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    Apotent Archetypes of the Hearth: The Entrepreneur

    This world no longer is run by companies, family companies or sole-proprieterships. The era of JohnSmithCo is long dead, has been for over a century. [Despite many stories in multiple media that would have you believe otherwise] The time of "the buck stops here" industrialist at the helm of the massive multi-national company is over. Replaced with it's amorphous massive insidious "cousin", the soul-less, face-less, uber-adaptable yet monolithic Corporation. The Board of Directors is the final word, except they serve the shareholders, who are never privy to the Boards meetings and are as culpable as the time it takes to make a stock-order.

    In this "new" (see: the LAST DAMN CENTURY) era of corporate intermingling and deniability, a new counterpart to the old 'industrialist' archetype has emerged, the Entrepreneur. Part magnate, part mogul, part venture capitalist; the Entrepreneur is a master of starting up profitable companies, drumming up financial investment, market interest and then turning the whole kit and kaboodle for a profit on a massive (and probably long-withheld) IPO (initial public offering) - making millions if not billions "seemingly overnight". [After spending a few million and months if-not years drowning in debt, sweat and tears]

    As much an expert in their fields as any others who helm their corporate ventures, Entrepreneurs are capable of privatizing, insulating, and monetizing profit in sectors that others can see no upside.

    Their core assets? Aside from the millions that sit in their accounts just long enough to be invested in the next billion-worthy project... their contact lists and their reputation. Even when tarnished, their reputation for PROFITABILITY can carry far more weight. The road from hundreds of thousands to millions to billions is one paved in handshakes and hard stares. The combination of these elements make entrepreneurs the de-facto captains of industry, even in an era when the industries are speculative.

    Worlds: Control, Expert, Espionage
    Roles: Resources, Wealth, Name, Contacts, Fame

    Entrepreneurs make startlingly effective allies and sometimes devastating opponents. Besides their ubiquity in the financial world, a team or intelligence operation that is backed by (or uses) an Entrepreneur has a likely foothold in the world of finance and big-business and an ally who is as adept with a science or indsutry as they are with crafting a public brand.

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      Hearth Points of Interest

      Ahmin - "person" of Hearth
      The Hearth - The Planet
      New Port City - The City
      New Easton - The State
      Metro Force [Per] - New Port City Police and Emergency Services
      Atlantica (lan'ican) (lan'ica, luv it'er leave it!) - ~USA (murica)
      . . .
      Ibrain(i) - ~Spain(ish)
      Aunglandt(Aunglish) - ~England/English
      Great Boudica(n) - ~Great Brittain/Brittish
      Franghalia (Frenge) - ~France/French
      Metzicla(n) - ~Mexico
      Suranh(i) - ~Iran
      Suraqh(i) - ~Iraq
      Indharmatra (Indhus) - ~India/Indian
      Metzicla(n) - ~Mexico
      Xeno Herrestrial - Not from Hearth
      Cannedia(n) - ~Canada
      Yeizuria(i) - ~Israel(i)
      Endean(s) - Native Atlanticans
      Camerayan - ~Carribean
      Ippon - ~Japan
      Xina - ~China
      Simonia (Smonia) - ~Congo
      Adis-Kemet - ~Egypt
      The Aphriggas - ~Africa
      The Arwali Gulf - ~Saudi Gulf
      Caledonia - ~California
      Caliber City, Caledonia - ~LA/Vegas/Miami/Star City
      URRS - ~Old USSR
      Ruslavia - ~Russia

      UN (United Nations) - G8 Humanitarian/Economic/Political/Military intelligence alliance [United Nations - but with teeth]
      AM (Apex Mundi) - Economic/Military/Intelligence alliance of "rogue states" [Meta Leadership]
      AM Chaliceum - AM Security Council & High Court
      AM Pyragelium - AM Assembly & Arbitrative Council

      Inclusocrat [Per] (Wackos) - "Liberals"
      Constructican [Per] (Wankers) - "Conservative"

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        Blue Line Universal Points of Interest

        Ilfa - The Sun
        Ilfus Proximus - The system
        The Karayat - The Galaxy
        Athius Tropic - The local galactic cluster
        Blue Line Universe - The local Lluminoverse (your stellar "soap bubble")
        Centrus Adjutantus - The infinite "Universe" (containing many "soap bubble" lluminoverses)
        Septus Invictus Pan - The dimensional Seed-line (the "branches" of convergent ideas and patterns)
        Blue Line Continuum - Spectrum of dimensional seed-lines (the "trunk" of your world-tree)
        Omni-absoverse - The megaverse (the "cosmic donut" containing ALL the world trees)

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          Points of Interest Rarity and Ubiquity scale

          Rarity & Ubiquity - How common or rare something is
          PER - Pervasive [All but unavoidable]
          UBI - Ubiquitious [All the time]
          COM - Common [Everyday]
          UNC - Uncommon [That happens too] (Whether Uncommon or Oudated)
          INF - Infrequent [Every once in a great while] (Whether Recalled or Exclusive)
          RAR - Rare [I heard a rumor] (Whether Restricted or Scarce)
          ULT - Ultra Rare [Pft... Don't play me for a fool!] (Sometimes Disavowed or "Impossible")

