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    World-ending threats [Earths-P through T]

    Earth-P world-ending threats: The Janissaries.
    In a universe where death has ceased to exist, cruelty can be refined to a nigh-celestial degree of sick 'quality'. The Janissaries are a catch-all term for Undying who have perfected torture into a perverse 'artform'---they, however, are not an actual organization, being more a category than a cabal or coven.


    Earth-Q world-ending threats: Over-man and the Ubermenschen.

    the Ubermenschen: Nazi supervillains, awoken after several decades.
    The Ubermenschen were their Earth's first genuine superhumans, and were created by the Nazi regime to help spearhead the takeover of planet Earth. Even now, decades later, the Ubermenschen remain Earth's greatest threat.

    The Ubermensch's real name is Hans Gelbert.

    Over-man: Former right-hand-man to Der Fuhrer, himself!
    Over-man is a flying telepathic capable of 'telekinetic self-projectile bombardment'---basically, he can destroy things by plowing through at full speeds.

    Over-man's real name is Hrolf Wittmann. Placeholder.


    Earth-R world-ending threats: The Rotting Laughing Hyena.

    the Undying of Anubis: Undead supercannibals.
    The Undying of Anubis are a global cannibal-cult who have drugs that, when taken, temporarily make you superhuman; the catch, however, is that the serum is derived solely from the psychic energy of intense human suffering. Placeholder.

    the Rotting Laughing Hyena: Interdimensional refugee.
    The Rotting Laughing Hyena is high priestess of the Undying of Anubis. Placeholder.


    Earth-S world-ending threats: Wullf the World-reaver.
    Wullf the World-reaver: Cyclops marauder.
    PL19/450pp. Wullf the World-reaver is the most powerful Skytower Magus psychic to live, easily dwarfing all other Skytower Magi in psionic might. Furthermore, as a loyal Parthian citizen-by-choice (originally being Germanic), Wullf World-reaver is everything Rome fears about its Parthian rivals. Placeholder..


    Earth-T world-ending threats: The Reapers of the Belltower of Lynne.
    The Reapers of the Belltower of Lynne, summoned by the 'archmagus' Fearsome Lynne, each embody one of the Seven Deadly Sins, as they are each thoughtforms of incredible power. When Lynne is not commanding them, the Reapers're banished to Lynne's (now-extraplanar) Belltower.

    Fearsome Lynne: Thoughtform-conjuring ur-psychic 'sorceress'.
    PL12/332pp. Real name is Anna-Lynne Bellwether. Fearsome Lynne is a rarity: she is both an Avatar (of the Seven Deadly Sins) AND an Inheritor (of the naturally-occurring Belltower of Lynne), making her ungodly powerful. Placeholder.

    Lord Black: Embodiment of wrath.
    Spiritname is Lucifer. His Aeon-Incarnation is a boar, and his Demiurge-Incarnation is a bull. Lord Black's default form, however, is of an ebon-skinned satyr. Lord Black, when Incarnated, is an extremely powerful brick, his innate telekinetic strength bolstered by his connection to the Belltower of Lynne.

    Though originally lacking one, Lord Black has since acquired a memetic core. Placeholder.

    Lord Brown: Embodiment of sloth.
    Spiritname is Mammon. His Aeon-Incarnation is a farm pig; his Demiurge-Incarnation is a toad. Lord Brown's default form, however, is of an insanely obese leper 'wearing' a pig's skull as a helm. While Incarnated, Lord Brown is a top-tier matter-eater. Formidable to begin with, this power of consumption was radically enhanced when Lord Brown became connected to the Belltower of Lynne!

    Though originally lacking one, Lord Brown has since acquired a memetic core. Placeholder.

    Lord Green: Embodiment of envy.
    Spiritname is Lilitu. His Aeon-Incarnation is a wasp, and his Demiurge-Incarnation is a gibbon. His default shape, however, is a severely anorexic, sexless horror with dozens and dozens of arms.

    Though originally lacking one, Lord Green has since acquired a memetic core. Placeholder.

    Lord Purple: Embodiment of gluttony.
    Spiritname is Beelzebub. Lord Purple has a mutt for an Aeon-Incarnation. His Demiurge-Incarnation is a bear.

    Though originally lacking one, Lord Purple has since acquired a memetic core. Placeholder.

    Lord Red: Embodiment of lust.
    Spiritname is Ahriman. His Aeon-Avatar is a rabbit. His Demiurge-Incarnation is a bonobo monkey.

    Though originally lacking one, Lord Red has since acquired a memetic core. Placeholder.

    Lord Silver: Embodiment of pride.
    Spiritname is Satan. Lord Silver's Aeon-Incarnation is that of an ibis meanwhile Lord Silver has the Demiurge-Incarnation of a wolf.

    Though originally lacking one, Lord Silver has since acquired a memetic core. Placeholder.

    Lord Yellow: Embodiment of greed.
    Spiritname is Dis Pater. His Aeon-Incarnation is a mockingbird. Lord Yellow's Demiurge-Incarnation is that of a hyena.

    Though originally lacking one, Lord Yellow has since acquired a memetic core. Placeholder.
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      World-ending threats [Earth-U through Z]

      Earth-U world-ending threats: The Inverse.

      the Inverse: Cthulhu ia! Fhthaghn!

      the Frenzied: Action without thought.
      The Frenzied is too fast to see, an orange-and-obsidian blur of frenetic destruction. Though its features simply cannot be discerned, one unusual feature is apparent: the Frenzied hops as it tears its way through whole hapless solar systems.

      The Frenzied in a Fourthborn cosmic entity.

      Originally posted by the Frenzied
      "Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! It's going to be such fun!"
      the Gluttonous: Appetite without restraint.
      The Gluttonous shines with yellow radioactive flesh-scourging brilliance, and is vaguely ursine in nature. The blood of billions has permanently stained its torso. Strangely, it has neither hands nor feet, but is obsessed with certain rare delicacies, hard to find in the depths of outer space.

      The Gluttonous is a Fourthborn cosmic entity.

      Originally posted by The Gluttonous
      "Oh, bother!"
      the Sorrowful: Sadness enough to wreck your soul.
      what does it matter? the Sorrowful asks: why even try at all? you'll never succeed, because nothing ever goes right. Beaming this nihilistic creed telepathically into the minds of whole civilizations, this vaguely-equine horror drowns entire planets into an unsolvable emotional quagmire.

      The Sorrowful is a Fourthborn cosmic entity.

      Originally posted by The Sorrowful
      "i suppose...if i must...ok..sure...
      the Timid Follower: A voice it has, but no will of its own.
      Distantly porcine in form and features, with long, feather-like quills a stark pink all over its body, the Timid Follower is the eternal boon companion of the Gluttonous. The Timid Follower is always fretting over this or that and is never sure of itself; in its anxiety, it has been known to accidentally annihilate entire continents.

      The Timid Follower is a Fourthborn cosmic entity.

      Originally posted by The Timid Follower
      "...are you sure this is a good idea?"

      Earth-V world-ending threats: The Arcananauts.


      Earth-W world-ending threats:


      Earth-X world-ending threats:


      Earth-Y world-ending threats:


      Earth-Z world-ending threats: The worldspores.
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        Multiverse-ending menaces.

        The following ur-entities, organizations and archvillains are capable of endangering the entire Forever Tree. Three examples are listed below:

        Multiverse-ending archvillain example: Supervillainy on an epic scale.

        Dr. Apocalypse: The evil powered-armor super-scientist.
        Crunch writeup:
        Dr. Apocalypse (PL15/290pp; male powered-armor juggernaut) is from Earth-U. He wears a Demigod-Carapace, the most powerful kind of Carapace powered-armor. He's a half-human/half-Tlolkku, however, so many pieces of Tlolkku Demimachinery actually function for Dr. Apocalypse.

        His real name is Donnar Engelsson, and he's from Norway on Earth-U. Placeholder.


        Multiverse-ending entity example: An evil higher-order intelligence.
        Only a rare few higher-order intelligences can be properly deemed 'evil', and they are nightmares on a cosmos-spanning scale. laceholder.

        Korrozion: The sentient embodiment of universal demise.
        A higher-order entity, Korrozion is originally from Earth-A's Sombrero Galaxy. Placeholder.


        Multiverse-ending organizations example: The reality-jumping supervillain team.

        the Fallen Ones: Led by the nefarious Lord Amygdala.
        The Fallen Ones, themselves, on their own, aren't a multiverse-ending threat. On their own, they're a fairly average supervillain team, with extremely few bells and whistles. One might even conceive of them as 'jobbers'.

        But, they recently stumbled across the find of a lifetime: an Apkallu Hellbarge, the Nemesis of the Gods, fully stocked, armed and armored but without a crew. Exactly what caused the hellbarge's crew to abandon ship is unclear, but as a Hellbarge like the Nemesis of the Gods is a spacefaring, dimension-hopping, time-traveling battleship of universe-wrecking power, the Fallen Ones don't really care why it was abandoned.

        But...they really should, and that incuriousness will eventually be the potential doom of the ENTIRE multiverse!

        There are 7 supervillains in the Fallen Ones.

        Bullroarer: 'Evil shaman'.
        Crunch writeup:
        PL10/150pp. Bullroarer's real name is Val Kardiff, and he's from Earth-B's Hegemony (the Bordering Polity, to be precise). A Malignant Tumor brick from Earth-B, Bullroarer is a sonic manipulator. Bullroarer's deformity is that he has a grossly extended left arm into which his body flows into in a distorted fashion, making him hideously lopsided. At the end of this massive arm is a tendon that can be extended to catch the wind and create a 'roaring' sound. Bullroarer's right arm is a withered, almost comedically small toothpick of a limb.

        He is the 'weapons officer' of the Nemesis of the Gods. Placeholder.

        Gargantuan Man: A man possessed by a cybernetically-generated thoughtform.
        PL10/150pp. Gargantuan Man has no real name---only a codename. A giant apeUplift from Earth-A, Gargantuan Man is a brick. He is the 'chief engineer' of the Nemesis of the Gods. Placeholder.

        Ironeagle: Ex-Nazi.
        PL11/145pp. A nephilim from Earth-Y, Ironeagle is a winged hunter. His real name is Karl Rupert. He's a timelost Nazi from Earth-Y's version of Germany. He is the 'first officer' of the Nemesis of the Gods. Placeholder.

        Lord Amygdala: Leader of the Fallen Ones.
        PL10/190pp. A 'brain in a jar' Starvampire from Perpendicular-5. Lord Amygdala is powerfully telepathic and is, obviously enough, the 'captain' of the Nemesis of the Gods. Placeholder.

        the Moonlioness: 'Lycanthrope'.
        PL9/151pp. The Moonlioness' real name is Jessie Kriegle, from Earth-N's US of A. A Tribeswoman of the Sun from Earth-N...a 'werewolf'. The Moonlioness is the 'communications officer' of the Nemesis of the Gods. Placeholder.
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          Spirits, thoughtforms and ghosts: an introduction.

          What is a thoughtform?
          A thoughtform is a free-floating sentience, self-sustaining without the need for corporeal being. Thoughtforms come in tens of thousands of variety and may have nearly any possible origin. Furthermore, they may be found on every parallel-Earth, every Perpendicular and most Resonances.

          What is a spiritname?
          In order to have any stability at all!, a thoughtform must have an unchanging name, that stays the same irregardless of that thoughtform's current self-identity: the spiritname. Spiritnames are gender-neutral, and they never change once self-assigned!

          Despite being straight from religion and mythology, however, a spiritname is just that: a name. A thoughtform may have the spiritname of Odin, but it is not the GENUINE Norse deity!

          What is a memetic core?
          Thoughtforms and souls possess memetic cores, or 'essential selves' that persist even after death. The only two thoughtforms to not have memetic cores are Antimatterbodies and Ferrymen; they cease to exist after death.

