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  • Oubliette

    oubliette: ü-blE-'et (n), 1. a dungeon with an opening only at the top; 2. French, from oublier- “to forget”; 3. a campaign universe full of strife.

    Welcome to Oubliette, a campaign universe similar to our own, save for the existence of Super-Powered Beings. These SPBs are men and women capable of performing acts normal humans could only dream of. They can fly, walk through walls or breathe fire. Some can lift staggering weights or are nigh-invulnerable, possessing bulletproof skin. An overwhelming majority of these people are Neo-Sapiens. The general public is relatively unaware of where Neo-Sapiens come from, save that they can be born into humanity and are often indistinguishable from normal humans.

    Because of the potential each SPB possesses, humanity often views these unique people as threats. Regardless of the source of their abilities, SPBs are often persecuted or worse. Many people believe such actions are justified, given that the many SPBs have decided to utilize their gifts to usher in an age of chaos and fear. Still, for as long as mankind has trembled before such powers the world has been protected by brave souls who stand for justice.

    Chapter I: History
    • Prehistory
    • The Twentieth Century
      • The Blood War
      • 1940's
    • Modern Age (2001 - )
      • Ragnarok
      • The White War
      • Apocatastais
      • Laputa
      • Neo-Sapien Diaspora
      • The Aeolian Invasion
      • The Acrimony War
      • The Armada

    Chapter II: Life
    • Super-Powered Beings
      • Nephilim
      • Neo-Sapiens
      • Ćsir
      • Magi
      • Espers

    Chapter III: Geography
    Chapter IV: Legends
    Chapter V: Heroes
    Chapter VI: Villains
    Chapter VII: Dimensions
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    Re: Oubliette

    APPENDIX A: House Rules
    APPENDIX B: Links
    APPENDIX C: Timeline
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      Leader: Erudite

      • Basilisk (apprehended; sentenced to Pandora)
      • Candyman (at large)
      • Confectionery (apprehended; sentenced to Pandora)
      • Entier (apparently destroyed)
      • Erudite (apprehended; sentenced to Pandora)
      • Felsic (apprehended; remanded to the custody of the New Vindicators Academy of Europe)
      • Lacuna (Lacuna Prime: killed; at large)
      • Lioness (killed)
      • Manticore (apprehended; remanded to the custody of the New Vindicators Academy of Europe)
      • Niloticus
      • Rheid (apprehended; remanded to the custody of the New Vindicators Academy of Europe)
      • Tallemaja (at large)
      • Tantivy (apprehended; remanded to the custody of the New Vindicators Academy of Europe)
      • Therianthrope (apprehended; sentenced to Pandora)
      • Vociferant (apprehended; sentenced to Pandora)
      • Zehirli (apprehended; sentenced to Pandora)

      Base of Operations: An island in the Mediterranean, possibly the Adriatic or Aegean Sea; according to Erudite, the engines absconded during the Kaiserslautern Event are being employed in making the island mobile.

      First Appearance: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #2

      Significant Appearances: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #6 (Vlad's arrival), New Vindicators Academy of Europe #8 (Therianthrope's confession), New Vindicators Academy of Europe #10 (Final Battle), New Vindicators Academy of Europe #16 (Tallemaja revealed), New Vindicators Academy of Europe #17 (Tallemaja vs. Siegfried), Tabula Rasa #25 (The Catherine)

      Goals: According to Erudite, the goals of Laputa are to overthrow the United States of America as well as any other nation that would oppress Neo-Sapiens. Then, using her intellect, she strives to usher in a utopia that will guide mankind--humans and Neo-Sapiens together--into an era of prosperity. Ultimately, this was revealed to be misdirection: in reality, Lacuna was Elizabeth Lamperouge, who blamed her brother Jason (Prodigy) for splitting up their family. Laputa was nothing more than a weapon she wielded in her crusade against him and any happiness he may have found in life.

      Crimes: On September 9, 2008, two members of Laputa (Basilisk and Confectionery) abducted the parents of Emily Adler (Catalyst) and used them to coerce the young woman to mind control Captain Nelson into creating a hostage situation in Kaiserslautern, Germany's townhall. These events are currently believed to have been a means for distracting the Bundeswehr, Germany's Federal Defense Force, while Therianthrope attacked the nearby Ramstein Air Base.

      Then, on September 27, 2008, Herta Radikovich, the adopted sister of a student (Vladislav Radikovich, Candyman) at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe unexpectedly arrived on campus. After finding her brother in the school's sublevels, she revealed the tattoo of a black pawn on her left shoulder and exposed herself as a member of Laputa. She then used a wireless detonator to activate a bomb planted in one of the many buildings composing the United Nations offices that flanked the institute. This explosion was shown to trigger the activation of Lacuna's personality within another guest of the school: Gabrielle "Elle" Curie (younger sister of student Martin Curie).

      In the ensuing chaos, the possessed girl made her way to the sublevels where she liberated Basilisk, who had been captured two weeks prior during the K-Town Incident. In their flight from the school, one of the students (Alina Amânar) pursued them in the air. She was ambushed by Therianthrope, who effortlessly ended her life miles above the Earth's surface.

      On October 13, 2008, Lacuna took control over Matt Meyers, a student at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe, and opened fire on a classroom, injuring two classmates (Juozas Cahan and Fiore Caspian) and one teacher (Iulia Catargi) before being brought down.

      The following day, Nadja Nelson, a secretary at the school, was found murdered. While the suspects were initially Tevfik and Lexus Rauf, several of Laputa's agents involved themselves in the investigation: Entier was observed manipulating the body in the sublevel's infirmary while Felsic, Tantivy and Therianthrope were observed searching Vienna for a student at the school, Beatrice Marceau. Though the pawns fled, Therianthrope fought a handful of the students and was successfully brought to justice.

      Operation: Aeneid
      Therianthrope turned out to be a Trojan horse, however: one of Lacuna's seeds was inside the man and set to bloom with the conditional trigger of entering Pandora. There, Lacuna would mentally take over both the guards and the inmates of the secret prison and expose its location to the other members of Laputa. Entier, Confectionery, Zehirli and Lioness (as well as their respective pawns) were assigned as an advance party whose task would be to rendezvous with the infected prison for yet unknown reasons. This plot was exposed by Cornelis Noteboom, carrying a message from Candyman, as well as deduced by Martin Curie following a conversation with his mother. Therianthrope was steered away from Pandora, ensuring that Operation: Aeneid would be a failure.