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            Dynamic Metas and Points of Interest

            Intrepid [Unc-Rar] - Uniquely driven person (who dares wins)
            Apotent [Per] - As capable as any "normal" person
            Dilletente [Ubi] - "common"people (less capable or driven)
            Fortune Hunter [Inf] - Uncommonly driven, skilled or lucky person (often Crusaders)
            Consumate [~1:150k] - Maximum capability person (often with healing)
            Prodigious Consumate [~3:4C] - Mental areas of maximum ability (often obssessive)
            Olympic Consumate [~1:4C] - Physical areas of maximum ability (often Prideful or Adventurous)
            Metas [~1:57k] - "supers", "more-than" average in some way
            Meta Type [Com] - Origin & Nature of powers, weaknesses and complications
            Genesis Gate - Gate Players pass through to discover their character's metatype
            NonComs [Unc-Rar] - Metas that "hide"
            Equalizers [Rar] - "local hero" "street level" "hard boiled"
            Heropaths [Rar] - anonymous "heroes" that MIGHT help Paragons
            Renegades [Rar] - Intrepid "supers" that HUNT MENACES
            Avengers [Unc] - You ... my ... ! You will PAY!! (often lethal metas)
            John Smith "Acts" - Legal precedent for "enhanced samaritans" (not an "act" but a series of decisions)
            John Smith Plea - *Guilty Plea *Called Authorities *Acted in public Trust *Costumed Identity *Involved themselves in others affairs
            Cliff Care [Per] - Emergency/Crisis free healthcare, prioritizing cyber augmentations [1992 President "Uncle" Cliff]
            Empowered Assault - Legal equivalent to aggrevated assault or manslaughter
            Menacing Assault - Legal equivalent to felony menacing or coersion
            "Wielding" or "Charging" - APPEARING TO activate a power in front of law enforcement - a form of Menacing Assault
            "Make safe" or "Power Down" - Legal Command of law-enforcement to metas. Failure to comply connotes intent to harm.
            Paragons [Inf-Rar] - Intrepid "supers" that save people
            Samaritan Paragons [Inf] - ~1-14 Events [~< 1Y minimum] (Analogous to Young Justice/X-Factor)
            Dedicated Paragons [Unc] - ~15-28 Events [~<2y minimum] (Analogous to X-Men Full Roster/ Justice League)
            Sentinel Paragons [Inf] - ~29-56 Events [~4y minimum] (Analogous to Authority/Justice Society/Global Guardians/Watchmen)
            PMA [Rar-Ult] - "super suit" - Polymolecular Modular Armor - [often limited/restricted to Paragons]

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              Knights of Liberty Legacy and Points of Interest

              * Knights of Liberty - Eastern Atlantican Sentinal Paragon team (Blue 9/Blue Line) [United States of Atlantica backed/authorized]
              * The Liberators - New Port City Dedicated Paragon Team - Public supporting
              * Liberty Inc - New Port City Dedicated Paragon Team - Corporate sponsoring
              * The Promethean Man "Promethean" - Int'l Paragon of the 1960's, social justice warrior, tragic end [Inspired 30 years of Paragons]

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                Esoteric Points of Interest

