: Spawn of the Dream Moth.
          Echolake: Birthplace of the mutant race.
          Once a thriving American metropolis with over 12 million inhabitants, Echolake was the site of the Dream Moth's Ascension and the Ectoplasmic Pollination; as a result, every single person in Echolake on that most fateful day were elevated to superhuman ('mutant') status. Placeholder.

          Echolake Containment Zone: The ECZ.
          Space/time change rapidly, and often without either rhyme OR reason. Past, present and future occur out of sequence, and the fundamental laws of reality become mere 'suggestions'.

          The Olympians, a species of mutant, have the power to master the Echolake Containment Zone AND be bound by it at the same time. The ECZ is the Olympians' prison, but within that prison they may as well be gods. Placeholder.

          Ectoplasmic Pollination: The apotheosis of the Dream Moth.
          The Dream Moth, upon gaining his powers, discovered he had too much energy, and so he vented 99% of it into the surrounding city of Echolake. Known as the Ectoplasmic Pollination, this chaos-infused deed turned millions of ordinary citizenry into superhuman mutants.


          the Dream Moth:
          the Dream Moth, Father of All Mutants: He who is first.
          The Dream Moth is Earth-B's imperiex, amongst a great many other things!

          Where the Dream Moth's blood touches the soil, Leafs spring up, full-grown, from nothing; when his blood hits water, Atlanteans are generated; and when it splatters on unworked stone, new Heavenshadows spontaneously generate. Unfortunately for mutantkind, even the Dream Moth is unaware he has this power, as he's never been wounded, before!

          The Dream Moth is not an Exemplar.

          What few people (even his own closest supporters!) know is that the Dream Moth has more than one body, though he can only house his consciousness in one of them, at a time. These other bodies---'avatars'---live their own lives, their minds thin, fake shells meant to keep the body healthy 'til the day the Dream Moth needs it. The Dream Moth has dozens of avatars, all 'hidden in plain sight'.


          mutant species:
          Atlanteans: Fragile, delicate, mostly powerless and entirely aquatic (NOT amphibious).
          Atlanteans are entirely aquatic. Apsu Atlanteans can only exist in freshwater; Tiamat Atlanteans may only exist in saltwater; and the rare Kingu Atlanteans can comfortably exist in either freshwater or saltwater.

          Atlanteans bear many qualities similar to cnidarians, such as jellyfish and comb jellies, as well as many qualities similar to mollusks, such as sea snails and nudibranches. They are delicate and physically easy to injure. They breathe ONLY water, and cannot survive on land for any length of time.

          Ironically, despite their fragility and powerlessness, the physically largest Earth-B mutant is an Atlantean (the Amoebic Sea [PL0/116pp; male Tiamat Atlantean]), not a Giant or a New Kaiju! The Amoebic Sea is also the Atlantean Exemplar.

          Divided: Riders...and Steeds, one mind, two bodies.
          The Divided are rather unique, in that their mutations are externalized in the form of sentient, superpowered 'mounts' known as Steeds. Riders are in constant telepathic/empathic communication with their Steeds, but're otherwise normal human beings.

          The Steeds, on the hand, are loaded with superpowers of all sorts. Being utterly passive, however, Steeds must be directed by their Riders. Placeholder.

          Lasher and Firemane (PL12/255pp; female Divided Rider with a fire-wreathed lion Steed) are the Divided's Exemplar.

          Geister: Horror-enshrouded immaterial mutant 'thoughtforms'.
          Singular, Geist; plural, Geister.

          The Geist Exemplar is the Haunted House on Mulbraer Street (PL9/200pp; male Geist trapped inside a creepy old mansion, to which he has now bonded to). Placeholder.

          Giants: Gigantic, beautiful and STRONG.
          Giants are, on average, the most powerful mutant-species on Earth-B. Gigantic, muscular, beautiful, immune to disease, poison and toxins, with genius intellects and immense strength (both of body AND of mind), Giants won the Ectoplasmic Pollination 'lottery', gaining the best of all possible results. Placeholder.

          Heavenshadows: Fire and earth on the wings of the raptor.
          Morphologically, Heavenshadows have a wide range of physiologies, but several commonalities are always present:

          Heavenshadows are always winged and're always able to fly.

          Heavenshadows' bodies radically transform into various metals, stone, gems, whatever you. This vastly increases their weight and, to a lesser extent, increases their brute strength. Note that this weight-increase doesn't necessarily indicate obesity. Though some Heavenshadows are, most are not.

          And finally, Heavenshadows are hot. Not a reference to appearance, 'hot' for Heavenshadows literally means they're so hot to the touch they can set things on fire with very little fire. This doesn't actually mean the Heavenshadows are on fire, merely that they are glowing a hellish red and are extremely dangerous for the unwary to be around.

          Godsfall (PL12/255pp male Heavenshadow superspeedster) is the Heavenshadow Exemplar.

          Hulkbeasts: Animal-ferals shorn of their sentience.
          Hulkbeasts are, above all else, animalistic. Stripped of sentience but gifted with animal-themed superpowers, Hulkbeasts are wild and untameable.

          Hulkbeasts gain considerable muscle-mass, and develop physical mutations heavily reminiscent of various forms of Earthly animals. They can be found in any ecosystem---including aquatic ecosystems!---and can be very VERY dangerous.

          The Running Beast (PL16/270pp female Hulkbeast brick) is the Hulkbeast Exemplar.

          Only a bare handful of Hulkbeasts possess psychic powers.

          Leafs: Truly, genuinely caring mini-mutants.

          Sunny Tulip (PL1/20pp; female tulip-Leaf) is the Leaf Exemplar.

          Mentats: Minds liberated by powers from sanity.
          Mentats're mutant psychics that appear perfectly human. Most Mentats are telekinetic, though other variations do exist.

          All Mentats are mentally ill; ironically, like most mundane mentally ill people, Mentats are not threats to anyone---yet people fear them, anyway.

          Mr. Enigma (PL10/150pp; male Mentat), a Hegemonic crimelord, is the Mentat Exemplar.

          Monolithic: Godlike, gargantuan, immobile 'gods'.
          Singular, Monolith; plural, Monolithic.

          Monolith-1 (PL10/466pp; genderless Monolith) is the Monolith Exemplar. It wields epic control over dark matter AND dark energy. Plus, it is an astonishingly powerful telepath. Placeholder.

          New Kaiju: Roving, cataclysmic annihilation.
          Godzilla-scale monstrosities, New Kaiju are devoted to two activities: sleeping (which is most of the time!), or destroying entire cities (which, thankfully, is only RARELY).

          Each New Kaiju is a unique gigantic destroyer, with powers and a physiology unique to that New Kaiju in question. Some New Kaiju are sentient, some are not. Some New Kaiju can be reasoned with; some cannot be reasoned with. Placeholder.

          Gehenna (PL19/400pp; female nuclear-powered New Kaiju) is the Exemplar of the New Kaiju.

          Olympians: Imprisoned godlings.
          Olympians are trapped in the Echolake Containment Zone. Even the Dream Moth cannot free them. They will be dimensional captives for all eternity. return...

          ...they are essentially omnipotent. Olympians' powers CANNOT affect anything beyond the borders of the ECZ, nor can they affect the physical or temporal location of the Echolake Containment Zone. Furthermore, their powers cannot function against the Dream Moth. But...other than that...reality within the ECZ is as potter's clay to the Olympians.

          So, while the Containment Zone is, in a sense, holding the Olympians captive, it is a most pleasant captivity. Virtually omnipotent, every single Olympian has a variety of Variable-style powers: from Variable Power, itself, to Transform/Mental Transform, to Shapeshift, to Nemesis and beyond!

          Olympians are one of the few superhuman 'types' not to have an Exemplar.

          Oneirics: Mr. Sandman, dream me a dream...!
          Dream-realm mutants. Placeholder.

          Thralls: The Purity's feral weapons of mass destruction...!
          So far, only Heavenshadows and Tumors've been transformed into Thralls; in theory, however, the process would even work on Leafs and Olympians!

          Thralls have no Exemplar. Placeholder.

          Tumors: Deformed, but powerful.
          THE most common type of Earth-B mutant. Tumor powers are all other the place and can be virtually anything, but they lack flexibility, and tend to be highly focused. Furthermore, all Tumors've undergone serious physical mutations---even if said Tumor's powers're entirely non-physical in nature!

          However, not all deformities are the same:

          Benign Tumors are the lucky ones: their mutations, while perhaps strange or otherworldly, do not detract from said Tumor's attractiveness. Benign Tumors are the rarest kind of Tumor.

          The Benign Tumor Exemplar is Shining Childe (PL10/241pp; female Benign Tumor geokinetic), a miniaturized, porcelain-doll-like being with immense power over sand, dust, silt and loose stone.