          What is an Aeon-Incarnation?
          An Aeon-Incarnation is an Alternate Form a thoughtform may assume when not being aggressive. As thoughtforms sometimes change radically, so do their Aeon-Incarnations change.

          Nephilim do not have an Aeon-Incarnation. Placeholder.

          What is a Demiurge-Incarnation?
          A Demiurge-Incarnation is a Battle Form a thoughtform may assume during moments of aggression. As thoughtforms change, so too do their Demiurge-Incarnations shift.

          Nephilim do not have a Demiurge-Incarnation. Placeholder.

          Why are thoughtforms so malleable?
          As thoughtforms have no flesh, self-identity is not as 'solid' or 'stable' as it is with physical beings. Sometimes, a thoughtform simply forgets what it really is, and begins to believe it is something else, entirely. Sometimes, if a thoughtform feeds on specific emotions or beliefs long enough, then it's meal might change a thoughtform on a fundamental level.


          What is a ghost?
          A highly specific kind of thoughtform, a ghost is supposedly the soul of a dead person. Are they? Well...sometimes. Sometimes, a ghost just thinks it's a dearly departed soul, but is really just a telepathically self-delusional 'generic' thoughtform.

          How do you tell the difference, you ask? really can't, due to the highly psychic natures of thoughtforms, in general. Sometimes, a ghost is honestly telling you things it knew in life, while other times it's just pulling answers from the very people asking the questions.

          Do only humans and superhumans have souls?
          No; all living beings as well as all sentient machines have souls and go to the Primordial Deeps at life's cessation.


          What is an angel or a god?
          Angels and gods are the objects of reverence, veneration and even worship---but genuine angels and gods may or may not actually exist, and may well be impossible to legitimately encounter.

          Instead...there are thoughtforms shaped by human belief, but they aren't genuinely what they say they are. And it's not a matter of deception on the part of thoughtforms, who may themselves genuinely believe their own stories.

          What is a demon or a devil?
          An evil thoughtform. The same origins as angels or gods, just inverted ethically to wanton malevolence.

          Some Apkallu aliens're referred to as demons or devils, but they aren't actually thoughtforms. Apkallu are physical.


          Can a thought ever permanently acquire a solid visage, or else become permanently physical?
          Yes, but, however, as thoughtforms are inherently protean, acquiring physical 'Is-ness' can be quite difficult for them to accomplish. It can be done, though, and has occurred on a handful of occasions.

          A nephilim is an oddity: the hybrid offspring of a thoughtform and a corporeal being, usually gigantic in size. Nephilim may be found on every parallel-Earth, every Perpendicular and most Resonances, though they are beyond rare.

          Nephilim don't possess either an Aeon-Incarnation OR a Demiurge-Incarnation, and, indeed, the two powers Alternate Form and Battle Form are never found in nephilim.

          Many nephilim are not even aware of their unnatural heritage and usually believe themselves to be superhumans of some sort or another.


          Do thoughtforms have 'types'?
          Not normally, no---they're simply too protean, changing slowly from one state of being to another.


          Just as thoughtforms may, through significant effort, become permanently material, so, too, can they 'fix' the narrative they operate on to a singular metaphorical solidity.

          Eku thoughtforms falsely believe themselves to be gods, angels, culture-heroes, mythological monsters and so on. Placeholder.

          Mar thoughtforms focus on death, dying, blood, corpses and so on. Placeholder.

          Sol thoughtforms embody light, the sun and fire, and are usually wild-but-beautiful destroyers. Placeholder.
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            The 27 imperiex.

            The Gathering of the Most High: The 27 imperiex.
            the Earth-A imperiex:
            Earthstone: The fighter-ace.
            Real Name: Erica McCollougher.
            Crunch writeup:
            PLX (see below). By default, Earthstone is a higher-order intelligence. Earthstone is a superheroine. A Sunwitch and an imperiex, Earthstone's powers have manifested externallly in a shapeshifting vehicle she refers to as 'my dragon'. Earthstone's 'dragon' can become whatever vehicle is needed, from the size of a motorcycle to about the size of a commercial jetliner. Able to form weapons and armor as needed, it is a mobile combat-platform of essentially infinite power.

            Away from her dragon (which is never), Earthstone is PL10/150pp. With her dragon (which is always) she is PLX/600pp.

            Earthstone currently has no Herald. Earthstone is served by tech-savvy, diminutive humanoid Mandragora known as Gremlins.

            Earthstone's VR-Resonance: The Endless Stormsky.
            The Endless Stormsky is an infinite aerial expanse filled with storms of epic proportions. Here, Earthstone may shed her inhibitions and fears and revel in elemental chaos. The Endless Stormsky is a manifestation of Earthstone's fundamental rejection of authority. Inhabiting the Endless Stormsky are stormlings, small elemental beings whose sole duty is to keep the sky churning in chaos and fury and lightning.

            Earthstone's Majestoi opposite:

            Earthstone is the fighter-ace!
            the Earth-B imperiex:
            the Dream Moth: Father of Mutants.

            Crunch writeup:
            Real Name: Joshua Mathery.
            PLX/996pp. By default, the Dream Moth is a higher-order intelligence. The Dream Moth is a superhero. Real name and ethnicity are both unknown. Male unique 'mutant'/imperiex. The Dream Moth's real name and identity is unknown, as he has gone to extraordinary lengths to protect his human kin, even going so far as to erase his whole identity cyberkinetically from every computer on Earth simultaneously.

            The Dream Moth is the Father of Mutants, which is ironic, as he, himself is only nominally a mutant. Finding four alien Devices, this somehow 'quantum-entangled' the Dream Moth's every molecule with every molecule in his entire universe, an event Dahkahtkuuv the imwid did not anticipate.

            Basically, the Dream Moth is technically still a mundane human, but he 'wears' his universe as the ultimate suit of skintight 'powered-armor'. He may do virtually anything as a result; his later attainment of an imperiex-essence merely magnified what the Dream Moth already had.

            The Dream Moth currently has no Herald. The Dream Moth is served by phantasmal, vaguely humanoid Mandragora known as Gauntlings.

            the Dream Moth's VR-Resonance: Evolution City.
            Evolution City is a vast urban cityscape, going on and on forever, that the Dream Moth and his lover retreat to only every so often. Filled with thoughtforms ('fascimiles') mimicking the roles/appearances/powers of every form of Earth-B mutant, Evolution City is the Dream Moth's ideal utopia: a world where 'mutants' are the norm and all bigotry is gone like a handful of ash on a windy day.

            the Dream Moth's Majestoi opposite:

            The Dream Moth is easily the most powerful of the imperiex, stronger even that the Solar Lion of the Sunsphinx.
            the Earth-C imperiex:
            the Bull of Heaven: Divine wrath, divine stability.
            Real Name: Galamgalul.
            Crunch writeup:
            PLX. By default, the Bull of Heaven is a higher-order intelligence. He is also a nephilim and an Earth-C god. The Bull of Heaven just Is, being neither good nor evil.

            The Herald of the Bull of Heaven is Innana (PL12/199pp female god emotion-controlling brick). The Bull of Heaven is served by skeletal, undead humanoid Mandragora known as Boatmen. Placeholder.

            the Bull of Heaven's VR-Resonance: The Higher Heavens.
            The Higher Heavens are littered with thoughtforms of raw storm-essence know as 'Stars Above the Firmament'. Placeholder.

            the Bull of Heaven's Majestoi opposite:

            The Bull of Heaven is a god of Earth-C, in addition to being an imperiex. Slain by the demigod Gilgamesh but later resurrected by Ereshkigal, at the behest of Inanna. He is the only imperiex to have been successfully far.
            the Earth-D imperiex:
            Wylde: Steampunk elf.
            PLX. By default, Wylde is a superbitchin' higher-order intelligence with twin Desert Eagles, katanas with katanas on them and is So Kewl!!!!!! He also has a strangely colored patch over his left eye for, um, reasons.

            And stuff. Placeholder.

            Wylde's VR-Resonance: KEWL! BLADED! ACKSHUN!

            the Earth-E imperiex:
            the Spiralhorns: Mightiest of the wildling gods.
            Crunch writeup:
            Real Name: Wulf.
            PLX. By default, the Spiralhorns is a higher-order intelligence. The Spiralhorns is a cosmic imp, and thus may be loosely categorized as a 'supervillain'.

            The Spiralhorns' Herald is a Masked Stranger (PL16/179pp male umbrakinetic brick mutant). The Spiralhorns is served by elf-like, humanoid Mandragora known as Imps.

            the Spiralhorns' VR-Resonance: The Faerie Court.
            Attending the Spiralhorns at the Faerie Court are mischievous thoughtforms called 'fluxwhisps'. Placeholder.

            The Spiralhorns is the eldest of Earth-E's wildlings, but is somehow still the most youthful and exhuberant in action/attitude.
            the Earth-F imperiex:
            the Overlord: The world's only non-cyborg psychic.
            PLX. By default, the Overlord is a higher-order intelligence.

            The Overlord is served by bestial humanoid Mandragora known as 'orcs'. Placeholder.

            the Overlord's VR-Resonance: Intellect, Unchained.

            the Earth-G imperiex:
            Here be the answers Ye seek, O traveler!

            the Earth-H imperiex:
            the Dancer at the Gate: The first arhat, and the oldest living Buddhist.
            Crunch writeup:
            PLX/330pp. By default, the Dancer at the Gate is a higher-order intelligence. The Dancer at the Gate is a retired superhero. Skeletal, mummified and hideously emaciated, the Dancer at the Gate is the arhat and has lived for millennia. One of the first converts to the Buddha's teachings, the Dancer at the Gate was also the first arhat. This fact gained him his imperiex-essence, and his psychic mastery over fire has grown to star-igniting levels.

            The Dancer at the Gate is served by multi-armed humanoid Mandragora known as Daevas.

            the Dancer at the Gate's VR-Resonance: The Shores of Nirvana.
            Thoughtforms of perpetually-meditating monks ('the Ten Billion Buddhas') attend the Shores of Nirvana at all times.

            Enlightenment can be scary, ESPECIALLY with an infinitely powerful pyrokinetic...
            the Earth-I imperiex:
            the Ir/Maker: The cosmic craftsman who made both Infinite Brands and the Infinite Staves.
            PLX. By default, the Ir/Maker is a higher-order intelligence.

            The Ir/Maker is served by Mandragora known as Techsavants. Placeholder.

            the Ir/Maker's VR-Resonance: The Ir/Maker's Celestial and Divine Workshop.

            Hephaestus, if the Greek god were a malevolent sociopath: that's the Ir/Maker in a nutshell. Not all imperiex are nice people, after all...!
            the Earth-J imperiex:
            PLX. Placeholder.

            the Earth-K imperiex:
            the Ogrefather: Tyrannical brick on a cosmic scale.
            Crunch writeup:
            PLX. By default, the Ogrefather is a higher-order intelligence. The Ogrefather is, as you might imagine, a supervillain.

            The Ogrefather is served by Mandragora known as Hobgoblins. Placeholder.

            the Ogrefather's VR-Resonance: The Void.

            The Ogrefather is evil. Pure, simple, uncomplicated evil.
            the Earth-L imperiex:
            the Horror That Walks on Teeth: Sanity-shattering 'Mythos-god' Ogrestructure.
            PLX. By default, the Horror That Walks on Teeth is a higher-order intelligence.