      The Invasion
      With the failure of Operation: Aeneid, Laputa moved their time table up significantly. On October 24, 2008, their island appeared in the skies over Vienna. Ultimately, the Vindicators and the New Vindicators both invaded the island. Though they were split up, they began to take down one member of the organization after the other before finally disabling the island's controls. Once evacuated, Magnitude and Quintessence moved it to a remote location in the Alps. However, during the conflict, two students of the New Vindicators Academy of Europe lost their lives: Warder (Dag Schenkenberg) and Apex (Cornelis Noteboom).

      Organization: Laputa is composed of sixteen members who operate as eight two-man teams under the direction of one individual. Each member represents a chess piece, with a pawn assigned to every major piece. As demonstrated by Tantivy and Lacuna, each member is marked by a tattoo that depicts their rank within the group.
      • King's Rook: Confectionery / Pawn: Basilisk
      • King's Knight: Vociferant (tattoo: sole of right foot) / Pawn: Rheid (tattoo: right arm interior)
      • King's Bishop: Lioness / Pawn: Candyman
      • King: Therianthrope / Pawn: Tantivy (tattoo: left shoulder)
      • Queen: Erudite / Pawn: Tallemaja
      • Queen's Bishop: Zehirli / Pawn: Manticore
      • Queen's Knight: Entier / Pawn: Felsic
      • Queen's Rook: Lacuna (tattoo: tongue) / Pawn: Niloticus (tattoo: belly)

      Hostages: During his confession, Therianthrope revealed to his son that it was the bishops' were given the task of abducting "low-threat individuals of significant importance to the Vindicators and their allies." It was Laputa's hope that their presence, scattered about the island, would discourage their enemies from attacking the island, out of fear that a loved one might be harmed.

      Each one was kept under house arrest and bares an abdomen scar where a explosive device was surgically installed; straying too far from their respective cottage would result in its detonation.

      During the invasion of Laputa, Tallemaja twice took on the appearance of friends and family of the heroes: once, adopting the identity of Vicente DeGallow (Impasse's older brother), and later Gundrun Flaegler (Magnitude's little sister). Neither was ever shown to actually be on the island.
      • Albert Adler (Catalyst's father)
      • Franziska Adler (Catalyst's mother)
      • Charles Lamperouge (Prodigy's father; under the care of Erudite and Tallemaja)
      • Elizabeth Lamperouge (Prodigy's sister)
      • Gabrielle Curie (Fluxx's sister; under the care of Entier and Felsic)
      • Molly O'Laughlin (Fey's cousin; under the care of Lioness and Candyman)
      • Lillian Murphy (Current's mother; under the care of Zehirli and Manticore)

      Notes: Laputa is a fictional location in Jonathon Swift's "Gulliver's Travels." In the book, it is an island that flies via magnetism and is home to educated individuals who fail to make practical use of their advanced technology. "La puta" is also Spanish for "the whore."
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        New Vindicators Academy of Europe

        Established in 2002, the European Academy is governed by the French Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. As per the Vindication Charter, the five founding United Nations members would oversee the administration of the trio of academies—although each school would be built in neutral territory. Due to the location of an existing United Nations Headquarters, Vienna was chosen as the site for the European School.

        Many have attested that Geneva, Switzerland would have been a much better choice, given that the city is home to the European Headquarters for the United Nations; cities like London, Vienna, The Hague and Copenhagen have only been home to venues and agencies. However, Switzerland did not become a full member of the United Nations until 2002—after the school was founded. Still, given the scope of Europe’s Neo-Sapien populace, the United Nations has announced intentions to build campuses in London and The Hague, near said offices.

        Typically, the New Vindicators Academy accepts any and all Neo-Sapiens between the ages of 13 and 18—however, exceptions have been made for non-NS youth or Neo-Sapiens who manifested their abilities early in life. Not only do students receive a formal education, they are trained in the use of their powers as well as self-defense—allowing them to better protect themselves and loved ones from opponents of Neo-Sapiens.

        The Campus
        Size: Huge; Toughness: 20; Features: Chapel, Classrooms, Combat Simulator, Communications, Computer, Dock, Fire Prevention System, Garage, Hangar, Gym, Infirmary, Laboratory, Library, Living Space 5, Pool, Power System, Security System, Workshop. Cost: 28 equipment points

        In 2008, the New Vindicators Academy of Europe became the target for a terrorist organization known as Laputa.

        Despite that the United Nations defines its official languages as Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Spanish and Russian, all students enrolled at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe are required to learn English for communicating with representatives of other nations.

        All Freshman must choose a class from each group and must enroll in a foreign language of their choosing (provided they already speak English). Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors must enroll in any six classes of their choosing per semester, for which they will earn dual credit: their classes count towards their high school diploma and towards a university education.
        • HUMANITIES
          • American History
          • American Literature
          • Art History I (Knight): An introduction to art history begins with a look at gothic art before focusing on the Proto-Renaissance period and the High and Late Renaissance itself.
          • Art History II (Knight): Picking up where its sister course ends, this class focuses primarily on the birth of Mannerism, the rise of Rococo, and the eras of Enlightment, Neoclassicism, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and modern art.
          • British Literature
          • Classical Literature
          • Composition
          • Early Western Civilization (Ashworth): Taught during the first semester, this course takes the students on a journey to Europe's fledgling beginnings, and focuses on Europe's antiquity, the Middle Ages, Reformation, and the rise of Western empires.
          • English (Zlatkovski): A required course for any incoming students who do not speak English.
          • Film (Bottom): Examine some of the greatest cinematic films of all time and discuss the techniques those responsible employed. Typically films covered include Metropolis (1927), The Thin Man (1934), Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937), Rashomon (1950), Strangers on a Train (1951), Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Cross of Iron (1977), Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988), The Shawshank Redemption (1994), Toy Story (1995), The Matrix (1999), Spirited Away (2001), as well as the class' favorite films (pending approval).
          • French
          • German
          • Literature (Mr. Sonck)
          • Modern Western Civilization (Ashworth): Picking up where Early Western Civilization leaves off, this course focuses on the Napoleonic Wars, the growth of imperialism, the Great War, World War II, and the fall of empires.
          • Music History (Bottom)
          • Philosophy (Mr. McClanahan)
          • Religion (Mr. McClanahan)
          • Spanish (Zlatkovski)
          • Shakespearean Literature
          • Theatre (Bottom)

          • Anthropology (Mr. Benson)
          • Archaeology (Mr. Benson)
          • Area Studies (Fitzroy)
          • Business Ethics
          • Business Skills
          • Civics
          • Economics
          • Ethnic Studies ()
          • Geography ()
          • Political Science ()
          • Psychology (Catargi)
          • Sexuality (Catargi)
          • Sociology ()

