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    Jackson Webster

    Jack joined the Agency right out of college, an idealistic and fresh-faced agent-in-training with no idea of what was going on. How times have changed. Today, after years of training and experience, he is one of the top players in the game, the one that’s called on when no one else can get the job done; a shadowy figure that does not officially exist yet commands respect and instills fear in all those who know. As one of the agency’s greatest assets Jack is placed on only the most vital of assignments and have more medals and honors than he can remember. But he’s no idiot, Jack know the rules of the game; you’re only as good as your last assignment and the day you fail will be the day they drop you (assuming you survive), and yet Jack continue to play. Why? Because he can’t stop, he can’t even imagine what it would be like to life a normal life. One day it’ll all catch up to him, one day he’ll become complacent or his body just won’t be up to it anymore, but that day is still a long way off and until then Jack’s going to continue to go out there and give it his all because it is the only thing he knows how to do, and nobody does it better.


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      Re: My OC Universe

      Real Name: Bradley Carter
      It all began with a mysterious golden envelope arriving in Bradley Carter’s mailbox. Neither stamped nor postmarked, the envelope contained a golden card that stated Bradley had been selected to compete on a new reality show entitled “World’s Greatest Human”. Although he hadn’t actually signed up to participate on any show he took the next morning’s limousine ride to the airport where he met with other contestants and boarded a private jet for the flight to the private island where he met still other contestants and the show would take place. Once on the island Bradley was introduced to the host who claimed to represent a reclusive billionaire who would make the winner into the World’s Greatest Human. What exactly the title of World’s Greatest Human entailed was not explained to everyone, but the prize money offered to those who did not win the competition was substantial enough that Bradley didn’t really worry about it. The competition lasted several weeks and tested Bradley to the limits and beyond in every way imaginable, but in the end, Bradley was victorious. Then Bradley was told the truth. There was no reality game show. There was no reclusive billionaire. It had all been a test, a test to find the one human worthy of a very special gift: the Omicron Elixir, which would turn Brad into the World’s Greatest Human. Thinking this was either a surprise challenge or some elaborate ceremony he eagerly drank down the golden liquid. In an instant he felt an incredible rush of power course through him, bestowing upon him the superpowers he currently possess. In that very same instant everyone and everything relating to the show vanished; host, crew, fel¬low, buildings, all gone. Bradley still don’t know what it all means. The only thing he knows for sure is that he have incredible powers; whether he is indeed the World’s Greatest Human is something for others to argue about, for his part, he intends to do his best to live up to the name.