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The Blue Line. Paragons of the Hearth.

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  • The Blue Line. Paragons of the Hearth.

    Would you like to know more? Check out the Points of Interest about C L O S E R S , Expanded Echelon Scales and Apotent Archetypes

    This game is about ...

    Paragons, intrepid metas that sacrifice on behalf of a world that has real reasons not to trust metas of almost every origin, most of whom are dangerous and self-concerned. Being a Paragon is about Trust, proving to the public that their lives actually matter to you, so that when the national superpowers come for your children and relatives, then maybe the people might defend you and hopefully others like you.

    To achieve this...

    Your character will have skills, saves, abilities and meta-abilities, many of which stem from your meta origin. Individually, your character can be amazing at handling what they are best at... but the universe is a wheel of pain, and there are numerous origins and specialties that your character may not be equipped to handle. Individually, as a Paragon, your character has victory points to help alleviate the situation - though Victory Points become Plot Points for the Guide to use to make the situation more interesting. Your character isn't just a costumed identity waiting to pummel cartoon evil, your Chronicle is the ongoing epic, tragic, comedic, romantic, suspenseful tale ... of you!


    The world has a History of metas, magic, deities and strangeness; yet national, regional, corporate and theosophical superpowers have still risen to dominance. The world isn't a single amorphous mass, it is a web of Factions; each with their own agendas, fail states, and methods.


    For every Single Paragon that is currently active, there are about six-to-nine active Menaces that they are uniquely equipped to handle. That number has been steadily increasing, while the number of Paragons that rise up has Stagnated, and is now beginning to Decline. History, Law and Culture are all factors that put various meta origins in or out of favor at any given time. The only thing that prevents The Establishments from putting your descendants and loved ones in detention centers or on research slabs is the Vocal and Articulated Will of The People and their collective memory of the actions you took on their behalf, and at what cost.

    With that in mind...

    Metas don't pick powers off a menu, abilities come from their origins, which also are a source of Complications. Working with other player characters you CAN create a team of Paragons with Diverse Origins and Capabilities. When your characters work together, you can earn Sync Points - by working as a Team of Paragons - to help each other alleviate the situation, which do NOT become Plot Points. You will be put in scenarios where you will NOT make binary choices. You will - as a Team - have to make life and death decisions in the moment... in an Imperfect World... with lives in the balance.


    You can choose to Hunt "evil" individually for extra Victory Points, as well as develop your individual meta-abilities and skills quickly as a Renegade. IF you and all the other players so-choose, you can play together as a Team (or Network) of Renegades.

    There is a lot more to this, but that is Entirely Dependent on your interest.

    ************************************************** **********************************

    Mind bending, Senses Shattering, Cataclysmic Action and Adventure Await!!! Dangerous dynamic dalliances of deadly daring-do, don't deter defiant diehard detractors of destiny!!!

    Metas of every stripe abound.

    Menaces with meta abilities feel they can do as they please, with no concern for their victims.
    Menacists champion causes, some righteous - some not, desperately enact bloody and heinous warfare, regardless of the consequences.
    Misguided intellectuals spurred by tragedy or ego, act with depraved indifference to the suffering they might cause.
    Mercenaries use meta abilities, technologies and techniques to do what conventional armies cannot, for the highest bidder.
    Career criminals use their meta abilities to evade or battle conventional law enforcement, more concerned with one another than any legal repercussions.
    The Syndicates consolidate the bulk of the low-powered metas under a banner of international crime, and the world still spins.
    Avengers, metas and notable people almost seemingly empowered by the very tragedies that bore them, engage violent campaigns to exact bloody vengeance.

    Then there are the Intrepid, people who, with or without authority, cannot sit still and watch.

    Equalizers... veterans, aesthetics and constables of varying origin, try to protect their patches of dirt from exploitative criminal bullies and meta-warlords.
    Heropaths... metas who live their lives in the margins, ever-cautious to keep their powers a guarded secret, occasionally offer aid when their identities can be protected.
    Renegades... metas and notable people who save the day by pounding the bad guys into the dirt, even if it makes them unpopular with the media... and the law.
    Paragons... metas and notable people who save the day... by saving the people from threats they couldn't save themselves from; all while trying to glean the trust of the masses - in spite of the many public reasons not to trust any metas.

    The bystanding public, a global population of some nearly 5.2 billion normal people, hang in the balance.
    A 24/7 news cycle blasted across the nets makes the actions of all metas international news, not over-night, but moment to moment.

    So the question remains... which will YOU be? ......Welcome to The Blue Line Universe.

    .....Blue Line Universe Elevator Pitch
    .....Basic Terminology
    .....An introduction to the Blue Line Universe - The Blue Line, The Gathering and The Crucible
    .....Setting Qualities of The Hearth
    .....Setting Qualities of The Hearth - Part 2


    .....Points of Interest Rarity and Ubiquity scale

    .....Hearth Points of Interest
    .....Blue Line Universal Points of Interest
    .....Dynamic Metas and Points of Interest
    .....Knights of Liberty Legacy and Points of Interest
    .....Esoteric Points of Interest
    .....Near Future Fantasy and Points of Interest
    .....Threat Profiles and Points of Interest
    .....Techknowledgy and Points of Interest
    .....Threat Responses, Defense Initiatives and other Points of Interest
    .....Unique World and Points of Interest
    .....Continuity Potpuri and Points of Interest
    .....Known and noteworthy Figures, Facts and Threats; and Points of Interest
    .....Echelons, Character Potentials and Points of Interest


    .....Historic Cultural Context and Points of Interest
    .....Super CSI Points of Interest
    .....Character Creation Points of Interest
    .....Gameplay and Character Sheet Points of Interest
    .....Not your standard superhero setting Points of Interest
    .....Campaign Qualities Points of Interest

    ------------------------------------------CLOSERS -----------------------------------------------

    .....C l o s e r s
    .....C l o s e r s R o l e s

    ---------------------------CONTEXT AND PERSPECTIVE --------------------------------------

    .....Relative Expanded Echelon Scales[NEW!]

    -----------------------------------Apotent Archetypes Introduction[NEW!]-----------------------------------

    ....Apotent Archetype Layouts[NEW!]

    ....Action and Combat ArchetypesNEW!]

    ....Cinematic Archetypes Set 1[NEW!]

    ....Cinematic Archetypes Set 2[NEW!]

    Table of Contents

    The Hearth - Our world at play
    .....Blue Line Universe - Hearth of the Blue Line Universe
    .....Blue Line Universe - Metahamin Types and Origins
    .....Blue Line Universe - Known World Threats of the Hearth
    .....Blue Line Universe - Known World Threats of the Hearth - continued
    .....Blue Line Universe - RIFTS - The Mechanics of the Impossible
    .....Blue Line Universe - Paragons, Renegades, Avengers and Equalizers
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Necessity of Dedicated Paragons
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Necessity of Samaritan Paragons
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Necessity of Renegades
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Necessity of Heropaths
    .....Blue Line Universe - Legality, Politics and Paragon Independence
    .....Blue Line Universe - Why Paragons tolerate some Mercenaries
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Necessity of Research - Powers/Origins, Characteristics, Tactics and Objectives - [PREVIOUS POST!!]
    .....The Blue Line Universe - The Heroic Ages Part 1
    .....The Blue Line Universe - The Heroic Ages Part 2
    .....The Blue Line Universe - The Heroic Ages Part 3
    .....The Blue Line Universe - The Heroic Ages Part 4
    .....The Crucible... Day of Days
    .....The Blue Line Universe - The Heroic Ages Part 5 - The Paragon Renaissance Part 1
    .....The Blue Line Universe - The Heroic Ages Part 5 - The Paragon Renaissance Part 2
    .....The Blue Line Universe - The Heroic Ages Part 5 - The Paragon Renaissance Part 3
    .....The Blue Line Universe - The Heroic Ages Part 5 - The Paragon Renaissance Part 4
    .....Blue Line Universe - Modern Differences
    .....Blue Line Universe - Software and Hardware Discourse
    .....Blue Line Universe - PMAs
    .....Blue Line Universe - Cybernetics, Prosthetics and Cyber Surrogacy in the modern world
    .....Blue Line Universe - Arc Ops and Performance Enhancers
    .....Blue Line Universe - Super-Construction and Disaster Shelter requirements
    .....Blue Line Universe - Pseutrons - [PREVIOUS POST!!]
    .....Blue Line Universe - A plethora of notable normals
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Misguided Intellectual Menaces
    .....Blue Line Universe - Career Criminals
    .....Blue Line Universe - Burglars and Thieves
    .....Blue Line Universe - Mercenary Combatants of the Hearth
    .....Blue Line Universe - Mercenary Combatants of the Hearth - continued
    .....Blue Line Universe - Loonies, Oddballs and Quirks
    .....Blue Line Universe - Criminal Motivators
    .....Blue Line Universe - Clandestine Power Brokers
    .....Blue Line Universe - Future Soldiers Discourse
    .....Blue Line Universe - Heinous and Diabolical Menaces - Incomplete
    .....Blue Line Universe - Known Meta Population, The Ratios and The Syndicates
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Syndicates Populations
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Syndicates - The Tribe
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Syndicates - The Directorate
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Syndicates - The Consortium
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Syndicate's Sphere's of Influence and it's limits
    .....Blue Line Universe - 4 year careers and Paragons
    .....Blue Line Universe - Paragons as Trash-workers of evil
    .....Blue Line Universe - Vanquishing (killing) threats is NOT victory
    .....Blue Line Universe - Why are battles so short
    .....Blue Line Universe - Dynamos of the Europas
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Conclave and The Orders
    .....Blue Line Universe - The Sentinel's Secret of the Blue Line
    .....Blue Line Universe - Unknown Global Metahamin Population
    .....Blue Line Universe - Global Orphan Ratio
    .....Blue Line Universe - Global Severed Branches Ratio