          • Astronomy (Katz)
          • Biology (Carmichael)
          • Chemistry (Katz)
          • Earth Sciences I (Fitzroy): With a strong focus on geology, students will study the rocky portions of the Earth's crust, as well as its historic development.
          • Earth Sciences II (Fitzroy): In the second semester, earth science students tackle ecology, and study how life forms react with their natural environment.
          • Earth Sciences III (Fitzroy): Students who pursue a commitment to earth sciences will study the areas of hydrology and glaciology, focusing on the hydrosphere and cryosphere, respectively.
          • Earth Sciences IV (Fitzroy): Students continuing their education in earth sciences will focus on meteorology, climatology, and other atmospheric sciences.
          • Physics (Ms. Katz)

          • Algebra I (Graves)
          • Algebra II (Graves)
          • Algebra III (Graves)
          • Algebra IV (Graves)
          • Calculus (Graves)
          • Geometry (Graves)
          • Logic
          • Statistics
          • Systems Science (Manuel)
          • Trigonometry (Graves)

          • Archery
          • Dance (Bottom)
          • Fencing (McClanahan)
          • Greco-Roman Wrestling (Papagos)
          • Health & Fitness (Carmichael)
          • Physical Education (Murphy)

          • Automotive Repair
          • Computer Sciences (Manuel)
          • Drawing
          • Electrical Shop
          • Graphic Design
          • Home Economics
          • Metal Shop
          • Music
          • Painting
          • Photography
          • Sculpting
          • Video Production
          • Wood Shop

        While students will find themselves presented with the normal curriculum young people their age face, they can also be approved for special electives. These range from special workshops dealing with the finer points of their abilities or classes designed to better hone their skills. For instance, students with an ability to manipulate gravity, magnetic waves or inertia may have Tactical Telekinesis suggested to them whilst students blessed with area-affecting abilities may be urged to attend courses on Environmental Manipulation.

        Students showing an aptitude for leadership may be taught the finer points of diplomacy and conversational skills. Others may be training to pilot unique vehicles or be allowed to take classes on network espionage. Special field trips to Greenland or the Tara River Canyon may be designed to teach survival skills.

        During their first year, freshmen are taught to control their powers—regardless of how much prior experience they have with their abilities. At the start of each year, two sophomores are selected by the faculty to compete against each other in the Sophomore Blitz. Typically, these two students are the two who showed the most growth during their first year.

        They then choose teams from amongst the remainder of the sophomore class and battle each other in a state-of-the-art holographic environment simulator: the Wreck Room. This ceremony is the inaugural session: all sophomores, juniors and seniors are required to attend a weekly training exercise in this chamber. Here, teamwork and self-defense are taught through a battery of exercises created by their instructors.

        The Faculty
        The New Vindicators Academy of Europe is staffed by great men and women from across the globe. Mainly, these counselors have been heroes who have defended their homeland at one period or another.

        Due to the Vindication Charter, the European Academy (and possibly academies) will be administrated by two Europeans—one representing the French Republic and the other appointed by the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In 2002, Richard Vogel and Louise Beltron were appointed to these positions. However, Headmistress Belton committed suicide before her first year at the school concluded. By the beginning of the next year, an American, Alan Altair, had been hired to fill her vacancy.

        In May of 2008, both headmasters lost their lives in the Apocatastasis War and the United Nations scrambled to find two replacements. Ultimately, England promoted Sir Isaac Newton while Doctor Bethany Fischer represented France.

        After the Apocatastasis War, many members of the faculty began serving dual roles: they are both educators and Vindicators.
          • Fischer, Bethany: Though an American, Doctor Fischer was chosen to represent the French government as their administrator. A human, she has no powers of her own.
          • Newton, Isaac: Hailing from England, Sir Newton is an Esper capable of eavesdropping on the afterlife. Thanks to his having long ago drank the elixir vitae, he does not age.

        • EDUCATORS
          • Ashworth, Cecil
          • Bacon, Roger
          • Benson, William: Formerly a hunter for the Thule Society, Mister Benson is an archaeologist and teaches anthropology and archaeology.
          • Bottom, Nicholas
          • Carmichael, Levi: A recent addition to the staff, Levi came to the school after escaping from an American internment camp. Able to control bugs, Mister Carmichael is now the school’s life sciences teacher.
          • Catargi, Iulia: Hailing from Romania, Miss Catargi has the ability to siphon the strength and stamina of anyone she touches and add it to her own.
          • Fitzroy, Randolph: An Irish Nephilim, Mister Fitzroy teaches earth sciences.
          • Graves
          • Gochnuur, Christopher: A nomadic Scotsman, this short-order cook has been almost everywhere—experiencing the local cuisine and women. Possessing quickness, he had adopted his love of food to make him an incredible short order cook.
          • Grigorescu
          • Katz, Val: German-born, this Neo-Sapien possesses immunity to heat and flame. She teaches chemistry and physical sciences.
          • Knight, Stephen: This Dutchman's Neo-Sapien power has granted him a prehensile tail; he teaches art.
          • Manuel, Jesus: Mister Manuel is an Esper with high intellect. He teaches computer sciences.
          • Murphy, Roger
          • Sonck, George: An Esper gifted with the ability to process information ten times faster than the human brain, this Finn teachers literature.
          • Zlatkovski, Esma: Claiming Macedonia as her homeland, the school’s linguistics teacher is an Esper who comprehends all languages.

          • Flaegler
          • McClanahan, Peter: A 2007 graduate, Mister McClanahan teaches divinity and philosophy and also serves the school as its chaplain.
          • Mirza
          • Murphy, Lillian
          • Roberts, Mary: This young woman is an Esper capable of inflicting pain and anguish with a look.
          • Rodriguez, Hercules: In 2007, Mister Rodriguez became a member of the alumni and stayed on to serve as its maintenance director.
          • Volonté, Palmiro: Hailing from Italy, Captain Volonté serves as the school's pilot.
          • Wetl

