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    Infamous Starbeasts:
    As mentioned before on several occasions, the Green Star's miraculous dust was sometimes carried very far afield from Europe. One such sprinkle of powers-granting dust was inhaled by an elderly Chinese hermit (name unknown). This hermit was transformed into a toad, non-sentient---but GIGANTIC, easily the size of a very large human being.

    Word of this miraculous creature spread far and wide, and eventually the Emperor, himself, decided to possess the beast. Six holy men set out to capture the god-toad, a task they succeeded at, brilliantly.

    But...that was when the...problems...began. The toad was hungry, ENDLESSLY hungry. No matter how much food the holy men fed the damnable thing, there was always room, it seemed, for MORE.

    Upon returning to the Emperor, they presented His Majesty the infernal beast and washed their hands of it. ("Good riddance!", they said, relieved.) The Emperor, however, found the toad's endless appetite to be the solution to a very real problem: he discovered it would eat human corpses just as readily as any other foodstuff.

    Thus, the newly-christened "Toad-eating-the-Sky" became the intimidating "monster" at the Emperor's "command".

    Awwww, look at the baby kaiju! Kaiju??! KAIJUUUUUUUU!
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    The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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      Monsters, NPCs and witchlands

      Another large post, this one contains characters and locations whose stories are deeply entwined, even if only indirectly.

      Infamous aliens:
      Ancient-Supreme Glorianna Lux:
      PL18/300pp. The Ancients are immortal, with powerful regeneration. They clothe themselves in technology so advanced it may as well be magic. They have stood the many tests of time, destroying...or outliving...all those civilizations who opposed them. And...leading them through all this turmoil, strife and conflict is their Ancient-Supreme, one Glorianna Lux: commander of the Many, high priest of the Purists, and so forth. It is her sacred---and unending---duty to suppress superpowered beings wherever they may appear.

      The Stonebuilders were her greatest failure. They rose from a Stone Age to nearly destroying the entire Great Imperium, all in less than a century. And now, these humans---they have the potential to go farther than the Stonebuilders ever could.

      The Many are her idea. "Why not," she proposed, "subvert the problem directly at the source?" But it has been a project of...questionable...efficacy. The Many are loyal, yes, but the root-species simply cannot be Purified for long.

      And Glorianna Lux, Ancient-Supreme of the Great Imperium, will succeed, and she willmake her tribute in time.

      The only other option, after all, is unthinkable.

      Gloriana's birthname, for those who find such things amusing, is Gwurra Aiwass Lalune.

      Originally posted by Ancient-Supreme Glorianna Lux
      "I will do what must be done, that the Old Pact be upheld!"
      Every supers setting needs an evil alien overlord!

      Glorianna Lux has an absurdly high PL, though not from personal powers; rather, her PL is so high because she commands a frickin' interstellar empire's worth of Equipment, Minions and Sidekicks!
      The Great Wanderer:
      The greatest psychic ever decanted by the Ancients, the Great Wanderer's "name", as it were, is Subj1-1-2-1-0. Long ago, when the Ancients waged war upon the Stonebuilders and the Milky Way Galaxy burned, the slowly-losing Ancient built a biological superweapon using cloned Stonebuilder tissue. They created the Great Wanderer, a psionic organism of eternal youth and vast, almost titanic power.

      Meant to be a weapon of unthinking loyalty to her decanters, the Great Wanderer was not so easily tamed. Breaking free of her masters' control, the Great Wanderer escaped and fled into the wider universe.

      Over time, the Great Wanderer found Earth. She pondered the Ancients' strange obsession with it. Out of morbid curiosity, the Great Wanderer chose the very best priests and shamans and gave them hybrid children. But, after a human stole her psi-amplification rod right out of her very campsite as she slept, nerves got the better of the Great Wanderer and she fled into deep space, anew.

      In essence, the Great Wanderer is a bodhisattva writ large: if she dies, her sentience will travels the stars 'til it finds a recently dead non-sentient organism. Her sentience will reanimate this corpse and metamorphose it into a vague approximation of her earlier body. In this manner, the Great Wanderer's abilities and power scales've changed drastically over time.

      Originally posted by The Great Wanderer
      "Perception determines reality. This is the most primal of truths."
      Our Phoenix-analogue...minus all the romance subplots AND the overpowering melodrama...

      Infamous bodhisattvas:
      Some bodhisattvas are content to be saints and hidden masterminds, but others wish to be gods or titans. Ganesha wants power; he wants to rule the world from on high. And now that Ganesha has heard reliable rumors of Western "bodhisattvas" known as Those Born of the Stars, he may well now have the ability to actually do it!

      Ganesha's incarnations never vary---he's always from India, always Hindu, always a Brahmin and always hungry for power. And his psychic ability is quite unique, even among bodhisattvas: Ganesha may generate a solid-blue-colored "elephantine" psionic exoskeleton---an Alternate Form, basically. He is not, however, actually the Hindu god whose name he stole. (As the very existence of the divine simply refuses to make itself clear.)

      Originally posted by Ganesha
      "Annoy the gods, expect a thunderbolt!"
      A brick whose powers are psionic in nature. Oh, and he's also a raging megalomaniac.
      Hanuman is a trickster, no doubt about it. Naming himself after the Chinese monkey-god of mischief, Hanuman has been the playful scourge of Asia for millennia. He is whimsy and strife and O so delightfully clever, to the immense frustration of all peoples.

      Despite naming himself after a monkey-god, Hanuman is not actually a "super-simian". Rather, Hanuman is a telekinetic, with little power but immense skill WITH that power. This makes him an ideal pick-pocket, cat-burgler and shit-stirrer, all rolls Hanuman has played with great aplomb. Hanuman has functional serial immortality, and being serious grew boring long long ago.

      Hanuman has little concern over his incarnations' genders, ethnicities and languages, as it's all the same to him. He always, however, reincarnates into bodies destined to be extremely limber and with a head for heights.

      Originally posted by Hanuman
      "Ha ha ha! Watch where you go, fumble-foot!"
      Hanuman is much less than PL10/150pp, but he still functions in the general capacity as a cosmic imp...

      Infamous Earthkings:
      The Lion of Night:
      Bloated and hyper-muscled, the Lion of Night is an H.R. Giger reinterpretation of a male lion: with transparent flesh and muscles so powerful they can demolish stone by just rippling, the Lion of Night's front "legs" are actually hyper-malleable mandibles, with "claws" that're actually teeth. His mane is made of writhing orange-ish worms, and he stinks of ozone.

      When the Lion of Night sends his Earthking organism out to do his bidding as a Summoned Minion, he is revealed to be a toothy old African elder, weak and feeble and slowly going blind.

      The Lion of Night is the second-in-command of the Earthkings, answering only to the Great Devourer, himself! He is angry and boastful and is only loyal out of fear.

      Originally posted by The Lion of Night
      "None may challenge me, and live to boast of it!"
      Catman, as reimagined by Clive Barker, H.R. Giger and H.P. Lovecraft.
      Va of Ghana:


      Infamous Entombed:
      Sleeping Mariah:
      Sleeping Mariah is on the moon. An angel put her there, with loving care. She is a little girl, barely 8 years old. Her mother Vanished, her father became like God, and she...froze.

