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  • Re: Oubliette

    Sure, add orgs. More the merrier. Stats... depends on if you plan on consolidating ATT builds into the RoninArmy or into the book.
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    • Re: Oubliette

      Agreed, add the organizations. At least the fluff part, so we can keep straight what we know about them.


      • Scelerati Society

        Leader: The Radical Tomato
        Base of Operations: Various
        First Appearance: Tabula Rasa #17-18
        Significant Appearances: Tabula Rasa #2 (Ebb), Tabula Rasa #4 (Henbane), Tabula Rasa #6 (The Radical Tomato), Tabula Rasa #7 (Goo), Tabula Rasa #8 (Breeze), Tabula Rasa #11 (Courtney Rage), Tabula Rasa #13 (Baron Malevolence), Tabula Rasa #14 (Quake), Tabula Rasa #17-18, New Vindicators Academy of Europe #24

        Goals: Each member of the Scelerati Society has personal ties to a student at the New Vindicators Academy. What the members of the Scelerati Society themselves were unaware of, was that their leader had a goal of his own. While he presented himself as wanting revenge against Eric Vaughn, the truth is that the Radical Tomato was really David Meinstein, who used a band of Neo-Sapien villains to frighten the public into believing that his creations—the Gilgamesh drones—could save them from future SPB attacks.

        Biography: When Doohickey kidnapped Kim Forbes, the New Vindicators went to work in locating her. With Aisha’s abilities, they were able to quickly find an address where she was being held. After dealing with Doohickey’s Ersatz guards, the young heroes freed Kim and returned to the school.

        Following the incident, Kim began acting out of character—behavior that those closest to her disregarded as a side-effect of her abilities. Kim seemed uninterested in her boyfriend and instead sought to spend as much time with his best-friend, Dirk, as she could.

        As days went by, Kim successfully coerced some of the other girls—Aisha, Allegra, Cyndi, Josie, and Suzette—to accompany her on a girls’ night out. With the boys left behind, the girls went to spend an evening at Hell in a Handbasket… only to be ambushed by Breeze, Courtney Rage, Doohickey, and Henbane—four villains who had never before shared any affiliation. When Aisha, Allegra, Josie, and Suzette were taken down, Cyndi tried to escape with Aisha and Kim, only to learn that Kim was actually Goo.

        As Cyndi fought five villains by herself, the rogue’s allies appeared on the school grounds. While posing as Kim, Goo was able to compromise the school’s security measures, allowing Baron Malevolence, Ebb, Henbane, and Quake to enter the academy undetected. In their attack, the foursome managed to capture three students: Derryl Isaacson, Drew Loder, and Josie Loder.

        Responding to Cyndi’s distress call, Derryl, Dirk, Eric, and John managed to help her escape. As the five teens took stock over who among their friends were now counted among the abducted, the Radical Tomato launched another salvo. Hijacking radio, television, and wireless frequencies, the hacker sent out a message to every villain in the country.

        With seven of the New Vindicators captured, the Radical Tomato claimed that the Vindicators would be scrambling to save their charges, making now the perfect time to strike. (Tabula Rasa #17)

        Heeding the Radical Tomato’s advice, the Brownout Brothers attack the Federal Reserve while Inferno begins burning multiple synagogues; Pandemonium causes riots in Times Square as Rampage appears on Wall Street; Doctor Ciaphas begins to amass an army of the undead at Gettysburg while Vitriol attacks the Chicago news station where his ex-girlfriend works; the Order of Chaos makes a move on Alcatraz, while Deimos outright attacks the Vindicators’ headquarters in New York. One-by-one, reports of attacks come in and the Vindicators are stretched thin trying to contain it.

        Cyndi wakes up to find Renegade at her bedside. With the rest of his team in the room, the vigilante vows to kill Breeze before he can come after Cyndi again, forcing the girl to stop him and save her enemy. She convinces him instead to work with the New Vindicators in finding the kidnapped students.

        While John and Dirk move to stop the villains responding to the Radical Tomato’s call to action, Eric discovers that the Scelerati Society kidnapped the wrong Derryl Isaacson. Rather than his roommate, they left with the second Derryl to enroll at the school. Together, they begin working to track down the Society, only for Ebb to contact Eric. With the other Derryl buried underground in a sensory deprivation chamber, Ebb attempted to use Derryl as a hostage. As he demanded Aisha in exchange, Eric and Derryl realized that Ebb was unaware that his allies had kidnapped her. When Ebb aware that Derryl was not his captive, but Aisha was, the duo set to exploit Ebb’s lack of knowledge and moved to set up a trap.

        At the meeting with Ebb, Eric watched as Abe Chobanian maneuvered Greg Foster into position to mind control Ebb into revealing where his teammates were. Though he managed to fight the Esper off, the damage had been done. Recruiting Renegade for back up, Derryl and Eric moved to attack the warehouse where the Scelerati Society was. Unbeknownst to them, Abe and Greg gave this information to Jim Loder as well.

        Cutting himself off from his classmates, Jim Loder found where his siblings were being held—guarded by Courtney Rage. Thinking she could use them as shields against them, Jim killed his older brother and twin sister without hesitation, then thanked the bassist for giving him someone he could pin the crime on. Sensing what was about to occur, Courtney Rage attempted to flee, only for Jim to electrocute her, adding to his body count even more.

        The other members of the Scelerati Society fled, allowing the New Vindicators and the Justicars to rescue their captives. Still, the damage had been done: hundreds were dead and thousands injured in attacks across the country. Among the dead were several Vindicators: Anomaly, Caliber, Rheid, Samebito, Thrust, and Tripper.

        In the wake of the attacks, David Meinstein, CEO of Patriot Robotics, unveiled the Gilgamesh, remotely-piloted guardians capable of fighting SPBs.
        Armada Status