    The Dynamics - Playing in our world
    .....Blue Line Universe - Blue Line Session Skeleton
    .....Blue Line Universe - Blue Line Session Skeleton Part 2
    .....Blue Line Universe - Discourse on Analysis Paralysis, Player Choice and The Great Answer
    .....Blue Line Universe - Character Development Discourse
    .....Blue Line Universe - Bystanders, Civvies, Crowds and Minion Creep
    .....Blue Line Universe - Fighting Prowess and The Martial World Discourse (Expect Revisions - Under Reconstruction)
    .....Blue Line Universe - Grievous Wounds
    .....Blue Line Universe - Incidental Mortality Rate
    .....Blue Line Universe - One Quarter Save Ratio - Hard Choices
    .....Blue Line Universe - Menace and Paragon Character Seeds
    .....Blue Line Universe's New Port City. Adventures, Crises and Events.
    .....Blue Line Universe - Skills and Interests Apportionment
    .....Blue Line Universe - Magic, Arcane Archetypes and Mechanics - Part 1
    .....Blue Line Universe - Magic, Arcane Archetypes and Mechanics - Part 2
    .....Blue Line Universe - Magic, Arcane Archetypes and Mechanics - Part 3
    .....Blue Line Universe - Magic, Arcane Archetypes and Mechanics - Part 4
    .....Blue Line Universe - Magic, Arcane Archetypes and Mechanics - Part 5

    ************************************************** **********************************
    Reading any or all of this is not essential to play. All you need to do is show up with a desire for adventure. That said, there is so much on the way - this thread is about to DOUBLE... POSSIBLY TRIPLE in the coming months. That is all BEFORE I even venture back into the Heroic Ages Part 6 - The Blue Line.

    I hope that it's not just me here, but I'm coming to understand that without responses, questions, criticisms or complaints, I very well may be just writing into the void. If you're reading this, I invite you to raise your voice, ask questions, criticize, complain, I'm open to it all - one cannot learn or grow in a vacuum.

    ************************************************** **********************************
    Having not posted in months, I was hesitant to inject the grim "realities" of orphans and severed branches onto this thread. I really do surmise that no one is actually reading this and that the zombie clicks I get are just people's phones updating the link every day. It's easy to be discouraged and loose hope. For reasons that don't bear going into, my koalabear too had lost her muse for several months and it appeared as if our melancholy had sapped our will to create. Thankfully this milestone day my koalabear surprised me with a creation very poignant to us and our history as a couple. So I too was inspired to get over my blah and trepidation and at least post what I knew were posts that spoke to the heart of the setting as a whole.

    Thank you for being who you are, and thank you for continuing to inspire me to create. I love you koalabear.
    ************************************************** **********************************
    Defender of the World now? Sounds cool!
    ************************************************** **********************************
    1302 - 5/3.017 [ 19448 ] 429 - 5/4/2017 [ 19453 ] 405 - 5/5/2017 [ 19470 ] 1558 - 5/6/2017 [ 19490 ] 1823 - 5/8/2017 [ 19520 ] 1344 - 5/10/2017 [ 19599 ] 1712 - 5/13//2017 [ 19632 ] 2051 - 5/15/2017 [ 19651 ] 1726 - 5/18/2017 [ 19710 ]
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    Blue Line World Description

    Most people with powers are in-fact Menaces and the media and the governments don't even have to exaggerate that fact, though many do. By-standing normal people don't readily trust people with powers in the current world climate, they can't help it, the statistics are clear. Many normal people have their own personal prejudices against individual groups of metas - through either personal experience or social manipulation. Numerous separate types of metas each have people who can clearly justify their hatred and fear of them.

    The world has governments and police and militaries, each with their own organizations of metas who work for the establishment. The national defense groups of nations like the United States of Atlantica and other superpowers are often dictated to defense, espionage and offensive balance-checking. The governments are all massive labyrinth organizations caught in the mire of self-interested people with ambition. Some people in them have (or had) altruistic purposes and motivations, but that often fades in the muck and mire of politics.

    In a world of nearly five and a half billion normal people, the current estimate is that there are nearly 1.2 million metas including numerous and varied origins - a potent but infinitesimal 0.02% . The Following values and percentages are approximations indicative of the world prior to the first season of actual play....

    More or less 60% of people with powers, skills, technology and techniques beyond normal are Menaces to the public, themselves and each other, to one degree or another.

    More or less 5% more are Avengers trying to get vengeance without regard for the consequences.

    More or less 5% are Renegades, playing at being Paragons while pursuing reckless crusades of violence.

    More or less another 5% are Heropaths, stealthy or hidden obsessives pursuing calculated campaigns of violence against Menaces, yet aiding Paragons from the shadows.

    Out of all the people with powers, skills, technology and techniques that are abnormal, only about 25% are on the path of being Paragons - those who actively put themselves between the Menaces and the populace.

    More or less 5% are Equalizers, people who are the victims of violence and pursue their antagonists, but choose justice over vengeance - and more importantly choose to protect the innocent between them and their targets (making them Paragons - but part-timers).

    More or less 5% are Samaritan Paragons - People who pursue justice in their area, or whatever fight is before them, they put on the costumes and use the funny names, but they - in their prime - seek to put their stamp against evil, but plan on having a life after or beyond the fight.

    More or less 10% are Dedicated Paragons, they are in the fight to pursue lasting justice or to bring a world threat to justice, often forming up into teams to protect one another and back each other up as they become more professional and dedicated to their cause. They are usually on their way to becoming Sentinels, but aren't quite there yet.

    At this time only 5% of Paragons become Sentinel Paragons. Many are called, few are chosen; they are not only powerful enough and have the track records to prove their worth, but they work together to quell world threats in veteran teams that have a rather large if not global scope.

    Their public profiles and choices to help the populace afford them some measure of goodwill, so most people WANT to trust Sentinels - members of teams on The Blue Line - for the most part. There are also many individuals and organizations that rightly question the motives and actions of Paragons and Sentinels alike, whether their questions are justified or not.

    The only reason that the Blue Line teams are allowed to operate in sovereign nations is because most of the time the majority of people support them. Without public support Paragons could easily be "asked to leave" or imprisoned by native governments (with whom they can only trust and cooperate but so much - as many are mired in corruption if not plain incompetence).

    For many on the Equalizer and Samaritan state, it can be just a matter of punching "bad" guys in the face and putting them in jail. Only those experienced enough to be Dedicated Paragons begin to see the world for what it is.

    Every person they put in a jail may or may not become a part of a government conspiracy or criminal conspiracy later. Furthermore many Menaces are only replaced later-on with threats that either take up their mantle or are just plain worse.
    At the Sentinel level of experience they want to redeem the Avengers, recruit the Equalizers and even redeem the intellectual former menaces - even in spite of their crimes, often because of how effective their genius is.

    Would you like to know more?
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      The Blue Line Modern Differences

      While our lives are analogous to one another, there are many differences between life here on the apotent Earth, and on Hearth. In addition to having a higher rate of catastrophic incidents globally - with and without Paragon intervention - there is also a different technological standard. What follows are some of the features common to life on Hearth - especially those in the developed nations, like the United States of Atlantica.


      Consumer Processor. Domestic use data and word processors, typically used for net access and entertainment. Tower-bus CP's have a market saturation of over 400 million in the United States of Atlantica, however that accounts for multiple 'defunct' generations since the 1960's - an adjusted 230 million modern CP's are estimated to be in use at this time. Portable CP's (colloquially termed PCP) have a market saturation of nearly 300 million in the U.S. - accounting for a higher end-user turnaround as their 'generation' cycle is less than 4 years currently.


      The premiere search engine of the western world for the last 16 years, Gaggle has become a monolithic corporation. So successful that the company has effectively co-opted the term "a flock of geese" and turned it around to mean to search. Most people of the Atlanticas, the Europas and many other nations refer to searching as Gaggling even on other search engines. Gaggle's claim to fame was based on a poly-request search algorithm otherwise called a "query-blast", but is known commonly as a "Gaggle". After patenting "gaggling", Gaggle went on to co-opt or invent almost 300,000 patents in 42 countries over the last 8 years. It is as much a singular software company as it is a technology czar, all but reserving the rights to the future of technology for itself. Many suspect Gaggle has ties to A.C.E. or nationalistic intelligence services, but Gaggle retains significant legal council to avoid such entanglements or blatant accusations. Despite the fact that it does not own the company Ceraphim Industries, nor it's exclusive patent to the Halo, Gaggle's 'blessing' support is almost solely responsible for the popularity and implementation of the Halo.


      The over-ear communications devices with camera, microphone and peripheral holographic display has become a ubiquitous part of life in the modern world. Connecting with "wave compatible" devices - wavephones, slabs or CP's. Waves have a market saturation of nearly 180 million in the United States of Atlantica. Over the last 9 years, numerous corporations worldwide have several models and price-points for waves, especially generation 4-6 waves.


      Bleater is an emergency services alert application that almost all waves, and now even most land-lines, have access to. Bleater on waves can transmit video, audio and general medical data about the users "bleat" during an emergency - both to emergency services and to the bleater-sphere, giving direct feeds to the exonets and snooze-news.


      Jernel is one of the most popular social media networks the world over, Jernel updates have both made and destroyed careers, marriages and especially the reputations of Menaces and Paragons alike. Jernel identity-theft and cyber-bullying - in addition to numerous emerging social faux-pas' - have created an online backlash against Jernel itself, but with almost 41% global exonet saturation, Jernel is going nowhere soon.


