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The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

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    Re: The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

    Hey, do things like Milestone or Ultraverse count as DC or Marvel? Because in that case, definitely pulling in Static and Night-Man, respectively.


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      Re: The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

      I would definitely argue that Milestone counts as DC and Ultraverse/Malibu counts as Marvel.

      As well as any Wildstorm characters could count towards the DC count, I suppose.


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        Re: The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

        Okay, collecting ideas, numbering and spoiled.

        1. J. Jonah Jameson
        2. Spiderman
        3. Doctor Octopus
        4. Kingpin
        5. Daredevil
        6. Dr. Doom
        7. Professor Xavier
        8. Magneto
        9. Beast  Henry McCoy
        10. Ice Man
        11. Angel/Archangel
        12. Cyclops
        13. Captain America
        14. Iron Man
        15. Hulk
        16. Thor
        17. Black Panther
        18. Nick Fury
        19. Red Skull
        20. Hawkeye (Possibly Redundant with Green Arrow)
        21. Black Widow
        22. Nightcrawler
        23. Storm
        24. Wolverine
        25. Juggernaut
        26. Sentinals
        27. William Stryker
        28. Green Goblin
        29. Alex Power
        30. Julie Power
        31. Jack Power
        32. Katie Power
        Shadowcat - Kitty Pride
        Kraven the Hunter?
        Good so far and needs more villains

        1. Superman
        2. Batman
        3. Flash
        4. Aquaman
        5. Green Lantern  Hal Jordan
        6. Martian Manhunter
        7. Robin I/Nightwing
        8. Lex Luthor
        9. Joker
        10. Cheetah
        11. Deathstroke
        12. Catwoman
        13. Riddler
        14. Bane
        15. Green Arrow (Possibly Redundant with Hawkeye)
        16. Black Canary
        17. Malcolm Merlin (apparently going with the TV version, fair enough)
        18. John Constantine
        19. Zatanna (Not at plot device moments)
        20. Darkseid
        21. Doomsday
        22. Brainiac
        23. Batman [Beyond]  Terry McGinnis
        24. Killer Frost
        25. Harley Quinn
        26. Captain Marvel  Billy Batson
        27. Black Adam
        28. Mr. Mxyzptlk
        29. Wonderwoman
        30. Cyborg
        31. Firestorm
        32. Captain Atom
        33. Red Robin
        34. Robin (number unknown)
        35. Batgirl  Barbara Gordon
        36. Red Hood
        37. Supergirl
        38. Superboy
        39. Wondergirl
        40. Donna Troy
        41. Kid Flash
        42. Green Lantern  Guy Gardner
        43. Green Lantern  John Stuart
        44. Green Lantern  Kyle Rayner
        45. Beastboy/Changling
        46. Starfire
        47. Aqualad
        48. Miss Martian
        49. Red Arrow
        50. Speedy
        51. Raven
        52. Mary Marvel
        53. Hawk
        54. Dove
        Overfilled! Please remove characters! Recommendation; Hawk & Dove are less interesting characters and between the 4 Green Lanterns there should be some redundancy


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          Re: The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

          Originally posted by Mira0fEchoes View Post
          Okay, collecting ideas, numbering and spoiled.


          Good so far and needs more villains

          Hellfire Club (at least Shaw and the White Queen)
          Some portion of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Mystique, Pyro, Avalanche, Blob all sound good)
          Mr. Sinister

          Also remember that with supporting casts coming along we would get AIM, HYDRA, all the Doombots, etc are also coming across with the list, plus Red Skull/Kingpin/etc. taking over and enhancing existing "mundane" criminal organizations as villains.
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            Re: The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

            Noted; Kl'irt the Super Skrull and Ronan the Accuser should be considered on simular grounds. Adding a whole alien empire provides options and that is just from one of them.


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              Re: The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

              I honestly feel we could consider JJJ under the Spider-Man supporting cast rule, and the Power Pack kids could be grouped as 1 character, IMO. It's skirting the rules, but they are a singularly unique situation IMO, as they're rarely split up, and the entire reason to include them is their uniqueness as a character concept.