            The Horror That Walks on Teeth is followed in a mindless procession by Mandragora known as Div. Placeholder.

            the VR-Resonance of the Horror That Walks on Teeth: Mngruunxixix.

            the Horroe That Walks on Teeth's Majestoi opposite:


            "Cthulhu hates me, this I know
            "For the Necronomicon tells me so
            "All our world he will reclaim
            "When R'lyeh rises up again

            "Yes, Cthulhu hates me
            "Yes, Cthulhu hates me
            "Yes, Cthulhu hates me
            "For the Necronomicon tells me so."
            the Earth-M imperiex:
            Adam Kadmon, the Primeval Ancestor: The first Dreamer...
            PLX/992pp. The eldest Dreamer to have survived since the Earthshattering 60 million years ago, Adam Kadmon, the Primeval Ancestor is also the oneirofloral, a tree in humanoid form a mile-and-quarter tall. Adam Kadmon is a brick of infinite strength, but his real power is the ability to disassemble his body, convert to pure spirit, and turn any city into a natural wonderland---only to then reassemble his body and move on!

            Adam Kadmon's Dream is, "All life is embodied in my Being!"

            Adam Kadmon just Is, as he is neither a superhero OR a supervillain. He is served by Mandragora known as Lupines. Placeholder.

            Adam Kadmon's VR-Resonance: the Faerie Kingdoms.

            Adam Kadmon's Majestoi opposite:

            the Earth-N imperiex:
            Lelitth: The iconic 'brain in a jar'.
            PLX/299pp. By default, Lelitth is a higher-order intelligence. Lelitth is a supervillain. Neither an aesir or a spiritwolf, Lelitth is something never before seen on Earth-N: a telepath. However, to unlock such abilities she paid a most gruesome price: the surgical emplacement of her disembodied brain into a primitive wheeled robot. Without a body to hinder her, Lelitth finally unleashed the full might of her psi-charged consciousness. Lelitth's later empowerment by an imperiex-essence merely vastly magnified what she'd already unlocked.

            Lelitth is served by highly psychic Mandragora known as 'Hexengeister'.

            Lelitth's VR-Resonance: Intellect, Unleashed.

            the Earth-O imperiex:
            the King of Wyrms:
            PLX/990pp. By default, the King of Wyrms is a higher-order intelligence. A zawuut warlord, the King of Wyrms attempted to conquer Earth. During the invasion, however, the Celestial Light shown upon him, and His Draconic Majesty realized the errors of his old life. He is now a superhero.

            He is served by Mandragora known as Hatchlings. Placeholder.

            the King of Wyrms' VR-Resonance: The Gates of the Celestial Light's Gardens.

            the Earth-P imperiex:
            Pondgood Toadgod:
            PLX/700pp. By default, Pondgood Toadgod is a higher-order intelligence.

            Pondgood Toadgod is served by chthonic Mandragora horrors called Flayed Ones Who Dance.

            Pondgood Toadgod's VR-Resonance: the Good and Beautiful Pond.

            the Earth-Q imperiex:
            the Man Encased in Jade: The most patriotic of heroes.
            PLX/616pp. By default, the Man Encased in Jade is a higher-order intelligence. He is a superhero. The Man Encased in Jade is a WWII Allied superhero; but, when Earth-Q's previous imperiex died saving Earth from a massive wandering black hole, it was this emerald-skinned powered-armor hero whom the Solar Lion chose as the replacement. Now sealed inside his armor for all eternity, the Man Ecased in Jade is a figure ever-vigilant for the return of fascism...!

            the Man Encased in Jade's VR-Resonance.

            Imagine the Man Encased in Jade as if he were Captain America permanently imbued with the Uni-Force, and you've got a pretty good mental image of this guy.
            the Earth-R imperiex:
            Shiva-and-Kali: The twin destroyers, making way for the next thing.
            PLX/1000pp. By default, Shiva-and-Kali are a higher-order intelligence. One entity in two bodies, Shiva-and-Kali are ancient aliens, long ago stranded on Earth, that became as one via the grafting of an imperiex-essence. Now one being, Shiva-and-Kali obliterate the old, to make way for the new.

            Shiva is a vast demonic giant, his face contorted into a hateful scowl. He dances on the severed heads of his enemies. His breath is as fire. But this fearsome imagery is a false front, a symbolic representation of how fearsome destruction can be. He is served by literally bull-headed Mandragora named Removers of Obstacles.

            Kali is a many-armed obsidian-skinned beauty, her face full of murderous glee and wearing a necklace of skulls. She is the mother-who-devours; the drinker of blood; the final silence waiting past the moment of death. But this, too, is a metamophorical allusion to the fact that destruction can be sudden and come from the unlikeliest of sources. Kali is served by serpent-headed Mandragora known as Openers of the Way.

            Shiva-and-Kali's VR-Resonance: the Maze within the Heart of the Worlds:

            the Earth-S imperiex:
            the Spidergoddess: Beautiful, avenging destroyer.
            Stats Writeup:
            PLX/1200pp. By default, the Spidergoddess is a higher-order intelligence. Standing 6 miles high with purple skin, raven hair and 'armor' crafted from solidified sunlight, the Spidergoddess' most signature feature are her six arms. Lean and willowy, she is FAR lighter on her feet than she should be, and is far more frail than her epic height would indicate.

            Nevertheless, the Spidergoddess is an imperiex, and as such is without equal in Earth-S. Swifter than Mercury, more agile than Luna and more clever than Minerva, the Spidergoddess may control entire ecosystems by 'burying' herself in them: effectively becoming part of the land. With this godlike power, the Spidergoddess may cause earthquakes, slide entire cities into the sea and erupt volcanoes.

            The Spidergoddess is served by massive Mandragora known as Minotaurs.

            the Spidergoddess' VR-Resonance: the Great Plains of Ulf.

            Though quite fragile, the Spidergoddess can easily destroy all life on Earth without much effort.
            the Earth-T imperiex:
            Lux: Avatar of light; Inheritor of the sun.
            PLX/708pp. Both an Avatar (of light) AND an Inheritor (of the sun), AND a nephilim, Lux is the greatest light-manipulator to've ever lived. She can glow so brightly as to cleanse whole galaxies of life; she can create planetary-scale illusions; and more!

            Lux is served by literally searingly-hot male dancer-Mandragora of great beauty named Satyrs.

            Lux's VR-Resonance: the Apocalyptical Illuminous.

            the Earth-U imperiex:
            Enginseer Ka: Ancient Egyptian technological wunderkind.

            Enginseer Ka is served by tiny, ittybitty robot Mandragora known as Coglings.

            Enginseer Ka's VR-Resonance: the Moebius Circuitry.

            the Earth-V imperiex:
            Jax the Sleeping King: He who wrecked the universe.
            PLX/290pp. By default Jax the Sleeping King is a higher-order intelligence. Placeholder.

            Jax the Sleeping King's VR-Resonance:

            Were it possible to recall imperiex-essence, Jax would have been stripped of it long long ago. Jax is the one whose tyranny heralded the Catastrophe that wrecked galactic civilization and led to Earth-V's current sorry situation.
            the Earth-W imperiex:
            the Vast Glutton That Eats the Sky: Endless, destructive, apocalyptic appetite for food.
            PLX. By default, the Vast Glutton That Eats the Sky is a higher-order intelligence. Placeholder.

            the VR-Resonance of the Vast Glutton That Eats the Sky:

            the Earth-X imperiex:
            PLX. Placeholder.

            the Earth-Y imperiex:
            Jotun Mountainsunderer: Blessed...? Or cursed...?
            PLX/666pp. By default, Jotun Mountainsunderer is a higher-order intelligence. Jotun Mountainsunderer is the greatest of the Jotuns of Earth-Y, implanted by AEsir with a VAnir-level hearth thorn and an imperiex-essence from the Solar Lion! Placeholder.

            Jotun Mountainsunderer's VR-Resonance:

            the Earth-Z imperiex:
            Infinity'Spore: The one and only 'Spore of the void.
            PLX/666pp. An infinitely dense pinprick of fungus and gravitic force, Infinity'Spore is the most alien of the imperiex.

            Infinity'Spore's Mandragora were all consumed long ago by earthhaunts.

            Infinity'Spore's VR-Resonance: n/a.
            Infinity'Spore's VR-Resonance was long ago destroyed by six earthhaunts working as one! Infinity'Spore has never built another VR-Resonance... Placeholder.

            Perpendicular-6's imperiex:
            the Solar Lion: The eldest of the imperiex.
            in addition to being an imperiex, the Solar Lion also owns a lesser godforge. As a result, the Solar Lion's powers are quite extreme in scale and scope. They are also firewyld, meaning they are the very substance of existence, itself.

            The Sungods, the Sunsphinx and the Timewardens are all powerful servants of the Solar Lion, and're spread thinly throughout the Forever Tree.

            the Solar Lion's VR-Resonance:
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            The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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              The Sungods and the Timewardens: servants of the Sunsphinx.

              The Servants of the Sunsphinx:
              Two organizations' worth of lesser beings serve the Sunsphinx in keeping the Forever Tree's dimensional integrity strong, firm and resolute: the superhero ur-team the Sungods (26 superheroes from each parallel-Earth and six superbeings from each of the six Perpendiculars); and the Timewardens (13 half-human/half-Sunsphinx superbeings [neither good nor evil]). Both sects work independently of the other, yet share the same two HQs and bosses.

              the Sungods: The greatest superhero team in existence.
              The Godspalace Temple, Sphinxcity, Aeion, Perpendicular-6,
              the Temple-at-the-Heart, spacefaring dimension-hopping time-traveling ur-ship.
              >Mission Statement:
              "Protect the entire Forever Tree from the greatest of enemies."
              >Membership Roster:
              334 (32 superhumans; 1 Sunsphinx Overwatch officer; and the rest are AI-equipped robots acting as support-personel).
              >Team Leader:
              The Aegis (from Earth-N [female Lady of Iron Sun spiritwolf).
              >Team Members:
              The Aegis (PL12/151pp; from Earth-N [team leader/female Lady of Iron Sun spiritwolf]); the Amazing Equine Hominid! (PL11/150pp; from Earth-W [team brick/male horsehead giant]); Armada (PL5/150pp; from Earth-P [team 'bullet-absorber'/male Everlasting-class archon]); the Artful Dodger (PL8/144pp; from Perpendicular-3 [team mascot/male Lightning-imbued miklio superspeedster]), Beastly (PL6/100pp; from Earth-Y [team telepath and emotion-manipulator/yeodome-piloted robot]); Cpt. Triumph (PL8/120pp; from Earth-O [team inventor/male Roaring '20s pulp adventurer!]); the Creeping Tide (PL12/100pp; from Earth-C [swarm-entity/genderless ant-avatar]); Deicide (PL7/120pp; from Earth-I [team martial artist/male bad-ass normal trained to fight superhumans]); the Dreamingspore (from Earth-Z (PL15/290pp; uber-brick/hermaphrodite 'Spore of the sea]); Endless Infinite Forever Animal-King (PL10/150pp; from Earth-J [team reconnaissance expert/male animal-feral illusionist]); Endless Unyielding Appetite (PL11/150pp; from Perpendicular-4 [team tank/'male' matter-eater beast]); Fool (PL12/199pp; from Perpendicular-6 [team utility-guy/male clown-themed Sunsphinx reality-manipulator]); Hallah, the Brazen Valkyrie (PL13/200pp; from Perpendicular-1 [team blaster/female human Stormblooded]); the Hightower Watchman (PL16/299pp; from Earth-H [team powerhouse/Supermanalogue]); the Hobgoblin (PL6/90pp; from Earth-M [team blaster/male Moonbound archer-guy]); Horus the Ibis-Headed (PL9/151pp; from Earth-K [team blaster/Half-Giant light-manipulator]); the Immortuus (PL6/130pp; from Earth-L [team 'bullet-absorber'/male unkillable benevolent generic undead being]); Maiden America (PL8/120pp; from Earth-R [team coordinator/female patriotic hero]); Oblivion Denied (PL10/150pp; from Earth-V [team reconnaissance/male Tempestineer]); Omniguardian (PL10/150pp; from Earth-U [team all-around all-purpose utility-guy/male Green Lantern pastiche]); Overwatch Officer Antarakili (PL12/200pp female Sunsphinx telekinetic/chronakinetic); Primeval Man (PL10/150pp; from Earth-X [team brick/male Shedim-a); Pyre (from Earth-E [pyrokinetic shapeshifter/female cyborg {"idol"}]); Sailor o' the Ebon Sky (PL9/150pp; from Earth-Q [team transporter/female bad-ass normal with a shapeshifting personal vehicle]); 'Shroom (PL15/290pp; from Earth-T [team weirdo/gigantic fungal alien precognitive unstuck somewhat in time]); Simon Luther (PL3/66pp; from Earth-G [team reconnaissance expert/male ESP-specialist Starborn]); TANK (PL16/200pp; from Earth-F [team's heavy-hitter/nominally male kinetic railgun-using Machine-God cyborg brick]); Therion (PL13/212pp; from Perpendicular-5 [team heavy-hitter/female deep one hybrid]); Tiny Tailor Taylor (PL0/8pp; from Earth-B [team PR guy/male Leaf mutant]); Undying Brute (PL10/155pp; from Earth-S [team healer/female skytreader]); Warriorborn (PL15/233pp; from Earth-A [brick/male Sunwitch]); X-Treem the Executioner (PLawesome/totallybitchinpp; from Earth-D [joke character/male {of course!} Liefeldian rip-off]); Zooa'aarru (PL9/150pp; from Perpendicular-2 [team scrapper/female jellyfish-god]).