      Flutter is a popular quick-chat application that enables users to send 10 second clips of themselves over their wave and slab to the flutter network. Flutter birds are those who follow popular flutter accounts of celebrities, sports stars and Paragons. There are even flutter accounts of Menaces, Menacists and international 'persons of interest'.


      Consumer grade wireless phones and touch based micro-consumer-processor devices, usually slabs are wave-compatible but some generation 3 and below are not. Generation 4-8 slabs have a market saturation of nearly 240 million in the United States of Atlantica. However the industry is cycling out Portable CP's in-favor of generation 6-8 slabs with cheaper higher end holographic displays. the PCP market is quickly becoming the slab market.


      These over-ear communication devices display data directly into the neo-cortex. Encephalographic process/display-devices for ubiquitous online and AMBIENT reality experience. Allowing for speechless communication and data-transfer capabilities with slabs and halo-enabled CPs. Tower-bus or stationary CPs provide processing for "eyes-shut" virtual application experiences - though some higher-end industrial computers can provide this processing remotely. Generation 2-4 Halos have a market saturation of nearly 90 million in the United States of Atlantica. Halos do not use conventional processing applications like on Waves or CP's, programming for encephalographic processes are called "blessings". Halos turn the user's eyes and ears (and even mind) into a perpetual upload device with data streamed to the users "Servana". Halos, unlike waves, are the product of a sole company - Ceraphim, which is surprisingly small and underproduces it's Halo's generation by generation, leading most countries and companies to wonder why Ceraphim would cut it's own profits and growth - while many analysts attribute this with price-mark-up and demand inflation - the company itself remains silent on the matter.


      Mentors are intended to be educational supplemental programs that make the ubiquitous over-ear devices and the persistent exonets truly useful for everyone. On Waves, mentors are applications that overlay holographic ambient reality popups over things in the peripheral visual field, so that when the user wants, they can select the popups to find out more information or conduct live-searches about the things that are referenced. Mentors are usually seen as either an annoyance by many or by some as a sign of big-brother, intruding on their lives. On Halos however, mentor blessings are live-search overlays that coordinate with educational and psychological records of the individual user, tailoring a regimen of educational downloads directly into the inactive memory regions of the mind. Mentors have about a 34% consciousness absorption and retention rate in adults - often with a drop-off of about a week or so. However in pre-adolescents the absorption and retention rate is nearly 78% with many unique individual successes that border on 91%.


      Domestic police and peace officers have had many non-lethal pacification options introduced since the mid 1980's. The 28-picometer compressed air gun is modeled after the military service 9milimeter handgun, has twice the force, but outside of an 8ft range is 97% unlikely to penetrate it's victim. The 28pm is known colloquially as "the whip" or "whipgun" as it's telltale register sounds like the cracking of a whip - but only on the receiving end. Whipguns have been a mandatory service standard since 1992, of course against the outcry of many ballistic enthusiast organizations like the NRA.


      Formerly known as the Encephalo-gun, 452 micro-hertz capacitor emitters interfere with the specific range of neural impulses to voluntary (personally controlled) muscles, resulting in a rag-doll paralytic effect where muscle action is relatively retarded. 452mh rounds use less than 2% the electricity of archaic tazer devices, and as such do not need to be tethered to a power source. Police model 452mh rounds are inside of capsules that have white, green or yellow dye - only the yellow dye is "olfactory offensive" and is recommended for use when suspects are resilient to disruptor fire and are a flight risk. Standard capacity magazines are 34 capsules.


      Formerly known as the Encephalo-rifle, Disablers fire micro-hertz capacitors with oscillating frequencies between 215mhz and 529mhz at random micro-intervals. Disablers not only interfere with voluntary muscle action, but can also interfere with the smooth muscle involuntary action of the heart and lungs. Disablers are fired in capacity cartridges from a shot-gun-like assembly, the cartriges themselves have two power-sources and a micro chip which oscillates and varies the frequency of the encephalographic interference. Disablers are only recommended for suspects who have a metahamin resistance to damage and disruption. Cartridge assemblies have a maximum capacity of 12volts, but given the microhertz pulsing, that can last from 2-5 minutes on many damage-resistant metas, down to 1-2 minutes on most hippopotami. Standard Disabler cartridges are specked-out as 12-guage ballistic rounds, though they are all lime green. The average car's electrical system becomes susceptible after 3 shots from a Disabler.


      These public utility serbots with kinetic actuator motion are typically used for traffic control, ubiquitous surveillance, persistent net hubs and emergency rescue, though only found in cities that can afford the expense. Viridians are considered an expendable auxiliary force for rescue and recovery as well as a public shield against empowered public Menacism. As with all serbots, Viridians bodies are just 'terminals' as their core program and processing are offsite on servers - though they are all caped at V-ware and cannot have self-refferential logic by law. Some cities and private institutions can afford to maintain private-use Viridians for harazrous operations and security, and many allow their servers to communicate and learn cooperatively - though all must adhere to the ITC (International Tribunal on Cyberethics) V-ware standard. 18 states in the United States of Atlantica currently use Viridian support to varying degrees, while almost 32 cities also independently employ Viridian support.


      Domestic serbots with magnetoserver motion - typically used for consumer-grade domestic duties. Valets come in numerous designs and chassies depending on their function and price-grade, but typically even the lowest price-point Valet is equivalent to that of a ghoulzoline motorcycle. Higher price point Valets often support numerous subtle custom-applications that allow for nearly universal communication, tailored psychological observation, diagnosis and treatment as well as Tourist-mod "like real" V-ware programs. Valets are still subject to the ITC V-ware standard and are not allowed to use self-refferential logic or coding, however most Valets do have "learning" v-ware that customers modify highly. Valets have a market saturation of nearly 30 million in the United States of Atlantica


      Military/Government utility defense serbots with *Orbitar action" are typically used in security, forward-operations and constabulary defense, as well as serving most functions deemed unsafe for 'children of Adam'. Vermillions are not allowed for domestic or private ownership in most countries, however corporations with clientele and assets that are significant to national security can be authorized to use them. Vermillions are S-ware "dum-dums" and by ITC law cannot synchronize experiential data between them. Often in combat operations, specialized wireless capable Vermillions serve as drones for combat-specialists, or as specialized support when wireless communication is not an option.

      *Orbitar Action is an undisclosed proprietary restricted copy-written mechanical motion process.


      The use of superconductive-rail has become ubiquitous since the late 1970's and common in cities (with a population over 1 million). Today S-rails are so common, this 5 technological generations later, that most don't even realize that S DOESN'T stand for silent.


      Superconductive levitation vehicles are not all that ubiquitous, as over 70% of ground transport vehicles are still treaded/wheeled, with just under 30% being superconductive or "sailer-cars". Domestic sailercars are primarily for high income consumers, but corporations will often use sailers for industrial transport, especially for high-risk cargo.


      Whether superconductive or treaded/wheeled, since the 1990's nearly 55% of 'vehicles" on the road in cities (with populations over 1 million) are auto-driven machines. Autos synchronize 360x205 degree real time video, communicating with one another in microseconds and coordinating GPS sattelite, wireless traffic and vocal client route-change data to comply with all traffic laws. Autos see their fair usage rurally but far less so. Autos also provide real-time rescue pings in case of collision or other emergency conditions. Most autos have a front and rear overhead sensor array, while many have their sensor arrays ubiquitously built in the chassy.

      Since the mid 1990's, even typical analog ghoulzoline "clinker cars" have ubiquitous anti-collision, gps-route and wave-phone call displays on the windshield and rear-vision "mirror" display

      Capacitor Gel

      Capacitor Gel is used in a bevy of industrial equipment and transports, in lieu of conventional combustible ghoulzoline. Capacitor gel is used in many autos, but not all countries mandate that consumer automobiles run on capacitor gel and refuelable alternatives. Namely the United States of Atlantica has as many passionate mixed feelings among it's citizens as it has CG+ and ghoulzoline cars on it's roads. There are many individual cities in the Europas that have over the last decade mandated that all passenger autos in the urban areas be CG+ or have a CG+ hybridized system for zero emissions. A few cities in Ippon, Indarmahtra and Indonesia have started similar pilot programs but on a much smaller scale. In the United States of Atlantica several cities in the state of Caledonia have CG+ exclusive areas within the city, near the beach and near the airports. Most planes developed after 1999 are CG+ but still retain a small well of combustible ghoulzoline for emergency turbine restarts. CG+ has created the ubiquity of consumer serbotics, allowing a multitude of highly kinesthetically-articulate serbots to be developed and implemented in all ergonomic spaces cheaply.

      Micro Medical Machines

      The last twenty years has seen an expansion in the use of micro machines for 'reprinting' damaged skin, muscles and bones - basically most non-specialized organs. So even after micro-machine restitching has occurred the body still has a recuperative time where many sub-dermal and inter-neuron functions need to reconnect. Specialized micro machine usage is still experimental with many mixed results - especially for intramural tissues. Superconductive synthetic proteins have proven 'unnatural" in both feel and background sensational "hum". There are many who suspect that artificial protein micro-machines are a part of a government or corporate conspiracy and the many scandals that have been revealed over the last decade have done little to alleviate that perception.

      Synthetic organs

      Synthetic organs, their growth, procurement and development has been a hot-button issue since the early 1980's. Many modern and cutting edge medical facilities have the means and specially trained personnel to accommodate their use, but the long-term costs and therapy involved with them puts them out of the price-range of a large swath of the population. Many instead turn to back-alley operations whose methods of "development" are dubious at best.