              I would honestly carve that DC list pretty mercilessly:

              23. Batman [Beyond] – Terry McGinnis = Only has value specifically to Batman, and Batman legacy is already covered by Robin/Nightwing
              24. Killer Frost = As much as I look forward to her TV appearance, I think she's redundant with Captain Cold and Mr Freeze as options.
              17. Malcolm Merlin (apparently going with the TV version, fair enough) = Nope. The TV version is basically Ra's Al Ghul, and his comic version is... ehh.
              31. Firestorm
              32. Captain Atom : These two would be an either-or. I lean toward Firestorm, I just feel like FS is the more interesting character being the gestalt. Captain Atom has some interesting aspects being a military hero, but I don't think it's enough to salvage him.

              The following are batbloat, IMO:
              33. Red Robin: Already have a Robin, as much as I love Tim. I'd prefer he be Robin, and Dick be Nightwing
              34. Robin (number unknown) (Assuming Damien): Don't need Multiple Robins
              35. Batgirl – Barbara Gordon: I'd love to include her as Oracle, but again, the batfamily and his rogue gallery are gonna fill this list quick if they all auto include.
              36. Red Hood: Again, love the character, due to it's history, but feel like if none of the above make the cut, perhaps he shouldn't as well.

              "Legacy/Group" Characters:
              37. Supergirl - Redundant
              38. Superboy - Redundant
              39. Wondergirl - Redundant
              40. Donna Troy - On the life raft, due to tie in to wolfman/perez titans, but I feel redundant otherwise.
              41. Kid Flash - See Above, though I'd argue to include Wally over Barry.
              42. Green Lantern – Guy Gardner - Green Lantern can work solo.
              43. Green Lantern – John Stuart - See Above
              44. Green Lantern – Kyle Rayner - See Above
              49. Red Arrow - Im tempted to let Roy Harper slide, due to Titans/JLA/Green Arrow ties, plus his own unique story.
              50. Speedy - Redundant, at this point, we're already at 3 archers.
              52. Mary Marvel - Redundant with Shazam.

              53. Hawk
              54. Dove - I don't know if they're worth salvaging, but at the same time, they're almost a Power pack/Cloak and Dagger situation, and if they were salvaged, I'd say use one spot for both.

              I also wouldn't balk at inverting a few selections, IE, I'd gladly give up Superman for Supergirl, with Superman giving himself up for whatever crisis occurred as opposed to supergirl.
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                Re: The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

                Agreed; though I'd argue Barbara as Oracle could be salvaged but arguably that is a supporting role.

                I'd also ditch Donna Troy over Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark). The former has a heck of mess of continuity and her most defining impact has been her death...which has been known to stick for a decade at a time and then DC reboots and she may not have existed.

                If we want to keep Red Arrow/Arsenal then Hawkeye becomes redundant, as Green Arrow is required.

                Would reconsider 'Black' Mary Marvel; she has some interesting points, though I understand the redundancy. Recommend 'life-raft' status.

                Would really like to swap out Red Skull for either Baron Zemo or Von Strucker. Skull has had turbulent time with HYDRA, not surprising since it was in part founded to subvert his control over the Reich. (Hey, that is the official reason for Von Strucker joining way back when).

                __________________________________________________ __________________________
                Like the inverting idea; would also like to know which variant of the characters will be used. Red Son Superman would have a drastically different impact to say Flashpoint Superman or Generations Superman.
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                  Re: The 100 Chosen: ("Amalgamated Marvel/DC" setting thread)

                  The solution to the archer trio quandary is pretty clear, IMO, they all 3 have "narrative merit".

                  Green Arrow is the "Super Hero" of the bunch.
                  Hawkeye is the "Everyman" of the Bunch. (If you're familiar with the "hawkguy" run , you'll see how different he can be) He's still as much of a hero, mind you.
                  Red Arrow is the "washout" of the trio, and might be better utilized under his "Arsenal" moniker, with him being the "anti-deathstroke" weaponmaster type for DC.

                  Considering Oracle headlined BoP and was a JLA member, I wouldn't consider her "Supporting", but with those cuts there's more than enough room for her.

                  I only warrant Donna Troy over Cassie for her Titan's history, part of me thinks having the Wolfman/Perez Titans would be good, but at the same time, she could easily be switched, and I prefer Cassie myself, being a Young Justice fan.

                  There were enough DC cuts Mary Marvel definitely has a spot on the raft. She was one of the more difficult choices, along with Supergirl. Honestly, I would not bat an eye at giving up Shazam's spot for Mary Marvel. Basically, I think Superman/Supergirl/Shazam/Mary Marvel is some ridiculous overlap, IMO, but cutting one half of each pairing makes it more acceptable and leaves more room for villains/outside the box characters.