              All Sungods have the following powers, for free---bestowed upon them by the Solar Lion for the duration of their team membership. No points need be spent. Both powers have the 'Firewyld' descriptor and the 'Demimachine' descriptors.
              "Slide Me!": Super-Movement 1 (dimensional movement 1 [Perpendicular-6, only]; Extras: Portal; Flaws: Medium [must say aloud in a strong, clear voice, "Slide me!"]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [if their connection to the Temple-at-the-Heart is ever severed]). (0pp!)
              Sungod: Super-Movement 3 (dimensional movement 2 [any parallel-Earth in the entire Forever Tree]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [if their connection to the Temple-at-the-Heart is ever severed]). (0pp!)

              the Timewardens: Guardians of the flow of past, to present, to future.
              the Godspalace Temple, Sphinxcity, Aeion, Perpendicular-6,
              the Temple-at-the-Heart, a spacefaring, dimension-hopping, time-traveling ur-ship.
              >Mission Statement:
              "To protect the timestream, no matter what."
              >Membership Roster:
              100 (13 half-human/half-Sunsphinx superbeings; 1 Sunsphinx Overwatch officer; and the rest are AI-equipped robots serving as support-personnel).
              >Team Leader:
              Timewarden-Primal (PL9/150pp; male telepathic powerhouse).
              >Team Members:
              Overwatch Officer Linkiri (PL12/200pp female Sunsphinx paragon); Timewarden-Architect (PL14/290pp; male psionic matter-manipulator who also has a literal 'wishing machine' as a Device); Timewarden-Bheast (PL12/200pp; genderfluid animal-shifter/'ur-werebeast'); Timewarden-Healer (PL1/55pp; female genetics super-scientist [no significant superpowers of note]); Timewarden-Intellect Prime (PL5/99pp; male mildly telepathic uber-genius); Timewarden-King (PL10/150pp; male brick); Timewarden-Priestess (PL10/150pp; female reality-manipulator [albeit via intense meditation]); Timewarden-Primal (PL9/150pp; male telepathic powerhouse); Timewarden-Primordial (PL11/150pp; female size-changer [she can both shrink and grow]); Timewarden-Queen (PL9/149pp; female telekinetic); Timewarden-Sentinal (male reactive shapeshifter); Timewarden-Soldier (PL10/190pp; male gun-nut with tactile pyrokinesis and an immunity to fire), Timewarden-Sphinx (PL7/141pp; female sphinx-feral brick): Timewarden-Warshapesmith (PL17/330pp; female ur-cyborg with infinite varieties of cataclysmically powerful weapons built into her cyberarms); Timewarden-Yeodome (PL2/90pp; male yeodome-technician).

              All Timewardens have the following powers, for free, granted to them by the Solar Lion for the duration of their time as Timewardens. No points need be spent for what follows. Both these powers have the 'Firewyld' descriptor and the 'Demimachine' descriptor.
              "Come in, NEXUS...": Datalink 9 (Extras: Dimensional 26 [every parallel-Earth in the Forever Tree]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [if their connection to the Temple-at-the-Heart is ever severed]). (0pp!)
              Timewarden: Super-Movement 3 (temporal movement 3 [any point in time]; Drawbacks: Power Loss [if their connection to the Temple-at-the-Heart is ever severed]). (0pp!)


              The Godspalace Temple: Ur-HQ.
              the Godspalace Temple: Equipment 66 (HQ 66). (66pp.)

              The Temple-at-the-Heart: Ur-spaceship.
              the Temple-at-the-Heart: Equipment 67 (mobile HQ 67). (67pp.)
              The Temple-at-the-Heart is the physically largest spacefaring vessel in the entire Forever Tree: it is a Demimachine ship of galaxy-subduing power. Crewed by nearly a hundred thousand AI-equipped robots, the Temple-at-the-Heart is also the mobile HQ of BOTH the Sungods and the Timewardens.
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              The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                The Sunsphinx.

                The Sunsphinx: lords and ladies of Aeion, in Perpendicular-6.
                Who, or what, are the Sunsphinx?
                The Sunsphinx are the descendents of the Solar Lion and the Mother-of-Tribes---both of whom are Firstborn higher-order intelligences. Sunsphinx rule Perpendicular-6---Aeion!---and strive to keep the Forever Tree healthy and hale and vital.

                Like all biological lifeforms, Sunsphinx have souls and go to the Primordial Deep upon death.

                Are Sunsphinx aliens?
                No. Despite their parentage, Sunsphinx are 'merely' the evolutionary apex of superhumanity, as a whole. Sunsphinx can thus freely intermix with humans and superhumans!!

                How many Sunsphinx are there?
                About a half-million. As all Sunsphinx are at least PL10/150pp---and as many are significantly more powerful still---this means that, as both a species AND as a civilization, the Sunsphinx are kings of the hill, without a doubt.

                Are Sunsphinx really Space Gods?
                To a certain extent, yes, they are. They are all highly telepathic and can easily discern prayers directed at them. Furthermore, Sunsphinx have the best Demimachinery in the ENTIRE multiverse.


                ...they aren't omnipotent, didn't create the multiverse, don't condemn evil and praise righteousness, never answer prayers and have no desire whatsoever for worship. The truth is, Sunsphinx are merely the first superbeings, and, as such, are HIGHLY advanced. In fact, Sunsphinx view superhumanity (as a whole!) to be 'little brothers and sisters', capable of infinite possibilities, if allowed to figure things out on their own...

                Who is the Solar Lion? Who are the Firstborn?
                The Solar Lion is a male higher-order intelligence, and is a direct child of the Worldfather and the Forever Tree, itself. He is also both an imperiex and owns a lesser godforge. The Solar Lion rules Perpendicular-6 as a Living God King, and brooks no challenges to his divine authority.

                The Firstborn, as a whole, were the original offspring of the Worldfather, of which the Solar Lion is a part of. Initially depending on the Worldfather's Aeon-Incarnation and Demiurge-Incarnation to sustain themselves, after he died, the Firstborn lost their immortality and began to die.

                In the end, the Solar Lion discovered a cosmic entity could become immortal once more by psychically bonding themselves to both the Forever Tree and the Forever Tree's Weavery, though this knowledge came far far far too late to save his fellow Firstborn. The 2nd and 3rd generations were taught the technique, however, and it is they who rule the multiverse as incarnate gods.

                How do the Sunsphinx relate to imperiex, higher-order intelligences and cosmic entities?
                Sunsphinx worship the imperiex as a 'pantheon' of united-if-argumentative gods, with the Solar Lion as the chief, primary god. The Sunsphinx have 27 distinct priest hoods---one for each imperiex---and regular prayers and public ceremonies are performed. An imperiex may call upon direct Sunsphinx aid and receive it in a matter of a half hour.

                Higher-order intelligences are viewed as gods, but are not worshipped; rather, they are cautiously watched for any signs of trouble.

                Cosmic entities are not even acknowledged as gods, despite their obvious overwhelming powers.

                How do the Sunsphinx react to/interact with other self-appointed multiversal guardians, such as the Red Sons and the Star Corps?
                In a word: poorly. Despite their immortality and supreme gifts of superpowers and superscience, Sunsphinx are notoriously bad at playing with others. Placeholder.

                What are Worldlodges?
                Sunsphinx have a sacred-if-self-imposed duty to keep the multiverse running smoothly, with as few difficulties as is possible. To do this, they have established a single hidden outpost, or Worldlodge, on each parallel-Earth and in each Perpendicular (which is not needed, for obvious reasons, on Perpwndicular-6). These Worldlodges blend in as best they can and try to insert themselves into low-level regional politics.

                Though only Sunsphinx may join a Worldlodge, both the Sungods AND the Timewardens are free to use Worldlodges as entrances and exits to and from each dimension or universe.

                What is a Godsfocus?
                Godsfoci are Demimachine-locations, akin to the witchlands of Earth-G, that temporarily enhance in some manner any and all full-blooded Sunsphinx to be therein. It is theoretically possible to be under the effects of multiple Godsfoci at any given time, though this is somewhat tricky.

                For the purposes of a Godsfocus, the Solar Lion is considered a full-blooded Sunsphinx. The other imperiex, however, do not count as Sunsphinx at all.

                Do other realities even know the Sunsphinx exist at all?
                For the most part, no. That's the way the Sunsphinx prefers it, and they go to great lengths to keep it that way.

                Still...they cannot go entirely without outside contact, and so they trade openly with various spacefaring species. Granted, the Sunsphinx don't need much, but they do have some needs they cannot meet on their own, so...they trade.

                How do Sunsphinx feel about Earth-Z's transhumanity?
                Cautious friendship. Earth-Z's human species ('transhumanity') is on the verge of becoming just like the Sunsphinx. Though this fills Sunsphinx with elation, it also fills them with dread. After all, nothing says transhumanity will be AT ALL interested in the stability of the multiverse...

                How do Sunsphinx feel about Tlolkku? About Starvampires? About Apkallu?
                Sunsphinx loathe Tlolkku with a fiery passion. They have Starvampires, however, even more.

                Apkallu, however, are regarded as active and malicious enemies; Apkallu and Sunsphinx've been killing each other for thousands of years, and it shows no signs of slowing down... Placeholder.

                What relationship do the Sunsphinx have with the Star Corps? With the Red Sons? With the Black Coven?
                The Star Corps is a hated/scorned/reviled competitor for the upkeep of the Forever Tree.

                The Red Sons, however, are hated and're viewed as dangerous amateurs forever meddling with forces far than they can POSSIBLY hope to control...

                The Black Coven is an annoyance. Placeholder.
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                The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                  Aeion [Perpendicular-6]

                  Aeion (Perpendicular-6): Home-universe of the Space Gods.
                  Aeion (statistics):
                  >Full Name:
                  the Sovereign and Divine Planetary Kingdom of Aeion.

                  >Population: Citizenry of paradise.
                  500,000+ Sunsphinx and nearly 2.4 million half-human/half-Sunsphinx ("the Roaringhouse"); 3 million humans (from across the multiverse ["the Lesserhouse"]); 30,000+ superhumans (from across the multiverse ["the Greaterhouse"]); 1.1 million aliens (from across the multiverse ["the Oddhouse"]); 1.9 billion AI-equipped robots ("the Factoryhouse"); 30,000-some thoughtform-citizens and 2,000+ nephilim ("the Totemhouse"), 900,000-some undead (of all sorts ["the Charnelhouse"]); 80,000-some Apkallu (of all sorts ["the Fellhouse"]).