        • FORMER STAFF
          • Altair, Alan: Though born in America, Alan Altair considered himself a son of France. The son of French immigrants, Alan staged his death and left his home in the mid-90s for Lyon, France. There, he joined Interpol, openly using his powers to combat organized crime and corruption. After eight years as an agent, Firn retired to sign on as an educator with the New Vindicators Academy of Europe. Less than a year after its founding, former French headmaster Louise Betrone committed suicide and Altair was unanimously ushered into his position.
          • Anders, Corey: In 2007, Mister Anders graduated from the New Vindicators Academy of Europe. Today he serves as both the mathematics instructor and one of the Vindicators.
          • Beltrone, Louise: Formerly the headmistress of the school, Miss Beltrone committed suicide before completing her first year of service to the school.
          • Bradley, Evan: The current history teacher graduated from the school in 2007.
          • Nelson, Nadja
          • Nelson, Ronald: Former United States Air Force Captain, Ronald Nelson acts as the school's pilot and teaches a select few how to fly.
          • Noble, Tyson: A member of the 2007 graduating class, Tyson teaches in the humanities department of the institution.
          • O’Laughlin, Dana: This diminutive member of the 2007 graduating class now serves as the physical education teacher.
          • Popagos, Blaine: A member of the 2007 graduating class, this Grecian teaches political sciences.
          • Tally, Samantha: The school’s physician is also the mother of three students—past, present and future.
          • Tharivol, Alexander: A member of the 2007 graduating class, Mister Tharivol taught theatre until his sudden departure less than a year into his tenure.
          • Vogel, Richard: Richard Vogel was born and raised in Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, Scotland. From 1948 through 1980, the ruggedly handsome Scot served as a member of the Royal Highland Fusiliers, retiring as a decorated man for his activity. A proud man, Headmaster Vogel believes fully in his nation’s motto: “nemo me impune lacessit.”

        The Alumni
        In 2006, the first incoming class of freshman graduated from the four-year institute. Since then, numbers have increased each year—so much so that the European Academy sent ninety-two graduates to participate in the 2007 Trials. Of those, forty managed to survive until the Fourth Trial, which brought the number of representing Europeans to twenty-four.
        • Class of 2006
        • Class of 2007
        • Class of 2008
        • Class of 2009
        • Class of 2010
        • Class of 2011
        • Class of 2012
        • Class of 2013
          • CREPUSCULAR (Iosef Radikovich; Romania)
          • FRACTION (Gabrielle "Elle" Curie; France): The remaining part of Entier, and considered Martin's little sister. It is theorized that the girl has many abilities she has yet to demonstrate.
          • GRAVES (Rebecca Graves)
          • LIGNUM (Adam Radikovich)
          • NICHNYTSIA (Ilena Radikovich)
          • NYCTICEBUS (Johnny Tharivol; Netherlands):
          • ZBURA (Lydia Amânar)

        • Class of 2014
          • Stela Amânar

        • Class of 2016
          • Monica Amânar

        • Class of 2018
          • Simon Radikovich

        • Class of 2019
          • Lumința Amânar
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          Re: Oubliette

          Please allow me to wish you the best of luck in further fleshing out your setting Michuru!


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            New Vindicators Academy of Asia

            Established in 2002, the Tokyo branch of the New Vindicators Academy is governed by the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation. As per the Vindication Charter, the five founding United Nations members would oversee the administration of the trio of academies—although each school would be built in neutral territory. Japan volunteered as to host the proposed institution. Given that Japan is home to United Nations University, and that the only other Asian country that hosts UN offices is Thailand, the invitation was accepted.

            Course Work
            The NVAA takes students as early as 12-years-old (Year 7) through 18 (Year 12). Students are typically assigned a classroom based on their year. In cases where a year has a large student body, years may be broken into multiple classes. Between classes, the students do not migrate from room to room: rather, the teachers come to the students.

            Beginning at 8:30 A.M., the day lasts for seven class periods. The source selection is dictated by the Japanese Ministry of Education.

            Core Curriculum
            From Years 7-10, students are assigned a classroom and have a fixed schedule. This typically envelopes courses such as art, English, mathematics, moral studies, music, physical education, science, and social studies. Further, social studies breaks down into civics, economics, geography, politics, sociology, and world history

            Vocational Education
            Beginning with 11th Year, students are allowed to decide their curriculum.


            • Pierre Bezukhov: One of Russia’s best kept secrets, Pierre was born in the 18th century, and cursed with agelessness through a dark ritual. Pierre is a veteran of the Napoleonic Wars, the Russian Civil War, and many of the wars fought by the Soviet Union.
            • Hsia Yutang: Appointed to the role of administrator by the People’s Republic of China, Yutang is a decorated soldier who possesses no superhuman abilities of his own.

            • Edward Castillo
            • Nicholas Flamel
            • Daisuke Inoue
            • Iseul Jeong
            • Sahla Kaur
            • Longwei Lee
            • Avtandil Mchedlishvili
            • Colleen Sekai
            • Yuu Wakahisa

            Support Staff
            • Katherine Lebedev
            • Masanobu Sekai


            School Uniforms

            Daily Schedule


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              Leader: Jihad
              • Antar Sahraoui
              • Gabir
              • Hassan Sahraoui
              • The Jinn (see below)
              • Kahlil

              The Jinn:
              • Hanafi
              • Hanbali
              • Ibadi
              • Ja'fari
              • Maliki
              • Shafi'i (deceased)
              • Zahiri
              • Zaidi

              Base of Operations: Several
              First Appearance: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #8
              Significant Appearances: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #8, #19

              Biography: In 1990, leaders of Al-Akhwan, a network of militant Islamists, observed a wondrous demonstration: an American scientist, Doctor Noah Meinstein, had found a way to bestow select Neo-Sapien abilities on children in vitro. Seeing the potential for this, Al-Akhwan purchases eight Primes--all boys--to be fathered by one of their members: a mysterious figure who would be known universally over a decade later as Jihad.

              Though the world would not learn of Jihad's ability until September 11, 2001, Al-Akhwan knew: Jihad was a man capable of creating seemingly limitless duplicates of himself. It was hoped that the eight children would manifest more than the absconded abilities they paid for, and that each of the children would also possess their biological father's talent for cloning himself.

              Indeed, seven of the eight Primes--or Jinn, as Al-Akhwan chose to call them--showed themselves capable of creating duplicates of themselves. Each of the children was subjected to martial training and special training in the use of their respective abilities.

              Recent History
              What began as a simple search and rescue mission took a turn for the worse. Led by Current and Quintessence, Greystone, Impasse, and Sublime had journeyed to Oran, Algeria in search of the missing Mouloud Poundstone. The trail led them to the Islamic Relief Foundation and, posing as an amnesic Algerian named Ismail, Greystone won passage into the group's lower levels. There, he discovered the group was researching ways to imbue normal humans with simulacrums of Neo-Sapien powers.

              Confronting three of Jihad's clones as well as Ja'fari, a Jinn imbued with the powers of the Vindicator Onyx, Greystone, Current, and the others destroyed the base and rescued Mouloud. (NVAE #8)

              Greystone encountered the Jinn months later, this time in Bombo, Uganda. In a deal orchestrated by the criminal mastermind known only as the Dodger, the Ugandan Unity Brigade had captured Doctor Roger Bacon and was selling the man to Al-Akhwan, with the hopes that they could extract the secrets of his longevity and bestow it on their armies. A group of New Vindicators (Blue Knight, Greystone, Magnitude, and Ursa) looking for Doctor Bacon, putting them into a battle against the UUB and two of the Jinn: Ja'fari and his brother, Ibadi. (NVAE #19)

              Goals: Al-Akhwan has a single goal: establishing a global caliphate. To this end, they seek to defeat "the empire of the United States" as well as "the Jewish world government".