      Her father was devastated. He had such power...and he could not save her. He could move mountains, conquer the world, even---but he simply could not save his daughter. The grief and confusion added to his own inner turmoil, and one day...he left. Mariah father would have a chat with God.

      But Mariah's father could not bear to let his daughter be at the mercy of greedy, avaricious mortal men so he took he with him. Mariah had always daydreamed about meeting the Man on the Moon. So, that is where he left her. It was all could do for her, now.

      She's still up there, mind you---cold, unmoving, unmarred by both void and radioactivity. She has met the moon. She is kindly left where she most wanted to be. And perhaps that will be enough to ease her father's conscience.


      Infamous Morlocks:
      Creeping Death:
      S/he is a multitude; a colony of him/herself, broken down into an ambulatory hive infested with hyper-sentient wasps with poison in their bites. S/he is both male AND female, of two minds, yet one consciousness. Placeholder.

      Gehnkuttu, Predator-King of Lemuria:
      A giant with three heads, three arms and a six-legged centauroid lower body, Gehnkuttu barely rates as sentient. Placeholder.


      Infamous mortals:
      Saul Androvati:
      An Italian philosopher, Saul Androvati is one of Simon Luther's chief disciples, helping --- it is hoped --- pave the way for Starborn acceptance into the larger European society. Saul has studied the Starborn gathering at Simon's fief and he has begun to make amazing discoveries---none of which he is remotely capable of comprehending.

      Saul has heard, however, of a most unique Starborn, known only as the Bearer of Holy Gifts. It is said this Starborn has the unusual ability to transform humans permanently into Starborn. As time goes on, Saul will become obsessed with finding this superhuman; this obsession will, eventually, lead Lord Androvati down a very dark road...

      Originally posted by Saul Androvati
      The Green Star universe's Moira McTaggert to Simon Luther's Prof. X---minus the romance and its associated baggage.

      Infamous Starbeasts:
      She is every animal, all at once. Pre-Green Star, Chaos was a fox living in rural Ireland. Then the Green Star changed her, and how, Chaos may metamorphose herself---wholly or partially---into any animal genuinely native to Earth. Her flesh bubbles like wax, and, moments later, new flesh is found beneath. Placeholder.

      The Orichalcum Baboon:
      Sometimes...strange things, strange indeed, have been known to happen. Things that defy description. Such is the case of the Orichalcum Baboon.

      A life-sized baboon-statue made of solid gold, its owner, an Italian Silk Road merchant named Giuseppi Salme was transferred inside the statue during the night of the Green Star's passage---and was promptly devolved to a Starbeast.

      Now little better than a very odd animal, the Orichalcum Baboon is perhaps the most literally valuable creature alive. It is one of the "tame" Starbeasts loyal to the Angel of Wolves' Kinfolk.

      Originally posted by The Orichalcum Baboon
      A living "McGuffin".
      Rot is dead, cold and still. He does not move and festers under the heat of the sun and the cold of the moon, alike. But insects do not mar him; scavengers do not pick at his carcass. A foul smell emanates from Rot, but decay has seemingly stopped at an "ideal" middle-ground.

      But Rot is not gone. A dead dog, the Green Star's dust reanimated the beast's consciousness, raising it to sentience, then tying it to its corpse. Rot is not alive. Rot is not dead. Rot is undead.

      Rot is paralyzed in his undeath, but his dead spirit may roam as it sees fit. Illl omens follow in his wake: 2-headed calves are born, mothers no longer produce milk and harvests suddenly go bad.

      Rot is kept on gory display at the Nightmare-Men's Nightmare-Carnival.

      Originally posted by Rot
      "...all things die..."
      Rot is one of the few superbeings you can properly label as undead!

      Infamous Starborn:
      Michael Archangel:
      Michael Archangel is a name that still inspires fear and awe, even after a year's utter absence. THE modern Starborn, Michael possessed power so extreme as to be unbelievable. Gifted with massive dove wings, Michael could fly at supersonic speeds; he could bench press an entire mountain, albeit with some difficulty; his eyes could issue forth red beams of power that could scissor even the strongest structures and beings in half with ease. And his senses!: oh, how sharp were his senses! He could stand in Jerusalem and distinctly and clearly hear a conversation occurring in the New World.

      And he was indestructible, too, even to the attacks of his strongest Starborn kin. Even Gigant could not so much as scratch the tiniest wound onto Michael's pristine, ivory-pale flesh.

      And the so-called Archangel's intellect had increased, also, as scientific breakthroughs of all kinds would flood his mind at the merest provocation.

      But this did not comfort Michael. Instead, it frightened him. He, alone, could undo all the works of man. Was this a gift of God? Or the Devil? He sought answers with his immense new insight, but this only raised disturbing questions of the Church's authority. The Earth, for instance: it was not merely a few millennia old---with his senses and his intellect, Michael had deduced the world was at least a billion years old!

      Confused and desperate, Michael Archangel flew into the sky, hoping to question his Maker face-to-face, and beg of Him an answer. But...God wasn't up there, only a cold nothing filled with alien wonders. He went to lightspeed, and then faster still, determined to meet the Author of Infinity...

      Originally posted by Michael Archangel
      "I must know!"
      Every supers setting needs a Supermanalogue!

      For the curious, Michael Archangel is PL14/290pp.
      The Somnolent Dreaming Lotus:
      Chieng Li-Wan was once a merchant of far-off China who regularly plied the Silk Road. This profession had made Chieng wildly rich, but greed motivated him for more---and the only way for more was to travel deep into Europe.

      He was in Luxumborg when the Green Star came, and, as the comet passed overhead, Chieng vomited up a most unusual creature: the Somnolent Dreaming Lotus, an externalized power. The Green Star, in effect, had given Chiang a pet of great power. Chieng experimented with the Somnolent Dreaming Lotus, and found it utterly subservient to his wishes.

      Chieng Li-Wan is a short, fat, bespectacled Chinese man of obvious good education and cultured manners, but the Somnolent Dreaming Lotus is an alien, Gigeresque thing with pale pink skin, gills, fins that doubled as wings, an angular, fishlike face. It can fly and swim with equal proficiency and, when needed, it may extrude 17 legs and move phenomenally fast. But the Somnolent Dreaming Lotus most obvious power is that it may swallow beings whole and transport them about safely, even at the ocean depths or outer space. While carrying someone, the Somnolent Dreaming Lotus becomes essentially indestructible by medieval standards.

      Chieng is the only living being to witness Michael Archangel depart Earth, though the significance of what he's beheld is, as yet, still lost on him.

      Originally posted by The Somnolent Dreaming Lotus
      "I have a dragon. A young dragon, yes, but a dragon, nonetheless. This is clearly a sign of Heaven's favor!"
      He has a Pokemon-by-way-of-Cthulhu.

