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What happened to Megastar?

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  • What happened to Megastar?

    I've got recently the 3ed setting books, and I can't find anything about him.

    I looked in the Freedom City, Hero High and Atlas Of Earth-Prime, but hasn't any mention on him.

    And not only hasn't a mention on him, but as Sonic as well.

    What happened to them? I played as them on the past, and get attached to the characters. It's a bit of frustrating not seeing anything about them on the 3ed.

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    Megastar is in the Rogue's Gallery book. Long story short, he never really lived up to his potential, sort of the superhero version of the former child star. Ended up hearing about Tellax & the Silver Storm, decided that they were related to his powers, sought them out, and now works as Tellax's top enforcer.

    As for Sonic, he gets a few mentions in Freedom City. I believe he's currently the successor to Wilson Jeffers/Black Avenger, working at the Lincoln Youth Center in Southside and (probably) focusing on street-level crime -- but he's left pretty open for whatever you want for him.
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      With that in mind, I suspect Sonic will get some mention in the Vigilantes handbook when it comes out


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        I got Rogue's Gallery yesterday, and looked out for him.

        It's a bit sad what happened to him, but at the same time is an interesting hook for an Next-Gen adventure.

        Thank you all for your time!