      Healthcare and medical coverage has been nationalized in the United States of Atlantica since the mid 90's tenure of president Wilmore Cliffton, colloquially known as "Uncle Cliff". Emergency damage and ambulatory medicine is covered without cost to the consumer, however chronic or systemic diseases - especially congenital or developmental disorders - are at-will expenses for the consumer. Childbirth, and all prenatal care, is surprisingly covered without cost, though higher-end prenatal and childbirth options do come with at-will premium fees. Abortive Options are unsurprisingly at-will and come at steep, some would say prohibitively expensive fees, along with some draconian laws in some states, compared to others.


      Ultimately there are a lot more hotels, hostels, b&b's and rooms-for-rent all over the place, and many of them for very affordable rates, but often they have sub-par accommodations and often hostels are brimming over with semi-permanent resident families. The hotel industry is in a unique position. Business class to luxury class hotel rates are at a 30 year low (adjusted for inflation), but with the volatile nature of housing - especially in cities (with populations over 1 million) - many more vocational and transitional hotels have been developed. The housing rates for vocational and transitional hotels and hostels is pennies on the dollar compared to business and luxury class hotels, however many families have taken up semi-permanent residence in them due to any number of emergencies that force them to vacate their homes. Often FEMA will provide emergency-housing subsidies to these hotels for accommodating up to 80% capacity, but this is not mandatory and is often at-will - in the hotels favor.


      The cities of the United States of Atlantica, and many cities around the Hearth have numerous reconstruction, repair and maintenance projects persistently ongoing with many more developing as they take damage during any number of metahamin and natural emergencies. Colloquially the term super-construction is used to describe the emerging industry of maintenance and "super-proofing" of many public superstructures, buildings, bridges and roads. This term is also used to describe the constant disrepair that many homes and even communities find themselves subject to.

      Would you like to know more?
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        Metahamin types of the Blue Line Universe

        On Hearth there are many unique Metahamin (Metas - people with abilities above or outside of the normal apotent range) that have abilities that are hard to define. There are many more who fall into certain common repeating types. Each metahamin origin has it's own inherent advantageous abilities and challenges, including supporters, detractors and bigots. These origins are the raw alphabets of how metahamin beings have, evidence and use powers in the world. There are many unique words, sentences, verses, rhymes and melodies that can be affected in their combination.


        Consummates are not genetically different from any other ahmin beings (The apotent people of Hearth), they do not 'posses' any powers to speak of. Consummates simply have the potential to achieve the often unrealized maximum capabilities of ahmin beings, in any number of ways.

        Prodigious Consummates have the potential to adapt and exceed any previously accepted mental discipline's boundaries, Prodigious Consummates are fundamentally gifted mentally and often will make connections between sciences, disciplines and arts that no team of intellectuals could come up with in a single lifetime.

        Olympian Consummates have the potential to meet or exceed previously accepted physical discipline's boundaries. Olympians can take any physical discipline and take it to "the next level" as long as they undergo rigorous constant immersion in that field. Many believe that Olympian and Prodigious Consummates were the reason that ahmin-beings as a species became dominant on Hearth.

        Adaptives[Miraculous Survivors/Experiments]

        Radiation Kills. Acid Burns. Venom Paralyzes and Kills. Lightning Strikes. Aliens Dissect and Mutilate. Plasma Burns. Adaptives are that few - whether you consider them lucky or unlucky - who survive the unsurvivable. Adaptives are not BORN with any COMMON genetic variables that make them that way, and often most adaptive ahmin-beings go their entire lives without encountering their catalyst. There are some however who walk away from individual would-be fatal tragedies, survive a metamorphosis and emerge with powers.

        In the world of Hearth not all scientists are reputable or ethical and many will experiment upon other ahmin beings, both willing and unwilling. Sometimes through a fluke of unexpected scientific prowess proven right, or sometimes through the quirk of adaptation to an otherwise unsurvivable experience, adaptives emerge from these experiments changed and empowered.

        Trained[Aesthetics/Crusaders/Fortune Hunters]


        An ancient ninja tradition. A world class gymnast who suffers a career ending tragedy only to train like a demon to exceed their previous performance level. A sect of monks training in a mystical art that breaks normal boundaries. Normal ahmin can train themselves through sheer willpower and dedication - past the norm - to achieve feats that should be metahamin and perform them through rigorous training and preparation.


        With the will of your ancestors. An ardent believer who fights on the battlefield with an almost metahamin drive and stamina. A mother wounded and burnt, protecting her child against trained killers. Sometimes ahmin exceed normal limits by dint of sheer RESOLVE. They may not be able to repeat these feats regularly, or even able to recall that they did them in the first place, but there is something past consciousness that gives some people a near-supernatural edge in extreme circumstances.

        Fortune Hunters

        How'd I jump past that pit-trap? How did I turn over that car? How did I know that moving that rock would open the door? How could I tell who was and who wasn't there to kill us? Why can't I stay home with my family instead of going back to Mozambique to find that lost colony? The history of the Hearth is rife with stories of two-fisted, hard-luck, obsessive journeywomen and journeymen, who - simply by dint of their 'mission' can occasionally achieve near-metahamin feats or simply move with the "luck of the devil". Whatever their driving force is, whatever their personal "fortune" may be, as long as it is out of their grasp they have a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and not only surviving, but coming one step closer to their goal.

        Tech[Acme arms/Acme armor/Acme tools]

        There are many individual specialists in any number of fields, some of whom are world-class proficient in more than one area of science and technology. A common phenomena is one where people make leaps of logic and craft things that experts in either field alone could not create, even together. Sometimes they see a unique way of making two non-complementary systems cooperate, or they themselves can serve as a mediating bridge for obtuse (or obscure) scientific theories. This is often termed "Acme-tech" but can just as easily be termed after the individuals who come up with them. For example, Hercule Argus, a specialist in armor technology, quantum theory, and miniaturization theory, may develop weapons, armor or tools based around Argus-waves; being the sole scientist capable of operating Argus-tech. He may be the only one possibly for the rest of his generation, possibly for all time.

        Science[Genius Application]

        As there are many scientists capable of developing Acme technology - evidencing principles in action - so too are there just as many that can make unknown or unknowable theories of science become realities - even if temporary or under very unique conditions. Perhaps they can read aloud a complex physics theory and directly affect the "code of reality" allowing them to slow or even stop temporal dilation for all but themselves. Perhaps they can safely harness the "ARC" of subatomic particles to provide limitless free energy that no one else can seem to replicate. Perhaps they can discover, imbibe, harness and even be immune to floro-arboral growth hormones capable of influencing and altering plants at a moments notice.


        Hearth is in a unique position in the Karayat galaxy. Hearth's sun, Ilfa, and it's solar system - the Ilfus System is located some 288 cosmecs (1cs= 3.26 light helions) away from the nearest inter-spatial gate network. This means that the nearest jump capable craft are some 2 months away at light+5. In addition to this, ahmin life on Hearth is still undergoing a period that many alien species report in antiquity, known as Metavolutions.

        Metavolution is the process where dominant species experience a wealth of biodiverse adaptations before a single adaptation becomes the new dominant type. So even if species were to come to the Hearth they would see a world experiencing turbulent and violent growing pains. Because of this, visits from alien civilizations' GOVERNMENTS as-a-whole are rare; however in spite of this, lost or way-weary travelers and many accidental incursions from aliens have littered the history of the Hearth well into the current millennia.

        Worse yet, the ET (electro-temporal) field of the Hearth just happens to be both a protection FROM Ilfa's harmful solar wind and FOR the universe from the inter-dimensional, exo-dimensional and quantum-dimensional Rifts that shift across the Hearth from time immemorial unto the far flung whenever. This means that the Hearth is more commonly subject to incursions from other-dimensional Hearths than from extraterrestrial civilizations.

        So a bevy of aliens of numerous types, civilizations, time periods, species and temperaments, from worlds both ultra-near and ultra-far have had an impact on the Hearth and it's ahmin beings. What is less known is that many of the ahmin beings of Hearth have had a profound effect on the beings and civilizations of countless worlds.


        People born with leukemia, blue-eye pink-eye coloration or even extra fingers or toes... those are ahmins who have a mutation, mutants.

        People, born with uncanny powers that cause ahmin to fear and hate them ... those are X-Vectors. MOST X-Vectors develop extranormal abilities along with their puberty and come in four common types, Primals, Capacitors, Cognitives and Ecstatics. Primals have animal adaptations of diverse species, most Primals have a core amount of regenerative ability and some can achieve an inter-phase where they physically become a genetic link between ahmin and the species they are adapted to. Capacitors have the ability to store, expel and in some rare cases, control various forms of energy or even some alternate states of matter. Cognitives develop extranormal mental senses that express themselves in a variety of ways, a few Cognitives develop devastating or even highly specified psionic or kinetic control abilities that often make them sought after as living weapons. Ecstatics each have unique molecular control of their being and some can even affect matter and energy adjacent to them - unlike Capacitors or even Cognitives, there are few repeating abilities among Ecstatics - except for one.

        Normally X-vectors, when they use their abilities, illicit a preternatural subconscious response in apotent (normal) ahmin or even metahamin. People can't help but get a little "skeeved out" or feel threatened when X-vectors use their abilities, whether or not they have told those ahmin that they are X-vectors at all. Even the most bohemian and egalitarian ahmin who KNOW that an X-vector is NOT a threat still have to suppress the 'crawling skin' effect when they encounter X-vectors using their abilities. Ecstatics are the only X-Vectors who can use their abilities in front of apotent ahmin without illiciting this response - as long as they are not in close proximity.