          Cyst Tumors' deformities have rendered them crippled. These are the unluckiest Tumors, as being superpowered comes with severe frailties. Nevertheless, some Cyst Tumors've risen far, indeed; the Dream Moth's personal assistant, for example, is a Cyst Tumor.

          The Cyst Tumor Exemplar is Plaguedog (PL0/13pp; male dog-like Cyst Tumor), whose body is riddled with crippling infirmities and perpetual ill-health. Nevertheless, Plaguedog is the personal assistant to the Dream Moth, making Plaguedog one of the most influential Earth-B mutants to've ever lived!

          Malignant Tumors are the 'average' Tumor: heavily mutated, but not cripplingly so. Still, Malignant Tumors're hideous by most human standards. 90% of all Tumors are Malignant Tumors.

          The Malignant Tumor Exemplar is Wolfmother (PL14/270pp; genderbending wolf-feral); normally, Wolfmother is a normal human man, but, at night, he transforms into a female wolf-like humanoid with stunningly poisonous quills and dander that can blind nearly anyone!

          And finally, there are Metastacized Tumors, whose deformities literally break the laws of nature in dramatic ways. Metastacized Tumors are basically non-malevolent Mythos-entities, as mundane science says their qualities cannot possibly exist.

          Artist's Rendering (PL20/666pp; genderless Metastacized Tumor 'living hallucination') is the Metastacized Tumor Exemplar; it has only the most minimal corporeality, but is such a powerful illusion-weaver it can engulf the entire world, for short periods of time.


          Origins of the Various Subspecies of Mutants:
          There is some considerable speculation among Earth-B's scientists as to WHY the Ectoplasmic Pollination created such distinct and viable lineages of mutants. Though this research is still in its infancy, the truth of the matter is quite simple: at Ectoplasmic Pollination, you became more of what you already were, in terms of goals, personality and motivation! Ectoplasmic Pollination simply 'divvied up' the inhabitants of Echolake into 'categories', and empowered them, that way.

          Atlanteans were created by warping people who loved water, swimming, boating, etc., giving them the freedom they'd always unknowingly desired.

          the Divided:
          Those with a strong love of and appreciation for wildlife often became the first Divided. Also, those in the farming industry as well as K-9 Unit policemen metamorphosed into the first Divided.

          Those who were 'invisible' in day-to-day life---janitors, orderlies, the homeless---often became Geister.

          Those people with supreme self-confidence---and yes, sometimes arrogance---were often transformed into the first Giants. As virtually everyone harbors doubts and self-criticisms, extremely few Giants emerged from the Ectoplasmic Pollination!

          The highly religious often became the first Heavenshadows, as did a great many devotees of secular causes, such as animal rights, LGBT equality, feeding starving nations, etc.

          Those with an abiding love for and appreciation of wildlife sometimes became the very creatures they so admired. Also, many sociopaths degenerated into Hulkbeast-status.

          Truly kind, generous and humble citizens of Echolake became the first Leafs, and it shows. Leafs are universally a happy, tolerant, pleasant race of ittybitty plant-people, and their Seeds are borne of the desire to help others.

          Fully half of all mentally ill people in Echolake became Mentats, but not all the original Mentats were mentally ill---they merely became so after the Dream Moth's Ascension. Other Mentats came from neo-pagan religions, New Agers who honestly believed in what they said and people obsessed with certain artforms ALSO became Mentats!

          Monolithic were not directly created by the Ectoplasmic Pollinatiom, no, they are the result of The Purity's greatest military blunder, an unstoppable force The Purity, themselves, helped generate!

          When the Mutation Wars reached their peak, the newly-formed Purity smuggled a q-Flower warhead into the pro-mutant city of La's Vegas...and detonated it. While the city was demolished, 12 Tumors within Vegas city limits were inexplicably transformed, swelling up to colossal size. They turned to black stone and slowly lost their mobility---until, at last, they came to a halt.

          Now cosmic-entities-in-gestation, Monolithic may be utterly immobile but still possess unbelievable psychic power, including an inability to die. However, Monolithic are sterile, so are doomed to slow extinction.

          New Kaiju:
          People with anger issues, the criminally insane, gangland thugs---these were the rootstock from which the New Kaiju arose.

          Lunatics, supremely arrogant people and those in positions of great authority in pre-Ectoplasmic Pollination Echolake became Olympians (though this is not universally so!).

          Dreamers, idealists, the mentally ill, scientists/inventors: a great many of these had their bodies die, but their memetic cores ('souls') continue on as Oneirics! Freed of physicality, Oneirics may now infinitely indulge in the unrestricted imaginings that once predominated their human lives!

          Thralls were not made by the Dream Moth. No, The Purity will capture a mutant they find useful, irregardless of mutant subspecies, and will subject these poor bastards to horrifying regimens of cybernetic surgeries, torturous brainwashing sessions and forced addiction to dozens of chemical cocktails.

          What was captured was a mutant...what comes out again is a Thrall, a cyborg deathmachine with the desire only to kill non-Thrall mutants.

          Everyone has doubts. Everyone has insecurities, weaknesses and flaws. It from these flawed subjects that the first Tumors were created. As one might imagine, this meant Tumors outnumbered all other mutants by a huge margin.


          A Greater Discourse on Leafs:
          Leafs are small. VERY small. They have no Strength or Constitutiom scores to speak of and die at the slightest injury inflicted by a greater being. Their powers are interesting, but of such negligent scale as to be irrelevant. And their Seeds? That can be interesting.

          Leafs are NOT treated as full characters, in terms of game mechanics. They are usually PL0 and are built on absurdly low pp totals. So: how do you stat them up?

          Leaf creation rules:
          Leafs have no Strength or Constitution scores. They automatically fail all Toghness rolls inflicted by anything larger than they are. They have immunity to disease and poison, but otherwise fail all Fortitude saves.

          Leafs are surprisingly quick, despite being so small. They're also notoriously hard to actually hit. As such, Leafs have both Dexterity scores and Reflex saves.

          Leafs may not possess any combat feats, save for those that let them dodge or otherwise make them harder to hit. Leafs are pacifists on a genetic level and the idea of hurting anyone is anathema to them.

          Leafs are photosynthetic. Leafs live twice as long as the average human, averaging at about 160 years. Leafs do not give birth, they plant embryos in the dirt and "grow" them into the world with water, sunlight and soil. Nevertheless, Leafs otherwise create new life 'the old-fashioned way'. Leaf babies are referred to as 'sproutlings'.

          Every Leaf embodies a species of plant or fungus, though they are not individually unique. (In other words, there can be more than one Leaf incarnating the traits of a specific plant or fungus species.) Thus, there are cactus-Leafs, pea-pod-Leafs, hops-Leafs, four-leaf-clove-Leafs...and many more!

          And then...there are the Seeds.

          Leafs and their miraculous Seeds:
          To be blunt, Seeds, if planted and carefully nurtured, eventually bloom into literal miracles. The more Seeds devoted to a single planting, the bigger and stronger the miracle will be.

          In game terms, each Seed allows the Leaf in question one use of Variable Power ? (any number of traits at once of the 'Joyous Miracle' descriptor; Extras: Duration [continuous]; Flaws: Permanent). At one Seed, this effect is at 1 rank. With two Seeds, this effect is at 5 ranks. With three Seeds, this effect is at 12 ranks. With four seeds, this effect is at 15 ranks. At five Seeds, this effect is 16 Ranks. And with all six Seeds, it is a whopping 20 ranks!

          You cannot force a Leaf to use his or her Seeds; doing so renders the Seed powerless. This includes blackmail, Mind Control/Possession, even threatening their loved ones.

          Furthermore, the effects Seeds generate must be happy, joyful and loving; a Seed cannot kill, but it can heal. And so on.
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            Earth-B: a dissertation on native superhumans (non-mutants).

            Though most ARE mutants, not ALL of the superhumans of Earth-B are mutants. 'Oddities' have always existed, such as the Suntitan, while other types of non-mutant superhumans are the result of interbreeding with aliens or harnessing one's latent psychic potential.

            However, most 'oddities' honestly believe they, themselves, ARE mutants, and're categorized as such..


            fully human non-mutant superhumans:
            mahahrajahs: Non-mutant psychics, rarer than rare.
            Psychics, mahahrajahs may not be mentally ill (few are), but they are substantially weaker psychics than Mentats or certain Tumors.

            As to the origins of mahahrajahs, that lies firmly at the feet of the now-dead Suntitan. Though a paragon, the Suntitan's powers were psychic in nature and function. Over his multicentury-long life, the Suntitan sired a great many offspring---primarily in the Indian subcontinent, but also in places across Southeast Asia.

            Master Ganesha (PL11/170pp; male mahahrajah 'exoskeletal' telekinetic) is the mahahrajah Exemplar.