                  >Capitol: The beating celestial heart of multiversal authority.
                  Sphinxcity, the largest city on Aeion.

                  Sphinxcity, itself, is a gargantuan Godsfocus. When in Sphinxcity, all full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion) temporarily gain the following power:
                  FireWyld: Variable Power 2 (any number of traits at once of the 'Nano-Assemblers' descriptor; Flaws: Distracting). (14pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Sphinxcity Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  >Other Cities: The Three Lessercities of Aeion.
                  In addition to Sphinxcity, Aeion has three other, so-called 'lesser' cities; the rest of Aeion is a pristine, cosmic eco-wonderland. The Three Lessercities are: Centaurcity, Chimeracity and Phoenixcity.

                  Centaurcity is a massive Godsfocus. While in Centaurcity, all full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion) temporarily gain the following power:
                  Heirs to Demeter: Plant Control 7. (14pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Centaurcity Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  Chimeracity is a humungous Godsfocus. While in Chimeracity, all full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion) temporarily gain the following superpower:
                  Heirs to Hephaestus: Datalink 4. (4pp.) Enhanced Feats: Machine Empathy, Inventor. (2pp.) Machine Animation 4. (8pp.) --- (14pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Chimeracity Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  Phoenixcity is a gigantic Godsfocus. While in Phoenixcity, all full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion) temporarily gain the following superpower:
                  Heirs to Dionysus: Color Control 5 (Extras: No Saving Throw; Drawbacks: Vulnerability [-1pp; altered colors slowly 'erode themselves' back to normal if taken outside Phoenixcity]). (14pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Phoenixcity Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  >Primary Language(s): Words of the gods.
                  mTesluthu (a cosmic tongue only speakable by telepaths and cosmic entities [and Sunsphinx, of course!]); other languages include English, French, German, lZaoru (the Apkallu primary language), mOuri (the Tlolkku primary language), Japanese, several dialects of Chinese and wulFuorth (a tongue popular in Earth-B's Andromeda Galaxy).

                  >Government: The uppermost echelons (part 1 of 3).
                  Theocratic dictatorship.

                  >Ruler: The uppermost echelons (part 2 of 3).
                  His Divine and Omnipotent Majesty the Solar Lion (PLX/2344pp; male Sunsphinx/imperiex and godsmith ur-lion-feral manipulator of the Five Fundamental Forces/possessor), King of Aeion; his primary wife Her Highness Princess-Consort Ennoia (PL16/211pp; female Sunsphinx telepath, cryokinetic and reality-manipulator via a psi-generated 'magestaff'); and his vizier, His Holiness Prefect Primal Key-to-Tomorrow (PL12/210pp; male Sunsphinx gadgeteer).

                  Sphinxcity itself is directly ruled by His Grace Urban Director Kalu (PL12/266pp; male paragon/power-ring wearer).

                  >Other Individuals of Great Authority: The uppermost echelons (part 3 of 3).
                  Speaker for the Charnelhouse His Grace Viscount Solardancer (PL10/150pp; male Sunsphinx 'necromantic' psychic/bloodtechnology expert), a cousin of the Solar Lion, who speaks on behalf of Aeion's undead population; Speaker for the Factoryhouse His Excellency Prince Ilkaharra (PL10/199pp; male Sunsphinx cyberkinetic), chief son of the Solar Lion, who speaks on behalf of Aeion's artificially intelligent population; Speaker for the Greaterhouse Her Excellency Princess Eionia (PL12/199pp; female Sunsphinx genuinely-unkillable immortal), a lesser wife of the Solar Lion, who speaks on behalf of Aeion's superhuman population; Speaker for the Lesserhouse Her Excellency Princess Thara (PL12/200pp; female Sunsphinx size-changer/inverse brick), a lesser wife of the Solar Lion, who speaks on behalf of Aeion's human population; Speaker for the Oddhouse His Most Enlightened Sensei Tlaloc Qu (PL16/311pp male Sunsphinx ur-shapeshifter), who speaks for Aeion's xenogen population; Speaker for the Roaringhouse His Excellency Prince Sandalphon (PL12/177pp; male Sunsphinx brick), a son of the Solar Lion, who speaks on behalf of Aeion's Sunsphinx citizenry; Speaker for the Totemhouse Her Grace Cosmic-duchess Amaru (PL14/299pp; female Sunsphinx top-tier paragon), a great-granddaughter of the Solar Lion, who speaks on behalf of Aeion's thoughtforms and nephilim; and Speaker for the Fellhouse His Excellency Prince Metatron (PL15/300pp; male Sunsphinx cosmic energy-manipulating telepath), a cousin-in-law of the Solar Lion, who speaks on behalf of Aeion's nefarious Apkallu...!

                  >Primary Religion(s): Gods worshipped by gods.
                  Ancestor-worship---to be precise, state-sponsored, organized worship of He-who-is-now-Dead. This faith has no name, but is headed by a high priest known as a 'Prefect Primal'.

                  In addition, the 27 imperiex are worshipped as a fractious-but-ultimately-united ur-pantheon. However, these 27 allied religions are clearly secondary to the worship of He-who-is-now-Dead.

                  >Landmarks of Interest: The five Godspalaces of Sphinxcity.
                  the Godspalace Gardens: The Godspalace Gardens are in Sphinxcity. They are a Godsfocus. A botanical wonderland, it is ironically also the barracks for the Wargods. No non-Sunsphinx is allowed in the Godspalace Gardens except by the Solar Lion's explicit permission. However, a large contingent of Earth-B's Leafs work in the Godspalace Gardens each day, keeping the place beautiful, before going home in the Wuhugth District each night. The Godspalace Gardens are connected to the Godspalace Ziggeraut.

                  The base commander of the Godspalace Gardens is His Grace Archduke Leonine (PL12/222pp; male Sunsphinx lion-feral uber-swordsman).

                  All full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion), while in the Godspalace Gardens, temporarily gains the following power for free:
                  Voice o' the Green: Communicate 4 (mental; plants). (5pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Godspalace Gardens Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  the Godspalace Hall: The Godspalace Hall is in Sphinxcity. It is a Godsfocus. The sole school of Aeion, the Godspalace Hall is where all of Aeion's young citizenry (Sunsphinx as well as non-Sunsphinx) go to learn. Though it is carefully age-segregated, the Godspalace Hall is, in one massive uber-structure, a school of K-12 and college all rolled into one. A detachment of Wargods is permanently stationed at the Godspalace Hall and act as security.

                  The dean of the Godspalace Hall is Her Learned Honor Administrator Yveve (PL10/150pp; female Sunsphinx telekinetic illusion-generator).

                  All full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion), while in the Godspalace Hall, temporarily gains the following power for free:
                  Air of Educational Genius: Enhanced Attributes: Intelligence +5. (5pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Godspalace Hall Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  the Godspalace Temple: The Godspalace Temple is in Sphinxcity. It is a Godsfocus. HQ of two different groups: the half-Sunsphinx/half-human Timewardens, and the entirely non-Sunsphinx Sungods. Wargods detachments are not needed at the Godspalace Temple. The Godspalace Temple is connected to the Godspalace Worldlodge.

                  The Overwatch Officer of the Sungods and the Overwatch Officer of the Timewardens (see elsewhere) jointly run operations at the Godspalace Temple.

                  All full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion), while in the Godspalace Temple, temporarily gains the following power for free:
                  Total Access: Datalink 10 (Flaws: Must Leave Physical Body Behind). (5pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Godspalace Temple Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  the Godspalace Worldlodge: The Godspalace Worldlodge is in Sphinxcity. It is a Godsfocus. HQ for the various Worldlodges kept by the Sunsphinx through the multiverse. Each Worldlodge has a wormhole leading to Aeion's Godspalace Worldlodge, kept strong by Demimachines exerting godlike gravimetric force. A Wargod detachment is not necessary at the Godspalace Worldlodge. The Godspalace Worldlodge is connected to the Godspalace Temple.

                  The chief commander of the Godspalace Worldlodge is Her Learned Honor Curator Lhithureun (PL11/151pp; female Sunsphinx elemental-based shapeshifter).

                  All full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion), while in the Godspalace Worldlodge, temporarily gains the following power for free:
                  Full Sensory Immersion: Super-Senses 5 (acute hearing, acute sight, analytical scent; Feats: Features 1 [may follow scents like a bloodhound], Independent [a Visitor's Badge]). (5pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Godspalace Worldlodge Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  the Godspalace Ziggeraut: The Godspalace Ziggeraut is in Sphinxcity. It is a Godsfocus. Home of the King, his six Queens, dozens of children and the various Speakers. Two detachments of the Wargods are permanently stationed at the Godspalace Ziggeraut, to protect the government's uppermost echelons. The Godspalace Ziggeraut is connected to the Godspalace Gardens.

                  Running day-to-day operations at the Godspalace Ziggeraut is Coordinator-Prefect Vargr (PL10/200pp; male Sunsphinx 'lycanthropic' brick).

                  All full-blooded Sunsphinx (including the Solar Lion), while in the Godspalace Ziggeraut, temporarily gains the following power for free:
                  Protect the King! Protect the Kingdom!: Super-Senses 10 (cosmic awareness; Limited [only things posing a threat to the Solar Lion and/or the Sunsphinx [as a species]). (5pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Godspalace Zigguraut Godsfocus power-framework build.

                  >Landmarks of Interest: The Three Lessercities.
                  Centaurcity: As Sphinxcity is Aeion's Capitol, so too is Centaurcity Aeion's agricultural heart. It may seem strange, having farms in a universe where the native all have superpowers are where Demimachinery is so commonplace, but the Sunsphinx believe in not placing all your eggs in one basket.

                  Centaurcity is ruled by Her Grace Urban Director Kayat (PL10/156pp; female Sunsphinx florakinetic).

                  Chimeracity: As Sphinxcity is Aeion's Capitol, to too is Chimeracity Aeion's industrial center. Gargantuan, eco-friendly Demimachine assembler-factories churn out billions of tons of non-Demimachine-tech every day, 99% of which is sold to starfaring civilizations throughout the Forever Tree. What little is left over is more than sufficient for Aeion's needs.

                  Chimeracity is governed by His Grace Urban Director Shkaaveenngh (PL12/188pp; male Sunsphinx cryokinetic/cyberkinetic).

                  Phoenixcity: As Sphinxcity is Aeion's Capitol, so too is Phoenixcity the strong, beating heart of Aeion's arts. Creativity is encouraged, as only artists may hold local positions of authority. It is also unique in that only in Phoenixcity can non-Sunsphinx attain positions of real political prowess.

                  Phoenixcity is governed by His Grace Urban Director Ammniszuu (PL16/225pp; male Sunsphinx reality-manipulator).

                  >Tech-Level: Sciences of the gods.

                  >Defensive Measures: The armed might of the gods (part 1 of 2).
                  Entirely automated, Aeion's impressive defenses consist of billions of picoscopic psi-charged robots, each capable of altering reality for the sole purpose of warding off attack. These tiny machines are rarely needed, however, as even higher-order entities know better than to attack a planet this powerful.

                  >Offensive Measures: The armed might of the gods (part 2 of 2).
                  Nevertheless, Aeion does have a professional standing military. Led by the 111 Wargods (i.e., Sunsphinx soldiers) and fleshed out with 631 half-human/half-Sunsphinx soldiers and equipped with weaponry and armor so advanced as to be essentially indistinguishable from magic, this army can take on just about anyone.

                  However, Aeion does not have much in the way of staying power for military adventurism abroad, and thus almost never fights on extradimensional territory.