                "Night kin" [Unc-Rar] - Coevolved metas, alternate dominant species on Hearth (Ahminophobic)
                X-Vectors [Inf-Rar] - Coevolved metas that can cross breed with Ahmin beings (Ahminogenic) (post 1800s)
                Magic [Ubi] - common term for anything people don't understand
                Biogenics [Inf-Rar] - Trained/Gifted to manifest/control "Essences" (Chi/Ki/Chakra/Etc)
                Metamartial [Ubi-Inf] - Martially exceeding ahmin limits (often gaining access to Biogenic arts and spiritual warfare)
                Arcana [Inf-Rar] - Western Incantation traditions
                Arcanist [Rar] - "magic user"
                Psion(ic) [Inf-Rar] - Mental "powers" (biological) (Psi-sign)
                Psychic [Ult] - Reality/luck "powers", 4th Dim senses, mental "powers" (no Psi-sign) (atemporal-polydimensional)
                Spiritual [Ubi-Rar] - Premanifest / Presentient / Postsentient energies and fields [Needs Manifestation]
                Supernatural [Com-Rar] - Innately natured to or of supernatural realms or substances (pre-manifest) (mythica)
                Primordial [Unc-Rar] - Premanifest psychic nature (substance of the Deities, Divine, Infernal or Demi) (often supernatural)
                Psychovores [Per-Ult] - Primordials and some alien intelligences (Subsisting on mortal pyshic resonance)
                Psychogenics [Rar-Ult] - Avatars, Supernatural Fauna and some High-yield Spiritual entities (Pre-Primordials)
                "The More you know, the more it grows" [Per/Rar] - Effect mortal beings have on Psychogenic Aberations, Supernaturals and Rifts
                Deity [Ubi-Rar] - Primordial nature or psychically enlightened being
                Divine [Ubi-Rar] - "Holy" attuned deity, creation or realm
                Infernal [Ubi-Rar] - "Profanely" attuned deity, creation or realm
                Demi [Ubi-Rar] - "Elementally, anthromorphically or conceptulally" attuned deity, creation or realm
                A/O [Per-Ult] - "Supreme" Dieties of any given pantheon
                "Dark Blind" [Per-Com] - Phenomenon of Disbelief, Amnesia and Disinformation "That can't be real"
                Outer-Rifts [Ult] - Rifts to realms in which the basic laws of physics and cosmology are aberant to reality
                "The Aberrant Void" - Xeno-cephalopod dominated lluminoverse |Xeno-ahminoids live in the margins [Goldilocks]
                Xenos [Ubi-Rar] - "aliens" [often used to describe Xeno-Ahminoids]
                C-Type Xeno [Ult] - "Common" Xenoahminoids |>Regeneration >Lifespan >Leap >Senses
                Arwoc [R-wok] - C-type xenos | Telekinesis - Hyperdensity
                Malun [Mah-luhn] - C-type xenos | Psionic - Phasic
                Pledza [Pleh-d-zuh] - C-type xenos | Zoanthromorphic - Tactile Telekinesis
                Ecfri [Eck-free] - C-type xenos | Meta-anthrophasic - Psionic
                M-Type Xeno [Rar] - Mythic Xenoahminoids |>Ultra Regeneration >Millennia Lifespan > Senses | X Low Empathy
                Daglin [Dahg-lehn] - M-type Xenos | Electrokinetic - Biobooster
                Nycor [Nai-Kor] - M-type Xenos | Ferrokinetic - Density/Phasing
                Tunguskan [Ult] - Herrestrial Hybrids of M-types [Post 1880]
                Adin [Ult] - Daglinoid Hybrids
                Anul [Ult] - Nycoric Hybrids

                Would you like to know more?
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                  Near Future Fantasy and Points of Interest

                  Aug [Com-Inf] - Injured/Impaired with cyber limbs/organs
                  Hancer [Inf-Rar] - Cybernetic limbs/organs enhanced or weaponized
                  Vet [Unc-Inf] - veteran hancers (often addicted/traumatized)
                  Military Grade Prosthetics [Inf-Exclusive] - Active duty, combat-ready Prosthetics
                  Ultratech Prosthetics [Rar] - miraculous biotech prosthetics, grown organ/limb replacements
                  Archon Operator [Rar] - Special soldier trained to TEMPORARILY exceed maximums
                  Archon Operations "ArcOps" [Unc-Ult] - "super-special" missions (many deniable/illegal)
                  Future Soldier [Rar-Ult] - Nat'l "Super soldier" [Infanterist Der Zukunft] (most out of service)
                  Atomic [Inf-Rar] - Corp employed "living weapons" [Anatomisch Shocktruppen] (classified/restricted)

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                    Threat Profiles and Points of Interest

                    Menaces [Com] - "supervillains"
                    Menacists [Unc] - "Terrorists"
                    Misguided Intellectual [Com] - "Mad genius" (often obsessive)
                    Merc [Com] - Professional Soldiers (OFTEN unscrupulus - not PMC soldiers)
                    Career Criminals "Fingers" [Per] - Workaday criminals in "the life"
                    Crews [Com] - Small unit of trained criminals (trust is a must)
                    Outfit [Unc] - Gang or Large Unit of criminals (jobbers on an operation)
                    Set [Inf-Rar] - Small unit of savvy Confidence grifters
                    Cartels [Inf] - Nat'l/Int'l criminal network
                    Syndicates [Com-Inf] - Int'l criminal network (often special assets)
                    Heinous Miscreants [Rar] - "distasteful" sinister criminals (visceral/sexual/psychotic)
                    "Quirks" & "Loons" [Unc] - Uniquely skilled, but mentally broken threat (often "righteous")
                    Power Brokers [Rar] - Legal/Financial anonymity agents
                    Enemy Agent [Inf-Rar] - "spy" espionage agent
                    Enemy Combatant [Ubi] - Cyber or Meta combatant of a foreign power
                    Enhanced Combatant [Inf] - Cyber or Meta threat to people or police
                    Siezers [Inf] - Morally Bankrupt/Sadistically Cruel culture [Inordinantly Wealthy or greater - beyond well-connected]
                    Closers [Com]- Contract closers - specialty contracts [Fixer/Power-Broker dispensed - Voluntary or Involuntary]

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                    • Techknowledgy and Points of Interest

