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    Howdy All,

    Riffing and bootstrapping a new four color M&M campaign ... possibly for just one Player. Since his favorite superhero is Dr. Strange, it behooves me to run a mystic campaign (which doesn't bother me one bit).

    I've got a pretty deep library to draw from (as does he, so I can't just use canned material), and pondering it a bit, I find it coming together with the following sources:

    San Angelo (Gold Rush Games) - I have a couple print copies of the '98 release, and the pdf of the v1.5, along with Dragon's Gate, the Chinatown supplement. The setting will drop somewhere south of Sacramento and north of Modesto. We live in the general region, so shooting for a combined familiar / comics-new feel.

    Book of Magic (2e), Gadget Guides (3e), some Atlases of Core earth, and various core M&M books (Green Ronin). Lots of stuff to pull from Book of Magic (and the Gadget Guides). The Butterfly Dictum and the Howling Dream both come to immediate mind as a near-term plot hook and overall Enemy / Entity. The Howling Dream sounds so much better than Lords of Chaos or other tired stuff. Arcanix, Dr. Azoth, Dr. Sin and possibly Prof. Jackanapes are all looking to be drafted.

    The Circle and The Mystical World (Champions 1e and 5e, Hero Games). Some ideas to pull from here. I've waited a long time to find a use for The Circle, dammit.

    Cthuot-Id, Dread Ichor (Misfit Studios). Loves me mind-flayers, and both of these will make good additions, I think.

    Covenant and Manitou (Vigilance Press). Both of these look to be a nice fit. Covenant will make a good contact, resource and foil more than an outright enemy, I estimate.

    That's my initial thoughts for my campaign building.

    Comments welcome.