                  Unique Features: Transportation.
                  Five Fold Door: Device 5 (massive 5-sided portal; hard to lose; Flaws: Linked [to Five Fold Door Immoveable]). (20pp.) Immoveable 12 (Extras: Affects Objects; Flaws: Linked [to Five Fold Door Device], Only Affects Objects). (12pp.) --- (32pp.)
                  There are four Five Fold Doors: one is in each city of Aeion.
                  Five Fold Door Powers:
                  Cloaking Mechanisms: Invisibility 5 (Extras: Affects Objects; Feats: Insidious 1, Subtle 2; Flaws: Only Affects Objects, Range [self, only]). (4pp.)
                  Five Destinations: Super-Movement 2 (dimensional movement 2 [any Perpendicular in the entire Forever Tree]; Extras: Portal). (8pp.)

                  Twentysix Fold Door: Device 5 (massive 26-sided portal; hard to lose; Flaws: Linked [to Twentysix Fold Door Immoveable]). (20pp.) Immoveable 20 (Extras: Affects Objects; Flaws: Linked [to Twentysix Fold Door Device], Only Affects Objects). (20pp.) --- (40pp.)
                  There are four Twentysix Fold Doors: one is in each city of Aeion.
                  Twentysix Fold Door Powers:
                  Indestructible: Impervious Toughness 17. (17pp.)
                  Twentysix Destinations: Super-Movement 2 (dimensional movement 2 [any parallel-Earth in the entire Forever Tree]; Extras: Portal). (8pp.)
                  ---/::This is a completed Twentysix Fold Door build.
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                  The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                    Resonances (part 1).

                    What are Resonances?
                    A Resonance is a non-parallel-Earth universe set within the boundaries of the Forever Tree. That are unlike parallel-Earths and Perpsndiculars in that Resonances of finite size---the largest Resonance ever discovered was the size of planet Earth. Some Resonances are extremely small.

                    Not all Resonances have native life, though all are populated by THIS point..

                    How is a Resonance different from a Perpendicular?
                    Resonances differ from Perpendiculars in more than just size: they vary in accessibility and in self-sustenance.

                    ANY Perpendicular can be reached from ANY parallel-Earth, provided one uses the appropriate powers...this is NOT the case with Resonances. Each Resonance is dimensionally "locked onto" a single, specific parallel-Earth. Only from that particular parallel-Earth can that particular Resonance be reached. Furthermore, leaving a Resonance is only possible if one is headed to the specific parallel-Earth said Resonance is attached to. Only imperiex are exempt from this; only they can enter and leave any Resonance from anywhere in the multiverse.

                    How many Resonances are there?
                    300. Keep in mind many parallel-Earth's have several dozen Resonances, while some parallel-Earth may have only one or two---or even none at all!

                    How big ARE Resonances, anyways?
                    As mentioned above, Resonances are limited in size. Virtually none of them obey standard astrophysics; most are scientifically quite bizarre. They may not have a 'normal' flow of time, and universal laws may be highly altered within their boundaries.

                    Can Resonances be destroyed?
                    Sure. It would take a cosmic entity, higher-order intelligence or imperiex to do so, however!

                    What lives in Resonances?
                    Very very very strange things made their home in Resonances. Non-Euclidian horrors; living geometric optical illusions; non-existent beings that somehow exist by way of not get the idea. Most Resonances cannot easily support mundane human life.

                    Are there any Resonances of especial note?
                    Yes: 27 of them, to be precise. Each imperiex has a VR-Resonance they may retreat to either telepathically or bodily whenever they wish. These custom-made Resonances present the imperiex in question with an idealized version of their parallel-Earth: a 'blueprint', if you will, to how to build a better tomorrow...

                    They are not normal Resonances, however, as they travel with their imperiex; they are the only Resonances to do so...!

                    Give me three example Resonances?
                    Sure, no problem:

                    From Earth-B we have the Ego-orrery, a purely psychic astral plane Mentats and only Mentats can tap into. Vast chthonic worm-like thoughtforms---so-called 'Manias'---float through the turbulent astral sea, 'feeding' off the chaos Mentats inevitably draw in their wake. The Ego-orrery is not the same thing as Earth-B's Occult Silenis, despite vast superficial similarities.

                    On Earth-M is Faerie, a psychotropic wilderness where story trumps logic and reason. Though not genuinely a world of fairies and fairytales, Faerie is a place where nothing is at it seems and lies abound. Dreamers are abundant here, but they have yet to coalesce and acquire Drives: as a result, they are freakishly half-formed and coated in the gore of their lessers. Stories in Faerie are incoherent, at best...
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                    The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                      Antimatterbodies: Guardians of the lanes.
                      Antimatterbodies are literally gigantic white blood cells of the Worldfather's that somehow survived his death. Leaving He-who-is-now-Dead's corpse, the Antimatterbodies flocked to the Outer Shell, where they took roost in the final-most barrier's nooks and crannies.

                      Over time, Antimatterbodies began hollowing out passageways through the Outer Shell, eventually reaching Beyond. Beyond the Forever Tree is a never-ending onion of undifferentiated dimensions, universes and cosmologies, a chaotic, uneven blend of space/time. Realizing the mistake they'd made, the Antimatterbodies swore to divide these new 'lanes' they'd made amongst themselves and thence guard the Forever Tree from the Beyond's warping influence.

                      Antimatterbodies have no memetic cores; as such, they simply cease to exist when killed. They do, however, have both Aeon-Incarnations and Demiurge-Incarnations.

                      Antimatterbodies, in General: An overview.
                      Each Antimatterbody is unique and could easily have a full character writeup. Antimatterbodies, however, never vary from being PL10/150pp.

                      ALL Antimatterbodies share certain powers in common, no matter what species they are or what lanes they guard. These powers are:
                      Powers: (14pp.)
                      Invincible Purpose: Immunity 1 (aging). (1pp.) Immutable. (10pp.) --- (11pp.)
                      Lane-Travel: Features 1 (will never be attacked by fellow Antimatterbodies, irregardless of species). (1pp.) Space Travel 2 (Extras: Portal ["conjuring a nearby lane"]; Flaws: Medium [Outer Shell lanes]). (2pp.) --- (3pp.)
                      ---/::This is a completed generic Antimatterbody power-framework build.

                      Different Kinds of Antimatterbodies: Lane-specific 'species'.
                      Blue Antimatterbodies: Guardians of Lunar lanes!
                      Blue Antimatterbodies psychically embody evil, itself, though only in a passively malevolent manner. All Blue Antimatterbodies have the following powers. Anything beyond this is dependent on the individual Blue Antimatterbody in question.
                      Powers: (10pp.)
                      All Your Secrets, Mine to See: Mind Reading 2. (2pp.)
                      Evil has a Distinct Psychic Scent: Super-Senses 2 (analytical detect evil intent; Flaws: Sense-Dependent [scent]). (1pp.) --- (2pp.)
                      AP: Good has a Distinct Psychic Scent: Super-Senses 2 (analytical detect benevolent intent; Flaws: Sense-Dependent [scent]). (1pp.)
                      You See Your Own Evil in Me: Morph 1 (humanoid form; Extras: Action [free action]; Feats: Variable Descriptor [any 'Evil']; Flaws: Limited [may only assume forms reminiscent of the greatest 'evil' ever performed by the closest onlooker]). (5pp.)
                      ---/::This is a completed Blue Antimatterbody power-framework build.

                      Green Antimatterbodies: Guardians of World lanes!
                      Green Antimatterbodies are the psychic avatars of the tenuous and careful balance between good and evil, albeit in a passive manner. All Green Antimatterbodies have the following powers. Anything beyond this is dependent on the individual Green Antimatterbody in question.
                      Powers: (10pp.)
                      Firewyld Access: Cosmic Energy Control 2 (firewyld energy). (4pp.) --- (10pp.)
                      BP: Firewyld Blast: Blast 2. (1pp.)
                      AP: Firewyld Blade: Strike 2. (1pp.)
                      AP: Firewyld Boots: Super-Movement 4 (perfect balance, slow fall, wall-crawling; Feats: Affects Incorporeal [he can walk across ectoplasmic surfaces {NOT the same as air-walking, mind you!}]). (1pp.)
                      AP: Firewyld Lash: Snare 2 (Extras: Progression 1 [range]; Feats: Homing 1). (1pp.)
                      AP: Firewyld Shield: Force Field 2. (1pp.)
                      AP: Firewyld Wings: Flight 2. (1pp.)
                      ---/::This is a completed Green Antimatterbody power-framework build.

                      Orange Antimatterbodies: Guardians of Solar lanes!
                      Orange Antimatterbodies psionically embody benevolence itself, though only in a passive manner. All Orange Antimatterbodies have the following powers. Anything beyond this is dependent on the individual Orange Antimatterbody in question.
                      Powers: (10pp.)
                      Upholding Virtue: Immunity 20 (mental effects; Flaws: Limited [only to resist 'evil' mental effects]). (10pp.)
                      ---/::This is a completed Orange Antimatterbody power-framework build.

                      Yellow Antimatterbodies: Guardians of Star lanes!
                      Orange Antimatterbodies are madness, personified, and have no predictable behavior at all. All Yellow Antimatterbodies have the following powers. Anything beyond this is dependent on the individual Yellow Antimatterbody in question.
                      Powers: (10pp.)
                      Reality is Mutable: Variable Power 2 (any number of powers at once of the 'Madcap Alterations to Reality' descriptor; Flaws: Check Required [Concentrate check], Medium [the Outer Shell]). (10pp.)
                      ---/::This is a completed Yellow Antimatterbody power-framework build.

                      Matterbodies: Guardians of the Beyond!
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                      The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                        Ferrymen and the Primordial Deep (part 1 of 2).

                        Ferrymen: Spiritguides for the deceased.
                        What are Ferrymen?
                        Ferrymen are incorporeal thoughtforms charged by an ancient mandate to ferry the dead to the Primordial Deep. They communicate only with the dead; only the dead may affect them. But...they can affect the living, and possess frightening necropsionic powers.

                        Ferrymen have no memetic cores; thus they just cease to exist upon being killed. However, they have false memetic cores, which, while not souls, DO permit Ferrymen sentience. Further, Ferrymen have neither Aeon-Incarnations or Demiurge-Incarnations.

                        Do Ferrymen have a society? A language? A religion?
                        A society? No. Ferrymen pursue their ancient mandate alone. They only gather when undead draw near, in order to protect souls from predation. Even then, Ferrymen never seem to communicate with each other, even telepathically; they just eerily work in unison when the time comes.

                        A language? Technically...yes, though, to be honest, it's more of an 'ur-language' understandable by all souls of the dead.

                        However...Ferrymen never communicate with the living. The few cases of genuine resurrection depict Ferryman voices as chill and sombre and calm, with a great and abiding patience.

                        A religion? Wellllll.... No. And yes.

                        To explain: Ferrymen believe the Worldfather gave them their mandate and psionically, irrevocably bound them to that mandate. Ferrymen must do as they do, and they, themselves, seem to regard it as a sacred calling.

                        Nevertheless, Ferrymen do not pray. They obey only the mandate carved into their false 'memetic cores'. They do not petition or supplicate or entreaty, even to their maker. Such is the Ferryman way, as ever it has been...

                        Well, Ferrymen socialize, at all?
                        ...sort of. They never socialize with each other, but they do get quite chatty with those they escort. Though never quite 'friendly', Ferrymen do their best to reassure the newly dead that Heaven or Hell may not be what's waiting for them, but rather...something else.

                        Where do Ferrymen come from?
                        They never say. Ever. Even to the newly dead. But it's clear they are native to somewhere, a realm they only refer to in the vaguest of manners.

                        How many Ferrymen are there?
                        As many as is needed. Extra Ferrymen blink into and fade out of existence as is required. This process appears automated in some manner, and has had unusual 'hiccups' in the past.

                        What can Ferrymen do?
                        Ferrymen cannot be affected by the living; only imperiex can supersede this limitation. Furthermore, Ferrymen have an immunity to telepathy from anyone, even imperiex or the newly dead.