        Worse yet, when X-Vectors use their abilities "above the norm" or use "extra effort" they trigger a metamorphosis. Their base ahmin-looking form (as in the case of Primals) become ever so slightly more "demonic-looking" - be it scaly skin, uncontrollable hair growth, clawed nails, lizard-like eye coloring, etcetera; and the more frequently they trigger, the more advanced the metamorphosis. The only X-Vectors relatively immune to this effect are Ecstatics, but that is because when they exceed their ability to control their bodies molecular changes, they simply discorporate in any number of painful horrific ways that relate to their normal transformation - literally experiencing the "ecstasy" of their beings.

        X-Vectors in general don't have a general sex drive, they only feel a primal need to mate with ahmin who are in love with them, but usually grow to abandon their ahmin mates (though usually after they are secure that the mate will not attack or reject their progeny). Then usually around the time that the child is about puberty, those same X-vectors will feel compelled to either watch or take their progeny depending on the condition that they find them being treated. This is a known element, though no one knows why.

        X-vectors feel a part of ahminity, but they cannot escape the fact that they are separate from ahminity. Some X-vectors fall down a dark path and actively predate on ahmin beings, whereas some actively fight to protect the ahmin beings that fear them. Likewise there are a significant number of ahmin beings who succumb to their anxieties with revulsion, anger and violence - especially when they encounter the advanced metamorphosed X-vectors, and there are some who can temper their anxiety and treat X-vectors on a case by case basis. There are few ahmins indeed that can fully embrace X-vectors as "other folk" and even celebrate them as Paragons.

        Unbeknownst to most ahmin, ALL X-vectors have some of the genetic memories of their predecessors prior to their births for three generations back and some can retain the most traumatic memories of their ancestors for far further back. These memories develop along with the abilities during puberty, first as flashes in dreams, and later on as full memories triggered by events when their powers are more developed or they undergo metamorphosis. As a result, X-vectors don't have a disjointed or put-upon sense of social rejection and knowledge of ahmin discrimination and violence, they are fully well versed in the reality.

        Future Soldiers

        Even before the time of written or spoken language, when the consummates heralded tribes of ahmin as the Archons - the chiefs-among-men, there have always been ahmin who sought to use some advantage to exceed their norms, especially for war. Future soldiers are the modern iteration of an arms race, not to craft the best universal weapon, but to craft the best and better wielder. Ever since WW2 - The Worlds War of Unity - when the Nazi's embarked on numerous separate projects to collectively create "Infanterist der Zukunft" (the infantryman of the future), so too have the various and desperate governments of the world sought to check them with "future soldiers" of their own.

        Sadly, most governmental Future Soldier programs came at many high costs. Not just a financial toll, but often the "enhancements" "gifted" to soldiers who were unfortunate enough to sign up for these programs - came from the often vivisected X-vectors unlucky enough to be caught by the governments. Some were legitimate criminals predating on ahmin citizens, but in many countries as few as 40% to as high as 100% of them were just unlucky X-vectors that were summarily round up by various governments, domestic and foreign. The history of the 20th century of Hearth is one of massive warfare and massive-man-wave assault and casualties, it is also one of systemic clandestine programs that have unfortunately become the bedrock of much medical science today. Governments typically placed unique or previously unidentified organs and tissues in soldiers that they hoped would be either Adaptive or Consummat enough to endure whatever transformation came along.

        Future Soldiers are not only born of X-vector atrocities however, as many diverse scientific fields were brought to bear as governments sought to one-up one another's Future Soldier programs. Acme tech, supernatural artifacts and bloodlines, Acme science, aliens and hybrids, psionics and even mages were not exempt from inclusion in this ahmin arms race. Cybernetics also developed at a feverish pace during this time (though it was often called bionics, and has now given birth to the field of specialty known as Augmentation sciences) and many Future Soldiers of that period were often guinea pigs for clinker-technology that barely qualified as cybernetic at all.

        Most of the Future Soldier programs of the 1960's and 1970's were cyclical spoiler operations against one another, or the scientists unlucky enough to get caught in their cycle of violence. Many Future Soldiers were rolled out to the public as national heroes, touting national colors and rhetoric to embody the national character of their people, almost as an open insult/dare to Paragons.

        During the late 1980's and throughout the 1990's, discretion became the catch-word for future soldier programs as many became pill-popping " 'roided-out" "action heroes". Psycho-pharmacology and anabolic-metabolic catalysts replaced many of the heinous programs that had come to public light, and many Future Soldiers be came hyper-lethal experts of Arc Ops (Archon Operations) practices. At this time many governments got in the habit of monitoring when not outright MAKING hybridized progeny from previous generations metahamins, recruiting or capturing and training them to be the Future Soldiers of tomorrow.

        Advances in technology and science have created a bevy of highly specialized Future Soldiers, most of whom have some regenerative or post-mortem performance capacity. Many have performance or communication implants that barely qualify as "augmentation" whereas others have "fighting enhancements" that make considerations like sleeping, sanity or even basic sexuality a distant memory. In spite of this, many Future Soldiers, and many of their progeny, who sought to escape government service have made illustrious careers in the public spotlight as Paragons.


        During the 1950's and beyond, many corporations sought to keep up with the Future Soldier programs that they were conscripted to conduct or assist. Many would hinge on the idea of using non-ahmin combatants for asymmetric unconventional warfare. Massive colonies of 5-story ants growing to destroy an enemy nation from below the ground, radioactive "ghost" soldiers who could simply walk through the enemy to kill them, gigantic semi-solid macrophages that could simply absorb and digest entire platoons and artillery, massive multiple-mile wide subterranean fungi that wait to consume ahmin - like venus-fly-traps with opiate spores, these and many more horrors were common among the Atomics of the day.

        While the super-power nations of the world had massive military budgets and might to rely on, these corporate nightmare creations were often leased to numerous second and third world nations undergoing various public and private uprisings and unrest. Atomics and the corporations that suborned them have been thought to be a relic of the forlorn past, but sadly there are still organizations to this day who have sought out the uniquely powerful metahamin of various types to construct the nightmare "safeguards" of tomorrow.


        One in almost a thousand ahmin beings has some psionic sensitivity, one in a hundred of those can develop some psionic talent or skill, yet one in ten of those can use those skills reliably under pressure or in a combat-like scenario. Most psions who are more than simply 'sensitive' develop telltale psi-sign, a radial energy that surrounds them, their counterparts or the objects under their psionic control. Psions abilities are often person-to-person or person-to-object and affecting fields or groups of subjects is rare to mythical. Psions who "exceed norms" or use "extra effort" tend to develop crippling cerebral hemorrhages or trans-temporal tumors.

        There are rumors that there are some ahmin beings that, without any psionic sensitivity in their lives, have evidenced massive and diverse psionic talents - often without any psi-sign at all. Some have claimed to have been "awakened" by artifacts that mysteriously either disappeared when the power became active, or were rendered "invisible" to all except their wielder. Though this is more likely just hearsay and speculation.


        When exposed to an arcane magical casting, event or activation, at a young enough age, the part of an ahmins mind that is responsible for and allows the manipulation of mana simply does not atrophy. This means that ANY ahmin could become a mystic if exposed early enough. However without training in a discipline, most will simply suffer a turbulent and artistic adolescence and then simply atrophy back into the flock. However, if trained in a discipline, an ahmin can learn to manipulate their own latent mana to activate or cast the "circuits" of arcane power that are evident in the world - what we commonly call spells.

        Though not exclusive, mystics will often expose and tutor their own children, families or spouses, naturally leading to cyclical and inherited bloodlines of magics. This however has nothing to do with raw magical power, and as time has marched on, not only have the practices, but the bloodlines themselves become diluted to the point of myth.

        However the 1960's through 1980's was a renaissance period for mages as Paragons and Menaces alike. Often long-disabled or inaccessible artifacts came to life imbuing wielders with eldritch and arcane energies, mystics of all sorts and motivations stood toe to toe with world-shattering Paragons and Menaces, and some children's minds would light aglow with the wonder of the modern-day miracles of that age only to become the adults of then and now.

        That said, mystics are still under many constraints as average ordinary ahmin are constantly using their mana unwittingly pressing and reconfirming reality around them. Sometimes the pressure of this can dispel the effects of those without the willpower to see their manifestations brought to life or without the craftiness to subvert or even USE the beliefs of others to their will. "Do YOU believe in magic?"


        The Hearth is an inter-dimensional nexus, but even as a dimension it is home to numerous planes of existence on which native beings have sat and occasionally interacted with ahmin civilizations throughout history. Travel to Mount Olympus on Hearth and you may absently cross the threshold to a realm on which capricious nigh-immortal entities that mirror the gaweds of old reside. Travel to the valley in the Andes mountains and you may wind up crossing into a realm where Huitzilopotchli's power reigns. In addition to numerous being of supernatural pantheons, both sacred and profane, there are also many demigaweds and demi-beings that result from their interaction with ahmin beings.

        There are also many beings who reside in locales where they were once worshiped and had a host of spiritual energy devoted to them from many followers. Some are not content to fade quietly into antiquity and would lash out violently to an apathetic world that treats them like a curio/apparition of days of yore. There area also many who imbue their power into artifacts or living avatars, to be their champion heralds in the modern world - evidencing their power to the masses through acts of heroism or villainy.

        In addition to this, the spirits of the dead who reside in crypts, locales and forgotten battlefields can imbue their "power", be it their regret, sorrow, rage, passion or simply their memory and skill into artifacts and living avatars - though usually only at a time of mortal peril or need, and usually only to those that have some blood-connection to them.