              Crimes: 9/11. Everything else is sort of moot.

              Bases of Operation
              • Aďn El Turk, Algeria: Operating under the front of Islamic Relief Foundation, this facility possessed a laboratory where Al-Akhwan researched possible ways of imbuing ordinary humans with Neo-Sapien abilities. It was destroyed by a group of New Vindicators.

              Miscellany: Al-Akhwan translates to "the brethren". Their motto is "Every sun must set."
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                On June 28, 1914, a 13-year-old Nephilim saved Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife from an assassination attempt. Years later, he and Princess Sophie fell in love, and after a morganatic marriage, became husband and wife. As the years passed, the Habsburgs began to realize that powers are heritable traits and began seeking out other SPBs, breeding their blood into the royal line. Other noble houses followed suit, giving rise to an age of super-powered empires...

                • Austrian Empire (yellow): Ruled by the Habsburgs, Austria is considered one of the strongest nations.
                • Empire of Great Japan (dark blue)
                • German Reich (orange): Kaiser Wilhelm II urged his eldest son to take a special as a bride. Equating the royal line to thoroughbred horses, his father, the former Kaiser, opposed such plans as much as Prince Wilhelm did, suggesting that an unequal union would produce only mongrels. The prince listened to neither man, and after abdicating his right to succession, married a common woman who possessed no abilities. His younger brother Frederick (fourth from the throne) did, however. Years later, his children manifested their mother's ability to control the air. Accompanied by several other specials, the Kurfürst (Electorate) was established, turning the German Reich into an elective monarchy, who typically seat only those with strong abilities on the throne.
                • Great Britain (green): With the revelation that powers were heritable, the third son of King George V and Queen Mary, Henry of Gloucester, was married to a special, Naomi Brewington. When his brother took the throne in 1936, Henry was named regent for his niece. While out of the country, his brother was killed. Back home, Princess Elizabeth became ill. Through a series of sudden deaths, Henry found himself acceding to the throne. He ruled from 1936 until his death in 1974. Today, the realm is ruled by his widow and their eldest son.
                • Ottoman Empire (brown)
                • Persian Empire (violet)
                • Romanov Empire (red)
                • Third French Empire (light blue): When the Second French Empire collapsed in 1870, the French Third Republic rose up. Following the revelation that specials pass their powers onto their children, Louis, Prince Napoléon was urged to take a Neo-Sapien bride. With the birth of his son, Napoleon VII, the Bonaparte dynasty was revived, and the Imperial throne of France restored.

                • 1914, June 28: A Nephilim named Wilhelm reveals the existence of specials to the public when he uses his magnetic abilities to save the life of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
                • 1920, May 14: Ritter Wilhelm marries Sophie von Hohenberg, daughter of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
                • 1921, November 19: Ludwig von Hohenberg, the first child of Ritter Wilhelm and Sophie von Hohenberg, is born.
                • 1926: Ludwig von Hohenberg displays his father's special ability to manipulate metal, revealing to his family that special abilities are heritable. Theorizing that the child of two specials might inherit two abilities, a (discreet) hunt to find another special to one day become Ludwig's bride is conducted by the Hohenbergs.
                • 1930: The secret is out and every noble family begins scouring the globe for specials to marry into their respective bloodlines; Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester, marries Naomi Brewington.
                • 1933, July 18: Napoleon VII is born, reviving the Bonaparte dynasty and restoring the Imperial throne of France.
                • 1936: Following a series of tragic events, Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester is crowned King of Great Britain.
                • 1974: King Henry of Great Britain dies, King Thaddeus succeeds his mortal father. Courtesy of the immortality inherited from his mother, his reign will (theoretically) never end, winning him the title The Last King of England.
                • 1994, April 23: Napoleon IX, heir to the throne of the Third French Empire, disappears. The Romanov Empire is blamed and the two powers go to war.
                • 1997: Great Britain, the Austrian Empire, and the Empire of Great Japan form an alliance and threaten to collectively take action against any aggressors in the war between Napoleon and Romanov.
                • 2009: After more than a decade of peace between the empires, everything is jeopardized when Herzog Kasamir of the German Reich fakes his death and conspires to kill the crown princess of the Austrian Empire. War is averted thanks to the intervention of several travelers from another dimension. Those behind the plot (Herzog Kasamir, Graf Oscar, Ritter Xun, and Ritter Gwyn) are exiled.

                • Austrian Empire
                  • Princess Sophie: The Crown Princess of Austria, Sophie possesses unbreakable skin, as well as the power to manipulate both magnetic fields and the cold. Sophie is engaged to Herzog Kasamir of Germany.
                    • Ritter Christian Fries: A Neo-Sapien and student of arcana pledged to the service of Princess Sophie.
                  • Graf Oscar, Count of Celje: Sophie's younger brother, who possesses the same powers and abilities.
                    • Ritter Xun: A knight pledged to the service of Graf Oscar.
                    • Ritter Gwyn: A knight pledged to the service of Graf Oscar.

                • German Reich
                  • Erzherzog Frederick III: The former Kaiser of the German Reich, Frederick III inherited both his father's power to command the air, and his mother's danger sense. Like his father, Frederick took a special as a bride, in the hopes that his children would inherit his abilities, as well as hers. The Kurfürst commanded him to abdicate his throne when his grandson came to power.
                  • Großherzog Frederick IV: Once heir presumptive of the German Reich, the prinz is the son of the previous kaiser and father of the current kaiser. He is blessed with his father's command over the air, sixth sense for danger, and his mother's ability to alter his appearance.
                  • Kaiser Frederick V: The young Kaiser of the German Reich, Frederick possesses the power to manipulate the air, is attuned to danger, can alter his appearance, possesses a paralyzing gaze, and has developed telepathy independently. At the age of fifteen, he convinced the Kurfürst that he was more powerful than his grandfather, and ascended to the throne.
                  • House Flaegler
                    • Herzogin Gitta of House Flaegler: The eldest child.
                    • Herzog Kasamir of House Flaegler: A young duke with the power to command gravitational forces, Kasamir had been betrothed to Princess Sophie, heir apparent to the throne of Austria.
                  • House Fromm: Considered to be the second-highest ranking house in the empire (after Flaegler), the Fromm are a family of super-strong Neo-Sapiens.
                  • House Ronke: A low-ranking house in Sweden, these barons have the ability to shape and remove their bones.
                    • Freiherr Hans: Eldest son of House Ronke, Herzog Kasamir was in the process of negotiating a marriage between Hans and Kasamir's sister, Gitta.