                        Ferrymen have infinite power over the souls of the newly dead. Ferrymen may bend reality, itself, to accomplish a seemingly-infinite variety of necropsychic effects. There seems, however, to be an upper limit to what even Ferrymen can accomplish.

                        In is a generic Ferryman writeup:
                        PL15/150pp. (Grim Reapers, essentially [neutral].)
                        Attributes: Strength - (-), Dexterity - (-), Constitution - (-), Intelligence 12 (+1), Wisdom 12 (+1), Charisma 12 (+1). (6pp.)
                        Feats: Fearless, Fearsome Presence 1. (2pp.)
                        Powers: (100pp.)
                        'Infinite' Power Over the Souls of the Deceased: Banish 5 (souls of the dead; Extras: No Saving Throw). (15pp.) Exorcism 5 (souls of the dead; Extras: No Saving Throw). (15pp.) Spirit Control 5 (souls of the dead). (10pp.) --- (40pp.)
                        Necrokinetic Omnipotence: Illusion 10 (all five senses; Flaws: Limited ['Death' descriptor effects, only]). (30pp.)
                        No Living OR Unliving Flesh: Immunity 31 (aging, Fortitude effects; Feats: Innate). (32pp.) Insubstantial 4 (Extras: Duration [continuous]; Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (17pp.) --- (49pp.)
                        Untouchable Mind: Immunity 20 (mental effects; Feats: Innate; Flaws: Permanent). (11pp.)
                        Quote: "..."
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                        The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                          Ferrymen and the Primordial Deep (part 2 of 2).

                          The Primordial Deep: Land of the dead.
                          What is the Primordial Deep?
                          The Primordial Deep is the afterlife. Simple as that. It is not a Perpendicular nor is it a Resonance, and it most definitely isn't a parallel-Earth. The Primordial Deep is its own thing, dimensionally distinct from all other universes.

                          Who goes to the Primordial Deep? Who doesn't go to the Primordial Deep?
                          The souls of dead biological living beings and the souls of destroyed AIs. They 'awaken' to find a Ferryman ready to take them to their final destination. Most Ferrymen do their best to calm the newly dead and get them prepared for this last journey.

                          However...cosmic entities and higher-order intelligences do not go to the Primordial Deep, instead falling straight through the multiverse and ending up Beyond. No Ferrymen escort them, as the Forever Tree's gods need no spiritguides, instead being perfectly capable of overseeing their own final pilgrimage.

                          Do superbeings keep their powers in the afterlife?
                          No. They're dead. They have their memetic core and that's all, folks.

                          Is the Primordial Deep Heaven? Is the Primordial Deep Hell?
                          No. And no. It's...different.

                          Souls in the Primordial Deep magnify themselves, changing and warping and metamorphosing into more of what they really are: a charitable soul full of compassion may become a winged angel of living gold and a healing touch; while a professional burglar may degenerate into a faux-canine monstrosity able to hold things in a vast 'extra stomach'. This is independent of reward or punishment. It

                          What is the afterlife like?
                          Unknown, to a very large extent. Resurrection after a prolonged death is extremely difficult to achieve, and usually has a profoundly distorting effect on memories of the afterlife.

                          Everyone has a radically different experience in the Primordial Deep: some souls enter an idyllic wilderness full of talking animal-gods; while others might find themselves in the depths of 'outer space', 'exploring alien worlds'. Meanwhile, still others may experience an ever-shifting labyrinth full of cybernetic wonders and steampunk monstrosities. Still others experience a tranquil oblivion full of happy memories, while others report being hunted by cyclopean beings made of stone. It varies, and even changes significantly if someone dies, goes to the Primordial Deep, is resurrected, then dies again.

                          Given enough time, a soul has changed too much to ever be resurrected. They have drifted very far from mortality and no longer even wish to go back.

                          Is God in the Primordial Deep?
                          ....maaaaayyybe. Sometimes souls encounter beings that claim to be God or gods, angels, demons and tribal ancestor-spirits...but are they what they say, or are they merely reflections of the soul in question? These beings may believe they are as they say they are...or they could be lying. Reading their minds is impossible, and guessing their motivations a mindbending chore.

                          Certainly, entities 'native' to the Primordial Deep never leave their environs, and even seem to undergo significant change, over enough of a period of time.
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                          The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                            Greatest heroes and heroines of each parallel-Earth.

                            The Greatest Heroes and Heroines of Each Parallel-Earth:
                            Earth-A's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-B's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            The Mighty Four!, Hegemonic heroes!
                            Team Members: the Forestmother (team brick/female Giant); Katy Katydid (PL1/9pp; team 'cavalry'/female katydid-riding Leaf); the Nanite, Leaf of Adventure! (PL1/12pp; team motivational speaker/male Leaf); Popinjay (PL1/8pp; team scout/female Leaf).
                            Yes, only the Forestmother has any genuine effectiveness in battle. Yes, she's more of a solo heroine with four nigh-useless Sidekicks. And yes, the Forestmother takes her role in the team very seriously.

                            The Mighty Four! are more effective as icons and cultural lightning rods, than they are as superheroes. Composed of four incredibly compassionate mutants, the Mighty Four! present humanity with a friendly, uplifting mutant 'face'. Standing for a peaceful cohabitation of mutant and human, these four heroes do talking tours, lead charity events and speak on behalf of oppressed Hegemonic humans.

                            Sometimes, the greatest heroes of all never fight a single supervillain...!

                            Earth-C's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            Enkidu: The wildest of the wild.
                            PL10/150pp. Male demigod; son of Inanna. He is an ape-feral brick. Enkidu is the boon companion of Gilgamesh. Placeholder.

                            Gilgamesh: The king of Uruk-of-the-Four-Walls.
                            PL10/150pp. Male demigod; son of Shamash. Gilgamesh is a brick, and he is also a Sumerian king and the best friend of wild, free Enkidu! All-in-all, Gilgamesh is the greatest hero in all Mesopotamia. Certainly, many others positively dwarf Gilgamesh in might, but the King of Uruk has a disturbing tendency to triumph over stupidly absurd odds. Placeholder.

                            Earth-D's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            Bloodspoilt: Wow! He's over 9,000!
                            Team Members: Angry Grimface (PLdontpisshimoff/hesgotrazorsonhisfingertipspp; team teeth-gritter/obvious rip-off of a much better-known hero). Placeholder.

                            Earth-E's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-F's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            Jotun: Stranger-than-strange!
                            Jotun (PL9/122pp), a male Machine-Titan flying brick of rather low power, is nevertheless his parallel-Earth's most celebrated superhero. Jotun's adventures are extremely strange, and frequently involve trips to the weirdest stretches of the Forever Tree!

                            Earth-G's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            The PCs of my Green Star PbP, obviously!
                            The bad-ass normal Musketeer, Francis del Silver!
                            The faux(?)-demongirl, Erzebet Fekete!
                            The fire-manipulating Catholic monk, William!
                            The nun who can heal all wounds, Catalina Ruiz del Castillo!
                            The man who sees the flaws in all things, Dalton Cartwright!
                            The indestructible, kinetic-energy-absorbing Teutonic Knight, Rheinholdt von Hochberg!
                            The insubstantial ne'erdowell, Roger Fletcher!
                            The reverse-possessed lunatic, Joshua Rhodes!
                            The shark-totem lady-pirate masquerading as a man, Maryanne Ready!

                            Earth-H's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            the Circle:
                            The Circle is divided into the bestial Drum Circle and the sacred Meditation Circle; both teams answer to the Heavenly Beast (PL7/125pp; real name Corso Cassidy/male phoenix-gorgon).
                            the Drum Circle:
                            Made up entirely of gorgons, save for one, the Drum Circle is a monstrous, frightening force for good. The Drum Circle and the Meditation Circle are tightly allied.

                            The leader of the Drum Circle is, ironically enough, an arhat named William Farsighter-Westerling (PL12/151pp; no code-name/male arhat able to conjure fiery thoughtforms). Placeholder.

                            the Meditation Circle:
                            Made up solely of arhats, save for one, this disturbingly emaciated group wields the Fires of Shiva for the good of all! The Meditation Circle and the Drum Circle are tightly allied.

                            The Meditation Circle is led, ironically enough, by a gorgon named Deadly Blossom (PL11/166pp; real name is Brittany Wilhelmaine/female 'rose-golem' gorgon). Placeholder.

                            Earth-I's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-J's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-K's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            Jack the Giant-Killer:
                            PL10/190pp. Real name is Leopold Highwaters. A bad-ass normal, Jack the Giant-Killer is incredibly skilled with the ambush of and killing of Manifold Giants. Placeholder.

                            Eath-L's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-M's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-N's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-O's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-P's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-Q's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-R's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-S's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            Walking Sun: Blazingly bright light-generating skytreader.
                            PL12/300pp. As delicate as spun glass, crystal clear and blazingly hot from within, 4-mile-high skytreader Walking Sun literally contains a miniature sun as a heart. Occluded from full brightness by 'darkness' he 'wears' like clothing, by removing this 'night-fabric' Walking Sun's illumination can scorch the sides of entire mountains!

                            Walking Sun is worshipped in Rome as a deified mortal aspect of Mithras, and belongs to Rome's Titans Legion. Parthians fear Walking Sun immensely.

                            Earth-T's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            the Embodied:
                            PL12/270pp. Placeholder.

                            Earth-U's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            PL10/150pp...sometimes. Omniguardian belongs to two superhero teams: one local to Earth-U---the Prometheans; and one on a cosmic scale---the Sungods. His membership in both is well-known to his fellow Earth-U superheroes/superheroine so.

                            Omniguardian himself possesses no powers. Instead, Omniguardian wields the Allscepter---a weapon given to him by a thoughtform-turned-human named Graven Idol. The Allscepter channels raw dark matter, allowing the wielder to create---and then dismiss!---objects from seemingly nothingness.

                            Omniguardian patrols the Sol System in pursuit of his sworn oath to protect humanity from alien menaces. He has redoubts on each planet and moon in the solar system, and, out there in the obsidian oblivion, he found...something unexpected.

                            Every so on, the planets align in just the right configuration and the Allscepter is 'supercharged' by an 'overflow' of dark matter, temporarily increasing him to godlike levels of power. But, these periods always pass, returning Omniguardian to 'normal'.

                            Omniguardian's real name is Warren Bookster.

                            Earth-V's greatest heroes and heroines:
                            the Ancient Astronaut:
                            The Ancient Astronaut is Faamli Mann, a 25th-Century CE Armsman sent to explore the furthest corners of Orion's Arm. He fell through a Tlolkku-generated miniature-wormhole, however, and ended in Earth-V's rather dismal present. Placeholder.

                            Earth-W's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-X's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-Y's greatest heroes and heroines:

                            Earth-Z's greatest heroes and heroines:
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                            The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                              Perpendicular-4 (the Corpulence).

                              The Corpulence (Perpendicular-4).
                              Some questions!:
                              What is the Corpulence? WHO is the Corpulence?
                              The largest corpse in the Forever Tree; the stinking dead body of the creator; a universe-in-death: the Corpulence is all these things, and more. The Sunsphinx officially list the Corpulence as a 'corpse-universe'.

                              As to who the Corpulence is, that's easy: He-who-is-now-Dead, he who was once known as the Worldfather. Once upon a time, the Worldfather was just a normal person in a mundane world, and then, for reasons even he could not comprehend, he Ascended and became omnipotent.

                              Unfortunately, omnipotent beings could not exist in his home universe, so, rather than die the Worldfather leapt into an inky nothing Beyond space/time and began to create. The Forever Tree is the Worldfather's great creation, pulled up from oblivion and given coherent form.

                              A 'universe-corpse'??!
                              Yes, an entire cosmos formed from a single stinking corpse.