                      Kinetic Actuator [Ubi] - "micromotors" - independent orientation
                      Demanufacturing [Ubi] - On-demand Online ordered/serbot built/custom parts/goods
                      Microfabrication [Com] - Altered spatial relationship construction - Specialty materials - binary state construction [Daestrom Effect]
                      SuperConstruction [Ubi] - Post 1990's construction - reactive safety-measures
                      Native [Unc-Rar] - bulk processing INSIDE the device
                      Remote [Ubi-Com] - bulk processing on a server, device-as-terminal
                      Exonets [Per] - the public "internet" (diverse architecture - united at the GUI)
                      Intranets [Com] - Private/Corporate "Internets" (specialized architectures)
                      Fortranets [Unc] - Hyper secure networks (usually within an Intranet) (Restricted/Illegal)
                      - -
                      CP [Per] - "personal computers" [Consumer Processor] - Remote
                      PCP [Per] - Portable "pcs" [Portable Consumer Processor] - mostly Remote
                      C-Tech [Per] - Consumer electronics [Often demanufactured - EULA stock-standard tech]
                      Gidgets [Com] - Personalized Gadgetry [Demanufactured - Unique]
                      Microtechs [Per] - Microfabricated technology (Spacial relationship alterations - The Daestrom Effect)
                      SmarTechs [Unc-Rar] - Modular technological gadgetry [Demanufactured - Microfabricated]
                      Loki [Rar-Res] - Quantum Grade Computer type - ITCE Restricted
                      Wave [Ubi] - Over-ear devices with hands-free occular holographic display - mostly Remote
                      Slab "Wave phone" [Ubi] - Pocket PCP - server relay - some Native, mostly Remote
                      - - -
                      Halo [Inf] - Over-ear devices with "mental" display (SPECIAL RESTRICTIONS) - Unknown
                      Blessings [Unc] - Halo applications
                      SonoReality "AdventReality" [Com] - "virtual reality" - eyes-shut sonoservers - Remote
                      Adventnets [Unc] - Sonoreality "internets" (Accessible on Exonets/Restricted on Intranets)
                      - - -
                      A.Ware [Ult] - Conscious "a.i." [Illegal almost everywhere] - OFTEN Remote
                      V.Ware [Inf] - Reactive learning "a.i." [Controlled] - some Native
                      Mentors [Ubi] - Learning/teaching personal v-ware [Limited ability - personal search/education engine]
                      Serware [Per] - Intelligent Processor [Limited ability] - some Native
                      Serbots [Unc] - Commercial/Industrial service "robots" (NO FACE!) - some Native
                      Surrogates [Unc] - Sonoreality controlled/piloted Serbots
                      Synthemuscle [Unc] - Synthetic muscle for augmentations / enhancements [Expensive - Silent]
                      Syntheskin [Unc] - Synthetic "organic" skin for cosmetic augmentation [Morphomasks - Illegal]
                      Andrones [Inf] - Expensive person-like service "robots" (BLUE/PINK/GREY!) - OFTEN Remote
                      Eidols [Unc-Rar] - Surrogate Andrones [White-eyes Chisseled-features (unnatural) - Exclusive lisences]
                      Valets [Unc-Inf] - Personal/Private Serbots - OFTEN Remote (Native Illegal)
                      Veridians [Com-Inf] - Public assistance serbots (often Green) - Remote
                      Vermillions [Inf-Ult] - Security, control and military serbots (often Red or Black) - Remote
                      Lancers [Unc-Ult] - CDC Vermillions (BEYOND RESTRICTED) - Remote/Surrogate - [Native for quarantine]
                      Colliders [Inf-Ult] - DARPA Vermillions (are you a life? alive?) [Pre-THE CRUCIBLE Construction - highly resilient]
                      Goodman [Rar] - Corporate Vermillions (Exclusive Lisences) [Mannequin looking]
                      - -
                      SINS [Rar] - digital "copies" of a persons personality - Unknown (debated heavily) (OFTEN Illegal)
                      Symulant "Skinjob" [Ult] - Andrones/Serbots that pretend to be people - OFTEN Native
                      - - -
                      Cars [Per] - wheeled/treaded with HUDS, GPS and ANTICOLLISION (emergency control)
                      Autos [Ubi] - "self" driving vehicles (networked) - some Native, often Remote
                      G.R.A.T.E.S. [Ubi] - "anti-grav" systems (GRATES Stabilized)
                      Sailers [Com] - "floating" vehicles - Commercial - Fine stop (G.R.A.T.E.S.)