      Infamous witchlands:
      The Dragons' Graveyard:
      There is a soul---there is an afterlife. These things are facts. But the Dragons' Graveyard is a deception, no more connected to the soul than any other witchlands. For, you see, "the dead" can be contacted at the Dragons' Graveyard...or can they?
      Powers: (4pp.)
      A Feast for the Dead: Mind Reading 1 (Feats: Triggered [whenever someone walks into the Dragons' Graveyard]; Flaws: Linked [to A Feast for the Dead Summon Minion]). (2pp.) Summon Minion 1 (phantasmal "ghosts"; a "ghost" is built on PL1/15pp; Feats: Triggered [whenever someone enters the Dragons' Graveyard]; Flaws: Linked [to A Feast for the Dead Mind Reading]). (2pp.) --- (4pp.)
      ----/::This is a completed Dragons' Graveyard build.

      Not all witchlands need to be built on large numbers of power points in order to be effective.
      The Hellmouth:
      In Cairo, Egypt, there lurks an entirely subterranean witchland of terrifying implications. In an old Roman cellar where nothing was before now sits a yew wood door that opens up...on Hell.

      Really? No, not really, but it nevertheless is what Cairo natives believe. Imams and holy men have taken up permanent residence above the Hellmouth, hoping to shut Iblis up with the power of their prayers.
      Powers: (64pp.)
      And On Up Came Iblis: Transform 10 (any healthy legs to any lame legs; Extras: No Saving Throw; Flaws: Triggered [upon entering the Hellmouth]). (60pp.)
      Swallow Your Soul! Swallow Your Soul! Swallow Your Soul!: Illusions 1 (all five senses; Extras: Duration [continuous]; Feats: Contagious; Flaws: Limited [horrific imagery, only]). (4pp.)
      ----/::This is a completed Hellmouth build.
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      The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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        Infamous Starborn:
        The Great Beast:
        Though most Starborn look perfectly human, some few have transformed radically. One such physically mutated Starborn is Angelique Renoit, known to Europe as the Great Beast.

        A living pillar of plant-matter and fungus, the Great Beast is plugged directly into Earth's biosphere, and may alter her physiology into any plant or fungus in the entire universe. This functions essentially as Shapeshift and NOT Plant Mimicry, considering her raw versatility. Furthermore, as long as Earth lives, so too shall the Great Beast endure. And finally, the Great Beast is in a state of quantum entanglement with the alien Godgardens of Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri, and may choose to Transmit there (though she is unaware of this talent).

        Though French by birth, the Great Beast has traveled north, as is now the "bride" and chief disciple of Wotan One-eye. Though she doesn't believe him in his outrageous claims of godhood, the Great Beast is, nonetheless, herself a pagan. She vehemently supports Wotan's desire to "re-paganize" Europe, and that is why she serves him.

        Originally posted by The Great Beast
        "...all things are of the cycles of nature...
        The Green Star universe's much-lower-powered equivalent of Swamp Thing.
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        The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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          Setting information.

          Interesting rumors swirling around Europe:
          "The Carpathians have a new 'mountain'---a rock-encrusted Starborn of ungodly huge size. It's true, I swear!"

          "In England's rural countryside, it's said the Questing Beast has been spotted. Does this mean King Arthur will soon return? Is this England's hour of greatest need?"

          "In Finland, it is said there is an Entombed that can light fires when no one is looking. Hans swears he saw it!"

          "In the German Black Forest a Starborn conjured a demon to make a pact with Satan. The demon tried to eat the man, but the Starborn got stuck halfway down and now can't get out. You might see the pair, roaming the Black Forest at night, each half muttering to the other."

          "A Portuguese woman now has the power to become a tiny fairy and ride a single honeybee, the way a man rides a horse! Her husband, they say, is the same way---but he rides a fly!"

          "Rome is said to be haunted by seven ghosts, who speak and act as one. Many people believe them to be the 'Legion' mentioned in the New Testament."

          "Among the heathen Saracens lives a boy who may bend metal with his hands, despite being small and frail-looking. Others, however, claim an evil spirit lives inside him and will actually move objects for the boy. Witchcraft!"

          "In the Scottish highlands people say a witch exists who can bring down rains of frogs---or, at least, strange stones vaguely shaped like frogs. Those who collect these pseudo-frogs mysteriously sicken and die, sores covering their bodies. Several clans've put a sizeable bounty on this witch's head."

          Only some of the above rumors have any validity, while others are mistaken for superhuman activity and others are flat-out lies. It's up to the individual GM to decide...
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          The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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            The Angel of Wolves and his Kinfolk:
            Agenda: Superhuman Supremacy.
            Leader(s): The Angel of Wolves. <+>
            Inner Circle: The Angel of Wolves <+>, Brutus <+>, Danse Macabre <+>, Gigant <+>, Goatskull.
            Followers: The Gate of Seven Swords <+>, the Kinfolk (a great many humans), Only Human (who is, ironically, a Starborn), the Orichalcum Baboon <+>, Witchfire.
            HQ: The Wolves' Den (location unknown).

            Originally posted by The Kinfolk
            "We will no longer submit to your authority or your threats."
            The Green Star universe analogue to Marvel's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
            The Anunnaki:
            Agenda: The Gods Must Rule Again!
            Leader(s): The Ancient Staggod <+>.
            Inner Circle: The Ancient Staggod <+>, Charybdis <+>, Gyre <+>.
            Followers: Dr. Caligriosto <+>, Inanna, Re-Atum <+>, the Skyreaver, the Sons of the Ancient Gods (a massive but thinly-spread cult of highly hidden Starborn-worshipping humans).
            HQ: At-Lan-Tuu (at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea, naturally).

            Originally posted by The Anunnaki
            "The old gods have woken!"
            Servants of the 2nd-oldest (but most powerful) superbeing of all time.
            The Nightmare-Men:
            Agenda: "We have such sights to show you..."
            Leader(s): The Briar-King <+>.
            Inner Circle: The Briar-King <+>, the Night's Mare <+>, the Wither-Man <+>.
            Followers: The Dreaming Childe <+>, the Eleven-in-One <+>, Kerberus <+>, Protean, Rot <+>, Seigfried the Beasttamer <+>.
            HQ: The Nightmare-Carnival (in the Scottish moors).

            Originally posted by The Nightmare-Men
            "Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhthaghn!"
            Inspired by Clive Barker, H.P. Lovecraft and H.R. Giger.
            One-eyed Wotan's Wild Hunt:
            Agenda: Restoration of Paganism.
            Leader(s): One-eyed Wotan <+>.
            Inner Circle: The Great Beast; One-eyed Wotan.
            Followers: The Einherjar (a great many human fighting-men) <+>, Norn, Nosferat <+>, Skadi <+>, the Valkyries (three human warrior-women who are temporarily enhanced at the start of every lunar month by Nosferat <+>,Vargr (a "bad-ass normal" trio).
            HQ: Valhalla (in Upsala, Sweden).

            Originally posted by One-eyed Wotan
            "Blood for the gods! Skulls for the glory of Odin!"
            A Green Star universe analogue to Marvel's Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen.
            The Red Hand:
            Agenda: Wiping Out the Starborn "Filth".
            Leader(s): Cardinal Moncada <+>.
            Inner Circle: Cardinal Moncada <+>, Witchfinder Heinrich <+>.
            Followers: 'Butcher' Boris, Michael Nostromo, Red Hand agents (ALL of which are merely human).
            HQ: Vatican, Rome (Italy).