        Prometheans are the descendants and scions of the "first" the humans and demigods who bore the Promethean fire across numerous pantheons to then seed the Hearth and ahminity with their power. Promethean was the "great scion" of the Prometheans back in the 1960's, and he often fought mad wizards, demon sorcerers and often corrupt Promethean scions themselves. Promethean was THE epitome of a fully realized Promethean, super strong, super dense, flying at jet speeds, able to dispel Promethean energy with his scream. Whereas most Paragon's careers were a mere 2-8 years with a range as far as their local city's area, Promethean had a career of nearly 15 years spanning the world several times over, before falling at the hands of the Sphinx of Rama-Tut wielded by the consciousness of his long dead rival, the super-intellectual international-man-of-mystery-and-finance - Malachai Malchior.

        Since the fall of Promethean, many latent Prometheans have risen with powers in the same vein as his own, but few at his level. However it is widely known among both occult circles and among any power brokering or information gathering circles that Promethean bloodlines all have their Silver-apples. Promethean was made powerless in the presence of any apple statuettes made of silver and those with Promethean bloodlines of various cultures also have their "silver apples". As such most Prometheans tend to keep to themselves or stay out of the limelight for fear of the discovery of their nature, and their weaknesses.


        What has in antiquity been called Chi, Qi, or the essential source, has been quantified scientifically as Biogenic energy - more specifically the electrostatic flux that results from the manipulation of the body's own electromagnetic field, often a result of directed blood flow, targeted respiration and can be bolstered through meditative practices. Biogenic energy can be manipulated to create a variety of effects from "telekinetic" manipulation of matter, to electrostatic reactivation of mitochondria in necrotic or damaged tissues resulting in an ultra-rapid healing, the tempering and hardening of normally soft-tissues of the body, 360 degree "kinetic" awareness, among many many others.

        Since the Shadowpoor Island Death-Duel contest was revealed to the world in the mid 1990's, scientific research in the field of biogenics and the ability of many world class martial artists, shaman and aesthetics to manipulate it has come to light. Still some mythical claims persist of people who can access their "higher selves" to perform feats like flying, spontaneous immolation of air, or even unassisted teleportation - though skepticism has been tempered with honest curiosity.

        There was a sect of Malaysian Paragons who evidenced Promethean-like abilities from the 1980's to the early 1990's that all claimed to be average ordinary ahmin utilizing ancient techniques to channel not only their own Chi, but that of the Hearth. Naturally it was believed that they were just Prometheans living in denial, but given recent discoveries, scientists have sought out these Alpha Warriors to this day to no avail.

        There are numerous martial and spiritual traditions through the various cultures in ahmin history that have practices, rituals and procedures correlating to abilities that have been evidenced to have biogenics as a possible origin. Fakirs, Lamas, Sherpas, Wise-men, Shaman and many more who were once the subject of skeptical cynicism have now become the subject of much intellectual curiosity from this modern generation of scientists (and profiteers alike).

        Biogenic energy has also been investigated as a possible source or correlative element to poltergeist activity, as the biogenic potential of ahmins is greatest during puberty and adolescence or when faced with mortal peril, often leaving a "biogenic signature" of psychic trauma in the surroundings where the acts occur. As such mediums and other 'parlor psychics' as well have come into the limelight as possible purveyors of ancient extranormal senses. Though many are quick to point out the difference between the idea of disembodied consciousness "ghosts" and the remnants of psychic trauma - which are more like a snapshot of a person at a moment than a fully realized consciousness.

        Would you like to know more?
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          World threats of The Blue Line Universe

          There are numerous organized and multinational threats that plague both nations and their peoples. Between overt gang activities, mercenary action at home and abroad, assassination, corporate and industrial espionage (when not outright warfare) and covert clandestine groups trying to consolidate power over the masses, the world has many menaces that Paragons are uniquely suited to address. The following is a small sample of the known threats that Paragons have collectively had to deal with that still persist in today's world.

          Menacism and Menacists

          Utilizing uncommon or unique abilities, technology or to force others to obey under the threat of harm is known internationally as Menacism. Many organizations of mundane ahmin have gathered and held the world in peril using extranormal artifacts, technologies and techniques to further their goals, whether benign or malevolent when they use these tactics they are called Menacists.

          Menacism became a popularized form of insurgent fighting, especially against organizations and individuals of significantly greater power, after the late 70's, after the heinous example of Dr. Faust brought it to light throughout the world. Guerilla fighters and militia members suddenly saw that the 'Hearth-bound-gaweds' were either bound by flesh or bound by their hearts. This was taken to a much greater level as copies of "The Path To Freedom" the manifesto and menacists-cookbook has been circulated amongst black market or revolutionary elements. Some say that the book itself was written by Dr. Faust himself, whereas it is a KNOWN element that the book has caused even bright and shiny Paragons to become Avengers and Menacists in their own right.

          In today's world, Menacism is a hot-button topic that strikes fear in the hearts of billions. Menacists attack without warning, mercy and sometimes senselessly. Almost every modern government in the Hearth has one, if not several, counter-menacist forces, operations and training at multiple levels of their national defense and police forces.


          Many ahmin of all stripes, mundane or meta, will often use force to either get what they want, harm others for satisfaction or disrupt the peace, law and justice of the world. Someone acting criminally recklessly, harming others and trafficking in unknown hazards is known internationally as a Menace. Penal Law regarding menaces (especially metahamin menaces) and the actions of Renegades and Avengers provides a prohibitive atmosphere for many would-be menaces. Typically most common menaces cannot afford ultra-age technology, materials or costumes; thus a common feature of menaces is common clothing and unique specialty-masks of any number of origins. That said, Menaces are often concerned with their reputation - even as criminals - such that they are likely to take slights from other menaces to a lethal conclusion no matter the collateral damage - sometimes making it a part of their reputation.

          The Syndicates. The Unsecret.

          The Trivictum is the name collectively given to the three transnational syndicates; The Consortium, The Directorate and The Tribe. The infrastructure and operations theater of each of the syndicates is fluid and can vary wildly in any given location at any time. The only uniform element to the Syndicates is that their hierarchy and enforcement structure is usually comprised of metahamin - though historically a few mundane ahmin of dynamic intelligence and ambition have broken into the ranks of the upper echelon.

          There are also many localized gangs and operations that will work with or for any syndicate that is willing to meet their price and show loyalty with them. The capos of the Trivictum TRY to reign in the bloodshed and open warfare of their organizations, but many street conflicts occur between their street enforcers and rival bosses from region to region.

          Typically in major cities throughout the world, the Syndicates employ a combination of blackmail, payment and extortion to press both meta and mundane ahmin into service. However the media presents the oft-seen image of the reckless metahamin endangering ordinary ahmin lives as they pursue criminal ambitions in the Syndicates. The reality is that the Syndicates often coerce and threaten metahamin into service, meanwhile many bureaucrats, local officials and law enforcement agents easily break faith for the rewards of the Syndicates.

          The organizations within the Trivictum have considerable influence in governance, law and social matters, and individual syndicates within them will often socially engineer conflicts to boost profit. This includes fostering anti-metahamin discourse and violence. Despite the collective name and the "advisory council" that the syndicates share, there is no actual united organization.

          (Individual syndicates and their gangs have worked with select groups of Paragons to spoil the operations of rival local syndicate gangs. Syndicate gangs are often the first to pursue renegades and avengers. Syndicate gang captains are often the first to betray bosses that have lost favor with their gangs. There are many cities in which no individual syndicate can gain a significant foothold, often between Paragon and police interference and local gangs resistance to their influence.)


          Stronghold is an anonymous group of X-Vector supremacists who conduct spoiler operations against governments that abuse X-Vectors. Since the 1950's many governments have used X-Vextor specimen, both for medical and containment research, also in many future soldier enhancement programs. Many X-Vectors have independent biological power plants, unique sensory adaptations and often regenerative capabilities that are desired by many governments and corporations. Stronghold typically provides a way for "outed" X-vectors to safely hide in plain sight; however Stronghold is not averse to killing ordinary ahmin who get in their way or discover their secrets.

          Continued below...

          Would you like to know more?
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            World Threats of The Blue Line Universe ... continued.


            Advanced Concepts Engineers sells advanced unique science technology to governments, though usually not for money. ACE used to operate openly in the United States of Atlantica and it's allied nations before it was revealed that it's board of directors was actually selling technologies across the board - not only to enemy national interests but to menacist organizations. Today ACE uses reputable front companies in every nation, and any number of active cells on every continent. ACE usually reverse engineers unique science and technologies from misguided specialists or experts, partitioning their findings - allowing multiple parties to benefit from their proprietary technology.

            ACE has routinely involved itself with aliens, alien technology and even Paragon inventors and wielders of advanced technology no matter what side of the law they are on. ACE conducts illegal and unethical experimental science in every field imaginable including many fringe sciences. ACE also provides a number of medical services to people who cannot go to reputable hospitals or medical agencies.


            Atlas is an international black market for-hire mercenary training organization that specifically trains soldiers to deal with metahamin and super-science threats. Veteran and seasoned soldiers are scouted by Atlas agents, but then they themselves pay for the privilege of Atlas training - and for some modification. Atlas has many more successful (living) future soldiers than any individual nation.

            Atlas as an organization professes to have no agenda or take no sides in any conflict, willing to broker the services of it's surviving soldiers to the highest bidder. Unbeknownst to MOST, Atlas trains their operatives with covert missions to fan the flames of aggression between everyone. Atlas agents and future soldiers have been employed by all the superpowers of the world, even though no nation can officially endorse them.


