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  • Cosmic Oversight?

    So I got the Cosmic Handbook pdf and started reading through it. A part that struck me odd was in "the Chaos of Collapsar" section. And I quote:

    "The events that followed are told in the Heroes’ Journey: Event Horizon adventure series found in this book."

    Sounds like we have an adventure dealing with the fall of the Imperium? A what happened after the events of Emerald City? I dunno, because its not in this(being my) pdf. Or was that just an oversight? Something 'soon to be launched' or something lost in the press files?

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    Re: Cosmic Oversight?

    You woulda been better off checking the CH thread first as someone else already asked about this and got a reply.

    There was a planned adventure series to be included in the book but it was dropped before publication; unfortunately not all references to it were removed.
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      Re: Cosmic Oversight?

      Sorry, haven't been through here in ages. Sort of digging through this and that and completely missed that thread. Seems like there's an errata thread as well, should probably mention this in there too.

      Dropped from publication eh? Would've made a good continuation from the Emerald City stuff. Ah well. Good thing with being a lurker? I can take my change and go sulk in the corner where no one will notice.

      Thanks for the heads up.