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    In the beginning, the world was covered with the Fathomless Depths, and no sunlight shone through the perpetual storms above. The gods calmed the storms and raised land from beneath the waters. But they could not agree on how the world should be arranged, and left the new continents floating in the skies while they slumbered over their deliberations.

    When they awoke, 2.4 billion years later, life had developed on the surface of the floating landmasses. The gods marveled at their new worshipers, but could not agree on how to divide them among the pantheon. God slew god and in the divine war that followed, millions died, landmasses were shattered, and the Fathomless Depths turned so turbulent that till this day no vessel can sail on their waters.

    By sheer fortune, the Continent was spared the majority of the destruction. On its five million square miles, life endured and thrived, disturbed only by the growth of humanity, industry and the occasional war of conquest as the Imperio Gallardo attempted to subdue its rivals on the periphery of the Continent. It took two thousand years before the brutal Gallardian Emperors could confidently declare that they had conquered all the known world and established an Empire that would last a thousand years.

    Never before had Fate been so tempted and the very next year saw the discovery of Aetherite, the magical mineral that gave rise to the anti-gravity Aether Drive and the first airships. Where humankind had been confined to the Continent previously, now the doors of all the heavens were opened. All it took was the one vessel returning laden with gems and gold to fire the popular imagination and set off a shipbuilding frenzy. Overnight, the Continent turned all its feverish attention to the subject of air travel and the dangers and booty that awaited them on distant shores.

    Sensing an imminent threat to his rule, Emperor Felipe III of Gallardo declares a ban on travel beyond the Continent and orders the construction of a vast Armada to enforce his decree. But his rivals have beat him to the skies. Already, rebels plant their flag on undiscovered lands, bright-eyed scholars set sail in search of new discoveries, intrepid explorers defy the Crown to seek out foreign treasure -- and daring pirates prey on the ships ferrying booty back home.

    The heavens teem with danger: lightning storms, hidden currents, and Ironclads of the Armada that prowl the skies in search of Gallardo's enemies. Those who have sailed the clouds whisper tales of strange creatures on distant islands, mysterious temples to nameless gods, and hostile natives wielding magic beyond the scholars of the Universidad de Valencia. But few can resist the siren call of gold, silver and Aetherite, of ancient secrets and new knowledge. And every day, another ship fires its engines and ventures into the deep blue void on an epic journey of discovery.

    The engine of change is slow to rouse

    But the gears of revolution have begun to turn.

    On wings of iron, skyward borne,

    Brave souls vie to become--

    Sovereign of the Skies

    House rules

    Character creation

    Sample characters
    The Bruiser
    The Captain
    The Engineer
    The Gentleman/Lady Adventurer
    The Mystic
    The Rogue
    The Warrior


    Ship-to-ship combat
    Example Combat: HMS Sovereign of the Skies vs GAS São Cristóvão

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    The Architecturae: coming soon.|\__/|The Forever Tree:|\__/|The Forever Tree (the multiverse).\__/The Forever Tree (Earth-G).\__/Forever Tree NPCs.|\__/|The Multi-Faceted Gem: coming soon.|\__/|World-And-Maze:\__/World-and-Maze (the multiverse).

    The Realms of Idrifaulo.