            Chimera is a cabal of black magic users who use supernatural resources aggressively. Their army is comprised of a lot of occult wannabes who are attracted to their vast armory and skilled hierarchy. Mystics and mystical bloodlines are given priority in their hierarchy. During WW2 they worked with the Thule Society and the Nazis, but they preceded both organizations and owed neither their true allegiance. During the 60's to 80's Chimera was obsessed with uncovering artifacts and grimoire from various cultures and inadvertently kick-started more than a few nigh-apocalyptic scenarios.

            Chimera today is more concerned with political and societal influence. Chimera currently is known for hosting international auctions for items, creatures and scions of ancient powerful bloodlines - selling them off to a cadre of the elite super-rich. There are many former lieutenants and captains in custody, locally, nationally, internationally and beyond who might pursue their old agendas.


            Venom is an anti-establishment social movement "anonymous" network of crypto-anarchists, disillusioned military figures, power brokers and dissidents, that is, of-course not above stealing things for money or killing a CEO and shorting the stock to make a profit. Venom is comprised of various militias, skilled and scientific specialists, and a host of hackers who each individually have grievances against their governments.

            Venom used to be funded back in the 60's through 90's by the URRS as a destabilizing element against Atlantica and its allies. Since The Vice-Venom (the defacto leadership role in the former incarnations of Venom) origins were revealed, the organization has grown in scope - attacking the transnationalist agenda in all the world's superpowers. Venom conducts menacist attacks against critical infrastructure elements of all the superpowers.

            The Shadow Web

            The Shadow Web is an assassin cult that claims to have the blood of Anansi, which they give to their initiates that manage to kill three metahamin. Membership is closed at 81 and the only way to BE a fang in the shadow web is to KILL a fang of the shadow web. The Shadow web came to prominence in the mid 70's after a mystic menace was able to trap and conceal the last manifestation of Anansi from the mystic world. Since then their infiltration abilities and lethality has been unrivaled in the world of assassins as each fang uses many spider like capabilities. [There are other traditional ninja, but they get to be closer to "real" ninja and not costume cosmetic Ninja though many have unique artifacts and techniques lost to history.]

            T H & C

            Tiberon, Hammarksjold and Caine is an international law firm that has often represented both CEO's and street hustlers. Though individual members have been found to indulge in private criminal conspiracies over it's 70 year history, the organization as a whole has resisted any criminal litigation - at least publicly. THC has many subordinate law firms and prospective associate councils in numerous cities throughout the world and seemingly rival legal agencies have tried cases simultaneously for and against their clients. THC has fought in cases of war-law and human rights abuses both against and for individual countries. THC has argued both for and against the legalization of Paragons and their unique legal status in numerous jurisdictions. If THC is not the legal council to hell, they might be the closest thing to their representation here on Hearth.

            Commonly TH&C is known to street level criminals and up and coming "made men" as - 'The Agency' - connoting the idea that being represented by them confers a connection to the upper-echelons of crime.

            ... and many, many more.

            Would you like to know more?
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              Blue Line Universe - The Misguided

              There are many intellectuals who have an exclusive purview of knowledge and expertise. Many of these people apply a certain amount of their mental ability that would otherwise be applied to social navigation and normalizing. Any number of factors can lead them to obsesses over an invention, philosophy or application of a science that has effectively been their life's work.

              Many of these driven and motivated intellectuals can be mollified by pre-existing familial relationships, deep friendships or even romantic relationships. Often their loved ones buffer them psychologically from society by acting as guardian/interpreters of sorts, thus allowing them to focus their energies in their desired field without fear of being ostracized. The loss of these loved ones often has a psychologically destabilizing effect on them, especially when the loss is sudden, violent, tragic or they are present for it.

              Not all are blessed with guardian/interpreters, many are often subject to social awkwardness - but normalize their expectations. These one's often double-down their personal investment and ego integrity in their ability to make their scientific dreams a reality. However when they encounter push-back or rejection from the scientific or professional community of which they feel themselves to be a part - they can become unhinged, often their 'subconscious ego identity' either subsumes their personality or emerges whole.

              These patterns are not new nor are they unobservable. Throughout history numerous groups, governments, institutions and concerns alike have recognized these patterns, seeking to predict or even stymie them in their own intellectual resources, and to promote them in the intellectual resources of others. Throughout many wars, including but not exclusive to the Cold Wars of detente, governments and menacists alike have implemented these practices and tragic patterns on enemy intellectual resources and renegade or potential rogue elements in their own intellectual resources.

              Governments have assigned worldly, attractive and charismatic agents to the intellectuals of rival nations - some with missions to mollify and observe, others with missions to assassinate, yet others still as unknowing targets for tragic harrowing deaths. Meanwhile many organizations use ubiquitous surveillance to predict the behavior of their own reclusive intellectuals to either spark or contain their personality fallout.

              Misguided menaces make up approximately 15% of ahmin with extranormal abilities, skills or technology, and their true threat lies in their ability to polarize the public not just against metahamin, but to cast a public veil of suspicion and doubt against benevolent intellectuals with no harmful intentions.

              A full third of the Misguided menaces still retain some element of principle or even ahminity, they can - given the right stimulus - be reminded of who they were/are and why they sought whatever avenue of science they persued. Another third of Misguided menaces are physically or psychologically altered by circumstances and the application of the sciences, and even if they wanted to go back to whatever passed for normalcy, they have to overcome these personal and traumatizing obstacles.

              Another third of Misguided menaces either see themselves as the heralds of a scientific revolution, justifying any and all sacrifices to their cause, or as defacto crime lords, untouchable by the syndicates and governments alike. A few random Misguided Menaces adopt megalomaniacal personas warped around the power scale/adaptation that has altered them and empowered them to a scale of world threats.

              Would you like to know more?
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                Blue Line Universe Career Criminals

                In the world of Hearth, there are numerous people who either through upbringing, circumstance or a combination of skill and a lack of opportunity find themselves caught in a cycle of upstanding and and professional grade careers. Then there are the people who look at them as chumps. The people who make more in a day than most people make in a year. So what if they have to spend a few years in prison if they fail, then they just increase their skills , get out, and do it even better next tiime. These are the career criminals that make it hard for anyone to fully rehabilitate because for them there is no rehabilitation, because 'nothing is wrong with them' at all... You do a job, figure out the angles and make with the loot, maybe people get hurt, maybe they don't, but that's not their concern.


                Specialists don't exist just in the world of professional finance, some people are uniquely suited to a task or a job. Sometimes they are ordinary ahmin, sometimes they are metahamin whose abilities are just suited to task. Just as in normal graft, the unknown specially-equipped metahamin tends to beat out their common ahmin competitors by a mile. However this is also a mixed blessing, as that same demand also makes them sought out by law enforcement as well. This leads to the masked persona that many specialists maintain, protecting their civilian identities as much as possible.


                The syndicates are collectively a group of collected specialists organized by their capability to protect and insulate the organization. There is not a time when the career criminals of the Syndicates are not actually in operation, even when they are maintaining the numerous false fronts of their syndicate. The Syndicates utilize and often manipulate many specialized ahmin proxies at all times, but their rank-line soldiers and operators tend to be the many metahamin that they "recruit" - willingly or not. Syndicates find a way to use numerous metahamin for whatever task is at hand, but exceptional metahamin or uniquely abled ones tend to become the 'rockstars' of their syndicates and can often be on the short track into the upper echelons of power in their syndicates.

                The Crews

                The world of career criminals is not one of many success stories and golden retirement parachutes. Often the ends are bloody, the coworkers are by nature untrustworthy and opportunistic, the personalities are volatile and the motivations are often desperate, betrayals are common - there rarely ever is honor among criminals. Finding people who are 'nice' is pointless, 'nice' people will get you arrested or killed. Finding the 'best of the best' specialists means having to put up with the egos that come with that level of skill or power. But finding competent people you can trust to do their part of the job, not loose their cool under pressure and who know how to keep their mouths shut, that is priceless.

                The world isn't teeming with them, but when these associations of career criminals, with special skills and abilities that trust one another gather together a Crew is formed. Not frontline combatants all, Crews can take on multiple law enforcement agents because their capabilities, practices and SOP are known to them. Crews however try not to engage metahamin combatants for any longer than is needed to get away. The threat of Crews is that a single Crew can be be super competent and act as coordinated as a larger clandestine group - hence the other name the Crews are known by - Cells.

                The few commonalities that Crews have had in the past is military service, and unsurprisingly a common bond of corrupt police or emergency service. The road to becoming a Career criminal in the Crews is a slippery slope of "at least I'm not THIS bad" or "at least we don't do THIS" and before long a common bond of criminal camaraderie, becoming accustomed to both using crime as a means to an end and to maintaining a certain luxury in life leads to the feeling that there are no other options - both from crime and the Crew. Crews tend not to recruit outside of their core groups, few who do often find that their groups dynamic has been supplanted. When Crews are working together effectively then they can seem insurmountable and unbeatable, even as they retreat. When crews break down the result is often a bloody end.

                The Gangs

                Outside of the structure of the Syndicates there are many gangs, in disorganized and organized structures that exist to either claim a racket in a given domain or to simply maintain their territory and collect from the graft in their area. While many gangs have metahamin members or leaders, some gangs are not exclusively metahamin organizations, many being exclusive to people born in a certain area or of a certain ethnicity.

                The Gangs that resist external (Syndicate) influence can often (have to) be predatory and violent, mitigating their lack of specialized skills with superior numbers and the will to instigate violence quickly. Leaders of these kinds of Gangs are bloody territorial, when they aren't involved in racketeering local establishments they often take a heavy-handed personal approach to both crime and the intrusion of Menaces and Paragons alike.