            Originally posted by The Red Hand
            "Suffer not a witch to live."
            The Green Star universe analogue to Marvel's Friends of Humanity.
            The Red Rose Brotherhood:
            Agenda: Pave the Way for "God's" Arrival..
            Leader(s): "Cardinal Ruiz"
            Inner Circle: the "senior brotherhood".
            Followers: Churchmen all over Christian Europe, including Cardinal Moncada.

            Sometimes, you can make a deal with the devil...
            Simon Luther's Commune:
            Agenda: Human/Superhuman Equality.
            Leader(s): Simon Luther <+>.
            Inner Circle: Saul Androvati <+>, Simon Luther <+>.
            Followers: Hans the Humble, Henry the Ogre <+>, the Fire in the Sky, the Woman in Glass.
            HQ: Stephensholme (England).

            Originally posted by Simon Luther and his loyal followers
            "We must all work together for the betterment of our fellow man!"
            The Green Star universe analogue to the X-Men.
            <+> Given a background writeup.
            <*> Given a rules writeup.
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            The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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              Infamous Starborn:
              The Night's Mare:
              Crunch writeup:
              A horse-headed giant, originally an Arab Silk Road merchant dealing in exotic luxury goods, the Night's Mare was transformed into his present state while deeply intoxicated. ("When in Rome...") This led to his brain chemistry forever warping, turning a formerly avaricious coward to a sadist and a warmonger.

              Blessed with immense strength, the Night's Mare has a horse's head and bones that cannot break. (He is not otherwise protected from damage.) The Night's Mare has feet instead of hooves, but he does have a very large horsetail.

              Having joined the Nightmare-Carnival in the Scottish moors, the Night's Mare is a brute, a primitive sadist and a man in love with causing misery. The Scottish fear the Night's Mare more than any other Nightmare-Man!

              The Night's Mare is extremely good friends with fellow Nightmare-Man the Wither-Man.

              Originally posted by The Night's Mare
              "The strong do as they please. This is the ONLY law."
              Even a Cthulhu-circus needs a big dumb brute...!
              Infamous Starborn:
              The Wither-Man:
              Crunch writeup:
              Being hanged at the moment of his empowerment, the Wither-Man survived...sort of. Wearing an insect-mask that becomes his face while wearing it, the Irish Wither-Man escaped his dubious fate by slipping the noose and murdering everyone present. Blessed with unnatural flexibility and the living "masks" he dons, the Wither-Man is extremely dangerous.

              But....the Wither-Man is dying. The Wither-Man is immortal. For him to live forever, others must die. A living corpse, perpetually at the moment of death, the Wither-Man staves off the inevitable by driving his insect-mask proboscis into a victim's neck, drinking their blood. He must feed hourly, or his own status will kill him.

              The Wither-Man was easily recruited to the Nightmare-Men; he and the Night's Mare are extremely close friends.

              Originally posted by The Wither-Man
              "All life derives from death. What I do is no more unnatural than any beast of the field! It is as...'God'...intended...!"
              The Wither-Man is the closest thing to a vampire the Great Star universe currently has.

              The masks he wears must resemble insects, but can be made from virtually any material. They need not be 'prepared' in any manner.
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              The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                Atlantean artifacts

                Consumable Atlantean artifacts:
                Grown by Ea of At-Lan-Tuu via his immense Plant Control and Plant Mimicry arrays, Heavenfood is capable of vastly enhancing the abilities of those touched by the Green Star. Non-Green Star superhumans---indeed, ANYone not touched by the Green Star---CANNOT benefit from Heavenfood (aside from having a VERY good meal). (Charybdis and Gyre are two very notable exceptions. Then again, they were sculpted genetically in the womb to be able to benefit from Heavenfoods, so I suppose they're not really exceptions at all.) By both eating Heavenbread AND drinking Heavenwine, the Ancient Staggod went from being a powerless human-turned-stag-Starbeast into a virtual cosmic entity.

                Unfortunately, only VERY small quantities of Heavenfood remain, hidden across the earth in chronally-sealed clay jugs. Finding a supply of either could catapult someone to the same levels as Michael Archangel.

                Users of Heavenfoods include the Ancient Staggod, Charybdis, Gyre and Michael Archangel. In addition, during the time of At-Lan-Tuu (known in medieval Europe as "Atlantis") hundreds existed who had made use of the benefits Heavenfoods bestow.

                Heavenbread: (49pp.)
                Solid Heavenfood, Heavenbread is not necessarily bread, but can be a VERY wide arrangement of foodstuffs. Heavenbread greatly enhances the partaker's physicality. Heavenbread stays fresh (essentially) forever.
                Strength of Titans: Leaping 4 (Quirk: Has the "Psionic" Descriptor). (4pp.) Super-Strength 15 (Feats: Super-Breath; Quirk: Has the "Psionic" Descriptor). (31pp.) --- (35pp.)
                Willpower of Titans: Enhanced Saves: Toughness 2 (Quirk: Has the "Psionic" Descriptor). (2pp.) Fortitude 12 (Quirk: Has the "Psionic" Descriptor). (12pp.) --- (14pp.)
                ----/::This is a completed Heavenbread build.

                Heavenwine: (41pp.)
                Liquid Heavenfood, Heavenwine need not necessarily be alcoholic, though it MUST be safe and healthy to drink. Heavenwine greatly enhances the partaker's mentality. Heavenwine stays drinkable and tasty (essentially) forever.
                Eyes of the Gods: Super-Senses 1 (truth sense). (1pp.) Telepathy 1. (2pp.) --- (3pp.)
                Slumber of the Gods: Astral Form 9 (Flaws: Limited [only while user is asleep]). (36pp.) Dream Control 1 (Flaws: Limited [user must be asleep]). (2pp.) --- (38pp.)
                ----/::This is a completed Heavenwine build.

                Heavenbread combined with Heavenwine:
                When Heavenbread is combined with Heavenwine, a powerful resonating effect occurs. In addition to the individual effects listed above, vaster, more specialized powers also surge forth:
                Resonating Amplification: Mutation 20 (Innate; Flaws: Limited [may only be used once by any one Green Star-touched being, EVER], Limited [those affected by the Green Star, only]).
                ----/::This is a completed Heavenbread combined with Heavenwine build.

                Ea, I should note, was an actual mythological fish-god who once offered a man "the water of immortality" (but, for some bizarre reason, got turned down[?]).

                I would like to formally acknowledge the idea of Heavenfood was stol---I mean "appropriated" from Michiru's Oublietteverse.

                Stationary Atlantean artifacts:
                Six locations thought to be witchlands are, in fact, vast Atlantean machines so overgrown the seem to be part of the landscape. Hundreds once existed, but now only six remain in a functioning state.
                The Forbidden Gate:
                A primitive, artificial, reverse-engineered StoneDoor, the Forbidden Gate, hidden in a temple in Tibet, is a stable portal leading to Earth-B, in the year 1555 AD. As Earth-B mutants did not first appear until 1997 AD, and the pre-existing non-mutant Earth-B superhumans stayed hidden with great dedication and zeal, Earth-G characters would have to have a very low profile. In particular, the Dream Moth, Earth-B's imperiex, vigorously patrols his Earth's timeline to ensure nothing disturbs the flow of history...!
                Powers: (3pp.)
                The Forbidden Gate: Super-Movement 1 (dimensional movement 1 [Earth-B of the Forever Tree]; Extras: Portal). (3pp.)
                ---/::This is a completed Forbidden Gate build.