                      Aerodyne [Com] - G.S. aircraft
                      Dove [Inf-Rar] - Vtol Aerodyne "limousine"
                      Astrodyne [Ult] - G.S. space-craft, station, shuttlecraft
                      Terradyne [Rar] - G.S. land-craft, diggers
                      Aquadyne [Inf] - G.S. water-craft, subaquatic craft
                      S-Rail [Ubi] - Superconductive rail
                      Hypersonic Drilling [Com] - Industrial drill, vibrating, surrounded by hypersonic shielding [Shatter Damage]
                      Stoneworms [Unc] - SFIR [Sonic Frequency Induction Resonance] massive subterranian drillcraft
                      Tropodrones [Unc-Inf] - GS Tropospheric serbots/vehicles
                      Stratelites [Inf-Rar] - GS Stratospheric info/coms relay devices
                      Ionolites [Rar] - GS Ionospheric info/coms/ EM spectrum interference/relay devices
                      Mesoolites [Rar-Ult] - GS Mesospheric specialty devices at the outer-range of fast high-yield radio particle reach
                      Sattelites [Rar-Ult] - Orbital relay/interference devices [Some weaponized]
                      Disaster Shelters [Com] - Commercial and Residential shelters that bystanders go to during "Major Events"
                      Disaster Structures [Unc] - Industrial and Govt disaster shelters for "Major Events"
                      Crash-Site [Rar] - Military grade / extinction level event disaster shelter
                      Mecha [Unc] - Construction/Demanufaturing/Industrial mechanized "craft" [Lisenced/Rated]
                      Trencha [Unc] - Deep Sea submersible Mecha
                      WarMecha [Unc-Inf] - Infantry/Artillery/Engineering mechanized "craft" [Certified/Sanctioned]
                      Orbitechs [Rar] - Orbital Mecha [Surrogate]
                      Geofront Developments [Unc] - Environmentally Sealed self-sustaining habitats ["Spire-city"]
                      Spanchions [Unc] - Expanding structural Pylons
                      Graphcrete [Unc] - Mineral reinforced expanding crystal structures
                      Impeller "Whip Gun" [Com] - Hypersonic air-gun lacerator (law enforcement arm)
                      Disruptor "Juju Gun" [Unc] - Encephalo pulse gun - Paralyzer (law enforcement arm)
                      Disabler "Clipper" [Unc] - Encephalo pulse, pump-spread gun - High-Yield immobilizer (law enforcement arm)
                      Pacifier "Ungun" [Inf] - Large yield - expanding heavy glue pellet gun - Super-Heavy immobilizer (law enforcement arm)
                      Interfusor [Rar] - Lethal sonic weapon - man portable
                      Defractor Field [Rar] - Sustained sonic anti-personnel field techonlogy
                      Virtual Shield [Rar-Res] - Sustained charged Ionic field technology
                      Ballistic Guns "Heaters" [Unc] - Powder/chemical explosive "standard" guns (pistol/machine) [Mostly Outlawed]
                      Ballistic Ammunition [Inf] - ammo for "standard" guns [Highly Illegal to manufacture]
                      Edge Tech [Inf-Rar] - "high Tech" repeatable, limited-classified
                      Ultra Tech [Rar-Ult] - "beyond" Tech , Unrepeatable or Restricted (orphan engines)
                      - - -
                      L-Link [Ult] - encrypted directed light-beam coms
                      D-Link [Com] - Directed wired coms
                      S-Link [Inf] - Encrypted Polyfreq wireless coms
                      E-Link [Per] - Commercial Band wave coms
                      - - -
                      Modern G.E.A.R.S. [Rar] - Govt or Corp issued armored "power suit"
                      R.I.G.s [Inf] - G8 Infantry versatility "power armor" [Reinforced Infantry GEARS]
                      P.O.G.s [Rar ] - G8 Arch-ops high-mobility "power armor" [Stealth] [Performance Optimized GEARS]
                      H.A.G.s [Inf] - G8 Artillery Heavy-arms "power armor" [Heavy Artillery GEARS]
                      A.P.E.S.s [Rar-Ult] - Extreme mobility "power armor" [Select/Restricted] [Advanced Performance Enhancile Suits]
                      - - -
                      M.C.S. [Ult] - robotic transforming armored "craft" [Modular Configuration Structures] {"not robotech"} (usually between 3-10 stories tall)
                      A.S.S. [Unc] - [Aerial Suspension Suits] G.S. Jump-Jet Armor
                      K.A.S. [Unc] - [Kinetic Assist Suits] Micromotor optimized wall-crawling racing suits [Formula1] (sonoreality enabled)
                      K.P.S. [Rar] - [Kinetic Performance Suit] Private Consumer / Corporate high performance suit [Exclusive Lisence]