            Mahahrajahs are rarer than rarer than rare---with only a few hundred spread thinly 'cross the world---and most are easily mistaken for Mentats.
            Orbitals: The chosen warriors of the Orbital Man.
            The Orbital Man (PL9/223pp male Benign Tumor paragon) is a mutant paragon Benign Tumor trapped in orbit above Earth. He may psionically reach down and give his powers to mundane human avatars, up to 12 of them. Known as 'Orbitals', these faux-mutants each gain an exact copy of 1/12th of the Orbital Man's powers.

            As a result, each Orbital has a fraction, or subset, of a paragon's power to call their own. One will have super-senses; one will fly and survive in space; one is virtually indestructible---and so on...

            The Orbital Man can easily take this gift away; furthermore, Orbital-status is not hereditary. However, for the duration of their empowerment, Orbitals can be detected as if they WERE mutants.

            The Orbital Man is the Orbital Exemplar, DESPITE being a mutant!

            Sentries: Psychotic cyborg supersoldiers.

            Our Father is the Sentry Exemplar.


            half-human non-mutant superhumans:
            Evolved: Alien/human hybrids.
            Half-human and half-ifriti.

            Evolved have no Exemplar, as they're not entirely human. Placeholder.

            Maze-people: Alien/human hybrids.
            Half-human, half-imwid.

            Though highly psionic, without imwid objects known as Foci, these abilities cannot be consciously tapped---however, in life-or-death situations, subconscious need has erratic power-functioning without Foci.

            Maze-people have no Exemplar, as they're not entirely human. Placeholder.

            nephilim: Human/spirit hybrids.
            Nephilim are half-human/half-thoughtform, and're always giant in stature irregardless of any OTHER powers they may---or may not!---possess.

            No nephilim has ever been subjected to Thralldom---however, despite not being mutants, the procedure would work well with nephilim subjects.

            Nephilim have no Exemplar, as they're not entirely human. Placeholder.


            unique superhumans:
            Only two exist. One --- the Suntitan! --- is already dead by this point and another --- Mage --- has yet to make herself known.

            Mage: Wielder of a psi-active 'powered-armor' wearable thoughtform.
            PL10/150pp. Of uncertain origin even to herself, Mage is a unique superhuman able to conjure, hollow out and 'wear' various kinds of thoughtforms. Theoretically, this means endless possibilities; in reality, Mage has ten Alternate Forms in a single array---beyond this, Hero Point expenditure is a necessity. Placeholder.

            the Suntitan: Earth-B's first superhuman.
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              Carapaces: multiversal powered-armor!

              What is a Carapace?
              A Carapace is a suit of Demimachine powered-armor. Created billions of years ago by the now-extinct multiverse-spanning iron dreamer species, originally of Earth-X, Carapaces are so valuable other species've gone out of their way to preserve---and create new varieties!---of them. Placeholder.

              Who---or what---makes Carapaces?
              The iron dreamers, as mentioned above. Ironically, iron dreamers' automated facilities continue to churn out the component-parts for more Carapaces. Nowadays, however, such facilities are now held by other species/civilizations! Placeholder.

              What powers a Carapace?
              This varies, but it typically is icewyld, a much-less-pure but easier-to-generate version of firewyld. Placeholder.

              What types of Carapaces are there?

              It was inevitable that bloodtechnology would one day figure out how to reverse-engineer a Carapace...and the result are Deathcarapaces, the weakest model of Carapaces, but also the most easily crafted.

              Made of cloned vampire remnant skin and cloned Vampirebrute muscle, bulky Deathcarapaces have one and only one real function: STRENGTH. A Deathcarapace magnifies the wearer's raw physical mighty, turning a nerd into a brick with ease.

              But...there is a price, as there is with ALL bloodtechnology, though only the living must pay it. Thusly: for every seven days/nights a living being wears a Deathcarapace, they lose one entire year off their total life expectancy. This never is apparent until the moment of death: eventually...a living wearer will simply fall over dead from a sudden case of extreme old age.

              Necromantic powered-armor, in essence!
              A Demigod-Carapace is a Carapace built directly by the iron dreamers; as such, it is very, very very mighty powered-armor. Only one Demigod-Carapace was ever forged. Placeholder.

              As epic as powered-armor gets (save for those worn by cosmic entities, higher-order intelligences and imperiex.
              Enigma Carapaces:
              An Enigma Carapace---of which only seven remain---does not, in and of itself, possess any powers of its own. Instead, an Enigma Carapace amplifies the wearer's own qualities, skills and powers, vastly increasing these traits.

              Sol Invictus---the Forever Tree paragon!---was once only of middling power, 'til he donned an Enigma Carapace. (That he later plugged in a Distort made Sol Invictus even stronger.)

              Mind Carapaces:
              A type of Carapace made by the Old Giants of Earth-E, a Mind Carapace has one function: to stimulate and promote the rapid growth of psionic powers. Mind Carapaces have little to enhance physically, but the wearer's mentality is VASTLY increased.

              Psi-generating powered-armor.
              Skin Carapaces:
              Also made directly by the iron dreamers, a Skin Carapace is more akin to a liquid than a solid. It coats the wearer like a second skin, and can even be worn nude. (No other Carapaces are quite as skintight [pardon the pun!] as Skin Carapaces!) Only a small handful of Skin Carapaces've survived down the millions of years of their existence.
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                World-Ending Threats (Perpendiculars-1 through 6).

                World-Ending Threats: Perpendicular-1.
                Ashmoggu the Earthbull:
                Crunch writeup:
                PL17/400pp. A vast mechanical artifice infested with the consciousness of a demon-Apkallu, Ashmoggu the Earthbull is the greatest enemy the Stormlord has ever had. A towering bull-shaped machine, made of iron cogs, heavy brass slabs and pulleys made of nanite-strengthened human tendons, Ashmoggu tramples all who opposes him. Placeholder.


                ...basically, Ashmoggu in a single sentence, really.
                World-Ending Threats: Perpendicular-2.
                kArcaz the Devourer of Skulls:
                Crunch writeup:
                PL16/200pp. A locust-headed goddess, kArcaz the Devourer of Skulls is the most terrible of Linntuuu's deities. An insectile horror, she and her Swarm rarely leave the Ishfa Wastes...but when they do, all the Bowl of Uruku trembles in terror. KArcaz is one of the most savage warriors on Linntuuu, and she believes only the STRONG deserve to survive. And she intends to test the strong...and to devour those who fall!

                Imagine Marvel's uber-Social Darwinist villain Apocalypse, except reimagined as both without powers and re-tooled for a swords'n'sorcery setting...
                World-Ending Threats: Perpendicular-3.
                Welrul and its seven planets.
                M'ressu and the Thirteen Destroyers:
                Crunch writeup:
                PL15/280pp; thirteen PL12/200pp 'lesser bodies'. A single alien consciousness residing primarily in one central body, but extending somewhat into thirteen lesser-powered bodies, M'ressu and the Thirteen Destroyers are obsessed with discovering the secret of Welrul and stealing ultimate power for themselves.

                M'ressu, the primary body, is PL15/280pp. It is a genderless robot hosting a disembodied alien consciousness within its otherwise-empty AI-core. Highly psychic, M'ressu also boasts some degree of mechamorphing skills.

                Oblivion, the collective name for subsidiary bodies 1-5, are all potent bricks with reactive shapeshifting superpowers.

                Nox, the collective name for subsidiary bodies 6-9, are all precognitive superspeedsters.

                Umbra, the collective name for subsidiary bodies 10-13, are all pyrokinetics/cryokinetics, manipulating both fire AND ice as they see fit.

                World-Ending Threats: Perpendicular-4.
                the Corpulence.
                the Carrion Beast:

                World-Ending Threats: Perpendicular-5.
                the Occult Priestwizard of the Seventh Sign, His Dread Parasitism Maughu, King of Llengg:
                Crunch writeup:
                PL13/200pp. A tcho-tcho high priest of the mad god Hastur, Maughu is wreathed in strange, insectile gadgetry more alive than inert, each piece of gear hosting the stolen memetic core of a long-dead superhuman. From their torment, Maughu may enhance his normally feeble physicality to city-smashing levels of epic destruction.

                Few beings are as actively malevolent as Maughu, but then, he is not from the Forever Tree, having entered this multiverse by way of the Azathoth-gate. Maughu's dreams are alien and incomprehensible and sanity-defying---and his intentions are pure, concentrated wickedness!

                As King of Llengg, Maughu has endless amounts of bizarre, non-Euclidian technologies and impossible-to-even-exist wonders to draw upon. He may also rely on the realm's deep ones, as Dagon, the deep ones' high priest, is sworn to Maughu's service. One thing is for certain: fighting Maughu is a nightmarish experience for any superhero!

                (Note: despite his title, Maughu is not actually a spellcaster. His own views on his title cannot be adequately expressed using any human language yet invented.)