                Not really Hell, this structure, buried under the Carpathians Mountains in Wallachia, was designed to be a prison for Starborn who violated Atlantean law and refused all offers of redemption. Placeholder.
                Powers: (108pp.)
                Escape-Proof Cells: Features 1 (temporal inertia; Extras: Affects Others [the occupants of each cell]; Flaws: Only Affects Others [the occupants of each cell]). (1pp.) Immunity 9 (full lifesupport; Extras: Affects Others [the occupants of each cell]; Flaws: Only Affects Others [the occupants of each cell]). (9pp.) Protection 20 (the cell's walls, only; Extras: Impervious 1). (21pp.) --- (31pp.)
                Powers-Draining Cells: Nullify 11 (all superpowers of the "Green Star" descriptor). (77pp.)
                ---/::This is a completed 'Hell' build.



                Wearable Atlantean artifacts:
                Though many many many copies of the following Devices were made in At-Lan-Tuu's heyday, only one of each of the following two artifacts still exists and is functional. Like the Heavenfood, these two items are cleverly concealed within a hidden cache somewhere in the world (up to the GM's discretion where, naturally).
                EL's Seeing Bowl: Device 17 (psi-resonant scrying bowl; easy to lose). (51pp.)
                Scrying Bowl: Communicate 4 (mental; languages; Flaws: Linked [to Scrying Bowl Telelocation]). (5pp.) Telelocation 9 (medium: water; Flaws: Linked [to Scrying Bowl Communicate]). (9pp.) --- (14pp.)
                Terrestrial Savages Call it "Sorcery": Create Object 8 (Flaws: Source [nearby water {NOT the Bowl's water} to conjure shapes from]). (8pp.) Illusion 8 (all five senses; Flaws: Source [nearby water {NOT the Bowl's water} to conjure the illusions out of]). (24pp.) --- (32pp.)

                The Worldstaff of Ea: Device 22 (psi-resonant biokinetic staff; easy to lose). (66pp.)
                Biokinetic Awareness Field: Super-Senses 4 (detect life, detect minds, detect technology, detect water). (4pp.)
                The Four Elements: Air Control 10. (20pp.) --- (24pp.)
                AP: The Four Elements: Earth Control 10. (1pp.)
                AP: The Four Elements: Fire Control 10. (1pp.)
                AP: The Four Elements: Water Control 10. (1pp.)
                The Soul of the Plantworld: Plant Mimicry 10 (Flaws: Limited [cannot mimic fungi]) (80pp.) --- (82pp.)
                AP: The Soul of the Beastworld: Animal Mimicry 10 (Flaws: Tiring). (1pp.)
                AP: The Soul of the Fungusworld: Plant Mimicry 10 (Flaws: Limited [can only be used to mimic fungi]). (1pp.)
                ----/::This is a completed Worldstaff of Ea build.
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                  Infamous mortals:
                  The Eleven-in-One:
                  Crunch writeup:
                  The Eleven-in-One is a horrifying abomination: 11 men "melted" into one monstrous whole by Sigfreid the Beasttamer, a lunatic "flesh artist" Starborn living in Scotland. The Eleven-in-One is now inseparable even by 21st Century medical standards, am amalgam warped and bent.

                  But that's only the beginning: the Briar-King caught the Eleven-in-One and became "artistic" with them. By way of gross disfigurement, horrifying "surgery" and cruel torture, the Briar-King made the Eleven-in-One "pleasing" to his eyes.

                  The Eleven-in-One live every moment in pain, their sanities shattered by the hell they must endure. But, they are NOT helpless wretches, as they allieviate their own suffering by inflicting great cruelties on others.

                  The Eleven-in-One belong to the Nightmare-Carnival.

                  Originally posted by The Eleven-in-One
                  "WE ARE MANY. WE ARE ONE."
                  The Eleven-in-One is basically a Hellraiser Cenobite in a superhero setting. "We have such sights to show you..." and all that.

                  Infamous Starborn:
                  Seigfried the Beasttamer:
                  Crunch writeup:
                  A corpulent, morbidly obese brick, Seigfried the Beasttamer has a most unusual set of powers. One, his stomach, on the inside, is infinite. Two, he can dislocate both upper and lower jaws. Three, he can eat anything safely and digest it safely, assuming he can swallow it: this includes rocks, dagger and swords, napalm and even plutonium rods. And finally, anything he eats, he can instead choose to vomit it back up into disgusting new configurations. (This is how Seigfried the Beasttamer created the Eleven-in-One.)

                  Seigfried is one of the few Starborn to have actually been driven insane by his empowerment. He has access to "genetic memories" of every living hing he eats, and, one day, he...made contact. With something inside the DNA of all creatures on Earth. This...something...was so vast and so alien merely acknowledging its existence drove Seigfried mad.

                  Seigfried the Beasttamer is a member-in-good-standing of the Nightmare-Men.

                  Originally posted by Seigfried the Beasttamer[/quote
                  "God is not in Heaven. God is within, and he is hungry! Let us feed him!"
                  If a Tzimisce from the old World of Darkness ever became a supervillain, he would be Seigfried the Beasttamer.

                  What did Sigfried contact, you ask? Well...Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhthaghn!
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                  The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                    These three witchlands all share one quality: they're evil, and good men should not be here...

                    Infamous witchlands:
                    The Black Labyrinth:
                    Found in the Carpathians, the Black Labyrinth has seen countless evils performed there over a great many ages; after it became a witchland, it saw that evil awake and will itself into psychic permanency.
                    Powers: (72pp.)
                    Ghastly Noises: Enhanced Skills: Intimidate +4. (1pp.) Features 1 (horrid, skin-crawling, demonic noises). (1pp.) --- (2pp.)
                    Walk the Labyrinth, Turn to Darkness: Mental Transform 10 (any good to any evil). (70pp.)
                    ----/::This is a completed Black Labyrinth build.

                    The Black Labyrinth is White Wolf's Black Spiral, retooled for a supers setting.
                    The Earthen Tomb of the Lyricist:
                    Inanna traveled into the Underworld to rescue Tammuz. Orpheus descended into Hades to bring back his wife. Some even believe Jesus, during his three-day death, descended to Hell to liberate lost souls. Found in Greece, the Earthen Tomb of the Lyrist echoes these legends, though it's doubtful it really leads to Hell.
                    Powers: (3pp.)
                    Hellmouth: Super-Movement 1 (dimensional movement 1 [the Outer-ring of Gnosis]; Extras: Portal). (3pp.)
                    ----/::This is a completed Earthen Tomb of the Lyricist build.