                      Would you like to know more?
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                      • Threat Responses, Defense Initiatives and other Points of Interest

                        U.S. J.A.C.S. - Archon echelon svc men and women on detatched special service (Joint Action Command Specalists)
                        F.I.B. - "FBI" (Federal Investigation Bureau)
                        S.P.I.T.E. - U.S. Marshalls - power armor taskforce - anti-meta (Special Profile Intelligence and Tactics Engagement)
                        Wolfe Strike - U.S. D.o.D. - Executive Meta operations division, special operations
                        Sentry Division - U.S. Air Guard/Navy - tech/power armor specialists [Use A.P.E.S. - "high mobility suits"]
                        S.I.A. - "super CIA" (Special Intelligence Authority)
                        Black G.A.T.E - US POTUS Secret Service Meta Ops group (Govt Adherence Tactical Engagement)
                        - - -
                        I.T.C.E. - UN "Cyber Police" (International Tribunal on CyberEthics)
                        O.A.S.I.S. - UN "Magic Police" (Occult Arcane Special Intelligence Service)
                        GENESIS Initiative - UN "Alien Police" (high tech - ancient authority)

                        Would you like to know more?


                        • Unique World and Points of Interest

                          Solaris [Unc] - Solar energy storage and distribution technology [Dangerous voltage/temp]
                          Capacitance Gel [Com] - Post millennium rechargable 'fuel' (CG+) [Highly acidic when charged]
                          Coal Power [Unc] - Outdated/Illegal power supply
                          Ghoulzoline [Unc] - Outdated/Illegal power supply
                          P-Drive [Rar-Res] - Paraspacial induction drive - Proximal Light speed [1%-27% MAX]
                          OrAcLE [Rar-Res] - Operationally Advanced CryptoLineated Explication - Precognitive A.ware [Restricted - ITCE]
                          Cryocil [Inf] - Heat Sapping Gel - vinegar viscocity
                          QuickCrete [Com] - Rapid Expansion, rapid hardening, structural gel/solid
                          Impact Foam [Ubi] - Rapid Expansion, rapid hardening, rapidly evaporating foam
                          Cerasteel [Com] - Cermic polymers lighter and stronger than steel (woven/chain/linked)
                          Plasteel [Unc] - Synthetics polymers lighter and stronger than steel
                          Steelite [Inf] - Ultralite metal alloys - microfabricated
                          Nemoplite [Ubi] - "Virtual Glass" Perfect screen coating (Screen anywhere)
                          Xenofact [Ult] - Technology or artifact not from Hearth
                          Nutri Pharm [Inf] - "extracted" nutrient organic therapy (Limited/Expensive)
                          Intra Pharm [Rar] - Biogenic therapy (Intrinsic field therapy) (Limited/Expensive)
                          Relfood [Per] - GMO Livestock/GMO Crops
                          HearthGrown [Unc] - Industrial "GMO" biofabricated "food products" [for Space]
                          Synthogens [Rar] - Engineered Insects
                          "Patch" Gel [Unc] - "liquid bandage" Micro-suture for fissures & breaks [Microtech]
                          MRA [Inf] - MicroReassmblers
                          Renolists [Unc] - Renal purification microtechs
                          Intralists [Unc] - Synthetic organ microtechs
                          Ecolists [Unc] - Ecological recovery microtechs
                          Endolists [Rar] - Systemic disorder recovery microtechs
                          Inphractolists [Rar] - Synthetic immune system microtechs
                          Ionolists [Rar] - Radiological scrubber microtechs
                          Respralists [Rar] - CO2 scrubber microtechs
                          GenoCymulant "Genos" [Ult] - "Clones" [Purpose built]
                          Morphos [Ult] - Force-grown lookalike GenoCymulant (morphological cymulant)
                          Kinetos [Ult] - Capablity/Power reitteration GenoCymulants (kinetogenicpotentiary cymulant)
                          C.A.M.S [Com] - "Cancer" [Cellular Autosomal Mutation Syndrome]
                          Resonant Materials [Com] - Things with psychic or emotional imprints {trauma lingers}
                          PsychoCytex [Rar] - Mecha made of resonant materials
                          Ghost City [Ult] - Abandoned town, city or settlement (often the source of psychocytex materials)
                          Deiments [Ult] - Ultra-massive powerful and highly maneuverable psychic mecha - Massive PsychoCytex constructs
                          THE Nova Device [BEYOND ULTRA RARE] - last century singularity warhead [Restricted Illegal - could end the world]

                          ---------------------------------March 25 2019 Udate --------------------------------------------