                • Great Britain
                  • Queen Naomi: The Ageless Queen Consort and the Last Queen of Great Britain, Naomi is a special possessing the power of flight, super-strength, and impervious flesh. Furthermore, Naomi owes both her nicknames to her immortality.
                  • King Thaddeus: Eldest son of King Henry and Queen Naomi, Thaddeus possess his mother's powers.
                  • Prince James, Duke of Gloucester: The second child of King Henry and Queen Naomi, James inherited his mother's powers.

                • Third French Empire
                  • Emperor Napoleon VII: Though in his late seventies, Napoleon still sits on the throne. His power allows him to absorb heat and to conjure an intense aura of flames around himself.
                  • Royal Prince of the Blood Napoleon VIII, Dauphin of France: Nicknamed the Comet of France, Napoleon VIII inherited his father's flame aura, and from his mother, he inherited her super-speed.
                  • Prince Napoleon IX: Second in line for the throne, a fifteen-year-old Napoleon IX disappeared in 1994, sparking a war between the Third French Empire and the Romanov Empire.
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                  Leader: Unknown
                  Roster: Patrick Wolf
                  Base of Operations: “The Farm”, “The Church”, presumably others
                  First Appearance: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18
                  Significant Appearances: New Vindicators Academy of Europe #18, #19

                  Goals: Elimination of Neo-Sapiens through various means

                  Crimes: Crux first tried to blackmail the New Vindicators Academy of Europe, threatening to release an (edited) audio recording of Magnitude’s bluffing the Vitesse brothers during the attack on Vienna (NVAE #17) unless Fluxx agreed to transmute gold for them. When Fluxx detected the presence of radiation in the room, he presumed it was a trap meant for him and fled. (NVAE #18)

                  A week later, Crux—following Wolf—drugged and abducted Shiver, Thorn, and Troubadour, as well as a human: Jakob Schwartz. When Shiver and Thorn awoke, they found themselves with zip ties binding their wrists and ankles, in the back of a moving van. Shiver cut them free and the pair assaulted the two men when the van stopped.

                  Interrogating them about the boys’ location, the girls uncovered one of Crux’s goals: the sterilization of Neo-Sapiens.

                  Paraphernalia: Members of Crux wear dark green coveralls with a white arm band around their right arm. Often times, they don Halloween masks of Senator Amy Bedford.