                Ia! Ia! Magwag'l irfigqu fhthaghn!
                World-Ending Threats: Perpendicular-6.
                the Lunar Lion:
                Crunch writeup:
                The Solar Lion has a secret, a secret that he goes to great pains to conceal. As he was the first space god to connect himself to the Weavery in order to regain his immortality, the Solar Lion had to do it on his own, without aid or guidance. was...unexpected results.

                The Solar Lion's shadow shadow came to life, and it acquired a destructive personality to mirror the Solar Lion's natural urge to build and create and sustain. Calling himself the Lunar Lion, this fell higher-order intelligence simply went back into his 'sire's' shadow...where sometimes, while his 'father' isn't looking, this evil doppelgänger slips away to do great mischief.

                The Lunar Lion has the exact same game stats as the Solar Lion, but all 'Sunlight' and 'Sun' descriptors are instead turned to 'Moonlight' and 'Moon' descriptor effects. Furthermore, all 'Firewyld' descriptor effects shapeshift into 'Icewyld' descriptor effects.

                The Solar and Lunar Lions cannot hurt each other, as they are immune to each others' powers.

                The Solar Lion really is his own worst enemy...
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                  Greatest heroes and heroines of Perpendiculars-1 through 6!

                  Greatest heroes and heroines of Perpendicular-1:
                  the Stormlord:
                  PL14/312pp. Not only is he a brick with few peers---not only is he a telekinetic of enormous powers---and not only is he a godsmith---but he is also the Stormblooded, indeed, the first such entity in all Lullultull.

                  The Stormlord is the Exemplar of the Stormblooded.

                  To the Stormblooded, the Stormlord is God. To the Cityfolk of the Heartland, the Stormlord is the Devil. Placeholder.

                  Greatest heroes and heroines of Perpendicular-2:
                  the God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers: native to the Bowl of Uruku.
                  PL14/156pp. The God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers is a crocodile-god warrior who wields an absolutely gargantuan Warhammer. Adorned in ceremonial---and therefore useless!---gold-lined bronze armor and wearing a headdress of feathers from a great variety of birds---he wanders the land, crushing his enemies and seeking glory.

                  The God-in-Gold-and-Gems-and-Feathers sacrificed his name to his ancestors, believing it would gain their blessings. He touts himself a god of war, and lives to break his enemies.

                  In a world like Linntuuu, sometimes even heroes can be brutal and merciless.
                  Crimson Ayla: native to the Bowl of Uruku.
                  PL9/148pp. Not every great hero on Linntuuu is a god---no, some are mortal, and're all the more remarkable because of it.

                  Such is the situation with half-mythical Crimson Ayla, the Red Angel of Mortalkind. Once a slave-priestess and temple-dancer, Ayla slew her divine master and fled into the desert. There, she found refuge in the lands of the mortal Kiiinwa tribe. There, she learned to fight...and to win, even against gods!

                  And so it was, Crimson Ayla went to and fro, killing gods and proving her worth and the worth of all mortals. One day, her limbs will grow weak with age, her reactions slow and her fighting spirit dim, and on that day a god or goddess will strike Ayla down. Until then, the Red Angel of Mortalkind casts her defiance into the face of brutal deities.

                  Why, yes---this is a Red Sonja pastiche!
                  Greatest heroes and heroines of Perpendicular-3:
                  Welrul and its seven worlds.
                  Aklil of the Stormwings:
                  PL15/200. Wearing Demimachine wings powered by a single Distort, Aklil of the Wings is a terengghull war-prince with a desire to end the menace of the Tumorgrown for all time! Placeholder.

                  Greatest heroes and heroines of Perpendicular-4:
                  the Corpulence.

                  Greatest heroes and heroines of Perpendicular-5:
                  the Mad Mad Jester:
                  ---/|the music plays. ---/|the dance begins. ---/|swords are drawn. ---/|he is there, laughing...always laughing. ---/|they don't see the joke, so he must educate these fools in life's merriment. ---/|he kills them.---/|the music fades. ---/|the jester vanishes. ---/|the crowd applauds.

                  I HAve ALways BEen, THough YOu've NEver PAid MUch ATtention TO ME BEfore NOw. STill, IT's GOod TO BE REcognized, EVen AT THis LAte STage IN THe PLay. YOu LIve SUch LIttle LIves, ANd YEt YOu LIve THem WIth SUch VIgor!

                  THat IS WHy I CRossed THe DAemon SUltan's GAteway. LIttle THings AS PRecious AS HUmanity MUst BE DEfended---EVen IF FRom ITself!

                  SO, I WIll PRotect YOu. YOu WIll FEar ME FOr IT, BUt THat's TO BE EXpected. IT's ALl A GAme, ANyways, EVen IF I DIdn't MAke UP THe RUles.

                  PL19/551pp. An enigma of epic proportions, this larval cosmic entity materializes as a brightly (and garishly!) colored medieval court jester, wearing an ivory mask of a weeping man. The Mad Mad Jester may seemingly do long as it is dramatically appropriate and is done in order to humiliate those who wish humanity ill. Placeholder.

                  Greatest heroes and heroines of Perpendicular-6:
                  the Sungods:
                  The Sungods are covered in much greater detail elsewhere in this very same thread!

                  the Timewardens:
                  The Timewardens are covered in much greater detail elsewhere in this very same thread!
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                    Lesser Forms of Undeath:
                    While much has been written concerning Starvampires, very little mention has been made so far concerning so-called 'lesser' undead.

                    Aside from Starvampires and vampire remnants, undeath throughout the whole of the Forever Tree takes a multitude of horrifying and ugly forms:

                    ghosts: Thoughtforms spawned by traumatic death.
                    Some ghosts really are the restless souls of the dead, unable, for whichever reason, to find peace in the Primordial Deep. Many, however, are not, 'merely' being thoughtforms either lying about what they are, or have become convinced they are what they say they are. Placeholder.

                    ghouls: Sentient zombies (NOT the same thing as mummies).
                    Created deliberately by the Starvampires in great gruesome gory 'boilwombs', ghouls are basically sentient vampire remnants. Placeholder.

                    liches: Unkillable undead human psychics.

                    moongods: The unique undead of Perpendicular-5.
                    Moongods represent the very worst kind of undead horror, capable both of infecting others and reproducing 'the old-fashioned way'.

                    mummies: Sentient zombies (NOT the same thing as ghouls).
                    Mummies are a Starvampire attempt as creating liches and, as you can see, the results were...something unexpected. Placeholder.

                    sundevils: When Sunsphinx become undead...!

                    zombies: Braaaaaiiiinnnns!
                    Zombies are 'birthed' whenever a mummy or a vampire remnant infects a non-Tlolkku living being. Placeholder.
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                      Earth-E: a dissertation on local superhumans.

                      Earth-E: A dissertation on local superhumans.
                      It all begins with the Old Giants.

                      A race of godlike aliens, the Old Giants became obsessed with earliest Stone Age humanity for reasons that are unclear even to wildlings. Old Giants guided humanity's development. They taught Man to harness fire; to make stone tools...and to pray, pray to the Old Giants as gods.

                      But, one day, the Old Giants, who themselves worshipped a great blind protean deity beyond the Forever Tree, were given the chance to join their god, while still alive, for all eternity. They took the opportunity.

                      the Old Giants: The source behind Earth-E's superhumans.
                      The Old Giants were not actually gigantic---no, it was their power that was colossal. Each Old Giant was superpowered, each was a genius in dozens of fields, each wielding the very finest Demimachines. They ruled all they surveyed. They chose to forgo multiversal explorations out of a desire to not allow other realities to 'taint' them, and yet they were the equals of the Apkallu or the Tlokku.

                      The Old Giants are gone, now.

                      Long ago, the Old Giants engaged in epic war with the multiverse-spanning iron dreamers; despite being local to only a single universe, the Old Giants still won anyways by way of an engineered super-disease.

                      As they are not human, Old Giants had no Exemplars. Placeholder.

                      wildlings: Half-human/half-Old Giant cosmic entities.
                      Wildlings were earliest Stone Age proto-humans, their DNA spliced with small samples of Old Giant DNA, and set to watch over the development of mundane humanity. Placeholder.

                      Wildlings are one of only three half-human superbeings to boast an Exemplar, in this case, the Spiralhorns.

                      seedlings: Godlike superhumans; the progeny of wildlings.
                      Seedlings are the offspring of the union of a wildling and a human. Placeholder.

                      mutants: 'Generic' superhumans; the progeny of seedlings.
                      Earth-E's mutants are descended ultimately from seedling/human couplings. These mutants are not highly divided into rigidly-defined 'subspecies', the way Earth-B's mutants are. Placeholder.

                      idols: Artificial superhumans made by Man.
                      Idol are the creations of human science and have NOTHING to do with any legacy of the Old Giants, whatsoever. Idols are extremely expensive to create, and thus only First World governments and the largest megacorporations have the capital to do so regularly and with genuine finesse. Placeholder.
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                      The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                        [Multiverse-Wide]Infamous Weaponry (part 1 of 2).