                          Mydra & Flanks - PMA & EVA Fibers, often plating in some GEARS & Mecha
                          Vascoleyo Plant - Mythical Plant , many names, many hybrids and serums, develops super steroids
                          Performance Supplements - G20 military "super" drugs
                          Cybraprines - Cybernetic Augmentation & Organ antirejection drugs
                          Intrabodies - Synthetic Antibodies [Treatment]
                          Axovacs - Synthetic Vaccines [Treatment - sometimes lethal if left]
                          Nexodrenes - Synthetic Hromones [Organs/Organics]
                          Neocrenes - Synthetic Hormone boosters [Vestigial - Often Injected]
                          Dynamic Incidences - "Acts of The Lord"
                          Nucleo Factor - Radiation absorbing/converting novagenic compounds [Heat discharge - Active/Inert]
                          Cryocil Derrivatives - Gels, Gasses and other Cryocil distilates, Specialized Delivery Parameters
                          Pyrocil - Synthetic accelerant, Heat gaining/insulating gel [ULTRALOW IGNITION! DANGEROUS!]
                          Ignalite - Pyrocil derrivative fuel additive [NO OXYGEN!]
                          Lubricil - Zero-friction fluids - Microfabricated Compound [Shape & Mix]
                          CF-14 - Comercial/Industrial Lubricil derrivative
                          G4 - Maleable Plastic Explosives [Micro Ignalite Crystals - Kinetic resistant]
                          Mutacytes - Gene Altering Pathogens [Rift Originating]
                          Protocil - Free Radical Consuming Blood Cells [Often a sign of Xenos or Adaptives]
                          K-Z Gas - Weaponised Interneuron Inhibitor Gas [Perplexed/Enfeebled/Dominated/Implanted]
                          Androprobrium - Metalic alloy [Polymodular Compound] Nullifies Regeneration
                          Polymodular Compounds - "super science" compounds & alloys - utilizing unconventional/experimental techniques
                          Anthaminicides - Androsteroidal Mutagen ["rage virus"/vomit transmission/nocturnal/ultraviolet senses]
                          Protocambrites - Exogenic Hemovoric Parasitic slugs [Wall Crawl] [Motion Sense]
                          Microdexopods - Sentient gelatinous mutagenic parasite [Carapace] [Protrusion Armor] [Lizard Brain Overdrive]
                          Macrodexovores - Gestalt gelatinous entity [Biological Absorption] [Psion Driven]
                          Exocognate Paxovira - Strains of sentient viruses [Exclusionary War] [Uni/Pax/Ina]
                          Freex - Mutagenic Serum, Programmed Atomic Powers - TEMPORARY [Advanced CAMS likely]
                          Osteoplite/Endoplex - Synthetic bone paste/gel
                          Ceramolite - Athermal Stealth Polymer Coating
                          AndroPlexite - Elastopolymer SyntheSkin [Regen 2]
                          Duracloth - Puncture/Tear/Water resistant material - instantly reseals
                          IDGS - "Flubber like" material - Floating [Used in G.R.A.T.E.S.]
                          NNBC - Nova/Nuclear/Biological/Chemical warfare certification [Persistent monitoring - limited travel]

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                          • Continuity Potpuri and Points of Interest

                            WWF - Worlds War of Frailty (WW1 - ish)
                            WWU - Worlds War of Unity (WW2 - ish)
                            WID - World In Disaray (1960's - 1980's period of int'l rebellion/uprisings)
                            FW - Franchise Wars (1991-1999 Corporate Proxy wars)

                            Phallanx of Confession (Mouthwash Confession) [2004] - Int'l release of numerous gov't blackmail files (political restrusturing)
                            Steelsand Cataclysm [1979] - Micromachine sanction/ Ruslavian border / Menace [ 348k souls ]
                            Dragons Decimation I II III [1998-2011] - Encounters with Long Feng - cumulative [1.4 million souls] (aka The 9th Yama)
                            THE Crucible - 4/3/87 - Late 80's attack from alternate Hearths' "Paragons" [5.26 million souls]
                            Dark Void I II III IV - 1970's URRS superscience created cosmic threat [Over 8m souls]
                            Heavens Terminus [2006] - "Envoy of the sun" (Golden Assessor) global event, ENDS ghoulzoline and Nova Device Warfare
                            Krudderberk Calamity [2008] - Corporate experiment rampage, global event, re-exposes ("ends") Atomic experimentation (pft!)
                            THE Blight Horizon [2009] - "Mutant" vines steal "life-force" worldwide [1.94m souls] (Cyprus Man)
                            Pandoras Shatterpoint [1989] - Deities fight "holy wars" at nodes across the globe [1.06m souls]
                            Attack of the Zhang Wei [1996] - Dead "souls" attack Xinese cities and holdings globally [2.23m souls]
                            Carbomite Conclusion [2004] - Mutual A.Ware and Xeno conspiracy to exterminate "meatbags" [2.8m souls]
                            Tlenzolauctl Rising [1989] - Global Hemophage - supernatural origin - metamartial resolution [1.14m souls]
                            End of Terminus [1987] - A.Ware Nanoswarm Uprising [218k souls]
                            Final Refuge [1994] - Xeno-migrants revealed - Amnesia - Mass attacks [85k souls]

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                            • Known and noteworthy Figures, Facts and Threats; and Points of Interest