                              What...or who...killed him?
                              No one, not even the Solar Lion, is entirely sure, though the Sunsphinx have several competing theories.

                              What could possibly live here??!
                              You'd be surprised. The Corpulence isn't just a festering corpse; inside its rotting interior is an entire gruesome universe---organs are galaxies, bones are wormholes, blood takes the place of water, corpse-gas is actually quite breathable---if rank as all Hell---and living things positively infest the entire body.

                              To be specific three kinds of sentient biological beings live in the Corpulence: beasts (uplifted animals who gained sentience by feasting on brain-tissue); humans (ta-daaa!); and xenogen (squamous insectoid horrors intent on devouring everything).

                              What about undead?
                              Undead are rampant in the Corpulence, and not just of the Starvampire variety. Beasts, humans AND xenogen undead exist in giant numbers, and seek only to spread their foul necrokinetic taint.

                              Who, or what, is the Flowering Beast?
                              A bizarre, beautiful, strangely symmetrical beast, with feathers and leaves and a razor-sharp beak, the Flowering Beast holds his Perpendicular's lesser godforge---a quantum lesser godforge, to be precise!

                              The Flowering Beast is a vastly powerful paragon, but he is also a pastiche of Marvel's Wolverine and Phoenix Force Jean Grey. Empowered by firewyld, the Flowering Beast's abilities are varied and many; he is the second-most-powerful Supermanalogue in the entire Forever Tree. Placeholder.


                              Terminology for the Corpulence:
                              Uplifted animals, beasts share zero similarities with Earthly creatures. They are carrion-eaters, unkillable brutes, elegant assassins and terrifying monstrosities: with bodies at turns avian or insectoid, often adapted for sea-living, beasts are the stuff of Earthly nightmares.


                              Gigantic worms, non-sentient, that're massively cryokinetic and telekinetic. Corpsegods feast on the flesh of the Corpulence's stellar carcass.


                              The undead, especially Starvampires.

                              The weird, Mythos-like necrotechnology found inside the Corpulence, Grafts are, as the name suggests, well, grafted onto other things.

                              The primary human social unit in the Corpulence, a Guildhouse occupies a nebulous intermediary space between tribe and city-state.

                              'Cybernetics', as such, do NOT exist in the Corpulence. However...a gruesome alternative does exist: halfdeath, artificial tissue and bodyparts harvested directly from He-who-is-now-Dead and GRAFTED onto a mortal subject. Basically, 'necroborgs'.



                              Humans untainted by Grafts and/or organic radiation.

                              Reanimates are corpses, brought to unlife via necrotic science and outfitted with a smallbrain: Corpulence 'robots', basically. Placeholder.


                              Skulls, shrunken down and equipped with an artificial memetic core, smallskulls are the necrotechnological equivalent of computers, both AI-equipped OR non-AI-equipped. Smallskulls are a universally-seen Device, within the Corpulence. Placeholder.

                              The act of inventing new Grafts is known as 'Surgery'.

                              Humans mutated by exposure to organic radiation; superhumans. Deformed even by the worst standards of Earth-B's Tumors, Twists are regarded with suspicion by Purelines.

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                              The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                                Linntuuu [Perpendicular-2]

                                Lintuuu: Land of the Living Gods.
                                terminology: worldwide lexicon.
                                A lifeless moon of Linntuuu, Ak is very volcanically active.

                                A lifeless, barren moon of Linntuuu. It is colored a deep, dark blue. Of note is the Tlolkku automated, AI-equipped observatory silently cataloging the events of all three Regions of Linntuuu.

                                the Ban:
                                For reasons as yet unclear, even to the brightest Sunsphinx minds, 99% of all Demimachinery shuts down and refuses to switch back on 'til the Demimachine is in another reality. This is referred to by dimensional travelers as 'the Ban'.

                                the Bowl of Uruku:
                                One of only three areas in the entirety of Linntuuu that can support life (the others being the Ultimate City and the World of Stone). The only sea in all Linntuuu, all godly civilization depends on this freshwater ocean to survive; as such, all the Urukine city-states and a great many barbarian tribes live on the shores of the Bowl of Uruku.

                                Animal-headed giants, gods are actually not immortal, omnipotent or omniscient. Still, generations of indoctrination have convinced most gods and mortals alike that gods really are divine! Gods dwell only in the Bowl of Uruku!

                                Gods live in the lap of luxury, but as each city-state viciously feuds with its neighbors, gods are frequently called upon to wage bloody war to prove their worthiness to rule. Gods tear apart other gods who show weakness.

                                When among the mortal masses, gods typically wear ornate stone helmets that metaphorically exaggerate the facial features of their animal kin. Many mortals believe to look on an unmasked god is to drop over dead from fright. (This is not true, but, again, people often believe it.)

                                In the World of Stone, however, gods have no political power, and're considered stupid, belligerent animals fit only for being hunted!

                                Gods do not exist in the Ultimate City.

                                The actual name for Perpendicular-2. Linntuuu has three moon's (Ak, Aqu and Loq), a medium-sized yellow sun, and ecosystems ranging from sparse forestland to harsh unforgiving desert wastelands. Both gods and mortals are native to Linntuuu, though gods rule as unchallenged tyrants within the Bowl of Uruku.

                                The third moon of Linntuuu, Loq is covered in a thick, obscuring mist. Many mortals believe the titans retreated to this third moon and, will one day return.

                                Humans. Mortals in the Bowl of Uruku are trod upon by gods, and are often little better than slaves. Still, in the Bowl of Uruku, opportunities for everyone---even humans!---abounds. From birth, mortals are taught to fear and obey the gods.

                                In the World of Stone, however, mortals are crushed under the bootheel by one of their own: the Everdying and Everliving Priest-God and his equally human Totemmen priesthood! The few gods that're here're treated as wild animals and're hunted for sport...

                                Mortals do not exist in the Ultimate City.

                                The mythical progenitors of gods and goddesses. Humungous sentient divine monsters, titans interbred with men, creating the first gods. Eventually, the titans...disappeared. The titans once dwelled in the Ultimate City.

                                the Ultimate City:
                                One of only three areas of the entirety of Linntuuu that can support life (the others being the Bowl of Uruku and the World of Stone). Placeholder.

                                the World of Stone:
                                One of only three areas in the entirety of Linntuuu that can support life (the others being the Bowl of Uruku and the Ultimate City).

                                The World of Stone is a vast rocky badlands ruled over by a despotic God-King who fancies himself "the King of the World". Placeholder.


                                civilizations of Linntuuu: the Bowl of Uruku.
                                the Golden Cities of the Sun: Based loosely on ancient Mesopotamia.
                                The humans of the Golden Cities of the Sun are bright, lustrous golden in coloration, with platinum-blonde hair. Seven cities belong to this culture, and're ruled by gods known as igigi. Placeholder.

                                eAku: Based loosely on pre-Roman Britain.
                                EAku is one of the oldest continually-inhabited human lands in the entire Bowl of Uruku. The eAkii are humans with deep orange skin and fiery red hair. They practice blood sacrifice and believe their leaders must be without physical blemish in order to lead.

                                Ruling over the eAkii are stag-headed and owl-headed gods known as the Eldest Hunters. Paceholder.

                                Ishfikaar Hod: Based loosely on the ancient Aztecs.

                                Ishfikaar Nalad: Based loosely on the ancient Mayans.
                                BLOOD FOR THE SUN! BLOOD FOR THE MOONS! This is the cry constantly resounding throughout the impossibly lush region surrounding the temple-city of Ishfikaar Nalad.

                                Gods in Ishfikaar Nalad tend to be simians, cats and serpents. Placeholder.

                                Koshut: Based loosely on ancient Carthage, pre-Punic Wars.

                                the Orichalcum Metropolis: Based loosely on the legend of Atlantis.
                                A single city-state culturally and ethnically distinct from all others, with blue-skinned humans and aquatic fish-gods, the Orichalcum Metropolis sits on an island in the center of the Bowl of Uruku and is quite the marvel to behold. The only city-state in the world with the knowledge to smelt iron, and the only city-state with sewers, toilets and the concept of regular bathing, the Orichalcum Metropolis is clean, orderly and actually smells nicely.

                                Ruling with an autocratic will is the All-Powerful (PL11/151pp aquatic god), a catfish-giant god of brutal power. The All-Powerful claims to be the literal father of his city's other gods, a claim said gods do not dispute.

                                the Papermakers: Based loosely on ancient Greece.
                                Consisting of three highly-advanced city-states---Deimos, Eris and Phobos---each a bastion of 'direct democracy', the Papermakers' gods are less-oppressive than elsewhere in the Bowl of Uruku.

                                Papermakers gods are often goat- and ram-headed, and're noted for their musical talent and their wild revels. Goddesses are referred to as 'maenads', and are particularly savage, being exceptionally gifted musicians with an enormous tolerance for alcohol. Placeholder.

                                the People of the Black Sand: Based loosely on ancient Egypt.
                                The People of the Black Sand are an ethnicity of purple-skinned and utterly bald humans ruled by gods with the features of 'traditional' African animals, and're divided into 18 loosely allied city-states, known as the Cities of the Black Sands.

                                Pyramids are built not as tombs (as they were on various parallel-Earths), but as monuments to the gods' glory. Gods among the People of the Black Sands love to theologically associate themselves with the sun, the moons and the other planets orbiting Linntuuu's sun. This skygod element is very commonplace.

                                The city-state of Khemri is the most dominant City of the Black Sand, and is the only metropolis to have more than one pyramid nearby. Khemri is ruled by Pharaoh kRaa'h (PL10/177pp aerial god), a falcon-god with abundant golden jewelry and wealth seemingly without limit.

                                the Valhalliinne: Based loosely on the pagan Norse.
                                Nary a single city-state may be found in the lands of the nomadic Valhalliinne, and for good reason, for they are warriors, raiders and annihilators.

                                These gods are usually predatory animals. Placeholder.


                                civilizations of Linntuuu: the Ultimate City.


                                civilizations of Linntuuu: the World of Stone.


                                mythology of Linntuuu: "In the beginning..." (the Bowl of Uruku)
                                kAmun: A god.
                                A beetle-god; though he's been dead for nearly a millennia, kAmun is still worshipped in the Golden Cities of the Sun as the creator of the world.

                                mAlku: A goddess.
                                A butterfly-goddess; though she's been dead for centuries, the Papermakers still pray to her as a deity of love and fertility.

                                pSoldeen: A god.
                                The long-dead father of the All-Powerful of the Orichalcum Metropolis; such is pSoldeen's legacy that even now he receives massive yearly offerings. PSoldeen was a catfish-god like his son.

                                Uruku: A titan.
                                A fish-titan; the Bowl of Uruku is named after him. The Orichalcum Metropolis' All-Powerful claims descent from Uruku.

                                Urukutku: A titan.
                                The lion-bodied leader of the titans. According to myths, the other titans were either his siblings or his cousins (Urukutku's priesthood has only conflicting accounts of the Lion-Titan's life.)


                                Apkallu operatives on Linntuuu: "Damnation, echoed across time..."
                                Apkallu divisions here are sharper and more bestial than elsewhere!
                                Demon-Apkallu wear brass helms resembling the heads of hyenas, and're matriarchal carrion-eaters.
                                Devil-Apkallu wear bronze helms resembling the heads of crocodiles, and're bitterly divided among five viciously-feuding 'temples'!
                                Djinn-Apkallu wear copper helms resembling the heads of vultures, and are obsessed with necrokinesis. Paceholder.

                                Starvampires on Linntuuu: "Ghuls."

                                Sunsphinx operatives on Linntuuu: "The eldest gods."
                                the House of the Suncrocodile:
                                The House of the Suncrocodile is located in the Bowl of Uruku.

                                Tlolkku operatives on Linntuuu: "The Strangers Clad in Iron!"

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                                The Realms of Idrifaulo.