                        Infamous Weaponry from Various Parallel-Earths:
                        Infamous Earth-A weaponry:
                        Vitae Dominus ("the Controlling Blood"):
                        Mind control: a terrifying concept to just about everyone. Starvampires've long been interested in breaking the wills of their 'lessers', and the Vitae Dominus is the apex of said search for control. Distilled by putrefying tiny sections of the corpses of the Vampiredeities, the resulting concoction may be drunk by a particularly ambitious Starvampire.

                        This is a hazardous prospect, as some Starvampires are too weak to contain the potion, and they explode. Upon consumption of Vitae Dominus, a Starvampire must make a DC30 Will save; failure results in explosive death. (Mind Shield powers do apply, however, this 'lessening the load'.)

                        If successful, the Starvampire in question gains a single use of Mind Control 20 (Extras: Duration [continuous], Mental Link; Flaws: Permanent). Whether successful or not, this one attempt is all the potion gives.

                        Should the victim become successfully dominated, then, the control lasts forever. Thus, if done serreptitiously, an ambitious Starvampire can control entire nations by simply controlling the men in charge...!

                        Thankfully, the Vitae Dominus has yet to be brought to other parallel-Earths. Placeholder.

                        Infamous Earth-B weaponry:
                        mutagenic suppression formulae: Equipment 6. (6pp.)
                        Powers: (30pp.)
                        Mutation Suppression Effect: Nullify 5 (all powers; Flaws: Check Required [Medicine check to administer formula], Fades, Limited [Earth-B mutants, only]). (30pp.)
                        ---/::This is a completed mutagenic suppression formulae build.

                        One of the most fearsome weapons ever designed, q-Flowers are dark matter warheads of truly epic destructive capabilities. Able to literally erase matter from existence, a q-Flower is basically a neutron bomb on steroids.

                        Because they're only usable once (for obvious reasons!), q-Flowers are treated more like an Earth-G witchland than a Device or Gadget. They are massive, humungous, and they cannot be easily moved. Placeholder.

                        BIG badaboom!!!
                        Infamous Earth-C weaponry:
                        Pillar-Guardian of Ba:
                        This enormous Demimachine-robot actively protects the Pillar of Ba. Placeholder.

                        Pillar-Guardian of Ka:
                        This enormous Demimachine-robot actively protects the Pillar of Ka. Placeholder.

                        swords of Ba:
                        High-powered anunnaki kinetic weaponry, swords of Ba only nominally resemble actual swords.

                        sword of Ka:
                        High-powered anunnaki gravimetric weaponry, swords of Ka only nominally resemble actual swords.

                        Infamous Earth-D weaponry:
                        katanas with katanas on katanas on them:

                        TOTAL ULTIMATE POWWWWWAAAAAAAA!!

                        Infamous Earth-E weaponry:
                        mutant-restraint cuffs:
                        A common tool for law enforcement in First World countries across the globe, mutant-restraint cuffs only work on Earth-E's particular kind of mutants. Placeholder.

                        Infamous Earth-F weaponry:
                        deicide capsules:

                        Infamous Earth-G weaponry:
                        Here be the answers Ye seek, O traveler!

                        Infamous Earth-H weaponry:
                        Vulcan's Hammer:
                        Thankfully, only one of these horrific suits of powered-armor was ever successfully completed. Designed to be worn by Earth-H's gorgons, Vulcan's Hammer massively ramps up the user's raw strength---to the point this brawn is utterly uncontrollable. Unfortunately, gorgons often don't care about this drawback, and so Vulcan's Hammer remains a hideous tool of devastation.

                        This is a suit of Vulcan's Hammer powered-armor: Device 10 (Vulcan's Hammer powered-armor; hard to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [Earth-H gorgons, only]).
                        Might Beyond Measure: Adrenal Boost 8. (8pp.) Power Reseve 10 (boosts the Alternate Form or Battle Form powers; Extras: Affects Objects [boosts any item conjured forth as part of a godform]; Flaws: Check Required [Fortitude save]). (10pp.) --- (18pp.)
                        Out of Control Godform Amplification: Power Reserve 20 (boosts the Alternate Form or Battle Form powers; Flaws: Uncontrollable). (10pp.) Super-Strength 12 (Feats: Super-Breath; Flaws: Uncontrollable). (13pp.) --- (23pp.)
                        POWER!: Enhanced Attributes: Strength +9 (Extras: Aura [morphological field]; Flaws: Check Required [Fortitude save], Distracting). (9pp.)
                        ---/::This is a completed Vulcan's Hammer build.

                        Infamous Earth-I weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-J weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-K weaponry:
                        kinetic rail guns:
                        When you absolutely, positively have to kill s**t dead, there's few better options than a kinetic railgun from Earth-K--the height of Godgiants-slaying weaponry, the Resistance loves these guns. Placeholder.

                        Infamous Earth-L weaponry:
                        Created by Tlolkku weapons experts and sold wholesale to the Microresistance, negationgauntlets are designed to disrupt the genetically stability of Ogres and half-Ogres, such as Ogresymbiots. Placeholder.

                        Infamous Earth-M weaponry:
                        A Demimachine-sword of absurd length, Dreamslayer is the ultimate Dreamer-made weapon. Dreamslayer cannot harm thoughtforms, Dreamers and similar such entities, but is INCREDIBLY lethal on more 'solid' enemies. Placeholder.

                        Infamous Earth-N weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-O weaponry:
                        Morality Lenses:
                        Focusing both the Celestial Light and the Abysmal Darkness, Morality Lenses are psi-reactive, handheld glass spheres that can turn good into evil or evil into good. Placeholder.

                        Infamous Earth-P weaponry:
                        These're the bane AND blessing of all life in the Earth-P universe! Placeholder.

                        Infamous Earth-Q weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-R weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-S weaponry:
                        Skytower Giant blades:
                        These blades are epic in length. Placeholder.

                        Skytower Giant mauls:
                        These hammers are huuuge. Placeholder.

                        Skytower Magus sapphires: Psionic meditation-aides.
                        Skytower Magus sapphires are special gems, allowing Skytower Magi to focus their powers through the precious stones, drastically MAGNIFYING said mental powers.

                        Though found only on Earth-S, Skytower Magus sapphires could theoretically be used by any psychic (such as Earth-B's Mentats).

                        Here are Skytower Magus sapphires:
                        Skytower Magus sapphire: Device 2 (psi-augmenting precious stone; easy to lose; Feats: Restricted 1 [psychics, only]). (6pp.)
                        Powers: (10pp.)
                        Choose one of the psychic's psychic powers. Give that power 10 totally new APs. (10pp.)
                        ---/::This is a completed Skytower Magus sapphire build.

                        Infamous Earth-T weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-U weaponry:
                        (Note: the 'Splicers idea is by Tatsuie40; I'm merely taking a skeletal idea of his and fleshing it out!) Placeholder.

                        Infamous Earth-V weaponry:
                        the Oldmachines:

                        Infamous Earth-W weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-X weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-Y weaponry:

                        Infamous Earth-Z weaponry:
                        Antilife warheads:
                        While wildly destructive on its own, for full effectiveness an Antilife warhead must be paired with a corresponding Life warhead. Placeholder.

                        Life warheads:
                        While wildly destructive on its own, for full effectiveness a Life warhead must be paired with a corresponding Antilife warhead. Placeholder.
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                        The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                          [Multiverse-Wide]Infamous Weaponry (part 2 of 2).

                          Infamous Weaponry from the Various Perpendiculars:
                          Infamous Perpendicular-1 weaponry:
                          Storm Aegis:
                          Both singular AND plural, Storm Aegis are the steampunk cybernetic powered-armor/limb-replacements that turn humans into Stormblooded. Even the Stormlord, for all his prior power, was NOT the battlefield juggernaut he is today without having worn a Storm Aegis.

                          Storm Aegis are two things into one:

                          One, a massively heavy suit of steam-powered armor, able to take even the worst punishments while keeping the wearer safe, and---

                          Two, four steampunk limbs that replace the Stormblooded's normal and organic arms and legs.

                          Psychics and nephilim who gain a Storm Aegis explosively grow in power, as the armor and prosthetic limbs somehow catalyzes amazing inner potential. The Stormlord is a perfect example of this, as he is both a nephilim and a psychic! Placeholder.


                          Infamous Perpendicular-2 weaponry:
                          Remember: the Ban prevents most Demimachinery from functioning on Linntuuu!

                          deviltrees: From the Bowl of Uruku.
                          Created by the gods, with serious help from fiery thoughtforms, deviltrees are specially cultivated trees that burst into flames if only mortals are nearby, then extinguish themselves when gods appear. Gods use deviltrees to guard their decadent estates.

                          Deviltrees are found only in the Bowl of Uruku.