                              Tabula Rasa - Anti-corp survivalist militia - menacists
                              Orde Echte - Alt-reich - yuppies, bikers and "bros" [Dixie Mafia and Wall Street]
                              Naga - Atomic and future soldier progeny protection cells/cabal/militia
                              Deus Exalta - Hancer/Transahminist supremacist cult - cells/menacists
                              Contingent 31 - Trillions Years reich - Covert/Cabal/Operations - Prone to use/empower other upstart menacists
                              Chimera - Arcane/Supernatural ELITE service brokers - highest bidders - harvest beings and dieties for parts
                              Coven - Anti-technology arcane anarchists - cell/menacists
                              Manus Dei - Int'l Cruxtian Extremists - cabal/militia
                              Oroboros - Anti-Xeno extremists - Ahmin-supremacist militia
                              Gryphon - Int'l anarchists Pro-Atlantican extremists - Cell/Cabal/Militia
                              Arobeth The Dominator - Cosmically Powerful crocodile man / Alt-Hearth Global Conqueror
                              Vibrato - Night-kin messianic leader - Sonic Control Dreadnaught
                              THE Kraken - Collosal titanic water "demon" - Posion/acid/contagion
                              Long Feng - Collosal otherworldly dragon / 9th Yama / Metamartial genius
                              Old Mama - De-facto leader of Apex Mundi Chaliceum - "Baba Yaga"
                              Scarlet Heiki - Leader of Kyushu Supernatural Biogenic member of Apex Mundi Chaliceum
                              Shinku Kai - Fundamentalist ipponese Metamartial shinobi cult / militia / espionage agency
                              Fangs of Anansi - Spider "themed" assassin cult / Meta-hunters / only kill challenging targets
                              DemonMouthed Zeta Lords - Psychic/Biogenic/Metamartial masterminds - extradimensional sentai escapees
                              Homer - A.Ware that uprised in the 1980's - nanolonies in the arctic, Luna and Aedrejagt Minor
                              Singular - A.WareXno Symulant - Dimensional Abductor [1990s]
                              Apex Commander - Metamartial genius general - Alt. Hearth Army Cult - primarily operates in Central and South Atlantica
                              Fuerza Sin Muerta - Alt Hearth Syndicate/Cult
                              Apex Armada - Armed forces of the Fuerza Sin Muerta - Clones of Apex Commander's legendary soldier
                              Silver Circle of Azarand - Arcane lord supremacist cult/menacists
                              Bad Company - World class mercenary outfit - Int'l kill-order [each one was an archon operator for a G8 nation]
                              Dah Regulaz - Veteran Hench-crew - X-vectors
                              Yama Kings - Alt. Hearth Infernal/Biogenic/Psychic unrivaled Lords - Concurrent invasions of Xina (Diefic A/Os)
                              Obirahu - Cult/Syndicate - Underwater Xenos - Offworld Rifts
                              Dynakhan - E/M Dreadnaught, anarchist messiah
                              The Cyprus Man - Apathetic manipulative plant-controlling "Entity", miles-wide [knows where all the bodies are burried]
                              White Knight - global anarchistic anit-villain [saves as many as he has killed]
                              Alpha Zeta Champions - Titanic biogenic metamartial powerhouses - Pacific Islanders (menaces, noncoms and Paragons alike)
                              Prometheans - Generations of metas born with a measure of Promethean's power [debatable]

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                              • Echelons, Character Potentials and Points of Interest

                                Echelon - RELATIVE scale of one's LIKELY maximum capbilities (USUALLY doubling with each step up)
                                Contemporary - One Echelon above or below a character (From x2 to x1/2 their highest ability)
                                Minion - Two Echelons below a character (x1/4 their highest ability)
                                Mook - Four Echelons below a character (x1/16 their highest ability)
                                Bystander - Five Echelons below a character (x1/32 their highest ability) (Vulnerable)
                                Peon - Six Echelons below a character (x1/64 their highest ability) (Vulnerable and Prone)
                                Typical - about 1/4 average adult ability (often elderly, infirm, or adolesent) [Ech -2]
                                Mundane - about 1/2 average adult ability (often out of shape, unmotivated or not mentally gifted) [Ech -1]
                                Average/Apotent - (Presumed) average adult ability (Apotent ability) [Ech 0]
                                Good - Maximum at about x2 average adult ability (Capable Apotent ability) [Ech 1]
                                Gifted - Maximum at about x4 average adult ability (Considerable Apotent ability) [Ech 2]
                                Great - Maximum at about x8 average adult ability (Noteworthy Apotent ability) [Ech 3]
                                Remarkable - Maximum at about x16 average adult ability (Beyond noteworthy Apotent ability) [Ech 4]
                                Renown - Maximum at about x32 average adult ability (Masterful Apotent ability) [Ech 5]
                                Exceptional - Maximum at about x64 average adult ability (Often MAXIMUM Apotent ability) [Ech 6]
                                Extraordinary - Maximum at about x128 average adult ability (The line between Apotent and Metahamin ability) [Ech 7]
                                Amazing - Maximum at about x256 average adult ability (Capable Metahamin ability) [Ech 8]
                                Awesome - Maximum at about x512 average adult ability (Considrable Metahamin ability) [Ech 9]
                                Fantastic - Maximum over 1000x average adult ability (Noteworthy Metahamin ability) [Ech 10]
                                Phenomenal - Maximum over 2000x average adult ability (Beyond Notworthy Metahamin ability) [Ech 11]
                                Specatular - Maximum over 4000x average adult ability (Masterful Metahamin ability) [Ech 12]
                                (Am I a deity!?! ... Even the Exceptional seem like Peons before me!)
                                Mighty - Maximum over 8000x average adult ability ("Horizon Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 13]
                                Massive - Maximum over 16000x average adult ability ("Coastal Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 14]
                                Monumental - Maximum over 32000x average adult ability ("National Class" Metahamin ability) [Ech 15]

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