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Testing the Waters for Interest. [Custom Setting Inside.]

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  • Testing the Waters for Interest. [Custom Setting Inside.]

    Okay, well I been threatening about running a game and I sort of wanted to probe for interest at the moment. I liked how the idea sounded in my head, but I'm not sure if the interest would really be there/would it make the characters you wanted to create a bit limited. Just look it over and feel free to give any comment or ask questions as they arise.

    The setting is sort of a hybrid of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Hellboy, and classic Monsters.

    Vampires, Werewolves, Monsters in general are suppose to be myths, stories to spook each other and get a laugh out of, right? Wrong! They do exist, but very few know the truth. Even fewer would dare to talk about it. After all, going out and saying that ghosts are haunting the school yard of the run down academy will get you nothing but weird looks and possibly a quick trip to a padded cell. Or worse, the things that go bump in the night might take you out of the picture themselves.

    The players work for a government agency, one that is only rumored to exist and sort of keeps out of the public eye (although it's not uncommon for some of their agents photos to be captured and put on the internet). The players don't exactly have to keep underground per say, but they are going to be treated differently (possibly hostilely) by "Normal" people. The players are brought on because of their unique history with the "Monsters" or because they're better suited to dealing with such threats. Your job is to keep the monsters at bay, fighting them where ever they come up...and who knows, you might save the world while doing so.

    With character creation, I sort of wanted to keep to a theme of monsters and legends. Like here are some sort of rough ideas of the sort of characters I wouldn't mind seeing.

    - A classic sort of "tough guy" who went through an horrible (possibly fatal) accident, but what brought back to life via Frankenstein's Monster method, giving him the powers (and possibly weaknesses) of Frankenstein's monster himself.

    - Speaking of Frankenstein, perhaps a genius sort of character is actually related to the original Frankenstein, and has the sort of brains in them too. Your teammates may call you mad, but there is no denying that you are a genius.

    - Perhaps you grew up hating monsters, your family having a long rivalry between the creatures of the night that dates back ages to Van Helsing.

    I would like to hear what other sort of character people might have in mind, so I know I'm not limiting you too much with the setting/idea. (But for the love of all things good, I do NOT want to see any sparkly vampires!!!)

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    Re: Testing the Waters for Interest. [Custom Setting Inside.]

    Games of this fashion can be a lot of fun. What PL range are you thinking about?

    I had a character in a similar games that fell into the "badass normal" category recently before the GM ran into issues and had to drop the game before it got very far, would look forward to a chance to actually play her out.
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      Re: Testing the Waters for Interest. [Custom Setting Inside.]

      Well, I think I would be doing something around power level 8 to 10, probably depends on how many people are interested in playing in such a game.


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        Re: Testing the Waters for Interest. [Custom Setting Inside.]

        Interesting concept. I'm tapped out at the moment, though. You may have a bit more luck posting an interest thread in the Game Room section of the boards.
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          Re: Testing the Waters for Interest. [Custom Setting Inside.]

          Thanks Boots. I'm still new to the site and understanding where I should put threads.


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            Re: Testing the Waters for Interest. [Custom Setting Inside.]

            Interest Thread posted here so if anyone has questions please post them there.