                    It does NOT lead you to Hades, but rather...somewhere else, much further afield...!
                    The Nothinggardens:
                    Found in Rome, Italy, right next to St. Michael's Cathedral, the Nothinggardens have the unique distinction of being the ONLY witchlands considered holy by Mother Church. A swath of inky void, the Nothinggardens have the unique ability to dampen powers granted by the Green Star.
                    Powers: (55pp.)
                    An Absence of Powers: Nullify 3 (all Green Star-related powers; Flaws: Full Power). (21pp.)
                    A Yawning Garden of Oblivion: Darkness Control 8 (Extras: Area [cloud], Progression 3 [area of effect]; Flaws: Full Power). (19pp.) Dazzle 6 (sound, only; Extras: Area [cloud], Progression 3 [area of effect]; Flaws: Full Power; Quirk: Manifests as a Zone of Absolute Silence). (15pp.) --- (34pp.)
                    ----/::This is a completed Nothinggardens build.

                    Holy Mother Church rigorously controls the Nothinggardens and uses them to hold particularly recalcitrant Starborn, prior to any trials and/or executions.
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                    The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                      Furthermost regions of the Green Star universe

                      Other realms:
                      (NONE of the realms described below involve parallel Earths, though they are separate realities... Furthermore, all the realities mentioned in this particular post strongly connect to the Green Star universe!)


                      Lens, the:
                      The fossilized remnant of the soul of the first sentient being on Earth, the Lens exists solely within the World of Gnosis.

                      Memetic entities; free-floating thoughtforms; spirits are not actually supernatural, instead being purely psionic in nature. Ironically, most spirits are not sentient, instead being representations of stories, legends, cultures and beliefs.

                      Created long ago by the Dawnspawn of Welruu, StoneDoors are literally portals to other parallel Earths in the multiverse. Over 20 StoneDoors exist, ALL of which are either on Earth or near Earth.

                      wielder of the Lens/wielders of the Lens:
                      Spirits, all of them sentient, who've learnt to draw upon the giant energies of the Lens to perform a huge variety of illusion-based effects. Wielders of the Lens have a special fascination for StoneDoors, and often go out of their way to protect them.


                      Alternate non-parallel Earth realities:
                      The astral plane: Where all thoughts flow into one super-consciousness.
                      The oneiric realms:
                      The oneiric realms are an Earth-G Resonance. This is where humans' minds come to during sleep. Spirits native to the oneiric realms ("dreaming angels") are not sentient, merely being memetic "robots". The "outermost" portion of the astral realm, the oneiric realms act as a boundary between the astral realm and the World of Matter (after all, it's so weakly defended anyone can visit it in their sleep!).

                      The upper astral realm: Where conscious thought may be accessed via psionics.
                      The upper astral realm is an Earth-G Resonance. The "shallowest" portion of the astral realm. Spirits here ("figments") are non-sentient, but play out elaborate scenarios miming the activities of humans in the material cosmos.

                      The mid-astral realm: Where subconscious thought dwells.
                      The mid-astral realm is an Earth-G Resonance. Not the same thing as the oneiric realms! Placeholder.

                      The deeps: The consciousness of animals
                      The deeps are an Earth-G Resonance. A primordial stretch of the astral place and much more savage, the deeps are where animal consciousness congregates and grows. Placeholder.

                      The abyss:. The "consciousness" of plants and fungi
                      The abyss is an Earth-G Resonance. THE deepest reaches of the astral plane, only 6 Starborn in all three Ages has ever been able to penetrate into the collective unconscious THIS deeply... Spirits here ("floating monoliths") have been around for hundreds of millions of years, have acquired enormous Illusion Dynamic Arrays and are so alien as to be unfathomable. Also, a StoneDoor is found here, albeit hidden by truly antediluvian powers.

                      The World of Gnosis:
                      Heart of Gnosis: From whence comes the Green Heavens.
                      The Heart of Gnosis is an Earth-G Resonance. Infinite energy is found here, far too much power even for a cosmic entity to hold! Spirits found here ("godlings"), while not actually sentient, possess truly absurd ranks in the Illusion power. At the very heart of the Heart of Gnosis there stands a gargantuan StoneDoor, which is powered by the above-mentioned Lens.

                      The Rings of Gnosis: The "sky" of the Green Heavens.
                      All the Rings of Gnosis are Earth-G Resonances. The vast majority of the World of Gnosis is to be found in the various Rings of Gnosis. Placeholder.
                      The Inner-rings of Gnosis: From whence came the Green Stars.
                      90% of the World of Gnosis is here. Embryonic Green Stars gestate in the Inner-rings of Gnosis, tended to by wielders of the Lens. Placeholder.
                      The Mid-rings of Gnosis: Within which most Green Stars remain trapped for eternity.
                      The outer edges of the World of Gnosis; this is the farthest most visitors from the World of Matter have ever traversed. Wielders of the Lens patrol here vigorously. Placeholder.
                      The Outer-rings of Gnosis: The boundary that divides the World of Gnosis from the World of Matter.
                      The planar barrier between raw omnipotence and mortal limitations. Few wielders of the Lens come here. Placeholder.

                      The World of Matter: The realms material.
                      This is the universe as we know it.
                      The Connectivity: Hyperspace!
                      The Connectivity is an Earth-G Resonance. In the Connectivity, distance drastically reduces, yet cosmic geography remains roughly the same. Thus, FTL of all forms must make utilization of the Connectivity. Certain Starborn make use of the Connectivity---teleporters, superspeedsters and even Michael Archangel.

                      Earth: The planet Earth (of course!).
                      The Sol System has a Green Star, and thus bears the transmutating touch of the Obsidian.


                      Objects of cosmic significance:
                      The Lens: Device 40 (petrified soul of the first sentient being to die on Earth; easy to lose; Feats: Remote Control, Restricted 2 [spirits of the World of Gnosis, only]). (123pp.)
                      Inward-Seeming Dreamstuff: Astral Form 9 (Flaws: Linked [to Inward-Seeming Dreamstuff Dream Travel and Inward-Seeming Dreamstuff Summon Minion]). (45pp.) Dream Control 22. (66pp.) Dream Travel 9 (Flaws: Linked [to Inward-Seeming Dreamstuff Astral Form and Inward-Seeming Dreamstuff Summon Minion]). (9pp.) Summon Minion 1 (quasi-real "avatar", built on PL0/15pp; Flaws: Linked [to Inward-Seeming Dreamstuff Astral Form and Inward-Seeming Dreamstuff Dream Travel]) (2pp..) --- (131pp.)
                      Outward-Seeming Dreamstuff: Create Object 1 (congealed ectoplasm). (2pp.) Illusion 1 (all five senses). (4pp.) Summon Minion 1 (dreaming majordomo; built on PL0/15pp). (2pp.) --- (8pp.)
                      Psychic Proficiency: Mind Shield 5. (5pp.) Mind Shield 5 (Extras: Impervious 5; Feats: Stacks [on baseline Psychic Proficiency Mind Shield]; Flaws: Tiring). (5pp.) Telepathy 5. (10pp.) Universal Translator. (5pp.) --- (25pp.)
                      Telepathic---if Dangerous!---Godhood: Telepathy 6 (Feats: Stacks [with Psychic Proficiency Telepathy]; Flaws: Tiring). (6pp.)
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                        Dumbo Syndrome

                        "Dumbo Syndrome"
                        Though Devices and Gadgets are not to be found ('til the inevitable invasion by the Many), "Dumbo Syndrome" is often to be found.