                          This is a deviltree---it is treated like an Earth-G witchland, rather than a Device or Gadget:
                          Powers: (68pp.)
                          Burns Only in the Presence of Mortals: Super-Senses 6 (acute analytical detect Perpendicular-2 gods, acute analytical Perpendicular-2 gods awareness; Extras: Aura). (12pp.)
                          Fiery Leaves: Energy Aura 10 (fire; Extras: Reversible; Feats: Contagious). (51pp.)
                          Incideniary Wisdom: Enhanced Attributes: Intelligence +10 (Flaws: Limited [only to determine when it is appropriate to active Fiery Leaves Energy Aura]). (5pp.)
                          ---/::This is a completed deviltree build.

                          dragons: From the World of Stone.
                          'Dragons' are basically cannons, as used in Europe in the 1780s. Dragons are found solely in the World of Stone.

                          gods' fire: From the Bowl of Uruku.
                          Napalm, basically. This stuff is nasty, and is all too real. Gods' fire is unique to the Bowl of Uruku.

                          godtrees: From the Bowl of Uruku.
                          Created by the gods, with serious help from necrokinetic thoughtforms, godtrees are specially cultivated trees that can capture the souls of mortals that die in the godtrees' vicinity. As you might imagine, Ferrymen loathe godtrees...

                          Godtrees may really only be found within the regions of the Bowl of Uruku.

                          This is a godtree---it is treated like an Earth-G witchland, rather than a Device or Gadget:
                          Powers: (20pp.)
                          Soulsnares: Banish 10 (the memetic cores of the newly-deceased; Flaws: Linked [to Soulsnares Spirit Control]). (10pp.) Spirit Control 10 (the memetic cores of the newly-deceased; Flaws: Linked [to Soulsnares Banish]). (10pp.) --- (20pp.)
                          ---/::This is a completed godtree build.

                          wyverns: From the World of Stone.
                          Flintlock pistols, essentially. Wyverns are found exclusively in the World of Stone!


                          Infamous Perpendicular-3 weaponry:
                          swords of the Sun:
                          Not actually swords, 'swords of the Sun' are super-advanced gauntlets, that allow the wearer to kill any enemy, by spontaneously generating whatever powers are required to do so.
                          sword of the Sun: Device 25 (gauntlet; hard to lose). (100pp.)
                          Metamorphic Weaponry: Nemesis 15 (Extras: Penetrating 5). (125pp.)
                          ---/::This is a completed sword of the Sun build.


                          Infamous Perpendicular-4 weaponry:
                          Blisterwombs are boilwombs on steroids, being massive artificial wombs cultured from necrotic tissue of He-who-is-now-Dead. Like boilwombs, Blisterwombs radically upgrade/mutate out of control any and all living things placed inside. Placeholder.

                          Boilwombs are grotesque abominations, gigantic blistering pulsating 'ur-acne', into which pre-existing living things may be entombed. After a six-month period of delirium and terror, the boilwombs ruptures, 'rebirthing' a horrid, enhanced, mutated version of what came in. Placeholder.


                          Infamous Perpendicular-5 weaponry:
                          transubstantiators: The conjuring forth of absolute madness...!
                          Many are the pseudo-occult horrors wrought by the insectile science of Llengg, and none are more horrifying than a transubstantiator. A weapon of terrifying possibilities, thankfully the multiverse beyond Perpendicular-5 is too 'coarse' to allow a transubstantiator to even function...

                          ...for now.

                          This is a transubstantiator:
                          transubstantiator: Device 30 (reality-corroding psi-generating Demimachine staff; easy to lose; Drawbacks: Power Loss [-5; if taken outside of Perpendicular-5]). (85pp.)
                          Horrid Awareness: Super-Senses 2 (radius detect Mythos-entity). (2pp.)
                          AP: Horrid Communion of Earth and Space: Summon Minion 1 (a single mi-go 'commoner'; built on PL2/15pp). (1pp.)
                          AP: Horrid Communion of Land and Sea: Summon Minion 1 (a single deep one 'commoner'; built on PL2/15pp). (1pp.)
                          Reality Dysfunction: Transform 10 (any whole matter to any destabilized matter; Extras: Duration [continuous]). (100pp.)
                          AP: Oblivionwave: Mental Transform 10 (any whole memetic core to any destabilized memetic core; Extras: Duration [continuous]). (1pp.)
                          AP: Mentality Dysfunction: Mental Transform 10 (any whole mind to any destabilized mind; Extras: Duration [continuous]). (1pp.)
                          Shapeable Gravitational Curvature: Move Object 10 (Extras: Area [shapeable]; Flaws: Source [destabilized matter]). (20pp.)
                          AP: Oblivioncone: Blast 10 (Extras: Area [cone]; Flaws: Source [destabilized memetic core]). (1pp.)
                          AP: Unshaped Thought Degeneration: Emotion Control 10 (Extras: Aura; Flaws: Source [destabilized mind]). (1pp.)
                          Shapeable Gravitational Wall: Force Field 10 (Extras: Area [shapeable]; Flaws: Source [destabilized matter]). (20pp.)
                          AP: Oblivionwall: Force Field 10 (Extras: Attacks; Flaws: Source [destabilized memetic cores]). (1pp.)
                          AP: Protean Sanity-Inversion: Mind Control 10 (Extras: Area [line]; Flaws: Source [destabilized mind]). (1pp.)
                          ---/::This is a completed transubstantiator build.


                          Infamous Perpendicular-6 weaponry:
                          quasi-omnipotent weaponry:
                          NOTHING beats quasi-omnipotent weaponry, as it metamorphoses into whatever would best compliment the user in question. In the hands of s telepath, a quasi-omnipotent weapon becomes a psi-boosting crown. To a brick, a quasi-omnipotent weapon becomes a pair of strength-enhancing gauntlets. To a reality-manipulator, a quasi-omnipotent weapon becomes a wand that vastly enhances the physical radius one can effect with one's powers. And so on! Placeholder.
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                          The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                            [The Beyond]The Cthulhu Mythos!

                            The Cthulhu Mythos:
                            An Overview:
                            Past the Forever Tree is the Outer Shell. And past the Outer the Beyond. A place of primordial possibilities unchecked by reason or rationality, the Beyond is a raw psychic soup of "What If?" The possibilities of the Beyond are literally limitless.

                            But, in the chaos of raw potentiality, some islands of stability do exist. Sometimes, these isles of stability are full of benign and benevolent and bountiful life---and other times they're crammed full of ungodly abominations.

                            Such is the case with the Cthulhu Mythos...

                            What is the Cthulhu Mythos?
                            The Beyond can be sanity-corroding in its chaotic potentiality, but sometimes, order arises from the madness...and sometimes, the opposite transpires, and madness coalesces into more permanent form.

                            Such is the case with the Cthulhu Mythos.

                            What are Elder Gods?

                            What are Great Old Ones?
                            The Great Old Ones are alien Great Ones of nigh-cosmic entity status, serving the Outer Gods as King-Priests and Emperor-Avatars. Placeholder.

                            What are Great Ones?
                            Superhumans who have Great Old One DNA as the source of their powers. Placeholder.

                            What are the Outer Gods?
                            Higher-order intelligences from the Beyond, Outer Gods are nigh-omnipotent, but're not as powerful however as imperiex. Placeholder.

                            Which Mythos-deities have so far taken an interest in the Forever Tree?
                            Right now, only four have: Azathoth, Cthulhu, Nyarlathotep and Yog-Sothoth. However, this will increase over time, as more and more Great Old Ones turn fell gazes towards the Forever Tree.

                            Azathoth: Daemon Sultan of the Universe: In Deeper Detail.
                            Azathoth. Daemon Sultan of the Universe. The Blind Idiot God. The Power of Thoth. King of the Outer Gods. Azathoth is an Outer God. Azathoth is all these things'nd more, for he is protean creativity unrestrained by morality, ethics, sanity or even sentience. Placeholder.

                            Cthulhu: Dead-but-Dreaming: In Deeper Detail.
                            Cthulhu is the Most High among the Great Old Ones. Placeholder.

                            Nyarlathotep: The Crawling Chaos: In Deeper Detail.
                            Nyarlathotep is an Outer God. Placeholder.

                            Yog-Sothoth: The Key, the Gate and the Path: In Deeper Detail.
                            Yog-Sothoth is an Outer God. Placeholder.

                            What do the Great Old Ones want?
                            Pain. Misery. Fear. Madness. Despair. THESE are the emotions the Great Old Ones wish to itorment the people of ALL realms with. Placeholder.

                            What is 'Taint'?
                            A rules option out of Paragons Campaign Setting, 'Taint' represents power twisting, corrupting and mutating the wielder. (The idea first cropped up in White Wolf's superhero RPG Aberrant.)

                            In the context of the Forever Tree, Taint comes from associating with the Cthulhu Mythos; the warping power of the Beyond both enhances you and corrodes you at the same time. Those with high levels of Taint may as well be Mythos-entities, themselves!