                  Members: While many members of Crux are established characters with individual stats, several are just ordinary people who hate Neo-Sapiens. As a result, a modified bystander is used for the many nameless members of the organization.
                  • CRUX (Power Level 1 / Minion Level 1): Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 10, Wis 10, Cha 10; Skills: Languages 1 (Base Language, English), Knowledge (current events) 2, Knowledge (popular culture) 2, Profession (varies) 3; Feats: Equipment 1; Equipment: Crux uniform, extendable baton (+1 damage, Subtle); Combat: Attack +0, Damage +1, Defense +0, Initiative +0; Saves: Toughness +0, Fortitude +0, Reflex +0, Will +0; Cost: Abilities 0 + Skills 2 (8 ranks) + Feats 1 + Combat 0 + Saves 0 = 3 points
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                    New Vindicators Academy of Europe, Class of 2007
                    • AMNESIA (Kylie Garrett; Denmark): A young woman who's touch can cause people to forget patches of their memory. After graduation, she rejoined society as a teller at her father's bank.
                    • AMOK (Brian Bentley; Finland): A young man blessed with super-strength and cursed with Down Syndrome, he has since returned to his parent's protection.
                    • ANTIQUITY (Marie Flannery; Ireland): Capable of manipulating her own age or the age of anything she touches, Antiquity was abducted by the Sixth Reich and used as a weapon against the Vindicators. She lost her life during the ensuing battle.
                    • ANTOINE (Antoine Vitesse; France): One of four brothers gifted with super-speed, Antonine returned home after graduation.
                    • BACKLASH (Tyson Noble; England): Though he spent several months with the American institute, Backlash returned to the European Academy as an educator. He possesses a reflective field that rebounds attacks back at their source.
                    • BASILISK (Scott Axeion; England): A very durable young man who can turn people to stone with a glance, Axeion has traveled abroad since graduation- seeking to become a professional wrestler in America.
                    • BIG BEN (Benjamin Baxter; England): Capable of increasing his size, Big Ben is now employed as a constable at home in England.
                    • BILE (Jordan Frazier; Australia): His acidic bodily fluids are more bane than blessing. After failing to assassinate one of the Americans during the 2007 Trials, Bile left the Academy and has since been branded a criminal.
                    • CHARITY (Charity Bennett; Italy): Able to absorb and redirect energy so long as she is in physical contact with her sister, Charity went on to join both the Seven Virtues and a nunnery.
                    • CHARYBDIS (Scott Fenton; Greece): By inhaling, Scott creates a vortex that begins to draw everything—including the air around him—into his maw, which is actually the portal to a pocket dimension.
                    • CHASTITY (Chastity Bennett; Italy): As long as she stays in direct physical contact with her sister, Chastity can absorb and redirect damage. Though still dating Kiln, she is a member of the Seven Virtues.
                    • CONTAGION (Darwin Straus; Norway): Though he possesses immunity to the rigors of all disease and a penchant for inflicting any illness he has on others via touch, Contagion lost his powers during the Trials. He has been missing since…
                    • DELORES (Mary Roberts; Spain): This young woman is an Esper capable of inflicting pain and anguish with a look.
                    • DIDGERIDOO (Ephraim James; Australia): Able to manipulate vibrations, Didgeridoo took part in the Trials with the intent to collect the price placed on Lodestone’s head by the Wisent during the 2007 Trials.
                    • DINGO (Mark Smith; Australia): Another of the Wisent’s would-be assassins, this young man is capable of transforming into an anthropomorphic canine. Like Mutt, a student of the Asian Academy, he is rumored to be the illegitimate son of one of the Vindicators: the Hound.
                    • EXCALIBUR (David Stennis; England): Able to transform into phalanges into razor-sharp weapons, he earnestly hoped he would be able to win the attention of an accredit super-team such as the Vindicators during the 2007 Trials. He failed to do so when he lost to Backlash and left the school to serve England as a vigilante.
                    • FEY (Dana O’Laughlin; Ireland): Permanently shrunk to a miniscule stature and blessed with ephemeral wings, this young woman remained with the school as an instructor.
                    • FRANCOIS (Francois Vitesse; France): The eldest of four quadruplet brothers, each blessed with Super-Speed.
                    • HUBRIS (Blaine Popagos; Greece): Able to increase his abilities as long as he believes in himself, Hubris stayed on with the school post-graduation, electing to become an educator.
                    • INDALO (Edmund Cortez; Spain): Able to manipulate colors and become intangible, Indalo was one of the more promising members of his graduating class, however, his team was eliminated during the fourth trial during the 2007 Trials. Since then he has returned to his homeland and acts as a vigilante.
                    • KILN (Evan Bradley; England): Along with his best-friend Backlash, the flame-throwing Kiln stayed in America for some time before returning to the European Academy as a teacher.
                    • NOESIS (Prende Kreshnikëve; Kosovo): An Esper whose power granted her an intrinsic comprehension of how things function, Prende killed herself during her sophomore year.
                    • PARAGON (Dominique Infinity; Italy): After graduation, Paragon left the school and is now considered a criminal. He encountered several of his former classmates and was captured—though he later escaped custody. Paragon possesses flight, super-strength, invulnerability and red hellfire.
                    • PHOBOS (Jeffrey Carter; England): The twin brother of Deimos, Jeffrey was left with abandoned at birth and raised by a priest in Cheltenham- a spa town in Gloucestershire, England. Like his brother, Phobos is a Nephilim whose black hellfire powers augments his combat abilities. He is now considered a criminal.
                    • PICT (Peter Andrew McClanahan; Scotland): With the power to bring his tattoos to life, Pict remained with the school after graduation and now serves as the chaplain.
                    • PILLAGE (Bruce Davidson; Norway): Along with his twin brother, Plunder, Pillage gained super-strength and was both invulnerable and unstoppable so long as he was rampaging.
                    • PLUNDER (Erik Davidson; Norway): Along with his twin brother, Pillage, Plunder gained super-strength and was both invulnerable and unstoppable so long as he was rampaging.
                    • QUINTESSENCE (Corey Ander; England): With command over ether, Quintessence can use his powers to create or destroy nearly anything. Unquestionably one of the most powerful individuals to enroll at the school, he has since stayed on and is currently an educator.
                    • THE RHINO (Alexander “A.J.” Tharivol; Netherlands): A 2007 graduate of the school, AJ possesses the Neo-Sapien ability to turn into any species found in the family rhinocerotidae- living or extinct.
                    • RUSH (Kasey Clinton “K.C.” Thinruush; Scotland): A super-fast Scottish midget, Rush stayed on with the school until he joined the fight against Apocatastasis. He was killed in battle with the resurrected Nephilim, Amy.
                    • SCRIMSHAW (Hans Ronke; Sweden): A young man possessing accelerated regeneration and an ability to both shape his bones and pull them from his body. His bones can be used defensively, as weapons, as projectiles or perform a number of tasks.
                    • STENDHAL (Stendhal Vitesse; France): One of four brothers gifted with super-speed, Stendhal returned home after graduation.
                    • STONEHENGE (Baxter Clinton; England): Able to transform his flesh to stone, Stonehenge had the potential to become a great hero. He abandoned that to follow his dreams and now studies the culinary arts at Le Cordon Bleu.
                    • TAEGAN (Taegan Mallory; Greece): Younger son of a green Nephilim, Taegan possesses an uncanny ability to manipulate the bio-chemistry of those he can readily perceive. To help in his abilities, his psionic brother telepathically implanted their dying father’s knowledge as a doctor into his mind.
                    • TARTESSOS (Jesus Manuel; Spain): Possessing high-level intellect, a knack for developing advanced technology and the power to temporally skip ahead Jesus Manuel is the modern-day name given to this ancient Neo-Sapien. A young man from the legendary island of Tartessos, at the civilization's destruction, his Neo-Sapien powers manifested and he skipped ahead to this day and age. Post-graduation he has remained on with the school as an instructor and lead developer.
                    • TERPSICHORE (Felicity Venizelos; Greece): After graduation, this young woman left to study abroad in America. She hides her ability to boost the Neo-Sapien abilities of others while studying law at Harvard.
                    • TORO (Hercules Rodriguez; Spain): The minotaur-like Spaniard stayed on at the school, and currently serves as maintenance.
                    • TRAUMA (Kyle Lowman; Luxembourg): With the power to force those he touches to relive traumatic moments, Trauma left the academy after graduation and now serves as a priest in his home village.
                    • TRISKELION (Scott Reiner; Greece): Able to separate himself into three exact copies, Triskelion returned home to work as a cook in his mother's restaurant after gradutation.
                    • TRISTAN (Tristan Vitesse; France): One of four brothers gifted with super-speed, Tristan returned home after graduation.
                    • UNGUD (Silas Hogan; Australia): Cursed with snake-like powers and an accompanying appearance, Ungud's team went rogue during the 2007 Trials and has since been labeled as a wanted criminal.
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                      New Vindicators Academy of Europe, Class of 2011
                      • APEX (Cornelis Nooteboom; Netherlands): Cornelis is known for being overtly polite and a bit of a complainer. Uncannily strong and tough, he is also capable of spinning at tremendous speeds.
                      • CANDYMAN (Vladislav "Vlad" Radikovich; Romania): A farmboy from Transylvania, Vlad has the Neo-Sapien power to cover himself in a crystalline substance that looks, feels, tastes and smells like hard candy.
                      • CURRENT (Alexander "Lex" Murphy; America): Super-fast and super-conductive, Lex is a survivor of Black Box's nationwide witchhunt.
                      • FACH (Tatjana Nelson; Germany): This beautiful young woman’s dreams of being an opera singer are on hold while she attends classes at the New Vindicators Academy of Europe and learns to master her sonic scream.
                      • FELSIC (Pirjo Tähti; Finland): With the power to transform her body into molten rock, Felsic was a member of Laputa, until their downfall. Now, she is in the custody of the New Vindicators Academy.
                      • FLUXX (Martin B. Curie; France): A young Frenchman with an unstable body and abilities that give him boundless possibilities.
                      • GAE' BOLG (Randy O'Shae; Ireland): There once was an NS named Randy / who's friends thought he was quite dandy / He could turn into a tree / or control plants with glee / and his teammates thought he was handy.
                      • GREYSTONE (Jack Rexton; America): Jaded by the events occurring in his home nation, Jack's rugged, survivalist instinct is almost as strong of a trait as his shaping ability...
                      • IMPASSE (Viktor DeGallow; Spain): This immovable, unstoppable, invulnerable Spaniard is hedonism made flesh.
                      • LARRIKIN (Australia): A prankster with a dark side, Larrikin is capable of manipulating color.
                      • LLUVIA (Gaspar Zorrilla e Higueras; Spain): Blessed with an ability to conjure rainclouds, Lluvia has proven himself to be a natural leader.
                      • MANTICORE (Lexus Rauf; England): With the ability to turn into an anthropomorphic lion covered in poisonous quills, Lexus was once expelled when the previous administration learned of his romantic relationship with his classmate, Cornelis Noteboom. He later joined the terrorist organization, Laputa, only to be remanded to the custody of the New Vindicators Academy following their defeat.
                      • OMMATIDIA (Adam Nowak; Poland): A young man with compound eyes.
                      • PARABOLA (Kirstie Arnett; England): A bit of a tomboy, Kirstie’s Neo-Sapien powers allow her to gather and redirect energy.
                      • PRODIGY (Jason Lamperogue; America): Jason's the brains of this outfit.
                      • RHEID (Armande; America): Able to transform into liquid rock, Rheid lent his skills to Laputa, only to be placed in the custody of the New Vindicators Academy after the group's defeat.
                      • SUBLIME (Eve Robbins; America): This attractive young woman's Neo-Sapien powers make her almost as perfect as she believes herself to be.
                      • URSA (Otso Karell; Finland): After his mother's passing, Otso joined the school in hopes that it would be his best chance of reuniting with his estranged father.
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                        New Vindicators Academy of Europe, Class of 2010
                        • BLUE KNIGHT ("Harry Percy"; Wales): Sidekick to renown British superhero Paladin, Blue Knight is a Nephilim who came to the school with experience in crime solving.
                        • EIRON (Buddy Kiriakis; Greece): This Lilliputian youth has little restraint when it comes to arrogance. His Neo-Sapien ability compresses his body as he shrinks—making him both strong and tough in addition to diminutive.
                        • FIBROSIS (Matthew Santos; Portugal): A young man whose body takes energy and uses it to heal itself.
                        • FIORE (Fiore Caspian; Italy): As suave as he is sexy, this hopelessly romantic young man controls flora.
                        • GALMOUR (Mary Ljungdahl; Sweden): Capable of morphing herself into anyone, saying that Mary is not who she seems to be is an understatement…
                        • KIKKER (Annaliese Janssen; Netherlands): A young woman permanently trapped in her frog form.
                        • MAGNITUDE (Kasimir Flaegler; Germany): With command over the forces of gravity at his disposal, Magnitude has proven that he's more than his impairment and become an indispensable member of the student body.
                        • MAZE (Ellen Woolf; England): A Nephilim who wields yellow flames, Ellen’s unique ability allows her to displace living beings in an extra-dimensional labyrinth.
                        • MEZZANINE (Anne Newton; England): The cybernetic daughter of Headmaster Newton, Anne is cold and distant.
                        • PACHYDERM (Mario Tharivol; Netherlands): This Bibliophile has the Neo-Sapien ability to transform into an elephant. He thinks this is awesome. No one is sure why.
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                          New Vindicators Academy of Europe, Class of 2012
                          • APHASIA (Finnegan “Finn” Wake; Poland): An Esper, the quiet, contemplative Finn can distort communication for everyone around him but himself.
                          • IMAGO (Dennis Schausteller; Switzerland, Oubliette-519): Displaced from his own world, this Esper has the power to trick the senses with illusions.
                          • LEANNÁN SÍ (Kelly Walsh; Ireland): The younger cousin of Fey, Kelly is capable of shrinking down and flying while in her diminutive form.
                          • LULLABY (Sarah Nelson; America): An American refuge, Sarah is Fach’s younger cousin and also in possession of sonic abilities: her voice can put people to sleep.
                          • MURPHY (Steven Murphy; America)
                          • POSER (Lena Gruber; Austria): An Esper, Lena's ability--social cloaking--renders her universally accepted by whomever she encounters.
                          • QUAIL (Douglas Droll; America): Like Lullaby, Quail is another refuge from America.
                          • QUWAH (Mouloud Poundstone; Algeria): Super-strong, Mouloud practices total pacifism and refuses to commit any act of violence—even to defend himself…
                          • SHIVER (Violet Lear): The daughter of a member of the British House of Lords, this athletic young girl has the Neo-Sapien ability to generate an area of extreme cold, as well as generate ice.
                          • TANTIVY (Herta Radikovich; Romania): Super fast, Herta was raised by Radu Radikovich and left to join the ranks of Laputa. Following the terrorist group's downfall, she was remanded to the custody of the New Vindicators Academy.
                          • THORN (Rose Caspian; Italy): Able to manipulate flora, Rose is a young woman lacking self-doubt.
                          • TROUBADOR (Mike Mitchell; France): Whenever this charming young man plays music, his powers allow him to turn those who hear his song into mindless thralls.
                          • VERVE (Astrid Tiel; Austria): An orphan who never tires, Astrid is an expert gymnast who employed parkour in order to survive on the streets of Vienna…
                          • VESTIGE (Beatrice Marceau; France): This young woman’s eyes see auras left behind in the wake of movement.
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                            Re: Oubliette

