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homebrewing and would like some input

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  • homebrewing and would like some input

    Nevermind. This thread never existed.
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    Re: homebrewing and would like some input

    Bumping. Anyone have any input?


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      Re: homebrewing and would like some input


      What type of input were you hoping for? It's hard for anyone to give advice and support without some idea as to what sources you want incorporate into your setting and what styles you like?

      I'm currently using Realmworks and Herolab programs to detail my universe which is initially based in and around a fictional UK city (with certain elements stolen from Freedom City) but planning on expanding worldwide. What source books if any do you have and are you wanting to include them in your campaign?

      One thing I've messed with is using a campaign designer game called Microscope to design a setting with your players - it allows everyone a chance to build and collaborate to build a world or universe they can then play in. See for more details.

      I'm happy to offer assistance either on or off forum but needs more information from you as to what you want to achieve.


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        Re: homebrewing and would like some input

        The current concept I have is dieselpunk detectives in a corrupt city.

        No powers outside of devices and the device has a battery life. I'm still trying to decide what's a decent time frame to work with so the players don't feel like they are useless, but also have to worry about being caught in a fight and the device powers off. Powerstunts are are gone too, but enhanced abilities I was thinking of allowing at least to go +2 over the PL limit at the cost of using up battery power.

        The play style would be more about skills than anything power related. They are detectives after all, so I was going to bring in the expanded skills and advantages from a better mousetrap. This would allow for some real in depth character creation and back story support.

        Wealth and reputation would be incredibly important as well. I think the players should have to really be concerned how they are perceived through out the city because it will affect how investigations play out. Also, how can you work and think properly if you haven't eaten or maybe the office you work out of is going to evict you. This seems abit much I know, but it can also yield character growing moments and push the players ingenuity. Maybe do a favor that isn't so above board for the building owner or turn an old warehouse into the new office. These are things I wanna try and bring out.


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          Re: homebrewing and would like some input

          Not a setting I've a lot of interest in personally - Can I ask who the protagonists will be? If supernatural then Green Ronin's supernatural handbook may be of assistance (it assumes a lower level campaign with lots of ideas about how to create a dark setting) and the Gadget Guide for steampunk would be beneficial from a practical level.

          Much of the setting will come down to suitable description and complications to set the scene.

          Much of this will be about laying down clear guidelines for the players as to what is and isn't acceptable in that setting and what skills and talents would be beneficial before play begins as well as what complications will be enforced (there are rules about money and reputation in the Gamemasters guide but these can just as easily be managed by setting prices on everything and enforcing them; roleplaying how they get what the goods).. Reputation could be handled by working out beforehand what raises their reputation and whether this is public knowledge or not (There is a guide to handling romance in Vigilance Press's Strange Attractors which can also be easily adapted to reputation or if you have a copy of an old superhero game Golden Heroes they had some very good rules on how to manage reputation.

          A pre-session just talking through what the game's about and discussing how each player will interact with each other (have they known each and adventured together before) and what unique skills or talents each of the players will bring to the table (a major problem with low level characters is making sure that each player has a specialism that no-one else has).

          Good luck!
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            Re: homebrewing and would like some input

            The protagonists would be detectives or something along those lines.