                These kinds of gangs can often have life-long membership and terminal exit plans. Being jailed means little to nothing to the members of these gangs and as such their brazen strike-first mentality precludes them from engaging in sophisticated or subtle criminal enterprises. Some of these gangs can operate as contract proxies, for menacists, menaces and the Syndicates alike - and usually this will be evidenced as they will utilize uncommon or ultra-age technology in the commission of their crimes.

                Rarely will some more violent and rowdy gang members conduct sophisticated crimes and then clam up upon arrest - refusing to combat their pursuers - and then calling for "the Agency" for representation. Often this is a clear indicator that they are working at the behest of an outside operator.

                Would you like to know more?
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                  Blue Line Universe Burglars and Thieves

                  Ideally metahamin abilities allow for theft without the possibility of detection or harm. However the reality is that as ultra-age technology keeps apace with metahamin abilities of yesteryear, so too have the security countermeasures and deterrents become commensurately lethal. The result is that newer generations of professional burglars, both ahmin and metahamin have to adopt newer and more sophisticated techniques for infiltration and more importantly exfiltration if they intend on escaping with their prize... and their lives.

                  Not all criminals are tied to syndicates, many simply exact their pound of flesh in a climate of opportunism. Often smash-and-go shopping can have lethal results quickly when metahamin agents enact it. Most jobs are performed and operated by small local operators who know the lay of the land, the players involved and of-course the law. Syndicates tend to operate the rackets and engage in almost clandestine operations. Most thieves try to make a series of successful but moderate scores that hopefully won't cross any of the major operations or syndicates. Scores in the millions of dollars or involving state concerned technology are often one-offs planned by veteran thieves and usually for a percentage as they are usually for-hire.

                  Would you like to know more?
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                    Re: The Blue Line Universe

                    Please allow me to wish you the best of luck with your future development of this setting Demeheron!


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                      Re: The Blue Line Universe

                      Thanks Libra, I really appreciate that.

                      I attempted to edit my post again tonight to limited results. If I can at least post this on some collected place I'll be happy. I don't expect to really play but if I can get this out of my head somewhere then I guess I can move on to my next mania.

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                        Re: The Blue Line Universe

                        My dear fellow, have no fear or shame on that score - one need not apologise for seeking to take good care of one's thread!


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                          Mercenary Combatants of The Blue Line Universe

                          There are many criminals of any stripe including Menaces both ahmin and metahamin who can resort to violence as a first or last means of resort. Whether by obsession or apprehension, these encounters are often amateurish and unplanned. However the few criminals who use their brains to plan out or prepare for emerging violence will often call in a professional to dispatch their opponents in due-fashion.

                          Enter the Mercenary

                          Paid Professional Combatants exist on multiple levels. There is no shortage of combat-aged young men and women who put on the arms and armor of "special security" for high value subjects and targets alike. There are also a number of special forces operators who provide bodyguard services for government or intelligence figures and assets. Both of these conventional styled combatants are relatively well armed and armored, though special forces are usually trained in some anti-metahamin control techniques - the ones that they can reasonably predict and address.

                          Then there are the unconventional mercenary combatants who specialize in any number of combat operations with a mixed bag of ahmin and metahamin alike. Some are augmented or cyberware special forces, some are former future soldiers living in the 'future' that their governments prepared them for. Some are the remnants and cast-offs of future soldier programs or the survivors of disreputable scientific experimentation.

                          Many Mercenary combatants stumble into the field through opportunism, often through associations during military service or through dishonorable disgrace. A few take up the mantle of mercenary while pursuing their own personal agendas, reconciling their unsavory acts with the 'greater good" of their goal. Many Avengers pose as mercenaries while many cannot abide working for 'evil' people. There are more than a few truly amoral psychopaths that would do the job for free if it meant that they got to hurt people.

                          Agents of Atlas

                          Among the highest strata of Mercenary are the alumni of Atlas, an alleged Mercenary-making comprehensive vocational school. Atlas maintains no single facility permanently. Instructors, organizers and recruiters alike all come from either the higher echelons of military power or the disavowed corners of the intelligence communities of various, even rival nations. Some argue that Atlas is just a name given a nascent operation from yesteryear that many nations have in common.

                          Like any vocational school, Atlas is likely to take the money of anyone who wants to join, but when it recruits, Atlas usually has it's selected elites. For those not already elite, the minds at Atlas provide the highest survivability rate for future soldier enhancement and augmentation. Unlike the haphazard and trial-by-failure mentality of government future soldier programs, Atlas performs a comprehensive profile of an individual soldier and catalogs the likely result of any number of augmentation processes - the method that they use to do this is proprietary and classified. Students still pay for their modifications, which can run into the tens of millions of dollars, either up-front or through "pro-bono" work.

                          For the selected elite, often expatriated future soldiers of various nations and the like, Atlas also serves as a clearing house for special contract work. Protected by international contract war law, Atlas can and often does lease hazardous service contracts to various governments and private individuals throughout the world. The right to refuse is always in the hands of the agent.

                          To some mercenary combatants a 'boyscout' reputation is important, but work might be sparse - there are already Paragons for that. For those with little to no moral compunctions and a lethal but professional attitude maintaining their reputation is just as important, and some prove it through keeping apace with the cruelest regimes and maniacal menaces - that can afford them of course.

                          There have also been a few times through the last 20 years where, reluctantly, the Blue Line has requested the services of individual combat agents of Atlas during Homefront scale combat operations. As Atlas tries to maintain as low a public profile as possible, neither the Paragons of the Blue Line nor the organizers of Atlas really make an attempt to make that knowledge public.

                          ... to be continued (not by choice)

                          Would you like to know more?
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                            Mercenaries of the Blue Line Universe Continued

                            Atomic nightmare jobbers

                            Corporations have also developed anti-future-soldier weapons, as if metahamin of various stripes and nightmarish ultra-tech wasn't enough. Through the deliberate application of ethically questionable sciences, corporations have developed living weapons known collectively as Atomics.

                            Though many Atomics' test subjects and 'procured assistance volunteers' have been freed (from ghoulish contracts which were tantamount to indentured servitude - no it's best to serve that 'right' for sovereign nations) by international law since the mid 90's, a swath of these nightmarishly cursed empowered-individuals have had to supplement their income with combat operations on either side of the law, though many find themselves going back to either the corporations that fostered them or to their rivals to secure gainful employment.

                            Licensed Unconventional Security Serbots

                            Individual serbot manufacturers, especially Dexware, Xanotonax Industries, and Slypherdine International have all licensed out 'unconventional security' serbots with unique loadouts and chassey configurations for individual corporate clients around the world. They claim no liability as the client is the licensee and creates all the SOP permissions including combat lethality and mission priorities. That said many of their "unconventional security" serbots have had conspicuously timed and lethal 'program glitches' - especially when dealing with metahamin who trespass their patrol zones or who engage in "suspicious behavior" around their bodyguard subject.

                            The legitimacy of these 'glitches' is given some precedent as there have been lethal accidents involving authorized employees and personnel who engaged suspicious behavioral body movement. Whereas these "glitches" precluded these companies from getting the Vermillion OR Veridian contracts for the last 3 generations, this has apparently been a boon to many corporations who feel the need to protect themselves from metahamin intrusion or extranormal threats.

                            In addition to licensed v-vware or serware serbots, many contractors can have their unconventional security serbots put in tourist mode - allowing for remote use, operation and coordination by skilled combatants and security operators with proper equipment or even remote access enabled halos. Some unconventional serbots are actually "surrogate" chasseys, protecting the "out of consciousness" operator within.

                            Andrones have been licensed internationally for use as assassin doubles, but performance capabilities and v-ware adaptation is closely guarded and monitored by the international tribunal on cyberethics. Usually life-like polysynthetic animatronics are put on these units and then live-cast while being operated remotely.

                            Would you like to know more?
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                              Loonies Oddballs and Quirks of the Blue Line Universe


                              Life at home can just be plain old boring, especially for those who have talent, skill or worse an obsession out of the norm. Sometimes you don't have to have a multi-billion dollar lab or a super-genius IQ to just tinker and retrofit previous generations of serbots to create unique serbots that rob banks, threaten mayors, move your neighbors house that extra 3 feet off your property line. There are people whose voices go unheard or are just forgotten by the world at large who have truly unique skills and - through circumstance - find the most public but often dangerous way to remind others of it. There are also many individuals who see Paragons in the limelight and want to get their swing at greatness, many will contend to pit their wits against the brainless brawn of metahamin that raise their ire for any number of reasons.


                              Sometimes metahamin and ordinary ahmin, driven by rage or frustration can just 'snap', there are numerous psychoanalytical reasons for it, but the result is often the same - people get hurt. The world has menaces, menacists, avengers, and paragons alike, who are all extremely determined to bend the universe to their will. Then there's Major Umpire: The Bat that Swings in the Night, maybe he's a softball coach off his rocker on some steroid, maybe he's a former future soldier whose programming is breaking down - but he's your problem now. Without provocation on the part of Paragons or Menaces, some people can take on personas and plots that threaten the lives, from a city block to a city itself - sometimes with or against the will of the local syndicates.


                              Metahaminity doesn't promote itself as a threat to ahminity, but ahmin beings often perceive metahamin abilities in terms of how much of a threat the are; this means that sometimes those with less than obvious abilities are seen as "less than" or are just marginalized, when not the subject of ridicule. There is a limit to how far the ahmin ego can be pushed, and the result is often less than stellar, but far more dangerous than most people would otherwise believe. What greater or more dangerous weapon can there be than the will to kill?

                              Would you like to know more?
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