                        What is "Dumbo Syndrome"? Suffice it to say, "Dumbo Syndrome" is when a superbeing does not actually require an item (or other proper) to use their powers, but they think that they do. Case in point, a certain adorable baby elephant had the superpower of Flight, but, for the longest time, the l'il guy believed he needed a "magic feather" to achieve lift. In the end, the baby elephant discovered no, he didn't need the feather after all...

                        "Dumbo Syndrome" can manifest in a variety of ways. For instance:

                        Glorious Wings: Flight 6 (Flaws: Medium [wooden "wings"]). (6pp.)


                        Wings of Smokeless Fire: Flight 6 (Extras: Aura; Flaws: Levitation, Platform, Source [hallucinatory dust]). (6pp.)


                        Wand of the Four Winds: Flight 6 (Extras: Affects Others; Feats: Contagious; Flaws: Distracting, Tiring; Drawbacks: Power Loss [-1pp; without a "wand" of rowen wood]). (6pp.)
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                          The Forever Tree

                          Multiversal terminology:
                          The Forever Tree: The multiverse.
                          cosmic entities:
                          Sentient beings of unfathomable powers on a galactic and/or universal scale, cosmic entities have a huge variety of origins---some are descendants of He-who-is-now-Dead; some are mortals that long ago ascended; and some are machines so advanced they might as well be cosmic entities.

                          The Cthulhu Mythos:
                          NOT native to the Forever Tree, the deities of the Cthulhu Mythos partially invaded immediately following the death of He-who-is-now-Dead, as he no longer kept Perpendicular 5's Azathoth-gate shut. The invasion was partially halted, by all the imperiex, with the assistance of time-traveling superheroes drawn from Earth-B, Earth-E, Earth-L and Earth-N. Only when The Stars Are Right may the Outer Gods and their Great Old One priestgods continue their dread cosmic genocidal feast.

                          The Firstborn:
                          After creating the Forever Tree, He-who-is-now-Dead symbolically/psionically mated with his creation, producing 17 higher-order intelligence offspring. Over time, these entities weakened and died, until the last (the Solar Lion) figured out how to reinforce his Essence by melding his destiny to that of the Forever Tree. He taught this procedure to the 2nd and 3rd generation higher-order intelligences, who in turn now make up the "Ur-pantheon" of the whole multiverse.

                          The Forever Tree:
                          The multiverse, as created by He-who-is-now-Dead. The Forever Tree consists of parallel Earths A-Z, as well as six non-Earth dimensions known as Perpendiculars. The Green Star universe, by the way, is officially catalogued in Sunsphinx records as "Earth-G".
                          List of Forever Tree universes:
                          Earth-A: Unknown.
                          Earth-B: The Dreaming Moth universe. According to the Sunsphinx, it's imperiex is the Dream Moth, himself. Resonances include Occult Silenis (the dreamworld), the Echolake Containment Zone and the Room Without Doors. [{A world wherein human fought mutant, and the mutants won...albeit at great and dear price!}]
                          Earth-C: The Horned Titan universe. According to the Sunsphinx, the imperiex of Earth-C is the Bull of Heaven. [{A world in which the gods of Mesopotamia are revealed to "merely" being immortal superhumans.}]
                          Earth-D: Unknown.
                          Earth-E: The SurgerVerse. The Earth-E imperiex is the Spiralhorns. [{The Cthulhu Mythos mixed with Iron Age superheroics and Silver Age non-Mythos cosmic entities.}]
                          Earth-F: Unknown.
                          Earth-G: The Green Star universe. According to Sunsphinx records, Earth-G's imperiex is the Bringer of Fire. Resonances include the various astral realms, the World of Gnosis and the Far Beyond. [{Huzzah!!!}]
                          Earth-H: Unknown.
                          Earth-I: The Five Incarnae universe. The Sunsphinx list the Ir/Maker as Earth-I's meddlesome imperiex.
                          Earth-J: Unknown.
                          Earth-K: The Great and Mighty Monoliths universe. Earth-K's imperiex is the Ogrefather. Earth-K is one of only three parallel-Earths with no Resonances, whatsoever. [{A race of superpowered giants've taken over Earth and instituted a horrific regime.}]
                          Earth-L: The Ogrestructures universe. The imperiex of Earth-L is, by Sunsphinx accounting, the Horror that Walks on Teeth. [{Kaiju "mobile cities" slowly terraform Earth; the humans within each kaiju slowly awaken psionic abilities.}]
                          Earth-M: Unknown.
                          Earth-N: Unknown.
                          Earth-O: Unknown.
                          Earth-P: Unknown.
                          Earth-Q: Unknown.
                          Earth-R: Unknown.
                          Earth-S: Unknown.
                          Earth-T: Unknown.
                          Earth-U: Unknown.
                          Earth-V: The Rustdeity universe. The Rustdeity imperiex is Jax the Slumbering Emperor. It's only Resonance is the Spiritworld (a dimension accessible via virtual reality). [{A post-apocalypse transhumanist future-Earth.}]
                          Earth-W: The Abundant Darkness universe. The Sunsphinx claim Earth-W's imperiex is the Vast Glutton that Devours the Sky. [{An Earth wherein animal-themed bricks are the ONLY form of superhumans.}]
                          Earth-X: Unknown.
                          Earth-Y: The CrystalVerse. Earth-Y's imperiex is Jotun Mountainsunderer. [{Superhumans gain their powers from mysterious alien crystals surgically implanted against the hosts' wills.}]
                          Earth-Z: The Descent universe.

                          List of Forever Tree Perpendiculars:
                          Perpendicular 1: The world of the Stormlord and His Stormblooded. As a perpendicular, Perpendicular 1 has no imperiex. It's lesser godforge, obviously, is held jealously by the Stormlord. [{Steampunk "fantasy".}]
                          Perpendicular 2: The world of Linntuuu, full of living gods and decadent civilizations. As a Perpendicular, Perpendicular-2 has no imperiex. It's lesser godforge is held by Pachydermis. [{"fantasy."}]
                          Perpendicular 3: Unknown.
                          Perpendicular 4: The Great and Deceased Corpulent. As a perpendicular, Perpendicular 4 has no imperiex. It's lesser godforge is held by the Flowering Beast. [{A whole universe inside the largest carcass the Forever Tree has ever sen!}]
                          Perpendicular 5: The Unknown Deeps within the Void. The Unknown Deeps within the Void are the location of the sanity-shattering artifact/doorway called the Azathoth-gate. As a perpendicular, Perpendicular 5 has no imperiex. [{The realm of the Cthulhu Mythos.}]
                          Perpendicular 6: The world of the Sunsphinx. Perpendicular 6 is unique, in that it, alone, of all the perpendiculars, has an imperiex---in this case, the Solar Lion, leader of the Sunsphinx. [{A world of wonders, this Perpendicular is an uneven mix of Marvel Inhuman pastiches and DC New God pastiches.}]

                          The Great Grey Reading Room:
                          A location available only to higher-order intelligences, imperiex and universe-specific cosmic entities, the Great Grey Reading Room is where gods go to hang out and socialize safely. An image only is projected into the room, and safety mechanisms eject any entity attempting to use powers on any other entity.