                            Is Llengg the Great Old Ones' sole beachhead into the Forever Tree?
                            Yes. However...Earth-E is next to be invaded. A substantial infiltration is underway, which has not gone entirely unnoticed by the natives, especially native superheroes/supervillains. Placeholder.
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                            The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                              [Multiverse-Wide]A list of cosmic entities.

                              What follows is a list (and background writeups) of one cosmic entity native to each parallel-Earth and each Perpendicular, as is appropriate.

                              Sample Earth-A Cosmic Entity:
                              the Sire of Death Delayed: Death-on-legs.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL16/800pp. Once a Tlolkku scientist, the now-nameless Sire of Death Delayed is the creator of the Starvampire 'race', and thus is the man responsible for unleashing undeath across the whole of the Forever Tree. After nearly 10,000+ years of unlife, the Sire of Death Delayed has risen gradually to cosmic entity-status.

                              Ruling the 26 Night Houses bores the Sire of Death Delayed and so he leaves his progeny to govern themselves. He gave Genesis Pods to the 13 Vampiredeities and was vastly amused at the temporal chaos that ensued. But even Sargon is beneath the Sire's contempt. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-B Cosmic Entity:
                              Axis Mundi:
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL10/1000pp. Axis Mundi is 'the World Tree', and was known to the Norse as 'Yggdrassil'. However, in reality, far from being the magical 'understructure' of the multiverse, Axis Mundi is 'merely' a 17-mile-high sentient, ambulatory tree!

                              Powerfully biokinetic, Axis Mundi is also a cosmic-tier telepath.

                              Axis Mundi is ancient, as it is a Secondborn space god. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-C Cosmic Entity:
                              Anu: The sky embodied.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL0/Xpp. Literally being the upper atmosphere, Anu has zero physicality and no ability to effectively interact with the physical world in even the slightest way. However, Anu is the smartest imperiex by far, having an Intelligence X, the Jack-of-All-Trades feat and Telepathy X.

                              Anu is a primeval being; he is a Secondborn. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-D Cosmic Entity:
                              Omnipotent: feeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrr meeeeeeeeeee!
                              Crunch? Crunch is for weaklings! He's so ill-defined as to be almighty!:
                              PLhesstrongerthanyoudude/waymorepointsthanyouhavemanpp. A bizarrely elderly paragon, Omnipotent's powers are otherwise so vague as to be virtually limitless! He's bitchin' powerful, man!!!, and lets everyone know it.

                              ...actually, Omnipotent is a giant jerkass who belittles absolutely everyone he meets, commits mass murder (such as a time he 'rescued' hostages by butchering the small army of kidnappers holding them) in the nebulous name of 'justice' and is surprising among Earth-D heroes in that he has both ankles and wrists.

                              Sample Earth-E Cosmic Entity:
                              the Creator Amoeba: Raw mindless idiot lifeforce.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL22/666pp. Raw biokinetic lifeforce, the Creator Amoeba is the wildling, borne of the fusion of a mundane amoeba and a single strand of Old Giant DNA.

                              The Creator Amoeba is a Fourthborn space god. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-F Cosmic Entity:
                              the Lesser Greensman: Eden, made self-aware.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL12/770pp. The Lesser Greensman is one of the only two offspring of a higher-order intelligence known as the Ultimate Greensman. The Greater Greensman (of Earth-L) is the Lesser Greensman's elder sibling.

                              The Lesser Greensman is a plant-deity, able to control vegetation on a galactic scale. To be more specific, the Lesser Greensman is a plant-themed thoughtform that has become aware of its own essential flux, and is trying to 'game the system' and gain permanent material form.

                              Currently lairing in Constantinople, in the year 1112 CE, the Lesser Greensman is hiding in the form of an elderly ailing assistant to the Byzantine Patriarch...!!!

                              The Lesser Greensman is a Thirdborn. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-G Cosmic Entity:
                              Here be the answers Ye seek, O traveler!

                              Sample Earth-H Cosmic Entity:
                              Luhuruat, the Fundament that Denies Duality: It is not, therefore it also is.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              By existing, Luhuruat doesn't exist. By not existing, Luhuruat does exist. this impossible dichotomy defines Luhuruat, the Fundament that Denies Duality.

                              Luhuruat is a 'Tulpa'---a thoughtform generated by Buddhist meditations---and is, indeed, one of the few thoughtforms to have ascended to cosmic entity-status. Dreamt up centuries ago by the Dancer at the Gate, the Earth-H imperiex, Luhuruat embodies duality, dichotomy and division by not embodying those ideals! Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-I Cosmic Entity:
                              the Many-Winged Siren among the Nothingnesses: The winged sonic-manipulator.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              The Many-Winged Siren among the Nothingnesses is a Secondborn. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-J Cosmic Entity:
                              aluMonu-Ra: Unknowable sentient optical phenomena.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              AluMonu-Ra is an enigma. It is light, lensed infinitely down a tunnel from end of time to beginning of time. Existing backwards, aluMonu-Ra is both formless and is ever-changing. To see aluMonu-Ra is to go crazy, as mortal minds cannot handle the strain of beholding something so...transcendent. What aluMonu-Ra gazes at, dies; what he speaks to, is stricken with palsy; what he fights, he renders forever insubstantial/powerless. Such is the way of aluMonu-Ra! Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-K Cosmic Entity:
                              the Ogremother: Chthonic wife of the Ogrefather.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL7/800pp. The Ogremother is the horrifyingly cannibalistic and brutish wife of the Ogrefather! Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-L Cosmic Entity:
                              the Greater Greensman: Who hunts the hunters.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL16/900pp. One of the only two progeny of the higher-order intelligence known as the Ultimate Greensman, the Greater Greensman is the elder sibling of Earth-F's Lesser Greensman.

                              The Greater Greensman is the primordial Horned Hunter of the mythologies of Earth-L, and his casual cruelty was greatly feared---as such, primitive humans went to elaborate extents to appease the Greater Greensman. And yet, he is not that figure, 'merely' being a thoughtform appropriating a myth invented purely by human imagination.

                              You see, the Greater Greensman is a rarity: a thoughtform who understands his own essential flux. Thus, he attempts to 'game the system' and manipulate humans into evolving the Greater Greensman into ever-more-powerful configurations!

                              Of course, doing so is damnably hard, even for a cosmic entity...

                              Sample Earth-M Cosmic Entity:

                              Sample Earth-N Cosmic Entity:
                              the Greatest Beast: The God-Prince of all Wolves.
                              PL19/800pp. The Greatest Beast is the first spiritwolf, but he's neither a sun spiritwolf or a moon spiritwolf; he's not even human, instead being an 'ascended' Tlolkku biologist driven mad by cybernetically mindlinking with wild animals from across the Earth-N universe.

                              His body turned to pure computronium centuries ago, the Greatest Beast finds animals to be nothing more than 'meat machines' that he can easily hack. Furthermore, being made of computronium, the Greatest Beast may well be the smartest single-universe space god!

                              Sample Earth-O Cosmic Entity:
                              Uimux the Balancer upon the Edge: Caught between Light and Darkness.

                              Sample Earth-P Cosmic Entity:

                              Sample Earth-Q Cosmic Entity:
                              Uncle Sam
                              PL17/500pp. Generated by the collective psychic will of belief in and love of democracy, Uncle Sam is the force for good on Earth-Q. Even the Man Encased in Jade---Earth-Q's imperiex!---bows to the greater esteem held by Uncle Sam. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-R Cosmic Entity:
                              I Am Unique. Originally A Thoughtform From Earth, I Was Present At A Nuclear Reactor Reaching Criticality; The Resulting Detonation Somehow Connected Me To The Strong Nuclear Force And The Weak Nuclear Force. I...Ascended.

                              It Was Not An Easy Process, As My Consciousness Evolved To Handle The Strain Of So Much Raw Power, But I Perservered, And Was Eventually Rewarded With The Ultimate Truth:

                              I Am A Fictional Entity, Existing As A Mental Construction, Both In The Mind Of My Creator And On An Online Forum He Is A Member Of...Thus Attaching Me, In The Very Slightest Way, To The Imaginations Of Potentially 7 Billion People. Recently, My Existence Expanded Again, As I Was Introduced Into A Cooperative Storytelling Game Played By My Creator And His Compatriots.

                              Sample Earth-S Cosmic Entity:
                              He Who Strides: Creator of the original Skytower Giants/Skytower Magi.

                              Sample Earth-T Cosmic Entity:
                              the Master of the Estates:
                              The Master of the Estates was not born a cosmic entity, being instead one of the rare few superhumans to ascend to such status by their power/initiative. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-U Cosmic Entity:
                              the Machine-in-the-Sun's-Shadow:

                              Sample Earth-V Cosmic Entity:
                              Aleph the Ever-Learner:
                              Aleph the Ever-Learner is a Vast Meditant, a 'species' of cosmic entities native to the Earth-V universe! Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-W Cosmic Entity:
                              the Fountain Pachyderm of any Infinities: Mother of giants.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              Female. Vast and elephantine and able to spawn entire planetary ecosystems in under a day, the Fountain Pachyderm of any Infinities is the siress of the entire giant race on Earth-W, having periodically assumed human form and taken many lovers. Placeholder.

