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    So. Way, way back in the day, I was a college student relatively new to role-playing games. I'd gotten Silver Age Sentinels & Mutants and Masterminds, and was messing around with both when the local game store got in a copy of Freedom City (1E). I picked it up, and fell in love. Here was a fully developed city with a history as deep as Metropolis or Marvel's NYC. I started planning a campaign for my group with a variety of characters -- original characters, legacy heroes, a couple of canon characters.... Unfortunately, we barely got through Time of Crisis before the group sort of fell apart, people graduated, the usual sort of things. But Freedom City has always been my favorite supers setting, and one of my favorite settings overall. I kept up with Freedom through 2nd Edition, thinking about how those characters would react to the ongoing timeline and events.

    So, when I finally got a copy of Freedom City 3E about a year and a half ago, I went back and dug out my old notes and timeline, and compared it to the canonical one. And while I liked some of the advances, I wasn't thrilled with others. So I thought, "Well, why not figure out how *your* Freedom would've gone?" So, after what was probably way too much contemplation and brainstorming, I had this. I'm putting it here because....well, because this seemed like the place for it. I wanted to put as much as I had in one location, apart from my hard drive, for people to look at and use if they feel like it. It's mostly going to be timeline events, but I'll throw in various thoughts and notes as they come up, along with character stats later on.

    Honestly, this version of my version of Freedom is largely inspired by a thread on -- s/lash's "DC1938". It's an incredibly well-developed look at the DC universe if every character started at their canonical debut date, and aged in real-time. There's a heavy focus on legacy heroes, passing the torch between generations, and what 70-odd years of superscience will do to a timeline. I also need to acknowledge a thread on the old Atomic Think Tank forums, "Characterization in the Freedomverse;" I pretty much took several characters' personalities straight from that thread (off the top of my head, the Atoms & the Angel Androids in my Freedom are from there).

    So, without further ado, here we go!

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    Timeline, part 1
    Timeline notes: Unless otherwise mentioned, assume events in the Freedom City 3E timeline happened as described there; bold indicates official names, while italics indicate civilian identity developments
    • 5/1984: Nick Edwards born
    • 3/1985: Ayanah Wright born
    • 12/1986: Marco (Mark) Powell born

    • 9/2001: Duncan Summers reopens Claremont Academy
    • 6/2002: Nick Edwards graduates John Adams HS, enlists; he is picked by AEGIS for the new Patriot project & begins training.
    • 8/2002: Next-Gen debuts
    • 9/2002: Mark Powell begins internship at Albright Institute

    • 6/2003: Bowman graduates Claremont Academy, joins the Freedom League
    • 1/2004: Freedom League (II) disappears on an interstellar mission
    • 5/2004: Stryfe breaks out of the DNAscent project & attacks John Adams HS; in order to stop him, Mark Powell accepts Langston Albright’s Lightbringer powers and becomes Paladin
    • 6/2004: Seven, Sonic, Nereid graduate Claremont Academy; Mark Powell graduates John Adams HS
    • 7/2004: Nick Edwards publicly debuts as Patriot (II), foiling a SHADOW plot
      • Ayanah Wright wins silver & bronze medals in archery at 2004 Olympic Games
    • 8/2004: Paladin publicly debuts, stopping Rant & Rave’s attempt at bank robbery
      • Blur escapes the DNAscent Project’s latest experiments
    • 9/2004: Paladin teams up with the Atom Family to fight off the Psions at FCU’s campus
      • Mark Powell & Vicki Atom start dating shortly thereafter
    • 11/2004: Graviton debuts, fighting mobsters in the Fens
    • 12/2004: Paladin & Patriot team up against the Power Corps; Nick & Mark (childhood neighbors & friends) recognize each other under the masks
      • 12/31: Doc Holiday (II) debuts at Freedom’s New Year’s Eve party, but is thwarted by a debuting Quiver (Ayanah Wright)
    • 1/2005: Centuria’s craft crash-lands in Riverside Park; she disappears before anyone can identify her, ending up in the Centurion’s Sanctum
      • Blur debuts against Explodo the Great
    • 2/2005: Gimmick debuts, fighting the Freebooter
    • 3/2005: TIME OF CRISIS! Omega’s plot to destabilize the multiverse is discovered; Patriot, Paladin, Quiver, Graviton, Blur, & Centuria team up to defeat him and thwart his plans, ending in an all-out fight in Liberty Park, where the tyrant is beaten and driven back into the Terminus
    • 4/2005: Off their victory against Omega, the Freedom League (III) forms; the roster is Patriot, Graviton, Centuria, Paladin, Quiver, Blur, Gimmick, Seven (reserve), Victoria Atom (reserve)