                          An indescribably powerful higher-order intelligence, beyond even the imperiex, and physically larger than an entire universe, He-who-is-now-Dead died under mysterious circumstances; his corpse settled into the perpendiculars and became Perpendicular 4. An entire cosmos was born inside the corpse, a strange, ghoulish, quasi-necromantic universe of bizarre physical laws and even stranger inhabitants.

                          higher-order intelligences:
                          Cosmic entities that traverse the entire Forever Tree are called "higher-order intelligences". Imperiex are the greatest kind of higher-order intelligence.

                          An imperiex (singular AND plural!) is a "fulcrum being", a living foundation to a particular reality. Alone among all entities in the whole multiverse the imperiex are PLX. Imperiex are also perfect examples of higher-order intelligences, as they interact with each other quite regularly. All other entities have game stats [even if some of those stats are well into the absurdly, ludicrously high range.) The most powerful imperiex is not the Solar Lion; instead, it's the Dream Moth of Earth-B. The weakest imperiex is Jax the Slumbering Emperor of Earth-V.

                          lesser godforges:
                          Found only in the Perpendiculars, lesser godforges are primitive, much-weaker faulty reverse-engineered versions of imperiex. Outside a Perpendicular, lesser godforges cease working. Placeholder.

                          A sort of "Mini-Perpendicular", a Resonance is a non-parallel-Earth reality that tied to a specific parallel and can be reached solely from said parallel-Earth. Resonances have no imperiex (obviously).

                          The Solar Lion:
                          PLX/2344pp. A higher-order intelligence, an imperiex and sole surviving offspring of He-who-is-Dead, the Solar Lion is a Sunsphinx lion-feral with galaxy-scale control over the Five Fundamental Forces of the multiverse. As leader of the Sunsphinx, it was the Solar Lion who both chose AND empowered ALL the other imperiex. The Solar Lion is beyond such notions of good and evil, being concerned solely with the dimensional integrity of his father's prize creation. Uniquely, while within the Great and Deceased Corpulent, the Solar Lion's powers drizzle away to nothing, and he becomes merely human. His powers surge back to full effectiveness but moments later upon leaving Perpendicular 4.

                          The Sunsphinx:
                          Based out of Perpendicular 6, the Sunsphinx (singular AND plural!) are a race of immortal superhumans and superscientists, united by the desire to maintain the Forever Tree's dimensional integrity. The Sunsphinx are led by the Solar Lion, who is the only surviving offspring of He-who-is-now-Dead.
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                            Re: The Green Star universe

                            Annnnnd now, back to our regularly scheduled Green Star universe thread!!!
                            The Architecturae: coming soon.|\__/|The Forever Tree:|\__/|The Forever Tree (the multiverse).\__/The Forever Tree (Earth-G).\__/Forever Tree NPCs.|\__/|The Multi-Faceted Gem: coming soon.|\__/|World-And-Maze:\__/World-and-Maze (the multiverse).

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                              Cosmic entities [good].

                              Cosmic Entities: Good cosmic entities.
                              Several alien entities of vast power exist, known as "cosmic entities". By definition, a cosmic entity is a superbeing of truly epic proportions. While the Ancients have done their best to suppress any future cosmic entities they cannot be everywhere and thus some slip through the cracks and ascend to genuine immortality.

                              Only one human has ever become a benevolent cosmic entity---the Ancent Staggod. Despite his vast powers, Michael Archangel is still bound by an upper limit to what he can achieve. Thus, all other cosmic entities are aliens.

                              Cosmic entities are NOT PLX (a trait only held by imperiex throughout the wider multiverse)---instead, they have stats so high as to be beyond ridiculous. Cosmic entities' powers are thus bounded, though those bounds may be galactic in scope!

                              Here are three Green Star universe benign cosmic entities:
                              The Beautiful Living Gardenbeing: The god of plants
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL17/599pp. The ultimate plant-entity, the Beautiful Living Gardenbeing is an ascended Stonebuilder. Though as giant as all his kind, the Beautiful Living Gardenbeing is an effeminate beauty, slender and androgynous and delicate, with leaves instead of hair and talons made of fossilized bark.

                              Able to manipulate the Godgardens of Alpha Centauri and Proxima Centauri, the Beautiful Living Gardenbeing is a nigh-omnipotent biokinetic.

                              The Caduceus: A holder of infinite, dispensable lifeforce.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL10/600pp. The ultimate healer, the Caduceus is a purely psionic thoughtform surging with raw psychic lifeforce. Placeholder.

                              The Shifting Beast of Many Moons: Greatest synthbeast of all time.
                              Crunch writeup:
                              PL22/1003pp. The ultimate lycanthrope, the Shifting Beast of Many Moons is THE greatest creation of dzun synthbeast manufacturer Dlel Hteeiin. As synthbeasts are congealed dataplasm mixed with dashes of controlled, distilled ectoplasm, they are theoretically capable of doing anything. Though most synthbeasts have neural blockages preventing full access to such power, the Shifting Beast of Many Moons was explicitly designed without those same blockages!

                              As a result, the Shifting Beast of Many Moons ("the Shiftbeast") may assume the form of any animal, even extinct ones, found throughout the entire universe; furthermore, it may assume humanoid "hybrid"-forms of every single one of these animals. (Interestingly enough, this also now includes any non-sentient Starbeast!)
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                              The Realms of Idrifaulo.


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                                Cosmic entities [evil].

                                Cosmc Entities: Evil cosmic entities.
                                Great, nigh-infinite power doesn't equate with vast wisdom, and so, too, is it with cosmic entities, as some are evil as sin. Whole galaxies learn to fear these beings, and they are the Ancients' worst fears, personified.

                                Here are three malevolent Green Star universe cosmic entities:
                                The Nameless Beast: The god of beasts and rage.
                                PL19/508pp. The ultimate brick, the Nameless Beast is the only known non-sentient cosmic entity in the entire universe. Indeed, he is the GREATEST gene-lab creation of the Obsidian Man and the Obsidian Woman---in a sense making the Nameless Beast their "son".

                                The Stardancer: A living impossibility.
                                PL14/499pp. Once, in an ago that no longer Is, the Vampiredeities of Earth-A covered a very different Forever Tree under their occult shadows for a billion-year reign of terror. The Sunsphinx were exterminated, all higher-order intelligences drank dry and superhumans and humans alike turned into broken slaves.

                                But a band of time-traveling heroes went back to First Night, and slew the Vampiredeities as they exited their Genesis-Pods, thus Undoing what Was into oblivion. A new timeline played itself out, and the old multiverse taken down a very different route.

                                But the old Is somewhat survived, and congealed into a superspeedster cosmic entity of considerably weakened abilities. It is now confined entirely within the Green Star universe, and yet, still remembering the old timeline, this 'Stardancer' has sought fruitlessly to restore itself to the 'proper' continuum.

                                The Worldeater: The ultimate doomsday-weapon.
                                PL25/2000pp. The ultimate matter eater, the Worldeater is a machine currently slumbering in the Ebon System. It was built by the Ancients and serves to keep all annoyances away from the Obsidian Man and the Obsidian Woman. Placeholder.
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                                The Realms of Idrifaulo.