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    Here's the basic premise:

    Far, far, FAR in the future (enough that this solar system [or humans, for that matter] are barely a footnote anymore), in another galaxy, many years ago, a galaxy-wide civil war broke out (details aren't that important; it's an event from the past). To assist with the combat, a clone army was commissioned (the clone slugs had already been grown; quickly aging them to 20 years old, they were trained to near-Army Ranger levels of ability). For eight long years, this "army of one" fought across various planets/systems, providing backup to the various worlds' law enforcement/military forces. As time went on, many began seeing the clone soldiers as not merely numbers, but individuals (custom designs on their armor, variant hairstyles/facial hair, etc.)

    And then the war ended.

    The clones were quietly pensioned out, and given the opportunity to simply be regular civilians again. Many of them did their best to adapt to a normal life; others had a bit more difficulty. To top it off, much like mutants in X-Men, there are always those that don't think of clones as "normal", so they have to deal with that prejudice.

    That's what it's been like for the last seven years. Some clones have been able to find employment as mercenaries/pilots/guns for hire, etc. That's what the setting basically would be: a blend of Aliens, Clone Wars and the Starjammers.

    My question is: Would the clones all have the identical ability scores, physical characteristics and so forth, as they did during the war? Or could I portray the team (probably a group of 4-5 clones) as having physically and mentally grown/shrunk since their time on the battlefield?
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    You can really do what you want. A clone is essentially an identical twin. If you've known any set of identical twins who've reached adulthood, they do tend to wind up differing greatly depending on their life experiences (in one extreme case I ran into, a pair of identical twins I knew in college had a difference of almost six inches in height due to one of them having growth plates that expressed differently. Now that might have been a matter of nature not having quite as rigorous of a cloning setup (since the split usually happens at a low number of cells, there's more change that one of them will have a mutation that does not affect viability, in extreme cases resulting in "identical" twins with different sexes), but past that, all of the other experiences that influence how we grow up from exercise to diet to upbringing to what we study in school can make for very large differences from the genetic template.
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      Physical size could be heavily influenced by nutrition and exercise, and dexterity / intelligence stats vary based on what sort of training / activities they focused on, both in their time as soldiers, and in their later life. The clone who spent all his time in the gym pumping iron, and ate like a horse, could have much higher Strength than the identical clone who spent all his free time in his bunk, reading science and philsophy texts, and developing a higher Intellect, or the one who liked to shut out the world by running, swimming, climbing, hiking and mixed-martial-art-s-ing, and developed a leaner physique, and more stamina and Agility.

      They'd likely still be similar, so that none of them would likely have 'dumped' a stat that the 'average' clone has at an above-average rating, but even then, accidents or atrophying or combat injuries could result in one having a reduced attribute. ("Yeah, he used to be as smart at the rest of us, before the explosion rang his bell..." "Yeah, Seven-Twenty-Two's suffered some nerve damage, and doesn't do fine detail work with his hands anymore...")