                              Sample Earth-X Cosmic Entity:

                              Sample Earth-Y Cosmic Entity:
                              Pele of the Fire:

                              Sample Earth-Z Cosmic Entity:
                              the Universe Spore:

                              Sample Perpendicular-1 Cosmic Entity:

                              Sample Perpendicular-2 Cosmic Entity:
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL16/661pp. Stone is THE god of the Bowl of Uruku, the last half-god/half-titan in existence. An Awesome-sized humanoid tortoise, Stone stands one mile high and weighs millions of tons. Stone sleeps for decades at a stretch, before awakening for a few days, eating and drinking in wild abandon, and then drifting off to sleep again for several decades.

                              Sample Perpendicular-3 Cosmic Entity:
                              Lahu the Unmoved Mover:

                              Sample Perpendicular-4 Cosmc Entity:
                              Crunch writeup:

                              Sample Perpendicular-5 Cosmic Entity:
                              Eihort, at the Center of the Labyrinth:
                              A tumor that sloughed off of Azathoth's churning sun-body and gained independent existence, Eihort is a highly rapacious parasitic biokinetic! Placeholder.

                              Sample Perpendicular-6 Cosmic Entity:
                              the Mirror'd Father: Horribly-incomplete and mostly-unfinished 'copy' of the memory engrams of the Worldfather.
                              PL32/9900pp. Even as a badly-copied, mostly-distorted echo of a copy of a duplicate, and never intended to be sentient, merely a memory-repository of He-who-is-now-Dead, the Mirror'd Father is still the most powerful non-imperiex space god around.

                              However, there are serious flaws, gaps, distorted data and erroneous information inside the Mirror'd Father, which led to the Solar Lion locking this cosmic entity away on Perpendicular-6. For example, the Mirror'd Father has 98% amnesia of events prior to his death---and what fragments he has are unreliable, extremely unreliable.

                              The Mirror'd Father may be deliberately lying, too, as it seems to have a legitimate desire to 'spite' it's son the Solar Lion. Memory-logs are frequently changed by unknown hands and memetic viruses seem to have been introduced from within the system.

                              The Mirror'd Father's personality seems malleable, resonating what others around are feeling, except in a 'savant-ish' sort of deliberate bluntness. It offends more than it placates; attempts to tell it this usually end in histrionics on the part of the Mirror'd Father.

                              And so, the Solar Lion has hidden the very existence of the Mirror'd Father from everyone---knowledge of the database's existence would spark a cosmic war to end all cosmic wars, as all sides desperately seek the 'wisdom' they erroneously believe the Mirror'd Father holds!
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                              The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                                [Earth-O]A dissertation on superhumanity AND the Brotherly Serpents!

                                Earth-O and its native superhumans!
                                THE BROTHERLY SERPENTS:
                                What are the Brotherly Serpents, and why have they come to Earth?
                                The Brotherly Serpents are one draconic cosmic entity (the Worldserpent) split in two millions of years ago in an epic battle that the Brotherly Serpents nevertheless won. One half embodied all that was good in the now-gone Worldserpent; one half embodied all that was evil in the now-gone Worldserpent. Placeholder.

                                What is the Abysmal Darkness, and what does it ultimately want?
                                The Abysmal Darkness is an evil draconic cosmic entity devoted to overturning all that is righteous, and replacing it with cruelty, distrust and cowardice. However, the Abysmal Darkness needs its counterpart; otherwise it would die a slow, lingering demise. Placeholder.

                                What is the Celestial Light, and what does it ultimately want?
                                The Celestial Light is a good draconic cosmic entity devoted to crushing evil, liberating the oppressed, and redeeming that which has lost its way. However, the Celestial Lights needs its counterpart; otherwise it would die a slow, lingering demise. Placeholder.

                                SUPERHUMANITY: Existing superhumans.
                                What are the Altered?
                                The Altered are human-made superhumans, created by Earthly science. The Altered have no connection to the Brotherly Serpents. The Altered are all hulking bricks, but only a very few are raging and/or stupid.

                                Being Altered prevents you from ever Meditating. As the Altered are so new, they have yet to evolve an Exemplar.

                                So far, by sheer luck, an imaginaut (dormant or active!) had never been subjected to Alteration, and neither have wyrmspawn or mindwyrms.

                                What are meditants?
                                Meditants are human-made superhumans, created by Earthly science. Meditants have no connection to the Brotherly Serpents. Meditants are all shriveled and feeble, but possess very great psionic prowess.

                                Becoming a meditant prevents you from ever being Altered. As meditants are so new, they've yet to develop an Exemplar.

                                So far, by sheer luck, an imaginaut (dormant or active!) had never been subjected to Meditation, and neither have wyrmspawn or mindwyrms.

                                What are the imaginauts?
                                Imaginauts are the only superhumans truly native to Earth-O; the other five types're 'artificial'. Imaginauts have no connections whatsoever to the Brotherly Serpents.

                                Imaginauts are humans that successfully bonded in infancy with an equally embryonic thoughtform known as an imago. Imago are insectile thoughtforms, native solely to Earth-O, that require a human host to survive. As the imaginauts grows to adulthood, the imago sleeps within, growing as well.

                                Upon reaching 21 years of age, the imago within struggles to awake, though it typically requires a greatly emotionally intense experience to help the imago emerge. Upon Transfiguration (as the process is called), the newly-minted imaginaut may warp reality for seemingly endless effects, but it MUST feature imagery associated with a single species of insect, which is unique to each imaginaut.

                                While imaginaut powers are vast, they shrivel quickly when put under scrutiny, for you see, imaginaut powers are illusions---nothing more, nothing less.

                                The imaginaut Exemplar is True Thomas the Rhymer (PL9/180pp male imaginaut mind controller-via-song-and-rhyme).

                                What are wyrmspawn?
                                Wyrmspawn are artificial superhumans created by the Brotherly Serpents to be proxies in the two feuding cosmic entities' never-ending war. Sun wyrmspawn are selected and empowered by the Celestial Light; moon wyrmspawn are chosen and uplifted by the Abysmal Darkness.

                                Sun wyrmspawn possess energy-related powers, plus some are low-tier paragons and some few are low-tier psychics. (Other possible powers have been seen in sun wyrmspawn, but these exceptions are vanishingly rare.)

                                The sun wyrmspawn Exemplar is Eaeon (PL12/220pp male sun wyrmspawn flying brick).

                                Moon wyrmspawn have the same powers---but in a 'vampiric' fashion. They must steal energy to use their powers. They are genetic thieves and have only the true power to rob others of their gifts.

                                The moon wyrmspawn Exemplar is Chained Hatred (PL12/220pp male moon wyrmspawn lifeforce-eating ape-feral).

                                What are mindwyrms?
                                Mindwyrms are imaginauts that were transformed into wyrmspawn, creating a hybrid of the two superhuman breeds.

                                Solar mindwyrms are imaginaut/sun wyrmspawn hybrids.

                                Solar mindwyrms have no Exemplar. Yet.

                                Lunar mindwyrms are imaginaut/moon wyrmspawn hybrids.

                                Lunar mindwyrms have no Exemplar. Yet. Placeholder.

                                Are there nephilim on Earth-O?
                                Yes, though only in very very very small numbers.

                                Nephilim, being half-thoughtform already, cannot become imaginauts; they could theoretically, however, be Altered or become Meditants, though this has yet to happen. As they're only partly human, nephilim have no Exemplar.

                                SUPERHUMANITY: Potential future superhumans.
                                What is listed above is what currently exists on Earth-O...but, more possibilities for superhuman expression do exist.

                                Altered imaginauts:
                                When the first Altered imaginauts begin to appear, they will be dangerous to the Nth degree. As capable with illusions as imaginauts but as physically strong as the Altered, these hybrids will be a nightmare to face in battle, as no one can ever be sure whether an attack is real...or just in your head! Placeholder.

                                Altered mindwyrms:
                                Altered mindwyrms will be ungodly powerful, their unique combination of superpowers melting into one amalgam: Altered mindwyrms will be able to generate, channel and control dark energy. Placeholder.

                                Altered nephilim:

                                Altered wyrmspawn:

                                Meditant imaginauts:
                                Ungodly powerful, but only on a very small scale, Meditant imaginauts will be able to control space/time on a subatomic level, basically allowing them to warp and control reality, itself. However, Meditant imaginauts have severe limitations, and will never be able to affect more than themselves and a city block radius.

                                Meditant mindwyrms:

                                Meditant nephilim:

                                Meditant wyrmspawn:
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                                The Realms of Idrifaulo.