                            You know, something occurred to me regarding 1127. What's America's position on the global scale and specials? It historically was already a significant player pre-1914. Obviously the lack of 2 World Wars and the Cold War means all the imperial, special-backed European/Asian nations are still thriving heavyweights, but how did we Yanks fare?
                            Impeach the peach!

                            Completed Games:
                            Crinoverse - Avengers
                            Crinoverse - Young Avengers
                            Crinoverse - Bay City Sentinels
                            Crinoverse - Time After Time
                            Crinoverse - San Antonio Avengers
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                              Re: Oubliette

                              Originally posted by Enigmatic One View Post
                              You know, something occurred to me regarding 1127. What's America's position on the global scale and specials? It historically was already a significant player pre-1914. Obviously the lack of 2 World Wars and the Cold War means all the imperial, special-backed European/Asian nations are still thriving heavyweights, but how did we Yanks fare?
                              Honestly, I'd like to explore what's going on in America, Great Britain, China under Japanese rule, Persia, Prussia... There's a lot of stories that could be told here. My options are: start a campaign here (not going to happen until I can clone myself), keep revisiting it in the existing games (that would get stale, and take time away from experiencing other worlds), or write a story about that world (the most likely outcome).

                              I could see writing a story set in 1127. It'd probably star an American Neo-Sapien who leaves home to try and become a ritter, given the doors that would open for him, and see taken to another country, have some sort of conspiracy start up, and blah, blah, blah...
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